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The perfect kind of right

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“Push, Rae, push!”

“Shut up, Clarke.” Raven grumbles. “Why the hell did you pack so much anyway? Did you put your whole closet in this suitcase or something?” She tries to lean her weight onto the suitcase so Clarke can close it.

“I want to have enough clothes to choose from, and don’t be silly. That’s not my entire closet, that’s only half of it.”

“Oh sure, and I’m the silly one.”

Clarke pulls at the zipper. “I can almost close it. We have to hurry. Lexa is waiting outside with her car.” She is so happy that they’re not hiding in the shadows anymore with their relationship.

“Your ring is beautiful. I bet many people in college will ask you about it.” Raven admires the ring Clarke has on her finger. “So three years of college and then you’re going to get married?”

“That’s the plan.” Clarke smiles thinking about it. She has talked a lot with Lexa about their future together.

“It’s cool how Anya made sure that we can share a room with O.”

“I’m glad that you’ve been getting along with Anya, it means a lot, not only to me, but to Lexa as well.”

“Yeah, she’s kinda cool. You get along with her the most though, you two are like bros.”

Clarke hums. “That’s true, we get along really well.” During the summer she hung around with Anya a lot, and often while Lexa was with her as well. “I’m going to miss our summer.”

“I’m going to miss our summer as well. I’m curious which professors we’ll have. Maybe we’ll have at least one class together.”

“Mhm, yeah maybe. It would be nice.”

Aden walks into Clarke’s bedroom with his suitcase. “Hey, are you both ready?” He firmly holds his suitcase.

Clarke huffs and zips her suitcase shut. “Yes, I’m ready now.” She lifts it up from her bed. “This thing is heavy.”

Raven rolls her eyes. “I wonder why, it’s not like you packed half of your closet.” She moves to pick her own suitcase up from the floor. “Okay, let’s go then.”

They slowly make their way down the stairs, careful not to stumble down with their suitcases.

As they open the front door, Lexa is honking her horn. One of the windows is rolled down and Octavia is waving at them. Lexa had already picked Octavia up first.

“Hurry up, guys!” Octavia shouts at them. “I don’t want to be late.” She’s excited to know which professors she will have, even though she might not have any classes with Raven and Clarke since all three of them chose something else to study.

They hurry to put their suitcases in the trunk of Lexa’s car.

Clarke opens the passenger’s door to take the seat next to Lexa. “Hello, my gorgeous almost wife.” She leans closer and kisses her fiancée. Her tongue traces Lexa’s upper lip.

“Hello, my love.” Lexa smiles proudly at Clarke. She’s so happy that since this summer, their future together officially began.

Raven and Aden squeeze themselves in the back with Octavia.

Lexa adjusts her mirror. “Are you nervous for college, Aden?” She’s relieved that the boy has found a good home with the Griffin family.

“A little bit, since I’m fifteen and everyone else will be eighteen and older. Maybe I get lucky that there will be someone around my age. Otherwise I’ll just have to date older girls.”

Clarke laughs. “Aren’t you a bit too young to date, Aden?” She feels like he’s trying to grow up too fast.

“I’m not too young, I’m a college student.”

“Okay, bro.” Clarke decides to drop the topic. “Good luck with that.” It’s a bit weird how her younger brother skipped three grades. It’ll definitely be weird if they have at least one class in common.

Lexa starts her car so she can bring them to Arkadia. “What about you, Octavia and Raven, are you two nervous?”

“I’m excited.” Octavia replies earnestly. “It’s going to be so big and awesome.”

“I look forward to it as well.” Raven agrees with Octavia. “Clarke seems nervous though, and she was packing half of her closet into her suitcase. Once she opens it, I bet she won’t be able to close it anymore.”

Lexa smiles at that. She glances briefly at Clarke. “Did you use my folding tips, love?” She explained to her fiancée how she could pack the most efficiently. Not that Clarke is that sloppy, but her fiancée can be a bit clumsy about things.

“Yes, baby. I followed your tips, step by step.”

Raven smirks. “Apparently Clarke didn’t get the memo about when a suitcase is full it’s full. If it wasn’t for you waiting with your car, she would probably still be in her room trying to stuff more clothes into it.” It was quite a sight to see Clarke with her face all red, trying to stuff too many clothes into her suitcase.

Lexa keeps her eyes trained on the road. “I could have brought you another suitcase, Clarke.” She still has a few at home anyway. “If you wish, I can pack more clothes for you later. I should be able to see you tomorrow, after my work day at Polis.”

“I think if I need more I’ll get them at your apartment.” Clarke is very lucky to have Lexa.

Even though her fiancée only lived an hour away, Lexa moved during the summer to live closer to Arkadia. Now her fiancée only lives ten minutes away, which will make it easy for her to spend her weekends with Lexa in her apartment, or theirs, as her fiancée calls it. The apartment has three bedrooms and a small garden. One bedroom is Lexa’s, as much as it is hers. The second one is Anya’s and the third is for possible guests. She has no issue with Anya living there. It’s easy for the older woman that way to get to Arkadia, since it is close. It had been her idea that Lexa and Anya could share a big apartment together, since they both needed to be close to Arkadia.

“Yes, you are always welcome to collect more clothes in our apartment.” Lexa corrects Clarke. Everything that she has is as much hers as it her fiancée’s, even though her name is on the contract.

Clarke pushes the buttons of Lexa’s car radio to play some music. She opens her window halfway and hums silently as the wind flows through her hair. The soft breeze feels good.

Lexa tries not to be distracted by Clarke, which is a hard task. Her fiancée is the sole definition of a distraction.

Octavia and Raven sing along with the music on the radio. They nudge Aden to sing as well.

“Ohhh one of my jams!” Raven tries to pump her fist in the air, but is met by the rooftop of Lexa’s car. “Ow.”

“Aw, babe.” Octavia takes Raven’s hand and peppers it with kisses. “Be careful.”

“I think my lips are hurt as well.” Raven points at her lips. “A little help?”

Octavia chuckles and pulls Raven closer to her.

Lexa shakes her head as she glances in her little mirror. “How sweet of you to try and dent the rooftop of my car, Raven. Do you think Octavia can kiss it better?”

Raven flips Lexa off. It’s amusing to her when Lexa is trying to be sassy.

As the next song begins to play, Raven and Octavia sing at the top of their lungs.


One way or another I'm gonna find ya

I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha

One way or another I'm gonna win ya

I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha

One way or another I'm gonna see ya

I'm gonna meetcha meetcha meetcha meetcha

One day, maybe next week

I'm gonna meetcha, I'm gonna meetcha, I'll meetcha

I will drive past your house

And if the lights are all down

I'll see who's around


Octavia and Raven make suggestive signs at each other with their fingers, trying to lure each other in.

Raven grabs a fistful of Octavia’s shirt. “I gotcha.” She grins and kisses her girlfriend.

Clarke is happy for Octavia and Raven. Their relationship has been going really well. They have been together longer than she has been together with Lexa, plus the fact that they were friends for so many years prior their relationship. She has a good feeling that Octavia and Raven will stay together throughout their college years and that they eventually will live together.

Raven takes her phone and opens the group chat. It’s a group chat with Octavia, Clarke, Lexa, Anya and her. They started it over the summer, so they can easily share things with each other.


RRbabe: On our way to college. Woot, woot!

Obaby: Ready to start this adventure with my babe!

Cheekbones: Just arrived at Arkadia. Good weather today. Are you almost there?

Cgriff: We’re getting there, Anya. Soon, very soon! :-)

Cheekbones: I’ll wait at the parking lot.


Clarke grabs Lexa’s phone to type something for her as well. She does that sometimes when her fiancée has her hands full, like right now because Lexa is driving.


Commander: Almost there with my fiancée and the kids.

Cheekbones: I know that’s you, Clarke.

Commander: How would you know?

Cheekbones: Lexa doesn’t say kids and ps: Lexa is driving, nice try, blondie ;)


Raven laughs loudly. “Clarke, you dumbass.”

“Shut up, Rae.”


Cgriff: You know you love me ;)

Cheekbones: So you claim.

RRbabe: BROTP!

Cgriff: Jealous, Rae?

RRbabe: I know y’all love me.

Obaby: I know I sure do! My bea <3

Cheekbones: I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

RRbabe: Pft, you should see commander hearteyes. Even while she’s driving I still see her glancing at Clarke while those hearts dance in her eyes.

Cgriff: Fight me, Rae.

Cheekbones: I’ll help you, Clarke.

RRbabe: See, BROTP I called it!

Obaby: Clanya is at it again.

Cheekbones: The ship won’t sail.

Cgriff: Blub, blub, blub.

Obaby: It’s sad that Aden isn’t in our group chat anymore.

Cgriff: I blame Raven, she scarred Aden. It wasn’t safe anymore for my bro to be in this chat.

RRbabe: In my defense, I was a bit tipsy that day.

Cgriff: You were talking about your first time, none of us needed to know that.

Cheekbones: If I have to hear about this again I’m transferring back to Polis.

RRbabe: Adios *waves you goodbye*

Cheekbones: I’ll wave a chair in your face.

RRabe: Ooh, feisty.

Cheekbones: I’ll change your room so you won’t be sharing with Octavia and Clarke.

RRbabe: Anya, doll, did I tell you what a good pal you are?

Obaby: You’re making it worse, babe.

Cgriff: Behave, children. We’re arriving. See you soon, Anya, love you!

Cheekbones: I’ll see you all in a minute. Love you too.

RRbabe: Total bros.





Lexa helps Clarke with her suitcase. “I will carry it for you, my love.” She doesn’t want her fiancée to drag it along. It’s obviously quite heavy.

“You’re really sweet, Lex.” Clarke gives Lexa a chaste kiss. “Your lips are even sweeter.”

Raven lifts her suitcase out of the trunk along with Octavia’s suitcase. “Let’s go to that information booth to get our names checked on the list.” She can hardly wait to get her papers that will finally tell her which professors she will have.

“Hey, Anya.” Clarke smiles as she sees Anya walking up to them. “It’s good to see you.” She pulls the older woman in a hug and kisses her cheek.

“Hello, Clarke.” Anya kisses Clarke’s cheek. When Clarke let’s go, she walks up to Lexa. “Hello, Lexa.” She kisses Lexa’s cheek. “Did you make it here okay?” She glares briefly at Octavia and Raven.

“The car ride was not bad. Raven may have dented my rooftop a bit, with her enthusiastic move.”

“That girl and music spells trouble.” Anya knows how wild Raven can get when music is playing. An unfortunate fact she learned throughout the summer when Raven was dancing on top of a table, and then proceeded to stumble down on top of her.

Raven clears her throat. “Uhum, I can hear you both.” She laughs as Anya flips her off. “So rude.”

Lexa squeezes Clarke’s hand. “I will put your suitcase in your dorm room. Meanwhile you can get checked in.” Anya knows which room Clarke has with Octavia and Raven. All she has to do is follow Anya.

“Okay.” Clarke kisses Lexa sweetly.

Lexa takes Aden’s suitcase as well.

Anya grumbles a bit while she takes Octavia’s suitcase and Raven’s suitcase.

Clarke, Aden, Octavia and Raven walk up to the information booth to get checked in.

“Hello, welcome to Arkadia.” A man smiles warmly at them while greeting them. “My name is Tor Lemkin, I am the dean.”

Clarke politely smiles back. “Hello, I’m Clarke Griffin.” She holds her hand out to shake his.

The dean looks down at the ring around Clarke’s finger. “Married?”

“Engaged, actually.” Clarke corrects him. “I’m very happy with my fiancée.”

“Congratulations, I wish you both the best. You should try out some of our programs.”

Raven holds her hand out. “The name’s Raven Reyes.” She wraps her free arm around Octavia. “And this is Octavia Blake.”

Aden stands next to Clarke, a bit timidly. “Hello, I’m Aden… Griffin.”

Clarke squeezes his hand reassuringly. Aden is her brother. They’re siblings. She knows Aden still seems a bit uncertain sometimes, but she wants him to feel welcome. Her mother did the right thing when she adopted Aden. Not many people would adopt a teenager.

“Ah yes.” Dean Lemkin smiles at them. “The Griffin siblings. Both of your college applications were outstanding and memorable.”

Their names are being checked on the list and they get their papers with their schedules and information about the school.

Octavia looks at her schedule. She sees that Arkadia seems to go on a first name base, rather than being formal with last names. “It looks like the professor I will have the most is Indra, she is my law professor.” She wonders what kind of woman Indra is. Perhaps Indra is serious. Oh well, she’ll know soon enough. “Oh, Anya is one of my professors.” She’s slightly surprised about that.

Raven looks at her papers. “Sinclair seems to be my main professor. I hope that he’s a cool dude. It looks like Anya is one of my professors as well.” Anya sure will be pleased to teach her again, she can already imagine her joy. She looks at Clarke and Aden. “Who do you two have?”

They all have a mix of a few professors, with one professor whom they have the most.

Aden checks his papers. “My main professor is Wells. I have him the most for my special social studies. Anya is one of my professors as well.”

“I have Wells as one of my professors as well.” Clarke says while she skims through it. “I also have Anya.” That means she’ll have two professors in common with her brother.

Octavia smiles brightly. “Cool, so we have Anya in common as a professor then.” She holds her paper next to Raven’s and Clarke’s to compare them. “Ugh, it looks like we only have Anya and gym together. We’re separated for our other classes.”

“I’m not surprised.” Clarke already expected that. “We all chose something differently.” Okay then she’ll have three professors in common with Aden and two with Octavia and Raven. That’s not so bad.

Raven grins as she sees what Anya will be teaching them. “Anya is going to teach sociology and sexuality? Oh man, that I have to see.” She often sees how intense and stoic Anya is.

Clarke’s eyes light up as she reads more of the information. “According to this paper those sexuality classes include LGBTQIA and it says right here that this is an LGBTQIA friendly school.”

“That’s cool.” Octavia’s eyes light up as well. “Oh look, there are clubs. We should totally join the LGBTQIA club, what’d you think?”

“For sure.” Raven agrees. “I think our college time is going to be sweet.” She can’t wait to get started. “It sucks that we only have Anya and gym in common though, but at least we’ll be roomies.”

“Anya and Lexa are back.” Clarke waves at them as she sees them approach. “Hey, Anya, guess what?” She smiles mischievously at Anya.

Anya’s eyes shift between Clarke and Raven who is grinning wildly. “Oh no.” She can already guess what it is.

“Oh yes.” Raven replies amusedly. “You’re going to be stuck with the four of us for the entire year.” She grabs her phone to take a picture of Anya, so she can cherish the look on the older woman’s face forever. “Say cheese.”

Anya grasps Lexa’s upper arm. “Sneak me into your car and bring me back to Polis.” She can live with teaching Clarke, Aden and probably Octavia as well, but being stuck with Raven for an entire year is not so fun.

“It will be okay, Anya.” Lexa’s voice is calm. “I am sure they will all try to behave.” She walks over to Clarke. “What will Anya be teaching you?” She had assumed Anya would tell her, but she didn’t.

“Sociology and sexuality.” Clarke shows her schedule to Lexa. “I’m looking forward to it, it should be interesting, see this school is LGBTQIA friendly.” She flips through her papers. “Look at all the clubs and everything they have here.”

Lexa smiles at Clarke’s enthusiasm. She can tell that her fiancée will have a good time here. It’s slightly unfortunate that she still works at Polis, but there are obvious reasons for that. Her apartment is only ten minutes away from Arkadia. She doesn’t care that she has to drive fifty minutes to get to Polis, that’s not bad.

“I’ll bring Aden to his room.” Anya offers. “Lexa, you can bring Clarke, Octavia and Raven to theirs. You know where it is now.”