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Revenge Can Be So Yummy!

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Capture the Flag by Tygerlily

Warning: This is a dark fic! I didn’t like Faith as I was writing this so obviously a die hard Faith fan should not read this or just don’t bitch to me about how bad I made Faith come off. Also Buffy is a viscous bitch in this and gets her just revenge, soooo again please don’t come whining to me about how she’s out of character or how Buffy would never do that. In my story she is pissed beyond belief and does it all to her sister Slayer!


Part 1: Capture the Flag


+ + + + +

The pub was dark and it smelled of smoke and liquor. The dull roar of men drinking and talking amongst one another filled the smoky air. Wesley sat on one of the establishments many stools playing a lonely game of darts while nursing a glass of brandy. He’s caught off guard as a dart flies close by his head to hit the bull's eye.
Wesley turns his surprised eyes to see Weatherby sitting in his chair idly playing with the few darts left next to the seat.  Collins and Smith his two companions come to stand next to his chair as Weatherby picked up Wesley's beer in a mock toast.

“Hello Wesley” he greets him with a small smile

+ + + + +

Wesley and the three members of ‘The Councils’ team as a waitress brought them all a pint, the former Watcher couldn’t help but eye the man surrounding him a bit suspiciously.

“So, Los Angeles…" Collins stated

As he prepares to light a cigarette; Wesley looks pointedly at the no-smoking sign on the wall right next to Collins; he casts a glance at the sign mounted on the wall and then looked back at the former Watcher sitting in front of him… instantly dismissing the sign.

“California to be more exact…” Wesley said primly

"Who would have predicted this is where you'd end up?" he asked no one in particular as he lit his cigarette

"Well, it seemed as good a place as any to - re-evaluate my situation after being asked to resign my position with the Council.  - And the weather - I find it – dry” Wesley knew his response was beyond lame but it was all he could come up with on the spot.

"Wouldn't cough up the dough for the airfare home, would they?" Weatherby asked bluntly

"All those alchemists on the board of directors and they still make us fly coach, miserly bastards." As he bitched about his employers

"A frugal lot, to be sure, but not stupid and I think you'll find, willing to admit when they've made a mistake." Collins added his own two cents in

"Made a mistake?" Wesley asked curiously

"How would you like to come home, Wesley? To come back to England with us” Collins asked

"Home…” Wesley said reverently

Collins could see and hear the wheels turning in Wes’s head and he ran with it. If they were to have any chance of getting close to the rogue Slayer then they needed the former Watcher and if he were to come back to home with them that would be a plus also. No matter what happened in Sunnydale Wesley was missed by many and it’d be nice to have him home again.

"The Council is willing to reinstate you, return you to your rightful position as Watcher. That was a nasty business back in Sunnydale, but - nobody blames you” he explained

"Really, because I rather got the impression they did when they sacked me." Wesley bitched rather bluntly

"As I said… a mistake, one that can now be corrected… with your help of course"
Collins stated as he nodded his head

Wesley opens the envelope and pulls out a picture of Faith.

"We know where she is - and we know you have access to her" Collins stated getting right to the point

The former Watcher just closed the envelope back up and laid it back down.

"No.  I couldn't possibly."

"Loyalty to a vampire now, is it?"

Collins gives Weatherby a warning glare. They needed Wesley if they were to be successful in this plan of they had concocted.

"It's alright.  That's not why we're here.  -  A rogue Slayer, Wesley.  You know is far more dangerous than any single vampire. Surely *you* understand that."

"All too well" he murmured recalling the previous evening’s events

The conversation then went down to a dull murmur. They knew that Wesley would join them, besides the fact that the Watcher’s Council did actually want the young man back within their ranks, though they were soon interrupted by a softly spoken request.

“Whatever it is you intend on doing to her… I want in!”

+ + + + +

Four pairs of eyes widened at the site of the Slayer that stood before them. The little blonde stared at them a smirk firmly in place on her lips. About an hour ago she did some recon and discovered Faith sleeping quite cozily in Angel’s bed. Though Angel was no where to be seen that sight alone was enough for her. There was no way in hell she was going to let Faith get away a second time. Leaving AI headquarters as quietly as she entered; she again faded out into the night.

Different ways of getting to Faith continued to fly though her head as she entered the first establishment she came upon. Though it was a bar and alcohol and she didn’t mix well the Slayer figured it was as good a place as any to maybe grab something to eat if possible. Scanning the room because of habit alone, low and behold who her eyes landed upon but Wesley Windom-Pryce and the Council goons, still probably after Faith and looking for Wesley’s assistance. With a smile firmly in place she sauntered over to their table a plan already forming within her mind.

“Miss Summers” one of them greeted her curtly

“Collins… am I right?” she asked

“Yes, that would be correct”

“Buffy… what may I ask are you doing here?” Wesley asked since no one else seemed curious about the other Slayer’s presences

“I’m here for the same reason they are… I want Faith. I know you guys aren’t here to rehabilitate her. You want her dead… well guess what so do I. She’s messed with my life for the last time. When you thought you’d finally got her back in Sunnydale… you didn’t! That was me! Faith pulled a body switch or something like that… so you though you had her but in reality you had –“

“We had you instead!” Weatherby exclaimed


“… Of course that explains why you were able to get away” Collins muttered

Buffy just laughed at this. She knew Faith’s style and her way of thinking and though the dark Slayer was usually unpredictable in a sense she always fought the same. There was no way in hell that the actually Faith would’ve been able to get away from these guys… not by a long shot.

“So what do you say boys… can I play too?” she asked with a smirk

“Pull up a chair lass, I have a feeling we’re all about to become very good friends”

Buffy started to giggle at the ridiculous smile gracing Collins face and before to long every occupant at the table had joined in; their joyful laughter filling the establishment. As everyone calmed down again they all began to formulate a plan that would indeed get the dark Slayer to pay for all her misdeeds.

+ + + + +

The room had been submerged into a sea of black awhile ago but it was nothing that the inanimate objects hadn’t been subjected to before, the flickering lights that came from the television was the only illumination that penetrated the room. Not even the sound that usually came from the electronic box trickled through at the time. A lone figure lay slumped in the chair staring at the moving pictures with unseeing eyes.

Dark chocolate eyes stared straight ahead without any recognition. Sighing heavily the lithe figure shifted in her seat. Nothing around her seemed to penetrated wherever it was she retreated to within her mind. Crystal emerald colored eyes looked on with curiously wondering as to why her so-called sister Slayer hadn’t sensed her but then quickly brushed the through away. Glancing around to four other points in the room she could clearly see her cohorts awaiting their separate cues.

Carefully she opened the sleek wooden case and couldn’t help the shiver than ran down her spine as she slowly removed the needle. Checking for the umpteenth time to make sure that the muscle relaxant was there and it contained to correct dosage she quickly prepped the syringe and then slowly moved forward. Before Faith even knew what hit her, a sharp pain raced through her the source starting at the left side of her neck. Trying to rid herself of the pain her arms flailed uselessly at her sides until all her limbs and eyes felt heavy. Groaning loudly she slumped forward and let the fight leave her just before the darkness took over.

Buffy soft lips curled into a wicked grin and with the flick of her wrist The Council unit was removing Faith from the basement apartment and into a truck where the relaxant would be continually released into her system at ten minute intervals, it wasn’t nearly enough to inflict any permanent damage it was merely to keep her under until they reached their final destination.

“Come Wesley, we have a party to attend” she said with a soft smile

Smiling a soft smile of his own he merely offered the blonde his arm and with that they strolled out of the basement apartment up out of Angel Investigations and into the warm sunlight.

They had a party to attend.

End of Part 1