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Rooted in Friendship

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Scully was successful in shutting Mulder out until her fortress of solitude was resurrected.  They had no conversation outside of work or about anything but work for the remainder of the week.

Scully was soul searching.  Why was she always so afraid to let people in?  Why was she romanced by danger? What was so intriguing about Padgett?  Was it rebellion for Diana or for the way Mulder bled into her life, controlling it, suffocating it? Was she that fearful of a relationship with Mulder?

She recalled Mulder’s words as he barked the orders at her. “You’ve got a 9AM with the DC medical examiner. He’s going to let you autopsy the latest victim.”  There went the spiral.  Is this the cigarette smoking 13 year old all over again or the fear of her life ending with nothing but Mulder’s crusade to show for it? Yes, a relationship with Mulder was terrifying. It would be so deep and passionate and filled with so much complication.

She needed to have part of her life that was only for her, beyond aliens and conspiracies.  It was 8:30PM on a Friday night and she was in bed. Maybe she would start her life tomorrow.

Scully yawned, dozed off, and began to dream.  She dreamt of entering a dark cave going down, down into darkness.  Suddenly the cave was blindingly white and she was surrounded by aliens floating towards her. She saw Mulder, but it was not him. He had bumps on the back of his neck. His eyes went dark and he began to transform.

Scully bolted awake and she was sitting on Mulder’s couch.  Mulder walked up to her.

“Scully, you were having a bad dream.”

“It was horrible Mulder, there were aliens and…”

Mulder held her. “It’s ok Scully, it’s okay.”  He kissed her forehead, but instead of leaving it at that, his lips gently made their way down her neck. He stopped to look into her eyes and gave her a kiss. Their lips finally touched.  Pleasure surged through her body.  He started walking her towards his desk, lifting her up and suddenly they were on his desk but in the basement office.  He reached up under her skirt and ripped the underwear beneath his fingers. He slid two fingers between her folds and hot ecstasy encompassed her body.  Lightning bolts culminated between her thighs as she groaned, “but Mulder, we’re friends, what about work, what about…. His lips covered hers as he continued to pump his fingers inside her.  She reached down and grabbed at his belt, unzipping his pants, desiring everything behind that zipper.  He pulled down his boxers.  Looking deep into her eyes he entered her, “I love you Scully, I love you so much.”  She moaned in response, but his words also brought waves of panic. In a brief moment of clarity she cried, “But Mulder, what if Skinner comes in….”

“Agent Mulder! Agent Scully! What is going on here!?!”  Skinner untucked his shirt and approached Scully.

 “Get out of the way Mulder,” Skinner said pushing him out of the way and capturing her lips, kissing her hard. She ripped his shirt open as her tongue probed his mouth.  Grabbing her hair at the back of her head Skinner pulled it back to reveal her neck.

“Oh, Dana,” he cried. He sucked on her neck, biting at her earlobe. Skinner lifted her up, kissing her and backed her into the cabinet. He undid his pants and thrusted into her painfully hard.  Like a jackrabbit he was relentless. Scully could feel her climax building with each thrust.

A phone rang in the distance.  It took her a second to register that she was dreaming and wake up. The clock glowed a red 11:21PM.  She thought to herself, leave it to Mulder to screw up a wet dream.

Grabbing the phone, she answered it. “Scully.”

“Hey Scully, how would you like to spend the day tomorrow on an adventure.”

“What kind of adventure Mulder?” Her voice was upbeat with a hint of sexy, still affected by her dream.

“Something mischievous. Something so mischievous in fact that it will involve theft.”

“Oooo aren’t we the badass,” Scully replied.

Mulder looked at the phone. “Are you flirting with me Agent Scully?”

“Maybe.  Maybe not.”

“Well maybe I’ll just have to come over there (what am I saying?)”

 “You don’t have the guts?”

Is she challenging me to go over to her place in the middle of the night? Mulder thought and answered, “I bet I do.”

20 minutes later there was a knock on her door.  Scully answered it wearing a nightgown and not much else.

What was she trying to do to me tonight? Mulder wondered and then was instantly fearful of the answer.

“So what do I owe the pleasure Mulder?”

“I didn’t realize this was a slumber party, I didn’t come appropriately dressed,” Mulder said as he walked into the apartment failing to keep his eyes above her neck.

“You can come anyway you like,” Scully countered, her voice deeper and raspier than usual.

Was she drunk?  Why was she talking to me like this? Mulder thought. She was causing his full body to break out in a sweat. “Anyway Scully, I need you to help me steal some reference books from the FBI library.”

“And we are doing that because…..”

“To go through the New Mexico newspaper obituaries from the years 1940 to 1949.  I think we may just find some answers.”

Scully almost rolled her eyes, but then caught herself. “Okay Mulder, it’s a date. Would you like to sit down?“

“Sure," he answered relieved to change the tone, "I’ve got some articles here you may just find interesting.”

Scully sighed. "I'll start a pot of coffee."