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Harry's Brainy Girls

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Harry and his Brainy Girls


By: Sheltie




I don’t own Harry Potter at all







A/N: Okay this is the third time I’ve moved this story I think. I’ve lost track really. I just hope this time it sticks for good. I don’t want to move it again. Each chapter is a separate story that isn’t tied to the previous one unless I say it is. Each one will have one or more girls in them. Who they are, well it’s obvious that they are smart girls, so no Ginny in this. Each story will be mainly T, but there might be an M somewhere too. A chapter rated M will be marked before the start. Harry is the only central character in this. So sit back and enjoy.





Chapter 1: Penelope Clearwater


Harry Potter sighed as he rolled over in his bed. He smiled as he watched the girl next to him sleep on. He reached out and caressed her soft brown hair. He felt her stir under his touch and smiled.


“Morning” he said.


“Morning” she replied sleepily.


“Go back to sleep” Harry said.


“How can I when you’re doing that?” she asked.


Harry chuckled, as he continued to caress her hair then moved down to her face.


“Mmm, did anyone tell you have magic fingers?” she asked.


“Probably, but I love it when you say it” Harry said.


“Why are you up so early?” she asked.


“Just thinking how I got here with you” Harry said.


“Well, you did say that you love brainy girls” she said.


“I did, and it’s the truth” Harry said smiling.


“I love you Harry James Potter” she said then kissed him.


After they broke the kiss Harry pulled her close to him.


“And I love you, Penelope Ann Clearwater” he said.


Penelope Clearwater, former Head Girl and Ravenclaw smiled brightly as she knew what was going to happen next.


Both were panting and sweating as Penelope rolled of Harry.


“That was lovely” she said.


“Only because you know just what I like” Harry said.


/Scene Break/


It was three years after the war Harry had lost many people, the one that hurt the most was Hermione Granger, his best friend and girlfriend. He stayed depressed when a light entered his life. That light was Penelope Clearwater.


Penelope or Penny to her friends was another survivor of the war. She helped from inside the Ministry by giving info to the light side. Her ex-boyfriend Percy Weasley found her out. She had to escape and then joined the ranks in the fighting force. She knew Harry well enough from this period of time and was the only one that could be with him for long periods of time. Harry told her on many occasions that she reminded her of his Hermione. She stayed with Harry to help him through the grieving process never knowing that she was falling for him. But everyday they were together they both grew to like another.


By the time it they both realized it they were already sleeping with one another. They told themselves that it helped the grieving process, the physical contact of another warm body.


/Scene Break/


“Harry, do you love me?” Penny asked.


“Of course I do, why do you ask?” Harry said.


“Because I sometimes feel that you’re just trying to replace Hermione with me” Penny said.


Harry pulled her close.


“No, never, I’d never do something that hurtful to you Penny. I love you for who you are. I love Hermione, but I know she’d want me to move on and she’d would have fully approved of you” Harry said and kissed the top of her head.


“You think?” Penny asked.


“Of course, she’d think of you as a big sister” Harry said.


“I’m sorry I doubted you Harry, but-“ Penny was cut off by Harry’s lips.


“No more doubting anymore love” he said.


He rolled over to the nightstand and opened the drawer.


“I wanted to do this in a more romantic setting, but I think this will so” Harry said.


Penny looked confused.


“Will you marry me Penelope Clearwater?” Harry asked.


Penny pulled Harry into a tight embrace.


“Of course I will Harry” She squealed.


Harry then placed the ring on her finger and kissed her.


“I think we should celebrate” she said.


“What do you have in mind?” Harry asked.


Penny said nothing as she gave her new fiancée a wicked look.





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