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The perfect kind of right

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Anya calls out for everyone. “Breakfast is ready!” She had been preparing it all in the kitchen for about an hour now. It’s quite the labor at times, but she loves doing it.

Clarke huffs a little as she walks into the kitchen. “Good morning, An.” She bounces Jake on her hip. “Say good morning to auntie An, Jake.” She’s still a bit sleepy, but breakfast will make up for that.

“Good morning, auntie An.” Four year old Jake says as he smiles. “Pancakes!” He shrieks excitedly.

Anya smiles. “That’s right, little guy.” She ruffles Jake’s hair a bit. “Like mother, like son.” She knows the little guy likes pancakes as much as Clarke does.

Clarke is beaming. She knows that Jake is a lot like her, including his blonde hair and blue eyes. She named him after her dad. Her mother had cried when she told her she’d name her son Jake. It’s been six years since she graduated from Arkadia, at age twenty-one. Now she’s twenty-seven and she has her beautiful perfect little family, which she wouldn’t give up for anything.

Lexa walks in with Alex in her arms. “I think she is hungry.” She hugs the little girl tightly. “She is growing up too fast. I cannot believe she is eighteen months already.” She wishes Alex would stay little, since Jake is already growing up fast. If only they could stay little forever.

Alexandria has a mop of brown curly hair and green eyes. She coos when Snuggles jumps up. “Snuls!” She claps her hands together and tries to reach out for him.

Clarke smiles, completely enamored. Snuggles is no longer a puppy. Their golden retriever is almost nine years old. He’s getting a bit old. The children adore him. Little Alex always calls him Snuls, instead of Snuggles.

Clarke and Lexa are happy with their two beautiful children. They each gave birth to one, making sure to have a mini version of themselves, as they always said they wanted to have.

Anya watches as everyone slowly enters the kitchen. After Clarke, Octavia and Raven graduated from their last year, they all bought a big house together to live together as one big family. Her days of being a lone wolf are long gone. It was a big step to live together like that and it gets crazy at times, but it’s fun. The house is big enough to grant them each enough privacy when they need it.

The house they bought together counts eight rooms and four bathrooms. Each couple has their own bathroom and the fourth is for the children and possible guests.

Luna kisses Anya passionately. “Good morning, my gorgeous wife.” She would have helped her wife with breakfast, but Anya beat her to it once again.

Anya smiles against Luna’s lips. They got married five years ago. Luna proposed to her with a giant bouquet of roses, while her entire bedroom floor was covered in a thick blanket of rose petals.

Luna cuts a pancake in tiny pieces and places it down in front of Kai, their three year old son. His hair is dark and unruly.

“Good morning, aunties!!” Riley smiles widely as she walks into the kitchen.

Raven walks in right behind her nine year old sister along with Octavia.

Octavia is holding Ryan. She gave birth to him four years ago. It was a mutual decision she made with Raven to have a child. She always adored children, so it was an obvious decision for her. During her pregnancy, she bonded even more with Clarke, who was pregnant around the same time. It’s cute that Ryan and Jake can grow up together like that.

Riley stretches her arms out. “Mommy, can I hold him?” She gives Octavia pleading puppy eyes.

“Okay, baby.” Octavia hands Ryan to Riley. “Be careful with your brother.” She and Raven have long stopped correcting Riley when the little girl got used to referring to them as her mothers. It’s all the same to her. She adores Riley as if she were her own. “You can put him down though. I think he’d rather walk.”

Riley grins and shares her pancake with Ryan. She loves her younger brother.

Raven feels Riley tugging at her sleeve. “Yes, baby?”

“Mama, when can I have a sister?”

Raven swallows thickly. Technically Riley already has a sister, she is Riley’s sister. “You have a brother. I think your mommy and I have enough children.” She smiles at Octavia and takes her wife’s hand.

“Yes, baby.” Octavia chimes in. “Your mama is right.” Two is enough for her. She knows it’s a sensitive topic for Raven when Riley wants a sister, since the girl grew up, convinced that she and her wife are her mothers.

Lexa lowers Alex onto a high chair. Her life has been good. She’s a teacher at Arkadia, ever since Clarke graduated there. It’s a good job and it pays well. Their house is close to the campus, barely five minutes away. Anya is one of her best colleagues. Indra is a good colleague as well, who always speaks highly of Octavia, the top of her class student. 

Clarke peppers Jake’s cheeks with kisses and moves on to pepper Alex’s cheeks with kisses as well. When Lexa pouts, she chuckles and kisses her. After she graduated, she began to work at a hospital. She works on the children’s floor, making her patients laugh is one of her favorite things to do, as well as sending them home healthy. Harper is one of her colleagues, who also likes to make the children smile.

Aden is still yawning a bit as he walks into the kitchen with his Fiancée, Tris. “Sleeping over here is worth it when I wake up to pancakes for breakfast.” He glances briefly at Riley. When he graduated, he became a social worker. Riley is one of his cases, but the little girl doesn’t know that. He took her case over from her previous social worker, Niylah. They keep it all on the downlow. Raven and Octavia have been doing an amazing job.

“I always get roped into making breakfast for this entire bunch.” Anya groans lightly. Her smile deceives her.

“You love making us all breakfast.” Clarke counters. “You’ve been making us breakfast since forever.” She knows it is Anya’s habit, while Lexa always prepares dinner.

Their house is quite full, having three couples in it and five children. Aden regularly sleeps over with Tris.

Each couple has their own bedroom. Riley has her own bedroom, which she is happy about. Alex has her own room with her crib. Jake, Ryan and Kai share a room for the time being, even though they have enough bedrooms. With only six bedrooms taken, they have two that aren’t taken, which are being used as guestrooms.

Clarke smiles at Riley and hands her a glass of orange juice. When Raven graduated, she took Riley out of the apartment they used to live at, before all of them bought this big house. She adores the little girl and she’s happy that she can be Riley’s aunt.

Luna owns her own flower shop. Business is going well. Her customers love it when she informs them about the meaning behind each flower, like a dictionary. It’s her passion. Her most loyal customer is her wife. Anya walks into her shop every day, for roses.

Octavia works as a lawyer. Ever since she graduated, Indra gave her a recommendation letter, which got her hired with Trikru. She is a well-respected lawyer and has never lost a case. She fights for what she believes is right. Most of her cases have been pro-bono, for those who can’t really afford a lawyer and are victims of dishonest people. The hardest cases she has had are custody battles. It’s unfortunate when a child is in the middle of a battle like that.

Raven works at Arkadia, as a science teacher. Her grades had been so impressive that the dean personally offered her a job to teach freshmen. She always makes sure her students wear safety glasses, so they don’t burn their eyebrows off or something. It’s a great job and at the end of each day, she comes home to her family.

Tris is a kindergarten teacher. She sees Jake, Ryan and Kai a lot. When Alex is old enough, she’ll be seeing her a lot as well. In her free hours, if their parents want a couple moment or something, she babysits them. She is twenty-three and she adores children.

Aden is happy that Tris said yes when he proposed to her. They have been dating for a good eight years. He has never been with anyone else. His fiancée has always been the only one for him. Someday he wants children with her, and he knows she wants children as well. For now they have time, he’s only twenty-four after all.

Clarke chuckles when Jake has chocolate all over his face. “Come here, my little man.” She grabs a tissue to clean his face. Her dad would have loved little Jake, she knows he would have. “Guess what’s going to happen today?”

Jake frowns and looks like he’s in deep thought. “I don’t know, mommy.”

“Nana and gramps will be visiting today.”

Jake’s face lights up. “Nana! Gramps!” He shrieks happily.

Clarke knows that the children love to see her mother and Kane, because those two always spoil the children. They’re unbelievable. As a child she could barely get a second candy bar out of her mother, let alone one. When it comes to Jake, she has to reprimand her mother not to give him so much sugar because her mother always gives him extra cookies, even right before dinner.

The doorbell rings, speak of the devil.

Raven opens the door. “Hey, Abby, good to see you. You too, Kane.” She smiles and lets them in.

Abby smiles and kneels down. “Where is little Jake?” She smiles more as Jake runs into her arms. “Look what I have for you.” She holds a cookie out.

“Mom.” Clarke groans. “He just ate breakfast. He shouldn’t eat a cookie right now.”

“I only have one grandson, Clarke.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to get him hyperactive with sugar again, mom.”

Lexa takes the cookie away. “We will keep this for later, okay, my little darling?” She caresses Jake’s cheek. “It is a bit too early for cookies and you just ate pancakes.”

Jake pulls his bottom lip between his teeth and looks up at his mother.

Lexa melts and quickly looks away. Having a mini version of Clarke is too much sometimes. She has to keep her foot down, no cookie right now.

“Don’t give your mama that look, Jake.” Clarke warns with a soft voice. “You can have your cookie later.”

“Yes, mommy.” Jake sighs and gives up.

Clarke points a finger at her mother. “We’ll talk about this later.” She turns around and adds. “Again.” She has told her mother many times by now.

Riley tugs at Lexa’s pants. “Auntie Lex.”

Lexa looks down at Riley. “Yes, sweetie?” She kneels down to be at eye-level with the little girl.

“Can I hold Alex?”

“How about you hold her hand, how does that sound?” Lexa lifts Alex up from the chair and puts her down.

Riley nods and takes Alex’s hand. “I wish my mommies would let me have a sister.”

Lexa bites her bottom lip. She hopes Raven didn’t hear that. Maybe someday Riley will know, but for now they have an agreement not to tell her. “Sometimes people have sisters in different ways.” She sits down and beckons for Riley to sit down as well.

“What do you mean, auntie?”

“Well, your auntie An was not born from the same parents as me. We are friends and we call each other sisters. I am not related to your mommies, but I call them my sisters. Sometimes people are family like that. When you are older, you will understand, little one.”

Riley knits her eyebrows together while she thinks it over. “I have a best friend at school, so she can be my sister then? I think I like making my own family, but I love this family.”

Lexa smiles and caresses Riley’s cheek. “You are a smart girl. It runs in your family.” The little girl is so much like her sister.

“Someday I want to be as smart as mama.”

“I have no doubt that you will be. Can I tell you a secret? But you cannot tell anyone.”

Riley’s eyes widen and she nods.

Lexa leans closer to whisper in her ear. She adores childlike innocence like this. “Someday you will be even smarter than your mama.”

Riley’s mouth shapes into an o. “How do you know that?”

“Because your mama makes every light fall out every year on Christmas.” Lexa finds it amusing how that still happens every year, and each year Raven says that she’ll get it for sure the next year, but then she doesn’t.

“I brought a surprise for the children.” Abby announces with a smile. “It’s for all the children. Kane, can you go get the surprise from our car?”

Kane walks away for a moment to get the surprise. When he returns with the surprise, the children are screaming, filled with joy.

“Oh, no, no, no.” Anya says as her eyes widen. “No way.”

Lexa sighs. Now Abby has really done it. Dammit that woman. Abby needs to learn to discuss things like this with them first. She watches as Clarke screams along with the children. This is unbelievable.

Clarke is excited. The others probably won’t be.

Raven groans. “Abby, you should have discussed this with us. Isn’t our house full enough already?”

Riley is jumping up and down. “A puppy! A puppy!” She crouches down to pet the puppy. “Please can we keep the puppy? Please?”

Clarke pouts along with the children. “Please?”

Lexa crosses her arms, next to Anya and Raven who do the same. “We already have a dog, Snuggles.” Abby shouldn’t have brought a dog. That will only make this household crazier.

As the children are cooing and petting the puppy, nobody can find it in their heart to say no.

“It’s a girl.” Abby suffices, so they can choose a name.

“Can we name her Roxy?” Riley asks. She smiles and pets the puppy.

Raven nods to give in. “Welcome to the family, Roxy.” She hopes Abby doesn’t have any other surprises like that.

Lexa whispers to her wife. “We should make a list for your mother about what not to give the children.” Abby keeps giving things she shouldn’t.

“A list? Lex, please, try a book.”

Lexa wraps her arms tightly around Clarke. “Even though this house gets crazy sometimes, I love everyone in it.”

Clarke hums in agreement. “I love our family and our beautiful children. All of this is perfect. This is all I could possible wish for.” She has everything she ever wanted. “I love you, Lexa.”

“I love you too, Clarke.”


“Yes, my love?”

Clarke takes a deep breath. “I know our house has gotten quite full, but I’m wondering how would you feel if… you know…”

“Clarke…” Lexa adores Jake and Alex. They are perfect. Being pregnant and giving birth to their baby girl has been a tiring experience. It’s not something she would ever want to go through again, although it had been worth it and she doesn’t regret it. “We have two beautiful healthy children.”

“Yes, we do. How would you feel about a third? I think deep down I’ve always wanted a big family, since I used to be an only child up until I was eighteen.” Clarke’s mother adopted Aden when she was eighteen. She has always been a bit fond of big families.

“Look around, Clarke.” Lexa gestures at everyone in the room. “We have a big family and we all live together. Six adults and five children in one house. That is a lot.”

“Well, I was thinking… if we have a third child, we can have another baby shower and then people can gift candles again.”

“When are you due?”

Raven grins, having overheard the conversation between Clarke and Lexa. “You and your candles, god, Lex.” She can’t believe how much Lexa likes candles. “We still got a closet full of candles.”

“Shh.” Clarke holds a finger to her lips. “We’re planning our third child.”

“What are you going to do if you have twins or something?”

Clarke shakes her head. “That’s not going to happen, Rae.”

“If you say so, doc.” Raven teasingly winks at Clarke. “It’s not exactly optional.”

Clarke ignores Raven’s comment. She’s happy that she can plan a third child with Lexa. In her mind she’s already thinking about names. She knows that their house will only get fuller, because she knows that Luna and Anya have plans to have more children, which is very clear because Luna is pregnant.

Anya clears her throat. “Attention everyone, if you will all sit down now.” She waits for them all to sit. Today is the baby shower. “Lu and I will announce what we are expecting.” It has been a secret up until now.

Everyone quickly sits down, curiously waiting to know.

Anya holds Luna’s hand. “Some of you think it will be a girl, while some others of you think it will be a boy. When we personally found out, it was quite surprising news. As you all know by now, my dear wife has always loved children and well, I also love children.” In the past she always claimed she didn’t like children, but that wasn’t true. She does like children. “Tell them, Lu.”

Luna smiles at everyone and places a hand on her stomach. She’s halfway into her pregnancy. “An and I are expecting… okay, don’t freak out. We’re expecting girls, triplets.”

“Oh my god.” Octavia’s jaw drops. “No way.”

Raven is shocked. “You’re pulling our leg, isn’t it?” She thinks they’re definitely joking.

Lexa stares at Anya in disbelief. The woman who used to claim to be a lone wolf is going to have three more children? No way.

Clarke gapes at Luna and Anya. “Are you really expecting triplets?” She whispers to her wife. “Maybe we should reconsider that third child.” Raven is right that she could end up with twins.

Anya smiles and kisses Luna’s cheek. “We’re not kidding. We’re going to have triplets, three little girls and we’re really happy.” It’s a big step to have four children soon, but she’s happy.

“Congratulations!” Clarke is happy for them. “Did you choose names yet?”

“We sure did.” Anya’s smile reaches up to her ears. “We will name them Rose, Lily and Violet.”

“Oh gosh, you’re naming them after flowers. That’s so you and Lu, it’s perfect.”

Anya is happy. Luna is perfect and she’s absolutely smitten. Their son Kai is the apple of her eye and soon they’ll have their three little angels to welcome into this full house. Life is good.

Raven hugs Luna carefully and then hugs Anya tighter. “I’m so happy for you both. I’m going to be the best aunt in the history of aunts.” She smiles and looks at Riley. “Did you hear that, baby? Your aunties are going to have three girls.”

“The title of best aunt in the history of aunts is for me.” Octavia says, convinced that she’ll be a great aunt. “It’ll be so cute to have three little girls crawling around in the near future.”

“Thank god our house is baby proof.” Clarke sighs relieved. “But about that best aunt thing, that’s totally going to be me.”

“Uhum.” Lexa clears her throat. “You are all wrong. Clearly, I will be the best aunt.”

Anya laughs as they argue about who the best aunt will be, while the children bicker about who can hold the babies first.

Just a typical day at the Woods – Reyes – Forest household.