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Chapter 21: Church on Sunday.


The Pequod Hotel

San Diego

3.47 pm

The following day


Every night I'll kiss you, You'll say in my ear,

Oh, we're in love, aren't we?

Hands in your hair.

Fingers and thumbs baby

I feel safe when you're holding me near

Love the water that you conquer your fears

You know hearts don't break around here

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

~Ed Sheeran, Hearts Don't Break Around Here


"Are you sure you want to do this now...?", Mulder asked, tucking a strand of coppery hair behind his partner's ear. He looked down at her lovingly, his heart bursting with emotion as he took in the sight of her in the silky knee length white dress that she had quickly picked up in a women's clothes shop not far from their hotel.

For some reason, seeing Scully in white made this whole thing that much more real.

Mulder knew she loved him just as he loved her but he wanted to make sure she was okay with going through with their wedding now, that she wanted it as much as he did.

As far as he knew, most women wanted a lot of thought put into their weddings and often spent weeks and sometimes even months pouring over every detail.

On the flip side, Scully wasn't most women, that had been clear to him for years but he was still compelled to ask.

"...that you don't want some big white traditional shindig with your hundred and one redheaded Scully cousins?".

Scully smirked as she looked up at him, turning away from the full length mirror in their hotel room and smoothing out the crisp new shirt he had only bought a little over thirty minutes ago with her palms.

Standing slightly on tip toes, she leaned in closer to him, running her fingers across his chest, coming to rest on either side of his face. Gently she caressed his lips.

"I just want you, Mulder. I don't really care too much about all of the bells and whistles that bother other people. We aren't other people and as long as I can call you mine, I'm happy." She smiled at the truth behind the words of assurance that she had felt slip easily from her mouth.

There was no other way to put it. As long as she had Mulder and their girls, she was happy.

She watched him visibly relax at her words, smirking back at her. He looked handsome, if she said so herself. For a dress shirt that he had bought at five minutes notice, it clung to him nicely in all the right places and his hair was tidy enough to show he hadn't just jumped out of bed but mussed enough to look Muldery.

They had an evening ceremony booked at San Diego's City Hall, it was just going to be the two of them and Emily but neither of them would have had it any other way.

Scully remembered how much hassle her mother, Bill and Tara had gone to when they had been organising the last Scully big white family wedding almost six years ago.

Cousins, distant relatives and family friends from the navy had come for the occasion from all across the states and even their Aunt Olive, Ahab's eldest sister, and all of her children and grandchildren had come over to DC from Clonakilty in Ireland.

It had been absolutely hectic, enjoyable enough at the time but absolutely crazy once evening came and enough alcohol had gone around for petty family disagreement to crop up.

The entire Scully family, whether they lived in America or Ireland, had two things in common, their flaming red hair and their fiery tempers.

Scully didn't feel up for any of that after what happen to Melissa and was certain that Mulder felt similarly after what had happened to his mother. Granted, her own mother will probably end up being a bit put out that she wasn't at her only remaining daughter's wedding but Scully was sure she would eventually understand.

"What about you, Mulder?", Scully asked with a half smile, already knowing what his answer will be. "Did you want to invite the whole country club from Martha's Vineyard?".

Mulder chuckled softly, wiggling his eyebrows at her. "Yeah Scully", he answered sarcastically, interlacing their fingers. "Just like I wanted to wear one of those big puffy lemon meringue dresses."

Scully rolled eyes, swatting him affectionately on the chest. "I don't think lemon would be your colour, babe", she teased back in the same joking manner.

"Hmmm", Mulder said, feigning thoughtfulness as he pulled her hips gently towards his own, all the while bumping his nose with hers as he moved in to kiss her. "Probably right", he whispered against her top lip as he leaned down, their noses touching. "Definitely wouldn't bring out the colour of my eyes."

This time, Scully laughed aloud, tugging him impatiently down to her level, crushing his lips with her own. "Shut up and kiss me, will you?".


Well I found love inside

The arms of a woman I know

She is the lighthouse in the night

That will safely guide me home

And I'm not scared of passing over

Or the thought of growing old

'Cause from now until I go

~Ed Sheeran, Hearts Don't Break Around Here


San Diego

A block away from City Hall



"So what's a wedding?", Emily asked expectantly from the back seat of the rental vehicle, bouncing up in her car seat as high as her safety belt would allow so she had some chance at being seen by Mulder when he looked in the rear view mirror.

Scully turned around in the passenger seat, patting the girl softly on the knee. "Don't bounce around too much in your seat, sweetheart. You don't want to hurt yourself or distract Mulder from the road."

Emily pouted slightly for a moment before turning her attention back to her earlier question. "Well, what's a wedding and why are you guys having one?".

"Well", Scully said. "It makes Mulder my husband and legally makes us family, so we will be allowed to bring you home with us", she answered, hoping that she had simplified the situation enough for the three and a half year old. "Remember like we talked about this morning."

Emily nodded, recalling the conversation. She was excited to be going home with her two new friends. Dana had even said that she would have a grandma, two uncles and lots of cousins to play with. She hadn't had anything like that before.

Still, the whole event that she was attending today confused her. She shook her head, even more puzzled than before. "But why do you want to make Mulder a part of your family, Dana?", she asked, looking over at an amused Mulder. "I thought you said he was your friend."

Mulder smirked, breaking his eyes off of the road to watch Scully struggle to come up with an explanation simple enough for a little kid to understand. He loved seeing this new maternal side of Scully and her trying to break down the concept of marriage for Emily was definitely amusing.

"Well", Scully said slowly. "He is my friend but I also love him and that's why we're getting married."

Emily sat back in her car seat, processing this new information. "So", she said thoughtfully. "When you decide that you love your friends, you marry them and have a wedding."

Scully sighed quietly, glaring at Mulder as he finally chuckled aloud at the exchange between his two girls. "Not quite, Ems", she said, deciding that explaining why Mulder was different to her than her other friends to a three year old was far harder than explaining Hook's Law to freshmen physics students.

Mulder, finally deciding to come to Scully's rescue, spoke up. "Hey Ems, you know when we watched 'Aladdin' this morning.

"Uh huh". Emily nodded enthusiastically, it was her favourite Disney movie after all. She launched straight into a full blown rant on the film. "There was Jasmine and Aladdin and that big cuddly tiger and the funny genie and that big meanie Jafar who wanted to make everyone sad...and...and...and", she said trailing off excitedly, her eyes bright and beaming.

"That's just the one", Mulder answered with a matching grin, Emily's excitement really was infectious.

He glanced over at Scully who had a faint but grateful smile playing about her lips. 'I hope you know where you're going with this' her eyes seemed to say.

"Remember at the end Aladdin and Jasmine had a party and they gave each other rings?", he asked, getting to the point.

Emily nodded, wrinkling up her nose. "Yeah, I remember. And then they kissed."

"Well", Mulder said realising that he might have landed himself right in the hole Scully had been trying to avoid. "That's the kind of party that Scu-, I mean Dana, and I are having".

Emily sat back again looking between the two of them from the back seat, she peered curiously over to Scully. "Dana", she asked inquisitively, as though trying to piece a puzzle together. "Does that mean Mulder's your...kissing friend?", she asked blatantly as though disgusted by the concept that the two adults would want to do something as bizarre as kiss each other. "Like Aladdin was to Jasmine?".

Scully looked over her shoulder to the bright eyed child in the back seating who was peering back at her expectantly, her nose wrinkled up as though she has caught a whiff of something unpleasant.

Scully bit her lip, unsure whether to laugh or to simply respond to the affirmative.

"Yeah", Scully said, splitting the difference and letting out a short giggle. "I guess he is my kissing friend", she replied, tickling Emily's knee who promptly giggled in return, shaking her strawberry blonde curls.

"Yucky", Emily declared, crossing her little arms across her chest.

Mulder glanced back at her through the rear view mirror, the heavy evening traffic providing respite from having to keep his eyes on the road. "If you tell me that when you're fourteen, Ems. I'll be thrilled".

Scully chuckled swatting him affectionately on the shoulder. "Fat chance of that, Mulder", she replied, remembering how she and Melissa had been about the opposite sex in their early to mid teen years.

But still, she couldn't help the grin that spread out on her face.

Of all the responses to Emily's comment she could have imagined coming from Mulder, the fatherly one she heard wasn't expected. This was a new side of Mulder, not wildly unlike the side of him she saw at work on the off time a kid came to him with a problem but still different enough for her to notice.

Yes, she had seen a caring side of him around those kids but seeing him act like a dad was a different story altogether. She really liked it though. She had been right when she told him he would make a good dad, not only to their baby who was still on the way but to Emily too.

Emily pouted, not entirely sure what 'fat chance' meant but going by Dana's tone she could tell that one of her two grown up friends was doubting her.

As they pulled into a parking space by the sidewalk. Mulder smiled, reaching across the hand break and the gear stick between himself and Scully, squeezing her lower thigh just above her knee. She looked away from Emily, turning to him with a smile.

'Are you my kissing friend?', Mulder mouthed teasingly to her as soon as he had caught her attention.

Scully chuckled. Despite everything that had happened to them, she was feeling more carefree then she had in months as she sat there with Mulder and Emily at the start of a new chapter.

She considered him playfully for a second, her lips pursed before reaching across, pecking Mulder swiftly on the cheek as an answer to his question.

"Hey Dana and Mulder", Emily called from the back, causing them to turn towards her once again.

"Yes baby girl?", Mulder answered.

Emily looked to them with puppy eyes, having spotted the brightly coloured establishment right next to the city hall and recognised it for exactly what it was. "If this is gonna be a party, can we at least have ice cream afterwards?".


Break a leg, you crush my heart.

I'm a mess, you're a work of art.

Got your blessings, going 0 to 5.

Steal a kiss and I took a dive, and I went down like the speed of sound.

I had a dream where I kissed your lips and it felt so true

Then I woke up as a nervous wreck and I fell for you

I'll spend the night living in denial, making paper planes just for a while.

~Green Day, Fell for You.




City Hall

San Diego



Today is the first day of the rest of our lives,

Tomorrow is too late to pretend everything's alright.

I'm not getting any younger, so long as you don't get any older.

I'm not going to state that yesterday never was..

Bloodshot deadbeat and lack of sleep, making your mascara bleed,

Tears down your face, leaving traces my mistakes

~Green Day, Church on Sunday


Scully glanced between Mulder and Emily, one of which smiled back teasingly from where he stood next to her and the other who swung her little legs two and fro, vaguely interested in the proceedings and how they compared to her favourite Disney movies, in the front and only occupied seat.

It wasn't your traditional wedding. There was no big tearful wedding party, no organs playing and no floral arrangements on every surface in sight.

Scully had never been one of those girls who visualised her wedding as a kid, that had always been more Melissa's, the dreamer of the family, forte. God, she wished Melissa could have been here with them. Even before she and Mulder had gotten together, Melissa had teased her about this day and about her and Mulder's aura compatibility as though they were teenagers and not grown women shoving and in their early thirties.

Melissa was not the only one who should have been with them, Scully not only felt the absence of her sister but of her father too. She felt him though, whispering how much he loved her, how proud he was, how lovely she looked and how he liked Mulder. She knew both Melissa and her father so well she felt like she could pick out the exact words they would say to her today; and she hoped it would stay like that always, that they would never truly be gone.

Mulder brushed his thumb soothingly over her knuckles as though sensing her nostalgia. He knew she missed her dad and her sister, he could see it in her eyes. He too missed his own mother, despite their differences and had spent the majority of his life until recently missing his sister.

He knew what pain was like and how it demanded to be felt, but today was a happy day.

Mulder felt elation swelling up inside of him like a balloon. The woman he loved more than life itself had agreed to marry him, they were expecting a baby and filing for the adoption of Emily. Yes, things had been difficult but they would get through it together. They would always get through it together.

Life had made Fox Mulder a pessimist but somehow along the way, Scully had brought a whole new light into his life. She kept him down to earth while he showed her the vastness of the skies.

Before, he didn't trust anyone apart from himself but now she was the only one he trusted. They were perfect opposites, always had been, and they balanced one another out so completely.

He threw her a quiet, concerned glance to which she nodded at him in response, smiling softly. They really had become pros at unspoken communication.

"Ladies and Gentlemen", the tufty haired minister said in an almost sing-song voice to the empty auditorium, save for Mulder, Scully and Emily. "We are gathered here to celebrate the union of two faithful souls."

Mulder held tight to Scully's hand, squeezing gently as though she was the only thing pinning him to the earth. Scully focused on that as she prepared herself for the words coming, the promises they'll never break.

It's magical really the power this day holds.

"Do you Dana Katherine Scully take Fox William Mulder as your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honour him and keep him, for better or for worse, in sickness and health, for richer and for poor and forsaking all others, be faithful to him until death do you part?

Scully couldn't help the smile that broke out on her face as she looked up at Mulder, who winked mischievously, mouthing silently. "Let it try."

She wanted to believe that, maybe nothing ever would 'do them part'. Not even death itself.

The way she felt about Mulder...well, it was indescribable and made all previous relationships pale in comparison. He was her best friend, her perfect other. With him, she both at home and on an adventure simultaneously.

"I do", she vowed, slipping the larger of the golden wedding bands that had once belonged to Mulder's grandparents, much like her engagement ring, on to his finger.

Mulder smiled crookedly, raising his eyebrows in jest as if to silently tease her about 'claiming him' with a wedding ring. And tease her he would, just not now.

Now he was happy to revel in the fact that he was truly hers just as she was truly his.

"And do you Fox William Mulder take Dana Katherine Scully as your lawfully wedded wife? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honour her and keep her, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer and forsaking all others, be faithful to her until death do you part?"

"I do", Mulder promised with a wink in Scully's direction as he repeated her earlier action, slipping on the smaller of the two wedding bands on to her finger, taking both of her hands in his once more.

The minister looked between them, peering up from his notes. "Now I do believe, as you have said to me earlier, that you have written your own vows too?". Even though it was phrased like a question, it was more of a statement.

It was time to say a bit more than "I do".

They hadn't had much time to write their vows. Scully, who usually liked to be prepared for things, had been a bit concerned about this. Mulder, on the other had, was pretty chill about the whole scenario and would probably have winged it anyway even if they had more time. His reasoning being that, it didn't need to be rehearsed. Their relationship wasn't for show and neither was their marriage or their wedding.

Scully, who Mulder's impulsiveness was beginning to rub off on, agreed and so the vows were left to the eleventh hour and fifty ninth minute.

"Dana Katherine Scully", Mulder said gently, moving his hands from hers to cup her face gently, stroking the apples of her cheeks with his thumbs. As childish as it sounded, he thought he might burst with love looking at her. She was his family, her and Emily and the baby. They were all he needed in life.

"Ever since we met, I've known what we have is special. That the way we talk and laugh around one another is different from everyone else, that I will never meet anyone who I can trust as much as you and that most people search their whole lives for what we've found. Like a shooting star, soaring through the sky in the dead of night, you entered my life shining so vibrantly that you took my breath away. Loving you has taught me that love is mankind's true destiny, we do not find the meaning of life alone. We find it with another".

Mulder smiled sheepishly, brushing the few stray tears that leaked out of his usually tough soon-to-be-wife's eyes. She gently moved her arms from his waist to grasp his elbows as he continued on, a playful smirk coming to light on his face. After all, he wouldn't be the man she loves if he didn't throw in a joke somewhere so Scully couldn't say what came next was entirely unexpected.

"So from here on out, I promise to tolerate you in PMS as long as you do the same for me in Man Flu. I'll happily put up with your huge stacks of science journals beside the bed if you promise to return the favour regarding my UFO paraphernalia with a minimal amount of eye rolling. I promise to always be the big spoon because I know you like the comfort even if you don't usually let on that you do. And in the coming months, I will never be rude to your tummy when it rumbles loudly and you and the baby have weird cravings. Instead, I will bend down and respond respectfully."

This gained a slightly watery chuckle from Scully and a hearty one from the minister overseeing the proceedings. Emily, on the other hand, just looked a little confused as any four year old in her situation would. Mulder spoke slowly and passionately for the rest, his vows obviously coming to a close.

"But most of all, I promise to annoy you every single day, yet make up for it when I do, until they day comes where we have to tell death to shove it up his ass for trying to do us part, because I for one know that I wouldn't want to imagine a world where we aren't together. I love you, Scully. You are my rock, my saviour, my constant, my touchstone. You're my one in five billion. Thank you for making me a husband and a father."

Scully sighed deeply as she looked up at him, a great tide of affection and love for the man standing in front of her rising up from deep within. She wasn't good with words like he was and usually preferred actions, but she was going to tell him how she felt, in words this time.

"Before I met you, Mulder, I didn't think that love was anything more than a chemical reaction in the limbic system...", she sighed, feeling a little uneasy and gently entwined his fingers that had been cupping her face all this time with her own, bringing their joined hands back down between the two of them.

"...but your friendship and love has given me the courage to open myself up in a way that I wasn't able to before. The courage you gave me has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given and I hope it's something we'll be able to pass on...", she said, placing his hands on her belly and glancing briefly to Emily, who was beginning to look a little grossed out by all the 'ooey gooey' love stuff.

Mulder, on the other hand, looked down at Scully with something that resembled awe. His glistening hazel orbs not exactly brimming with tears but not composed either.

His reaction gave Scully the drive to continue and she let her next words flow from her as easily as warm honey in summertime.

"A person is lucky when they have found someone to call their best friend and another to call the love of their life becuase they'll always have someone to laugh with, someone to love, someone to be silly with, someone to make plans with and someone to talk when things are tough...". She paused for a second, a little teary eyed as the man in front of her was all of those things and more.

"...I think I have it even better because I found both my best friend and my soulmate in you, Mulder. I have always been a person who prided herself in being completely independent of others. I never wanted to give my heart away because I thought that it would only get broken", she said softly, bever having said all of this out loud before as she had always assumed that Mukder just knew.

"But I would rather weather every storm that life could possibly throw at us than not have you by my side. Love isn't something rational or practical. It can break you, but can also make you happier than you ever imagined yourself. Three years ago, you walked into my life and into my heart like you belonged there. So defying all rationality, practicality and all stupid pride, I give my heart to you totally and completely, and I'll trust you never to break it."

Mulder didn't think he would be able to resist the urge to kiss her soundly right there and then, minister not having finished the ceremony bedamned.

But instead, he brought one of her hands to his lips, kissing her knuckles softly. "Christ, I love you so much", he whispered gruffly so low that Scully doubted anybody but herself had heard.

'Love you too', Scully mouthed to him, stifling an uncharacteristic giggle at Mulder's blatantly tender and honest expression as the minister pronounced them husband and wife.

Mulder pulled her closer to him, wrapping his arms around her as his lips met hers for the first time as a married couple. Scully smiled against his mouth in response, happily returning his enthusiasm.

It wasn't a particular passionate kiss considering that they had an audience consisting of a child and an elderly minister but the promises behind it caused it to surpass all others. It was reverent, loving and full of hope for the future.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully didn't agree on much, they argued constantly and always challenged one another but they had one hugely important thing in common, they were crazy about one another and couldn't be looking forward to their future together with their girls any more.

Chuckling as they finally pulled away, Mulder took her hand, twining her fingers with his. He couldn't believe that they had gotten this far, as he was sure she was too. In three and a half years, they had gone from bickering best friend's and co-workers teaching across the hall from each other to a married couple planning on raising a kid and expecting another.


"Well, what do you think of that, Honeybunch", he remarked mischievously, throwing her a goofy grin. He knew she wasn't particularly fond of that pet name, but he loved teasing her nonetheless. "Looks like we're hitched."

Scully rolled her eyes, swatting him on the arm. "Shut up, Mulder", she replied half heartedly, her smile betraying her playfulness. Right now, it didn't seem to matter what they would have to face in the future. They had each other and that's all they really needed, each other and their girls. Together the would both fight and embrace the future.

It's not a fairy-tale as they had told Emily before. Marriage is something that they will have to work at. After all, doesn't anything worthwhile or meaningful take effort.

They both knew that there would be hard times, confusing times but they would get through it like they always had in the past.


They both knew that things won't always go as they want and that they will have to work to remember why they chose this. They would have to fight for one another, to compromise, to remain best friends and to never stop pursuing each others hearts.

This wasn't happily ever after.

It was so much more than that.


And I say; If I promise to go to church on Sunday

Will you go with me on Friday nights?

If you live with me, I'll die for you

And this compromise.

~Green Day, Church on Sunday




Gino's Geleteria

San Diego



"Mulder, you're going to spoil her rotten", Scully declared with hands on hips as she eyed her husband, Emily and the huge ice cream sundae that he had bought for her.

The thing was practically as big as the four year olds whole head and shoulders, sporting several scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream with cream, syrup and a cherry on top.

Emily giggled, shaking her head adamantly at the statement. So what if she was being spoiled a little, she wasn't going to complain. "I'm not spoiled", Emily said with an ice cream covered pout, proving that Mulder's influence was already brushing off on her a little bit. "Just loved, right Mulder?".

Mulder chuckled, ruffling Emily's strawberry blonde curls. "Right. And what better to mark a milestone with than ice cream...", he said before smirking playfully at Scully's order and tucking into his own rum and raisin favoured dessert. "...or Non Fat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicles if that may be the case". For some reason he was always both astound and endeared by her impulse to be healthy, even after three and a half years together.

Scully rolled her eyes. "Ha-ha, Mulder", she deadpanned half heartedly, a smile twitching at the corner of her mouth. For some reason she wasn't able to keep in any way frustrated with him today. Damn him. "Real funny", she said sarcastically. "Real witty."



The Pequod Hotel

San Diego



I hereby solemnly swear to tell the whole truth,

And nothing but the truth is what I'll ever hear from you.

"Trust" is a dirty word that only comes from such a liar,

But "respect" is something I will earn...if you have faith.

~Green Day, Church on Sunday.


"You know, Scully", Mulder said teasingly flopping down next to her fully clothed on their double bed, his head and shoulders hovering above her upper body. "I hear eloping is all the rage this year, the new big white wedding"

Scully smirked, reaching her arms around him, one in his hair and the other against his firm back, and pulled him down to her. "And here was I thinking that we didn't follow the crowd", she replied with a grin, stretching up a little from the mattress to kiss him soundly on the lips.

"Au-Contraire, my dear Scully", he said, adopting a tone not unlike the one used by Sherlock Holmes when speaking to his partner Watson. Mulder grinned mischievously, feigning seriousness as he dipped down against her, pecking her hard on the nose and chin. "We're the trend setters", he added in his own voice, moving away from her face and proceeded to trail kisses down her neck.

Scully rolled her eyes but secretly she loved Mulder's crazy ridiculous remarks. She let both her hands run through his soft brown tresses, lightly scratching his scalp. He groaned quietly in response, drawing himself closer to her.

Meanwhile, Mulder nipped lightly at the skin in the valley where her neck and collar met, pressing his warm lips against as much of her as he could reach with them both still fully clothed.

She arched her neck to give him better access, Stiffling a slight whimper as he got to a particularly sensitive spot. "Mmmh, Muuulder", she mumbled at the blissful sensation his teeth against her flesh.

Mulder hummed softly, pulling back once again to watch her, a contented smile etched on his face, his bottom lip slightly pursed. "You like that, huh?"

Reaching for him once more, Scully made to pull him back towards her again. But Mulder was already up and out of the bed, standing at the foot and reaching for the radio on the small desk at the end of the bed, before he began twiddling with dials.

An old Beatles song erupted from the speakers, filling the small hotel room.

Scully looked up at Mulder, eyebrows raised. What was he up to!

"I'd like it a lot more if you got back into bed and undressed me, Fox Mulder", she said, not exactly serious. "My dress wasn't the only thing I bought new for today", she added suggestively, knowing the latter would get a rise from him.

Mulder's eyes darkened for a moment but nonetheless he reached his hand out to her to help her up off of the bed. "And I will gladly do the honours, Scully", he said, still waiting for her to take his hand. "But before we do, I'd love a first dance with my wife if she wanted to dance with me", he replied, an unspoken question hanging in the air.

'all my little plans and schemes, lost like some forgotten dreams. Seems like all I really was doin', was waiting for you'

Scully looked up at him incredulously, an amused smile breaking out on her face as she reached out to take his hand, getting out of bed. At this point Lennon and McCartney had reached the chorus but neither Mulder nor Scully seemed to mind.

'Don't need to be alone. No need to be alone. It's real love. It's real'.

"Alright then, Mulder", Scully agreed, looking up at him lovingly with a smirk, taking his outstretched hand. "As long as you don't step on my toes", she added playfully, placing her hand that wasn't in his on his shoulder.

Mulder chuckled, before holding their entwined hands to his chest in mock outrage. "I would never".

Scully smiled, laying her head down on his chest but still couldn't bite back a retort. "Sure thing, twinkle toes".

'Thought I was in love before but in my heart I wanted more. Seems like all I really was doin' was waiting for you'

Scully looked up at Mulder in surprise as he dipped her low mid waltz. "You weren't this good at dancing the last time", she said, recalling the time they had danced together while chauffeuring at a high school prom almost six months ago. "Have you been holding out on me and been secretly taking dance lessons, or something?"

Mulder rolled his eyes. "I haven't gone to dance lessons since I was a kid", he mused thoughtfully, wincing slightly at the memory.

Scully looked up at him in surprise, not sure whether he was joking or not. "You did dance lessons?".

"Only because Samantha wanted to and Mom roped me into it because she didn't want me going to the boxing club with the other boys", he smirked at the memory of how his ten year old self had been horrified by the idea. "Which I might add, did not help my popularity since my name, email was already Fox."

Mulder smiled sadly, but moved on slightly distracted. Thinking about Samantha was hard even at the best of times but now that he knew there was a chance that she was still alive, Mulder didn't know what to feel. "Who taught you to dance, Scully".

She looked up at him in concern and squeezed his hand. Reluctantly letting him change the subject if that was what he wanted. "My dad", she said quietly, thinking of her father for what was not the fist time that day. "When he came home from the navy he would stand Melissa's and I up on his toes and dance us around the living room".

Smiling sadly at the memory, she looked back up at Mulder, finding him still looking a little conflicted. "We will find her, you know", Scully added quietly, as though reading his mind. "Samantha."

She knew Mulder wanted to find his sister but they had to sort out everything with Emily first, she had to be their priority now, they both knew it.

But that didn't mean that they would forget Teena's last words. Scully knew that if she had even the slightest chance at seeing her own sister again she would try and did understand where Mulder's line of thinking was coming from.

That didn't men that she didn't worry about him though.

Mulder smiled, nodding slightly shocked he kissed her brow softly and laid his chin down on the crown of her head. "I know", he agreed. "We just need to figure out where to look."

'Don't need to be alone. No need to be alone. It's real love. It's real'.

They finished dancing barefoot in their hotel room in silence. Whatever was coming in the future they would face it together but for now they would enjoy the fact they were finally married.


Bloodshot deadbeat and lack of sleep, making your mascara bleed,

Tears down your face, leaving traces my mistakes

And I say; If I promise to go to church on Sunday

Will you go with me on Friday nights?

If you live with me, I'll die for you

And this compromise.

~Green Day, Church on Sunday