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wAkE bEe uP iNsIdE

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So yeh, diz iz meh new ficc n i hope u likez it n stuff, itz all abut meh oc barri sue n her luvr barry (hez so hot omBEE!1!) itz rely goffick to so if u hate goffz then dont even red this u worthlezz wannaBEE!1! thankz 2 my bezti steff fur editin this!1!

My namez barri sue, and Im a hunnybee, duh. im NOT like those other stoopid hunnybeez tho, with their yellow n black nonsense, beecuz Im totally black n yellow unlike those preps. today im wearing a black n yellow corset, black n yellow combat boots n a black n yellow skirt. my hair iz black wit yellow streakz n realy long, like a goffick rapunzel or sumthin.

I star myself in the mirror, applying beelack makeup wit a lil bit of yellow. my eyes were blood red and glistened like ruby orbs. barry said I look like Amy Bee, and i totally agree. If u dont know who she iz, then go feed urself to a bear you stoopid wannabee. i hear sumthin outside and go look, my gossmer wings glitterin with pure swag. barry is outside along with adam, who is now a super hot beemo rocker.

"hey guyz, wait!" i yell goffickally, brushin my silken bee hair out of my fursaken blud eyes.

"whatz up barri sue, u look so beeuatiful n edgy tonite!" barry says sexily, his sapphire orbz meetin mine.

"omBEE rlly?" i ask cutly, alredy knowing it waz beeond tru.

"yes rlly, u ar so hot n stuff," adam said, glaring beemoly at barry. theyr beeoth in luv with me, but im a gud girl and date beeoth so they dunt get to jelouz.

"thnx guyz," i say.

barry helpz me into his new beecar, witch iz a real antiqk hearse from the funeral hive. its haunted by teh ghost of a smexy beepire namd edword and I make out wit him to cuz im nice.

"so wher r we goin?" i ask, staring at beeoth my beeoyfriendz with goffick lust n desire.

barry reachez into his edgy leather coat n grabz three ticketz, n sumthin lookz familiar abut them. he handz them too me n i gasp goffickally, beecuz i cant beelieve my blud culored eyez.

"how in da hive did you even get theze?!" I screeched edgily. "the My Pesticide Romance ticketz sold out dayz ago! omBEE!" i pulled the ticketz out of barry'z lil bee hand n kissd em dramaticly, leving a big beelack lipstick stain.

adam nodded beemoly, staring at teh ticketz.

barry smirked wit so much edge it waz ow. "i killd a guy n stole em."

i swooned, overcom with passiun at teh thoght of barry killin sumone just for me. if only that stoopid beeitch vanessa wud die so i cud marry da barry.

"wut r we watin for, letz go see the concert alreedy!" adam moaned, and we gut in the car n started too drive away, unware of the dramaz stil two com...


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