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Denerim and Orzammar

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Our tent was small, leaving us little space to fully utilize. All our movements were close - each brush of a hand or an arm was a seductive gesture. We sat cross-legged across from one another, and chuckled as the palpable tension continued to grow. The long, slow build up to this culminating moment caused me to feel a bit awkward in how to begin. Alistair fidgeted and looked just as awkward.

In a gesture I hope he found seductive, I crawled over to him and kissed him lightly. The first kiss was tentative, initially, but quickly turned passionate. Once we broke the tension, we could not get close enough. We fumbled backwards, my hands trying their best to remove his tunic as he came to settle on top of me. I could feel the warmth of his skin and the pounding of his heart, and each sensation caused my own excitement to rise.

My legs bent around his, trying to keep him close, enjoying the full weight of him upon me. Our kisses were teasing as our bodies strained against one another. Now having an understanding of what pleasures lay just beyond these early moments, I was apt to cut to the chase, to feel Alistair’s body and mine come together, but this was our first time, and I wanted us to enjoy it to its fullest.

His own desire was unmistakable. I flipped him onto his back and straddled him, lifting up my gown in a teasing temptation. His hands stroked up my legs and came to rest on my hips causing goose bumps to rise at the mere touch of his hands. I raked my hands down his chest and pinched his nipples simultaneously, which was clearly a pleasant surprise - his hands flexed upon my hips in response. And then I started my exploration.

My hands and mouth maneuvered their way from his lips down his chest to where his breeches lay askew - an impediment, to be sure. I kissed, and licked, and nipped, and savored every gasp and sigh from his lips. I traced a fingernail along each scar I found, realizing by their age which he had received while we had been together. Luckily, there weren’t that many.

With every brush of movement while my body hovered above his, his erection strained to be free, and so after brushing against it a few more times in an infuriatingly slow, enticing manner, I removed his breeches. And then I sat back for a moment and admired his form in the glow of the candlelight. I let my eyes drift along his lithe body, and while I enjoyed the view, his eyes lingered on my face, perhaps waiting for my approval. A slow smile dawned as my eyes fell to the object I knew would bring us the most pleasure.

He seemed to grow nervous under my studying gaze, and rising up on one elbow, stuttered out, “It’s hardly fair that you should still have all your clothes on.”

“Then you should do something about it.” I countered.

I saw the passion alight his eyes, and my cheeks flamed at both his look and my boldness. His hands found their way under my gown and up my body as he lifted the robe completely off me in one fell swoop. Next to go was my chest binding, and I felt like a present being unwrapped. His boyish innocence brought this look of expectation to his face that I enjoyed watching, but as soon as the binding fell to the floor like a ribbon tossed by a breeze, I was on my back.

His hands roamed over the peaks and valleys of my own body, and his touch was so light at times, I could almost lose track of where they were. I still wore my smalls, and his hand gently stroked me on the outside of them, but when he noticed my breath catch, he grew more bold. He pulled on one of the edges and I lifted my hips to assist him in removing them. And then there we were, fully exposed to one another, our passions rising, with nothing standing between us…finally.

“What would you like me to do?” His voice was rough with desire, and his hands continued to move about my body.

“What do you want to do?” I found my own voice thick with want. I was certain his mind had played with a number of ideas as this day drew ever closer, as mine had, and I was pleased to see the devious smile dawn as he contemplated it.

He brushed the length of his body against mine as our lips came together for a hard kiss that left me breathless, and then his mouth followed an invisible trail that led down my body to my nether region. The warmth of his breath excited me and as his tongue danced upon my throbbing center, I nearly cried out. Both my hands gripped his hair and my body began to writhe.

Quite adeptly, he put one of my legs over his shoulder with one hand while the other traced its way back upward to cup my breast. The gentle kneading action only added to my pleasure. Months of pent up desire rushed forward and as his mouth continued its onslaught, my body began to twitch and my breathing became erratic.

Just before I went over the edge, I wanted to see his face and was surprised to see him watching me come undone. His eyes looked almost golden in the light, and in that flicker of an instant, I saw his own gratification, and knew I couldn’t wait to repay him.

The thin tent could barely stave off the cold, let alone the cry of ecstasy that was welling in my chest. My head lolled to the side, and I had enough mind to cover my mouth with the back of my hand as the moaning increased until I found myself floating. The rush of physical pleasure was intense, and I couldn’t help from giggling, so wonderful I felt.

My heart was thumping in my chest and all I wanted to do was devour him. I was hungry for more. He looked like, how had Wynne put it? The cat that ate the canary? Pleased with himself? Definitely. He braced himself above me on fully stretched out arms, not touching me at all, but definitely pleased.

I sighed, satisfied, but it turned into a growl as I rose up to kiss him. Resting my weight on one arm, I took my free hand and trailed it down his stomach until I found my prize. He was hard, and as my hand fully encompassed him, his whole body shuddered with the contact. I stroked him lightly at first, a tease, but slowly built up a rhythm. His arms strained under the pressure of remaining upright, and our kisses took on a more sensual nature.

Taking the head of his shaft, I stroked it against my already ravished and waiting warmth, and reveled in the sounds of bliss that escaped his lips.

“What do you want, Alistair?”

“Uh…I want…you.”

“Then take me.” I guided him to my opening and we both gasped as he plunged deeply in one long stroke. My back arched and he nibbled my neck. Each thrust was long and deep and I raised my hips up to meet each one, intensifying the friction. I surprised myself when I heard myself pant, “Harder.”

It was all the encouragement Alistair needed to claim me. I was wrapped in his tight embrace as each thrust became faster and harder until we were both sweating, moving together in a dance we unconsciously understood, reaching for something with abandon. I bent my knees, gripped one of his butt cheeks with one hand, and wrapped the other around the nape of his neck and clung to him, keeping him as close to me as possible.

Skin against skin, mingling breath, watching the other lose themself in a sort of worship, I found myself intoxicated by him. “Why did we wait so long?”

“I have no idea.” He smirked.

“Is it all…you’d hoped it’d be?” I couldn’t help myself.

“Maker’s Breath, woman!”

I’m not sure the kiss he gave me then was to silence me or to reassure me. My breathless laugh was soon followed by a moan as his mouth found a spot on my neck that he bit just so.

One of his hands found its way under my buttocks and he lifted me ever so slightly as he continued his relentless pace – Warden stamina – merciful Andraste! The angle created a new sensation, and it wasn’t long before the stars sparkled before my eyes. Hoping to draw him over the edge with me, I tensed my muscles with each thrust and soon, Alistair was praying to the Maker.

His body grew taught and then racked with spasms. My whole body was flush with waves of pleasure, and as we drifted back from the peak of our climax, we kissed softly, longingly. Alistair shifted his weight off of me, but I wanted him to linger, I wanted to feel him still. “No, stay.”

We were still connected intimately, and he smiled sheepishly as he rolled back into my arms. I let my hands drift lightly down his back and relished in the feel of his heart beating against mine. It was hard at first from the exertion, but I felt each deep breath slow it’s pace.

“Where did a Chantry boy ever learn such things?”

I felt his laugh reverberate in his chest, and then the groan before he said, “Zevran.”

“And you thought we’d regret picking him up.” I laughed. “Did he give you any other tips?”

“A few.”

“I look forward to discovering if his tutelage is worthwhile.” I raised an eyebrow in challenge.

“If the results even remotely resemble this, I think we should buy him something expensive.”

“I’ve had a pair of Antivan boots in our inventory since Haven. They’ll be perfect.”

Alistair lifted himself up on his elbows and kissed me sweetly then with this twinkle in his eyes. Running his fingertips over my brow he said, “You know, according to all the sisters at the monastery, I should’ve been struck by lightning by now.”

I scoffed. “Not for that performance.”

“Meaning it was so great that the Maker himself has decided to spare me the usual punishment? Right? Ah. You do realize the rest of our little party here is going to talk, right? They do that.”

“First smart comment and I feed them to the darkspawn.” I tried to keep a straight face, but I failed.

“See? This is why I love you. So…what now? Where do we go from here?”

“We have a darkspawn horde to defeat.”

“You’re so practical. You make me proud. All right, I get the hint. We have a lot to do, right? And we should do it.” He looked at me seriously again. “Before we go, have I told you that I love you? I did? Well, it won’t kill you to hear it again, will it?”

“I love you too…but we’re not done yet.” I took hold of the enchanted necklace he was currently wearing and pulled him back toward me.