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I have my heart on my sleeve

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April 13th 01:25 2015

Harry was staring straight into Louis´ eyes, his gun pointed at his heart.

Louis looked as calm as one could in this situation with a gun pointed at your heart, and your lover holding it in his hand.

“Harry.” Louis said, slowly. “You don´t wanna do this.”

“Of course I don't wanna fucking kill you.” Harry said. “But it's my fault he took Gemma you know. I should have killed you before I got feelings for you.”

“You don't mean those things.” Louis said. “Your boss or whatever he is, it´s his fault.” he added. “He was the one taking Gemma. Why the fuck would it be your fault.”

“Because I fucking hesitated in killing you.” Harry snapped. “I had so many chances... and I hesitated. And now Gems is paying the price”

Louis swallowed, “What do you mean with chances?” he asked.

“I had the gun resting against your head once.” Harry revealed. “When you were sleeping after one of our secret little rendezvous. I had started to get feelings for you, I wanted to kill you before the feelings got the best of me.”

All the colour drained from Louis´ normally caramel tanned skin. “You regret it?” he said.

“I am pointing a fucking gun at you! If i regret it or not is the last of your concerns.”

“Believe me, most of my worry lays on the gun.” Louis said. Harry raised an eyebrow. “Look, just put the gun down.” he slowly took a step towards Harry, who just raised the gun more, now aiming at Louis´ face, right between his eyes.

“Don´t come any closer.” Harry warned, Louis stopped immediately.

“You're making talking to you very difficult when you're pointing that at me.” Louis said.

“I don't wanna talk.” Harry said, or more or less growled. He didn´t wanna talk he wanted to kill Louis and have it over with. He took a deep breath and focused, Louis, who obviously realised what that meant, started to distract Harry again.

“A man is allowed to have one last wish.” he said.

“I didn't give any of my other targets one.” Harry said between gritted teeth. “What makes you different?”

“You love me.” Louis said in a matter of factly. And unfortunately he was right.

“Fine.” Harry said after a moment of hesitation. Lowering the gun so it was pointed at Louis´ chest again. “What is your last wish?”

And despite Harry having quick reflexes and a fast reaction skill, he had no chance to stop Louis as he bolted towards him and smashed their lips together.