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Healing from the heart

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“Come on David, Come out and enjoy the Cardiff nightlife!!” John Barrowman cooed, watching David Tennant lean back on his hotel room’s sofa. The tall scot stretched his legs out in front of him and ran his large hands over his tired looking face, “I’m just not up for it John! I haven’t been out in a long time; you know it’s hard for me to do anything since Sophie and I broke up. The social scene just isn’t appealing to me right now.” A sad look crossed onto his face as he reached for his half full glass of Red Wine.
John rolled his eyes and drained his own glass, almost slamming it back onto the glass table top, with a loud clattering. “You, my friend” he said pointing sternly at the other man. “Need to get out there and let go, or you’re going to work yourself to death. You need to let go, enjoy yourself again.”
“I agree with him you know David, You’re wearing yourself down.” Russell T Davis nodded, leaning forward and resting on his knees, giving David an intense stare. David’s eyes flickered between his two friends, seeing the determination written on both of their faces and gave a sigh, giving in, thinking that perhaps he could do with a little break from the solitude of the luxurious Hotel suite he was staying in. “Fine, I’ll go, I’m not saying I’m going to enjoy it, but I’ll go if it’ll shut you two up! Just let me change and we’ll go!” he sighed, standing and walking briskly into the bedroom section of the suite.
“This bar looks quite quiet; I thought you said Cardiff had quite loud nightlife?” David asked, stepping out of the taxi, and standing in front of the second bar of their night, the yellow light of lit fires illuminating the wet pavement in front of them, the stone and wood exterior making the pub look old-y world-y. John chuckled and clapped him gently on the shoulder leading the way through the heavy wooden doors into the pub.
“This is the nicer part of Cardiff’s nightlife David, just relax, have a drink, There’s a few people here I’d like you to meet anyway.” He said finding his way to an old oak table near a large bay window, ushering David and Russell to sit and order their drinks from the waitress who had appeared at their table, tapping her pencil against a little white pad and popping her gum in a bored manner. “What can I get for you boys?” she asked glancing skittishly between their faces.
“I’ll have a vodka and coke please, uh, Katie” John said flirting shamelessly with the young woman, although it was well known that she was well out of his orientation. Russell’s eyes scanned the menu and he nodded smiling up at the girl over the top of his glasses, “I’ll have the same please.” The waitress fixed her gaze lightly on David as he cleared his throat and just asked for a red wine, keeping his alcohol choice of the night strictly minimal. Once she’d written down David’s order she turned away, blushing from a wink John had sent her to make up the drinks at the bar. A few minutes later she returned carrying a tray of the guys requested drinks and a bottle of champagne, making David’s brow crinkle in confusion, “I’m sorry Katie, we didn’t order champagne.” He stated kindly to the girl, gesturing to the bottle, she grinned a little and shook her head, “no, I know you didn’t, the champagne comes with compliments from the lady at the bar.” She too gestured over to the back of a young woman with dark curly hair sat at the bar accompanied by two men, laughing and joking together. As if she sensed she was being talked about, the young woman twisted in her seat to flash a pretty smile at the table, and raised her fingers in a dainty wave, which John eagerly returned, David, without letting his eyes leave the form of the unknown woman asked “Jesus John, who’s she?”