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Trouble Sleeping

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Saitama laid on the futon much softer than his own back at the apartment. This little get away arranged by the association wasn’t a complete waste of time after all. The only annoying tidbit was the part where Genos was made to stay in a separate room. Their relationship was a bit of a secret at the moment, Saitama was sure the association wouldn’t approve of an S Class Hero seeing a B Class, and though Saitama didn’t really care much for his rank, he didn’t want Genos to get demoted because of him.

He stared at the ceiling in his dark room for what seemed like hours. Saitama could never admit this to anyone, but he had grown so use to Genos sleeping beside him. Sharing warm embraces, gentle kisses, the feeling of the blonde wrapping his arms around his hero tightly, like he couldn’t get close enough to him. The sensation of Genos’s fluffy locks tickling Saitama’s cheek and jaw line as his student nestled his face into his neck and collar bone. Such things that were so casual to others where so precious and intimate for the both of them. Saitama wouldn’t trade if for the world. And now because of the associations stupid “no sharing rooms” rule, this relaxing mini vacation would go with a sleepless night.

He sighed loudly, aggravated that his valued bed time routine had been disrupted. His mind wandered to Genos again. Was Genos having trouble sleeping? Maybe he should try sneaking into his student's room. Admittedly it made him slightly uneasy allowing his student to be alone in his own room while under the same roof as Puri Puri Prisoner. The convicted rapist wasn’t subtle about his attraction to Genos, and made it pretty clear what he’d do to the young cyborg if given the chance. It made Saitama’s skin crawl. What if Puri broke into Genos’s room? Saitama assured himself that Genos would be strong enough to fight him off but…he didn’t want Genos to have to. The creep should be leaving Genos alone, and if Saitama were there he wouldn’t so much as touch a hair on his precious cyborg’s head.

His stomach began to feel sick. Saitama hastily stood and began power walking to his door, he couldn’t stand it anymore, he needed to sneak into Genos’s room. If not to get to sleep himself, but to protect him. His chest filled with determination and he reached for the handle on his door, pulling it open with enough haste to nearly rip it off it’s hinges. His rescue mission fantasy crumbled before he could take a step outside of the door, as he was met with Genos standing before him, one hand up in knocking position. Genos lowered his hand behind his back and smiled shyly.

“Hello, Saitama-Sensei! What are you doing up in the middle of the night?” Genos awkwardly spoke.

“Erm, well, I was just going to…hey I should be asking you what you’re doing outside my room.” Saitama quickly changed the subject, trying to avoid his own embarrassment.

Genos stammered as he tried to fish for an excuse, quickly giving up before he even started. He sighed, “I am sorry Sensei but I couldn’t sleep. I was up to come sneak into your room. It’s hard to sleep with out you.” Genos looked away, slightly embarrassed. He knew Saitama wasn’t a very sentimental guy. He scolded himself for saying something so sappy.

Saitama’s shoulders relaxed in silent relief. Perfect. Now he could get the blissful sleep he was use to with out admitting he couldn’t with out Genos. He forced out a fake laugh to cover up his guilt, “Geez Genos, always so clingy. Ok. Come on in then.”

Genos lit up. “Thank you, Sensei!” With Genos’s hand in his, Saitama lead him to his futon and flopped down, pulling Genos down with him into his arms. The wonderful intimate bliss washed over him as he took in Genos, savoring his pleasant sent, the softness of his hair, his solid sturdy body against his own. Saitama took pride in knowing he was the only person strong enough for Genos. Strong enough to effortlessly pick him up. Strong enough to cuddle with him, giving Genos peace of mind that his metal body would not harm his partner. Yes, Saitama’s fortitude knew no bounds and it was all worth it when it came to Genos. Saitama felt metal arms squeeze him in a tighter embrace, he exhaled, taking in the inner warmth it brought him. Saitama placed a chaste kiss to Genos’s temple, ready for the cozy sleep he was longing for.

“Oh Sensei before we sleep, you didn’t answer my question.” Genos’s golden eyes looked up at Saitama.

“Huh? What question Genos?” Saitama was already almost asleep.

“I was wondering why you were up and about to wander around in the middle of the night.” Genos’s question was pure and innocent. Genos couldn’t have been that naive right?

“Well…um…I needed to go to the bathroom…” Saitama lied, praying Genos would buy it.

“But Sensei, your room has a bathroom. Surely you knew that.” Genos was still wearing that innocent oblivious face.

“Ugh…Ok Genos. I was up because I wanted to come sneak into your room. I couldn’t sleep without you either ok??” Saitama sounded frustrated and flustered. He had a hard time looking at Genos, but that pause went on for just a little too long. His eyes darted back to glance at his partner’s face, his embarrassment melting into awe. Genos’s innocent stare became a smug smirk, eyes fixated onto Saitama, taking in the touch of pink on his cheeks.

“So long as you admit it Sensei, I will not tease you.” Genos said in the most casual tone possible, nestling his head back under Saitama’s jaw line.

That brat.

“You brat.” Saitama grumbled, burying his face in Genos’s feathery blonde locks.

Genos giggled into Saitama’s chest, “There is no need to be embarrassed Sensei.” His still voice held a teasing tone, despite what he said.

“Oh, shut up. You think you’re real clever don’t you.” Saitama continued to mumble.

“That is because I am Sensei.” Genos nuzzled his neck.

“Yeah, yeah. Just get some sleep you sneaky little shit.” Saitama shivered as Genos placed a tiny kiss to Saitama’s collar bone.

“As you wish, Sensei.”