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Beg Our King

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Thorin let out a single last moan before he woke. His eyes blinked at the ceiling as his body felt hot and wanting... His eyes closed shut again as his hips thrust up into his blankets lightly. Immediately he sat up and gasped, remembering the dream with the orc. His body quivered at the thought, his hole flinching, forcing out a slight moan. He remembered the cock deep inside him... Making his whole body feel wondrous and perky... His hand unconsciously sliding up his body to fondle his nipple as he tilt his head back rocking his hips against the bed.

His mind finally snapped him out of it. AZOG! His mind screamed at himself. He cursed himself at having such a repulsive dream. His fist clenched and rammed into his thigh. A loud growl left his body as he tried to clear his mind of the pleasure he felt from the white orc. Sweat dripped down his face, landing on his thigh. He finally realized his body was slick, covered in sweat. The bed had a stain the size of his body.

Did the dream really affect his body that much? Thorin's breath's got deeper and quicker as his hole called out to him again. His mind blanked to the pale cock suffocating his mouth. Lips parting as he arched his back, eyes closed, imagining the cock entering his mouth again...

Thorin never realized there was anything inside his hole. It had gotten used to the hidden candle, cleverly holding back a vast amount of oil that teased his body in wanting more.

A hoarse and roaring yell rattled the room as Thorin gripped his legs, digging his nails into himself. His pleasure slightly subsiding and his rational mind returning slightly. He leapt off the bed and ran to a bucket of water, dunking his head inside. He kept himself there yelling at his mind, he would have drowned if he had not finally brought his head up for air. He panted looking down at his reflection, the burning light from outside shining against his flesh. He jumped back and glanced out the window. The sun had risen far beyond the horizon. He was late for his duties at the forge.

He hissed and clenched his teeth. Quickly he suited himself with his commoner clothes and took off. Never noticing what was hidden deep inside his body...

The courtyard was busy with costumers, not like the market where you cannot walk, but busy for a blacksmith. There were a few men and a few dwarves. They glanced at him as he bowed his head for his tardiness. They men responded with disgusted looks at the late dwarf and lectured him for making his customers wait. Thorin apologized again, keeping his head low. Lower than usual... It wasn't the shame of being late that made him so apologetic...

The dwarves huffed at him, or at the men... It wasn't clear. Thorin took the men's requests and blades, lining them at his table. The dwarves looked at him a little more concerned.

"Are ye alright m'lord?..."

Thorin felt more relaxed around his kin.

"Aye... There are times when the mind plays tricks while asleep..." The dwarves laughed and nodded.

"Aye the night can take ye to a place of gold or a place of fire..." They continued to chuckle amongst themselves. Thorin felt a little more at ease about his nightmare. Telling himself that his mind was just teasing him as if it were a child wanting to play with wags...

The dwarves left and Thorin began his work. As he began to hammer the heated metal in his grip, his body warmed. Not from the metal... It grew from inside, coming from his arse. A tingling sensation, as if something dripped through his cheeks over his hole. He clenched his teeth and gripped the hammer harder. He would not let himself succumb to his body's primitive desire. The hammer pounded harder, the vibration traveled through his body, gently rattling his skin. He bit his lip as a gasp tried to escape.

Thorin shifted his thighs apart, trying not to feel any friction against his hole... but also trying not to look to conspicuous to anyone who passed be the courtyard's entrance. His hips had a mind of their own and rutted against the anvil as he hit the metal again. His groin throbbing against the hard surface. Thorin was loosing control of his body. The hand holding the hammer began to shake as the dream came back to his mind. It was almost as though he could feel it again... The wet tongue deep inside him, searching for something...

His hole tightened and a low breath left his lips. He tried to fight back and grinded his teeth, but his uncontrolled hips thrust into the anvil again, making his mouth drop. The tongue delving deeper inside... Thorin tilted his head back letting out a heightened breath as his lips quivered. In a moment, so quick he couldn't respond, fingers entered his mouth. A body pressed against him. A hand slid into his breaches, grabbing his cock and rubbing it firmly. The body behind pressing its hips with a hardened point towards his hole...

Thorin moaned and sucked at the fingers that entered him. They attacked his tongue, pushing and pulling it around, making sure every part of his tongue had a taste. The bristled scratch of a beard rubbed against his neck. A hot breath closing in on his ear, and a deep, jestful, voice trying to be quiet roamed into his ear.

"Aye yer already up before the rest of us?" Dwalin teased as he pressed his mouth over Thorin's ear while his lips buzzed at him. Thorin blinked weakly, squinting to look at the dwarf beside him.

"Dwalin..." The word was muffled but the syllables were readable. Dwalin grinned and continued to tease his king.

"Yer mouth be mighty hungry right now m' king... Nay got any food this mornin'? Er maybe it be hungry for somethin' else..." Dwalin's word made his king muscles tense. The king's back arched and his hips thrust slowly against the brutes grip. Dwalin's grin grew, his tongue slicked across his lips.

"aye, is that so? Didn't think ye so wantin' today..." Dwalin licked his kings ear and then down his kings neck. Thorin squirmed against the brute keeping his body still. He didn't want to moan and whimper but his body gave in to every touch. He grunted and gasped at the tongue coated his neck. Thorin's hips rocked against the brute grip harder. He gasped out a faint groan as the hand left his cock. Thorin's tongue continued to fight against the brutes fingers.

Dwalin pushed his kings hips against the anvil and leaned against him. His hand slid between his kings cheeks, slowly trailing his finger over every nerve as he moved toward his kings hole. Thorin's gasped and sucked the fingers further into his mouth. Dwalin's grin became madly insane as he realized what his fingers found. Thorin noticed it too. As the fingers slid down his skin the feeling disappeared but the pressure was still there. That was when he felt it, the thing that was hiding inside him. Thorin gasped and quivered, wondering when that entered his body. It couldn't have been just now... he would have felt it enter...

Another gasp slid over the brute fingers as he pushed against the candle inside his king. His lips returning to the kings ear, with a more serious and lustful sound bellowing out of them.

"Didn't know that one...m' king..." The pitch in his voice raised slightly.

"Didn't think ye for one to like putting things up yer rear like that." Dwalin teased Thorin making his king panic at the thought of being that type... Thorin shook his head but the hand over his mouth held him steady, the fingers holding his tongue still now. Dwalin's voice continued to tremble his kings ear.

"Shhh its alright. every dwarf's got something he hides..." Dwalin's chuckle made Thorin jaw clench down accidentally on his fingers. Dwalin paid it no mind but continued to chuckle. His other hand continued to prod the candle into his king lightly. Dwalin's ears picked up the sound of feet closing near the gate. He removed himself from his King quickly, leaving the dwarf to pant against the anvil, holding himself up just barely. Dwalin turned around, his body blocking the view to his king.

A man entered the courtyard with a sword in toe. Dwalin approached the man bowing his head. The man didn't question who he was and just assumed Dwalin to be a smithy. He handed the dwarf his blade and took off telling him to repair it by days end. Dwalin smiled and nodded then walked back up to his king. His body leaned back against Thorin's, his mouth up to his ear again.

"Hear that? Ye got lots of work te do today... Best start working faster..." Dwalin grabbed his King's waist and thrust him upward. His cock rubbing through his breaches to his king's arse. Thorin gasped and let out a loud breath of air.

"Time te work m' king. Get goin'" Dwalin held his king's hips tight against his body, rocking against him slightly. Thorin stifled a whimper as he grabbed his hammer and began to swing at an uneven pace. His mind was too caught up in failed attempts to fight off his lust to notice Dwalin was ordering him around.

"Faster m' king, ye'll never get anything done like that." Dwalin coached Thorin through his distracting humps till his king had a firm grasp at the task at hand. Dwalin continued to tease him, brushing his beard against his kings ear everytime he spoke.

"No one would guess what we're doin from this angle... We could even get away with more..." Thorin's body tensed as he suppressed a grunt. He continued to forge the sword he was tasked with.

Dwalin's hand slipped into his kings breaches again, once again grabbing his kings hardened cock. Stroking it slow and gently... Thorin bit his lip at the feeling, trying to ignore the dwarf and finish his work. As Thorin ignored him, Dwalin would try harder to distract him. A good thrust from his hips forced his king's mouth open a release a quivered gasp.

"Shhh m' king. Wouldn't want anyone knowing what you like now..." Dwalin chuckled against his kings ear. Thorin grunted frustratingly back at him. Dwalin licked his kings ear before whispering,

"If ye beg, I'll give it to ye now so ye can work after..." He could feel his king's muscles contract at his statement. Thorin panted at the thought... Maybe just maybe... If it would release him from his lust... He parted his lips slowly and quietly whispered.


A pair of footsteps approached the courtyard again. Dwalin groaned as he could hear them make their way for the forge. He removed himself and leaned on a wall muttering to himself. A pair of men entered and made their way for Thorin, his back facing them. He leaned over the anvil and took a deep breath to regain his composure. His lust still calling out to him. If he didn't control it, he might present himself to the next person that approached...

He turned quickly in his hot sweat to face them. His movement so jarring it startled them slightly.

"Aye, yer blades are ready young masters." Thorin made his way over to grab their weapons and handed it to the men. They inspected their blades carefully and nodded.

"Fine blades master dwarf. Your craftsmanship is well worth the wait." They tossed him a pouch of gold and took their leave. Dwalin was just about to remove himself from the wall when another group of customers approached. Dwalin grunted angrily and took his leave... Planning to return later if not too late...

Thorin dealt with the rest of his customers. More came and kept him busy till mid noon. It was a slight distraction but every now and then his eyes would blink lustfully. He would always turn away, pretending to look for something as his lips parted and a quiet breath left his mouth. The candle still inside him. Holding back the oil he didn't even know about yet...

Drawing done by ladynorthstar on tumblr