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Revenge Can Be So Yummy!

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Blood on the Walls… Blood on my Hands… Now Smile! by Tygerlily

Part 3: Blood on the Walls… Blood on my Hands… Now Smile!


+ + + + +


Emerald eyes shimmered in the low lights as she took in the scene before her. The room it self smelled of a delicious mix of vanilla, lavender and blood. It had been six days, nearly a week since she, Wesley and the Council team arrived at Wesley’s home in Napa and surprisingly she found the vineyard and villa to be quite lovely. The first day was spent testing Faith’s limits and knowing when to pull back to let the girl have a rest. Not only did they want her alive for awhile both desired conscious for each and every session. So the second day they decided to let the Slayer rest up and converse the Council team. It seemed as though Travers had gotten wind of Ms. Summers working with the team and Pryce and was interested in speaking with her as soon as possible or when Ms. Hamilton was disposed of.

The third through the fifth day she and Wesley spent lounging in the sun and getting to know one another while also taking care of the houseguest. Their mornings were filled with leisurely eaten breakfasts and sessions with Faith all the way up until lunch, and then they usually venture outside to the gazebo and had a light lunch. The rest of the afternoon was usually spent reading, talking or even going for a ride with the horses he kept on the grounds. It was then back downstairs to continue their play. Faith was slowly but surely cracking under it all. She stupidly ticked herself on the second day into believing that they’d made a huge mistake and were thinking of ways to explain their absence but when they returned the third day for business as usual the last bit of hope she had began to die.

Shaking her head slightly; Buffy was brought back to the present when she heard soft footsteps coming up behind her. Sighing softly she automatically leaned back into the comforting embrace she soon found herself in. Almost as if it were second nature her hands came up to rest the set of hands that had settled on her stomach when strong arms wrapped around her.

“What are you doing out her all by your lonesome, hmmm?” he asked softly

“Thinking mostly, you didn’t come to play this morning” she stated

“I’m very sorry, I had to speak with Travers this morning and you know what a hard ass he can be. Besides you sounded like you were doing just fine on your own, if that bitch’s screams were anything to go by” the last coming out in a chuckle

“Well I decided to experiment with the leaches and that green gooey liquid you concocted the other day. It was real interesting to watch actually; I would drip a little bit onto her skin and it would start to bubble and then I’d drop the leach on top… it was actually kinda gross to watch but her screams were nice” she said wistfully

“What was that stuff you made anywayz? I’ve never seen anything like it and it had no smell either which really surprised me” she said

Wesley looked down at the girl in his arms and was still in awe of her. Again he was searching for that voice that should be screaming in his mind right about now that this all of it was so very wrong. That they should just turn Faith over to the Council and let them deal with her but he still couldn’t find it… though he could no longer keep his concerns about his lack of conscious to himself. Carefully unwrapping his arms from around her trim waist he held out his hand for her former charge and led her over to a grassy area that was shaded by numerous trees and hanging from one of the trees was a swing.

Helping her onto the swing he softly told her to ‘hold tight, sweets’ and he gently started the swing. Buffy sighed softly and leaned her head to the side against one of its ropes; a slight smile graced her lips. The former Watcher could honestly say he’d never seen a more beautiful sight up until that moment. As she moved with the swing her long flowing hair glistened in the indirect sunlight, her face free of tension and stress. She looked absolutely breathtaking and heart wrenchingly young.

“Buffy, do you think what we’re doing is wrong?” he asked

Moss colored eyes fluttered open but she did nothing to halt the swing in fact she continued on as if the peaceful silence had never been broken but she did answer him none the less.

“Hmmm, do you think what Faith did to you was wrong? That she had the right to torture you and hurt you, to invade the life you were trying to make for yourself all because you weren’t the best Watcher in the world… was her gross attempt at revenge truly justified?” she asked softly

“No I don’t suppose so, I know I wasn’t the best Watcher… I wasn’t even a good one. I was young, inexperienced and arrogant and I know now that I did both of you a disservice but I never intended either of you any harm… The Council’s ways were all I knew…” he trailed off as his mind wandered elsewhere for the moment

“Well then, do you think it any of what she did to me was right? Was there anyway she could justify any of her actions towards me for the past year or so?” she asked again softly

“… No I don’t believe ANY of what has happened to you because of Faith is right. I know she had a hard life growing up but we’ve all had our share of problems and ever since the beginning you’ve tried to be a friend to her and she rebuffed any and every attempt you made to get close. She’s just not a good person…”

“… and she should be punished, it’s what my mother always taught me”

+ + + + +

Arm in arm they made their way back downstairs. After their talk they decided to have an early dinner and eat inside. They dined on a pleasantly light meal of salads, filet of sole with roasted vegetables. Both decided to separate briefly while they showered and changed. About an hour later they met up in the hall; Wesley was now dressed in a pair of worn jeans and white t-shirt, his glasses were gone once again and his hair was in a state of disarray that suited him just fine. Buffy was dressed also in a pair of well worn low riders and a simple tank top. Her hair was pulled pack into a loose ponytail; they smiled at one another and descended the stairs.

As the entered the room that had been Faith’s home for the past week Buffy couldn’t help but take notice in the changes in the dark Slayer’s once voluptuous appearance. Her once full Breast had dropped a cup size perhaps even two, her cheeks were thinner and gaunter. Her limbs and tummy had thinned out as well. It wasn’t so much that they weren’t feeding her it was just that she was loosing blood faster than she could replace it. If they wanted this to last much longer they were going to have to ease up on her.

“She’s not looking too well Wes… perhaps its best if we let her rest” she suggested

“’Fraid that’s not an option; I spoke to Quentin and he wants us to wrap up our little project and return to England. He realizes that we’re both quite valuable to the fight and to the Council and doesn’t want to loose us. He also understands that we won’t be tool, items used to fight a war at his discretion. So I thought it best for you to come with me, see what they have to offer. Especially since Mr. Giles has fully stepped down as your Watcher… I thought perhaps maybe we could give it another go… that is if you wanted…” he trailed off now unsure of himself

“Are you kidding me? I’d love for us to give it another try… and please a free trip to England on the Council’s dime, how often does that happen? Besides I’m more than interested in what Travers has to say and well… there really isn’t anything left for me here. Angel bailed way before the summer even began, turns out Giles did the same and Riley… well he was just a mistake. And I’m not ready to let go of my new best yet” she said with a smile

“Your new best what?” he asked but couldn’t help but smile back

“My new best friend and incase you weren’t sure… it’s you; silly! I’ve enjoyed our time together and I don’t want it to end. I had no idea that under the stuffy British exterior was a really awesome person that I’d really like to get to know better” she said

“I’d like that too, very much so”

Coming together in a friendly embrace they both knew it was the beginning of something rather than the end… no matter what happened, they’d go through it together.

+ + + + +

The sun had fallen beyond the horizon hours before but it was the first time in over six days since Faith had breathed fresh air and seen the outside world. Her muddled mind had her thinking that for some twisted reason they were going to let her go. She couldn’t have been more wrong soon she was slumped over in the back of another van with the three Council’s team members as her escorts. Though they weren’t really needed since she was instantly hooked up to another IV and the muscle relaxants were once again pumped into her system.

+ + + + +

The two figures were once again cloaked in shadow as their three companions brought in the broken and bruised dark Slayer. Once they laid her down on the bed they instantly left leaving the three former tentative friends behind. Cerulean eyes watched unattached as his companion arranged her sister Slayer on the bed. The sound of unsheathing metal rang throughout the room and the slight vision of silver glinted in the low lights. With a quick and sure hand the blade sliced its through her sister Slayer’s supple flesh.

Stepping back from the scene before her; Buffy couldn’t have been more pleased. Faith Hamilton laid in her supposed saviors’ bed her eyes wide and unseeing with jewel encrusted dagger of Wen-Ting the Vampire Slayer protruding from her chest. Emerald eyes grew bright; it wasn’t quite perfect… not yet at least, it needed one final thing to make the picture complete

Stepping up to the cooling corpse she added the one final piece which she hoped would make her former lover swell with pride.

+ + + + +

Sighing heavily he leaned heavily against the elevator wall as it descended into his apartment. As soon as he slid the gate aside and stepped off the lift the powerful and pungent scent of blood hit his senses but it was just mortal blood. It contained a slight scent that could only belong to a Slayer but his dead heart didn’t jump at the smell. It didn’t contain any essence of the Slayer he left behind for a normal life at the Hellmouth which could only mean one thing that Faith was back.

She disappeared about a week ago without a word, he figured it had to do with the Council team and Buffy both banging on his door within an hours’ period of another. He figured she couldn’t have gone far; he’d immediately gone after her in hopes of finding her but with no such luck. Now that she was back he hoped that they could pick up where they left off and get the girl the help she needed. Walking deeper into the apartment he began to softly call her name letting her know that he wasn’t angry with her. Deciding to follow his nose he followed her scent to the bedroom but what he found made him stagger back in shock and surprise. He felt his knees buckle because of the grotesque scene before him let alone the fact that the scent of blood was now beyond over powering.

But what made him shiver right down to the marrow of his bones was the way everything looked. Beautiful deep red roses filled the room with their rich scent and odor and there on his bed laid Faith the former Vampire Slayer with her eyes wide and unseeing staring straight up at the ceiling. A beautiful ornate dagger protruded from her chest but what was most unnerving and instantly gave away as to whom was responsible for all this was the scrawled writing that marred his walls written in what was obviously Faith’s blood…

‘Try and save her soul now, Vampire!’


There will be a BW version obviously for this site and many of my BW shipper fans!
Sequel Coming Soon!
Also the BA and WF pairing I mentioned earlier will appear in the sequel!
Sequel Coming Soon!