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Rooted in Friendship

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Scully’s morning began in Human Resources with the submitting of her completed maternity leave paperwork.  It was now official.  The date set.  It was so surreal.  This would be the longest that she had been without a job since she was sixteen.  Not to mention the x-files.  Would they be there when she returned?  She knew that she didn’t have to make those decisions until after the baby was born, although a 9-5 job teaching was more in line with child rearing.  Everyone was pleasant enough in HR, but as she left she felt the eyes upon her and could hear the whispers of the bullpen.  She knew they had been taking bets as to the father of the child.  It was really none of their business and she never cared what people thought about her, but part of her still wanted to scream out to them, I planned for this child, it wasn’t an accident.  Ignoring the ogling, she headed to Kersh’s office where HR had informed her he had asked her to report once she was finished. 

Back at his apartment, Mulder realized that besides the disapproving looks from her and Skinner, Scully hadn’t spoken to him much that day.  He figured she was still upset with his meddling into x-file affairs and disregarding the new regime.  He wasn’t going to deny that he was slightly jealous of the partnership between Scully and Doggett. They had a successful relationship with a professionalism that could be envied.  Doggett was solid, dependable, and consistent.  Mulder was sure Doggett never disappointed.  He was very different to Mulder who was arrogant, headstrong, and whose actions could be interpreted as impulsive. Although Mulder knew only he could bring Scully excitement, adventure, and most importantly, she was in love with him. While Doggett had great qualities for a partner, it also gave him what Mulder felt was a narrow field of vision. Mulder didn’t like having to get used to being the outsider and he didn’t like his baby being run by someone else. For now, the focus needed to be on what was really important.  In this case, it was how to get to that rig.

The house phone rang and he picked it up.  “Mulder”

“What exactly are you doing Mulder?” It was Scully.  He knew she couldn’t go a day without hearing his voice.

“I think you know” he replied pacing the floor in front of his couch.

“You really believe there is black oil out on that rig.”

“There’s only one way to find out and your Agent Doggett hasn’t a clue.”

“Is this what I should be expecting from you in the future Mulder?  Me taking care of a baby and you going off half-cocked on some possible conspiracy..”

“Now you know as well as I do I’m always at full…”

“You know what I mean Mulder and you know what we spoke about.  I don’t want this to be part of my baby’s life.”

“Scully, I know.  And you will do what is best for that baby, but whether you acknowledge it or not, I am too.  This is more than just a personal crusade.  I want this child to have a planet to grow up in and not one run by an alien government.”


“I know what I’m doing Scully.”

The phone made an echoing click as he hung it up on its receiver.  It was then he looked around.  He may have known what he was doing, but it was leading him to where it always did. The draft of his apartment sent an emptiness through him. The only family he had was across town and it gave him an odd sensation deep in his chest.  He missed them.  Scully and his unborn child.  His emotions were catching up to his brain and the pull on him was only in one direction.  The conflict between the work and a family was ripping him apart.  He would have to find a way to make this work.

Sitting in the helicopter on the way to the oil rig Mulder was convinced Doggett didn’t have the breadth to handle x-file cases. Although, he was quite impressed with Doggett’s knowledge of the files and the way he had memorized them.  Doggett was a good agent, but not a good fit for the department.  As the helicopter landed on the platform, Mulder thought about the consequences to his blatant disregard for Kersh’s orders. Although, if he was right, Kersh would never need to find out.


In the early A.M. Scully found herself in the autopsy room slicing and dicing without authorization into Simon De La Cruz.  Trusting Mulder’s instincts and her own, she was pretty certain there was a connection to his death and Mulder’s suspicions.  As much as she scolded Mulder, she willfully admitted to the draw of the truth. No matter who she was assigned to work with, he was still always her partner. In his absence she hadn’t exactly followed protocol herself anyway.  Carefully she investigated the body. When she cut into the third ventricle of his brain she jumped as a black substance spilled onto the table.  After proper examination she realized the black oil was inactive.  How could it be?  Quickly she picked up the phone to call Mulder, but she was only met with his voicemail.  Where was he and why wasn’t he answering his phone?  

When Mulder returned from Texas after the oil rig explosion he found himself knocking on Scully’s door.

“It’s good to see you home safe” Scully said stiffly as he walked inside. 

“You know I did what I had to” Mulder countered.

“I know.  Agent Dana Scully is very proud of you and understands.  The pregnant woman, not so much.”

Mulder smiled. “Is the Chinese food here yet?”

“Arrived about 5 minutes before you did.”

“I’ll get the utensils.”

Their dinner conversation took a serious tone once Mulder divulged his intentions.

“Tomorrow morning Kersh is going to fire me.”

“Mulder, I told you it’s not the same as it used to be, but he’ll most likely just put a formal reprimand in your file.  I doubt he’ll fire you without previous written warnings.  After all we still work for a government agency.”

“No Scully, tomorrow I’m going to tell Kersh to fire me.”

“Mulder, what are you talking about?”

“I have promises to keep.  The x-files will be left in competent hands.  I believe that now.”

“You’re going to leave, just like that.  Leave the bureau, your career, your life for the past ten years.”

“I have a different life now Scully.  One I want to pursue. One that has its own truths to discover.”

“And you would do this for me, just because I asked. Give up everything for me.”

“I’m doing it because you’re right Scully.”

“How do you know Kersh will go for it?”

“Who would turn down a chance to string up Fox Mulder?”

“You may have a point” she said with a wry smile.

After dinner they found themselves on the couch watching television.  Scully was resting one hand on her belly and the other on the cushion between them.  Mulder slowly covered her hand with his.  Would he be able to stay away from the work when the core of his life had always been the fight?  He looked at her and his heart contracted.  It may be his greatest test and greatest commitment, but the answer was yes. He gave her hand a squeeze causing her to look his way.  Impulsively, he leaned in and kissed her. Just over a year ago he would not have even been sitting there. His drive would have pulled him to investigating and chasing down the next big lead long into the night.  Instead, Scully was the only thing occupying his mind and the smile she had on her face for him was melting his heart.  As their kisses deepened, the passion she returned was taunting his command. He was trying so hard to be gentle and patient knowing the difficulties with her pregnancy.  It was not like him to allow his needs to get out of control, but his resurrection caused an insurgence he was unable to ignore. 

A couple minutes passed to find Mulder breathing hard and about to explode simply from her lips’ caress.  To be so excited so quickly was very unlike him and Scully was returning his zeal. Her hand roamed with a sensual undertone, eventually finding the zipper of his jeans. His hips tilting into her motions with anticipation.  At an excruciating pace the zipper opened. The heat of her hand brushed over the light cotton fabric of his boxer briefs and his body let him know how truly long he had been away from her touch. This was more than emotions or lust. This was about resurgence of a connection that causes a phone to ring at 11:21 at night or the ability to find the other across hundreds of miles on impulse in order to save them. As he peered into her eyes he felt her skin touch his as she breached his waistband.  It was exquisite. What she was doing to him. It made him wonder how he ever made it through his life without her.  His mouth fell open and breathing became ragged.  She was controlling him and he was along for the ride.  Her hand rubbing up and down his shaft was emanating unbelievable pleasure, electricity pulsing through him. Tilting his head back into the sofa, he closed his eyes, his breath now coming in slow concentrated pulses highlighted by the faintest of sound. Scully covered his mouth with kisses and his heart jack knifed in his chest.  How he loved having her mouth on his, especially when she initiated. The ability for her to be in touch with his sensations had him riding the edge, squeezing his eyelids tight while his toes curled and hands formed involuntary fists. With increased pressure she continued, her fingers coiled tight around him.   The reality of what she was doing, all for him, brought him to the brink.  He tried to warn her, but her hand only stroked him faster as her tongue darted inside his mouth. With a baritone scream he gave her a bear hug and buried his face in her neck as the muscles in his own bulged to the point of breaking.  Her hand continued to pump as a seemingly unending sprinkler soaked the sweatshirt covering his lower abdomen.

Mulder shot up quickly, embarrassed by the situation and sprinted for the bathroom.  When he emerged shirtless he realized Scully had changed into her silk evening wear. She was glowing and beyond gorgeous and he needed more of her. Catching her as she was leaving her bedroom he once again had his lips upon hers, his hands at the small of her back.  From her scent alone he felt himself growing hard all over again. There was no recovery time needed.  He could feel himself on the verge just from kissing her and his selfishness made him feel shameful. He paused to ask, “How can I please you?  What are the limits?” 

Very clinically she replied, “For my current condition, intercourse and orgasm is permitted as long as we’re careful.”

“Penetration?  Will that hurt you?  The baby?”

“It was a very slight tear and the doctor said that she believes it has healed on its own.  It’s not the penetration as much as the roughness associated in the act itself.  Am I making any sense?”

“So if we take it easy, we’re okay.  It won’t put you or the baby in any danger.”

“No…Mulder, what exactly do you have in mind?”

“You’ll see.”

She watched as he removed his jeans. Standing in only his black boxer briefs he positioned her delicately on her side on the bed helping her to remove her pajama bottoms and underwear so she was only wearing her silk button down top.  With probing eyes he ran his hands along her bottom, giving it a light squeeze, then down her unshaven legs. Scully gave a light kick of protest, but he let out a “Shhh” and she stilled.  She was always beautiful to him and the light scattering of auburn strands did nothing to stop his raging libido, pausing only to suck at the back of her knee running his hands along her thighs as he did.  He could hear her breathing spike in response.  As he made his way back to her lips he noted all the changes to her body.  His heart expanding exponentially at the thought of it all being for the love of their child.  She amazed him at every curve. This was just another piece of respect he had for her. When he returned to her eyes he witnessed the vulnerability in them and concern for his reaction to the new state of her body. 

His response was simple. “Scully, you are so beautiful.  I can’t hide what you do to me.” 

For several seconds there was only silence as they read each other, his hand holding hers at it laid on his chest.  It had been a long time… too long.  He saw in her eyes everything that he had missed. Those deep blue oceans stored all he sought and if they were the Pacific, his were the Atlantic both anticipating their collision South of South America. With a light kiss he ran his palm against the smoothness of her hair. Caressing her lips with his own, he cradled her face.  His bottom lip ran along her top lip and a high pitched moan escaped from her in a gasp of air. He repeated the motion and she opened wider plunging her tongue into his mouth.  The addicting flavor of Scully flooded his senses.  It was how he remembered, but it was also so much better.  Their feelings for each other had reached a new maturity.  He opened his eyes as their tongue and lips momentarily receded only to be met by her loving stare sending a spear of pleasure into his heart.  His hands ran along the back of her neck feeling the tiny hairs spike in their wake.  Fingers following the outline of her shoulders, leading to the front.  Unbuttoning her top, his pupils dilated at the sight.

“No more Betty Rubble”, Scully smirked.  His palm grazed her breast until he was cupping it, his thumb softly grazing her nipple. Carefully he judged her reaction.  Running kisses along the top of her breasts he continued until her belly was completely revealed. Scully’s hands ran through his hair massaging his scalp sending tingles down his spine.  His hands held her belly as he kissed it softly and he felt it kick in response.  It made him smile and he looked up at her own smiling approval.  Overwrought with emotion, he rested his face against her abdomen listening for the baby inside.  Their wonderful miracle. The care he was taking was causing a look of frustration to develop on Scully’s face, which he finally picked up on, and changed his attention back to her breasts producing noticeable gasps of pleasure.  The excitement built to the point of a constant throbbing. Fearing a loss of control he returned to her lips.  When they came up for air, he moaned from the look she gave him, nodding his head in agreement.  Quickly, he removed his boxer briefs.    His lips pressed and moved against hers, she returned his intensity, her hands continuing to roam as they kissed, begging him to touch her.  Scully ran her fingertips along his abdomen, reading him like brail. His throat went dry and tight as she teased him with her fingers.   His hand ran up her thigh massaging the soaked molten area between her legs, attempting to sooth her ache. Stroking his tongue along hers, he felt suddenly lightheaded, his heart beating out of his chest. She pulled him deeper into her mouth and dug her nails into the flesh of his back moans escaping with each momentary pause for air.  Their kissing became frantic and he knew if he let his control slip anymore he was going to come again.  After several more minutes they were panting for air once again on the verge.  Their lips swollen and red from the ferocity. Their hearts beating fast and loud.

Scully let out in a whisper, “I want this Mulder.  I need you.”

The emphasis she put on the words made him explode with emotion.  He cherished every ounce of her.  There was nothing he wouldn’t do to make her happy. Adjusting to a spooning position, he reached around to continue stroking her, taking himself and tenderly sliding inside.  The feeling was indescribable.  It was as though he was a virgin, experiencing sex and her love for the first time.  This was very different than anything before.  It was the sum total of eternity, unabridged, intact. “Scully, is this okay?  Is everything all right?” His voice was trembling as he fought to contain himself.

“Mulder this is way more than okay.  You have no comprehension of how much I missed this.  Of how much I missed you.” Completely inside her, their love was so deep there wasn’t a place he wasn’t touching, not a part of him he wasn’t giving. Refusing to thrust his hips, he rotated them instead, feeling the inside of her walls pulsing with electricity for him.  Relentlessly he used his precious digits to rub her back and forth, circling and teasing until he felt her body trembling with need.  “God, Mulder that feels so good.” At the same time she said it her body clenched around him, the emotions and sensations followed with a flash of pleasure spiraling through him.  He held strong, not moving, allowing their connection to take him there.  Her body flushed turning hot and he knew they were perilously close.  He pressed his face tight into her back, his other hand over their son kicking inside, knowing their love for him and each other. A rush of blissful contentment inundated Mulder’s system as Scully’s inner muscles clamped down on him, milking him to completion.  His ears ringing with the sounds of her pleasure, he allowed Scully to consume him.

He woke sometime in the middle of the night to find them in the same position, not recalling ever separating. It was apparent they both had passed out.  Scully stirred as he stroked her hair kissing the back of her neck.  She turned her head to kiss him and smiled.  They had only just woke yet she already had his heart melting like chocolate over a fire.  She retreated to the bathroom, a perplexed look coming across her face upon her return making his stomach churn. “Scully, please don’t make me leave tonight.”

His plea softened her expression. “Mulder, that thought didn’t even cross my mind.  I was just trying to see if we had enough pillows…” 


Morning came to find Mulder in Kersh’s office as promised.  Rubbing his sweating hands on his slacks he sat down opposite Kersh’s glare.

“Agent Mulder. If you’re in my office to defend Agent Doggett’s actions out on that rig you’re wasting your time.  I’ve got Agent Doggett out there costing an oil company $150,000 a day, Agent Scully performing unauthorized autopsies, an assistant director who’s defending these actions, and you calling up Vice Presidents starting all this mess.  And you’re here to tell me what?  That I shouldn’t be shutting down the x-files and everyone should be commended for their actions?  Come on Agent Mulder, surely you’ve come to me with something better than that.”

“Actually I have sir.  I have a proposal that may just fit everyone’s interests.  What if you were to fire me.”

“I’m listening.”

“You fire me because I was the one out on that rig.  I was there and I coerced Agent Doggett into giving those orders. You have your scapegoat.  The powers that be will see you as taking corrective action and holding people accountable.  I will go quietly as long as Scully, Skinner, Doggett, and the x-files are left alone.  Scully will go on her maternity leave and Agent Doggett will be your new best friend. I’m confident that Doggett will be serving your best interests in the future.”

“And what’s in it for you Agent Mulder? How does the unemployment line suit your needs?”

“I have other priorities.  A promise and a commitment I made a while ago. Now is the time to make good on that commitment and that promise.”

After a long pause Kersh shuffled some papers on his desk. “Very well then. I’ll call them and tell them there’s no need to see them. As far as everyone is concerned, the blame has been properly assigned for what happened out on that platform.  I’ll have HR draw up the paperwork for your severance package.  What will you do for work Agent Mulder?”

“With my parent’s passing I came into rather large sums of money.  I should be able to live off the interest for quite some time, if not permanently.”

“Good Luck to you Agent Mulder. I’ll contact you at your desk when we have your paperwork ready.” 

With that Mulder headed down to the basement for what he thought would be the last time to say goodbye to his legacy and to hand the x-files off to the competent Agent John Doggett.  It was time for Agent Fox Mulder to take on new more exciting responsibilities.


The following days found Fox Mulder falling into a daily workout routine.  Early morning runs, then off to the YMCA to play some hoops and lift weights.  Some days swimming in the indoor heated pool.  A good part of the day he was reading baby books and learning how to assemble baby furniture.  This particular morning’s run had him filled with anxiety and a slight identity crisis.  Who was Fox Mulder without the x-files?  Would being a stay-at-home dad be enough for him?  Not that he had discussed any of that with Scully.  In his mind he was taking care of the baby while she taught young agents how to find the truth. Yet in reality, they were still in separate apartments.  Not wanting to stay cooped up all day at Scully’s place, he often retreated back across town soon after she left for work.  Some days he stayed at his apartment, but it was really because he didn’t want to come across as eager or smothering.  He knew the real reason was because he was waiting for her to accept that he was committed.  Scully gave him all the signs that she wanted him at arm’s length until the baby was born.  Which for them was a different definition than everyone else, but didn’t that go for everything with them?  In the end, Scully still had it in the back of her mind that the baby may not be his and she was secretly preparing herself for the worst.  That was the reason she refused to commit until she was able to perform the DNA test.  They never spoke about any of it out loud, but it was communicated all the same.  So until the birth he remained at his respected distance, patiently waiting out the days.  Preparing in solitude in his own apartment while she worked out her last days before leave. He respected and loved her enough to let her lead the dance.  In his heart he knew they knew the truth.  They felt it with each kick, the same way they were able to feel each other. That baby was theirs.  Healthy and alive.  Waiting to meet them.

That night at dinner Scully asked Mulder if he would want to go to Lamaze classes with her telling him that she needed a partner.

“Of course, you don’t have an obligation.” She had added.  Sometimes their dance bordered on absurdity.  Did she really think he would leave her if it was an alien child?  But he took a deep breath and instead of starting that argument he simply locked into her gaze, held her hand between his and stated. “I would really enjoy that Scully.  I’d be happy to.” Then picked up his fork and continued to eat dinner.  Just a few more weeks he thought to himself.

The phone rang and Scully got up to answer it.  “Hello Mom……Yeah….Yeah…I guess we could do it then….no, we can have it at my house…..that’s fine….Ok…I’m fine Mom….Yes everything’s still normal…..Yes I will tell Mulder you asked about him……No mom….no…because I want to wait until the baby is born……yes I will have the DNA test done and I will tell everyone after everything is confirmed….because I told you why….ok….thank you… you too mom….bye.”  With that Scully hung up the phone and faced Mulder with a sigh and a smile.  “That, was my mother.  She says hello and sends her regards.  It seems she’s throwing me a baby shower in a couple weeks.  You’ll want to stay away for the day.”

He found it odd that she was obviously keeping the father of the baby secret from her mother.  He was positive Maggie knew anyway.  More absurdity and paranoia.  He hoped it was only the hormones.  “When you talk to your mother again tell her I send my love.”


The eve of her last day at work was laden with anxiety.  “Mulder, can you believe tomorrow is my last day already?  What if I decide to go through with my plan and not return to the x-files?  Will I be able to stay away? Will they shut it down without me there?” 

“Scully”, he breathed lying next to her in bed stroking her hair. “I went through all the same thoughts before I left, but in the end, the truth is out there and as long as it is, there will always be someone searching for the answers.  That I am sure.  It’s like I said last May, there has to be an end sometime. You need to put your trust in Doggett. It was you that finally convinced me to see that he was more than competent of running the department.  You only have one thing right now that you need to focus on.”  Kissing her on the forehead he added, “Get some sleep.  I have a feeling tomorrow will be a long day.”