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the destiny is alive

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"what is it?" general O'Neil asks looking at the screen as the giant blip heads towards earth 

"we don't know general but its heading towards us and its accelerating" the technician says looking over his shoulder at the general 

"OK then recall the Apollo and the Odyssey to help defend earth if it comes to it and prepare the Antarctica defense post" the general says before walking away to inform the president

2 days later


the Apollo and the Odyssey and been following the ship past Saturn for the past 2 day constantly trying to hail it while keeping a weapons lock on the ship while scanning it but they couldn't scan passed the shield until it entered orbit of the moon and it just shut down the shields and almost all power dropped to minimal which allowed a small group of of marines to beam over to the ship with a doctor rush to study the ship and the part of the ship that they could only beam into was a room with an ancient gate near the back of the room and the marines quickly secured the room while doctor rush headed to a console where in a blink of an eye a woman appeared in front of them and the marines trained their guns on the woman 

"welcome to the destiny you are the first beings to step on board in thousands of years" the woman said in perfect English but she stared at the gate almost oblivious of the people around her

"its a holographic recording" rush said softly looking up and before quickly going over the console before they felt the engines ignite and rocket off and the entire deck goes dark and the woman disappears

"what the hell is going on" one of the marines say looking around with a flash light

"i don't know" rush says looking around with his own flash light before they get beamed back to the Apollo "what the hell captain" rush says storming up to the man "we where about to get access to the main frame"

"well im sorry doctor rush but when the ship started to accelerate we plotted its course and its heading on a collision course for the sun"

"captain send us back right now with some power generators so we can at least get the data from the computers"

"i'm sorry doctor rush but we can't do that it will reach the sun in less than 2 hours" 

"that's more than enough time to get the data"

"that ship is more than a couple of million years old im surprised it hasn't blown up yet" the captain says before leaving after which rush calls him an idiot before running to his lab to run some tests 


an hour and half later


"the ship is about to be destroyed" a shipmen said to rush "i thought you wanted to see it?"

"yes yes i'll be there in a bit" rush said not looking up from the screen as he scans though data scrolling though his screen about the ship tumbling into the sun where he notices that the ships energy levels starts to build as the ship gets closer to the sun "what the?" he says watching closely as the data scrolls across the screen "i wonder?" he said looking at the screen before running off to the bridge "captain the ships energy levels are rising we should get further away just in case" rush says bursting into the bridge 

"i know doctor we are a 20 light minutes away" the captain says back watching the ship though a monitor with the scan data on the other side "we are watching closely i could be the ship trying to pull away from the star but the engines are barely powered and the shields are at maximum so it could just be trying to protect its self from the power surge that put it on this course"

"i don't know captain i think it put itself on this course by its self as a form of protecting its self from us it powered everything except life support which as soon as we where beamed out that shut down i just thought that it was a power failure but a micro second we left that powered down so i think it wanted us to leave so it destroy itself"

"that's an interesting theory but it doesn't matter now its entering the corona"

the entire bridge fell silent as they watch the age old ship plummet into the sun and the scientists down in the labs called up "sir the ship its powering up more than what it was when it arrived" and half an hour later the ship pulled out of the sun and headed back to the moon and began orbiting again like nothing happened 


2 days later

it had taken 2 days to sort out a team to entire the ship again to set up a base for the study of the ship and where it had been and its purpose and the Apollo and been tasked with almost permanent watch over the ship and the same ship beamed over the team marines first before and scientist last and as soon as they arrived the women appeared again 

 "welcome to the destiny you are the first beings to step on board in thousands of years" the woman said again in a perfect english and as she stood rush came up to her again 

"hello im doctor Nickolas rush" he said to the woman not expecting much back before the woman looked him in the eye and said 

"hello doctor Nickolas rush im sorry but several of the ships main systems are malfunctioning or have failed completely and there are several hull breaches that that shield are strained to completely seal i would recommend fixing these hull breaches and replacing the C02 scrubbers as soon as possible due to malfunctions if you want to stay and study me" the woman said with a smile before disappearing completely and unlike last time a giant panel in the wall slide open and they saw a big tank slide out covered in a black tar 

"well that was unexpected" rush said staring where the woman was stood before we went into action at a nearby console to find out about the damaged systems and without wasting time he shouted at the scientists into action