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What the hell are you wearing ?

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"What the hell are you wearing Tyler ?!"

Sam briefly considers lying but Gene always sees through his lies anyway so why bother ?

"I lost a bet , with Annie" he mumbles sheepishly

"Beg your pardon ?"

"I . lost . a . bet . with . Annie ."

"That I have to hear" Gene sits down in his chair "Story time, cough up now"

Sam sighs there is no point in fighting it now is there ?

"She bet I couldn't spend a day without talking about proper procedure"

"And you agree to that bet Gladys ? My ! You're stupider than you look" Gene laughs

Sam stomps out of Gene office mumbling curses which would have made even Ray blush if he had heard them, leaving Gene free to look all he wants at his ass, encased in very tight leather trousers, he would have to thank Annie later, now to keep himself from jumping Sam before they could go home, that would be a challenge !