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My Greatest Creation (Is a Mask Never Removed)

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        Tony remembers the silence, being left alone because they were too busy to care. They never touched him, never held him. Howard never said it… but then again, he never had too…


"Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off, what are you?"


~ Genius ~

He was smart, but he was useless

Trying wasn’t good enough

He’d never amount to anything

He’d prove them wrong


~ Billionaire ~

Mistakes made you weak

Emotions caused mistakes

Emotion makes people weak

He refused to be weak


~ Playboy ~

He never noticed the legs or the breasts

He loved muscles and a deep voice

It was unnatural to love a man

He became a playboy


~ Philanthropist ~

He was insulted if wrong, he was beaten if right

He wasn’t allowed to speak unless told

His opinions didn’t matter

He’d tell them what they wanted to hear