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Dog Days.

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The first time Jeongguk witnesses Taehyung and Hoseok before a full moon is actually the most terrifying thing he's ever witnessed. It's not terrifying because they're aggressive or anything, it's terrifying because they act like actual dogs. They howl at the moon (these people are just full of cliches), they hump basically anything in sight whether they're in wolf form or not, and they have little to no problem cleaning themselves in front of anyone who will watch. Jeongguk shields his eyes as he walks into their bedroom to see Taehyung going to town on himself.

“Seriously Tae, do you have to do that here?” The wolf looks up at him with golden eyes and Jeongguk is pretty sure that, if wolves could smile, Taehyung would be smiling at him right now. The wolf walks over to Jeongguk and basically tackles him into the bed demanding cuddles. “I swear to God Taehyung, if you hump me I will get Seokjin to turn you into a rat.” Jeongguk warns with a small glare; he never wants to go through that again. He still can't get the stain off of his pant leg no matter what he tries. Before he can even register it, Taehyung turns back into himself and plants a kiss on his cheek.

“Hi.” Taehyung tells him leaning in to kiss him but Jeongguk scoots away.

“You were literally just licking yourself, go brush your teeth.” Jeongguk tells him pushing his head away.

“Have you two seen Hoseok?” Namjoon asks as he walks into the room.

“Last I saw him, Yoongi hyung was chasing him with a knife.” Taehyung says snuggling closer to Jeongguk.

“Why was he chasing him?” Namjoon asks seeming far too unfazed by the confession. Yoongi is violent on his best day so there had to be a reason he was threatening to actually kill Hoseok.

“Hobi chewed up his new headphones.” Jeongguk tells him. Namjoon nods and shrugs.

“Well, if he survives, tell him to come find me.” Namjoon says turning to leave the room.

“Why?” Jeongguk asks with a raised brow.

“He said he would do something for me.” Namjoon says avoiding eye contact. If vampires could blush, Jeongguk is sure that Namjoon would be as red as a tomato right now.

“He probably just wants him to lick peanut butter off of his –”

“Just tell him to find me.” Namjoon shouts cutting Taehyung off while the other two laugh. Namjoon walks into the kitchen when he hears shouting and he sees Seokjin has put Hoseok and Yoongi in their own protective bubbles. “What's going on?” Namjoon asks as Yoongi tries to stab his way out of the bubble.

“They were fighting in my kitchen.” Seokjin says with a shrug. “I'll let them go when Yoongi tires himself out.” Seokjin says with a smile. He looks calm for once and Namjoon walks up behind him and wraps his arms around his waist.

“Why do you looks so calm?” Namjoon asks resting his chin on Seokjin's shoulder.

“Pretty sure Jimin cast a spell on me. He gave me some kind of tea and I've been feeling great since then.” Namjoon sighs as he goes to find the young wizard because of course Jimin cast a spell. When he finds the younger man, Jimin is mumbling ingredients to himself as he looks at his spell book. Namjoon smells something that can only be described as foul and he pinches his nose shut.

“What on earth are you making down here?” Namjoon asks as Jimin turns to him with a smile.

“Well, I was studying my potions because Seokjin still hasn't quite forgiven me for conjuring Jeongguk even though with the way he screams his name all night you'd think he would be thankful for me you know?” Jimin says talking about a mile a minute.

“You were studying your potions?” Namjoon asks urging Jimin to continue.

“Yeah, I was and I found this potion called the Calming Drought and it calms people who've had like emotional outbursts so I poured some in his tea this morning.” Jimin says going back to reading his potions book.

“So, why on earth are you making more of it?” Namjoon asks as he walks closer to the pot. The green goop is bubbling up at him and he shudders at the look. How did Seokjin not see that in his tea?

“I was thinking we could just put it in everything he drinks from now on. You know, to keep him from being so mad that I used it in the first place.” Jimin says with a nervous chuckle.

“You drugged me?!” Seokjin shouts with a vein in his neck protruding in his anger. Seems the potion has worn off.

“Seokjin hyung help, Yoongi got loose!” Hoseok screams running down in the basement and slamming the door shut and leaning against it. Hoseoks entire body vibrates with the power of Yoongi's fists on the other side of the door and he looks at Namjoon with wide eyes. Namjoon gauges both situations and figures that Yoongi is probably a lot less homicidal than Seokjin at the moment so he opts to help Hoseok instead.

“Yoongi, I'm going to come out of the basement right now so don't stab me.” Namjoon tells him.

“Send out Hoseok so I can gut him.” Yoongi screams smacking the door again and making it rattle on it's hinges. Hoseok hides behind Namjoon as he opens the door and Yoongi must have been anticipating the move as he ducks under Namjoon's arm and lunges at Hoseok. Namjoon picks Yoongi up by his waist before he can do anything to Hoseok and he drags him out of the room. “I want to cut him those were expensive fucking headphones, Namjoon!” Yoongi says struggling against Namjoon's embrace.

“Will it make you feel better if he buys you a new pair of headphones?” Namjoon asks him and Yoongi huffs but stops struggling finally.

“He'd better cough up four hundred dollars right now!” Yoongi screams making sure Hoseok hears him through the door.

“Four hundred dollars?! Who pays that much for lousy headphones like that anyway?” Hoseok says through the door and Yoongi starts back to struggling in Namjoon's hold.

“I'm going to kill you, Jung! You die tonight!” Yoongi says trying to get to the door again.

“Shut up Hoseok, just say that you'll pay him so that he doesn't cut you into pieces.” Namjoon tells him kicking the door a little.

“Ok, fine, I'll get you more headphones! Just don't bite me again! It hurts.” Hoseok says and Namjoon rolls his eyes.

“You taste like wet dog smells so I don't want to bite you anyway.” Yoongi tells him sticking his tongue out at the closed door.

“Well, I'm not offended at all.” Taehyung says as he and Jeongguk join the other two.

“Shut up, I'm just trying to hurt him like he hurt me.” Yoongi tells him.

“Heard that!” Hoseok says and Yoongi huffs. “By the way, you guys might wanna get down here, Seokjin is really red and his eye is twitching.” Before the others can even make it to the door, there's a squeal and something that sounds like an explosion and Namjoon sighs. “Never mind he turned Jimin into a squirrel.” Hoseok says and Namjoon sighs again.

“I'm too old for this, I'm going out.” Namjoon says as he lets go of Yoongi and Jeongguk and Taehyung follow him out.

“We're coming with! Later hyungs!” Taehyung says as he waves at Yoongi. Jeongguk does the same as the three leave and Yoongi goes to lay down. He's sure Seokjin will turn Jimin back at some point so why even bother trying to fix it? Taking a nap sounds like a much better idea at the moment anyway so he goes to do just that.