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A Writing Meme, If You Please

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01. Lestat
02. Squalo
03. Vegeta
04. Hades
05. Ryo
06. Katniss
07. Kotetsu
08. Artemis
09. Frankenstein
10. Karkat

01. last kiss, 01+09 (Lestat, Frankenstein)

02. dream, 04 (Hades)
His dreams are recurring, night after night, week after week. In them, he gingerly touches his smooth skin, looks at his flushed cheeks and dark hair in a mirror. He no longer seems like an awful Halloween costume. In his waking moments, he often wonders if he could just let go the abomination that calls his body home. But there is still suffering out there and darkened hearts that need saving. He knows he couldn't forgive himself for it, to sever what may be the only lifeline the lost souls have. So for now, only in his dreams, will his heart be light and his life be truly his own.

03. threesome, 02+05+06 (Squalo, Ryo, Katniss)
I am staring at the two men lying in my bed, one of them with hair longer than I have ever seen. Instantly I find it distateful, Capitol-like - no one in District 12 keeps their hair long like that, it gets in the way. The other, with short blonde hair that flares out around his temples, is moaning. Hands touch and caress and tongues flit out between gritted teeth. When I lean over near them, a hand cups my breast and another darts between my legs. My name is Katniss Everdeen and I am in the middle of my first threesome.

04. color, 03+08 (Vegeta, Artemis)
"So," mused Artemis, watching the alien being mill about on the screen. "Even the mustache turns yellow."

05. angst, 07+10 (Kotetsu, Karkat)
The kid at the end of the bar, the one with the silly horns (what does he think this is, Halloween?) and the gray skin, sighs into a sludgy concoction that Kotetsu has never seen before. He's had more shouchuu than he knows he can handle and he's wobbling on the bar stool, sloshing drink down his shirt front. Maybe it's the alcohol, maybe it's sleep deprivation, but the strange boy doesn't seem a day over thirteen. He stumbles over, intending to give some kind of lecture on getting home early, isn't your mother worried, just how old are you anyway, but all that comes out is, "So, what's eating you, kid?"

06. end, 05 (Ryo)
All that was left now were the sounds of the sea, in this quiet world without humanity, without any of the noise, the hustle and bustle of life. There was nothing more than waves cresting against a desolate rock. And no more breathing, no more sighs - just an empty shell, a corpse, cut in half. I have sent you to hell, Ryo thought, as he brushed aside a lock of hair from the forehead of the one he loved, still loved, loved more than anything that existed in this disgusting, silent world.

07. rule, 04+08 (Hades, Artemis)

08. explode, 01+02 (Lestat, Squalo)
In a shower of glass, fire, and hair, the two men were flung onto the pavement. Onlookers screamed as the building became engulfed in flames. "Voooi!" growled the long-haired one. "I'm not immortal like you are!"

09. alternate universe, 03+09 (Vegeta, Frankenstein)
An eerie, golden glow enveloped the small man, his dark hair now a bright, garish yellow, grin cocky enough to raise the blood pressure of even the mildest mannered of men. Truth be told, Frankenstein couldn't exactly call himself surprised. He had seen beings in this world changed into grotesque monsters through science, himself included. But to think that creatures, from other worlds, other dimensions, could achieve the same. Part of him wanted to study him as much as part of him wanted to crush him.

10. alone, 06 (Katniss)
Long walks became a habit in the few weeks following her return to the 12th District. Wandering too far from civilization, even during the days when the forest was her savior, had never been the wisest of ideas. But somehow, now, she felt unafraid. She had traveled straight to hell and back and some days, she felt she had never truly left that hell. And so she wandered, searching for something that she would never find and perhaps had never been looking for in the first place.