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Fragments of the Heart

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There you sat. Legs hanging off the cliff. Your face stuffed in your hands. You can't  help but shake your head, attempting to laugh as you choked away tears.

            “Monster, huh?” you drug her sleeve across you face, drying your watering eyes.

Although you were a strong hearted girl, whom most thought was made of steel, it wasn’t the greatest feeling being called a monster, especially by your own parents.

You and your family had just recently just moved to the base of mt. Ebott, and of course, your parents were stressed. Stressed about the move, stressed about money, but the one thing that seemed to stress them out more than anything, was you. You could never understand why that was though, you had always been an alright kid, and always tried to see it from their point of view. Making excuses for why they would always take their anger out on you, and it always came down to the same answer. You blaming yourself.

You had spent years mumbling sorry beneath wet cheeks and mournful eyes. Forcing yourself to smile as everyone would lay their pain on you, and the worst part? You’d absorb it like a sponge, and carry it with you. Until, you had finally became tired of it, of it all, and finally learned, not to care at all. And in the human world, those who don’t care, have no soul; and those who have no souls, are monsters. So you decided, if you were such a “monster”, you’d might as well live where monsters belong. Underground.

The thought of there actually being monsters humored you. You could just imagine Pete’s dragon down there, waiting with warm hugs and to save you from your own hellish reality. At least, that’s what you wished for. After all, it was only an old wives’ tale. A myth.

Although, many would argue, saying the cave leaded straight to hell, and anyone who had ever dared try and enter it, would meet their end, being tortured by the vast amount of creatures that dwell there; or, like yourself, people thought that it was just a regular old cave, with no monsters, no barrier, or any special properties whatsoever, and thought of it as just a story to keep kids off the mountain… Well, you were about to find out for yourself, whether it was real or not.


Looking over the cliff edge, you unable to see the bottom. Maybe it wasn’t an absolutely horrible drop. You looked over to your left, and reached for a rock. Careful not to fall, you reached out above the cliff’s edge, and dropped the rock into the emptiness.

“One… Two… Three… Fo-” you stopped as you heard the smack of the rock echo across the cave floor.

Ok, about four-ish seconds. Could be worse...

Slowly, you rose to your feet, and took a couple steps back. All you had on hand was your backpack, and a few dainty, thirty foot ropes tied into one. It wasn’t much, but at least enough to get you through a few days. Enough to last you till either someone came looking for you, or you found a way out yourself. Either way, you were willing to take the risk. It’s not like many cared much for you anyway. You lived in a town where no one knew your name, and the way your parents treated you spoke for itself. They’d probably just think you went on one of your many camping trips to the mountain, to return whenever, if at all.

            You took ahold of your backpack, and tied it fairly loosely to one end of the connected ropes, then gingerly began to ease the bag down the cliff, losing it to the darkness by the first knot. As you past the second knot, your stomach began to churn.

After finally making it to the near end of the rope, basically a foot left, you could feel the tension on the rope come slack. Thirty yards of rope, and only a foot left to spare. The hole looked almost as empty as the pit in your stomach.

“This should be exciting.” you sighed under your breath.

You watched as the rope fell from your hands, taking its own place in the darkness, where you soon would too.

Glancing down the cliff, you saw a few ledges you’d be comfortable putting weight on, and there were some visible hand holds, but ten yards down turned to nothing but darkness. As careful as you could manage, you made your descend, hugging yourself to the wall. You’d check each hold before putting your weight on it, just hoping, praying, it wouldn’t collapse beneath you. You had actually made fairly good progress, just until you began reaching your legs below the shadows. The cliff now just felt smooth, as if there was nothing to grasp onto.

Further and further you reached with your leg, but found nothing. You weren’t stupid enough to just free fall from that point. Even if continuing to live wasn’t your first priority, this wasn’t how you were going to die.

As you began tugging yourself back upward, it felt as though something was pulling you back down, as if it didn’t want you to leave. You began frantically struggling, feeling your one foothold start to become loose.

“I change my mind! I don’t want to do this anymore!” Tears began to well up in your eyes, blurring your vision further. “Help me!” You were screaming now, as tears poured from your eyes. You’d never been so scared. “I don’t want to die! Please, help me!”


But nobody came.


There was nothing. Absolute nothingness. Just air. Nothing to save you. You were going to die, and you knew it. In a few split seconds, everything would be gone. Instantly, you were overcome with guilt. Your family. They didn’t deserve this.

“I’m so sor-”