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Hannibal eyed the cave his next victim had disappeared into. The man was a cave diver and his current obsession got him to drive out here almost every day for weeks now.

It was perfect, really. This part of the Chesapeake Bay was remote and even if there’d be people around nobody would try the slippery and steep path down sharp rocks in the cold drizzle.

It took great care to walk along the narrow ledge into the darkness without losing his footing in his plastic suit, but he’s been here several times over the last nights and knew his way around by now.

Right next to him the roaring water washed in and out of the cave and the sounds were deafening for several more minutes before the water finally flowed in calmer motions into the depths of the cave.

When he thought he’d heard something, he slowed down and waited for a few seconds.

There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary until an unexpected scream erupted into the echoing cave.

With a tilt of his head he concentrated on extracting sounds that shouldn’t be here, splashes not fitting into the rush of streaming water.

He was more on guard now as he continued to walk into the darker parts of the cave, wondering what could have made the man scream in terror and pain. Curious.

The first light installments appeared just in time with the last daylight vanishing around a corner. Spotlights illuminated the water and walls, making everything glow around him in an eerie light.

What he saw when stepping into the first bigger cavern made him pause.

He’d found his victim, but apparently he hadn’t been the only one who’d had an eye on him.

The man was half lying on the rocky shore of a dark lake, half in its black waters vanishing in the deep blackness behind the light of the floodlights. He had a bleeding head wound and streaks of blood in the water told Hannibal there must be a more serious injury somewhere else.

The water that should be almost calm here was rippling in endless small waves as if something was stirring it from below.

Hannibal took a deep breath through his nose to try to find something out of the ordinary, his eyes and ears strained to pick up clues about what might have had happened. He stepped closer slowly and carefully, expecting an attack any second now.

A soft splash alerted him to a movement next to the body.

With raised eyebrows, he watched as a grey-blue tentacle slowly rose out of the water to glide over the hip of the dead man, grip the belt and almost gently started to pull it back into the water. It appeared it tried to be sneaky about it.

Hannibal cocked his head in amusement. Carefully he stepped closer, but the tentacle slithered back into the water immediately. For a moment everything went quiet and calm.

Then the water started to whirl now, bubbling as if boiling and Hannibal tensed. Something unusual was going on.

He expected everything, from an octopus to one of those legendary sea monsters dragging whole ships under the sea. What he didn’t expect was a human form to emerge from the water and look at him with huge blue eyes.

The man was naked. Dark hair hanging dripping around his face, smooth chest, lean muscles… a lower body turning into countless tentacles…

That was surprising as well.


The… creature… moved closer to the edge, water around him churning with slithering and writhing movement, eyes on him. It was clearly on guard and Hannibal stayed still and waited. This was fascinating. A new species? An old species? A hybrid, bred in some lab?

Before he could do anything, the creature had gripped the body with both hands in the blink of an eye and dragged it under water, eyes never leaving him until sinking under the surface and vanishing in its black depths.

He was left standing there at a bit of a loss, wondering if somehow the light in the cave had played some tricks on him. But he wasn’t one to be easily fooled, so Hannibal was quite sure he had indeed seen a young man with tentacles instead of legs and hips.

He was about to turn around and leave with the intention to come back at a later date, when a thick tentacle shot out of the water to wrap around his ankle. Before he could even think of getting his knife, there was a sharp powerful pull hauling him off his feet.

He managed to catch himself before his head hit the rock, but he couldn’t prevent being dragged into the ice cold water. For a moment his plastic suit kept the coldness away as he was drawn underwater, but then all at once the freezing coldness hit him and he couldn’t stop air leaving his lungs in shock.

The grip around his ankle was bruising and tight so he gave up the idea to struggle as he was pulled down. It was too dark to see anything under water, but he thought he saw the movement of tentacles all around him. Something brushed against his hands.

He just hoped that the creature would drag him to a place where he could breathe or he’d soon find an end so different from what he’d imagined for himself.

Blinking spots had already appeared in his vision and his lungs hurt when he finally felt a sharp pull upwards to what he hoped was the surface. He had never been happier about his regular swimming schedule and his highly developed endurance.

Gradually it became lighter until he suddenly broke through the surface taking deep gasping breaths to fill his lungs with much needed air.

Hannibal curiously looked around. He found himself in a big cave, illuminated through small holes in the ceiling. The creature stayed under water for the moment. Only the hard grip on his leg and the occasional tentacle breaking through the surface of the water showed him that he wasn’t alone.

He kept himself afloat with his arms, but a sharp tug from the tentacle pulled him towards what appeared to be a small beach on the far end of the grotto. He saw the dead diver lying on a pile of what seemed to be human bones.

The creature appeared to be a very apt hunter and Hannibal wondered why he was still alive. It would be a truly spectacular way to die and he wouldn’t mind it all that much, but he’d prefer to study this wondrous man some more.

Feeling ground under his other foot he awkwardly tried to move forward with hands until he finally sat on the dry sand. The hard grip on his ankle lessened somewhat, but didn’t vanish. Instead there was a second tentacle moving out of the water towards his other foot. Hannibal stayed still and waited to see what would happen next.

For a few moments the water calmed down, but he didn’t doubt that he was watched closely. His suspicion was confirmed when he shifted minutely and the grips on his ankles tightened immediately.

He stilled again and wondered how long this would last. He very much would like to get out of the plastic suit currently keeping a huge amount of cold water trapped inside and around his body.

Then, finally, the creature rose out of the water about two or three meters away from him.

Its eyes roamed all over his body and his face was drawn in a frown as if it was trying to solve a particularly hard riddle. It was a beautiful man and Hannibal would estimate him in his thirties, but couldn’t be sure in the dim light.

“Hello,” the sound of his voice echoed in the cave and the creature flinched back, staring at him wide eyed.

He probably hasn’t had the chance to hear a human voice besides shrieks of terror.

“My name is Hannibal. Do you have a name? Do you understand me?”

He cocked his head clearly trying to figure out what was going on, probably surprised about his lack of the usual reactions. There was clear intelligence in those eyes and Hannibal felt a bubble of excitement in his gut. What a wonderful development of a day that wasn’t supposed to be anything special.

Carefully it swam a bit closer to the shore while the grip around his legs lessened.

The two tentacles started to gently tap along his legs as if trying to figure out why he was covered in weirdly smooth and hard material instead of the usual soft fabric.

He must be an anomaly to the usual encounters he’d had with humans.

More tentacles appeared in the shallow water around him now. He saw all kinds of them, small and agile to thick and sturdy looking.

Several of them started to glide over his suit as well now, curious, searching, feeling.

When the first appendage slid over his hand, Hannibal carefully turned his palm to gently wrap his fingers around the wriggling limb. He’d had octopus for dinner of course, but feeling the muscle move was a peculiar sensation even through the plastic. He wished he could feel it on his skin.

The creature made a soft sound and Hannibal looked up. His gaze was fixated on where his hand was almost stroking the agile tentacle.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I would appreciate if you’d return the courtesy.”

Blue eyes flitted to his face for a second and once again Hannibal marveled at the exquisite features he possessed. He looked frustrated though and the tentacles started to tug more insistently on the folds of his protection suit.

Hannibal tilted his head in thought.

“You want me out of this, don’t you?”

He slowly let go of the thin limb to lift his hand towards the zipper at his throat, but he didn’t get far before he found himself pushed onto his back pinned down to the ground by several of the strong and heavy appendages. The countless tentacles twitched and writhed in agitation, slithering across his suit, leaving wet traces behind. The creature snarled.

Taking a deep breath he murmured soothingly, “You’re curious. I was just trying to help you to sate your curiosity.”

By now Hannibal was quite sure that he wasn’t understood, but the soft sound of his voice seemed to calm it down again, so he continued to talk.

“What should I call you? It seems rude to call you creature.”

He didn’t get a reaction besides one of the bigger limbs gliding over his chest, following the white line of the zipper upwards to his throat.

“I think I will call you Will.”

It probably wasn’t the first time Will had undressed someone before considering how quickly he figured out how to open his zipper and pulled it down. The sound echoed through the cave obscenely loud and sent a shiver through him. Once the suit was open some of the remaining water flooded down onto the sand.

There was a triumphant smile on Will’s face and he came closer, rising out of the water far enough that his arms had to support him.

Hannibal looked up to his face, searching for anything that might help him to move the situation along, wherever it was going.

When the first tentacle surged into his open suit and wormed its way under his clothes he started to get an idea of Will’s ultimate goal.

He almost snorted in amusement. Of course he’d heard of anime and hentai and the special brand of tentacle erotica and pornography, but he’d never assumed that these fantasies could be based on reality.

He wondered if Will would kill him in the process or if he could survive this relatively unharmed. Hannibal didn’t take him for a cold blooded killer even if there was a pile of bones with a body on top just a few meters away. He assumed that Will killed them for food, so chances were that Will wasn’t out for his blood. Still, some of these tentacles were big enough to do him serious harm if used to penetrate him.

When the first cool limb had managed to work its way under his jacket and shirt to touch his stomach, he drew in a long breath.


Even on his clammy skin he could feel the soft almost tickling contact.

“Will. If you’d allow, I would get rid of the suit altogether. It’s getting rather uncomfortable now.”

Will’s eyes found his face again and he tilted his head in thought.

Hannibal looked deliberately to his right hand, still pinned down and gave a careful push upwards.

He couldn’t keep his smile off his face when the limb actually eased its grip and to his delight Will smiled back. A smaller tentacle trailed along his chest and up to his throat.

“I’m not going to run away, Will.”

Apparently the vibrations of his voice fascinated him. A soft suckling feeling alerted him to the fact that one of the suckers seemed to have attached itself to his Adam’s apple.

Another one had started carding through his hair, while several others worked to open his plastic suit further


Hannibal obviously hadn’t overestimated his intelligence as Will seemed to react to the name now, slowing his probing search. In the pause he tried to carefully wriggle out of the sleeve of his right arm and Will seemed to catch on.

He left Hannibal enough room to finally work his way out of the constricting piece of plastic bit by bit, until he was lying back down in just his suit. His ankles and wrists were pinned down again right away, just to be sure, and it amused Hannibal.

Then all bets seemed off and Will began to explore in earnest. Tentacles slid under his sleeves and pants, they were back in his hair, on his face and Hannibal felt them tugging at his shirt buttons. The tentacles were wet and cool and Hannibal shivered at the feeling of them covering almost all of his bared skin.

It wasn’t an arousing feeling so far and Hannibal had no idea what Will was expecting of him, so he imagined himself into nicer and more stimulating surroundings and focused on the shadowy face near his feet.

Hannibal wondered if he’d ever taken the time to explore a human body before killing and eating them. Will eyes were roaming everywhere, his face set in wide eyed excitement.

There were smaller limbs following the line of his jaw, circling his ears and one was fascinated with the form of his nose and cheekbones. Will mimicked the touches with his fingers on his own face and Hannibal pondered if the tentacles were as sensitive as fingers.

The sudden sound of his shirt ripping apart and buttons landing nearby made him twitch and suddenly there were countless touches on his torso, limbs gliding over his stomach, stroking his sides. Will’s lips were parted and his eyes closed, clearly enjoying what his tentacles were feeling. The warmth of his skin and body was probably was a unique sensation to him, something special and rare.

A tiny tendril curled in his belly button and Hannibal sucked in his stomach to avoid the sudden tickling feeling, a reaction that seemed to amuse Will who leaned closer now. His chest hair seemed of particular charm to him. Several tentacles have started to stroke through it, pull at it and circled around his nipples. The caresses were soft and gentle so far, the suckers connecting with his skin in teasing nibbles and he was slowly getting used to the touches, the way they slithered over his skin.

Hannibal relaxed, letting go of the last of the tension he’d been holding.

A moment later the tentacles started to work on his belt and he wished Will would give him his hands to help. He’d really liked that suit.

When the cool air flowed into his opened pants, he couldn’t keep in the soft gasp and the tentacle that had been gently caressing his lips for a while took the chance to slip in. He stomped down on the urge to forcefully bite down as he saw Will’s reaction to the sudden moist heat around his appendage. A quiet moan echoed through the cave and Hannibal felt the first real spark of arousal fire along his spine.

The tentacle carefully felt around his mouth, stroking over his tongue in timid thrusts and Hannibal tasted the clear lake water on the soft weirdly smooth texture. Feeling adventurous he sucked for a moment, wondering what would happen.

Will gasped and the tentacle startled violently, tensing and shoving down his throat for a moment, before drawing back. Hannibal was glad that he had almost no gag reflex as a second feeler pressed between his lips, clearly seeking for the same pleasure in his throat. He bent his head backwards to open his throat for them, his eyes straining to watch Will who was clearly affected now.

His trousers were dragged down abruptly. Two larger appendages wriggled under his hips to lift him off the ground and he marveled at the strength while he sucked on the wriggling limbs filling his mouth, swirling his tongue around them.

Considering the arousal displayed on Will’s face as he watched his lips stretch around the intrusion he doubted it would take much longer before they’d seek for the same experience in other places. His boxers and his pants went down to his knees and finally off his legs together with his shoes. The air hitting his half hard shaft caused him to buck upwards.

Strong, long tentacles as thick as arms curled around his hips to keep him afloat and spread his legs wide. The vulnerable position this put him in sent shivers through his body and he had to concentrate hard to stop the trembling in his thighs.

There were so many sensations now, it was hard to stay focused on anything. His nipples were teased and rubbed, his sensitive inner thighs stroked and when a tentacle curled around his cock he moaned around his mouthful. The vibrations caused everything to tighten around him and for a moment he was completely suspended in the air.

A splash alerted him and with great difficulty he opened his eyes to see Will had left the water almost completely now and sat between his spread legs. His eyes were intense, half hidden behind drying curls of his dark hair.

They stared at each other and the intensity caused a sharp heat to crackle in his lower abdomen and Hannibal felt his dick twitch in the confines of the limb. Will’s eyes swayed down to it.

The soft coil tightened and started to move up and down in a slow and steady rhythm, while the pointed tip swirled around the head of his cock, playing with the foreskin. Sharp spikes of pleasure crackled along his nerve endings and it didn’t take long before he was fully hard and leaking, gasping for air past the limbs thrusting into his mouth.

When he felt the first probing touches at his hole he was mentally prepared and as relaxed as he would get. It pushed in relentlessly and forceful and Hannibal groaned at the same time as Will did.

He was relieved that it was one of the thin ones, the stretch barely there. It was the weirdest sensations he’d ever felt as the wriggling and agile intruder worked its way deep into his body, brushing along his inner walls.

There was nothing to ease the way and the further the limb pressed in the thicker it became until the drag became noticeable and uncomfortable. Finally the forward movement stilled and Hannibal gave a relieved sigh. Suddenly, the tentacles withdrew from his mouth and he was able to take the first deep breaths in minutes.

He was lying there, panting as Will hoisted himself further on the shore, his eyes glued to where the tentacle vanished into him. Hannibal wanted to touch him, but the twitch of his hand was answered by a tightening of the grip holding him.

“Will,” he gasped and with satisfaction he saw the intense gaze snap up to his face promptly.

The second tentacle suddenly pressing into him stung, but the glide was smoother. He suspected it was one of those he’d slicked with his spit. Carefully he shifted his hips, trying to get used to the feeling of being filled even more. A small tendril promptly followed the outline of his abdominal muscles eagerly.

He only realized he’d closed his eyes when he felt actual fingers on his thighs. Looking down, he found Will in fascination with the soft hair covering his skin, palms stroking over his thighs as if he wasn’t currently fucking him with two tentacles and teasing his skin with about a dozen others.

His torso was covered in small red marks where the suckers had worked over his skin. He must look deprived and debauched, spread out, used and marked.

Hannibal let out a small groan as the second limb pushed in further, spreading him wider with purpose now. His muscles protested and the sting was bright. He was no stranger to pain, but this kind of burning ache was so different and seemed to affect him stronger.

Will gripped his thighs and pushed them upwards and further apart, while he was now actively stretching him. Hannibal groaned as he felt his rim being widened even more. Cold air touched his insides and the contrast to the heat of his body sent goosebumps racing all over his skin.

He didn’t know where the lube like substance came from and he wasn’t in any condition to ask, but suddenly the glide turned smooth and easy and he grunted as the intrusion went deeper than before. For a moment there were fingers probing his rim, pulling, pushing in and out between the tentacles already in there. Hannibal moaned.

The third tentacle was almost too much, but there was nothing he could do to prevent it pushing in alongside the others. He felt full to the bursting and the feeling wasn’t entirely good anymore. Forcing himself to not tense up, he gripped the thick arm of the tentacle holding his right arm down in an attempt to show his discomfort.

The first brush against his prostate got him to arch of the ground in a spasm, his muscles locking up at the force of the pleasure spreading through his abdomen.

Will gasped in shock as Hannibal clenched tightly around him and then he chased exactly that feeling by repeating the motion again and again, pressing against Hannibal’s swollen prostate over and over.

The three tentacles started an undulating rhythm, never moving at the same time and Hannibal saw stars. The squelching sounds were obscene and his body was twitching with the myriad of sensations, his breath coming in short bursts and his cock was painfully hard and straining against the limb jerking him off.

By now Will was almost towering over him with his hands on both sides of his hips. His eyes were glued to his body, rocked back and forth by the force of the thrusts into him.

Hannibal could make out the outline of gills behind his ears, half covered by long curls. He had the vague sense of curiosity before a particularly deep push whitened his vision.

His orgasm had been building rapidly but it still came as a surprise punch to the gut. His body seized up and he froze, breath stuck in his chest for endless seconds when his come splattered high on his chest and stomach.

Hannibal collapsed back down, completely loose and exhausted now. Fingers and tentacles alike started to draw over his body through the mess on his skin while his tired muscles still twitched in aftershocks. The tentacles in his ass had stopped moving, still pressed deep into him.

His breath and heart rate slowed down and with tired eyes he watched as Will carefully explored him with his fingers. He touched his now soft shaft, the rim stretched around the intrusion, the come on his skin and in his chest hair. Hannibal could fall asleep to the gentle contact if it weren’t for the cold air and hard ground underneath him.

He wondered if he would die now. Another body on the pile. Dinner.

The irony made him smile.

He didn’t tense as Will bent down to lick a broad sweep over his stomach, catching come and sweat with his tongue. His skin was over sensitive and Hannibal let out a small sound.

Suddenly Will shoved himself backwards, tentacles unwrapping from his body, leaving him bereft. The limbs spearing him open retreated last with wet sounds and left him gaping wide open. It was a peculiar feeling and Hannibal shifted carefully to test how sore he was.

Will had retreated back into the water and his head was barely visible, dark eyes watching him.

Hannibal took it as a sign that he was allowed to live. Tentatively he sat up, ignoring his protesting muscles and without breaking eye contact his started to dress in the more or less intact remains of his clothes.

“That was very satisfying, Will. Thank you.”

Will tilted his head as if puzzled.

“I would appreciate it though if you’d take me back to the main cave. I have an opera to attend tonight.”

For a moment they stared at each other before Hannibal slowly stepped back into the water. The icy temperatures on his heated skin stopped his breath for a moment. Before he could get used to it his ankle was once again gripped tight and he found himself being dragged under water.

The trip was quick this time, as if Will was hurrying to get him back.

Hannibal felt as if he’d run a marathon when he finally climbed back up to the path through the cave. Everything was sore and hurt, but the experience had left him sated and satisfied. He turned around and looked down to the lake where Will was still swimming, the water around him churning with movement.

The sensible thing would be to spin a believable story about this and report it to the authorities. Will would end up as a science experiment in some aquarium, poked and prodded and examined.

Hannibal found that he didn’t like the thought.

“I will clean up here, so no evidence will be found. When someone comes to investigate anyway, just stay hidden until the worst has passed. Maybe you should hunt in different waters for a while.”

He didn’t expect an answer, so he started to turn away.

“Sure, will do. See you.”

Hannibal whipped around to stare at the waves left behind by Will.

Well. This was unexpected.

With a smile on his lips he started the trek back to his car. What a delightful day this had turned out to be.