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The Idol of Mizek Kai

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The Idol of Mizek Kai – First Letter


I must have written a thousand apology letters since I return from Yamatai. I wish I could say it to you in person but these letters will have to do. I’m so sorry for doubting you all those years. I’m sorry that as everyone else turned their backs on you, I turned away too.

But not anymore. I’m following in your footsteps. I’m going to show the world that you were right all along. They scoffed at you for seeking magical relics. They accused you of chasing after empty myths and old fairy tales. No objects of such power could exist outside the realm of fantasy. Bloody ignorant bastards they were. All of them. And me. You found clues for all sorts of magical relics. You died before you could find any of them, leaving you with nothing but a temporarily tarnished reputation. I say “temporarily” because I know it won’t last forever. Because if even one of these artifacts can be shown to the world, I know your name will be cleared.

I’ve been pouring through your old journals looking for an artifact to pursue. I never realized how many you were chasing after! But all I need is one to clear your name. Just one.

The most promising one is a totem you believed belonged to some small, long forgotten Middle East city. Details about this city are tragically vague. Apparently some General found this totem while on a military campaign. He called it the Idol of Mizek Kai. Not sure what “Mizek Kai” means. Doesn’t look like you did either. Seems to be a name or phrase from a long forgotten language. But whatever it means, and whatever the Idol does, it helped this General build his own kingdom. Your notes indicate he had plans to begin conquering his neighbors. He had built up a large army to do just this. But then tragedy struck. A colossal earthquake destroyed the city. The new King was killed and he and the Idol were entombed beneath the ruined city.

Two things puzzle me about this story. First, what does the Idol actually do? Nothing in your notes indicate this. But whatever it was, the Idol was surely powerful. Powerful enough to draw scores of people to him to build his kingdom and form his army. Wonder what would have happened if not for that earthquake? Second, why did you give up on the Idol? Of all the artifacts you were pursuing, the Idol seemed to be the most promising. But all of a sudden your journals and research notes stop. You abandoned the Idol cold turkey and turned to other pursuits. Why?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. Because I’ve picked up where you left off. I’m hot on the trail of the Idol and I’ve located the entrance to the tomb where the idol should be buried. I’m writing this from my camp just outside the entrance. Tomorrow at first light I will enter.

And not a moment too soon.

Do you remember a man named Robert Graves? I remember you mentioning him a few times as a little girl. If I recall, you used to consider him a friendly rival of sorts. But later on you dropped the “friendly” from your relationship.

I met the man by chance in a market while gathering supplies. It took me a while to remember who he was. He was friendly enough and invited me for a drink and a chat. I let him do all the drinking and chatting. The more he talked, the more I remembered. I remembered some of the things you said about him, especially the time you called him a “money-grubbing weasel”. You said he cared only about money and nothing else. Whatever belief in archeology he had was replaced with a lust for money. After this conversation I can say with certainty he hasn’t changed.

He kept asking me questions about what I was doing in this part of the world. I kept evading them until he dropped the pretense. He somehow knew I was here for the Idol. So was he. He suggested we team up to find it, trying to entice me with all the money we’d make from selling it. I turned him down flat and left. Had to dodge some of his bodyguards along the way. He had a particularly big and muscular guy with him named Bruno. One swift kick in the groin floored him and gave me the chance to escape.

I’ve stayed one step ahead of Graves since. I know his expedition isn’t far behind me. I’ve caught glimpses of his group from time to time from a distance. But he’s got at least 20 men with him and I’m traveling alone. I can move a lot faster than him. I haven’t seen him or his expedition since yesterday. I think I have enough of a headstart that I can safely enter the tomb, claim the idol and get back out before he gets here. That’s assuming there aren’t too many traps or crazy cultists inside. After Yamatai I’m not ruling out anything, Father.

It’s getting late now and I want to get up as early as possible. I will not write again until I have found the Idol of Mizek Kai.

Father, wish me luck.

To be continued…