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Rooted in Friendship

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“To think of the times that we were here in Buffalo on cases and we never bothered to stop to see the falls.  We were always in a rush to get to the next big thing.” Scully said cuddled in Mulder’s arms the mist from the falls cooling her body.

“Not anymore.” He said squeezing her tighter. “Although we were kind of distracted with a body being thrown out of a window and the whole reincarnation of souls thing.”

“I’m really proud of you Mulder.” She looked up at him and stroked his face.

“And why is that?” He returned smiling down at her.

“I thought for sure we’d be on a plane to Russia or you’d have me working in a lab… But you walked away…”

“I see things differently.. I’d like to say since I saw the date, but that’s not true.”  

“What is it then?”

“Since I found out about William….what had to be done….we have such little time Scully...and I decided to spend it enjoying myself with you... not chasing monsters.”

“They’ll always be monsters Mulder.”

“Well, today they’re not invited.”  He kissed the top of her head as he said it.

Water sprayed in their faces as it continued to cover their blue tinted rain gear.  Mulder looked so happy squinting and laughing as the water slowly drenched his face.  They were coming out from behind the falls and Scully was in his arms while he gripped the railing.  Using his body as her harness, he insured she stayed upright as the boat rocked.  They looked silly, but they were smiling and having fun.  Over the speakers a guide rambled out facts and history which Mulder would either add or correct in sweet whispers so only she could hear.  As he towered over her she felt safe and protected.  He reached down to kiss her forehead and she pulled him into her lips.  They were on their honeymoon after all.  She giggled at the thought of Mr. and Mrs. Skinner.  

After the boat pulled in they decided to head to the top of the falls and watch it from the stone walls. Mulder brought her in close. “Scully, you think we could make it over the falls in a barrel?”

“I would never bet against you Mulder.” Scully said and turned to face him, playing with the buttons of his shirt. Mulder cleared his throat.  “I booked us a reservation in the rotating room at the top of the CNN tower. We should go back and get ready.”

Scully nodded, but was staring at his lips. Without pretense she reached up on her toes and gave him a slow sensual kiss.  Her hands had found the bare skin of his chest. He picked her up and perched her at the top of the wall, her back pressing into the iron fencing. His lips returned her fervor. With his hands gripping the bars his chest grazed hers as he leaned in and she sucked in her breath on contact.

His response was a single whisper. ”Hotel?”

“Okay” She nodded without protest.

When they got back to the room Mulder kicked off his shoes and stood in front of her holding both hands. “Are you having a good time?”

“Very much so Mulder.”

“Even when I took you to the Bluejays game and the hockey hall of fame?”

“Yes.  Even then.”

“That’s important to me.  I want us to have fun.”

He backed up towards the couch and sat, still holding her hands.  His eyes returning to the blue gray fire that caused her to walk funny on occasion.  Scully kneeled on either side of him straddling his lap, but not letting go of his hands.  He brought her hands to his lips kissing each knuckle, letting them linger there, but not taking his eyes off her. “Have you thought about where you’d like our next destination to be?”

“Colorado.  I hear they put on one hell of a concert.”

“Colorado it is then.”

Scully’s expression became sullen.“I need to find a way to get word to my mother.  I know it’s not wise, but she must be worried sick.”

“We’ll find a way.  Maybe through some different channels.” Mulder’s hands were now rubbing her thighs picking up where he left off by the falls. The sudden response she had to his touch made him squirm.

“I can help you out of those jeans if you like?” He suggested in his best imitation of boyish innocence. She stood and he unbuttoned the top button and the zipper.  As he lowered them he kissed the warm smooth skin underneath. He pressed his lips against the silk, covering her light gathering of auburn curls. The sound that emanated from him was like he was enjoying a finely cooked meal. “Scully, you’ve been shopping. It’s nice.” He said pushing the thin fabric aside so his tongue had access. His tongue was a magnet of energy, but that wasn’t what she was craving. Stepping out of her jeans and light blue bikini briefs she resumed her place on his lap. He pulled a strand of hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear.  The look on his face was indescribably.  A cross between want and possession.  “What are you thinking Mulder?”

“Nothing.  Not a thing.”

“Tell me.”

“I’m afraid to. I don’t want you to take it the wrong way.” His hands returned to their place massaging her outer thighs.

“I promise not to get upset. I’m asking. I’ll deal with the consequences.”

Mulder sighed. His face sobered as he deadpanned. “I was thinking about how incredible it feels to be inside you, surrounded by you, as you come all over me.” He closed his eyes at the last part and she could feel him through his jeans growing underneath her.

Holy shit. His voice was deep and throaty, even loving and he hit her right in her core.  She lifted up his shirt as he lifted hers, dying to touch his bare skin. She danced her fingertips over his pronounced shoulder muscles continuing her hands down his chest to the soft hair that led to her final destination. The growing heat underneath his jeans was calling and she needed to release it. The instant she rose up to unzip his pants his fingers were there and slipped inside her. No matter the amount of time that passed, she always awaited their return.  To feel every bit of his fingerprint resculpting her in his image. She continued her own task breaching his waistband and releasing him. The look in his eyes the first time she had ever touched him replayed every time she put her hands on him again. It spoke of love and trust and wanting. It was how they fell in love again and again. Her hands tingled as she stroked him, appreciating how thick and long he was, her fingers tracing the swollen tip. It was so beautiful. She wanted to put her mouth on it and properly cherish it, but her first thought was better. Teasing herself with it, she ran it over and around her entrance, reveling in the want and anticipation of what she felt with him. Her insides swelled and throbbed as it grazed her. Her back bowed and a moan escaped her. It was pure agony. When the feelings became unbearable she positioned him and slid down slowly while he watched, his eyes growing wide. The want in his eyes and the pleasure on his face as he sunk into her was her true turn on. With them it had never been about the act.  Getting off was irrelevant.  It was the insatiable need to satisfy the other.  Pleasure only came from the other’s ecstasy. As soon as he was inside, his hands cupped her face kissing her softly and tenderly taking her to their secret place. She missed the way they were when they were together in this way. Instead of the frantic removal of clothing and writhing of flesh their last times had been, their movement now was careful, slow and deliberate. “I long for this Scully.  For us.” He said it with the understanding he was reading her mind. He closed his eyes with the next intake of breath and opened them as he exhaled. “I want our future to be happy Scully.  I know we can’t forget the past, but ...”

“I’m happy right now Mulder.  With you.” She let out a whimper. He was so deep inside her, lighting up new nerve endings. “Completely. Perfectly. Happy.” As she said each word she moved her hips, the words coming out in a crescendo of moans. He felt fucking amazing, she couldn’t control how much she just loved him.

She kissed him as her body rose and fell with the motion, her fingers gliding through his hair, their tongues reuniting. Her hands glided to his chest and Mulder slid his hands up to cup her breasts gently massaging.  They moved together like they had done it for lifetimes, reincarnating only to reconcile again.  It was inconceivable that it could get better, but somehow it always did. Her movements became urgent to increase the friction between them, but his fingers found her, exactly where she needed them.  Mulder was sensual and erotic in the movement of his hips and his hands.  There were times he could be clumsy and awkward physically, but it was ridiculous how perfect he was with her.  With his free hand he kneaded the back of her head, kissing her with such sincerity she obeyed his heart’s request and he followed her in their release.  They continued to rock gently, riding out the feelings.  They hugged each other breathing hard. When their pulses finally slowed, she laid her head on his chest and he stroked her hair. Time passed and he kissed her forehead.  “We should get ready.”

That night...

Mulder woke from the sound of Scully’s brain humming.  Spooning her from behind, his leg was still wrapped around her with one hand on her left breast, the other laced with hers underneath their shared pillow. He nuzzled her neck squeezing her breast and inadvertently pressing into the small of her back.  

Scully leaned her shoulder blades into his chest and slowly rotated her hips acknowledging his current state. “There should be a warning sign attached to that thing.”

“You’re a woman that knows how to give a compliment.” He kissed the top of her shoulder. “But your thinking is keeping me awake.”

“I know.  I think I’m still processing this past year.  My brain hasn’t caught up with life yet.”

“Is it William?” He asked speaking in cautious tones.

“It’s William, it’s Emily, it’s my sister. It’s the realization I may never see my mother again.”

“You’ve lost so much because you chose to follow me.”

“It’s…. Just…. So many innocent people.”
“Hey.  You’re the one that said we can’t give up.  I’m not giving up.  We’re still alive Scully. William is still alive. They haven’t broken us yet. Don’t give up on me Scully.  Not now.”

“I miss him every day.”

“I do too, but we have to push forward.  For William. So that he can have the peace in life that we never could.”

She tried to get her brain wrapped around something different. “So now what?”

“Now... you join me for a swim.” He said getting out of bed.

“Mulder it’s 2A.M. The pools closed.”

“Not for us.”

Using his trusty FBI stickpin, they accessed the pool area. Mulder threw his towel on a lounge chair, kicked off his shoes and removed his shirt.  As he pulled it over his head Scully noted the freshly made bright red claw marks on his shoulder blades where she had marked him earlier that day and what looked like a hickey on his collar bone.  His board shorts hung low at his waist revealing purple bruising highlighted in yellow above each hip bone.  Shame filled her cheeks. He looked like a case for domestic abuse. She must have caused those hip bruises from the shower the other day. He removed his watch and placed it on the small table next to the chair, his wrist containing the same purple shading.

“Mulder, let me see your wrist.”

“For what?  I’m fine.”

“Let me see your wrist.”

He held out his arm and she was horrified.  His wrist had three purple marks where her fingers had imprinted him. “I did this to you.” She said as she ran her fingers over his wrist playing the scene over in her head of them in the shower.  In unspoken words he had let her entertain her need for physical resistance so he could wash away her shackles, her pain and turn it into pleasure. The satisfaction she had felt gaining back her control and releasing her anger.  He became her cigarette, tattoo, intimate stranger.  All so that his Scully would return to him. And she had and it had been beautiful, but at what cost?

“I’m so sorry Mulder.” She said kissing his wrist.

He pulled away. “Don’t be. I really enjoyed it.”

“I did too, but look at you.”

“They’ll heal Scully.  Scars projected on to me, but these will heal.”

With that last sentence he smiled and took three steps forward performing a perfect dive into the pool.

“Come on in Scully.  The water’s fine.” He said when he resurfaced.

Scully chose to walk in by the stairs and Mulder swam up to greet her. She reached out for him and he pushed back just out of reach. She walked further into the pool and with two underwater backstrokes he was once again out of reach.

Scully stopped swimming and crossed her arms.  “Mulder, what are you doing?”

He back stroked all the way to the end of the pool and went under kicking off the the wall.  With two strokes he was within a foot. She lunged and he backed away again.  “Up for a round of Marco Polo?”

“Mulder, maybe this wasn’t a good idea.”
“Marco.” Mulder called out and dashed under water.

“Mulder, can’t we go for a nice easy swim?”

“Marco.” He bolted to the other side of the pool.


“Not Mulder, Marco.”

Scully sighed “Polo.”

Mulder closed his eyes. “Marco.”

“Polo.” Scully said again not very amused.

Mulder swam underneath the water and came up underneath her legs.  She let out a scream and he tossed her into the air coming down in a splash.

She came up fixing her hair. “Is this fun for you Mulder?”

“You’re it.”

“How long are we going to do this?”

“Close your eyes Scully.”


“Close your eyes Scully.”

She lowered her eyelids and stretched out her arms. “Marco.”

“Polo” Mulder bounced just out of the reach of her hands.


Mulder emerged next to her and whispered. “Polo”

Scully flung her arm around, but he already was gone. “Marco”

Mulder popped up out of the water behind her and kissed the back of her neck.  Scully jumped. “Polo”

“God Mulder, really?”

Mulder dunk back under water and grabbed her ankles lifting them from the water. Scully flapped her arms, treading to keep her head above the water.  “Mulder. Let go. I can’t keep this up.”

Instead he slid up her calves and pulled her towards him so his hands were now on her upper thighs.

She threw her arms around him. “I think you’re it.” She said trying to hold back a smile.

Mulder’s face became suddenly serious.  “I love you so much Scully.”

Scully played with his hair as his hands floated up past her thighs.  

“Mulder, I don’t know if you’ll ever know how much I love you.”

“I think I have an idea Scully.”

“But will you accept it?”

“It took me a long time, but you made me...and...’ve got a great ass.”

“Yeah you.” She smiled splashing water in his face. He spun her around and she wiped the sparkling droplets from his face. He smiled back at her and she kissed him. It wasn’t just any kiss, it was the kind of kiss where you wake up two days later in Brazil not knowing how you got there.

Mulder’s knees bent and it sent them both underwater. When they came up Mulder gave her a jovial apology. “Sorry, you make my knees weak.” With a doubting look she dunked her hair back into the water to fix it again.

Her legs remained wrapped around him and as they kissed Mulder danced them around the pool. They were going much deeper than her short legs could reach, but he kept them afloat. Their kisses were tender and soft, his tongue gliding in and out. Slowly she was melting in his arms.  Even though their relationship had progressed quite a while ago, the fact that it was him she fell in love with still added to the thrill. At her waist his right hand rested flat against her skin. The anticipation of its destination sent a tingle through her body and a moan escaped her throat. His body stiffened in response and she held him tighter. Mulder took a breath against her lips and held it while his hand covered her breast squeezing it lightly.  His other hand still softly caressing her leg. Scully made the cutest high pitched moan and his insides begged for more. The fingers of his left hand roamed farther as they kissed, teasing the fabric of her bikini bottom. Her hips pushed into his hand and he lifted the fabric gliding his finger inside.  Scully broke the kiss and Mulder gave her a look to let her know she was his whole world.  His fingers swept up and down, massaging and strumming, building momentum.  Scully was responding to his every movement. The purpose of their late night swim was to take her mind in a positive direction and he believed he accomplished the task at hand. He attempted a second finger and she welcomed it. “Scully, you’re so wet.” He pleaded into her ear. His low monotone sending daggers pulsing through her.

“It’s your fault.” She responded her breath now quick pants.

“Well, I can’t take all the credit, we are in a pool.”

“Kiss me” she ordered and he complied. Her hands and hips pulling him in closer. He knew she couldn’t resist his aural seduction. Not to mention his oral seduction. The smell of chlorine filled Mulder’s nose. The room was quiet with the exception of water lapping against the filter and the heavy sounds of their breathing. When she began sucking on his tongue, his thumb decided to join in on the action as his hand increased its pace.  He opened his eyes to watch her pleasure build with the movement of his fingers. To see in her eyes what he was able to give her filled his heart.  After all she had done for him he wanted to give her every happiness the universe offered. Her chest was heaving, rising and falling in brisk rapid pants. She looked so beautiful as her eyes glazed over, giving in to what he was doing to her. Her nails dug into his shoulders and instantly she started coming, his fingers riding the waves. It was the sexiest sight he had ever seen and he was forced to look away before he left more than a sweet memory in the water. When she stopped shaking he slowed his fingers. Waiting for her to recover, after a few minutes she opened her eyes.

“Mulder, take me upstairs.” She begged. “Who knows what has gone on in this pool.  What human fluids are floating in it. For all we know, someone could have been murdered in it.”

“Okay, we’ll go.” He swam them over to the ladder and put his foot on the top step to climb out of the water and Scully inadvertently came face to face with the protruding outline of his bathing suit. “Mulder.. Let’s hurry.”  

As soon as they returned to the room Mulder’s lips began his attack on Scully’s mouth. His hands were everywhere.  Touching her face, her hair, her back, grasping at her hips, pulling at the strings of her bikini until it fell to the floor. Scully wasn’t wasting time either, helping him with his towel and shorts. Tearing at his shirt. Grasping his biceps, squeezing his ass. A movie of their escapades of yesterday playing on repeat in his head. In a blur they were on the bed. Mulder grabbed her legs and pulled her to him, his tongue determined to finish the job this time. She tasted so sweet and desirable. Before he knew it, he was moaning into her caught in a wave of emotions. Hungrily, he clamped down on her clit and sucked hard, his tongue going in flat circles. Scully gripped the headboard, her hips lifting up off the bed, her legs wrapping around his head.  She moaned and he ate it up. Her sounds and her scent had his hips involuntarily rubbing against the mattress. It was different every time and he loved it.  Today it had a hint of strawberry shortcake, yesterday raspberries. Although it was the automatic movements she made triggered by her physical pleasure that provoked him. He moved his tongue up further so the flat center of it covered her clit, his fingers returning to the spot they had left such a short while ago. “Oh, God, Mulder. Oh..Right there. Oh...Mulder if you stop I will kill you.”  Mulder’s eyes darted upward just in time to see her face transform. Her chin jerked upward as her eyes rolled closed, her lips parting, and it was the most exquisite sight yet. Mulder slid up on top of her, kissing her, smiling. Her cheeks were flushed and the tremors hadn’t completely subsided.   

“Mulder.” was all she could say.

“You okay? Are you tired? We can stop” He asked caringly, running his hands through her hair.”

“Mulder, I don’t want to sleep” She said kissing him desperately.

Her legs wrapped around his torso and he sunk inside. She was hot and slick as she molded around him and there was no doubt in Mulder’s mind that they were made for each other. Needing to please her, his mind went technical.  He used his body as a tool for her enjoyment, finding the right angle, correct amount of pressure, and enough friction until he heard her whimper and he knew.  He repeated the motion and her insides clenched around him. The feeling made him lose his breath as he throbbed in response.  She looked at him and his heart constricted.  His lips coaxed her to give herself to him. As her body danced underneath him, he lifted to watch almost crying from the pleasure he felt from the sight. Her eyes closed and her heart opened to his. It was what he waited for, what he lived for.  The heat inside him became an inferno as their syncopated rhythm continued. Trying to prolong her enjoyment he slowed, pulling almost completely out before returning it back inside. Mulder was taking extra care. He thought to himself: Yes, Scully, sometimes I treat you like a fine china doll, but it’s only because something so good that it kills you and brings you back to life should be treated in reverence. The pace they fell into was unhurried, languid, and sublime. Scully moaned and Mulder said her name like a prayer. Their mouths were open against each other as they panted and kissed. There was nothing in existence that felt as good as Scully. Mulder steadied his strokes and Scully went rigid as the contractions started around him.  He picked up the pace thrusting hard to catch up to her and she arched her back up into him as he did so. The friction didn't do anything near what the feelings her soft smooth skin created against his own. Or the way her eyes as they opened looked like the sun coming from of an eclipse into a clear blue sky. That's what really made his heart overflow and body kick into overdrive. Scully’s head tilted back and she let out a scream of euphoria. He thought he felt the whole bed lift up as she came again, bucking furiously, her thighs gripping him tight. She was grasping at skin, sheets, driving back up into Mulder involuntarily. His release came as a function of biology, but his orgasm happened at the sight of her ecstasy. Mulder held her tight against him and she spoke into his shoulder. “Mulder that was…”

“Yeah”. Was his only response.  He lifted up and they were smiling at each other their noses grazing the others. They should have been used to it by now, but there was no getting used to what they felt.  Once again tangled around each other, her foot at his calf, his thigh between hers, their arms intermingled as well as their fingers.  He kissed her lips one last time before drifting off like that, foreheads touching, their free hands draped along the other’s cheek.    

Well rested, Scully woke to find herself wrapped up in blankets in the middle of the bed. The room was quiet.  “Mulder?” He wasn’t there.  She got up and got dressed.  When he still hadn’t returned, she knew he didn’t just go out for coffee.  After scanning the room she found Maria’s  package open and lying on the floor.  Picking it up Scully found it empty. There, between the fibers of the carpet, was a small single piece of paper with one word: Microchip.