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The Demon Within

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Sam looked like hell; of that much Chris was one hundred percent sure. How he'd actually managed to walk from the crime scene without Malone or any of the rest of the team suspecting that he was about to keel over was a mystery to Chris. What Sam had talked to Leo about at the Halliwell's was anybody's guess and the Englishman had not spoken to his partner since. The half-demon had seemed less and less aware of his surroundings from that moment on.

As it was Chris made sure Sam never left his sight all the way up to the older man's hotel room. For once they were actually in separate rooms rather than sharing, which was more often the case. The one time Chris wanted to be damn sure he was as close to Sam as possible they were on different floors. It was only as Sam pulled his key out of his pocket that he actually noticed he had a shadow.

"Aren't you on the wrong floor?" he asked quite reasonably.

"If you think I'm leaving you to fall face down in the tub, you have another thing coming," Chris replied pointedly. "You're hurt, and you didn't get the proper medical attention because you've been hiding it. The least I can do is patch you up."

"Oh," was all Sam managed and went about trying to put his key in the lock. As far as Chris was concerned his friend was having way too much trouble with the simple task. "Thanks," Sam added as he finally pushed the door inwards.

Chris trailed into the room after his partner and couldn't help being more than a little worried. The absent tone and the vaguely uncoordinated movements were totally opposed to Sam's usual behaviour.

"Sit," Chris decided firmly and pointed to the bed. "I assume you packed the first aid kit as usual."

Sam nodded and also out of character obeyed Chris' instruction without protest. Setting his worry aside as useless, Chris went about the task at hand. Sam's case was neatly stowed above the wardrobe and the ex- SEAL pulled it down. With ritual efficiency he open it, retrieved the first aid kit and put it back in place. When he turned back to his friend the anxiety jumped right back up and bit him again. Sam hadn't moved at all, he was perched on the edge of the bed staring straight ahead, doing nothing. The Englishman hadn't even attempted to take off his jacket. With a worried frown Chris walked over to his companion.

"Sam, you in there, buddy?" he asked, his tone a little more anxious than he would have liked.

Sam blinked and then slowly looked at his partner.

"Yeah," he said a puzzled expression filtering across his features for a moment, "just tired."

"Well, let's get you patched up and then you can sleep for as long as you like," Chris put on a cheerful tone that he didn't feel. "Jacket off first."

There was a little more life in Sam as he tried to be helpful and do as he was told, but he seemed to be becoming less co-ordinated by the minute. Chris moved to help and Sam accepted the assistance gracefully.

"How the hell are you upright?" Chris said the moment he managed to pull the clothing off his friend's back.

Sam's shirt was covered with blood at the back. How it hadn't shown through, even on a black leather jacket, Chris would never know.

"What?" was his friend's reply.

"You've been bleeding," Chris said and tried to inspect the damage, "and I don't mean just a little bit. We should get you to a hospital."

"And how exactly would we explain that?" Sam replied pointedly, awake enough, it seemed, to be annoyed.

Chris glared at him, but he couldn't actually think of a reply to that one. A trip to the hospital would not go unnoticed no matter what they tried. Malone had a way of finding out everything.

"If it's as bad as it looks from here," Chris said firmly, "you might not have a choice."

He moved round behind his partner and gingerly began to move the soaked material. To his surprise Sam did not react at all. There were several nasty gashes in the shirt and Chris was a little afraid of what he might find.

"Can you manage the buttons or shall I do them?" Chris asked, unwilling to abandon what he was doing, but realising the whole shirt had to come off.

Sam didn't reply, but he did move to tackle the challenge. After thirty seconds of fumbling Chris decided to intervene. There was no protest from his partner and Sam just looked at him vacantly as Chris slipped the buttons from their holes.

"Stay with me," Chris said as he monitored Sam's bleary-eyed gaze. "If I think it's okay, then you can go to sleep, but not before. If you're going into shock you are not going to sleep and we're getting you the nearest ER."

Sam just blinked at him. The shirt came off with a messy squelch and Chris realised the first thing he needed was something with which to clean Sam up. Dumping the once white shirt in the trash he headed into the bathroom. Sam's sponge and wash things were neatly arranged on the shelf above the sink. Unfortunately the largest container he could find to hold water was one of the glasses also on the same shelf. Swearing under his breath he filled one with warm water, picked up the sponge and a towel and returned to the other room. He stopped just through the doorway. From that position he could see Sam's back quite clearly and there were two criss-crossing sets of claw marks across it. They looked ugly and painful, not to mention worrying.

Pulling himself together Chris walked back towards his partner and knelt on the bed behind him.

"This might hurt," he warned, but Sam just grunted something unintelligible.

Wincing for his friend Chris dipped the sponge in the warm water and began his task of cleaning the wounds.

"Doesn't hurt," Sam mumbled as his partner began.

At first Chris barely seemed to make a dent and he realised he was being a little too careful. With Sam's lack of reaction he decided to be a little bolder and dabbed relatively hard at the top of one scratch. The partially dried blood flaked away and then Chris had to check he wasn't seeing things. What he expected to find was a raw wound, open, in need of cleaning and dressing, what he actually found was pink, somewhat sore looking, but never-the-less, whole skin. Not sure what to make of this Chris continued further, and he was halfway along the first scratch before he believed it.

"You've healed," he said quietly.

Sam vaguely glanced vaguely in Chris' direction, puzzlement in his face.

"The wounds on your back," Chris said slowly and plainly, "they're gone. I don't even think you're going to scar much."

Bemusement was not a state of mind that really suited Sam, but he didn't seem capable of much else. Chris came to a quick decision.

"Okay," he said evenly, making sure Sam was following him, "I think this is going to take too long. If I let you fall asleep in the state you're in you're going to wake up in a foul mood with me as your target. We need to get you clean and I mean now."

He stood up and walked to the point directly in front of Sam.

"You're filthy and you stink," Chris stated bluntly. "You need a shower."

Sam peered at him dubiously.

"I don't think I can stand up," he replied plaintively.

"Then I'll just have to help you," Chris replied, surrendering completely to the mother hen instincts that seemed to have invaded his body.

He really had no idea where they were all coming from. Sure Sam was his best friend, but Chris had never felt quite so protective before. However, there was a job to be done and Chris put the analysing away for later. He took Sam's arm and, bracing himself for however much of Sam's weight he was going to get, hauled his partner to his feet. Surprisingly Sam was more stable than his outward appearance suggested. He needed quite a lot of help with direction and balance, but Chris didn't have to put a great deal of effort into helping his companion to the bathroom. Closing the lid of the toilet seat with his spare hand he sat Sam on it and surveyed the situation.

"Just run a bath," Sam said, or at least that was what Chris deciphered from the garbled sounds that came out of his friend's mouth, "I'll be fine."

Chris crossed his arms and glared at his companion.

"I thought I already explained I wasn't about to let you drown yourself," he replied pointedly.

"Can't stand for long," Sam said quietly.

"Then you sit," Chris said firmly, "I'll worry about how to clean you."

Sam's eyes actually opened at that, he looked vaguely scandalised.

"Don't go all modest on me," Chris continued calmly, although the ideas that had suddenly entered his head were doing no good at keeping him that way, "it's not like I've never seen you naked before. Remember Stockholm?"

A grin spread across Sam's face, it appeared he did remember Stockholm. There had been a small incident involving a mixed sauna and the theft of towels. Chris took the expression on his friend's face to mean he had accepted the inevitable, and the ex-SEAL knelt down. Sam's boots came off easily, although there was a worrying moment when Chris thought his partner might be about to fall off the toilet as the ex- SEAL pulled at his footwear. As it was, by the time Chris had finished the same job with his companion's socks Sam had actually managed to undo his own belt. He was, however, having a few problems with the button on his trousers.

"You worry about staying upright," Chris said as lightly as possible, "I'll tackle the complex stuff."

For a moment Sam actually looked like he might protest about that, but eventually he sagged in defeat. Taking a deep breath Chris tried to banish all thoughts from his brain except those specifically to do with the problem at hand and went about the task of taking off the rest of Sam's clothes. There was a little problem with actually getting the Englishman's trousers off, but they hurdled that one quite quickly. In only a couple of minutes Chris had Sam sitting in the tub, right where he wanted him.

The only problem Chris was having took him totally by surprise. The effect Sam, completely naked, and almost totally helpless, was having on Chris' body was not exactly what he had expected. Sure, Sam was a good-looking guy, but that was just it, he was a guy, so why the hell were Chris' trousers suddenly on the tight side. Amazingly grateful that Sam was in no condition to recognise his partner's state of arousal Chris pulled the showerhead off the wall and turned on the taps.

"If it's too hot, yell," he instructed his companion and tried to ignore the throbbing in his groin.

It had to be the excitement of the day, all the adrenalin, that had to be the answer. There just wasn't any other explanation that Chris could find. Trying to reassert his professional detachment, Chris went about his task. Completely blocking out a male body in the peak of physical fitness that was turning you on like there was no tomorrow, was, however a very difficult task. Chris' effort was quite extraordinary under the circumstances; he actually managed to get Sam more or less completely clean before his mind began to wander. He was eventually defeated by, of all things, the Sam's back. Once all the blood was gone there only remained the ten pink lines and Chris found himself staring at them. They made Sam somehow vulnerable and that went straight to Chris' heart and other places that he was trying to ignore. By the looks of things only one of the marks would leave any scar, but Chris couldn't help remembering how Sam had received the marks in the first place.

The fight had been the most incredible thing Chris had ever seen. It had been wild, fever pitched and incredibly exciting. Two demons trying their damnedest to kill each other had spoken to the more primitive side of the ex-SEAL. There had been an almost mystical quality about it and Chris couldn't get it out of his head. There was yet more stirring from his groin. Chris continued washing and prayed for deliverance.

"Leo never said anything about sleeping," Sam said suddenly, as if he'd found a moment of clarity.

"Yeah well, looks like our white-lighter friend doesn't know everything," Chris replied, glad for something to take his mind off his libido.

Sam made a sound which, if listened to in the correct manner, Chris thought might actually have been a laugh.

"What's so funny?" he asked and rinsed off the last of the soap.

"You'll never guess what he told me I had to do?" Sam replied and leant against the side of the bath.

"Well if I'll never guess, you'll just have to tell me," Chris shot back and surveyed the bathroom to find out where the towels were.

If Chris wasn't imagining it, Sam actually giggled. The ex-SEAL wondered if his companion might not be losing it.

"Have sex," Sam mumbled almost coherently.

Chris wasn't quite sure he heard the correctly.

"Did you just say what I think you said?" the American asked slowly, totally frozen by the conversation.

"Umm," Sam responded sleepily. "When he took me aside he asked me if I was in a relationship. Said no so he told me to find one or an alternative source of sex. He said I should aim at about once a week at least or, and I quote, 'I might not like what I eventually do.' Can you believe it, I actually have a valid reason to get laid at least once a week."

"No I don't believe it," Chris said in the most humorous tone he could manage. Then he changed the subject as fast as humanly possible. "Okay, now you're clean," he announced to divert himself from the direction his thoughts were taking. "Next problem, how to get you dry."

"Wrap me up in a robe, let me sleep," Sam mumbled; the water had done nothing to wake him up.

For once Chris decided Sam was right, and he went about his task as quickly as he possibly could. He thanked every deity he could think of when getting Sam out of the bath turned out to be easier than getting him in. It took only a minute or so to get him standing up and in the robe from the back of the bathroom door. Chris briefly considered making sure more of Sam was dry and then decided that might not be a very good idea. Looping the Englishman's arm around his neck the ex- SEAL got himself and his friend into the other room as fast as possible. Sam groaned gratefully as his partner lowered him onto the bed. Chris just blocked it all out and lifted Sam's legs onto the divan as fast as possible.

"Thanks," Sam mumbled and then much to Chris' relief seemed to drift into the sleep that he had been holding off for so long.

Chris covered his friend and then promptly fled. He was far too confused to be anywhere near Sam at all. As an after thought he picked up Sam's room key on the way out.


The door of Chris' room slammed with the most almighty thud and he leant against the back of it, trying to catch his breath. He had run up the two flights of stairs to his floor hoping that the expenditure of energy would drive away the thoughts that he was trying to deny he was having. It hadn't worked too well. Now Chris was breathless and turned on. He made a very rapid decision and headed for the bathroom. Two minutes later he was standing under the shower at its coldest setting.

There had to be some mix up in his brain. Something weird must have affected him. Maybe it was Sam's other half, maybe an Incubus could affect a man as well as a woman. Chris was absolutely, one hundred percent sure that he could not be thinking the things he was thinking. With his head under freezing cold water he rationally tried to talk himself out of his feelings.

Firstly Sam was a guy. Chris was a heterosexual male, he'd never felt anything for a man before. Even on a battleship with only a handful of women he had never once considered that some experimentation was in order.

Secondly Sam was his partner. Relationships and work, especially the anti-terrorist stuff, did not mix. Every man in the office was at least partially in love with Backup, but they didn't do anything about it because she was a colleague. Even if Chris had suddenly discovered a new streak to his character he could not attempt a relationship with Sam because of work.

Then there was the fact that Sam was his best friend and completely, one hundred percent not gay. If Chris ever thought of making a move it would wreck their friendship. Sam would probably never talk to him ever again, or worse, tease him about it until he was old and grey.

It was all there in plain facts, Chris was absolutely sure he could not be thinking or feeling what was going through his mind and body. Chris looked down and with a sinking realisation his eyes fixed on the physical evidence that threw that assertion out the window. Realising that the cold water was doing nothing to reduce the size of his erection, Chris reluctantly turned on the hot water as well. If it had just been the fact that the sight of his partner's naked body had given him a hard on Chris might have been able to forget about it. Sam was good looking and he sure as hell had a body to die for, but it wasn't just the physical need from which Chris was suffering.

The problem was Chris had come to a very sudden, and very certain knowledge; he was in love. With hindsight he could actually see it happening over the time he had worked with Sam. The emotion had started out as friendship, but it had changed, grown and evolved into something that Chris had never suspected. With a sigh the ex-SEAL rested his head against the shower wall. It was a fact and there was nothing he could do about it. Life had just delivered him a doozey of a curve ball and just at the moment he felt as if it had hit him in the groin.

The question therefore remained; what was he going to do about this new situation? There were really only two options; he could hide what he was feeling and hoped it would go away, or he could talk to Sam about it. If he tried to forget about it there would be no consequences, but there was always the danger that Sam would notice something anyway. Sam was not the talkative type when it came to emotions, but he was perceptive. Chris wasn't sure he could hide from his partner. That left talking to Sam, an idea which petrified Chris more than he wished to admit. There were so many variables and so many possible outcomes, most of which were nothing Chris cared to contemplate. Yet what choice did he really have? He could pretend nothing was different, but he would be lying to himself and the rest of the world. For all he knew Sam's revealed heritage would let him know just what he was doing to Chris anyway.

Then of course there was the whole crux of the matter. Chris couldn't really bear the idea of just letting the whole thing go. He'd discovered feelings he thought he buried with his wife and it was good to have them back. Chris loved Sam and he wanted to share that emotion, even if it wasn't returned. Letting the water massage the tension out of his shoulders he came to a frightening decision. When Sam woke up, Chris was going to talk to him.


Sam woke to a burning need. It was like nothing he had quite felt before. He, like most red-blooded males, had woken up as horny as hell, but that description didn't quite cover how Sam was feeling. It was not that Sam knew he wanted to shag someone's brains out; it was that he couldn't think of anything else and he knew he had to do it soon. He sat up, wide awake and the first thing he laid eyes on was Chris.

The ex-SEAL was sitting in the armchair, fast asleep. He was cuddling a pillow to his chest and he was the most delicious thing Sam thought he had ever seen. There was no argument in Sam's mind; his target had been acquired. With cat like grace he stood up and took a step towards his sleeping companion. Then and only then did reality rear its ugly head.

What was he thinking? Chris was his friend, his partner and he was actually considering seducing him. It was sheer madness. Even so, Sam took another step as if his body had different ideas to his brain. It vaguely occurred to him that for starters Chris was of entirely the wrong sex, but then Leo had never said anything about gender. In fact the comment about terribly boring, heterosexual historians suddenly made perfect sense. Had Leo suspected that Sam might have ideas along a not so straight line? He'd had them on occasion before, but he'd only ever carried through once and that had been in University. Ever since Sam had confined his libido to the female of the species.

Chris looked so peaceful asleep in the chair. With his blue eyes closed Sam couldn't see the haunting memories that often lurked behind them. Sam had realised soon after he met Chris that there were many things from Chris' past that the ex-SEAL kept hidden but that never really left him. Standing there, just looking, Sam was suddenly overcome by the desire to make sure those memories could never hurt his friend again. The emotion rather caught him by surprise and coupled with his screaming libido made him take another step. Now he was a little afraid. On the one hand he was afraid that he wasn't going to be able to control himself much longer, and on the other he was afraid that he would.

"Chris," he finally hissed, holding himself under rigid control.

His partner stirred slightly and slowly turned his head towards Sam. Eventually his eyes opened and then he sat up rapidly.

"Oh, I, ah," Chris seemed a little flustered.

"I don't care," Sam said more sharply than he intended, "just get out."

Chris' expression went from shocked to confused to hurt in a fraction of a second and it almost killed Sam not to move. His partner stood up in silence, glaring at him. Chris even turned to walk to the door, but he stopped. Sam wanted to scream at him but held himself in check.

"Why?" Chris asked quietly.

Sam balled his hands into fists and let the nails bite into his palms. He had never felt anything quite so compelling as the urges his body was sending him. Desperately he tried to find an excuse, but eventually all he could come up with was the truth.

"Because if you don't leave now I'm going to seduce you," Sam said through clenched teeth.

Chris' eyes opened in surprise and then an emotion Sam would usually have missed flew across the ex-SEAL's face. If he hadn't been quite so physically charged Sam would have put it down to his imagination, but in his current condition Sam knew what it was. It was hope, coupled with desire. Sam's demon half ticked this up as a victory, his human half was simply stunned. For a long moment Chris just stood there, and from his body language he knew he'd given himself away.

"Why?" he asked again.

Sam wanted to tell him it was just because his hormones were raging out of control, but he couldn't bring himself to say it. Instead he just looked at his partner, silent.

"Leo's little revelation?" Chris prodded eventually.

"Partially," Sam replied.

"What if I didn't mind?" Chris said quietly sounding terribly unsure of himself.

Part of Sam cheered in ecstasy and it wasn't just his demon, another part was shit scared. Chris was only a few feet away and Sam took another step, but nagging doubt kept him in check.

"Why?" Sam shot back the same question Chris had thrown at him.

"I love you," Chris said simply, something akin to terror in his expression.

That was it, Sam lost his last vestige of self control. He took the last step towards Chris, grabbed his partner by the front of his t- shirt and dragged him close. Sam's mouth covered Chris' and the ex- SEAL's arms wound around the Englishman in response. The kiss was long, passionate and put rather a restriction on breathing. Eventually Chris pulled back gasping for air. His blue eyes were filled with desire and a small smile played at the corner of his mouth. Sam was quite overcome by the waves of happiness that radiated from his partner.

"You're beautiful," Sam found himself saying and he was not just talking about the way Chris looked on the outside.

In reply Chris instigated another kiss. This one was less intense and more exploratory as they tested just how far a tongue could reach in another mouth. When they broke apart this time Sam let his eyes wander over Chris' body. His first conclusion was that his partner was wearing far too many clothes. This was not the moment for coy foreplay; Sam was far too much in need of what lay under Chris' garments. The way the black t-shirt fitted quite so closely to Chris' chest was doing nothing for Sam's patience. Like a man possessed he went straight for Chris' waistband.

For his part the ex-SEAL was not complaining, in fact as Sam pulled the t-shirt free from his trousers he lifted his arms above his head to aid its removal. Sam had pulled the garment up over his friend's chest and was about to pull it over his head when he found himself taken by what he had revealed. Unable to resist he bent down and flicked his tongue over one of Chris' nipples. His companion's reaction was most gratifying as Chris gasped and shivered. For a moment Sam considered teasing his friend a little more before allowing him freedom of movement and vision by finishing the removal of the T-Shirt, but he really wanted to see Chris' face. With an efficient pull he discarded the t-shirt to the floor.

The expression Chris wore was somewhere between abject hunger and anticipation. His lips were slightly parted and he was breathing more rapidly then usual. Sam let his eyes flick back to his companion's chest. He could resist no longer and his hands snaked out to touch Chris. Tracing the muscles of his lover's chest with his two index fingers he managed to produce a bliss filled groan. Glancing back to his companion's face Sam watched as Chris closed his eyes and let his head lean backwards slightly.

Biting his lip and enjoying the sight, Sam went for more of a reaction. He let his thumbs glide over Chris' pecs and flick his nipples. The groan became an open mouthed 'ah' and Sam smiled to himself. Just watching his lover's reaction was an experience the Englishman was enjoying incredibly. He moved in with his mouth, kissing Chris' collarbone lightly and then moving down over his chest. The ex-SEAL's breath caught in his throat in anticipation and Sam moved round the nipple, making him wait. Holding off until Chris was actually trembling Sam got exactly what he was wanted. As his mouth covered the nipple and sucked Chris all but orgasmed on the spot.

With a patience he had found the moment his goal was in sight, Sam lavished plenty of attention on Chris' chest. He let his tongue roam over first one nipple then the other, alternately nipping and sucking when he felt like it. Chris was putty in his hands or rather mouth and groans and murmurs were continually forthcoming.

Eventually Sam glanced down and had to smile at the bulge straining at his lover's trousers. He moved his hands down to do something about what had to have been an uncomfortable situation. The zip surrendered easily and the button was not an obstacle after which Sam slipped his hand down into the gap provided. Chris exhaled in one long burst as Sam gently moved his fingers round the bulge and he groaned loudly as the Englishman slipped his hand through the slit in the ex-SEAL's boxers. Gently Sam eased him free of the confines of both trousers and underwear, stroking in a simple rhythm as he did so. Chris rocked on the balls of his feat at the sensation.

Sam watched the entire time, looking up at Chris' face and then down at the erection he had revealed. Both sights sent stabs of passion to his own groin. He went back to kissing Chris' chest and worked his hand up and down his lover's shaft at the same time. Once again the American swayed in time. Slowly Sam worked the kisses downwards. He wanted to taste his prize, and he wanted it now. Kneeling on the carpet he took hold of Chris' trousers in either hand, pulling them down with a swift movement. Then he gently removed the boxers stroking around Chris' balls as he did so. Just for a moment he surveyed his conquest and then he enveloped it in his mouth. Chris' fingers dug into his shoulders as the blond man fought to stay upright.

Sam let his hands wander round over his lover's buttocks as he sucked lightly on Chris' erection. Running his fingers down the American's lower back and then down between his buttocks produced some very interesting quivers which Sam made a mental note to investigate later. As it was he turned his full attention on the shaft in his mouth. Cupping Chris' balls in one hand he began running the other over the length of the shaft, licking the tip with his tongue. Chris tasted slightly salty and slightly of soap, which Sam didn't mind at all. Every time a throb of pleasure pulsed through Chris an answering one pulsed through Sam. The half-incubus was totally attuned to his partner.

Sam increased the pace and began stroking the sensitive skin just behind Chris' balls with one finger. Chris' groans became longer and more sustained. Sam sucked a little harder and ran his tongue down the v at the tip of Chris' erection. It took him only a second to find a rhythm that caused Chris to moan in ecstasy. As Sam moved Chris' groans fell into the same rhythm and they built in volume. The ex-SEAL's grip on his lover's shoulders was now almost painful, but it did nothing to slow Sam down. He could feel Chris' arousal growing and with it so was his. Every movement, every touch was tuned to Chris' pleasure. It didn't take long before Chris cried out and bucked under Sam's ministration. The moment the squirt of liquid hit the back of Sam's mouth he swallowed, imprinting the taste and the smell of his lover on his memory. When Sam slowly stood up Chris' legs were gratifyingly wobbly.

Chris only opened his eyes as Sam was once again face to face with him. He looked into his partner's eyes and Sam saw continuing desire shining there.

"I want you," Sam said slowly.

"Then take me," Chris replied, blue eyes dark with passion.

Before Sam could react Chris had his hands on the belt of the robe the Englishman was still wearing. It didn't remain in place long. With them both naked Sam could barely contain himself. His head was full of carnal desire and lust was warring to take away all rational thought. There was, however, a small part of his brain still functioning. Drilled into him were certain responsibilities and he fumbled in the drawer behind him. For once Sam was grateful that he liked to put things away when he arrived in hotel rooms. His hand came back with a packet of five condoms. One of Sam's life rules; always travel prepared. That left only one problem and he glanced round the room to solve that one. There was a bottle of suntan lotion on the side and he picked it up.

For a fraction of a second Sam considered the bed, but in his sex soaked brain that was far too far away. Something primal was in control of Sam and it wanted Chris there and then. Sam ran his hands over Chris' body, quickly turning him round and bending him over the padded arm of the chair. A small part of Sam was still on the look out for any objection from his partner, but there was no sign that he had any problem with the idea. Pausing momentarily Sam ripped open the condom wrapper and slipped it on, possibly the fastest application he had ever achieved. Opening the suntan lotion he covered his erection and hands in the slippery substance.

Chris tensed slightly when Sam first touched him but as the half-demon ran his slick hand between his lover's buttocks he relaxed into the attention. When Sam felt that Chris was ready he moved in, running his hands down over his companion's hips. Pushing gently, Sam found Chris' entrance and slid the tip of his shaft inside. The ex-SEAL was tight and he tensed again at the sensation. The spasm passed and Sam pushed further, sliding in and extorting a gasp from his partner. The sensation was incredible as Sam felt the experience from two angles. Being surrounded and enveloped sent shots of pleasure all over his body, but he was also aware of Chris' perspective. The world took on a luminescent quality as he let his demon emerge completely allowing his partner's experience to invade him fully. It wasn't exactly a telepathic experience, Sam couldn't read Chris' thoughts, but he could feel the sensations which flowed through his lover's body.

Sam angled carefully and pushed in completely, knowing instantly when he hit the right spot. Even if he hadn't been connected to his partner, the way Chris shuddered and gasped would have told Sam all he needed to know. Slowly he pulled out a little, aware that Chris was not quite comfortable with the intrusion, feeling everything from both angles, wanting the best for himself and his partner. Sam let his hands run over Chris' back, drawing his claws along the skin lightly leaving the barest trace of their passage. The he sunk deeper again hitting the same spot in Chris again, making them both groan in pleasure. Sam couldn't help joining his companion in vocalising his ecstasy as wave after wave of sensation over came him.

Pulling out and then plunging back in Sam began a rhythm, feeding both his own and Chris' desire. Eyes closed, head back Sam allowed his passion full reign. His breathing came hard as once more he pushed Chris towards sexual delirium, his own enjoyment building with every touch between them. Chris began to pant, his arms rigid against the chair, holding himself in perfect position. Sam could feel every breath that ran through his lover's body, every twitch of every muscle.

Gasping for air Sam opened his eyes looking down at his lover. He needed him, he craved every last inch of Chris' body. There was no longer any doubt in his mind, Sam knew exactly what he was doing and was completely sure of every move. Nothing else mattered. Not CI5, not Malone, not the world in general, all that was important Sam had with him then. Something inside him, something even more primitive than the demon instincts that had long since taken over, was completely set in its course. This was right, this was what should be and Chris belonged to Sam.

As Sam moved closer to his sexual peak so a pressure began to build inside him that had nothing to do with simple sex. At its basic level sex drove it forward, but it combined the carnal desire with dominance, protection, and every other basic instinct it could find, mixing up a soup of emotion that completely took over the half-demon. Chris cried out with each thrust, lost in the sensation and oblivious to everything else. Sam fought against the release he knew was coming for just a few seconds, holding himself and Chris back for as long as he could. Leaning forward the half-incubus reached for his lover's arm and as he thrust into Chris one final time he drew his claws across his companion's bicep.

Both men cried out and shuddered in unison and Sam let go of any control he had left. He let the sensations pour over himself opening up to Chris without doubt or conscience. Sam vaguely registered a renewed shudder from his lover and then he felt the sensations from his experience run through Chris. Without knowing quite what he was doing Sam had let Chris feel what he was feeling and Sam was struck by a feedback loop that took away any breath he had left. For a few seconds Sam didn't think it would end as his body went into spasm after spasm, each sensation going into Chris and then looping back into him, but finally the connection went dead.

Breathless and weak at the knees Sam finally came back to himself, head spinning but still intact. The first thing that Sam realised was Chris was no longer braced against the chair: his lover was sprawled over it and he wasn't moving. Suddenly worried, Sam pulled out and after getting his balance back bent down next to Chris. Still looking at his friend with demon senses Sam could feel the life flowing through his lover, but Chris was completely out for the count. Sam's eyes flicked to the three scratches clearly visible, red and vibrant on Chris' arm. Their presence made his heart beat a little faster. Without being quite sure where the instinct had come from he knew what those marks were. Chris was his and Sam had marked him to tell the world. No other could have him, not while Sam had any say. Unwilling to dwell on that prospect for too long Sam shifted his focus back to the problem at hand. Chris didn't seem to have collapsed in a particularly comfortable position so, with only a moment's hesitation; Sam pulled him into his arms.

Chris weight was nothing to Sam's incubus form and he hoisted the ex- SEAL into a very careful fireman's lift. Sam then walked to the bed and lowered his lover onto it gently. Chris was out cold and Sam wasn't quite sure how to react. He'd never actually had a partner pass out on him before and it was rather disconcerting. For a few seconds he just stood there wondering what to do and then he finally went for the practical solution. Sam dumped the used condom in the wastebasket, washed the remaining suntan lotion off his hands, put the supplies on the beside table and generally cleaned up. Without even realising it he put his demon half back in the shadows and then climbed onto the bed next to Chris. Unsure of exactly how long his lover might be dead to the world he covered them both with a sheet and waited.

Chris eventually moved about five minutes later. The ex-SEAL frowned, turned his head and slowly opened his eyes. His expression somewhat dazed Chris looked at Sam, confused.

"What happened?" he asked slowly.

"You passed out," Sam replied not particularly helpfully.

"Well duh," Chris said sarcastically, "I think I got that. I mean what happened to cause that. I mean, you're good, but something mind blowing happened at the end there."

Sam had enough presence of mind to smile at the compliment before replying.

"Feedback," he said sheepishly. "I tuned into you, felt every sensation you were feeling. I sort of lost it at the end and let you into the loop which, well, caused ..."

Sam couldn't exactly find the right words, but Chris' expression said he understood what his lover was implying. There was shock on his face for just a fraction of a second and then it resolved into acceptance and a wry smile.

"Showing off won't make me change the way I feel about you, y'know," he said lightly, "I'm madly in love with you anyway."

After a moment's hesitation Sam actually smiled as well.

"Well I aim to impress," he said playfully.

"If you'd impressed any more," Chris shot back, "my brain would have leaked out of my ears."

The ex-SEAL turned on his side to face Sam and winced slightly. Sam was instantly worried, but Chris just grinned at him.

"Need some more practice," he said lightly and then his eyes alighted on his arm.

The scratches had bled a little, but they were clear and obvious. Sam didn't really know what to say, he'd never felt so nervous in his entire life. He held his breath and waited for his lover to react. Chris just stared silently for a few moments then he looked Sam directly in the eye. The half-demon was surprised to see a look of understanding there.

"Yours forever," Chris said quietly, half statement, half question.

Sam nodded, unable to vocalise his feelings properly, unable to find the words.

"I love you," Chris continued, "and I will treasure these."

Then he leant forward and caught Sam in a kiss. Closing his eyes Sam let himself attune once more to his lover and feel the sensation from both angles. Along with it came the slight discomfort Chris was feeling, but his companion's passion sent that flying into insignificance. For those few moments until the kiss broke Sam was completely content.

"Something's bothering me though," Chris said, a very serious expression on his face.

"What?" Sam asked again a little afraid.

"So far you seem to have done all the work," Chris replied reasonably and then as Sam caught up grinned impishly.

His blue eyes lit up as he smiled and Sam was overcome with a wave of love. Then Chris lifted the cover and looked down at Sam's body.

"It strikes me I really should do some recon," the ex-SEAL said mischievously, "there's so much unexplored territory."

With that affirmation he dived under the cover. Sam didn't have long to wait before he found out exactly what Chris had decided to investigate. There was no chance this was going to be a one sided relationship.

End of Part 7