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Pyro and Engineer

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Dell stood on the sturdy wood and metal platform that sat beside a long, slightly damaged chain link fence. He sighed, lifting two suitcases- full of personal notes and blueprints for his machines, off of the train platform. He ended up removing four suitcases in total, the other two containing clothes, and a few pairs of work boots. He sighed, carrying his effects down to the stairs and to the base of operations.

Suddenly, Dell was thrown to the ground, with the breath knocked out of him. He looked up to see two giant lenses staring into his eyes. A mumble of an apology escaped the masked figure above Dell, as the figure helped the Texan stand back up.

"It's ok, er...Pardner." Dell didn't want to upset whoever had knocked him down. The man stood only to his chest, surprisingly. The outfit the person wore was a full Asbestos suit, the bottom part was stained black with soot and ash. The optical mask was shiny, with tinted lenses. An odd outfit to wear in a place that had heat waves every other day, but not the most insane thing he's seen.

"Hey, hardhat! It's boiling out 'ere! Get inside!" A voice called from the door. He expected it to be another member of the team.He picked up his items and turned to say thank you to them, but he was greeted by nothing. Dell sighed and trudged into the building. Inside it was practically freezing, but that was better than the burning heat outside.


Dell felt like it wouldn't be the last time the odd figure would visit him.