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Don't You Need (Somebody to Love)

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Chapter 1

Alec nodded. "I want to try it."

"Let's get him settled in, and then you can," James nodded. "He's our priority now."

William whimpered as Alec scooped him carefully into his arms.

James unlocked the door and motioned Alec to lay him down on the sofa. He brought back blankets and pillows from the bedroom, and covered William. "I'll start tea," he told Alec softly, wanting the young man to sleep a bit more.

Alec nodded, sitting down to watch over William with a tired gaze.

James stopped the kettle before the whistle started and brought back a tray with mugs for each of them, and a plate of toast. He sat on the floor, head against Alec's knee, where he could watch over William as well.

William was asleep, deeply so, the expression on his face oddly calm and content as Alec extended a hand and run it through James hair.

"Do you think he'll be ok?" James sighed, wrapping the blanket around himself. "I can never get warm after hospitals."

Alec sighed and played with his hair. "Yes, I think he will be..."

"I hope so," James said softly, leaning into Alec's hand.

Alec stayed there, sipping his tea, but it was clear that William was very much asleep. "Perhaps we should go to bed," he said quietly.

"I'll carry him," James stood with a weary groan. His back and shoulders ached from the tension, and Alec must have felt worse, having spent the day in restraints.

Alec nodded. "We need a bigger bed, you know," he said quietly.

"We need a bigger apartment, bring the pillows, yeah?" James lifted William and carried him to the bedroom, and laid him down gently.

Alec did so, coming in to tuck a pillow under William’s head.

"Alright, I'm beat," James stripped off his clothes.

Alec did too, and slipped into bed behind James, an arm draped over Bond and William.

"Wake me if you need to?" James wove their fingers together and placed a kiss on William's forehead.

William yawned and turned, and started to cuddle in.

"Rest," James told him. "We'll be here with you." He put his other arm under William's head to cushion him.

"Yessir," he yawned and curled into him, sleeping.

James dozed fitfully, opening his eyes every time William stirred. He felt fortunate to have William safe, but luck only held out so long. "How can I keep you safe?" He wondered softly.

In the morning, it was William who woke and sat up slowly, blinking. Too hot, he wordlessly slipped out of bed.

James frowned and opened his eyes, immediately panicking at the lack of warmth against him. He shook Alec and jumped out of bed, terrified he would find William hurt, or worse.

William was in the front room, blanket over his legs, sipping tea.

"Hey," James grabbed the doorway, trying not to skid in and scare William. "Can I get you anything?"

William looked up at him, blinking. He smiled a little. "I'm fine."

"Want company, or do you need some space?" James asked, heading to the kitchen. "I'm going to make coffee, want any toast?"

He shook his head. "I'm fine, just tired," he said, looking past him to where Alec dithered, unsure

"Alec, come here and kneel," James said kindly, remembering Alec's request the day before. "You have something to tell William?"

William watched as Alec came over and knelt by James, eyes closing.

"Come on then Alec, let's hear it," James petted his hair.

"I want to try," Alec said quietly. "I want... no, need to understand."

"And what do you have to say about the other night?" James asked.

"I'm sorry... so incredibly sorry...""

"We both have appointments to speak with psych," James added.

William nodded. "I know, Alec," he said softly. His hands reached for both of them.

"We're not good at this," James swallowed. "But we don't know what to do without you, or without each other."

"I love you," William said softly. "Both of you," the words made his tongue feel swollen, heavy and unyielding.

"I know how hard that is for you to say," James squeezed his hand. "Thank you. I'll do my best to be worthy of it."

Alec nodded. "As will I," and William beemed. Alec looked down, shame dancing in his gaze.

"Alec is going to be submitting," James said softly. "He's going to see what it's like, and see how it feels from the other side, what the demons are that he needs to face."

William nodded. "As much as I'd like to join in, Il going to sit here and nap, and watch for now. Is that okay?"

"Let's start with what we did yesterday, Alec, restraints and a blindfold," James said. "But first, breakfast for all of us. No one ate yesterday."

Alec nodded. "I'll cook," he was already on his feet

"Toast and eggs, something easy on the stomach?" James requested, taking a seat next to William on the couch. "You get some rest, love."

"I'm fine, James," he said, fingering the bandages.

"I know, but you're tired, and I'd like to hold you, if you don't mind?"

William nodded. "I would like to be held..."

"Come here, then," James got comfortable and pulled William into his arms, wrapping them both in the soft blanket that was on the sofa. "My little kitten," James ran his fingers through William's tangled hair.

"Don't worry about me," William scolded gently.

"Shhh," James sighed. "I can't help it. I let you down."

He scoffed. "How did you figure that?"

"I should have been with you instead of Alec, keeping you safe," James couldn't meet his eyes.

William caught his chin. "Some threats, you can't protect me from," William said softly.

"I wish I could," James said. "Is there any way we can help?"

He shook his head and looked up as Alec came in.

"I made breakfast," Alec handed James a large plate and knelt next to the couch. "Would you like more tea?"

"After breakfast," said the young man absently, plucking a slice of toast.

"Yes sir," Alec laid his head against James's knee. He offered his wrists for the restraints.

"Pass them here," William told him.

He kept his head down and offered them to William, still on his knees.

William slowly wrapped each one around his wrist. Alec groaned, eyes closing.

James just watched, and ate his food.

William nodded towards Alec, his eyes calm and closed.

"Open your mouth, Alec," James held up a forkful of egg.

Alec did so, obediently and took the egg.

"Good boy," James praised. "Toast and coffee?"

"Please sir," he murmured, eyes closing.

"Open your mouth?" James held the mug for him. "Just the way you like it, cream, no sugar." He brushed his lips across Alec's cheek bone.

Alec shivered, letting out a soft sound as he accepted the coffee.

"And some toast," James fed him. "William, would you like some?"

William watched with hungry eyes. "No, I'm enjoying watching."

"At least some toast?" James asked. "You can't run on tea," he fed Alec more egg and followed the fork with his lips. "You're doing so well."

"I'm not hungry," William said placatingly, and offered a smile, and touched James hand as Alec shivered at the kiss.

"And you need to eat eventually," James said firmly. "Remember?"

He sighed and reached for a slice of toast to nibble.

"That's my boy," James wrapped an arm around William's waist and continued to feed Alec. "What shall we do after this?"

"I want to see Alec under the flogger," he murmured.

"Good idea," James agreed. "Alec, go get the flogger and stand against the wall."

William crunched toast as Alec rose and went to get it. William sighed. "Are you going to push him?'

"Yes," James said softly. "But whatever he anticipates is worse than I can do."

"Does he get off on pain?" He asked softly.

"On giving it, I think," James said thoughtfully. "But he's never been on the receiving end with me."

"If he can control himself, this could really work... he enjoys giving it, I enjoy taking it..." William said as Alec came back in.

"It could," James agreed. "Alec, we were talking about how you get off on giving pain, and if you can control it, how much William enjoys receiving it. How calm are you feeling today?"

Alec nodded. "Not bad..." he said softly.

"Well let's see how you're feeling after the flogging, it will be new for you. And if it starts to be too much, use the stoplight system?" James took the flogger. "This won't involve a lot of pain, but it can be a sensation overload."

Alec nodded, glancing at William who smiled reassuringly. "Just let pain flade, it all becomes haziness."

"Yes Sir," Alec took a deep breath and put his palms flat against the wall.

James held up the flogger and looked at William. 'You or me?' he mouthed.

William nodded to James. "You. I'll play later."

"Alec, take a deep breath, close your eyes," James snapped the flogger against Alec's pale skin. He started with gentle strokes, enough to warm the skin and relax him.

Alec breathed deep, as his skin began to redden and after a time, he let out a low groan.

"Color?" James asked quietly. "How are you doing?"

He nodded, panting. "Green... still green..."

"A little harder then," James enjoyed the snap of the new leather flogger. He increased the speed, waiting to see how Alec reacted to more sensation.

He seemed to enjoy it, eyes closing. William seemed to enjoy the sight, slowly stroking himself.

James smiled at William, glad to see him enjoying himself. He hit the flogger harder against Alec's back, and scratched his nails down after it.

He cried out, arching off the wall.

"Keep breathing," James said quietly. "Do you want to try something different?"

"Your choice, sir," he panted, knees shaking.

"Kneel for me?" James picked up the whip and held it up for William's approval.

William nodded, licking his lips.

James cracked the bullwhip against the floor at Alec's feet. He has no intention of hitting him with it, but the sounds would be enough to put Alec on edge and have him on edge, ready to come.

Alec was groaning, fingers flexing into the wall, digging into the wall.

"When you're ready, William," James said softly. He flicked the tip of the whip across Alec's buttocks, purely for sound. The whip was deceptively soft leather, more for sound effects than pain. It could be used to leave marks, but combined with the flogger, it could give a purely sensual experience.

"Go for it," panted William.

"Alec," James walked up behind him. "Tell me how you're doing?" His skin was flushed pink, with a red blemish where he'd aimed the whip. Alec was shaking, a sheen of sweat covering his skin, breath ragged.

"Im fine," Alec growled, body shaking.

"Can you stretch yourself for me?" James placed a bottle of lube into his trembling hand.

"I... don't know how... " Alec said quietly, forehead against the wall.

"Come and lie between us," James turned to William, eyes wide. "Let me do it then, Alec," he took the bottle of lube back and slicked his fingers, starting with teasing at Alec's hole with just the tip of one.

William soothed him with soft kisses, touching him gently.

"Relax, Alec, breathe," James soothed. "We'll make it good for you. And if you need to slow down, yellow."

He nodded again as William rose slowly and extended his hand for the whip silently.

James handed William the whip and set to kissing Alec, various nips on the lips and a bit of a bite below his ear.

Alec responded, wondering why James was there... and then fire danced across his back. He arched, crying out, but then there was another, and suddenly he was clinging to James. It didn't hurt, but it burned, clearing his mind in sharp focus, making him horribly aware of his body and how hard that he was.

Willam was silent as he worked, letting the whip move across Alec, licking like a lover. Back and fourth, light but stinging.

James kissed his hair, and soothed him, running a hand down his neck. He ran a hand over Alec's hot skin, pulling his erection closer to grind against him.

Lick. Lick. Lick. Alec was almost feverish and then... he ground against James. "Turn around..." William breathed.

"Do as he says love," James said, helping him to sit up.

Alec did, groaning and leaning his raw back against James. William met James gaze, asking for permission to continue.

James nodded and pulled Alec's head back by the hair, biting at his neck.

The whip licked over his skin, hard enough to jerk him every time, and William seemed to be waiting. It was a particularly sharp crack over his hip that made Alec let out a roar and then he was coming. Hard, vision going white as he sunk to his knees in James arms.

"I have you," James wrapped Alec closer and rocked back and forth, kissing his sweaty face. "You're safe."

Alec was whimpering, twitching from the aftershocks, unable to make out as William came over.

James continues to run his hands over Alec's skin, a firm touch to give him a focus. "Can you open your eyes and look at me, Alec?"

Blinking, they opened slowly.

"That's it, good job," James put a hand on Alec's chest. "How do you feel?"

He nodded slowly. "Good... I think..."

"Can you get some juice, William?" James kept Alec close and wrapped a blanket around the two of them. "We're going to make sure you don't drop."

Obediently William trotted off to get it as Alec shuddered.

"I know that was really different. It can be a lot to handle," James pulled Alec onto his lap. "But you did well. How did it feel from the other side?"

"Odd... I came from a whip..." Alec looked a little green. "He knew... how the fuck did he know?"

"He knows what it feel like to not be able to let go, and to get so wrapped up in your head that you're lost and lashing out," James brushed the hair out of Alec's eyes. "I do too."

Alec groaned as William trotted back.

"Thanks William," James gave him the juice with a straw. "I don't want Alec to drop and go into shock, he's already feeling a bit disgusted that he enjoyed it."

William sat down, and curled up beside them quietly.

"How are you doing, William?" James asked. "Alec keep your eyes open for me, please? No drifting off just yet."

"Im fine," William said quietly. "Alec needs something on his skin before we go any further..."

"I'll get some arnica creme," James said, standing. He brought back a wet washcloth with ice and laid it on Alec's back.

Alex jolted, looking up.

"You're ok, I just want to put some ice on your skin, and creme," James soothed. "How are you doing?"

Alec jerked. "No, I'm okay..."

"This isn't a mission, it's not meant to leave you sore," James said. "And accepting the aftercare is a huge part of it. Let us take care of you, remember?"

Alec groaned and nodded.

"Good job," James smoothed the cream over his heated skin. "Do you think you can finish the juice? William, what's next?"

"I need a shower, and my arms need redressing," he said quietly

"Alright, do you need help unwrapping them?" James asked, trying not to hover.

William looked flushed and embarrassed at that. "No... it's okay... look after Alec..." he scurried off.

"William... Shit," James frowned. "Can you come and sit on the bed while I check those bandages, Alec?"

Alec nodded and sat on the bed. "I'm okay."

"Drink the rest of the juice and keep the blanket on, I'll be back as soon as I can," James kissed Alec's scruffy cheek. "William?" He knocked on the bathroom door. "Can I help you clean that?"

"I'm fine!" William called through.

"Please?" He asked softly. After a moment’s silence, the door unlocked.James opened it slowly, trying not to startle William. He'd only seen the bandages, not what was underneath.

Blushing furiously, he held out his arms.

James ignored the cuts and caught William in his arms, pulling him close. "I'm so glad you're safe, I don't know what I would have done," he whispered into his hair.

"Im fine," he said softly, looking down.

"You're exhausted, and you're hurting," James said gently. "I'm an expert at hiding, I know what it looks like."

He held up his arm. Two letters were carved into the skin. AT. He lifted the other. JB.