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I'll Catch a Break Someday

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                I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, Al…

                His large golden eyes stared at me, wide and fearful. This… This isn’t how I wanted it to end. Neither of us wanted this...

                “Sister! Please! There has to be a way!”

                I slowly shook my head, my mind growing fuzzy. Am I really going to leave him alone?

                “Sorry Al… I was – was reckless again…”


                I clutched the wound on my side. Yeah, I kicked that bastard’s ass but… at what cost?

                Will he be alright…? Alone?

                “Al, do you… Are you…”

                How can I even say it?

                “Do you want to go back? Alone?”

                Tears started falling from his eyes and it broke my heart. Already his frail body was hard to see but, to see him crying as well was too much.


                My world was starting to tilt. “I don’t… Leaving you alone… Will you be alright?”

                His face betrayed his understanding. “Isn’t there something we can do?”

                “Al… I can’t survive this… But, you can go back…”


                How can I leave him ALONE?!

                “I just want you to be happy,” I whispered, my voice hoarse.

                “Sister... Evelyn.”

                I chuckled softly which sent a spark of pain from my side, where the gaping wound – hole – poured blood onto the white floor. Al almost never called me by my full first name. Not unless I was in trouble and was about to be scolded.

                “Yeah… I’m sorry, Al…”

                I staggered towards him but tried to stay upright: if I couldn’t hold myself up, there was no way Al would be able to with his body the way it was now.

                “Al, what…? Should I…?”

                He slowly bridged the gap between us, wrapping his frail arms around me. “Can’t you save yourself, Evelyn?”

                “You’re first, Al. Always… I can’t bare… To leave you alone but… You can live. Be happy… Family…”

                He choked back a sob and I had to control myself before I broke down too.

                “Get strong, Al… Say goodbye… to the others… Teacher… Winry… Granny… Heck, the Bastard too…”

                Al leaned back and forced a small smile. “Which one?”

                Mine didn’t come as forced as I remembered Dad out there as well as the Colonel. “Both, I guess.” I reached out to him and he grasped my hand tightly – as tightly as his frail hand could manage. “Love you, Brother.”

                “Love you too, Sister.”

                “Live happy?”

                “I promise.”

                Before I lost the battle with my foggy mind, I clapped my hands and blue transmutation sparks danced around us. A blinding white light appeared behind Al and he staggered towards it. He glanced back at me, tears streaming down his cheeks but he managed to smile.

                Thank you, Al…

                That’s the image I want to keep with me, of my brother, happy and whole once more.

                And I collapsed.