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Mr Spooky and Ms Starbuck Chapter 4: Duane Barry


indecision to call you
And hear your voice of treason
Will you come home and stop the pain tonight
Stop this pain tonight

Don't waste your time on me you're already
The voice inside my head (I miss you miss you)

~Blink 182, Miss You


Our Lady of Perpetual Help's Funeral Home

Washington DC



Mulder's eyes darted around the room and out the window on to the street outside, half trying to avoid the helpless gaze of the older woman standing next to him. The sky was grey and the pavement was wet. Overcast and gloomy were the words that immediately come to mind. That was alright though, it suited his mood.

Being here in this catholic funeral home with Mrs Scully felt wrong, like something out of a hazy nightmare that he couldn't quite pull himself from matter how hard he tried. He felt trapped in a reality that didn't feel real.

He couldn't quite believe this was happening. He had lost a lot of people close to him in life so far, the most painful of those being Samantha. He would never forget the day the cops showed up at his house and told his parents that they had recovered Sam's corpse in a nearby forest.

Mulder remembered as plain as day when he had gone with both of his parents to the morgue in Boston to identify the disfigured body of his little sister. His chest still contracted in grief at the memory. The pain of their loss tore the family apart. They were distant from each other now as if they reminded each other a little too much of the family they had lost. When he lost Samantha he had lost them all in a way.

It never really occurred to him though that he would or even could loose Scully in such a way. The woman who was his best friend. His constant. His confidant. His touchstone. There was much he should have told her when he had the chance, when it seemed like they had all the time in the world. The thought that she might not be there in a matter of days or even hours was too sinister a reality to face.

Lost in thought, Mulder looked back across the counter not really wanting to see what the attendant would soon show him and Mrs Scully. It would just make this nightmare a reality, a reality too real for him to bear. Something Mulder was still struggling against.

The dark haired woman next to him began to speak quietly as they waited for the attendant to come out from the back room.

Maggie Scully told him about how Dana had been out shooting with her brothers as a little girl. She told him that her husband had told the kids to only shoot at the cans they had set up as target. But children being children; Bill, Dana and Charlie began to shoot at a snake that they had spotted.

Maggie told Mulder of the guilt her daughter had felt once she had realised what she and her brothers had done how she had taken away something that wasn't her's to take, she told him how Dana had held the snake as if sheer human will could bring back life into its limp body.

Mulder immediately caught on to the message behind Mrs Scully's story even though he didn't see the situation that way. He wouldn't allow himself to. He needed to believe that Scully wouldn't want them to accept her condition at face value. She wouldn't want them to give up now, would she?. Wouldn't she expect them to have faith in her recovery?

"It's too soon Mrs Scully. It's only been a week. We can't give up."

She looked down at her lap in dismay before noticing as the tall and dark haired attendant walked into the room carrying a box covered in a pale coloured gauze.

"Fox." She said. "That day in the woods I felt for my daughter but at this moment I know how my daughter felt."

Mrs Scully got up and moved towards the counter, Mulder followed immediately even though his every instinct was screaming at him not to. He couldn't believe how well Mrs Scully was holding it together in the wake of all this. He supposed that this is where Scully had inherited her strength and level-headedness from. Mrs Scully ran her hand along the surface of the box before lifting the wax coloured gauze from the face of the grey coloured marble slab.

Mulder looked down at the counter top as Mrs Scully brushed her fingers across the gravestone that bared the name of her youngest daughter. Tears welled up at the corners of her eyes but they didn't fall.

Here lies the body of:

Dana Katherine Scully,

Loving Daughter and Friend,

Mulder felt the air leave his lungs as if he had been punched in the gut. Here on this counter was a tangible reminder of Scully's more then probable fate. Mulder felt his mind go into overdrive as a huge case of 'what if's' whizzed around his head, burning like acid. He turned and left the funeral home walking out into the rain in a desperate attempt to quench his acidic thoughts. He told himself that it was best if he waited for Mrs Scully there. The rain came down heavier. Mulder didn't care.

Back inside the funeral home the raven haired attendant left to return to the rear office before offering his condolences to Mrs Scully. As soon as she was sure that both men were out of earshot Maggie let her tears fall. The crystalline drops covering her daughter's name.

She wept for her the grown woman she had raised, her baby girl who still had so much of her life ahead of her. Mrs Scully wept because she had never thought that she would experience the death of a child, the most painful of losses and the greatest fear that all mothers dread even the thought of having to face. Maggie wanted to have faith in this moment to say this is all some part in God's greater plan but she couldn't believe that a tragedy like this could be the work of God.

Meanwhile Mulder just waited outside in the rain hoping that the weather would mask his own grief, the grief of possibly losing his best friend. It loomed over him, a monster that he did not want to face.


I searched the moon
I lost my head
I even looked under the bed
I punched the walls
I hit the street
I'm down in the pavement lookin'

~Green Day, Missing You



Six Days Earlier


Washington General Hospital.


Mulder could hardly recall anything that happened between the time he hung up the phone after hearing the news of Scully's condition from Mrs Scully and his arrival at Washington General.

The hospital was alive with doctors, nurses, patients and trolleys bustling around in a frenzy that he barely acknowledged. He felt numb and a part of him doubted that this was even reality.

Mulder heard doctors calling out for him to stop as he wasn't allowed in there without clearance but Mrs Scully had told him that Dana had been admitted to the intensive care unit so that's where he was going doctors bedamned.

He rounded the last corner and pushed open the glass door. He spotted her red hair straight away at the end of the ward. He made his way to the bed in at handful of strides, bending over until his elbows touched the mattress, brushing off of the clammy hand of his best friend. Mulder nodded to Mrs Scully who stared helplessly at her daughter, unflinching as though she might vanish before her eyes.

There were more wires attached to Scully than he could be bothered to count right now and she was hooked up to a various array of machines, one breathing for her and the monitoring her heart beat. He felt the colour drain from his face as he took in the sight of her, his heart pounding so loudly that he could hear it in his ears. Mulder felt as though a building had collapsed on him. He felt torn, anguished and numb with pain. But one emotion stood out among them all, he felt angry.

It started in his chest and spread like wildfire. He needed to hit something. Now.

Mulder stood up suddenly, startling Mrs Scully enough to look away from Dana. He flew at one of the doctors, grabbing him by the lapel of his white lab coat.

"Who did this to her." Mulder demanded.

The doctor regarded him impatiently, his face flushed with stress. "Sir, your girlfriend was in a car accident". Mulder didn't bother to correct him. Most people assume he and Scully were more than friends anyway. The doctor didn't even squirm in Mulder's still firm grasp as he continued evenly, trying to reason with him. "Nobody else was hurt badly in the accident. The driver that hit her was heavily intoxicated and will be charged by the police department for drunk driving on his day of discharge. Now if you'll just...". Mulder didn't hear the rest, he was already half way out the door and on his way to the drying out facility in the opposite side of the hospital.

The wing smelled strongly of a mixture of vodka and antibacterial wash. Mulder entered the ward, still fuming. The names of each patient was scrawled on a black board above their beds, along with the date and time they were admitted. He glanced at each of the boards in turn, looking for someone who had been brought in around the same time as Scully. He found one.

Patient Name: Duane Barry

Time of admission: 5:30pm

Mulder looked down from the board to the man in the bed below it. He was a small dark haired man, probably in his mid forties and was sporting a slightly crazed look and a dirty looking basketball jersey that smelled of sweat, tequila, stale urine and day old beer.

He seemed perfectly alright despite the slight gash on his head and was busy watching some boxing match that was playing on the TV in the corner of his room, seemingly without a care in the world. Just the sight of the man and his carefree demeanour made Mulder's blood boil at a whole new height of temperatures.

Mulder switched off the TV, eyeing the other man vehemently. Duane spluttered in protest at the intrusion.

"What the hell d'you do that for. Duane Barry was watching that?". He exclaimed from his trolley bed.

"You're Duane Barry?". Mulder asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Yeah". Duane said shifting in his bed, uncertainly.

That's all it took for Mulder's fist to connect viciously with the other man's jaw, sending him back against the wall, spiralling on to his pillows.

"What the fuckin' hell was that for?". Duane said looking up at Mulder, half dazed from the impact of the punch.

"You hurt her!". Mulder accused.

"What?". Duane questioned.

"You son of a bitch, you were drunk driving and you hit friend, because of you she is lying in intensive care and you better hope to whatever god there is that she makes it out alive".

The expression on Duane Barry's face changed in an instant.

"Someone got hurt?". He asked breathlessly before repeating for clarification. "Duane Barry hurt someone?".

Mulder just glared in response as Duane's face fell in some strange mixture of guilt, regret, pity and shock.

"I'm so sorry".

Mulder's frown didn't soften but his anger slightly dissipated, for now.

Duane looked down at his own hands in search of answers that he could never find. Answers for his alcoholism. The loss of his family, his job, his life and now he may have a death on his conscience too.

"I hope she's not hurting too bad".

Mulder felt his rage flaring up again as he charged at the other man.

Just then a nurse popped her head inside the door. She looked from Duane to Mulder.

"Is something going on in here? Are you alright Mr Barry?".

Duane nodded and the nurse turned to Mulder.

"You're disrupting my patients. I'll have to ask you to leave the ward before I call security".

Mulder shook his head, returning to his senses. He had to get back to Scully. He couldn't get himself thrown out, for her sake. He wouldn't forgive himself for that.

"You don't need to tell me twice".


I'm missing you
I'm missing you
You're not around
And I'm a complete disaster!
I'm missing you

~Green Day, Missing You



It was early morning and after a whole night of cold coffee and sitting by Scully's bedside waiting for something to happen Mulder found himself in a consultation room with Scully's doctor (the doctor who he had kind of harassed earlier) and Mrs Scully.

Doctor Daly looked through Scully's medical history file pointing out certain things to Mulder and Mrs Scully. His face was serious as he ran through Scully's prognosis. It didn't look too good.

"Currently we have Dana listed as a patient in critical condition. She is presently showing all symptoms of having gone into a coma including depressed brainstem reflexes, pupils not responding to light, irregular breathing and she is unresponsive to painful stimuli to her limbs save for reflexive movements ".

He paused to gauge their reaction only to be met by silence, Daly continued. "The impact of the crash resulted in a significant traumatic injury to the head. When her head hit the windshield of the car she experienced Subarachnoid hemorrhaging. This is bleeding in the area between the brain and the thin tissues that cover the brain. hemorrhaging usually occurs in car crashes where, a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body can causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. Even if the skull isn't fractured, which it isn't in Dana's case, the brain can bang against the inside of the skull and become bruised. Dana has also experienced a Diaphragmatic rupture as a result of penetrating trauma. For this she needs laparotomy surgery to repair the damage. However, this isn't our main concern and the damage to her muscles would be far easier to treat if she were in a better condition".

Daly turned the page on Scully's file to show them a copy of the brain scan that they carried out on her just fifteen minutes prior. "If we are to be optimistic we would have to have had some brain activity that would suggest near consioisness recorded in the last few hours...but we haven't. On most cases when patients are in a coma it takes up to a month and often more for them to wake up but Dana is entirely dependent on life support and we're not sure what else to do for her now but wait".

"We can do Nothing?". Mrs Scully asked quietly her eyes showing more fear than her voice let on.

The doctor shook his head. "I'm sorry, but the chances of your daughter waking from such a coma are slim at best and I also must inform you that she has a will to live as of six months ago and we are liable for respecting the terms on which she wishes to continue living".

Margaret Scully looked at the doctor in alarm. "What?" she asked in shock. "To my knowledge no one in the family was aware of Dana having a living will. Doesn't a family member have to sign as witness to something like that?"

Mulder turned to her. "Mrs Scully, she doesn't want to live in this condition".

She looked at him, slightly startled that he knew something no one but Dana and whatever legal or medical person had been present at the time the living will was drawn up.

Maggie was shocked that Fox had been privy to such knowledge. She knew the friendship between had been was rooted deep, just not so deep that they had discussed topic of such a nature at great length, a topic she believed in only being approached with a family member or life partner rather than a best friend. Perhaps there was more to the relationship between her daughter and Fox Mulder than she had previously thought.

Doctor Daly looked across the desk at Mulder. "You signed as her witness". He stated checking the file.

Mulder nodded vacantly, trying desperately to keep himself in control. "I just never thought that it would come to this".


I didn't take much longer for Doctor Daly to call an end to the meeting and he and the other consultants left the room leaving Mulder and Mrs Scully to return to Dana.

As soon as they were outside the room Margaret Scully turned in the direction opposite to that of her daughter's room, muttering something to Mulder about needing some air and some time to think. She nodded slightly to him.

'Fox, my daughter has always had very strong opinions and a strong will to match, something she no doubt inherited from her father". The older woman paused uncertainly not sure if she should continue but doing so anyway she added. "You know I won't hold the fact that you signed as her witness against you. You really did mean the world to her".

Mulder nodded numbly, grimacing slightly at Scully being spoken about in the past tense as if she was already dead. There was still hope, wasn't there?.

"Thanks Mrs Scully". He said before asking concernedly, "You sure you'll be alright?".

The older woman nodded, heading towards the side exit. Margaret Scully knew that she had to hide her tears from anyone who might see. Her other children would be on their way soon and she had to be strong for their sakes as well as Dana's. 'It's what William would have wanted' she told herself.

'If God was ever going to grant a miracle now would be a good time' she thought to herself bitterly even though she still had faith that He would and Dana would somehow be alright.

Mulder rounded the corner just about to re-enter Scully's room when his phone went off, barely audible in the busy hospital corridor. He looked down, checking caller ID to judge whether the call was worth taking right now.

'Incoming call from; Monica Reyes'.

He sighed in exhaustion not really wanting to talk about Scully's condition to Monica despite the fact that she and her husband John Doggett were close friends of his and of Scully's. The couple had been calling repeatedly for the past few hours but Mulder never felt ready to tell them.

As soon as he pressed 'accept' the other side of the phone exploded in what is best to be described as angry concern. Mulder wasn't sure whether to scratch her reaction down to a result of Monica's concern for him and Scully or her raging pregnancy hormones but right then he didn't really mind.

"Mulder! What the hell is going on? I haven't been able to reach you or Dana for the last few hours. Is everything alright. John and I are on the way to the hospital".

Mulder listened, confused as to how she and John had found out about Scully so soon. " How did you guys find out".

"Find out about what? John and I are on the way to the hospital for the twins second ultrasound. Is everything okay?".

Mulder sighed "No It's not" and explained about the car accident and Scully's situation, trying to keep the immense pain and desperation out of his voice even though Monica, who was very good at reading the emotions of others heard it anyway. Mulder heard her whisper a few things across to John who was apparently driving.

"We'll be there really soon, Mulder".

"I'll see you later then".

"Take care of yourself now, Fox-face".

Mulder half smiled despite himself at his friend's use of the stupid nickname she had given him when she and John had first met him and Scully at one of those ridiculous courses that are supposed to keep teachers up to date on the newest and daftest methods of teaching kids.

"Will try, Whale-Song" he answered.

Mulder turned and walked the rest of the way to Scully's room, immediately noticing he would not be alone by his best friend's bedside. There was another red haired woman standing over Scully. She was about the same height as Dana, if not a little taller and her clothes were almost fortune-telleresque.

He knew exactly who she was as they had briefly met at William Scully's funeral. It was Melissa, Scully's sister.

Just then Mulder felt a relatively large body brush past him and into the room. The man was tall enough and quite burly, sporting a frown that seemed permanent.

"What the hell are you doing here?". He said, turning on Mulder."This is a matter for family only".

Bill Scully in the flesh.


Well she's my bud
Well she's my soul
I get so lost out in the cold
Feels so far
Like this lone star
It gets so hard
When I'm missing you

~ Green Day, Missing You