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Neo Sonic Underground

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                                          Neo Sonic Underground                

Season One Prologue:

I don’t own Sonic Hedgehog or Sonic Underground they belong to Sega.


To My Loving Children:

                It has been twelve years, since I was forced to abandon you in order to fulfill the prophecy fore told by Oracle. But now the time is coming for us to reunite and put an end to our greatest nemesis. I only pray that you remain safe until our reunion. I love you all, and we will soon be free from this evil tragedy. Remember only together can we stop Doctor Robotnik and save our people.

Love Mom.

“Sonic (sniff) is there anything (sniff) else?” Sonia questions.

“Nah that’s it sis, but I wish there was.” Sonic replies.

“Come on sibs! Cheer up!” Manic hops up while twirling one of his drumsticks in his hand, “Moms told us that we’ll be rocking it with her; while kicking some serious Buttnik ass real soon!! Am I right!”

“You got that right Bro! So whatcha say Sonia, you ready to knock that fat mustache monkey on his big round ass?!” Sonic says giving a thumbs up.

Sonia looks at her brothers; then shakes her head, “Don’t you two ever use your brains?!” Sonia snaps, “If mother is going to come out of hiding soon, we have to be on our guard more than ever. Robotnik is going to do everything in his power to catch us all, and he won’t stop at nothing until he does.”

“Well, I say bring it on! We will smash Rodudotnik’s Empire, Sonic Underground Style!” Sonic happily replies.

“PRIORITY ONE HEDGEHOG! PRIORITY ONE HEDGEHOG!” A squad of SWAT Bots exclaim in a united voice.  The deadly machines land in a circle around the three hedgehog siblings.

“No time, like the present! Let’s go sibs!” Manic shouts while charging the mechanized soldiers.

“That’s the spirit!” Sonic shouts dashing behind his brother at full speed.

“You boys are nothing but trouble, but you’re right. Let’s do this!” Sonia shouts before spinning around creating her famous Sonia Twister.


Watching from a high ridge, three shadowy figures witness the fight between the two sides. “Do you think they’re ready to end Robotnik’s reign?” A female voice asks looking down at the hedgehog siblings.

“Don’t kid yourself, those three couldn’t stop a laundry truck,” a male voice comments.

“Come on, that’s a little harsh. They have been fighting here for over twelve years. I’ll give you that they are a little rough around the edges, but they do have some skills. Anyway, mom wants us to work with them,” a second male voice comments.

“I could easily kill that piece of shit Robotnik,” the first male voice laughs, but his voice grows into an angry tone as he continues with, “But, mom wants us to wait for those babies! What a joke, I have the power to destroy…”

“Stop it! You know better!” the female voice exclaims.

The male speaker turns to look at her with a smirk. She readies herself to counter her brother’s antics. “Chill out, I’m just kidding. Anyway, I’m bored of watching these amateurs,” he states walking away from the edge.

“I hope our siblings can survive until we reunite with mom,” the third voice adds following behind his brother.

“They will, but just in case, mother wants us to keep watch on them,” the female voice adds still watching Sonic, Sonia, and Manic fighting the SWAT BOTS.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?! Let’s Go!!” the first voice states with a growing irritation.

“Keep your shoes on you inpatient hedgehog,” the female voice responds walking up next to her brother, “You are just like Sonic; you can’t wait three seconds.”

A flash of black light engulfs three shadowy figures making them disappear into thin air.


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Neo Sonic Underground

Episode One: A New Secret Reveal

I don’t own Sonic Hedgehog or Sonic Underground they belong to Sega.


The ground is littered with the smoking remains of the SWAT BOTS. The three freedom fighters stand scanning over the mangled parts until Sonic and Manic jump into the air giving each other a celebrative high-five. “Oh man, we showed those dump bots who’s boss,” Sonic gloats.

“Buttnik can keep making them,” Manic starts.

Sonic finishes, “And we’ll keep breaking them!”

Sonic and Manic continue their wild laughing, joking, and dancing. All the while, Sonia leans down performing a more detailed scan of the enemy machines. “I don’t get it. Why did they attack?” Sonia questions as she grabs a piece of the broken automaton.

Sonic barely hears what Sonia says; then he walks over before asking, “What’s that Sonia. Did you say something?”

“Well,” Sonia says while she stands up and drops the broken part. For a couple more seconds, she stares at the litter on the ground; then the violet hedgehog looks at Sonic with a puzzled look on her face.

“Come on sis, out with it!” Manic pushes as he walks over to join his siblings.

“I said to myself, ‘I don’t get it. Why would they attack?’” Sonia repeats to her brothers.

“Well, that’s a no-brainer because we are who we are,” Sonic replies with a simple answer.

“That’s not what I meant, chilidog for brains!” Sonia snaps.

“Fine, why don’t you explain what you mean, miss fashion queen?!” Sonic fires right back.

“We’re over five hundred miles from Robotropolis, and according to intelligence reports, there are no targets of interest to Robotnik in this sector. Something about this doesn’t make any sense. Why send a detachment of those metal heads this far out? Add to that, after our last operation, Robotnik is consolidating all his forces around his headquarters,” Sonia explains.

“Well, maybe Buttnik sent out a secret detachment with his two brutes Sleet and Dingo,” Manic theorizes while kicking one of the smoking laser guns.

“Or maybe he was acting on the rumors that one of our training facilities was in this area,” Sonic suggests.

“I don’t know, but we need to find some answers,” Sonia orders.

“Well, the best one to go to for answers about Buttnik activity is Cyrus,” Sonic announces. Sonia and Manic nod in approval. “Alright then its juice and jam time!!” Sonic shouts with excitement. Grabbing Sonia and Manic, “SO WE’RE UP, OVER, AND GONE!!!” Sonic blasts off at full speed towards Cyrus’ hideout.


Hundreds of miles away, the Hedgehog triplets arrive at what seems to be a grove of giant oak trees that span for miles. “I never get tired of coming to this place,” Sonic smiles looking at the expanding forest.

“Enough sightseeing, Sonic let’s get going!” Sonia orders.

“No problem Sonia, so let’s burn rubber!!” Sonic says blasting off again with Sonia and Manic in tow. The blue hedgehog leaves a dust trail a mile high in his wake. Sonic flies through the woods at high speeds making sharp turns near every tree.

“Sonic Hedgehog, are you trying to kill us?!! SLOW THE HELL DOWN NOW!!!” Sonia shouts before covering her eyes at the sight of an approaching giant oak tree.

“Oh come on sis man up! I’m not going that fast, and by the way we’re here,” Sonic states coming to a screeching stop in front of a huge tree trunk.

“Yo Bro! I think you need new brakes.” Manic jokes, “Your stopping speed sucks!!”

Sonia can only roll her eyes and think, ~Why couldn’t mother have all girls, or one boy and two girls. Instead, I get two brothers with rocks for brains. ~

After joking with Manic for a few more minutes, Sonic walks to the giant tree and knocks on the wooden bark. A minute passes then a hatch next to the tree opens with a laser gun nozzle pointing out towards Sonia. “What the fuck!! Put that gun away, before you kill somebody!!” Sonia yells.

The gun is withdrawn, and Cyrus’s head pokes out; then he says with a relieved happy tone, “Sonia! Sonic!! Manic!! Thank goodness it’s you!”

“Hey Cyrus! What’s with the hostile welcome man?!” Sonic inquires.

“Not out here! Come inside quickly,” the lion motions to them. The three siblings follow him down the ladder tunnel. When they reach the bottom of the tunnel, they enter a giant room with computers, monitors, and other devices. Cyrus walks over to his chair in front of one of the giant computer screens, and he sits down at his active workstation. He then questions the three siblings, “So, what brings you three all the way back here? Last I heard, you guys were in the western quadrant.”

Sonic leans up against the keyboard panel, “Well Cyrus, we would love to know what old Buttnik is up to.”

“Well let’s just have a look,” the tech genius replies while typing on the keyboard. He pulls up the spy equipment station throughout Robotnik’s headquarters and various secret locations. The monitors pull up a video screen with multiple video feeds. One screen shows the manufacturing and assembly line for the SWAT BOTS. Another feed shows, Sleet ordering the metal soldiers to load supplies and other military weapon onto a flagship. In the last square to the right, shows Dingo running through the hallway butt ass naked.

“Ok, that is something that I could have gone without seeing,” Sonic comments feeling a wave of nausea. “So, where is Robotnik hiding? He’s not showing upon any of the spy cams.”

“This can’t be happening, Robotnik’s entire base is wired for audio and visual. How can he be missing? Maybe, he is holding up somewhere secret in the base.” Cyrus begins to panic running his hands across the keyboard. He frantically types command codes to check if all the spy equipment is functioning correctly.

“Cyrus calm down; pull up the blueprints for the base,” Sonia orders.

Cyrus takes a deep breath; then he pulls up the structural plans for the base, “Ok, this makes no sense. According to the prints, I have put cameras in every section of the base. We should be able to see everything going on, around, and in Robotnik’s base,” he testifies.

“Hey everyone check it out, Sleet is boarding that ship,” Manic reports.

“Ok, what does that have to do with finding fat ass?!” Sonic retorts.

“Well Bro,” Manic fires back with a snappy tone, “Maybe, fat ass will contact Sleet, and Cyrus can back track the signal to its source.”

“Damn Manic I’m impress! That’s a great idea,” Cyrus states.

“Way to go bro, you’re a genius,” Sonic praises while hugging Manic.

Sonia could only shake her head before she looks at Cyrus accesses the communication signal, his fingers fly over the keyboard while lines of code stream down on the monitor in front of him. “Yes! I got it! Robotnik is transmitting from inside the base, but… what in the world!?!” His eyes grow wider at the results.

“Hey, waz up!!?” Sonic inquires.

Sonia looks at the monitor, and her eyes widen as well, “Cyrus that can’t be right. The signal is going into space and according to this…”

“Yeah, plus the base is receiving as well,” Cyrus finishes.

“What, you’re kidding us!” Manic exclaims, “Who is Buttnik talking to out there?”

“I don’t know, but I’m hacking the signal. Got it!” A minute passes, and the main monitor is split into two. One side shows Robotnik talking to his monitor. On the other side, the symbol of an ‘X’ is displayed.


A deep mechanical cover voice rings out, “Robotnik, what’s the status of the planet takeover?!”

“Well master, I have the support and control of the nobles, and your influence has been spread over 30% of the…”

“WHAT! THIRTY PERCENT!! What do you mean?! Explain yourself NOW!!!” the mechanical voice yells.

“Master please,” Robotnik pleads, “It’s those damn hedgehogs they keep interfering with your plans to conquer this planet and…”

“ENOUGH!!!” the voice booms, “Are you saying all your failures are due to my plans!!”

“No master!! No your plans are fool proof,” Robotnik continues his shaken pleads, “It’s because of those hedgehogs.”

“I heard enough of your excuses number 47117. You only bring me excuses and failures. Several times you’ve had chances to capture Queen Aleena, and you failed at that as well!” the mechanical voice roars. Robotnik falls to his knees pleading over and over, ‘Please give me another chance I won’t fail you,’ but his pleads for mercy go unnoticed. “With all the resources at your disposal, you couldn’t stop three bratty-snot nose hedgehogs!! You’re a failure number 47117, and I don’t tolerate failure!!”

“Please master! My great creator please give me one more chance,” Robotnik cries out with all his might, “I WON’T FAIL YOU!!! I PROMISE!!”

“You know the price for failure number 47117. Complete DELETION!!” the voice booms, “Computer execute this trash!”

“Confirmed master!!” the computer voice responds.

A yellow beam fires from the ceiling hitting Robotnik; his body increases in size. The beam continues to focus down on the would-be world tyrant while he grows, grows, and grows. In a sickening display of agonizing pain, the super inflated Robotnik’s eyes starts to bleed out black blood. He cries out, “Please master, spare me! Let me live!! Please!!”

“You are deleted number 47117,” the mechanical voice responds.

NOOOO!!!” Robotnik shouts as his body explodes into thousands of pieces. Each piece of the exploded body splashes on different parts of the room coating it in black blood spots.

“Well, that took long enough. Begin transport,” the voice orders.

“Transporter activating,” the computer replies. A red beam of light appears in front of the monitor with a familiar figure appearing in the spot. The beam fades, and standing in the center is Robotnik.

“Activate number 47118,” the voice orders.

Robotnik’s eyes opens, and he bows before the monitor, “How may I serve you, my master?”

“Need I tell you?”

“No master, I’m aware of my mission here. To conquer the planet and add it to your glorious empire.”

“I will not tolerate any more failure,” the voice booms, “I want those busy body hedgehogs destroyed. UNDERSTAND!!”

“Consider them deleted,” Robotnik smiles, “my master.”


“What the fuck did we just see?! I mean, we saw Robotnik get blown up; then another one replaces him! How the hell is that possible?!” Manic panics watching the scene unfolding.

“We all saw it Manic, but you need to calm down!” Sonia exclaims with a shaky tone of voice and sweat dripping down her face.

“Sorry Sonia, I’m with Manic on this one. How the hell did that just happen? This shit is impossible!! We watched Robotnik get killed by whoever the fuck is on the other side of that call, but the fucker is standing right there as if nothing happened!!” Sonic panics covered in sweat.

“Maybe it was visual effect!? That has to be the only possible explanation! Yeah that’s it. It’s a trick just a monitor trick!” Cyrus tries to rationalize. Their eyes stay glued to the view screen; however, unbeknownst to anyone the data screen becomes active without any interaction from Cyrus or the hedgehog siblings.

“What are they talking about now?” Sonia questions.

“I will zoom in!”


“What is your plan, number 47118?” the mechanical voice inquires.

“My master, I will focus all my resources to the Royal Hedgehogs Children,” Robotnik answers while moving towards the computer terminal and typing in something.

“Explain,” the voice orders.

“The plan is to lure them into a false sense of security and safety. They believe that I am not aware of the freedom fighter base and the location of Sanctuary,” Robotnik states while he continues to type information to the computer terminal, “Little do they know, I have begun to feed a series of computer spy viruses into their network. Soon, I’ll have complete access and control.”

“I like it, but how will you use this to destroy the hedgehogs?” the voice questions.

“Quite easy my master, you see, since my arrival, I have been tracking a rogue signal that is monitoring our communications, and I just completed pin pointing their location,” Robotnik smiles and looks in the direction of the video device, “So you meddling hedgehogs I hope you and Cyrus have enjoyed the show. Because it will be your last. SWAT BOTS ATTACK! KILL THE HEDGEHOGS!! LEAVE NONE ALIVE!!”


“OH NO!! CYRUS CUT THE DATA LINK!!” Sonic shouts. Several large booms rock the room making the monitors shake and the image jump.  Dusk begins to fall from the ceiling onto everyone.

“Can you still hear me?” Robotnik laughs, “I will have your heads displayed for everyone to see. Afterwards, I will hunt down your disobedient hoe of a mother, and I will reunite all of you after her execution. HHAAA!!”

The three siblings look at Robotnik laughing, and their eyes burn with anger. Sonic hits the speaking button and threatens, “Robotnik, you lay a single slimy finger on our mom or those innocent kids; we will make you wish that your so-called creator never sent you here!!”

“HHHAAA!!! Like you’re in any position to make threats,” Robotnik replies still laughing.

Another boom rocks the room, Cyrus looks up at the cracking ceiling then dives for cover when a slab of solid stone comes crashing down. He is able to avoid the biggest chunk, but when it shatters into pieces on contact with the floor a resounding boom echoes in all directions. The tech genius lion is hit on the side of the head with one of the rock fragments.

“We will stop you Robotnik!!” Sonia yells with an intense look in her eyes.

Robotnik continues laughing with the mechanical voice joins in while more slabs of the roof come rocketing down.

“Ok, Buttnik this means war!!” Manic yells at the screen.

Three more blast rock the underground base shaking the room. The next explosion is so powerful that items on the shelves are sent rocketing to the floor. Robotnik and the mechanical voice continue to laugh before the next detonation blows out the viewing screen. Sonic, Sonia, and Manic dive away just in time to shield from the flying plastic shards. “Ok, time to get our asses out of here!” Sonic yells. He grabs Sonia and Manic’s wrist and dashes to where Cyrus is hiding. Sonia grabs hold of him, and Sonic takes off again just in the nick of time as another large chunks of ceiling comes falling down. Sonic races towards the escape tunnel, but a series of quick blasts collapses the entry way. The hyper blue hedgehog comes to a screeching halt. He does a quick inspection of the rubble blocking their escape; then he does a couple of quick stretches before getting into a crouching position. “Spin and win time,” Sonic goes buzzing through the rubble of the collapse tunnel easily cutting the falling debris in front of him.

“Way to go Bro!” Manic cheers while following behind his blue brother. They reach the end of the hallway and see the steel door leading outside. Three back to back explosions rock the newly cleared tunnel, and a second later the echoing sounds of the underground base races towards them. Manic and Sonic wastes no time grabbing hold of the steel wheel and twist to the left to open the door. They get the door a quarter way open when a gust of strong air from the collapsing base pushes through the tunnel and sends the four of them flying out past the door in a giant plume of smoke.

They land about five feet away from the door coughing and wheezing as they attempt to clear their lungs of dust. However before they can get their bearings, they find themselves surrounded by thousands of SWAT BOTS. “On your feet sibs, we got a fight on our hands!!” Sonic rubs his hand over his medallion. In a flash of blue light, Sonic’s guitar appears; he strokes the strings making music ring out.

Sonia hops to her feet and rubs her medallion. A flash of violet light appears then quickly fades to reveal Sonia holding her portable keyboard. Sonia runs her fingers over the keys going from low to high pitch.

Manic does a spin-o-roundie to his feet and rubs his medallion. A green flash shines out; then a giant set of drums appear. He hits the drums and beats out a quick drum solo. “All right, let’s trash these metal rejects!!”

“Rock on Sonic Underground!!” Sonic shouts charging into the sea of metallic soldiers firing his Blue Laser in every direction, “Come on you rust buckets show me what you got!”

Sonia transforms her keyboard into her Laser Rifle and begins one after another shooting the heads off of the robots. “This is too easy, it’s like being in a shooting gallery,” Sonia smiles as she picks off seven more SWAT BOTS back to back.

“Alright you dumb bots here’s a song I wrote just for you. One, Two, Three!!!!” Manic shouts out; then he begins to bang on the drums wildly causing the earth under the SWAT BOTS to open up swallowing the machines.





The royal hedgehogs wage a fierce battle against Robotnik’s forces. Sonic speeds pass the SWAT BOTS in a blue streak. Seconds later, a string of explosions erupt in a continuous wake. Sonic smiles as he dodges attack lasers left and right. Meanwhile, Sonia takes aim and downs another fifty of the attacking robots with ease. Manic releases another destructive drum solo; the earth opens around two hundred of the marching machines and engulfs everything within its mouth.          

Cyrus fires his laser gun destroying any approaching enemies from Sonia’s rear flank. “Damn how many of these things did Robotnik send?! They seem endless!!” He hears jet engines getting closer to approaching their position. He looks to the sky and begins to stagger backwards dropping his gun. Cyrus’s eyes fill with fear and terror every second he continues to look up at the sky. ~This… this can’t be happening how and where? Sonia… Sonia,~  his mind screams. “SONIA!! SONIA!! MANIC!!” the teenage lion shouts running to their locations.

Sonia looks up hearing her name being shouted. She sees Cyrus running while frantically waving his arms. Sonia yells out, “Cyrus, what are you doing? Why are you…” Cyrus reaches Sonia and points to the sky. “Sonia look! Damn it just look!!” Sonia looks up and she begins to cry. “How can we defeat this?! Manic!!” She screams.

Manic hears Sonia panic state and looks up. He unwillingly drops his drum stick; then his mouth drops wide open in disbelief. ~We are so FUCKED! If we don’t get out here, now!~ Manic thinks. He looks in the direction Sonic is fighting in and yells, “SONIC! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE! NOW!!!”

Sonic just manages to dodge a spread of laser beams from the enemy robots. His ears shoot up hearing Manic’s distress call. “Destroy! Destroy!!” A SWAT BOT exclaims while firing at the young blue prince. “AAHHH!!” Sonic screams feeling his shoulder get burnt from the laser shot. “You’ll pay for that you piece of SHIT!!” Sonic yells running at the attacking robot. He fires his guitar directly into the robot’s face blowing its head off. Sonic grips his shoulder feeling the intense pain emitting from the burnt flesh and fur. “Fuck that shit stings. OH NO!!” Sonic cries rushing towards the others. He gets within sight of everyone, and he sees what they are looking at in the sky. “This can’t be happening!! How Robotnik get so many?”

In the sky, billions of SWAT BOTS fly in the air eclipsing the sun. Suddenly, millions of the deadly machines break away from the main horde and angle downward straight towards the battleground. The four freedom fighters can only watch as the over whelming number of machines create a complete encirclement around them. The SWAT BOTS leave a 150 foot diameter around the heroes while all of them repeat the same word with a deafening tone.




Sonic shakes his head to clear out the shock overwhelming him, and stares at the impossible number of enemies around them.


Sonic can only think ~This can’t end like this~


~We come too far to let it end here~


~All those who gave their freedom and lives to protect us~


~The lives we protected!~


~Our people, who cry for justice!~


~We can’t let their sacrifice go to waste!~


~No, we can’t stop here!~



“RIGHT SONIC!! LET’S DO THIS!!” Sonia yells in response.

“AALLLRRRIGHHT SIBS!! LET’S TRASH SOME SWAT BOTS!!” Manic yells grabbing his drumstick.

“I’M WITH YOU, YOUR MAJESTY!!!” Cyrus shouts aiming his gun.

“SWEET!! LET’S DO THIS!!” Sonic shouts smiling.


The freedom fighters launch attack after attack destroying SWAT BOT after SWAT BOT, but with the destruction of one robot; five more bots replaces the fallen. The battle last for hours till the four freedom fighters collapse to their knees from exhaustion. Thousands of the deadly machines remain surrounding them, but the enemies stand there never breaking the 150 encirclement.

“I can’t… this can’t be happening!!” Manic screams.

“Well it is!! We need help!” Sonia cries out.

“What do we do now!? Sonic!!” Cyrus begs.

Sonic pounds his fist into the ground, “I’m sorry guys,” he starts to tear up. “MOM WE NEED HELP!!” Sonic screams as the SWAT BOTS move in closer. Suddenly, a blinding flash of light appears in front if the weaken warriors. “Mom?” Sonic struggles to see.

“You three are pathetic!” a deep voice states.

“What!” Sonic exclaims when three cloaked figures appear in front of them.  Sonia, Manic, and Cyrus look up to see the three figures poised for battle.

“Who are you?” Sonia questions.

“Were not her to talk stupid,” the deep voice figure states.

“Don’t be rude!” a female voice injects.

“No time to argue guys!” another male voice figure exclaims.

*Huh* the first cloaked male voices. He turns to face the mechanized menaces; then places his hand over his chest. A flash of black light emanates in all directions; then a black bass guitar appears with a strange but familiar shape. The next cloaked figure rubs his hand over his chest making a silver flash of light radiate around him. The light creates a silver violin floating in the air with a lite green aura outlining the instrument. The female figure turns around; then looks at Sonic and them. Her face is still shrouded in shadow while she says in a calm renewing voice, “Don’t worry, you four have done enough for now. Leave the rest to us.” She reaches into her cloak to reveal a similar looking medallion. The cloak hedgehog rubs the crystal shaped instrument creating a brown flash of light which transforms into a flute.

“If you’re done nursing the babies, let’s fuck these bots up!!” the deep voice yells.

“Oh shut up!” the female figure voice orders. “Spirit Swords!” she calls out while splitting the flute in half that become two shining energy swords. She launches herself at the machines while shouting, “DIVINE SLASHER!” Multiple explosions erupt from the SWAT BOT Army.  A third of the metal warriors are destroyed in an instance.

“Leave some for me,” the male voice whines. “Now, listen to my, Psychic Rhapsody!” The figure begins to float in the air while his violin plays. Waves of lite green energy come flowing out into the machines. It causes the robots to move in an erratic fashion which results in another series of explosions in Robotnik’s forces. Sonic and them are hard-pressed to believe that another third of the enemy forces are wiped out in the blink of an eye.

“Play time is over!!” the deep voice yells, “Chaos Wave!!” He strums his guitar blasting a wave of black energy destroying the remaining forces. All three instruments return in a flash of light. “Well, that was a waste of time. Let’s go,” the deep voice states. The other two nod their heads and start to walk away.

“Wait!” Sonic cries out while working his way to his feet. “Thank you, but who are you and where did you get those medallions?!”

“We don’t have time for this. Go and get another bottle to suck on. We’re done here!” the deep voice comments.

“Do you have to be such an asshole,” the female figure states. She looks at the weaken freedom fighters and says, “Listen, we’ll meet again and everything will become clear, but until then I recommend you go save your friends and innocent children.” With those last words, the three cloaked figures disappear in a flash of black light.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sonic inquires while rubbing his wounded shoulder.

“Sonic remember Robotnik has access to everything!!” Cyrus screams. “So, he plans to hit the place that will break the will of the freedom fighters.”

“NOO!! He can’t!!” Sonia says with a great amount of fear in her voice.

“But he will!!” Manic exclaims while hitting the ground.

“Sanctuary!” Sonic states. 

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Now available Episode Two: Sanctuary Lost              




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Neo Sonic Underground

Episode Two: Sanctuary Lost

I don't own Sonic Hedgehog or Sonic Underground they belong to Sega.

"We got to get moving!" Sonic states, but when he starts to speed off but falls to ground cradling his leg sc reaming, "Ouch! SHIT!" Sonic looks at his knee seeing another burn mark on his blue pants. Sonia and Manic race over to him to Sonic to his feet.

"Sonic when did you get hit?" Sonia asks.

Manic jumps in, "It must have been during all the crazy shit with the SWAT BOTS and those hooded guys. The real question is…"

"Come on guys we have no time talk about this now!" Sly shouts. He runs to another tree close to the collapse tunnel. He lifts the side of the bark revealing a control panel, and presses a series of button making the ground shake as it opens revealing an underground hanger. "Help Sonic onboard I have to grab something critically important!" Sly orders.

Sonia and Manic help Sonic onto the ship. "Manic this way," Sonia points down the collider, "we'll put Sonic in sickbay, so the med bot can fix him." Manic nods in approve.

"I'm fine this is nothing I'm ready to go!" Sonic says while struggling with his sibling to be let go.

"Oh yeah bro," Manic smirks, "then how does this feel." Manic slaps Sonic's knee.

"AAAHHH!" Sonic screams in pure pain as tears form in his eyes and his whole body go limp.

"Just as I thought," Sonia snaps, "You're going to sick bay and no excuses." The pain emitting from the injury wavering Sonic hangs his head down and softly replies, "Ok you win." Then Sonic slightly turns his head towards to Manic, "but bro you do that shit again and I will fucking knock the green off your fur."

"Oh shut up Sonic!" Sonia yells at him hitting the same spot making Sonic scream in another tearful agony.

Sly enters the bridge seeing Sonia and Manic at the monitoring stations, "Are you ready?" Sly questions.

"Yeah! How long will it take to get to Sanctuary?" Sonia replies. Sly flips switches making the engines power up with light hum. The HUD comes to life in front; then Sly pushes to throttles up causing the engines become louder and the ship begins to vertically in the air. "I don't know about five to seven hours." Sly answers.

"Seven hours!" Manic shouts, "Buttnik's mechs will have fucking raped the place by that time!"

"Don't you think I know that!" Sly fires back as the ship reaches high enough and goes soaring through the sky at break neck speeds. "I'll do what a can to get us their faster; meanwhile radio to Sanctuary to start evacuations."

Sonia nods and activates the comlink, "Sonia Hedgehog to Sanctuary. Come in Sanctuary! Come in Sanctuary! This is an emergency alert!" Sonia repeats over and over. Ten minutes pass and Sonia still sends out warning massages. "Come on Sanctuary response," she murmurs to herself. "Sly!" she looks up, "I'm not getting anything. Could the bots have already reached Sanctuary?"

"No," he replies, "a force that big can't move that quickly. They at most have a three hour jump on us."

Manic injects, "Then why aren't they responding?"

"I don't know, but keep sending out the emergency call. They have to answer or..or..or," Sly slightly lowers his head.

"Sanctuary is doomed," Manic finishes with a weaken voices.

Sonia goes back to repeating the emergency call over and over. Another thirty minutes pass with still no reply to the call. "I don't get it everything it working properly and systems show that the signal is being received, but still no response," Sonia's eyes shots wide open. She springs up with her eyes filling with anger and disgust. "SON OF A BITCH!" she shouts while snatches off her headpiece and throws to the ground.

"Sonia?" Manic and Sly spin around looking at the female hedgehog.

"Listen!" Sonia states pushing the speaker button.

A familiar voice rings out from the speakers. "Muh ah ha ha ha! So the young hedgehogs look to warn Sanctuary about my little visits and plan to remodel the place. Well that will just not do. You don't want ruin the surprise, and the little kids will make fine robot workers!" Robotnik voice filled glee menace, "I mean this place needs some major cleaning, and I will work my new workers to the bolts. Muh ah ha ha!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Manic yells shutting down the com-link, "Damn we really are in some shit sibs with no way of contacting Sanctuary."

"They are completely defenseless," Sly states.

Sonia sits back in her chair and leans back to look up at the roof as she adds, "We're powerless. There nothing we can do. Robotnik won. He fucking won!" she shouts slamming her hand on the arm rest.

"No he hasn't won. Not yet!" a voice rings out, "and he never will as long as we live." They all turn to find Sonic leaning against the door fame for support and gripping his bandaged arm. "Alright Sly push this thing to the max, and get us to Sanctuary ASAP! We have a battle to win and innocents to save. LET'S DO IT SONIC UNDERDGROUND!"

"Don't tell me you're just going to sit there!" the female voice yells.

"Matter of fact," the deep voice retorts, "that's exactly what I plan to do."

"What!" the other male voice interjects, "You can't be serious. Those are innocent children and you plan to sit by and watch them die. What the hell is the matter with you brother?"

"Look the brats are on the way to save day," the deep voice gives a cocky response.

The female's lite-brown aura begins to flare up and she angry shouts, "THEY WONT MAKE IT IN TIME TO SAVE ANYONE! SO WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING THOSE ARE OUR PEOPLE AND WE HAVE A DUTY TO PROTECT THEM!"

"She right brother," the other male voice states, "if Robotnik destroys Sanctuary then you know what will happen right brother."

"Damn!" the deep voice replies.

"Then we should get going," the male voice states walking closer to his hooded brother.

"No! I'll already have to do enough for him later no," the deep male voice gets up and walks away from his sibling, "that brat is going to have live with what happens."

The female stumps her foot on the ground over and over while screaming, "You are stuck and ASSHOLE!"

The other male places a hand on her shoulder saying, "Sister we don't have time to waster on him. He is going to be stubborn regardless of what we say. Let Go!"

She takes a deep breath letting her aura calm down. She looks at other brother nods her head and calls out, "CHAOS CONTROL!" and in a flash of light they gone.

"Targets within firing range," the robot pilot reports.

"Excellent," Sleet replies, "Open a com-link to base."

"Understood," another robot responses activating the com-monitor. Seconds later Robotnik appears on the main screen.

"Your Ruthlessness, we are in range of Sanctuary." Sleet reports.

"Very well crush the rebellion's hopes and dreams, and bring me my new slaves," Robotnik laughs, "Begin the operation immediately!"

Sleet springs from his command chair and stand at attention saying, "Right away you Evilness and may I add you have…"

"Shut Up! And get busy you idiot! The hedgehogs are on their way, and I want them to see nothing but rumble. Leave none unrobotized." Robotnik orders, "And if you fail I will robotize you myself!" then the screen goes back to outside view.

~Damn that fat ass blimp! Knowing Dingo he'll fuck us over one way or the other,~ Sleet thinks while sitting down.

"Sir! Frontal ships report they are taking fire," the robot pilot reports.

"Well looks like they are going down fighting. This is going to be too easy," Sleet begins to laughing. "All ships open fire! Destroy them!" From above millions of lasers blasts rain down on the mountain side causing rocks to fly through the air and the mountain's surface seems to crumb down. Several ships break away from the fleet and land near the base of the mountain. The ramps drop down and legion after legion of SWAT BOTS exit ships till the whole ground around the mountain is filled with a sea of SWAT BOTS. The machines march forward forming a giant encirclement. They lift their arms pointing their blasters towards the mountain base and open fire and huge dust ring rises from the walls of the base. Shots ring out from the mountain, but the SWAT BOTS fire out a thousand times more shots.

"Sir all lines are advancing," the monitoring robots reports, "and we are receiving minimum resistance."

"Crush Them!" Sleet orders. The command chair monitor activates and Dingo appears, "What is it now Dingo?" Sleet fires out, "You remember the plan right?"

"Uhh?" Ding replies.

"Ah!" Sleet growls smacks his forehead, "You idiot! I'll explain it again now listen. You will go inside and begin to round up all the children, and start to robotize them. Then you will transport them to Doctor Robotnik."

"Rriigghhtt. And what about you?" Dingo asks.

Sleet rubs his temples and says, "I will stay her and provide air cover, so when the hedgehogs get her I will shoot them down. Understand Now!"

"Yep I think I got it," Dingo responses.

"Then get going!" Sleet shouts. "Now hedgehogs do hurry to your doom. Ah ha ha!" Sleet laughs loudly into the air.

Fire burns all around him in a ring while the sky is pitch black. The flames reach for what seems forever but there is not heat. He sees a figure laying on the ground face down. He runs to the figure while, shouting, "Hey are you alright? Can you hear me?" Closer to the corpse, he stops dead in his tracks covering his mouth in shock at the figure lying before him and starts crying out, "No, no, no, no, no, no ,no! This can't be. SONIA!"

"Shhon…Shionic," a voice tumbles to get out then another figure falls to the ground.

Sonic looks up from Sonica bloody battered corpse with tears running down his face, and his eyes grow wide when his recognizes the figure. "Manic," Sonic says softy as he stands to his feet.

"MANIC!" Sonic shouts running to his brother's body. "Manic! Manic!" Sonic cries out sliding in to cradle his sibling. Blood runs from the wounds in his chest, head, and arms. "Come bro open your eyes. Come on open your eyes please! Don't die on me!"

A small whisper leaves his mouth. Sonic leans down to only hear, "Sorry bro; we weren't strong enough." Then Manic body goes completely limp.

"Damn it! Why is this happening!" Sonic screams into the dark flame engulf sky.

"Sonic! Sonia! Manic!" a female voice cries out.

"Mom," Sonic looks around, "Mom where are you?"

"Sonic!" Aleena yells out and starts running to him, but another figure materializes behind her cloaked in darkness clinching an item in it hand.

"MOM WATCH OUT!" Sonic screams out and drops Manic and runs to her, "MOM GET OUT THE WAY! RUN PLEASE!"

*Bang* *Bang*

Queen Aleena falls limp to the ground. The figure stands there pointing a gun at the fallen queen. "No stop! Please stop!" Sonic cries for mercy.

Bang* *Bang* Two more shots ring out into the pitch black fire engulf sky.

A figure begins to laugh uncontrollably as the woman falls before him. Sonic reaches towards his murdered mother as tears fall like stars from his eyes. Sonic thinks, ~wait that laugh I know that laugh,~ "Shut the hell up Robotnik!" Sonic shouts to the flame engulf sky.

"And what are you going to do about it!" Robotnik retorts walking through walk of flames.

"I'll fucking kill you!" Sonic yells charging at him but his attack goes through him. Again and again sonic lashes out attack after attack but no harm comes to this enemy.

"Ha ha! Is that's the best you've got!" Robotnik criticizes.

"Dammit I can't beat him I'm... I'm not strong enough," Sonic says collapsing to his knees.

"You're right,"Robotnik comments, "and you never will be. I'll kill your brother! I'll kill your sister! And your mother! Now it's your turn," he points the gun at Sonic. "Join your family in hell!" Suddenly a dark aura figure appears near Sonic and grabs Robotnik's hand gun and says with a darker, stronger, bolder, and more animalistic version of Sonic's voice, "You go first you piece of shit!" Then five beams of purplish light come following his giant sharpened claws and sliced through the round doctor sending him in strips to the shadows. The figure's shadow covered face looks down at sonic on his knees and says, "You are pathetic I should kill you now, but that will do neither of us any good. Look at me!"

Sonic looks up at the bluish gray aura and it says, "If you want to become stronger break the seal and unleash our true rage. Only you can free me and together we will unleash our true power!" That was its final words before the aura fades away.

Sonic slowly opens his eyes and grabs his head, "Man I had it feels like Manic is using my head for a drum," Sonic states while continuing to rub his temples to create some relief.

"Well if you keep doing stunts like that I might make sure he beat some sense into you!" Sonia threatens as she goes to his bedside. "So chilly dog for brains do you feel any better?"

"I guess so," Sonic says with a puzzled look. "What happened? Last thing I remember was being on the bridge then I wake up here."

"You were" Sonia smiles "then *snap* like that you passed out"

"What about sanctuary?" Sonic asks.

"Still nothing nobody Robotnik is jamming our signal," Sonia looks down and frowns "but what really gets me is we haven't received any signals from them. I guess that means everyone is robotized by now."

"No! They will not go down without a fight," Sonic holds up his fist up, "neither will we. We still can protect the survivors! Right Sis!"

"Well," Sonia looks up, "We'll know in an hour so save your strength," she smiles and walks out.

"Hey med bot," Sonic calls out.

"Yes," it responses

"What is my status and can I get something for the pain?" Sonic requests.

"Affirmative," it response "status of patient... processing... processing... processing complete. Patient is at operational status."

"Good," Sonic says getting up from his bed, "let me have the meds I need so I can..." he is cut off hearing the med bot

"Warning! Warning! During recovery unknown metamorphic occurred," med bot pronounces.

"Is it dangerous?" Sonic inquires taking the painkillers

"Unknown still computing data."

"Then I'll worry about it later," Sonic says dashing off.

"Warning! Metamorphosis is at 30%," the med bot states, but sonic is long gone.

Oracle's Cave

The little green hooded man sits at his table leaving his hands around his crystal ball making a magical sparkling pink mist swirl inside the orb. Oracle stares deeply into sphere. "Ah!" He says seeing a vision of the future. "Your Highness it is good to see you again," Oracle states looking up at the door to see the purple hedgehog wrapped in her red cape.

She smiles and walks to the table, "Oracle I sense a change in Sonic. His powers are awakening and soon they will both be unleashed," Aleena sits down at the table facing Oracle, "will they be able to control their powers?"

Oracle waves his hands around his crystal ball to activate its mystical powers, "Both Sonics will lose themselves if their powers remain on check."

"Just as I feared," Aleena comments reaching into her cape and pulls out a blue square case with the symbol of Sonic's medallion on top, "This must be delivered to Sonic at the right time."

"Agreed," Oracle responses.

Queen Aleena waves her hand over the case saying an enchantment making the symbol glow if purplish and blue color. "I will leave the rest to you Oracle," she states sitting to case on the table and stands. Aleena turns around and walks away; she looks and stops at the door puts her hood up, "Oracle once my children have completed the battle at sanctuary. Tell them to meet me at the outskirts of Robotropolis. It is time for this struggle to come to an end," Aleena orders.

"I understand and will obey your highness," Oracle stands and bows to her, "Robotnik's reign will end in three days and the Council of Four will rule strong."

Sonic dashes onto the bridge and shouts, "I'm back!" Everyone looks at Sonic and smiles seeing the cobalt hedgehog back in fighting form.

"Well bro ready to kick some SWAT bot ass!" Manic says while fist bumping Sonic.

"Hell yeah!" he responds.

"Standby to land," Sly orders.

"Roger that!" Sonia replies.

"So early," Manic states.

"Yeah," Sonia answers, "unless you want to fly into countless SWAT BOTS."

"No thanks," Manic childishly states.

Sonic balls of his fist and say with a deep dark voice "I think it sounds like fun Ha Ha Ha!"

Sonia and Manic turn and stare directly at their brother after hearing what he said

"Sonic are you whacked in the head? If we pull that stunt we will get slaughtered!" Sonia comments.

"PHTH!" Sonic remarks turning his nose up, "If one is too weak to fight and they should lie down and die like the piece of shit they are!"

Sonia and Manic rise to their feet and look at Sonic with a puzzled expression. They continue to look deeper into his eyes and now see that his eyes transform from a light in green to a dark emerald green with slit pupils.

"Sonic" Sonia says with a growing unnerve feeling, "are you feeling okay? You don't sound like yourself."

"And bro you don't look like yourself when you start getting so fluffy," Manic adds, "and what the hell is going on with your eyes?"

"You green quill idiot! My eyes have been this way since I was born. I will tear those SWAT BOTS to pieces!" He finishes turning around and walks out laughing once more.

"Okay what was that and more important who the fuck is that?" Sonia turns to Manic with a confused look

"I have no idea Sis, but that is not the Sonic we know," Manic responses.

"We'll be landing in T -5," Sly calls out

"Gotha you!" they respond going to their stations.

A green or glows brightly as it flows towards a hooded figure stands near the edge of a high cliff. "What do you want now Oracle?" the deep voice hedgehog questions.

The orb glows brighter until the figure of Oracle appears, "Young Prince, why do you not aid your siblings?"

"I don't have time to ways on those snotty nosed brat. Besides they should be capable of handling things by themselves." He answers.

"Ah! That is where you are wrong they are in more danger than you think." Oracle retorts.

Hooded hedgehog turns around to look at Oracle, "What are you talking about fat ass is still in Robotropolis and if you're talking about his two stooges you're crazy they are as dangerous as a cold."

"Once again young master you are mistaken the danger does not come from robot or his henchmen," Oracle comments.

"Then who?" The hooded hedgehog demands with the growing tone of aggravation.

"Your brother Sonic."

"What that Faker! He is harmless!" he fires back.

"Young master," Oracle states with a mysterious tone, " You are well aware that Sonic is both blessed and cursed when he was born. Now he is coming to the crossroad where he will either journey to the stars then restore the great legacy of them Royal Hedgehog Family and Mobius Empire or leave us all to destruction."

"So what does that have to do with me," he states.

"Everything because you will choose his path," Oracle retorts.

"WHAT!" he yells.

"It is quite simple young master you will choose whether or not Sonic protect and saves us or if he will blight on the universe. You make the choice," Oracle states reaching into his row and pulling out the case Queen Aleena gave him earlier. "Inside this case is a special device meant for Sonic, but you choose if he receives it or not. If you decide to save Sonic speak the incantation." he hands the case to the hooded hedgehog. "Good luck Prince Shadow Hedgehog may you choose wisely."

Then Oracle steps back and revert back into a green orb and flys away.

Shadow remains standing there with the case in head. "Damn it mom! You're forcing me to save him."

"No Shadow," a voice rings out behind from him. Shadow twists around to see his mother Queen Aleena floating in front of him, "I would never force you to do anything."

"Then why do you need this!" Shadow shouts.

"Because you are the only one who can activate it, and it only will activate if you truly want to save your brother. Shadow I know you have hate and anger towards your father and me, but I beg of you please don't take your anger out on Sonic, Sonia, or Manic. Shadow please save Sonic!" Aleena begs before she disappears into thin air.

"Shit I have no other choice," Shadow states "CHAOS CONTROL!"

This ship lands about 20 to 25 miles away from Sanctuary. Sonic, Sonia, and Manic stand outside looking at the massive amount of forces Robotnik has deployed. Sonic puts on a devilish grin while looking at the devastation. While Sonia is rolling out her bike, she sees Sonic grinning and turns to look at Manic walking down the ramp. "Manic, Sonic has a strange look on his face, and call me crazy but when it's sonic canine get so big?" Sonia says.

Manic looks at his brother and says, "You're not crazy sis. Sonic does look weird and you're not just kidding about the teeth and eyes, but look at his fur it like it's changing color."

Sonia nods in agreement and turns to look at Sonic and called out, "Sonic are you okay?"

"I've never been better Sonia. I don't know about you, but I am just itching to start tearing sh*t apart. Ha ha ha ha ha!" Sonic laughs holding his fist in front of him.

Sonia and Manic walk up beside Sonic and each put a hand on his shoulder. "Sonic you're beginning to scare us," Sonia states. "Yeah bro you don't normally talk like that," Manic add.

"Sonic please just tell us if there is something wrong," Sonia pleas.

Sonic shakes his head then moves his hand to his forehead." Sorry Sonia, I... I... I think I'm just a little tired," He says in his normal tone of voice.

"Maybe you should stay behind if you're not well bro," Manic suggests.

"No, no I'll be fine we have to stick together if we want to stop Sleet and Dingbat. Besides maybe I'm going through puberty," Sonic smiles.

"Damn I hope when I start I don't get as crazy and moody as you bro. ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Manic jokes.

"Right! We got people to save, bots to trash, and tunes to play. Ready

Sonic Underground!" Sonic announces with a thumbs up to Sonia and Manic.

"Yeah let's do it!" Sonia smiles

"Time to put lay-down some serious tunes sibs!" Manic twist his drumstick.

"Let's juice and jam sibs!" Sonic states taking off running follow up by Sonia and Manic.

Sly watches from the bridge and says, "Good luck guys."

The three heroes race towards a tree line on the west side of the mountain. They enter the woods and quietly scope the area seeing countless numbers of SWAT BOTS guarding the perimeter of the mountain waiting for any sign of movement while another squad of bots surrounded the large portable robotizer.

"Well guys what do you think?" Sonic whispers. Sonia quietly says," This is bad. They have what seems like it fifty SWAT BOTS for every one person is sanctuary."

"Okay that's good to know, but what about everyone inside? What happened to them? I don't see one robot size person. I mean you think there will be someone fighting, "Manic claims.

"True that bro. It's quiet. Too quiet!" Sonic states.

"They must be in the inner sanctum." Sonia comments

"That makes sense protocol is if Sanctuary comes under attack everyone is to be sent there for protection," Sonic recites.

Little did that hedgehog trio know a glowing red light and camera observe them as they talk.

"Okay so what's the plan sibs?" Manic jumps in.

"Well our main goal is to get everyone out, but with the forces surrounding the area that's going to be impossible." Sonic states and looks at Sonia, "Sis did they finish the emergency launch system?"

Sonia's face brightens up and says, "Yeah they did finish it all four launch tunnels are set and ready." Still remaining concealed Sonia stands up and starts to point out. "There are four underground launch tubes one the north, south, east, and west. All the ships launch from the inner sanctum and we can choose which to launch from." Sonia glances at the ships in the sky and smirks." We also have another advantage our ships are three times faster than Robotink's junk piles. Yet they can also carry enough people in one load to evacuate the inner sanctum. But the moment we open the tunnel of doors they will swarming with SWAT BOTS."

"That gives me an idea. Sonia did you bring the charges with you?" Sonic smirks.

"Yeah wait what you are cooking inside up?" Sonia glances at sonic. ~Wow!~ Sonia thinks staring at Sonic, ~his fur has gone from colbot blue to gray-blue and the tips of his quails have gone white. This has got to be more than puberty.~

Sonia is snap out of her thoughts when Sonic says, "Sonia how many did you bring?"

"50 I think."

"Okay here's the plan Sonia while Manic and I wreak havoc on these dumb bots. You go set the charges at the robotizer on the east side. Then you head inside of Sanctuary and have them be ready to launch from the north tunnel. Once the ship is away Manic and I will bug out. How does that sound?" Sonic explains.

Manic looks at Sonic and smiles, "The chance to make to rock out, smash some bots, and save the day I'm in. Let's do it!"

Sonia smiles," I like it! What's the signal for launch?"

"When the charges go, have them open all the tunnels then punch it." Sonic smirks, "okay let's get ready."

"Sonniah," a voice with an Australian accent calls out.

Sonia looks around at sonic and says, "Sonic are you catching a cold or something?"

"No!" Sonic replies.

"Then you Manic?" Sonia turns to the green hedgehog.

"Nah sis. I'm healthy as can be," Manic response.

"Ok then who just called my name?" Sonia inquires.

"Not me!" the boys reply in unison.

"Sonniah!" the voice rings out agian.

"See there it goones..." Sonia stops in mid sentence looking at her brothers.

"Prettiey Sonniah!" the voice announces.

Sonic Manic Sonia twist around to see hundreds of SWAT BOTS and Dingo aiming laser guns at them. "Ha ha! Sonniah don't move ha ha! Put your hands! Take that!" Dingo orders

The SWAT BOTS grab the royal hedgehogs and force them to the command ship. They quickly make their way to the bridge where Sleet sits watching the view screen.

"Heh heh!" Sleet laughs standing up from the command chair, "Looks like we caught something after all. Now this trip wasn't a complete waste of time. Dingo take them to the robotizer!"

"Geeh Sleet we're going to do it here?" Dingo ask.

"Yes you mush for brains. We can't take the risk of them coming up with some plan to escape. Besides round ass wants them dealt with on site. Besides as much as these three have fucked with me and made me look like a fool I want my just revenge," Sleet replies.

"Well you can't fix shit if it was shit to start with!" Sonia shouts.

"Shut up you bitch maybe I should take my anger out on you! Yeah I should do just that." Sleet grins with a lustful look in his eyes at Sonia.

"What the fuck are you thinking Sleet?" Sonic yells. "Dingo take them I'll meet up with in a minute," Sleet orders.

"Ok Sleet," he responses.

Dingo forces the hedgehogs out of the bridge and towards the a room near the rear of the ship. They enter a large room with a platform in the center of the room. "Take Sonic and Manic over there and chain them up. I'll hold on to Sonniah!" Dingo states.

A moment later Sleet walks in and moves towards Sonia. The male hedgehogs can only rattle their chains and watch as Dingo holds Sonia. Sleet grabs her chin and forces her to look at him, "It will be such a shame to let this beauty go unspoiled into the rotorizer. Right Dingo," Sleet grins.

"Right Sleet," Dingo replies with droll coming from his mouth.

"You fuckers leave my sister alone!" Manic shouts "That's exactly what we're going to do fuck her!" Sleet laughs as Dingo forces Sonia to him.

"No don't! Please don't!" Sonia cries with tears streaming down her face. "I beg of you don't do this please AHH!" she screams as Dingo rips off her clothes and bra only leaving her pink panties."Leave me alone!" She cries again. Dingo begins to rub her well-developed breasts and she shouts out with all her might, "STOP IT!"

" Shut up!" Sleet yells slapping her face leaving a big red-mark,"you're going to love this." He laughs grabbing in pitching her breasts.

"Sonic Manic *sob* anyone help *sob* please!" Sonia cries, "Mom please *sob* help I don't want this!"

"Leave her alone you pieces of shit!" Manic yells and turns to look at Sonic, "Sonic we got to do something. Sonic! Sonic! Sonniicc!"

~See you are not strong enough to do it! You can't even save our sister from these two pieces of shit,~ A dark and powerful voice states.

~What can I do; I have to save our sister!" Sonic cries out.

~Unleash me! Break the seal and together we can save Sonia and put these pieces of shit in the ground do it!~ the voice commands ~Unleash you~


~Break the seal~


~Combine our powers~


~Save our sister~

~Come on enough waiting do it!~

Sonic starts to growl at the two assaulting his sister, "Put her down!"

"What," Sleet mocks grabbing Sonia's breast again.

"I said put her down or I'll kill you!" Sonic growls.

"You and what army?" Sleet fires back while slapping Sonia once more making her scream in pain. "

"Die! I will kill you!" Sonic screams suddenly a whirlwind of blue purple energy surrounds him, "I will kill you all!"

~Say it Sonic!~ The voice commands

"Werehog trans...form...a...tion!" Sonic screams as the energy surrounding him explode in all directions knocking down everyone. Sonic gloves tear off into pieces and his arm grows very fluffy and his fingernails turn into razor-sharp claws with a glowing aura around them. Then his shirts explodes into pieces revealing his ripped chest with growing fur. Lastly his pants fly apart leaving a rag loincloth. Sonic simply flexes his powerful muscles and shatters his cuff and chains. He brings his hand to his face and balls up his fist and starts to laugh.

"Sonic are you ok?" Manic asks.

"What the hell is that?" Sleet sits up.

"Nico," he states with a soft growl.

"What?" Dingo says nervously, "Sleet what or who is that?"

"Nico," he growls louder, "I'm Nico Werehog!"

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Chapter Text

Neo Sonic Underground

Episode Three: His name is Nico Werehog

A/N: Sega owns Sonic Hedgehog

A pulsing aura of blue purplish energy dances around the mysterious youth shadowing his eyes. At first glance, the young transformed hedgehog goes from standing 4'9 to 7 feet tall. His quills transformed from a slick cobalt blue to a grayish blue tent with dirty white tips. While the rest of his body was covered with the new color and fluffier quills. His body goes from a muscular swimmer tone figure to a bulging chiseled bodybuilder, and his once tan short haired chest is replaced with a patch of dirty white fur. His hands grow to a giant monstrous with diamond tip shaped nails. Finally, the strange colored aura dances even more when he smiles revealing his new set of large wolf-like fangs. He begins to flex his arms and hands seeming to get use of his new body. Manic and Sonia faces are filled with terror as they look upon their now transformed brother.

"Son… Sonic… Yo bro you okay?" Manic struggles out to say. The transformed werehog gives a fanged smile to Manic while staring at him with his emerald green slit eyes.

"I'm not Sonic!" the werehog states with a deadly growl.

"I don't care who or what you are Dingo break it apart."

"Uh Sleet. I don't think…" Dingo whines.

"Think! Think! I don't pay you to think," Sleet replies.

Dingo interjects, "Wait Sleet you don't pay me at all."

Sleet smacks his hand on his four head and yells, "You idiot shut up, and grab whatever that is, NOW!"

Dingo growls and nervously grabs Nico's wrists feeling the soft fluffy fur. "You're going back, so sit down," Dingo orders tugging at the werehog's wrist noticing the great change in his weight. Dingo keeps tugging, but Nico does not move it inch. "Sleet he won't move."

"You idiot! SWAT BOTS help him!" Sleet orders as he reaches to grab for Sonia again. As the machines make their way over to help Dingo, Nico gives a fanged smile while asking, "May, I play now?"

"What?" Dingo questions. Before he knows it, the werehog grabs onto Dingo's wrist and sinks his sharpened claws into his flesh. The super sharp claws tears into the arm's muscles and blood veins.

"Don't let go!" Nico advises, and he starts to lift Dingo off the deck with little effort. The werehog's claws sink deeper into Dingo's wrists while blood starts soaking his claws.

Dingo feels the increasing pressure from his opponent's grip. He fights back the tears of pain, but he finally breaks when the sounds of cracking bones rings out. Dingo cries out loud, "Ouch! Let go! It hurts!"

"Aww, come on Dingo!" Nico growls with amusement of his playmates pain. "We're just getting started!" Nico shouts as he swings the muscle brain thug around in a circle allowing his claws to dig deeper into his wrist. As the SWAT BOTS get closer, the werehog preteen uses Dingo as a makeshift hammer. Dingo's tiny legs hits the metal soldiers releasing a sickening crack from both of his legs. The broken limbs flop around in the air as Nico continues to swing him around.

Dingo cries out with a blood covered face, "Ah! Sleet please help me!" His lower torso is the next section to strike another group of attacking machines. The metal warriors are sent flying on the ground or crashing into the walls. With every hit, a round of sickening cracks fill the room as Dingo's pelvis, lower ribs, femur bones, and knee joints are destroyed.

Nico stops spinning then holds up Dingo in front of him. The thug's body hangs limp in front of the werehog preteen. "You were fun to play with, but I'm bored now. That means you're through, yet what should I do with you?" Nico smirks tightening his grip causing the remaining intact bones to crack and break; Dingo cries out in pure agony to the point he passes out. With a simple pull, Nico severs both of Dingo's hands as blood comes gushing out. "HA! HA! Well looks like you held on. HA HA HA!" Nico laughs out loud.

Sonia holds her hands over her exposed breasts making her way over to her green brother while keeping an eye on her wild laughing transformed brother. "Manic, what the hell happened to Sonic, and how did he get so strong?" Sonia questions, but Manic is so sicken witnessing Nico's actions that he covers his mouth trying not to vomit seeing the torn tissue, muscle, and splatted blood from Dingo's body.

Seeing the broken body that is his partner Sleet swallows and nervously backs away, but he nearly jumps out of his skin when Nico addresses him. "Well, who's next?" Nico smiles looking at Sleet.

"You… You monster! Leave me alone," Sleet screams running from the room. "SWAT BOTS! Kill him now!" The robots file into the room and take aim at Nico. Not showing any fear or worry, Nico stands his ground with a fierce grin on his face. Seconds later, Sleet face appears on a lowered monitor, "Well hedgehogs, looks like I only get the joy of seeing you die."

Nico growls with a growing anger, "I told you I'm not a hedgehog. I am a…"

He is cut off by Sleet with him yelling, "FIRE!" The metal soldiers open fire from all directions at Nico. Each shot finds it mark as smoke rises after every hit on the motionless werehog. Sleet laughs watching the show from the command deck. Thirty seconds pass, and the room is flooded with smoke. "Cease fire," Sleet orders.

As the smoke starts to dissipate, the outline of a figure at the center emerges unharmed. A blue-purplish color aura surrounds the figure. "Werehog!" Nico finishes. "Enough of this patty cake bullshit, time for you to die. How about I show you only you one of my moves." Nico states. He pulls back his right muscular arm while balling his fist and his powerful aura burns brightly around his body. "Now watch and see what you are going up against! Werehog Rocket Punch!" Nico yells as he thrusts his arm forward. Nico's arm extends out as if made of rubber, and his fist is surrounded by the werehog's aura. The energy resembles a purple flame engulfing his fist while fur on his arm glows a tinted shade of blue as it stretches. The attack hits with such force; the robot explosion on contact with a massive explosion erupting around the area destroying ten more bots to the left and right. Nico yells out once again, "Werehog Rocket Punch!" This time he aims for the bots on his right. Only rubble and scorch parts remain on the floor after the two punches. Sleet freaks out seeing the werehog power calling for reinforcements. Another wave of SWAT BOTS storm into the room, but they meet with the same demise. Nico laughs with joy and amazement with each punch, "This power! This power! It courses through me like an endless river. More! More! Send me more!" After fifteen waves, the metal soldier cease their attack efforts.

Sonia works up the nerve and says, "Son… Sonic… Sonic look they've stop, so we can leave. You don't have to destroy any more. Sonic do you understand me?"

"Yes Sonia, I understand you perfectly," Nico growls out. "That's why, I won't kill you, sister, or Manic because you are my siblings. The Sonic you know is gone, I'm Nico! Nico Werehog!" He shouts at her before walking out of the room.

"Wait, how long before Sonic returns?" Sonia cries out.

Nico stops in the middle of the hallway; then he makes a cutting motion over his neck, "Never if I have anything to do about it."

Manic finally recovers from the gruesome sight of the attack on Dingo; then he rushes down the hallway stopping the werehog, "Hey, give us back our brother!"

In a flash, Nico's claw wraps around Manic's neck lifting him into the air. The green hedgehog gasps for air as the werehog squeezes his brother's neck. "Don't fucking touch me you weak stomached weakling. I have no problem killing you!" Nico growls then throws Manic towards the bulkhead. "You better leave or I can't ensure your safety," Nico says with an evil grin as he continues down the corridor.

Sonia rushes to Manic's side, and helps him up while asking, "Manic, are you okay?"

He rubs the back of his head then neck before replying, "Yeah, no real harm done, but damn Sonic, I mean, Nico is ultra-strong. He could have easily gave me the Dingo treatment."

"I don't get it. How did this…*BOOM* What was that?!" Sonia screams out.

"Sounded like an explosion, but...*BOOM!* There goes another one!" Manic adds.

"Attention! All SWAT BOTS report to main engineering! Stop the hedgehog!" Sleet orders over the intercom.

A second later, Nico follows up with, "I told you! I am a werehog! Now, you'll pay for your fuck up!" Three explosions echo over intercom; then the sound of the engines failing rings throughout the hallways. Suddenly, the ship's nose starts to dive down.

"Not good. Sonia, we got to go, now!" Manic orders.

Sonia nods, but she looks at Dingo's bloody battered body. He lets out small groins of pain from his bloody torn open mouth with more blood coming from his shattered teeth. With each beat of his heart, blood pumps out from the lacerated limbs. "Dingo is still alive; what do we do with him?" Sonia asks while looking at Manic. "We can't leave him here; he'll die if we don't help him."

"Sonia, he's already dying. There's not much we can do for him." Manic fires back.

"We got to at least try and save his life. Mom, would want that," she says.

"But Sonia Sleet and Dingo tried to..." Manic argues.

"It doesn't matter! We are not letting him die here. No one deserves to die in is fashion. Now, help me with him!" Sonia orders while grabbing hold of Dingo's battered body. Suddenly, a power conduit flowing overhead explodes collapsing the doorway. "Oh no!" Sonia explains.

"Dammit! We're trapped!" Manic adds. He looks around and sees the intercom system, and he drops Dingo's body, and he sends out numerous panic calls over the intercom, "Sonic... Nico help we're trapped!"

A moment later, Nico's voice replies back, "I told you to leave, now you die with the rest of the weaklings on this flying shit bucket. I have better things to kill."

"Nico, you son of a bitch!" Manic yells. The werehog gives no response making the green hedgehog slams his fist against the wall "Dammit! Well sis looks like we're fucked!" he exclaims while leading his back against the wall then slides down.

"Well Manic I guess…" Sonia starts when a blinding silver light flashes. Sonia and Manic cover their eyes to shield from the radiant light.

The silver light quickly disappears revealing the two hooded figures. "Talk about cutting it close, we got here just in time." the male figure states.

"Only because you took your sweet time!" The female figure states. Her hooded face turns towards Sonia, and she is shocked to see her younger sister's clothes in tatters. "Sonia, are you ok?" She question while rushing to her sister's side. The hedgehog snatches her black hooded cloak off to cover Sonia's body.

"I'm fine, thank you," Sonia replies as she looks at the brown hedgehog. Her hair is long and lax like Queen Aleena, but she has four puffs of white hair on the side just under her ears and two long spiked quills coming from under flowing hair. The rest of her brown hair flows to the middle part of her back. The maturing young hedgehog sports a white dress with a gold "X" that crosses over her "C" cup breasts. Another gold strip wraps around under her breast into a formfitting belt to show the start of her hourglass figure. The rest of her dress flows down her figure till the bottom golden waves. Her highlights matched the gold color from the dress, and lastly her eyes gleam with an ocean blue color. "How do you know my name? What's your name? And who is he?" Sonia inquires pointing to the male cloaked figure.

"Well Sonia that's our brother Silver and I am your older sister, Midna. Midna Hedgehog," She proudly states.

Silver removes his cloak and rips it in half to bind Dingo severed limbs. Sonia and Manic look at their newly claimed brother, and they quickly realizes how the hedgehog name matches his physical appearance. His fur and quills are a dull silver color and like Manic, Silver wears is an open purple vest showing his muscular tone stomach and a large patch of white fur that goes up to his chin. His chest fur splits at the top in a "V" like shape then goes over his shoulders. He also wears a pair of jet black shorts that goes down to his knees just short of overlaying his boots. The top of Silver's boots are made of a gold ring with green tint color glow in the middle of the ring. Under the ring, the boots are black on the side and white down the center. At the bottom of the boot, the tip of the shoe is tinted green. Unlike his brothers and sisters, Silver has five short quills, three between his ears and one on each side, at a 45° angle. Along with, two long quills that go pass his shoulders to nearly touch his two quills on his back. Lastly, his gold colored eyes scans over Dingo's bandage then Silver declares, "Alright that should hold until we get him to a doctor. Now, let's get the hell out of here! Sonia, Manic grab onto Midna and don't let go!" They quickly follow Silver's command; he places his hand on Dingo's shoulder then takes hold of Midna's hand. "Hang on! Now witness the ultimate power of, Chaos Control!" A bright silver light fills the room and everyone disappears.

On the bridge

"What's happening why are we nosediving?!" Sleet yells out.

"Sir engineering have suffered critical damage. The intruder has destroyed all four main and secondary power cores," a bridge robot reports.

"What! Repair the damn thing!" Sleet orders.

"Unable to comply, systems are damage beyond repair," the robot retorts.

Several loud bangs ring out at the door in the rear of the bridge. Sleet turns in his chair with a look of nervous fear only to be frightened by another series of loud bangs on the metal door. Suddenly, five giant fist dents form into the wall and door from the hits.

"What was that?" Sleet questions.

"Unknown. Internal sensors are off-line," the robot states.

Sleet presses a button on the side of this control pad next to the armrest. "All remaining SWAT BOTS to the bridge! *bang*bang* Get here now!" Sleet screams. He gets out of his chair not breaking eye contact with the door. Another set of ear shattering booms ring out from the now badly damage and malformed door. Sleet slowly backs away from his chair with sweat running down his forehead and terror filling his body. "WHERE ARE THOSE SWAT BOTS!" he screams out.

"Unknown. Internal sensors are off-line," the robot restates.

"Then, stabilize the fucking ship!" Sleet orders with a growing fear in his voice.

"Impossible, helm control is off-line and main engine systems are destroyed," the robot reports.

*Bang* *Bang* *BOOM!* The metal door goes flying into the bridge and slams into the monitor causing it to explode in a rain of sparks spraying throughout the bridge. In the ruin doorway, stands the menacing figure Nico Werehog. Nico walks into the bridge and gives an evil smile looking at Sleet and the bridge robots. "Well… well… well… it seems like I got a full audience to watch me play with my good buddy Sleet!" Nico giggles. "So Sleet, what game we play hum? I played Whack-A-Bot with Dingo, but he made a poor hammer. Ha ha ha!" Nico slowly approaches the cowering wolf while cracking his knuckles. With every step forward, Sleet backs away desperate to keep his distance from the super strong werehog.

"Look look look Sonic… I… I… I mean Nico. I know that you are mad at me, but… but please don't kill me please," Sleet pleads with tears streaming down his face as his back pushes up against the bulkhead. Nico goes silent and slowly continues moving closer to the hired bounty hunter. Sleet drops to his knees and begs, "Please, spare my life. I know I can help you get rid of Robotnik. I know all the weak points in the city." Sleet looks past Nico, and he sees the bridge robots take up firing positions. "I know all the secrets about the base, and with my information, you can launch a full-scale attack against him." The bounty hunter smirks while he slides to the right. Nico's eyes are shrouded in black shadow while the werehog's head tracks Sleet's movement. Seeing that he has enough room, Sleet bolts towards the bridge robots and says,"Hahahaha! You stupid piece of shit? You should have grabbed me when you had the chance. Now SWAT BOTS open fire!" The second the robots attack, Sleet runs out the room making the werehog only laugh in response.

"Well, I guess he wants to play hide and seek. Better yet, we are going to play hide or be destroyed. LET GOOO!" Nico shouts charging the robots.

On the outskirts of the mountain, a silver light flashes then fades revealing the hedgehogs and Dingo. Silver walks over to the tree line and looks up at Sleet's falling command ship. Sonia walks up to her older brother then fires off a series of questions, "Wow what was that? And how did we get out here? And why do I feel so… I think I'm gotta…" The magenta hedgehog rushes to one of the trees and throws up.

Silver looks back towards Sonia and says, "Sorry, Chaos Control can have different effects on you the first time you teleport. Don't worry, you'll get used to it."

Midna walks over a runs her hand over her sister's back while asking, "Sonia are you alright?"

"Yeah!" she shakes her head then looks at the silver hedgehog, "Silver isn't? How did you do that?"

*Boom!* *Boom!*

"FUCK! GET DOWN!" Silver yells as he hit the dirt covering his face. The others look in his direction to see a massive dust cloud rushing towards them. They dive for cover only mere second before the dust wall washes over them. A few moments pass until the dust settles, Silver raises his head to see the remains of Sleet's command ship littered over the ground at the base of the mountain. "What's that?" Silver points. Everyone looks out to see a bright lite blue aura burning through the remains of the ship and lingering dust.

"MOONLIGHT CANNON!" a loud voice roars. A burning white beam of light firing from the aura. The beam blasts through the dust hitting one of the other ships. When the beam hits, the ship erupts with multiple explosions; then, like an lead brick, the ship comes crashing down to the ground with a thunderous applause. The aura shoots out several more of powerful beams hitting ship after ship. The damaged vessels rain down in huge balls of fire to the ground. The beam intentionally leaves only one ship remaining in the air.

"What tremendous power!" Midna exclaims gasping over the destruction.

"No kidding! He would even give Shadow a run for his money!" Silver adds with amazement.

A black flash of light appears near everyone; then fades revealing the last hooded hedgehog. He does a quick scan and states, "If you think that's power, you haven't seen anything. I'm in a completely different league from them."

"Why are you here Shadow?" Midna questions.

"I have my reasons Midna. Once more, I have to save the babies, again. What a pain!" Shadow says taking off his hooded robe. The black hedgehog wears a tree brown trench coat with black and gold trimming and red jeans with red and white shoes. He holds the box from Aleena in his right hand looking at the scrap metal battlefield.

"What is that?" Silver asks looking at the case.

Shadow holds up the box with Sonic and Nico's medallion symbol. "This should stop that," Shadow says pointing to the now revealed werehog.

"SLLLLEEEETTT!" Nico roars staring into the sky.

The lone escape craft races to the last remaining ship. Nico starts pursuing after the ship growling with each step. Sleet glances out the side window to see the werehog in close pursuit. "Come on you hunk of junk! Move faster!" he exclaims. Suddenly, he notices his only safe haven turning about and moving away. "No! No!" he cries out while scrambling to open a line to the ship.

Nico opens his mouth and fires off several smaller versions of his Moonlight Cannon. Most of the shots miss till *BOOM!* a direct hit on the engine. The craft begins to loss altitude.

Sleet finally connects with the ship then orders, "Send out an aerial rescue team, NOW!" he yells as the ship starts to nose dive.

"Understood" the robot commander states.

Sleet tries to keep the craft in the air, but the crippled ship is forced to meet its end with a nose first crash landing into the rocky ground. Sleet's head slams into the panel on impact tearing open a sizeable wound. Blood drains down as he wills himself to move ignoring the throbbing pain coursing through his body. Sleet manages to crawl his way out of the vehicle, but terror casts it shadow down on the wounded wolf. Sleet is terrified to look up, but he fights his base instincts looks to see a powerful and furry figure waiting for him. Sleet leans back to a sitting position; then he lowers his bleeding head to the ground pleading, "Please have mercy."

Nico smiles looking at his prey, "Well, it looks like the game is over. Time for me to destroy the loser."

"Stop!" a black light flashes between Nico and Sleet. Once the flash is gone, Nico sees Shadow, Silver, Midna, Sonia, and Manic standing in front of him.

"Well, looks like you survived," Nico smirks.

"No thanks to you asshole!" Manic yells.

"Like I told you, if you're too weak, you deserve to die."

"Sonic, what's happen to you?" Sonia inquires.

"I told you my name is NICO WEREHOG! Now get out of my way, Sleet lost our game and hide and destroy. Since he lost, I get to destroy him!" he exclaims while pointing at Sleet. "Besides Sonia, I thought you of all people would want him dead for trying to rape you. I plan to fulfill that wish."

Sonia looks at Sleet trying to crawl away, "Yes, you're right I want him dead, but Nico not like this!"

"Enough! Nico, you want to fight someone; fight me!" Shadow commands.

"Why would I waste my time with you, weakling?!" Nico retorts.

"If you want to kill Sleet, you'll have to go through me first," Shadow fires back.

"Shadow don't," Silver objects grabbing his shoulder.

"Stay back. He's mine," Shadow proclaims as he sweeps away Silver's hand. "Now, I can truly test my…" He stops in the middle of the sentence when he's teleported into a black void.

A voice calls out, "Shadow no, you can't fight him; he's too powerful. For you and your brothers please use the seal! It's the only way! Please, I'm begging you. I don't want you to die!"

"Who the hell are you? And where am I?"

"Please use the seal. Save us!"

"Answer me!"

"Please, I beg of you. The universe will be destroyed if you don't."

"I could give two flying fucks about the universe. Answer me! Who are you?!"

"Save us! Save Rouge! Save your children!"

"What I don't have… Wait, how do you know about Rouge?! TELL ME!"

"Please use the seal. Help us Shadow, you are only hope!" the voice exclaims as it fades out.

Shadow snaps back reality to and sees Nico standing in front of him, "So you want a fight, I'll give you one!" Nico yells charging at the black hedgehog.

Shadow stands staring at the charging werehog, ~What the fuck was that? What happened to me? And how did that voice know about Rouge? And…~

"SHADOW! MOVE IT!" Midna yells out snapping him from his daze.

Shadow does a saddle jump over the charging werehog's head making Nico miss his target. "Alright playtime is over, here I…"

A voice in Shadow's head cries out ~Use the seal!~

"SHADOW LOOK OUT!" Silver yells.

Shadow dodges a claw attack just in time; then he dodges a series of other attacks from the werehog.

"Something is not right; Shadow is not fighting as he usually does. He's slow, and his fighting stance is a mess," Silver comments.

"You're right Silver, but what do we do?" Midna adds.

"We help! We attack Nico together!" Manic yells.

"No Manic! It's too dangerous and," Midna pauses looking at Shadow and Nico fighting, before she continues, "Those two are in a league of their own."

Manic looks at Midna then back at his battling brothers, "What do we do then?"

"We pray," Midna replies.

Shadow throws several punches at Nico, but each strike is blocked by a blue energy field. "Ha! Is that all you got!"

~Damn it! I can't make a dent in his shield.~

The voice calls out in Shadow's mind, ~Please, use the seal; It's the only way to stop him. ~

~And that damn voice isn't helping. ~ Nico throws a strong punch at Shadow's head, but he is able to dodge the attack in time. ~Damn it that was to close. I have no choice.~ Shadow jumps out of Nico's range, a says, "Know my power, 'CHOAS BLAST!'" Shadow glows crimson red; then an explosion of crimson red energy expands in a 360 degrees dome from the ebony hedgehog. The blast destroys everything around leaving no trance for 30 meters. Shadow is full of shock when he sees Nico's energy shield protecting him. "Ah! Shit..." *POW with a bone crunching sound* Nico launches a strong punch that connects with Shadow's chest sending him flying to the ground. ~But how? ~ Shadow watches in amazement as Nico arm retracts back to him.

"No way! His arms, they can stretch out!" Manic states.

"Shit this is bad! Shadow is not only fighting at his best, add to that Nico's shield is blocking any attack. Now Nico whips out this new feature," Silver states.

"Nico has an impregnable defensive shield and a powerful offense with super range. Shadow is at a complete disadvantage," Midna analyzes.

"Well Shadow look like this game is over," Nico states.

~Fuck he broke two ribs, and I'm losing power, ~ Shadow thinks watching Nico walk closer to him. ~What do I do now? ~

~Use the seal. Please, dad it's your only hope. ~

Shadow stands up wrapping his arm around his ribs. "I guess I have no choice," Shadow states reaching into his coat and pulls out the case from their mother.

"So, now you're going to use a box!" Nico exclaims walking closer to Shadow.

"Ok now what, damn it do something!" Shadow yells shaking the box. Nico throws another punch hitting Shadow in the face. The attack throws the black hedgehog for another loop in the air; then he lands on the ground.

"SHADOW!" everyone yells.

"How do you say it, Shadow? Ah yes, playtime is over!" Nico smirks standing over Shadow preparing to stab him with his claw.

Suddenly, everyone's medallions begin to glow and fires a beam of color light at the case into the symbol on the case. The case explodes sending out seven blue, six red, and a sky blue orbs with a seven golden rings. They fly around creating a sphere barrier around Nico. "What!" Nico punches the barrier, but it absorbs the attack. "What?! Let me out!" Nico shouts as he throws more punches at the barrier wall.

In thin air, words start to burn in front of everyone. "What are these?" Sonia questions.

"Look at the writing and sing my children," a male voice commands.

"Whoa! Who voice was that?!" Manic states.

"It can't be. Father?" Silver claims.

"That's daddy's voice," Midna responds.

"My children, time is short and the barrier is weakening. You must sing the Song of Sealing before it is too late," the voice proclaims.

"What?! Where are you bastard? Show yourself!" Shadow screams.

"Sing my children, there is no time!" the voice commands. In a flash, their medallions transform into their instruments, "Sing the Song of Sealing 'Seven Rings in Hand'."

Everyone looks at the blazing words, and Shadow starts the song off.

Make believe reborn (Shadow)

Myths in mind re-thought

Question all that's know

Legends blurred and torn

The orbs and rings begin to orbit around Nico.

Make believe reborn (Shadow)

Make believe reborn

Myths in mind re-thought (Silver)

Myths in mind re-thought

Question all that's know (Sonia)

Question all that's know

Legends blurred and torn (Midna)

Legends blurred and torn

Legends blurred and torn (Manic)

The barrier glows bright gold. "No, let me go!" Nico exclaims.

No such thing as fate for those who speed. (Manic)
A path out of time instead of living it
So many things erased before they begin
Hope un-dream instead of what could have been

The red and blue orbs orbit around the werehog in different elliptical patterns glowing brightly like positive and negative atoms. "What are you doing to me?! No! I don't want to go back! NOOO!"

Fortune fade like words in the sand (Sonia)
Just like that it nothing all just seems
Make real of all that seems

Seven rings in hand speed through nights with feet in sand (Everyone)
Seven rings in hand wonders all under command

Seven rings in hand wild with just one single hand
Seven rings in hand arrowed hearts catch fire now

Make believe reborn (Midna)

Make believe reborn

Myths in mind re-thought (Shadow)

Myths in mind re-thought

Question all that's known (Silver)

Question all that's known

Legend blurred and torn (Sonia)

Two of the glowing rings break orbit them come flying back in as one ring attaches to each of Nico's ankles. "What is going on I'm... I'm... *growl* LET ME GOOO!" Nico yells.

No such thing as an arrow through who dreams (Manic)
Hope may burden but forever last to give in
So many things need push or pull to begin
Un-free to move unless another hand get in

Two more rings break away from the sphere and each one attaches to Nico's arms. "Stop it! It hurts! The rings it burns us!"

Be it all the same it's never the same (Shadow)
Just like that just nothing it all just means
Nothing it all just means

Nico thinks as tears form in his eyes, ~What's happening to me? This pain, it hurts. Please… make it stop, I'm sorry. Please…~

If all is then its never as is (Sonia)
Back to fact make real of all that seems
Make real of all that seem

Memories that dance (Shadow)

Memories that dance

Fairy tales trance (Midna)

Fairy tales trance

Know what to believe (Sonia)

Know what to believe

Nothing is up to chance (Silver)

Nothing is up to change

Make believe reborn (Manic)

Make believe reborn

Myths in mind rethought (Silver)

Myths in mind rethought

Question all that's known (Sonia)

Question all that's known

Legend blurred and torn (Everyone)


Another two rings fly around then connect to the werehog's wrist making it a total of two on each arm. ~This pain, it hurts. I don't want to be locked again. Someone please... mom… dad… why? ~

Seven rings in hand speed through nights with feet in sand (Shadow)

Seven rings in hand wonders all under command (Sonia)

Seven rings in hand wild with just one single hand (Silver)

Seven rings in hand arrowed hearts catch fire now (Midna)

Seven seas in hand (Manic)
Speed of sound through sands

All our hopes and plans (Everyone)
In one single hand

The seven blue and six red orbs merge together with the final golden ring that wraps around Nico's neck. Finally, the sky blue orb orbits around once again until it connects and completes the bejeweled magical choker. Nico's eyes are blank as he hovers in midair with tears streaming down his face.

On a grassy plain hill, Nico watches the sky full of small white fluffy clouds gently moving with the breeze, the werehog stares into the endless blue sky. "Well, I guess this is my fate. Forever be trapped in a cage never know what the real world," Nico says as another set of tears start falling down. "Why? What have I done to deserve this punishment? Why was I born? Only to forever to be trapped in a world that is a lie. Why must I always watch from the realm of darkness when all I truly wish is to be a part of the realm of light? It makes no sense, have I committed some great sin or evil, have I done something that was so horrible that I was sentenced to life in this gilded cage. Why must I forever be locked away? Is it just because of who I am? Was it because of something I have done in the past? Hum, I guess there's no point in asking."

"I don't think you did anything wrong. I think you're just misunderstood," a voice says as a figure walks up towards the werehog.

"And who are you supposed to be?" Nico asks.

"You could call me your other or the one that lives in the realm of light," the voice replies.

"I'm not in the mood for riddles Sonic," Nico says.

"AH! And here I was all ready to try and try to sound like an enlightened spirit," Sonic says as he appears in his physical form.

"So what do you want Sonic, you see that I have lost. Forever be trapped in this cage. Never to know light, never to know life, and never to know love," Nico says.

"Hey Nico tell me this, do you know why you're trapped here?"

"No, I don't know why, and I will never know why."

"I believe I can answer that son," a voice rings out as a tall shaded hedgehog figure stands in front of them.

"Who are you?" Sonic ask.

"I am your father my sons. I've always been your father."

"What do you want?" Nico demands.

"To complete the sealing ritual, and forever seal Nico from the real world."

"Why?! What has he done to deserve this?!" Sonic demands with an angry expression.

"What, has he not done?! You witnessed it yourself Sonic, the brutal assault on Dingo, the reckless destruction of SWAT BOTS, leaving Sonia and Manic to die on a crashing ship, his plans to slaughter Sleet, attacking Shadow need I go on!" he exclaims; then he points at Nico and continues, "A deadly force like that must be locked away never to be free again." The brothers' so-called father moves closer to Nico with a strange energy pulsing around him.

Sonic stands in front of Nico, "Who the hell do you think you are?! Do you really think I'm just going to just let you destroy him, or have you forgotten that he is a part of me?!"

"Sonic, he's never been a part of you he is..."

"BULLSHIT! I don't care if you're our father. I am a part of Nico."

Nico puts his hand on Sonic's shoulder, "Sonic, no I am not. I am an nobody, and I don't exist. I'm nothing more than a shadow. Something that can be seen only within the darkness."

"Nico, that's a lie. You are part of me, and I'm a part of you. I'm not letting you just get sealed away. If you want to seal Nico, then you have to do the same to me. He might've done some bad things, but he did a great amount of good. He protected Sanctuary, he prevented Sonia from being raped, and he actually saved me." Sonic looks at his brother then states, "Now, I plan to save him. You won't take him away from me."

"What would you do, my son?"

"We share this body. One body," Sonic says.

"Two spirits," Nico states.

"I am Nico Werehog," Sonic says.

"I am Sonic Hedgehog," Nico states

"We are who we are because we are Nico, and we are Sonic," they say in unison.

"You leave me no choice, my sons. Since I cannot separate you two, I will forever bind you trapped in one body. I will repurpose your limiter to allow your body to transform between your hedgehog and werehog forms. Forever two mines united in the same body. Will you be able to live with that?" The male figure questions.

Sonic looks at Nico, and Nico looks at Sonic. They nod and smile at each other; then they turn to look at the figure and say in unison, "YES!"

"I am proud of both of you. You have shown what it takes to be a noble king. Now reawaken and aid your mother in ending this horror that plagues our world." The voice says as the world around them fades to shadow.

In the darkness Sonic hears, "Sonic, I'm sorry. I should haven't try killing Sonia and Manic, and..."

"Forget it Nico; we'll just chalk it up to a misunderstanding mixed with sibling rivalry. Besides its time for the heroes to save the day, and kick some Buttnik ass! YOU READY!" Sonic smiles.

"AH HA HAAA! I'm the one who be asking you that. LET'S KICK SOME ASS!" Nico expresses fist bumping Sonic as the stars fly by at light speed through the darkness.

"Sonic! Sonic!" a female voice shouts.

"Ah! Not so loud! Give me five more minutes," Sonic replies.

"He's fine," Sonia says.

Suddenly a green orb floats down from the sky glowing brightly then fades revealing Oracle. "Young masters. It is time to end this struggle for freedom and take up arms. The reign of Robotnik will end now! The royal family will stand strong."

"We gotcha Orc," Sonic says standing to his feet. "It's time for us to take center stage and rock Robotnik, the people, and Mobius. LET'S GET THIS PARTY START AND ROCK OUT! SONIC UNDERGROUND STYLE!"

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Episode Four: The Final Battle.

Part One: Plans and Clothes Please

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The dust settles down over the rocky terrain covered with massive bulking fragments of melted metal from the destroyed ships and SWAT BOTS. The mountain side is impaled with the remains of the hull from the ships. Near the base of the mountain everyone stands around Sonic looking at him.

"Young masters it is time for the final battle with the evil Dr. Robotnik to begin," Oracle states.

"Right Oracle, but first we must solve one major issue… CAN I GET SOME CLOTHES!" Sonic yells covering his manhood.

Shadow looks down, "Why cover up? There's nothing there to hide."

"SHUT UP SHADOW!" Sonic yells.

"He's not the only one, I mean how can I make this robe look good? It's clashes with my pants, and the van is thousands of miles away," Sonia whines.

"Sonia, calm down, just use your medallion to get some new clothes," Midna says.

"What, our medallions can't do that. It only creates our instruments," Sonia retorts.

"Oh yeah watch this," Midna touts rubbing her hand over her medallion creating a brown aura around her. Suddenly all her clothes glow sparking brown. Then the lower brown sparkles burst into miniature stars one after the other revealing her new blue with white strips and black tip above the ankle shoes, a white with a low blue strip lace miniskirt with a matching train. The top sparkles burst showing Midna flat tone six pack abs with a silver belly button ring. Her 'C' cup breasts covered by a blue sport bra top with a white strip on the side connecting to the miniskirt and short lace sleeves to each side. "Now this is what I'm talking about," Midna states.

Sonic and Manic's mouth hung wide open as they look at their older sister.

"Damn Midna, can you show more skin?!" Shadow comments.

"I don't remember asking for comments from the peanut gallery. Oh I forget," she holds out her hand and the brown sparkles appears then burst revealing a white with blue mini-jacket. "Now that makes an outfit."

Sonia stares then shakes her head, "That… is… so… CUTE! Oh my gosh, I so want something like this!"

"Come on Sonia you can create something with your own unique style," Midna replies.

"But that outfit is just too cute," she retorts.

"DON'T COPY ME!" Midna growls. Sonia's smile turns into a frown hearing Midna's response. She exhales then says in a calm tone, "Look Sonia, next time it's all yours."

Sonia smiles again, "Ok sis." She closes her eyes and holds her hand over her medallion.

"Now imagine your outfit, and make it come true," Midna instructs.

Sonia's medallion starts to glow, and her body is cover with magenta colored sparkles. The lower sparkles burst revealing knee high white boots with pink covering the top and part of the back of the boot. Next, the sparkles at the top burst showings a white waist tight mini-dress with a pink belt and pink pockets in the side. Last, she discovers white gloves with pink and white wrist bands. "AAAHHHHH! I LOVE IT! I love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! This is beautiful, magnificent, marvelous, and wonderful. Thank you so much Midna. This is what I always wanted," Sonia says looking over her new outfit.

"Don't thank me it was all on you Sonia. Sonic, Manic why don't you stop looking so star struck and give it a try," Midna suggest.

They shake their heads, "Right, ok" they say in unison.

Sonic and Manic both close their eyes and rub their medallions. Sonic's body is concealed by blue sparkles, and Manic's body is covered with green sparkles. The lower sparkles burst revealing Sonic's new pair of his classic red speed shoes and blue loose fixing jeans. Manic gets a pair of black running shoes and jet black cargo pants. Next, the top sparkles burst showing Sonic's new white T-shirt with a long short-sleeved matching blue jean over shirt. Manic's sparkles transform his red-orange vest and fanny pack for a black short over shirt with green sleeves a multiple pockets on both the inside and outside.

"Wow I think I can get use to this as well," Sonic says, but then in his head hears.

~You mean we can get use to this. ~

"What was that?" Sonic questions looking around for the owner of the voice.

~Sonic you forgot already,~ the werehog replies as a ghostly image of Nico appears.

"Oh of course your right brother, we can get use to this."

"Sonic, who are you talking to?" Midna inquires looking at her younger brother.

"Can't you see him? He's standing right next to me," Sonic responses pointing at his ghostly werehog twin sibling.

"Sonic, what are you pointing at? There's no one there," Sonia points out to the cobalt hedgehog.

~Hey dumb ass! I'm in spirit form no one can hear or see me except for you, ~ Nico smirks.

"Well then… Hey wait a minute, who the hell are you calling a dumb ass?!" Sonic shouts flinging his arms up and down facing Nico while on the heels of his feet.

~The one who is flapping his arms like a chicken and shouting out loud, ~ Nico comments in a superior tone of voice.

"Hey wipe that smile off your face! Stop laughing at me NICO!" Sonic yells.

"YO Sonia, I think bro is losing it," Manic whispers.

"I agree. I think his brain is finally fried from all the chilidogs he swallowed down," she whispers back. Everyone nods in agreement.

"HEY!" everyone turns to look at Sonic, "We can hear you know!" he shouts.

"What you heard us?" Manic gasps.

"Of course, we heard you two clear as day," Sonic shouts back.

"Sonic, I think you need to rest after your transformation. You must be mentally fatigue from the great pressure your body has been put through," Silver tries to reason with the angry hedgehog.

"What! Silver look I'm fine it's Nico! He is being the… WHAT THE FUCK YOU CALL ME! YOU REJECT FROM A TEDDY BEAR FACTORY!" Sonic shouts as he turns to look face to face with Nico.

"Oracle, how long will that piece of shit of a hedgehog keep acting like this?" Shadow demands.

"FUCK YOU SHADOW! If you want some come and get it. I'll knock your ass back to wherever you were hiding at," Sonic and Nico shout in unison as their fangs begin to grow.

"Young master, you must first understand your brother has undergone an amazing transformation. You see…"

"I didn't ask for a life story get to the point now!" Shadow cuts in.

"Very well. You see as of now and forever on Silver, Manic, and Sonic are not your only brothers…"

"Stop wasting my time," Shadow growls.

"Maybe if you shut up and listen, then you'll get your answer," Sonia fires back. "Oracle please continue by what you mean a new brother?"

"You recall the beast, Master Shadow fought called Nico Werehog," they all nod. "You see, he is sealed within Sonic. Instead of locking him away again forever, Sonic and Nico decided to co-habit with each other within one body. The body you see before you," Oracle explains.

"YO, hold up Orc. Are you telling us that my brother has a split personality complex or something," Manic inquires looking at the blue hedgehog.

"No, Master Sonic is only one of two spirits that dwell within," they all glance at Sonic arguing with the invisible being.

"Let me guess Nico is that other spirit," Silver chimes in.

"Nico and Sonic are of two spirits with separate minds, ideas, beliefs, and other things," Oracle proclaims.

"So would you call what they are doing sibling rivalry?!" Manic smirks while pointing towards Sonic.

"Yes Master Manic, one day I will tell you the truth behind between their unique birth, but for now…"

"We have to worry about the plan to attack Robotropolis," Sonic finishes Oracle's line.

"So you finished your lover's struggle. Who's the pitcher and the catcher?" Shadow jokes.

"Cool it smart ass," he replies then looks at Oracle, "so tell us what we can do with this new arrangement between Nico and I."

"It is quite simple masters. You each can tap into the other's power and can switch control of your body, but for now that is not possible because your body remains weak after your joining. It will take some time before Nico is able to switch out with you Sonic, and before you can use his powers. The same goes for you Nico, and yes I can see you, so stop making faces at me," Oracle giggles.

~Well fuck he got me beat. And speaking of beat I'm done you're on your own. Good luck, ~ Nico claims then fades away.

"Oracle he's…" Sonic gives a worried expresses.

"Worry not your highness. He rests in the depths of your mind. As will as you when it is time," Oracle claims. "Now we must focus on the pending battle on the horizon. How will you aid your mother and stop Robotnik?"

"Simple, I go to his base and rip his fucking head off," Shadow smirks.

"Well brother, if was that easy then I would have done that a long time ago, but it's not. So try using your brain or will using it hurt too much," Sonic smiles.

An energy bolt flies pass Sonic's head exploding behind him, "Keep laughing blue boy and next time I won't miss," Shadow smirks.

"Will you two knock this shit off! Damn it, you two are acting like kids!" Silver yells.

"The seven of us going in alone won't be enough to break through Robotnik's defenses. If Sleet tells him what happen here, you can count on the fact that he will have every single bot gunning for us," Midna explains to everyone.

"She right sibs, we gonna need some major help if we want to take the city," Manic adds.

"But where will we get such a force?" Silver inquires while folding his arms.

"The people of Mobius are all the forces we need. If we gather all the members of the resistance, that will put us at ten million strong. Now, if we get the word out, we can get our numbers to grow to twice that number." Sonic claims, but his facial expression changes as he continues with, "Oh no, now that I think about it we have some major problems. One, the army scattered all over Mobius and even at my highest speed. It would take me to long to reach each rebel base. Two, there is no doubt, Robotnik will figure out that I am racing around Mobius gathering a massive fighting force. Lastly, we will have one hell of a time moving them all to Robotropolis."

"No problem Sonic," Midna smirks. "We have the ability to teleport anywhere, any person, and to anyplace. We can take you to meet with each cell leader, and tell them to prepare for battle."

"Well that solves one problem, but we don't have any weapons for them," Manic adds deflating their hopes.

"Hey, that's not a problem. We have more than enough weapons for everyone," a voice chimes in. Everyone turns around looking for the source of the voice. They see the source attending to Dingo's bandages.

"Who are you?" Shadow inquires with energy cracking in his hand.

"Cyrus! You're ok!" Sonia smiles and rushes to hug him.

"Yeah!" he says catching Sonia before knocking him over. She helps him up and looks at everyone, "What a show, Sonic that power was amazing. I mean *BOOM* *BLAST* *CLASH*" Cyrus motions with sounds.

"Yeah, yeah. Thanks Cyrus, but what do you mean we don't have worry about weapons?" Sonic responds walking over to his friend.

"Oh yeah sorry, see when we were taking supplies from Robotnik, we found a great amount of building materials. Those supplies can be easily modified into small and large arm weapons. Plus, we have ships inside Sanctuary, if they are still intact, they are armed and ready for battle," Cyrus reports.

"Awesome Cyrus my man," Sonic high-fives him, "all we have to do is move everything to Sanctuary 2."

"Yeah, but I'll need help to convert the supplies and if you want it done in three days. I'll need a whole engineering team." Cyrus adds.

"Wait, you only need two people Trevor and A.R.T.; they can help with the modifications," Sonic says.

"The people of Sanctuary can be your work crew. With you guys taking the lead, we will have more than enough weapons to supply an army," Sonia chimes in.

"Yeah, that will work, and it will give us what we need to put the boot into Robotnik's fat ass." Cyrus smiles. He thinks, ~After so long, I will finally get revenge for my father. ~

"Ok, where do we start building our army sibs?" Manic asks.

"Simple bro, everywhere!" Sonic smiles. Everyone looks at the blue hedgehog with a surprised or questioning expression; he explains, "We hit each side of Mobius, and tell them that in three days, we are going to meet in Mobotropolis and kick Buttnik out!" Sonic turns to his older sister and inquires, "Sis, this ability to teleport; can you teach it to us?"

"Oracle?" Midna questions.

"Yes young masters, learning the ability of Chaos Control is only the first ability of the powers of chaos you will learn. I also believe that your older siblings will be able to teach you other abilities that you would have learned from your parents."

Sonic smiles thinking about the endless possibilities of their untrained powers, but he shakes his head refocusing his mind back on the task at hand, "Ok, let's get a count of the cell leaders and forces."

"Well, there's Max and the Black Hand," Manic says.

"Captain Squeeze and the sailors of Port Mobius," Sonia states.

"Oh don't forget, Ruby and the Road Warriors along with Stripes and his people," Sonic informs.

They continue talking about all the groups until Shadow interjects, "All right are we going to stand and yak about this or are we going to go!"

"Ok, we'll split up and talk with each leader; then we'll meet on the out skirts of Mobotropolis in three days," Sonic orders.

"Silver and Manic, you two head to the East Mobius and get the Black Hand. Plus if you can get other members, then spread the word that we will take the fight to Robotnik," Midna states.

"Gotcha sis," they respond.

"Sonia, you and I will meet with Kenna, Kana, and Kell at Sanctuary 2, and we'll take Cyrus and Dingo with us," she continues.

"Wait Midna, I want to let Bartleby and the other aristocracies know what is going to happen," Sonia requests.


"No way Sonia, Bartledump would just fuck things up. Beside what makes you think we can trust him!" Sonic shouts.

"Plus sib, he has tried a couple times to break us up, and get you to live the high life with the other brown noses and forget about helping the people," Manic adds.

"Yes, but he will change the moment he hears what we are doing," Sonia retorts.

"No Sonia don't tell him. Let his…"

"Enough Sonic," Midna commands. "Sonia, we'll go see him."

"Fine, you can have him, but if he spills our plans to Buttnik, we will personally deal with him. And, Nico and I will not show any mercy." Sonic fires back.

"Shadow, you and Sonic will go to the Mobian Dune and get Ruby and the Road Warriors," Midna orders.

"What, you want me to take this baby with me? Forget it!" Shadow fires.

"Hey bro, you're not my first choice, but…" Sonic takes a deep breath and looks at Shadow, "we must work together. So please Shadow, train us."

Shadow gives an evil grin, "Fine I'll do it. When the time comes, I'll enjoy showing you why I'm called the ultimate life form."

"Hold on Sonic," Cyrus calls. He walks up and hands Sonic a watch. "Here's Project C done and ready to go, but you need to activate it in five hours ok."

"Thanks Cyrus. Alright everyone let's do it and good luck with your training. I'm sure as hell will need it," Sonic laughs and holds out his hand. "For Mobius!"

"For Mother," Sonia says.

"For Peace," Manic says.

"For Freedom," Midna says.

"For the Future," Silver says.

"For the Ultimate Victory," Shadow says.

Then Oracle wraps his hand around the hedgehog's hands, "For the Galaxy."

"LET'S GOOOO!" They say unison and disappear.

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Chapter Text

Episode Five: The Final Battle Pt. 2 Day 1:

Trust, Truth, Treason, Tactics, and Training

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Bartleby is sitting down with a cup of steaming hot fancy herbal tea and morning biscuits, fruit, cheeses and other breakfast items. "Oh so yummy," he says taking a bite into the biscuit. Suddenly, a bright brown flash of light with a rush of air appears on the other side of the table, making Bartleby go flying backwards in his chair and come crashing to the ground. Midna, Sonia, Cyrus, and Dingo appear. The former hired hand's bulky body knocks over the table and all the items go flying onto his body. The flesh melting hot tea pours all over him as well, but he remains silent and motionless.

"Hey, are you ok?" Cyrus questions. He looks at Dingo's motionless body and thinks; ~ Nico must have done more than just physical damage to Dingo. The psychological effect must have been worse than we could even imagine. Poor guy, I have no idea what type of damage has been done to him.~ "Wow, he didn't even respond to the pain."

"Well, Dingo did suffer through having both of his hands ripped off. Add to that, his legs and lower ribs being shattered," Sonia comments.

Bartleby's face is cover with butter and jelly, and his clothes are soaked in cold fruit juice. He swiftly stands up and shouts, "What is the meaning of this intrusion?! You ruined my breakfast, you barbarians!"


He is surprised to hear his future fiancé's voice. He wipes away the excess butter and jelly; then he looks at Sonia's new outfit. He is impressed at how it enhances her growing womanly figure and growing chest. For a moment, her beauty enchants Bartleby, and he comments with excitement, "Sonia? Sonia! You look absolutely ravishing; that new outfit is beautiful!"

Sonia twirls around to give Bartleby a 360 look at her new outfit, "Why thank you Bartleby. Oh let me introduce…"

"Don't tell me this is your lovely sister Midna Hedgehog. But where are your brothers?"

~Wait how does he know about me?~ Midna questions giving Bartleby a suspicious look.

"Oh Sonic and Manic are…"

"No, darling not those ruffians. Your other brothers, Shadow and Silver; they sound like upstanding royal nobles."

"Oh see…" Sonia starts.

~What the hell! He knows about Shadow and Silver. This can't be right something majorly is wrong here. Damn it Sonic and Manic might be right. We need to get the fuck out of here fast! ~ Midna continues to yell in her head.

"They are with them in…"

"Sorry to interrupt, but Sonia we are only here to deliver a message we don't have time to play twenty questions," Midna orders with her arms folded looking at Bartleby with in untrusting glaze.

"Oh sorry sis, Bartleby it's time to choose; mother is returning in three days and we plan on ending Robotnik, so will the aristocrats help us?" Sonia asks.

"I don't know Sonia. I'll gather the court and find out, but why don't you stay…"

"Sorry we don't have time! Sonia, it's time to go," Midna pushes.

"Wait! Sonia, I beg of you stop this foolish fight. If you come to live with me, I am sure Dr. Robotnik will allow you to live the life as a respected noble. Instead of wasting your energy on the lower peasants, who do not deserve your blood or sweat, you can…"

Sonia places a warm kind hand on Bartleby's cheek and smiles, "Bartleby, these are our people; they has suffered enough under Robotnik's rule. I have to do my duty to help free them as one of their princesses."

"Oh very well Sonia, so where will you be going now?" He inquires.

"Well…" Midna cuts her off.

"We can't tell you that it's top-secret," Midna pulls Sonia back to Cyrus and Dingo. "We will talk again. Until then, witness the ultimate power of Chaos Control." The four of them disappear in the same flashy fashion they appeared.

Bartleby walks to a wall-mounted computer then activates the system, "Get me Dr. Robotnik right this instant."

"Welcome to the hidden ancient city of Mobopicho, but after Sonic, Manic, and I found it; we transformed it into our secondary safe zone and called it Sanctuary 2," Sonia explains. Cyrus looks over the magnificent cave city. The city has towers and small buildings that are similar to stalactite and stalagmites embedded in the walls and roof of the cavern. Some stalactites have similar shapes to windows alive with lights and signs of life. The people walk around with high spirits and smiles, but under the surface, every moment they look around at the constant reminder of what has been lost to the tyranny of Dr. Robotnik.

"This is amazing," Cyrus comments.

"Yeah, but Midna how did you know about this place?" Sonia questions.

"That's simple sis, she told me when I informed her that Sanctuary was about to be attacked," Midna says pointing to a woman with long flowing snow-white hair with pink and purple highlights. She wears a blue sport armor bra and black plated pants with her snow-white tail coming out touching the floor.

"Kenna!" Sonia calls out.

"Sonia," she turns to her.

"Kenna, thank goodness you're safe," she runs up to hug her, "But what about…"

"Us!" Kana and Kell call out in unison as they walk up to greet everyone. The six-foot tall toned anthro red dragon walks out with shoulder-length black hair and burning green eyes. Kana sports a green shirt, brown pants, black boots, and a red amulet around his neck. Next to the red dragon, stands his twin brother Kell. The dire bald eagle has the same body built as his brother. Kell has a military crew cut length black hair with cool green eyes. He sports a desert camouflage shirt, black pants, and black boots. He wears a green amulet around his neck. Kana says with a joyful tone, "It's good to see you again Midna! Damn girl! You have grown; you're just as beautiful as Queen Aleena herself."

"I agree Midna, you have grown very beautiful," Kell says with a heated voice.

Midna gives a shy smile while slightly blushing at Kell's words. She replies in a shy tone, "Thank you Kell."

"Wait, you guys know each other?" Sonia questions looking at the three siblings.

Kenna nods and answers, "Thanks to Midna and Silver, we were able to evacuate Sanctuary."

Kana chimes in, "They appeared out of nowhere, and told us that we were in grave danger."

Kell finishes with, "We told them to get all the civilians to safety first."

"What?! You have got to be kidding!" Sonia exclaims. "Why would you do that? It would have been like signing your death warrant!"

Kenna rebuts with, "It is part of our duty. As members of the Royal Guard, we are task with protecting the royal family and the general public."

"Royal Guard? What are you talking about? Oracle said the last member of the Royal Guard was Capt. Argus, and, now that I think about it, Kana what do you mean Midna has grown? How long have you known Midna?" Sonia interrogates.

"Sonia, it's a long story; one that is best saved for another day," Midna states with a smirk.

"SONIA!" Cyrus calls out everyone turns around to look at the panicking lion. "It's Dingo! He's going into shock; we need to get into the medical wing NOW!"

"Right, I am on my way!" she replies, but glances back at Midna.

"You risk your life to save him, so you can't leave the job half done. Our family has a saying 'If someone needs help, we help them.'" Midna smirks. Sonia returns the smile and dashes off to help Cyrus.

"Princess your smirk means trouble for someone," Kell inquires.

"Get your gear, we have to go meet with a possible witness," Midna orders.

Bartleby stands in front of his wall size computer waiting for his call to be connected. Robotnik appears on the screen sitting in his command chair. He questions, "What do you have to report, Bartleby?"

"Plenty," Bartleby smirks.

"This had better be good. I'm in a foul mood and I will make people pay for it. Now, tell me everything!" Robotnik orders.

"First off, I can tell you the rumor about the royal family is true. Queen Aleena and King Sora did have three children before Sonia and her brothers. Plus…" Bartleby pauses and then he sees Sleet walking into Robotnik's command center.

"Dr. Robotnik, I have to tell you…" Sleet starts.

However Robotnik cuts him off by ordering, "SWAT BOTS arrest this failure, and take him to the robotizer. I'll be there soon."

"No wait! Dr. Robotnik let me explain please!" Sleet cries out as the bots grab him and drags him away. "Wait! Stop! You can't do this to me!" The door shuts behind him.

"Continue Bartleby," Robotnik orders.

"Yes sir. In my father's journal; he cites that Queen Aleena gave birth to three other hedgehogs, and I got first hand proof when Sonia appeared with her older sister, Midna."

"Where were the other hedgehogs?" Robotnik inquires.

"I don't know. They are most likely with Sonic and Manic."

"Why didn't you find out!" Robotnik yells.

"How do you expect me to do that without tipping my hand to them," Robotnik growls in frustration knowing that Bartleby is right. "Now, do I have information that will intrigue you? You will have to agree to my terms."

"And why should I agree to anything," Robotnik retorts.

"If you value your life and control of this planet, then you need my information. Will you agree to my terms?" Bartleby fires back. Robotnik sits and strokes his chin thinking about Bartleby's words. He sees the hesitation within Robotnik's eyes and then states, "If not, I can take my information to another source. I'm sure they will…"

"State your terms, Bartleby."

"I will deliver the hedgehogs and Queen Aleena along with a heavy number of freedom fighters. In turn, you will relinquish control of the planet to me; Sonia will be left unharmed, and given to me as my new Queen. Then I will be crowned King a Mobius," Bartleby explains out.

"And what do I get out of this deal?" Robotnik inquires.

"Simple I'll give you the full backing of the Moboain Empire. The people will recognize me as the one that ended the pointless fight between you and the freedom fighters. Then I will allow Mobius to aid you in your Galactic campaign."

"Very well, but I have a few conditions of my own. First, you will give me full control of your military forces at any time I deem necessary. Second, I expected annual amount of $3 trillion. Finally, I want access to the Royal family archives." Robotnik negotiates.

"Very well I agree to your terms as well," Bartleby retorts.

"Excellent. Tell me what you know."

"Three days from now Queen Aleena will reappear, so Sonia has asked me to rally the other aristocrats to aid them in their attack against Robotropolis. I will contact Sonia in tell her that I have got the nobles support to aid them in the attack; when they are in place you can catch them off guard. While Sonia and I safely flee to our new royal palace, there I will tell her what happened and console her. In turn you will have all the freedom fighters, the hedgehogs, and the Queen herself will be overwhelmed and have no choice but to surrender or face oblivion."

"You know Bartleby you are underhanded, cruel, manipulative, and backstabbing. I knew there was something I like. You get everyone into place and I'll handle the rest. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Robotnik laughs.

"Why thank you, this will be a great day for the Scar-Lyon family. Mommy and daddy will be so happy when they return to know our family now rules the Moboian Empire," Bartleby smirks.

Robotnik points at the screen and threatens, "Just make sure you don't fail, or you know what will happen."

Bartleby nods in agreement and the screen goes black. "Once this is done, I will have no more need for that fool Bartleby, and I will rule this planet without any trouble," Robotnik chuckles as he makes his way to the robotizer.

Sleet stands in the center of the machine with his feet clamped to the floor. He hears the hum from the robotizer as a beam of light shines down on him. Sleet glances up and sees mechanical pincers, arms, and gears twist and turn with a sickening mechanical grind. ~Damn it, if I knew that this would happen I would have taken my chances with that monster, ~ he thinks.

The door opens and Robotnik walks through looking at his soon-to-be new robot slave. He walks up to the control panel and checks the status of the machine. Then he turns back to face Sleet, "Tell me where's that idiot Dingo?"

"Dead," Sleet responds without emotion.

A shock look comes over Robotnik's face, but he's able to maintain a posture of calm and control, "How?"

"Sonic killed him. No! He destroyed him," Sleet smirks at Robotnik knowing that his impending doom is close at hand.

"How is that even possible? The hedgehog isn't a murderer," Robotnik says stroking his mustache.

Sleet lowers his head and tugs at the chains on his arms, "That is true, but Sonic transformed into some kind of monster… no a beast. Once that happened, Dingo didn't have a chance; Sonic systematically with great pleasure destroyed Dingo."

Robotnik could not believe what he is hearing. He continues to stroke his mustache listening to Sleet describe all that happened on the ship went Sonic transformed. "Interesting and you say Sonic was the one responsible?"

"Yes Dr. Robotnik and I almost got killed trying to get away. He fired some super-powerful energy laser and destroyed all the ships except the one I got away on."

Robotnik starts to pace back and forth rattling his mind for an explanation that might give some reliable insight about the events that occurred at Sanctuary. After another two minutes of thinking, Robotnik finally looks back at Sleet and says in a dark intimidating tone, "Well Sleet, you may be useful to me after all." Sleet falls to his knees and rattling the chains while groveling. "Shut up Sleet. I want you to contact every bounty Hunter on Mobius. Tell them to capture that blue rodent, UNDERSTAND!"

"Yes your most merciful one," Sleet grovels.

"Release him," Robotnik orders. Then he walks over to Sleet grabs him by the collar and stares into his eyes, "Don't you dare fail me, or I will find a worse punishment than the robotizer."

Two hours later, Sleet walks back into the command center and sees Robotnik staring at the screen with an 'X' on the monitor. He hears Robotnik talking, and he notices that Robotnik has not realize that he is in the room. He quickly hides in order to hear the conversation between Robotnik and the other person on the monitor. "Master everything is going according to plan. In fact, our timetables been accelerated. The Queen will make her final reappearance in three days," Robotnik reports.

"Excellent 47118. Is there anything more to report?" The mechanical voice asks.

"Yes master, it seems that Queen Aleena and King Sora have three other brats."

"WHAT! HOW CAN THIS BE!" the mechanical voice roars.

"They will be no problem master, they are here on the planet and they will fall into the same trap as Queen Aleena," Robotnik ensures.

"They better 47118 or you will face the consequences for failure," the mechanical voice threatens.

"Yes Master," then Robotnik slightly turns his head toward Sleet's direction. "Sleet, I hope, for your health, you have completed your task."

Sleet tries to contain his shock hearing Robotnik voice address him. "Yes of course Master Robotnik. They are heading out in search of Sonic as we speak. Once they have found him, they will bring Sonic to you alive as ordered," Sleet reports.

"Good you completed your final mission. Now, GUARDS!" Robotnik calls out. Less than a second, three SWAT bots walk-up in response, "Take the prisoner to the robotizer and robotize him this very second."

"HEY WAIT! NO!" Sleet cries out.

"As you command sir," the bot responses.

"No get away from me!" Sleet cries out running towards the exit, but another squad of bots stands blocking his path. He draws his gun and open fires hitting two of the SWAT bots destroying them, yet before he could climb over them the bots grab Sleet with in its iron grip. "Let me go metal heads! Robotnik you said you would spare my life!"

"I did and I will. I will use your life for spare parts and for other things that I need parts for my other robots. Take him away!"

The bots drag Sleet down the hall, and he shouts, "ROBOTNIK YOU DOUBLE CROSSING BASTARD! I'LL BE SURE TO SAVE A SEAT FOR YOU AND YOUR FUCKING MASTER NEXT TO ME IN HELL WHEN THE HEDGEHOGS KILLED YOUR BIG ROUND…AHHHHH!" His words are silence as the robotizer completes the transformation. Another minute passes with Sleet crying in agony then the machine stops and the shield comes down revealing the new robotize Sleet. His eyes light up with a yellow tint and he says, "How may I serve you Master Robotnik?"

"Go clean out the oil pits," he orders.

"As you wish master Robotnik," Robo-Sleet responds and leaves.

Robotnik turns back to the screen and says, "With that done, I beg your leave master. I must prepare for the hedgehog's arrival." Robotnik bows.

"Don't fail me!" the mechanical voice exclaims then the screen goes black.

Bartleby shuts down his wall monitor, "You fool Robotnik once I have Sonia by my side and you have dealt with her meddling brothers and mother; you will be next. I will get revenge for my father and mother; then I will take what is rightfully mine the imperial throne."

"Damn and here I thought that you Scar-Lyons couldn't get any worse. Boy was I wrong," A hooded woman voices sitting at the end of the empty dining room table with her feet propped up.

"And why should I care, I will soon be ruler of this planet then the rest of the Empire."

"Damn, I owe Sonic and Manic on this on; they were around the ball when comes to you. You are nothing but a parasite and backstabbing fucker."

Bartleby strolls over to the opposite end of the table and eloquently sits down while discreetly pressing a button under the table, "Well what do I owe the pleasure of this intrusion of my property. Are we not all allies against Robotnik?"

"Oh save it! Do I really have to waste my breath? I have a few questions, and I want answers! Oh and you should know, your life depends on it! First, what do you plan to do with Sonia?"

"Well your sister will be the catalyst that will allow my family to become the next royal rulers," Bartleby smirks.

"And what do you and Robotnik have in store for Queen Aleena, Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Manic?"

"Simple. Death!" He responds sitting back in his chair interlacing his fingers.

"Bastard," she says softly; then she asks, "Why are you doing this? What's the reason for grabbing up power in this manner?"

Bartleby leans forward and pours a glass of red wine then slowly drinks from the glass, "It's quite simple. It's my family's destiny and my birthright." He presses the button again, and stands up looking outside the window. "For generations, the Scar-Lyon family has served the royal Hedgehog family, and we stood proud as the leader of the aristocrats and fought gallantly in the civil war. After all our hard work, it was past time we take our proper place as part of the royal lineage. Grandfather selected my father to become the one to make us a part of royalty. Your mother was to be the one that would elevate us. Grandfather would have your mother arranged to marry father, but we were betray. Her parents said, 'That she was free to choose anyone of her liking.'" Bartleby takes another drink from his wineglass and turns back to face the hooded woman. "Father had everything grace, class, excellent pedigree, and me ready to take the throne as the first crown prince."

"Wait, Bartleby you were alive at that time?" She calmly asks.

"Of course not you fool, I was born five years before you. Grandfather had it all planned out; I would be born first, and I would be legal heir to the throne. Since, I would be the eldest child," Bartleby chuckles before taking another sip of wine.

"So, your family planned to usurp the throne from the beginning," she comments.

"Of course, the Hedgehog dynasty is old and weak, and the idea that we must promote peace and equality is a joke. The lower classes should be taught to know their role in life is to serve those of high birth and power," Bartleby states turning around to look outside once more.

"I see, so what went wrong?"

Bartleby yells while twisting around to face her again, "THAT LOWLIFE, GUTTER BORN, UNCIVILIZED FATHER OF YOURS!" He exhales then takes another sip of wine regaining his composer; then he turns back to look through his window. "The plan was so simple, at the debutante ball Princess Aleena was presented to the public for the first time as a young maiden and old enough to be wedded. During the ball, father was meant to sweep Princess Aleena off her feet with his grace and charm, but that no good worthless hedgehog Sora Speed, from the Earth colony, had to attend. It would have been the perfect moment, father walked up to Aleena and gracefully asked her to dance, but she tossed father's advance away to go dance with Sora. For the next five years, everything happen without stall, Sora and Aleena dated, fell in love, married, mated, and then you were born. I was five at the time of your birth, and father became head of the family. We were more determined than ever to make our dreams become reality. After it was announced, Queen Aleena and King Sora had a daughter among her first set of bastardized triplets. That was our ticket to power; plus another option became available for us," he smiles taking another sip of wine.

Within hearing distance in a dimly lit side hallway, two hooded figures walk up to another hooded figure who is observing the conversation. The taller figure says, "How is our princess holding up?"

Still listening to the conversation she responds in a soft tone, "Not bad so far, but a couple of times her power spikes because of the crazy shit Bartleby has confessed to. On top of that, I think he's only getting started."

"That doesn't surprise me. She has great self-control at times, but Bartleby is nothing but scum," the other hooded figure giggles.

"Okay. Okay, so what are we waiting on? We can just burst in right now, and…" The equally tall figure comments cracking his knuckles, but the female figure cuts him off.

"No, we must wait for her signal. Besides I'm curious to see how deep the Scar-Lyon's involvement is in this conspiracy," she says turning back to listen to the conversation.

"Bartleby, what other option are you talking about?" the hooded woman asks.

Bartleby takes another sip from his wine glass, "Midna tell me, did you ever wonder where Robotnik came from and how he gained a foot hold on Mobius?"

"Wait! You didn't!" she sits up in her chair.

Bartleby laughs loudly, "No you fool! Don't be so gullible, I was only a child at the moment, but father, he had great plans in store for using Robotnik's forces and power."


"Not before your mother betrayed the aristocracy," Bartleby turns and sets his wine glass on the table; then he stares at her. "You see Robotnik had come to our planet to open up negotiations for an alliance with us. He wanted our empire to aid him in a galactic expansion campaign. This would mean nearly unlimited money, resources, and boundless power for the nobles. It would have been a glorious alliance, but Sora told Aleena that it would come at the cost of billions of lives. Its not like it really mattered because it will be only low and idiot classes. We nobles would be safe and sound from the day to day battles, because that's what they are bred for. They live to fight for us, so we do not have to soil our hands. However, that bleeding heart king did not budge on his stance; the queen agreed with him and turned down Dr. Robotnik's offer. She ordered him to leave the planet immediately, but father had other plans. Our path to ultimate power was not leaving yet; father along with some other nobles asked Robotnik to come to one of our villas in the country. In fact, it was in this very room that he opened negotiations. We told him that we would finance his operations in Mobius, if he would get rid of your parents. In turn, Robotnik and father would put me on the throne, he agreed to our terms, so the aristocracy gave him the building and funds needed to construct his war machines. Once done, father and Robotnik had to wait for the right moment to strike. It was a year before Aleena had her second set of triplets when an emergency call came from Earth, so King Sora rushed off to aid his home world. At the same time of his departure, Queen Aleena gave birth. With the queen's powers weaken, the King gone, our time had come, and we attacked. Now it is time to end this pointless struggle, I will take my rightful place as King of Mobius with Sonia as my queen. Who knows, I might take you as my concubine. After all, I know eventually I will get tired of Sonia, and I will need someone else to warm my bed. Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little walk down memory lane. Now, you will take your proper place under my feet, or you will not leave here alive."

"Now, what gives you that idea?" The hooded woman questions as she stands to her feet looking directly at Bartleby.

"By now my private robot militia has this entire area locked down," Bartleby smiles at her while moving forward closer the hooded woman.

Not less than five feet from her, she holds out her hand stopping Bartleby in his tracks. "Really, I beg to differ. Isn't that right guys!" she exclaims as two hooded figures walk into the room.

"You got that right sis," the taller figure says removing is hood to reveal his face.

"KANA!" Bartleby says with a shock in his voice and steps back three feet.

"I'm with you bro," the other figure says as he pulls back his hood and showing his face.

"KELL!" Bartleby screams in fright backpedaling close to the wall computer. "What are you talking about? Explain now! Where are my robots?!" Bartleby whines.

"Check it out, they all got sick because their allergies flared up," Kell laughs walking to the table and picks up an apple.

"What?! Don't be foolish robots don't have allergies. You are lying!" Bartleby protests with his back against the wall while he covertly activates the computer.

Kana walks to the table; he grabs a piece of cheese and pops into his mouth then chews it quickly while saying, "Oh yes they do, see they are allergic to fire. It causes their temperature to spike, and they just melt away." He grabs another piece of cheese and eats it turning his head towards Kell.

Kell finishes his apple then swallows before saying, "The same can be said about wind. Once it starts blowing, they go all to pieces." He laughs grabbing a pear this time and quickly devours it.

"You monsters you'll pay for this!" Bartleby shouts. He quickly turns around to the wall mounted computer. Just before his right hand reaches the panel, the other hooded female dashes towards him as fast as lightning; her light blue star sword detaches Bartleby's whole right forearm and slashes the left side of his face.

"AAAHHHHHHH!" Bartleby cries out holding the seared end of his right arm. The unimaginable pain and adrenaline from the shock speeds through his body. His legs turn to wet limp limbs tossing him to the ground with a painful thump.

"That was for fucking with my family!" The hooded woman says.

Bartleby regains some of his composure and musters the will to say, "Look at what you have done to me. You foul beast! Damn you Kenna!"

Midna removes her hood revealing her face to the shock and mortally wounded Bartleby with the deathly glare and fire in her eyes. "That was for trying to use my sister and I as your playthings. Come to think about it I should have aimed lower," she growls. She lets Bartleby's words play again her head and every second she hears the lines and taunts Bartleby spews from his mouth; her anger grows and grows. Finally, it comes to the point that she can no longer withstand his vile words and actions she raises her star sword and says, "You don't deserve to live; I'm going to end you here and now. I'll make sure to send Robotnik to hell right behind with you." As she begins to swing down Kenna grabs her arm and prevents the star sword from splitting Bartleby's head and half. Midna gives Kenna a deathly stare and says with a great amount of malice and hatred in her voice, "What the fuck are you trying to do? WHY THE HELL YOU ARE STOPPING ME, KENNA!?"

"Your highness, you must not do this. You are right he does deserve to pay for his crimes with his life, but don't stain yourself with vengeance. His family and the supporting aristocrats have committed grave crimes against the people of Mobius, but you must not fall to his level nor allow yourself to be drawn into this darkness that they have created," Kenna lectures.

Midna frees herself from Kenna's grip; then Kenna moves in between her and Bartleby. Midna takes a deep breath closes her eyes and allows the coolness of logic and understanding to wash over her. After another minute of her makeshift meditation, Midna retracts her star sword back into its medallion form. She looks back at Kenna with a relaxed expression and focused mind then says, "What do you suggest we do?"

Kana walks over with more pieces of cheese in his hand. He pops another piece into his mouth then melts the other pieces in his hand with a fire burst. "Why not break his legs and leave him here until we retake the planet," he suggests while laughing.

Kell walks up behind them eating another piece of fruit. He swallows the morsel then says, "That is just as bad as killing him charcoal breath. Leave the thinking to us while you eat your cheese."

"Don't push it wind bag," Kana threatens. His eyes turns from green to fire red-orange, "keep being a smartass and I'll show you what I did to Bartleby's robots."

"Yeah, yeah! So you say! So you say!" Kell waves his hand in disbelief in front of his face. Kana gets closer to Kell and swings at his brother. Kell deflects the shots and throw some punches of his own, but Kana is able to deflect shots as well. The brothers continue to punch, kick, and throw silverware at each other. Occasionally, their attacks connect with the other's face, abdomen, and other parts of the body.

Kenna jumps in between the battling brothers and blocks two incoming attacks. She quickly punches her brothers in the chest knocking them to the ground. Kenna gives them a mean look as they rub the soreness inflicted on them "Will you two knock your childish shit off! Damn, you two are ranking members of the Royal Guards, and yet you acting just as childish as Silver and Shadow. No offense Midna!" She states.

"None taken you called it right," Midna smirks. Before looking back at Bartleby, she thinks about the ultimate judgment that she will cast upon him.

"Still your Majesty, you must make a decision, but killing him is not the right answer. This decision is one that will impact the entire royal family for generations to come. You can be merciful and let him live until he can be judged by a jury of his peers and Queen Aleena, or you could take a darker route and can cast him into an oblivion from which he can never return." Kenna advises.

Bartleby looks distressingly at both Midna and Kenna wondering what fate will befall him. Bartleby nurses his arm tightly flexing his phantom hand in front of him; then he looks at the severed limb that was once connected to his body. Midna closes her eyes and lets her thoughts raced through her mind as she contemplates on her next move. Thoughts race pass her at lightning speed one solution after another. The brown hedgehog ponders what would be the best and most satisfying punishment for Bartleby. Suddenly, her eyes spring open as a solution comes to mine, "FIRE!"

Kenna, Kana, Kell, and Bartleby look at Midna with a puzzle expression. Kell breaks the silence and asks with a questionable tone, "Midna what you talking about? How is fire going to solve this situation?"

Midna looks outside for a second; then she looks all around Bartleby's mansion with a poignant and fierce look in her eyes, "It's quite simple, fire is purity. Anything that is engulf by fire becomes purified afterwards."

"But Midna fire also means destruction, you do realize whatever you put into fire is reduced to ashes. How does fire help this?" Kenna asks.

"Simple. This estate, mansion, and everything here utilized for dark and evil purposes along with vengeful acts. In order to pay for the Scar-Lyon's evil and destructive deeds, we must destroy this place in order for goodness to be free, so I have decided. My judgement is to burn this place to the ground."

Kell walks up and places his hand on Midna shoulder, "That's all well and good, but what is Bartleby's punishment? Do you want to cook him along with the rest of the mansion? Don't get me wrong, I have no problem seeing this piece of shit being roasted alive along with everything here."

"No, Bartleby will be handled in a different way," Midna turns to Bartleby grabbing his attention. He looks up at her with fear in his eyes wondering what will happen. "Bartleby Scar-Lyon, I will spare your life in exchange for," she pauses.

Bartleby works his way to his knees cradling to his severed right arm and holds it close to his chest. "Oh thank you. Thank you your majesty for your graceful kindness and loving mercy. I will do anything you ask of me anything at all. All you have to do is just ask for anything. Anything at all," he professes.

Midna squint her eyes and does what she cannot to smirk. "Runaway Bartleby. Runaway and never return," Midna orders.

"Where do I go? How do I eat? What about my every day needs? Everything out there is so… so barbaric," Bartleby whines.

Kell looks at Bartleby and says with a humorous tone, "Oh I'm sorry would you like some cheese with your whine, or maybe you should call the complaint department. Midna, this is no use; he's hopeless. He going to whine and complain about everything. We should just kill him here and now to put him out of his damn misery!"

Midna looks at Kell and shakes her head in disapproval before saying, "No. He will face exile and if he ever shows his face again, well Bartleby don't try me."

"But your majesty, I won't survive out there. The harsh nights and the desolate days it will be a living hell for me," Bartleby whines.

Midna looks back at Bartleby then says, "That's not my problem, so you better get going before I changed my mind. Unless, you want me to take off your head." Her ocean blue eyes give the death glare to Bartleby causing his whole body to shake with fear and panic. Suddenly, her face hidden by a deep black shadow and with her ocean blue eyes glowing with an ominous aura of pure darkness and evil. She adds with a voice full of pure rage and anger, "One other matter Bartleby, if I ever see you again, or you speak about my family especially my sister, I won't kill you. I will destroy you!"

The piercing deadly aura from Midna scares Bartleby so much that he starts frantically crawling away from Midna deadly presence. He hurries to his feet; then he fumbles with the front door. Once it is open, he scurries away from his estate into the vast unknown world tripping and falling occasionally thinking that Midna is on his tail preparing to deal the final deadly blow.

The three watch as Bartleby continues to scurry away laughing and giggling at his uncoordinated attempt to escape a death sentence, "You know, you kinda over did it with the death threat," Kenna expresses.

"It was no threat, Kenna that was a solemn promise. The next time I see that worthless traitor, I will kill him without any regrets, and if you ever try to stop me from taking my vengeance upon him, I will bring you down as well," Midna replies with a cold deadly tone.

"Damn Midna! I knew I was cold, but you've got icebergs running through your veins," Kana smirks.

"Maybe my blood will warm up after Robotnik is found guilty, and his body is opened up for all to see," she smiles.

Kell shakes his head and grabs more fruit. He starts to eat while putting his feet up on the table, "Okay now that is done, what do we do about the other problem should or should I say problems?"

Midna thinks about his questions then she replies in a cold harsh voice, "Will handle that later, but first Kell mine Bartleby's computer for data to find where all his assets are. Once that is done, Kana I want you to burn this place to the ground I want nothing left but trees and bare ground. Got it!"

"Yes, your highness!" They reply while saluting.

Kenna stops in her tracks for a second before carrying out the hedgehog princess' orders and askes, "Midna, what about the staff and the other innocents here?"

Midna takes a breath, lets her angry aura calm down, and says, "I'll handle that. You three carry out my orders."

"Ok," Kenna replies before heading off.

An hour later the four of them with the whole house staff stand on the outskirts of Bartleby's estate watching as the huge house is engulfed in a sea of flames. The sky is filled with dancing flames and columns of smoke as the house erupts into flames. Midna's eyes stare deeply into the flames erupting from the property, and her mind envisions the impending flames that will surround Robotnik's headquarters. "Now comes the hard part, telling Sonia and my brothers," Midna says softly then turns to the dire eagle, "Kell, have everyone get ready to go this instant. I have to break this news to my sister." Everyone gathers around and with a bright brown light disappear instantaneously.

"Well that was close," Sonia smiles seeing Dingo's vital readings stabilized, and him resting peacefully in bed. She walks out the surgery viewing room; then she sees Cyrus leaning against the wall with his foot propped up. She gives him a quick glance and begins to make her way pass him.

"You really care for him," Cyrus claims as he starts to walk beside her. They make their way down the hallway to the patient visitor lobby. "After all the shit and hell he has put you and your brothers through, why help him?" He questions the lite violet color hedgehog. Sonia stops in the middle of the hallway and looks at Cyrus with a concerned look in her eyes; she takes a deep breath then shakes her head before walking again. Cyrus stands there for a moment looking at Sonia walking away; he rushes to catch up while pressing, "Sonia, please at least tell me. Do you plan for him to die in that state or let him live?"

They reach the lobby and find Dingo's room number. After they get to his room, Sonia looks through the glass at Dingo's bloodstain and mutilated medical taped up body. She gives a small smirk in pleasure at seeing Dingo in his tormented form, but she knows in her heart that Dingo did not deserve this type of punishment. "You're right Cyrus, no matter how much evil your oppressors have done; they don't deserve to suffer. What Nico put him through is wrong and unjustified."

"Then, why don't you just end his long medically induced misery? You can order the doctors to take him off life support and grant him the blessing of …" Cyrus starts, but Sonia interrupts him.

"We have the technology to save him, so he can live a meaningful life. Dingo deserves that much of a chance regardless of his past crimes," Sonia defends.

"That's the Sonia I know and grew up with. She is always willing to give anyone who wants to love and live a chance to do so," Minda says walking in the viewing room. She wears her traditional polka dot outfit with bright green camouflage polka dots over a darker forest green jumpsuit. "My father was forced to makes by bots for Robotnik's spy service, but not only did she forgive him; she helped us escape. Now, we're here fighting the good fight against that round belly egghead."

"She's absolutely right even though Dingo did some horrible things. He put innocent lives in grave danger; mother would want me to show compassion and forgiveness," Sonia adds with a smile.

"Spoken like a true princess, mother will be so proud knowing that our baby sister is growing up to be a fine young royal leader," Midna smiles while walking into the room. She looks through the viewing glass at Dingo's head, legs, and torso are wrapped medical gauzes stained with blood from the open wounds. The right side of his face along his right eye are wrapped with bloodstain cover. Next to his bed, several medical machines record his life signs and on a silver pole are five different liquid IV bags plugged into his body. She thinks as she looks over his body, ~Great Mother and Father, Sonic… I mean Nico put him through hell and back; there is hardly anything left. Shit, I can't even tell if he actually still alive after all that. ~

A moment later, a man with a brown and white fox tail wearing a white lab coat with a black dress shirt and pants walks into Dingo's room. The doctor holds a tablet in his right hand and uses his left hand to check the monitors and other devices plugged into Dingo's body. A few moments pass as he records the findings from the sensors and monitoring machines onto his tablet. He rubs his eyes in what looks to be frustration and anguish for his patient. He leaves the room not saying or even looking directly ahead, but looking at the floor with a frustrated look. His concentration is broken when he hears, "Dr. Stein… Dr. Stein…" He looks up to see who is calling his name, but he doesn't see anyone within his peripherals or straight view. He continues down the hallway shrugging off the calls of his name.

Sonia stands in the middle of the hallway and calls out once again, "Dr. Frank Stein please wait." He breaks away from his concentration and sees Sonia paging him, so he turns about and starts walking to the viewing room. He enters the room seeing everyone there looking at Dingo confined to his bed. "Can you give us a diagnosis?" Sonia glances into his eyes and sees a highly frustrated expression in his eyes and body language.

Midna notices the same signals as Sonia, and she bravely ask, "Doctor is there a problem? If there is something that you need to tell us, please do inform us what it is. Holding it in seems to be causing you the only grief and irritation, so you can go ahead and illuminate us what you have learned about Dingo's condition."

"Is there a problem?! Is there a problem?! You see my fucking patient!" He yells pointing towards the view-screen. "I don't know what type of a joke this is, but anyone in the medical profession would say this patient doesn't even need to be breathing! What the hell, were you thinking?! Why, just not let him die?! There was no need to bring…" He continues to yell.

"DOCTOR! Please calm down. Remember, you are a medical professional, and you do not need to go flying off the handle like this. Pull it together, so that you can protect your patient's life," Midna orders.

Dr. Stein takes a deep breath calming his rage. His frustration settles down; Frank remembers the classes he took in professionalism and crisis management on how to handle this situation. "I'm sorry your majesty, seeing what's left of my patient infuriated me. I have never seen anyone so badly mutilated in my entire life." He puts his hand on the viewing glass and leans over looking at the mutilated body before him.

"What did you mean by 'what's left' Dr. Stein? What is the diagnosis for him? Is he going to survive? Can he… I don't know…," Cyrus questions.

"To put it simply, the patient suffers from major close to fatal injuries."

"Can you be a little more detailed Dr. Stein?" Sonia asks.

Stein turns back to look at the group with a semi-pessimistic look on his face and a partial irritation, "Fine, but you asked for it. I won't leave one detail out." He looks at his tablet with all the medical notes and starts to read word for word, "The patient is suffering from massive deep muscle laceration of the forearms and throughout the entire torso. He has sustained massive broken bones throughout the skeletal structure with severe fragmentation. Fragmented shards have inserted into major areas of the muscular structure. On the lower section of the body, both of the patient's leg bones are completely shattered with his muscle fibers torn to shreds, severe hematoma under the skin with other internal bleeding, and I don't know where to start with his nervous system. The same, can be said with, when it comes to his arms; the area where the hands were connected to the forearm along with the muscle fibers and other vital blood vessels suffered from severe force and tearing have. Add to that, testing shows signs of infection. The left arm has Gang Green and muscle deterioration. The patient is suffering from severe cranial pressure due to multiple concussion to the skull and bleeding on the brain. After reviewing x-rays, I have discovered that several major fissures that stretches more than 1 cm along the skull. As a result, the right eye is smashed. Lastly, Dingo's internal organs have suffered a great amount of shock from blunt force trauma, and he is displaying signs of cardio vascular scarring. This can be result from, bone fragments spreading through the internal organs and entering the blood stream. As a personal note, Dingo received damage from what could be only described as a destructive force of nature."

A deafening silence fills the room after Frank delivers the diagnosis and status for Dingo. Their faces only express grief and astonishment on how Dingo was able to survive such terrible injuries. Sonia is so shock; she walks up to the viewing window; then she places her hand against the glass still viewing the tattered remains. Sonia asks, "What treatment will you give him?"

Stein presses his back against the window then reaches into his lab coat pocket and pulls out a toothpick. He places it in his mouth and says, "Well Sonia, the best option right now is to just let him die, but I know that is not an option. I have discussed it with the other doctors, and we all agreed on the same conclusion. If you want to save him, then he will have to endure numerous amputations to his body ranging from his legs, his left arm, his ruptured right eye, parts of his skull, etc. The best replacement options will be prosthetics for all the amputated areas and shattered bones. If Dingo can get through all that and other parts of the surgeries, he will live."

Midna walks up to Sonia then places her hand on her shoulder giving some comfort to her little sister. "Sonia, I know you care deeply to know what happens to him. For the time being, Dr. Stein and his associates will handle Dingo's health from here; we have to focus on saving the entire planet," Midna says with a smile before walking out of the viewing room.

"Dr. Stein, before I go, may I, at least, say goodbye?" Sonia asks looking at the fox doctor. He nods in approval and she walks out and into Dingo's room. Sonia places her hand on clean part of the medical tape and looks up at Dingo's bandage face, "You don't know how much I wish I could hate you right now. You put me through hell! You torture me, gross the hell out of me, you have captured me then tried to turn me over to Robotnik, and during all of this you kept saying you love me, I'm pretty, and all types of other bullshit. Seeing you like this, the only thing I can do is just pity you; Dingo, I don't know if you can hear me but if you can; then you better survive. I have more harsh words for you once you're out of this hospital."

Dingo starts to breathe a little louder and manages to say with a muffled and raspy voice, "I'm sorry pretty Sonia. I'm so sorry pretty Sonia." Sonia's eyes look at Dingo's face. She can only watch as he continuously says the same line over and over as if in a trance. Suddenly, all the monitoring devices start to peak and ping one after the other; while the medical emergency alarms on the machines sound one after the other. Dingo continues to repeat the same line until he starts gasping for air while blood pools in his mouth.

Dr. Stein and several nurses come racing in to stabilize Dingo before he goes into cardiac a rest. "Nurse 20cc of X5S2 and start suction stat! Damnit! A clot must have blown; we have no to time waste. Nurse call all doctors to the OR, and prepare for emergency surgery. Princess Sonia, I am going to have to ask you to leave immediately! We will do all we can to save him, but I will not make any guarantees."

"Good luck Dr. Stein, and do the best you can," Sonia says before escorted out of the room. Midna stands in the hallway and give the thumbs up to her sister. Sonia walks over to Midna and gives a weak smile, "Ok sis, what is our next move?"

Midna leads Sonia to the communication room then punches up the numbers for the COM links. The monitor comes a live showing Sonic and Shadow on one screen while Silver and Manic are on the other. "Guys, we have a big problem. Robotnik knows about everything, and he knows we're coming after him with mom."

"Hold up Midna, is this some kind of joke? Buttnik shouldn't have a clue about what's going to happen," Sonic states.

"Yeah sib, the only way is if he has ears into our private conversations," Manic adds.

"It's actually something worse; Bartleby ratted us out to Robotnik and that's just only the start of the shit! From the beginning, Bartleby's family has planned and conspired with Robotnik to overthrow mom, but their plan didn't work. In turn, his father came up with the fucked up plan to marry Sonia or I, so that he could grab up power. We need a new plan, so anything ideas guys? We can't just run in and try to attack Robotnik's headquarters. He knows that will be coming straight for him, and he knows mom is coming back in less than two days. We lose our element of surprise. Robotnik is going to throw everything at us including the kitchen sink." All the hedgehogs remain silent as they try to think of a way to get around Bartleby's betrayal.

"Who cares!" Sonic exclaims. The blue hedgehog holds up his fist in front of his face and continues with, "Robotnik knows we're coming it just makes things more fun. Now, we can party to the max as we are meant to party. We will show Robotnik that we not scared of him, his robot military, or anything that is throws at us. Shadow, Nico, and I agree on one thing; we are sick and tired of all this sneaking around bullshit. It's time to show Robotnik that we mean business. In less than two days, Robotnik's empire will see its final sunrise, and egg belly along the with those turncoat noble face justice for their crimes. For right now, we have to focus on training and get control over our new powers. What do think Shadow, does it sound like a plan?!"

"I actually agree with the little crybaby; playtime is over and the fun is about to begin. Let's get this done!" Shadow exclaims before he cuts the line.

Manic states with an uplifted beat, "I'm with them, Midna we been pussyfooting around this too long it's time that we stand up and put it into an end Robotnik's craziness. Silver, I'm gamed if you are." Silver nods his head. Manic says goodbye and gives a thumbs up; then the screen goes black as well.

"Sonia, I know this is a little much, but…"

"No Midna, Bartleby is a traitor and a lowlife. The next time I see him; I'm going to rip his noble high powered fucking heart out. Let's get started, we have no time to waste!" Sonia exclaims while walking towards the training ground. Midna smiles following her little sister.

Each hedgehog group walks into an open space area looking at their older sibling as they explain what is about to happen. "I'm going to teach you how to use the power of Chaos Control. This technique requires physical, mental, and more over pure determination. If you want to succeed at this, you are going to have to train and do what I tell you. If you can't handle it; then your SOL because I don't plan to stop until you have mastered this ability. GOT IT!" The three younger hedgehogs nod as Midna, Silver, and Shadow activates their medallions and starts to play.

Let's get down to business (Midna)
To defeat Buttnik (Silver)

"First you must focus your energy into a shield around you," Midna orders.

Did they send me [weaklings?] (Shadow)
When I asked for strong?(Midna)

"Not good enough! You need more power!" Shadow shouts. He watches Sonic pull more energy around him into a field.

You're the saddest bunch I ever met (Shadow)
But you can bet Before we're through (Midna)

"Focus!" Silver commands seeing Manic shield fluctuate high and low.

Mister, I'll make a hero out of you (Silver)]
Tranquil as a forest (Midna)
But on fire within (Silver)

Silver picks up several rocks, "Manic dodge the rocks without taking a step. You must use Chaos Control. ONLY!" Silver hurls the rocks at Manic, but he is hit over and over. Manic tries to run, "Don't you dare run hedgehog! If you can't teleport, then you stand there let those rocks hit you! Until you learn to teleport; don't move!"

Once you find your center, you are sure to win(Midna)
You're a spineless, pale, pathetic lot (Shadow)
And you haven't got a clue (Silver)
Somehow I'll make a hero out of you (Midna)

"Dodge my attacks," Midna orders. She teleports behind Sonia and hits her in the back of her head; then Midna disappears again. Another series of strikes fall upon Sonia again before she can hit the ground, "You're too slow! Focus you energy and teleport if you want to outpace me!"

I'm never gonna catch my breath (Manic)
Say good-bye to those who knew me (Sonic)

Sonic is punch in the face by Shadow and sent flying into a wall with two energy waves following hitting Sonic deeper into the wall.

Boy, was I a fool in school for cutting gym (Sonia)
My bro got me scared to death (Manic)

Manic slightly dodges a massive rock sent at him, but Silver throws another rock hitting him.

Hope he doesn't see right through me (Nico)

"Save yourself Sonic," Shadow says pushing Sonic into a water reserve tank. Sonic falls into the water and flaps his arms around trying to stay afloat. "Use Chaos Control dumbass before you drown!" Shadow yells.

Now I really wish that I knew how to swim (Sonic)
(Be a hero)

You must be swift as the coursing river (Shadow)
(Be a hero)

With all the force of a great typhoon (Midna)
(Be a hero)

With all the strength of a raging fire (Silver)

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon (Shadow, Midna, Silver)

The three young hedgehogs start to learn how to teleport short distances, but the older siblings still outpace them and kick their tails.

Time is racing toward us till the war arrives (Midna)
Heed your every instinct and you might survive (Shadow)
You're unsuited for the rage of war (Silver)
So pack up, go home you're through (Shadow)

At the same time, the older hedgehogs uppercut their younger siblings and sends them flying into the air. Sonic, Sonia, and Manic land face down on the ground. Shadow, Midna, and Silver turn and walk away.

How could I make a hero out of you? (Midna, Shadow, Silver)

(Be a hero)

I must be swift as the coursing river (Sonic)

With all the force of a great typhoon (Sonia)

With all the strength of a raging fire (Manic)

Then Sonic, Sonia, and Manic stand up looking at their siblings, and force their energy around them; then they teleport in front of their older siblings with a smirks on their faces.

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon (Sonic, Sonia, Manic)
(Be a hero)

We must be swift as the coursing river (Sonic, Shadow)

Sonic mirrors Shadow's move for move; then Sonic finally gets behind Shadow and lands a punch. 

(Be a hero)
With all the force of a great typhoon (Sonia, Midna)

Sonia is able to dodge Midna's attacks with great ease and grace.

(Be a hero)
With all the strength of a raging fire (Manic, Silver)

Manic dodges rocks without any trouble.

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon (Unison)

"Good job now show me what you got," the older siblings order.

"NOW WITNESS," Sonic starts.

"THE ULTIMATE" Sonia calls out.

"POWER OF" Manic finishes.

"CHAOS CONTROL!" the three hedgehogs say in unison. They disappear into the light.

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Episode Seven

Final Battle Pt.3: Gathering Allies and Powers Hidden Within

Chapter Text

Episode Six: Final Battle Pt.3

Gathering Allies and Powers Hidden Within

A/N: Here are the ages for everyone:

Sonic, Nico, Sonia, and Manic: 12 years old                Shadow, Silver, and Midna: 13 years old

Kenna: 16 years old                                           Kell and Kana: 18 years old

Queen Aleena: 31 years old

Midna closes the door to Sonia's room as her little sister lies unconscious on the bed weakened from her extensive hard training. She walks down the hallway and sees Kenna and her brothers chatting outside the medical wing. Midna gives a curious look and heads towards them they ask, "What's going on?"

Kenna looks at Midna and smiles, "I heard Sonia was able to use Chaos Control."

"Yeah, as for Sonic and Manic, I haven't heard from my brothers."

"Excellent that means that the younger generation are gaining an impressive family trait. Too bad, I can't say the same about my brothers. The most they can learn or do is get on my nerves and cause a bunch of nonsense and shenanigans. So, what's our next move?" Kenna inquires.

Midna crosses her arms, "I am glad that you mentioned that; I need to ask something of you and Kell. It's a rather difficult task, but I know you two will be able to handle it without any trouble at all."

"Just name it your highness, Kell and I will take care of it at once," Kenna states.

"I want you and Kell to go find my brothers. Before you think this is a search and rescue it's not. It's actually a protection detail." Kenna and her brothers give a puzzled look to the brown hedgehog princess as she continues to explain her motives, "Since the three of us are training our siblings, we have left ourselves wide open to be a prime target for Robotnik's forces."

"But your highness, why would Robotnik even attempt something that crazy? If Robotnik sends out any special attack force, he runs the risk of severely weakening his overall forces when it comes to the final battle," Kell professes.

"You may be right, but he is smart enough to bring in extra help to boost his defenses. In turn, if he launches an attack and it fails, he won't lose any overall military strength. Add to that, Robotnik will have another advantage. Since the three of us will be busy training, we will be using a great deal of our power fighting them. As for Sonic and Manic, all you need to do is look at Sonia, and you'll see why they would be useless in a fight. Kenna I want you to go with Silver and Manic, and Kell you'll go with Sonic and Shadow."

"And I'll stay with you and Sonia," Kana states.

Midna nods and looks back at Kenna, "Listen I don't know if you'll encounter any trouble, but keep one your toes. By the way, what data did you find off Bartleby's computer?"

Kenna pulls out a PDA and activates it, "Well we were able to get an updated map of Robotropolis, primary defense positions for the city along with time of the guard change, and a very detail layout of Robotnik's Headquarters better than any other scouting recon team has ever gotten."

"Can you verify the data is accurate?" Midna inquires.

Kana ensures while explaining, "Odd enough yes, while you were training Sonia, I ordered some of our spies in the city to check out the various locations in Robotropolis, and see if the guard schedule is accurate. They reported that everything is spot on. Hell, one group was able to sneak into Robotnik's headquarters, so we are making preparations to setup explosives at soft targets throughout the city along with some of the SWAT Bot stations. That way, Robotnik will have so many fires to put out; he will lose complete control of the city."

Midna closes her eyes and rubs her chin thinking about the sabotage plan Kana put into motion, "It sounds too good to be true. We have this much intel on Robotnik and his defenses, but…"

"I agree Midna that is what's scaring me," Kenna interjects. Everyone turns and looks at the silvered haired wolf, "How the hell did Bartleby get this data?" the shewolf adds.

"Bartleby isn't stupid, I bet my money on that he has been keeping tabs on Robotnik from the beginning. Plus, the robots that Kana and Kell destroyed were from Bartleby's personal arsenal. My guess is; the cocky noble bastard was bidding his time waiting for the right moment, like now, to make his move," a familiar voice answers. Everyone quickly turns to see two figures walking down the low light hallway. The 5'7" silhouette of the figures resembles two easily recognizable people.

"I was expecting you two earlier, Silver, Shadow," Midna smirks as her brothers come into view for everyone to see. The hedgehogs nod seconds later, "Anyway since you're here, I guess Sonic and Manic have learned Chaos Control."

"What do you think? I pushed that baby to his limits, and now he is out like a light," Shadow gleefully states.

"Ditto on my end, Manic earned some rest time for what I put him through. Although you can say he is as hard as a rock," Silver smirks. "What about you Midna? How is Sonia?"

She smirks and crosses her arms, "You know for the only other girl among us and being raise in high society. She handles herself quite well. Learning Chaos Control in one day is an amazing feat anyway you look at it, so I'm letting her sleep for a few before we head to our next location."

Silver smiles thinking about how amazing his little brothers and sister are; while Shadow folds his arms not showing any emotion. "Silver, what you said about Bartleby's plan to take down Robotnik was true. After his little chat with the crazy tyrant, I heard him say that he would soon put an end to him as revenge for killing his parents," Kenna follows up with.

Silver looks at Kenna with a serious yet puzzled look in his eyes, "Ok, but why didn't he help us in dealing with Robotnik since he had all this data on him?"

Shadow grits his teeth then barks, "What the hell does it matter now, Midna killed that shithead!"

Guilt fills Midna's face remembering that she didn't tell them that she spared Bartleby's life. She tries to hide her expression, but Shadow's keen eyes catch her reaction to his statement. Before he can pressure to get more information, Kenna states, "Actually it's a good thing you're here, it saves us the trouble coming to you. Midna feels that since you three are busy training, she wants Kell, Kana, and I tag along as backup if Robotnik tries to get smart and launch a surprise attack. Plus, we can help with training as well, so you don't have to work so hard."

"Good idea, I don't think Robotnik is foolish enough to do something that stupid, but better safe than sorry. Since we have extra time what other training do you have plan? I am going to home Manic's drum attack skills and see what other abilities he might have," Silver states.

Shadow opens his mouth, but Midna seizes on the opening Kenna created to dodge anything Shadow might ask her, "Yeah, I think it's about time Sonia knows what the women of this family are really made of. She is going to know the power that both mother and I possess. What about you Shadow? What are you going to teach Sonic?"


Midna gives an angry glare to Shadow strong enough to freeze everyone in the hallway, "First calm your wild hot-headed black hedgehog ass down. Remember big mouth we are still in the medical wing. Second, I didn't kill Bartleby because…"

"Midna didn't need to soil her hands with that trash's blood," Kell jumps in.

Kenna steps closer to Shadow then confesses, "That's only half of the truth, I stopped Midna from killing him."

Shadow anger grows as he steps closer to Kenna in a threatening manner with his yellow aura encircling his hand; then he says in a low menacing tone, "Then, where the hell is he?"

Midna steps between Shadow and Kenna, "It was my decision to let Bartleby go, so…"

"Fuck that! You should have killed him right then and there! But you let her," Shadow points to Kenna with his yellow aura changing into electrical sparks in his hand, "change your mind and let the asshole go."

"The only asshole I see now is you, Shadow Hedgehog!" Midna exclaims.

"Kenna, when the hell did you become a bleeding heart? Why didn't you keep your weak ass out of it if you were so scared of what will happen to Bartleby? Fuck it I'll finish the job myself! Midna, where did you send Bartleby?" Shadow interrogates.

"I didn't send him anywhere; I let him run away from the estate into the wilderness. He is probably hiding under some rock nursing his wounds," Midna replies.

Shadow grits his teeth more and faces Kenna again, "You call yourself a member of the royal guard. Your primary duty is to protect our family and kill any enemy that dares to challenge our rule. Looking at you track record, you failed to stop Robotnik, you couldn't protect my family from being thrown from power, and lastly you convince my sister to let another potential usurper escape." Shadow gets closer to Kenna with the energy in his hand growing brighter and more powerful. He opens his hand, "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you!"

Kana pushes his way between the black hedgehog and the two young women. He gives Shadow a death glare as his green eyes turn to orange-red; he holds up his right hand forming it into a fist and points it in Shadow's face. His fist begins to glow red-orange as flames start to dance around it until the flames form a fireball twice the size of his fist. "Take one step closer or try to fire at my sister, I don't care if you are a member of the royal family. I will kill you myself, so please try something," Kana threatens.

Shadow smirks as a crimson red energy ball forms in his hand while the fireball grows bigger around Kana's fist. The two stare at each other waiting for the other to make the first move. Sweat beads up on Kana's forehead, and he takes shallow breaths trying not to show any fear. While Shadow's red cold emotionless eyes are fixated directly on Kana, he only smirks looking ready to strike down the red dragon. Another couple seconds pass in the intense standoff, Kana prepares to fire when Silver grabs both Shadow and his forearm squeezing with unbelievable pressure. ~Damn my arm feels like it's going to break! ~ Kana thinks as he struggles to keep the fireball formed. He grunts softly then looks at Shadow to see any kind of reaction. Shadow's smirk is replaced with a frown directed at his brother. "That is enough Shadow. What gives you the right to threaten members of the Royal Guard? After all they've done for us," Silver lectures. He then turns to Kana, "And you, what makes you think that you have any right to attack a member of the royal family? We have enough to worry about dealing with Robotnik. The last thing we need is to start fighting among ourselves while the real enemy is out there trying to kill us! Now will you two grow up and knock this bullshit off!"

"You got balls I can see that, so once I put that fat-ass egg belly into the grave. I plan to come back and finish what we started. I recommend that you be ready because you won't have Silver or Midna to hide behind. You are going to have to show me why I even should consider you as members of the Royal Guard," Shadow smirks snatching his arm away from Silver's grip.

Shadow starts to walk away, but Midna calls out, "Shadow wait, Kell is going with you."

He pauses and looks back at his sister, "Why is he coming with me? I don't need to deal with another weakling. Sonic is enough."

Midna has an annoyed expression on her face while walking up to her brother, "Shadow, it's for Sonic's protection. I promise he won't get in the way."

Shadow exhales from his mouth and looks at Kell, "Fine! Come on and hurry up I don't have all fucking day! I have to get back and whip that whining baby into a real hedgehog." Kell nods and moves closer to Shadow. Kell turns around to look at everyone nods at Kenna and Kana. "We're out of here. Chaos Control." They are engulfed in a black light and vanish in a flash.

Kana's forehead is beaded with sweat as he tries to maintain is composer, but with Shadow and Kell gone he feels the grip on his arm tighten; Kana yells, "Silver, let go of my arm! Are you trying to rip the damn thing off?!"

Silver breaks his vice grip on Kana's arm with a shocked expression, "Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that. Are you ok? Did I hurt you?"

Kana rubs his arm smoothing the pain and looks at Silver with amazement. ~Damn he has some crazy strength. If Silver is this strong, what are the others like? Ha, if I am going to stand a chance against Shadow, I'll have to unlock my full power. This will be the greatest test of my power, skills, and abilities, ~ Kana thinks. "No, I'll be fine Silver. Midna, I'll go get ready for our departure. We have no time to waste," he says before walking off to the living quarters.

Midna smiles then looks at Kenna, "Listen, don't worry about Shadow; he is all talk. Mother would have not made you members of the Royal Guard if you were weak or without sound judgement. You save me from making a terrible mistake. I know you and your brothers have some awesome powers and skills, so you have nothing to prove to Shadow. He just takes time to get used to."

Kenna shakes her head in disagreement thinking about the words Shadow directed towards them, "No Midna, our codex clearly states that anyone that challenges or tries to dishonor our ranks must be met on the battlefield for honorable combat. And don't forget, Shadow directly challenge our right to be the protectors of the royal family." Kenna looks at Silver with a sadden face and continues her explanation, "By a law written from King Sora, we are duty bound to fight any and all challengers, even if they are members from the royal family. Midna, Silver we have no choice but to fight Shadow with everything we got."

Midna smiles at Kenna then places her hand on her shoulder, "Kenna, we see you and your brothers as family because you have been with us through the craziest of times. Besides, Silver and I think it pass time that someone puts Shadow into his place, so as a favorite to us please, KICK SHADOW'S ASS!" Midna exclaims making Silver bust out laughing.

Kenna shakes her head and starts laughing as well then says, "As you wish your highness."

"Good, now with that's settled, Kenna let's get going. Manic will be waking up in no time. Kenna when you're ready," Silver says.

"Right, Midna before you go I wanted you to know that Dingo made through surgery, but he will never be the same again," Kenna states walking to stand next to Silver.

Midna gives a questioning look, "What do you mean?"

"You will have to see it to believe it. I have to agree with Doctor Stein; Nico should have just killed the poor guy."

Midna nods, "Alright, we'll see him before we leave. Be careful and good luck with training see you soon."

Kenna smiles and looks at Silver; he smirks and looks back at Midna, "Sis, stay safe. Now, Chaos Control." Silver and Kenna disappear in silver light.

Midna uncovers her eyes then heads back to the living quarters. She opens the door and sees Sonia still sound asleep. She softy exhales and closes the door and sees Kana standing at the end of the hallway. Midna walks up to Kana, "How's your arm?"

"It will be fine," he responds with a mellow tone. "I'm ready to go when you are."

"I'll give Sonia another hour then we'll head out, but Kana I need to know." She says with a concerned tone, "I know about your true power and transformation. Will you do the right thing and obey the law my father set about challenges brought to members of the royal guards? Kana consider this a direct order; I want you to use your full power and abilities when you fight Shadow, because I will know if you do or not. And if you don't," Midna ocean blue eyes become as cold as ice and she balls up her fist, "I will personally make you pay for that dishonor." Midna then smiles, "Ok now we have some things to handle before we leave; let's get them done then go." Midna and Kana walk out of the living quarters to complete their final tasks at Sanctuary 2.

The blue sky is hidden by light grey clouds as the wind blows thick flakes of snow in the sky over the snow cover tundra. The wind howls loudly across the land at a steady pace blowing sheets of snow to the point that visibility neared zero. The outline of a mountain appears in the distance with the faint glow of light emitting from the lone cave opening. Deep inside the cave is a tunnel is lite up by a trial of torches lined along the wall. Further in, the tunnel ends with a massive wall with a simple wooden door. On the other side, a massive room is furnish with magical arcane décor and elegant home furnishing. Oracle lies in his bed asleep as the world around him turns without any interruption. He happily rest in the world of his dreams until a familiar figure stands in front of him. Oracle wakes up and sees Queen Aleena before him. He gets up and puts on a robe while getting out of bed, "Your majesty, do you seek my consul?"

She walks out of his bedroom into the living area. She walks over to the crystal ball sitting on the table, "Oracle, I am worried about my children." She holds up her hand and removes her white glove revealing the glowing symbol of the royal seal. "This mark only appears when another member of the royal family has gain the capability of utilizing magic. I don't know which one of my children is the magic user?"

Oracle sits down at the table with his crystal ball and says, "This is a very rare occurrence, not so soon, has there been another magic user. Queen Aleena could this be the reaction to your own magic?" Oracle inquires waving his hand around his crystal ball.

"No, I'm positive that this is the same feeling I had when my great-grandmother showed me how to discover when another magic user is born," Aleena rubs her hand while at first looking at her hand then at Oracle.

Oracle looks deep into his crystal ball, "Mmmhh… I do see a disturbance within the magical field." He looks up at Aleena and her glowing hand, "You are right the force and power is from another member of the royal family, but the power lies dormant within one of them."

"Can you tell which one is the chosen one?" Aleena inquires.

Oracle shakes his head in disappointment, "I cannot tell; however there is another way." He waves his hands over the crystal ball making three images appear within the sphere. "We can observe them here and look for any signs of magic."

Aleena looks into the crystal ball and sees Sonic, Shadow, and Kell appear in the Mobian Dune, "Oracle when did Sonic learn to use Chaos Control?"

Oracle smiles looking at his crystal ball, "Surprising, Shadow is the one that taught Sonic how to unlock that ability. The same goes for Sonia and Manic; they have begun to unlock their hidden powers."

Aleena smiles with a tear of joy rolling down her cheek, "They are growing up so fast, and they are learning so much so quickly. I just wish, I could be by their side. Oh no, Sonic fell to the ground!"

From the crystal ball Sonic's voice says out loud, "Fuck it! I can't use Chaos Control anymore today. Shadow, why don't you get off your lazy ass and do something!"

"You fucking crybaby! How do you expect to get stronger if you don't workout, you idiot," Shadow replies.


Aleena continues yelling at the top of her lungs, and Oracle can only smirk still looking at the crystal ball, "Well, they don't just get it from King Sora, your highness."

Sonic lays on the hot sand looking up at the clear blue sky with the scorching hot sun shining down. Suddenly, a cold feeling runs down Sonic's spine making him quickly sit up and look around. "Shadow, did you fill a cold deadly chill run down your spine? Like someone is going to do something bad to us," Sonic says with shivers still running down his spine.

Shadow looks at Sonic with an annoyed look on his face, "Once again I agree with you, but what is powerful enough to make me shiver?" He quickly shakes it off, and looks at Kell, "Go inform the chieftain to have his fighters ready soon. In the meantime, Sonic, it's time for another lesson."

"What? Another lesson! We gone through four lessons today alone," Sonic whines looking at his older brother.

"Sonic, were you not the one who told me that you wanted revenge on Robotnik for killing your adopted family and Uncle Chuck." Sonic lowers his head knowing he is right then he nods yes, "Then, get off your ass and let's get to work. Besides, you're getting stronger with each lesson completed."

Sonic smirks getting to his feet looking at the black hedgehog, "Ok, we're ready."

Kell smiles walking to the settlement, ~Shadow, you it will an honor and a terror to fight you. ~

Sonic and Shadow walk to a flat straight patch in the dune area with mountains in the distance. Shadow turns to Sonic and crosses his arms while smirking, "So do you think you are fast?"

Sonic smiles rubbing his finger under his nose then with a voice full of pride the blue hedgehog states, "My name says it all, I'm Sonic Hedgehog the fastest thing alive."

"Oh, so that includes in the bedroom as well right," Shadow cracks with a smirk. Sonic gasps in reaction to his older brother's comment. "Before you get your diaper into a knot, do you think you can beat me in a one on one race to the end of the dune and back?"

Sonic holds out his fist at Shadow, "Ha! I'll make you eat my dust!"

"Ok, so how bout we put a bet on this? Loser has to do five hundred pushups, and from the look of that round stomach of yours, I bet you can't even do three," Shadow proposes.

"Oh yeah! You're on Shadow! If I lose, I will do every single pushup," Sonic fires back.

Hey Sonic, you realize that he's baiting you, and you're the fish about to take the bait without a second thought, Nico says appearing in his spirit form next to Sonic.

~When did you wake up? ~ Sonic responds back telepathically.

I been up since we learned how to use Chaos Control. Sonic, something about Shadow isn't sitting well with me; he must have some serious power hidden away since he was brave enough to go toe to toe with me earlier on, ~ the werehog states looking at Shadow with a puzzling untrustworthy expression.

~If I remember correctly, Shadow wasn't able to land on hit on you. Why should I be worried? He won't be able to keep up with me. This race is in the bag, ~ Sonic smirks looking at Shadow. "Hey Shadow, how about a head start?"

"Sure, I'll give you till you reach the halfway mark before I start," the ebony hedgehog replies.


"Or do you want to wimp out?" Shadow laughs.

Now, I know it's a trap! Sonic don't be stupid; Shadow is playing you for a fool, a sucker, Nico states turning to see the fire in Sonic's eyes at the black hedgehog's verbal attack. Oh no! The dumbass is caught.

"I am Sonic Hedgehog, Mobius' fastest thing alive, and you're going down Shadow Hedgehog so get ready," Sonic boasts while pointing at himself.

"Queen Aleena," Oracle starts watching as Sonic and Shadow prepare to race; then he looks at her smiling still watching Sonic and Shadow. "Sonic will be in for a major shock when Shadow shows how fast he is, but I don't see any signs of magic coming from him or Shadow. Shall we move on to check the others?"

"No. Not just yet, I want to see how this will end," Aleena states.

Oracle gives a puzzled look, "But your highness, we know Shadow will win."

"Yes, but I think Sonic and Nico will give us more of a show then what we expect," Aleena adds while smiling. Kell returns and is told to be their referee. Oracle looks back at the crystal ball as the two stand ready at the starting line.

Shadow and Sonic stand at the ready behind the starting line. The sun beats down as Kell stands between them, "Ok, here are the rules. No using Chaos Control. No attacking your opponent. No using your medallions. Lastly, no and I mean no running or bumping into your opponent. Do you understand these rules?" Sonic and Shadow nod in agreement. "Good, now Sonic, Shadow agreed to give you a head start. When I say 'Go' you may start, but Shadow will wait till you reach the halfway mark before he is allowed to start." Just as Kell finishes his explanation, people from the dune settlement come to view. "And your highnesses, we have an audience, so please remember to show the greatest respect and honor for each other as members of the Royal Hedgehog Family."

Sonic sticks his thumb up and smiles, "No problem Kell, besides Shadow won't know what hit him until it's too late."

"Well, the crybaby has fangs after all," Shadow jokes with a smile on his face.

"Get ready to lose that smile Shadow. Let's do this!" Sonic shouts.

Nico appears in spirit form behind Sonic with his arms crossed, Hey dumbass, since you are stupid enough to go along with this race. You will be on your own I won't life a finger to help you till you admit that you are a dumbass for taking Shadow's bait.~

Sonic looks at Nico with a smirk, ~No problem I'll be fine on my own for this. ~ Nico can only shake his head at Sonic.

"Races on your mark, get set, and GOOOOOOOO!" Kell yells.

Sonic blasts off from the start line in a mighty blue streak with the sand flung into two columns high in the air. He flies through the dunes and sand hills like a bullet. Nico hovers right beside the cobalt hedgehog as he runs around the land at subsonic speeds. Sonic, I hope you have a plan for when you reach the halfway mark, because I'm willing to bet that Shadow will not hold back for a second, Nico states.

~Don't worry, I have a plan all ready to go, ~ Sonic smirks. ~Why are you worried Nico? I thought you didn't care about this race. ~

Don't get it twisted Sonic. Remember, we share this body stupid; and whatever is done to our body affects both of us.

~Well, with that bit of information, here is the plan. I'm only running at 60% of my full speed, so when Shadow starts I kick in the afterburners and watch him eat my dust or sand. ~

Ah! I see. You are a complete fucking idiot! Sonic what type of plan is that!

~Don't worry you fluffy little head about it bro. I got this completely under control. ~

That's what worries me Sonic, Nico states seeing that halfway marker coming up quickly. Sonic makes the U-turn at break neck speed and starts his return trip. Sonic looks for any sign that Shadow has started his run, but he sees nothing. There is no sign that the black older hedgehog has started the race, This is bad, Sonic why hasn't Shadow started.

~You're right! Well, that proves it, he's too scared to race the fastest hedgehog in the galaxy! ~ Sonic smiles planning his victory dance. Nico rolls his eyes listening to Sonic's ego.

Less than halfway to finish line, Shadow's eyes spring open, and he rockets off the starting line a hundred times faster than Sonic with a yellow aura streak tailing him. In mire seconds, Shadow rounds that halfway marker and starts back. He catches up to Sonic and slows down turning to face him. Sonic eyes are bugged out amazed at Shadow's speed. He smirks, "Hey slow poke! Why you dragging your heels. Are you not the one who told me that you were the fastest thing alive?"

Sonic shakes his head and gives a mean reply, "No way faker! I'm the galaxy's fastest hedgehog the one and only Sonic Hedgehog. Now get a load of this, AFTERBURNS!" Sonic rockets away from Shadow in a blue brilliant streak.

Sonic watch it! Our body is close to its limit! Nico exclaims hovering next to Sonic.

~I know Nico, but we have no choice. We can't lose to him. I won't let that faker beat us! ~ Sonic yells back.

Nico crosses his arms and smiles, Damn, I didn't see it. You're serious about winning this! Ha Ha Ha! Well then I can't just very well let my brother lose to that asshole, so let's do it together. Nico's spirit form begins to glow a bright lite-blue aura.

Sonic feels a massive surge of power and energy flow through him. "Alright! Let's do this Nico!" Sonic yells out. He swiftly pulls farther ahead as his top speed doubles.

They pull further away from Shadow as the finish line comes back into view, but suddenly Shadow pulls right alongside Sonic again with the same smirk on his face, "You call this speed. Ha! You slow ass, now witness what true speed is." A yellow sphere forms in front of Shadow and in a blink a massive shockwave erupts as he speeds away at super speed.

The shockwave hits Sonic with such great force; he is sweep forward off his feet and knocked into the air. "AHHHH!" Sonic and Nico yell feeling the pain from the intense energy in the wake. They fly over the finish line and crash head first into the sand. ~How did he do it? How? How? ~ Sonic yells in his mind.

I told you to be careful! I knew it, so that what he was hiding. Damn it! We should have saw that based on how fast he caught up, Nico rebuts.

Moments later, Sonic manages to pull his head out of the sand. He stays on his hands and knees and sees a shadow eclipsing him; he looks up and sees his older brother standing over him. He looks down with a frown, "That's exactly where you belong slowpoke. Now, get started on your five-hundred pushups, and once you're done we will start the real lesson. You will learn the true meaning of speed." After he finishes, Shadow walks towards the cheering crowd.

Sonic pounds his fist into the sand over and over while softly yelling, "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! How could this happen?! I'm such an idiot! I let Shadow get into my head and trick me into that race. He was pulling the fucking strings the whole time." Sonic looks up seeing Shadow walking away. "Ok Shadow, you won this time, but once I learn this ability. You will know your place." Nico smirks listening to Sonic's declaration.

Aleena smiles watching Sonic do pushups, "Sonic, you will know the true power of speed and will be even faster than Shadow and your father combined. As for Nico, I know you have great power hidden within, but you must in time learn to harness and control that god-like power."

Oracle looks up at Aleena and says, "You highness, we must continue our search for this possible magic user."

"Yes, let's continue looking to see what we can find," she replies.

Oracle waves his hands over the crystal ball and the image in the ball changes from Sonic, Shadow and Kell to Sonia and Kana in a spa treatment shop. Sonia sits in a manicure chair wrapped in a pink robe as the attendant files her nails while Kana lies face down on a massage table. Aleena smiles as she sees Midna walking into the spa. "This should be interesting."

Midna walks in with an angry look as she yells out, "Sonia are you in here?!"

"Geez Midna calm down; you don't have to shout," Sonia says as the spa worker finishes putting on the mud mask and cucumbers over her eyes. The spa worker reclines Sonia back and walks to another customer, "Midna, why don't you come and join us. You will feel years younger and it relieves so much stress."

Midna rolls her eyes, "Sonia! We don't have time for this! Get your ass out of that chair now! We have training to do and…"She stops in mid-sentence when she hears Kana sighs. Midna turns and see him face down on the massage table. The massager works on his back cracking his lower spine and rubbing the muscle knots out of his back.

"Ah this is wonderful; Midna has been working me like a dog, and my back is in knots. We visited twelve leaders of the resistance and after each meeting; I had to play as a target for her brutal training sessions for Sonia. Oh yes that's the right spot; she can be such a slave driver," Kana giggles feeling the masseuse doing quick karate chops up and down his back. Midna's veins on her forehead pop up hearing Kana. "I know, Midna ordered us go training on the cliff side, but you are right Sonia; what she doesn't know won't hurt us. Plus, we can just tell her that we trained earlier. She may have monstrous strength, but at times she can be as dumb as a box of rocks. Ha ha ha!" Kana laughing at his joke.

Midna walks over to the massage table with a clench fist and gently shoves the masseuse away from the table. She cracks her knuckles standing over Kana. She draws back, "Well, Kana since you're so stress, let me help you relax." Midna's fist comes slamming down onto Kana's back breaking the table in half and the red dragon's body hits the ground with a thunderous bang. Kana's eyes spin around in his head semiconscious after the attack. Midna starts towards the exit but yells back, "NOW THAT YOU HAD YOUR REST TIME! IT'S TIME TO WORK! NOW GET YOU ASSES TO THE CLIFFSIDE ASAP OR I'LL PUT YOU TWO IN THE HOSPITAL FOR A LONG REST! LET'S MOVE!"

As Midna walks out, Sonia nervously shakes seeing her attack on Kana, ~Oh shit! How strong is she, and what the hell does she have in store for me? ~

Ten minutes later, Sonia and Kana climb up to a plateau facing over the sea shore, and see Midna sitting towards the water letting the wind blow in her face and through her flowing hair. Midna quietly meditates using the sounds of the sea as a guide to calm her spirit and focus her mind. They slowly approach her doing what they can, so they can not to disturb her. "You two are extremely loud; Sonia come over here," Midna orders. "Sit down beside me, sis, you too Kana." They do as ordered then look at her for the next command. "Now, I want you to close your eyes and empty your minds; let your natural chakra flow through you." Sonia glances at Kana shrugging her shoulders then follows her command. "Sonia, tell me, who do you think is the power behind the Hedgehog family: Mom or Dad?" Sonia peeks out her eyes, "You don't need to open your eyes to answer the question, and you're thinking too hard. It's a simple question."

Sonia shuts her eye lid tight, ~How did she do that? She didn't open her eyes, but…~

"Sonia don't worry about how I can see you with my eyes shut. All you have to do is answer the question. Your thoughts cloud the true flow of your chakra," Midna states.

~WHAT BUT HOW? CAN SHE READ MINDS OR SOMETHING! ~ Sonia shouts in her mind looks and Midna's calm and relax demeanor. ~Something off about this what type of training is this? And why does she want me to focus my chakra? ~

Question after question races through Sonia's head until Midna says in a calm voice, "Sonia, if your mind is as turbulence as a typhoon you will not learn what I have to teach you next. Listen to the sea, hear how calm, smooth, constant, and tranquil it is. You must allow yourself to feel the same as the sea." Sonia gives another odd look at Midna, but she finally gives in and does as her sister ordered. Sonia closes her eyes once again and lets the endless questions fade out of her mind. As her mind calms down, she starts to hear the flow and motion of the sea. Suddenly, the darkness inside Sonia's mind turns into a wide-open giant blue ocean with the sun light gently shining down, but the sky is black with thousands of stars shining in the night sky. In the distance, two wavily figures walk slowly towards her. Sonia tries to make out the figures, but she is unable until they get closer. "Welcome to the Astral Plane," Midna says as her figure takes shape.

Kana stands next to Midna with a wide smile on his face, "Wow! You learn to reach the astral plane Sonia this is a giant step for you." A small tear flows down his face, "This reminds me of the day that Kenna was able to join Kell and me here. Oh Sonia just imagine the possibilities that await you once you are able to master your abilities here."

"Ok that enough Kana, we don't have time for all that, but once this shit with Robotnik is over, we will have more time to explore," Midna states. "Sonia, do you know why the women in our family have been the primary rulers of the Moboian Empire?"

Sonia gives puzzle look and replies, "Well, I don't know that much about our family history because mother gave us up when we were still babies."

Midna holds her arms out with palms up while slowly turning around, "Because of this place, mother, and her mother, and her mother before her learned how to reach this plane. Here we, the women of the Hedgehog family, can train ourselves to unlock the vast amount of chakra that lies deep within us, so we can use it in the real world. Look," Midna points to a lite violet color sphere of energy hovering over the water. "Sonia break that sphere and absorb the energy that comes from it. Afterwards, return to the real world; then the next phase of your training will begin. We will be waiting for you so hurry ok. Oh, I am serious about being quick because your body is still on that cliff side and is exposed to all that sunlight." Midna and Kana smile before they begin to fade away.

Sonia huffs at Midna's words before she turns to look at the sphere. "Ok, besides Midna's words of encouragement, how I'm supposed to break that thing?" She goes to reach for her medallion but finds it not to be there. "Oh no! Where's my medallion? How could I have lost it? Of course, it's back in the physical world with my body. Now, how the hell am I going to break this thing?" Sonia flops down sitting on the water surface. Hours seem to pass as she sits there wondering how to break the sphere. Sonia lays on her side looking at the sphere with frustration. More time passes by but the scene around her remains unchanged. "AHH! This is impossible! I can't reach or break the fucking thing!" She shouts with tears welling up in her eyes.

"Your strength," a male voice echoes over the plane. Sonia sits up while rubbing her eyes before looking all-round, but she sees nothing as she goes back to lay down, "Use your strength, Sonia!" Sonia hops to her feet looking around again and again. "Sonia, if you want the power hidden within; you must use your strength to gain it."

She shakes her head, "Great, I'm stuck on the astral plane with a giant sphere that I can't break, and now I'm hearing voices."

"Sonia, look into the water," the male voice orders. She delays for a minute; then she looks down. An image of Nico fighting comes into focus in the water; he throws punch after punch hitting his enemies around him. "Look how your brother fights using his strength to accomplish his goals. Sonia, my daughter, you must do the same." Sonia quickly looks up when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks to her right and sees a tall hedgehog figure with his face shrouded by shadow standing next to her. He holds out his hand then moves it down making the sphere come down to her level; "I know you can do it baby-girl. Now break that thing and get back to the others; they're waiting for you sweetheart."

Sonia smiles as she turns back face the sphere with a small tear in her eye and take a fighting stance, "Ok…dad, and thanks for everything. Ahhhhhhhh!" She yells as she charges at the sphere and punches it with all her might. The sphere shatters then orbs blue, green, and purple of energy come flying out. Each orb flies straight up into the air, but in a fraction second the orbs stop then rocket towards Sonia's body. She absorbs all the energy orbs then starts to fade out.

Sonia eyes spring open, but she quickly shields her eyes from the bright sun. "Welcome back, you finished faster than I thought," Midna claims.

"What how long was I gone? It felt like hours or days after Kana and you left," Sonia says with some panic in her voice.

Kana laughs, "Sonia, you were gone only one minute longer than us." Sonia face fills with confusion listening to Kana. "Look time passes differently on the Astral Plane compare to the physical plane. A second in the physical world can feel like hours in the astral plane."

"Wow that was so strange. Midna, I met dad while I was in there," Sonia comments.

Midna gives an angry glare hearing about her father, "We don't have time to chit-chat; we have to begin the next phase of your training."

Sonia nods, but notices Midna's reaction to her mentioning their father. "So, what do we do next?"

Midna pats her hand on a huge boulder, "This is part two of your training sister. I want you hit this rock with everything you have. Don't hold back." Midna then steps aside allowing Sonia to walk up to face the boulder.

The violet hedgehog looks at the five times her size boulder with an expression of confession. "Midna are you putting me on? You want me to hit this thing?" she questions glancing back at her older sister.

Her face is painted with an annoyed look at Sonia's questions, "I didn't stutter Sonia! I want you to hit that rock with all your strength!"

"But Midna, I'll break my hand and…"

"SONIA! STOP YOUR FUCKING BITCHING AND HIT THAT MOTHERFUCKING ROCK! OR I CAN COME OVER THERE AND KICK YOU ASS INTO GEAR!" Midna yells out with a booming voice and releasing a great amount of energy.

Sonia feels the frightening energy aura coming from her. She turns back facing the massive boulder; she swallows and charges at the boulder. "AAAHHHH!" she yells charging at full speed, then she extends her fist hitting her target at that very instance everything stops moving. Sonia feels a twinge run from the tip of her fist all the way to the heels of her feet and to the top of her head. A second passes and Sonia cries out in heart stopping pain, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She falls the cradling her aching hand while flinging out a long line of curse words.

Midna calmly walks up the rock and checks it. Then she looks at Sonia still rolling around on the ground. "Sonia get up and stop your bellyaching. Your hand will heal itself in a minute, so get up and come look at this." Sonia's tear filled eyes look at Midna with angst and anger; she gets up and walks back to rock. "Look," Midna orders pointing at the fist imprint and several cracks emerging from the imprint. "Not bad for your first time. Now it's my turn." She escorts her younger sister to an equally large boulder. "Sonia, I'll show you the true power we females of the Hedgehog Family wield," Midna states while winding up and punches the boulder; it explodes into bits and pieces of pinky finger size rocks. Sonia mouth drops open seeing the ease of her breaking the target.

"Sonia, our family is gifted with different unique powers and abilities. For example, Sonic and Shadow have the ability of speed; usually the women in our family are blessed with one or two major gifts, the power of magic or super strength. Since we haven't displayed the ability to use magic, we use our super strength along with one of our weapons to defend ourselves. Now, it is time to build those muscles of yours." Midna takes aim at part of the upper cliff-side and charges hitting it with a resonating boom from her fist. The cliff-side crumbles into the boulders of equal size from Sonia's training boulder. They pile up into a somewhat neat pile. "Ok, Kana head to that tree line. I'll tell you when to stop," she orders. He gives her an odd look and starts running. After, a bit she orders him to stop.

She turns to Sonia, "I want you to move all those boulders from here to over where Kana is standing," she points to him standing about 810 meters away from the ocean side, "and no using Chaos Control or any other tricks to move these boulders. Ok, I will leave this to you have fun sis." Midna starts walking away.

"Midna are you kidding me? You want me to move all those boulders to there!" Sonia whines.

"Yup, so get started, and once you're done we have another stop to make. In the meantime, I think I'll enjoy a massage," Midna smiles, but she stops in her tracks then looks back at Sonia. "By the way, Sonia you should know I only use 15% of my full power to break up that cliff-side. Mom could do the same with less than 1% of her strength. Just something for you to think about. Now get busy and have fun." Midna states disappearing in a brown flash of light.

Sonia looks at the boulders and picks up one and starts the next phase of her training.

Aleena and Oracle laugh seeing Sonia lifting the boulders and carry them towards Kana. "Sonia and Midna will become a powerful team when the time for battle comes your highness," Oracle points out looking up from his crystal ball.

Aleena looks back at him, "Yes, Sonia and Midna will become a powerful duo, but they won't be the best until I train them to use their super strength correctly. Now that I think about it, Nico will also have to join us in our fun time. I will give them a lesson they will never forget! AH! HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Aleena continues filling the air with her evil laughs thinking about the madding training sections she has plan for Nico, Sonia, and Midna. "Your majesty, I don't sense any magical energy coming from them; we must continue our search."

Aleena pauses in mid laugh and looks at Oracle; she moves her hand over her mouth then cleans her throat. "You're right Oracle, so I guess the magic user has to be either Silver or Manic; this will be an odd turn of events. There hasn't been a male magic user for over a thousand years."

"Yes, it will be a very unique turn of events," Oracle responds waving his hands over the crystal ball once more changing the image to Manic, Silver, and Kenna walking through a giant brown canyon.

"Yo, Kenna why are you coming with us again?" Manic questions looking up at the night starry sky through the canyon gap.

Kenna looks at Manic with a smirk, "I'm here to protect you and Silver from anyone who might spring a surprise attack while your training or afterwards."

"Much good it will do us, Silver hasn't figure out what my hidden power is yet," Manic retorts with and dishearten tone.

Manic and Kenna keep talking while Silver scans the low lighted area around them; he looks up at the overarching cliffs looking for any sign of life in the dead silent. He spots something out the corner of his eye and turns his head quickly to see what it was, but he sees nothing. They all keep walking without any hesitation, but Silver suddenly stops. Manic and Kenna look at him with a questioning expression. "Shit! We're completely surrounded," Silver states with an angry tone. "How could I have let this happen?"

Kenna curses under her breath and draws two leathered bonded handled short gold blades from her side holsters. Small sparks of electricity starts coursing along the blades and discharges every couple of seconds. "Silver, how did they get so close to us without being noticed? I should have be able to pick up their scent a least, but I am not getting anything. Did they know how to avoid my detection methods?" Kenna growls.

"We'll worry about that later. For right now, get ready to fight," Silver orders.

Manic spins his drumstick ready to fight when his whole body freezes and he hears what sounds like his voice echoing in his head. ~A mark of one's true destiny. ~ He feels a shockwave of energy tearing through his body; then the green preteen falls to the ground unconscious.

Silver twist around hearing Manic hit the ground. "Manic! Manic! Get up bro! Get up!" Silver yells.

Figures begin to reveal themselves one after another until the whole cliff-side is filled with the dark eclipsed figures. Silver and Kenna look at the sending forces pointing what looks like weapons at them; then they hear footsteps on the canyon floors. They look towards the direction of the footsteps and see three shadowy figure make their way towards them.

Silver coats his body in a light-green aura and holds out his hand preparing to fire a psychic energy blast. "Stop right there! Or I'll blast you to kingdom come!" Silver orders. The figures stop in their track and the figures on the left and right point what could be weapons at Silver, but the figure in the center holds up his hands. "Who the hell are you?!"

"Well, that's a fine way to treat your friends. Not that I blame you, Silver. After all, you were only one year old when you left for Earth. I couldn't expect you to remember; Kenna would you please tell him who I am," the voice calls out.

Kenna pauses hearing the man's voice; she closes her eyes and runs the words through her head again listening to the man's voice once again. Her eyes spring open, "It can't be! That's not possible, you're dead!" Kenna begins to tear up while holstering her swords, "Uncle Mizu!" Mizu walks into view revealing, a 6'3'' tall man wearing a black trench coat, a bastard sword strapped to his back, and salt and pepper colored hair with matching color eagle wings. Kenna runs over and tightly hugs the dire eagle as tears flow down her cheeks. "Uncle Mizu!"

An hour passes and everyone is gathered in a campsite area at the top of the canyon. Thousands of soldiers, guards, and other military personal gather round several campfires talking and laughing with each. Silver and Kenna sit at first fire pit with Mizu and three other dressed in navy blue uniforms with gold trimming and four silver braided cords wrapped around their right arms. The six people talk about their travels until Manic walks out of a tent holding his head. He sees Silver and Kenna and quickly makes his way to them. "Silver, Kenna, where are we? Who are these people? And does anybody have any food I'm starving? I'll even eat a chilidog!" Everyone breaks out laughing as one of the uniformed cooks brings out plates of food to the group.

"Uncle Mizu, how did you survive Robotnik's opening attack? I was told that all the forces were destroyed on the spot," Kenna states.

"Well Kenna, you're half right; the main bulk of the military and royal guards were destroyed in the opening volley with Robotnik's army, but what you see here are the last three divisions. Talon was their commander of this group before he left with King Sora, so he left Captain Argus command. Argus and my battalion along with the other two divisions joined to together then headed off to battle," Mizu explains.

"Wait how did you guys survive? Weren't you on the frontlines with the others?" Silver questions.

"Yeah, but before we could reach the main battlefield; everyone here along with our equipment and supplies was transported by some strange purple light to a cave structure over ten thousand miles away from Mobotropolis. By the time, we figured out how it and what happened, the capital fell and Queen Aleena was reported missing," Mizu enlightens.

Silver puts his hand under his chin and comments, "A purple light appeared around you, and then you appear in a completely new location. That sounds like Chaos Control if I ever heard of it, and the purple light that must have been mom's energy. Mom saved you all from Robotnik's attack."

Mizu slams his fist into the wooden suit, "Damn it! Not that I am not grateful for the queen protecting our live, I just wish I could have done something to help."

"Well, you can now!" Manic quickly jumps in.

The general gives a confuse expression, and Kenna explains, "Uncle Mizu, in less than two days, Queen Aleena is going to return to Mobotropolis and put an end to Robotnik once and for all. Shadow, Kell, Midna, Kana, Silver, and I are out gathering an army to fight against Robotnik. Along the way, Silver, Shadow, and Midna are training their younger siblings how use their untapped powers." The she-wolf smiles eating more food off her plate.

Silver smirks, "Manic and I will go and get some training done. Let go bro and before I forget. Mizu would please you send someone so meet with Ruby and the Rogue Riders." Mizu nods in approval before calling out for a scout to carry the message.

Kenna and Manic follow Silver to a secluded location away from the campsite. "So do you have any idea with my hidden power might be Silver?" Manic questions with concern look on his face.

Silver smiles and raises his hands up, "I don't have a clue."

Both Kenna and Manic hit the ground and quickly gets up into Silver's face. "WHAT YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE!" Manic yells.

"But I have an idea, why not try to see if you have telekinetic powers." Silver suggests.

Manic walks over and sits on a rock thinking about Silver's guess. "Bro, you think I can learn to use telekinetic abilities in such a short time?" he questions.

"Yeah, you just have to believe that you can do it Manic. Come stand here bro. Now, close your eyes," Silver orders. Manic does as ordered and the older sibling continues, "First you must learn to clear your mind; then allow your mind to reach out to the world around you."

~A mark of one's true destiny, ~ Manic opens his eyes and sees Silver and Kenna talking to each other. "Hey would you keep it down," he calls out. They give him a strange look and he shuts his eyes again. ~A mark of one's true destiny…That lies hidden in darkness… Now come… ~ HIs eyes spring open again, and he looks a Silver and Kenna. "What the hell!? Is that supposed to mean, and how do you expect me to concentrate if you're talking so loud?"

"What are you talking about? We haven't said a thing to you," Silver states.

"He's right Manic," Kenna confirms.

"Really?" Manic questions.

"Yeah, now get back to it Manic," Silver commands. Manic nods and turns his back to Silver and Kenna. They closely watch Manic trying to figure out why he collapsed earlier on.

Ten minutes past and suddenly Manic screams out, "Ahh! I can't focus with this thing repeating itself over and over again!"

Silver and Kenna walk up to Manic, "Bro what do you mean? What are you hearing?" Silver puts a hand on the green hedgehog's shoulder to calm him down.

"Oracle could it be?" Aleena asks intensely watching the event through the crystal ball.

"It has to be your highness, but we must wait and see," Oracle responds keeping a close eye on them.

"It's the same words the said over and over again," Manic claims rubbing his temples.

Kenna gives puzzled look, "What words, can you tell us?"

Manic nods and closes his eyes and says:

"A mark of one's true destiny.

That lies in darkness.

Now comes to light and reveal its wonder.

For magic flows from within.

Break the seal that binds.

And unleash your hidden power."

Suddenly, the burning sky blue Hedgehog Crest symbol glows brightly on his left hand. His eyes glow pure white with a massive explosion of power erupting from the pre-teen's body. The energy spheres start to orbit around Manic lifting him off the ground into the air. The night sky is filled with green shooting stars, ray blasts, and giant flashes. He screams feeling massive surges of power coursing through his veins giving him indescribable power.

Silver and Kenna dive for cover to avoid the green shooting stars and other wild energy burst flying around them. "What's going on? What happen to Manic?" Kenna questions ducking just in time to avoid an energy ball from hitting her head.

Silver looks up over the rock at Manic seeing the energy pulses become stronger and more powerful, "This is bad! He's completely out of control, and his powers seems to be getting stronger. Kenna, we got to do something quick because I don't know how much more his body can take." Silver then spots Mizu and others from the camp coming to investigate. "Mizu hit the deck!" Silver yells.

Another energy ball flies right at Mizu and the others; they hit the deck just as the energy ball redirects back up towards Manic. "What the hell is happening to Manic?!" Mizu questions while bear crawling to Silver.

"I don't know. One minute, he says this strange poem; then the next thing he's shooting off giant ass energy balls," Silver explains.

They all watch from behind cover as Manic's powers grow more wild and fierce filling the sky with his green aura. A green orb hovers down from the sky and lands where everyone is bunkering down. The orb lightens up revealing Oracle in the center; he spreads his arms causing the green shell to expand over everyone. Oracle walks over to Silver and gives him a rewarding smile, "You have done well master Silver, but I will continue with Manic's training from here on." He starts making his way to Manic; Silver and Kenna follow behind him until he walks through the barrier. They were about to pass through as well when Oracle says, "You mustn't leave the protection of the barrier. I must do this on my own to save Manic; stay within the barrier and protect the innocent." Silver and Kenna nod and go back to check on the others. They quickly check to see if anyone is injured then look at Oracle walking up close to Manic. Everyone watches with intense marvel as he says, "Master Manic, you have been given a great gift, but you must learn to control it. Understand, what I do now is to only help you, so please forgive me if you feel any pain." He takes several steps back and holds out his hands at Manic.

Oracle's eyes and hands begin to glow bright yellow while his voice echoes throughout the green coated night sky:

"Solar Flare, Lunar night

Bring forth your light,

Strength and power I call out,"

Golden chains rocket out from Oracle's finger tips tightly wrapping around Manic's body. Sparks of purple electricity flow along the chain hitting the hedgehog; he cries out in pain while Oracle continues his spell:

"With these chains of gold,

And my power and sight,

I limit your powers Manic Hedgehog this very night."

The green light and energy blast coming from Manic fade away, and the sky returns to its black star filled background. Once all the green energy is gone, Manic falls to the ground out cold. The golden chains absorb into his body disappearing, but his left arm still gives off a golden light. Silver and Kenna run up to Manic looking over him; they see the tattoo of a golden chain imprinted on his forearm. "Oracle, what did you do to my brother? Tell me now!" Silver demands.

"Like Sonic and Nico, I have given Manic a power limiter. This will aid him in learning to controlling to his magical abilities. Now, Master Silver if you please," Oracle states holding up one finger wrapping Manic's body in a green skin tight aura. His body floats over to Oracle, "I will complete Manic's training. We will meet you at Robotropolis; on that day, Robotnik will fall and Queen Aleena and the Council of Seven will stand strong. Until then farewell," Oracle and Manic vanish in a green orb.

Manic's eyes slowly open trying to adjust to the bright light of the sun shining down on the sea shore. The warm beach sand slips in-between his finger and toes while a cool breeze from the sea blows over his body. He gets up and looking around seeing a giant structure not far from the beach. He uses his hand to starch his quills and is surprised to see his new purple kimono with tilted white squares on the left and right upper chest and sleeves.

He starts walking along the beach and sees Oracle on lodging in a beach chair wearing sunglasses and the same kimono as him. "Hey Orc where are we?" Manic calls out.

Oracle sits up and his chair and looks at Manic coming to him, "Ah apprentice, you have finally awaken."

Manic stops feet away giving a puzzled look, "Apprentice? What are you talking about? And what's with these threads?"

Oracle gives a big smile, "Before you ask about your cloths look at your left arm."

He pulls up his sleeve, and Manic's eyes bug out seeing his new golden tattoo. "Whoa this is awesome; I got tatted!"

"Apprentice, that is no ordinary tattoo; it is your power limiter. Like Sonic and Nico's Seven Rings of Light, your Golden Chain will limit your powers to a certain level until you gain control of them," Oracle explains.

"Ok that answers one question. Now, where are we?" Manic retorts.

"We are in a special dimension and this is my beach front property where we will come to mediate, train, and rest," Oracle explains.

"Got to say this place is rocking Orc. How long have we been here?" Manic says looking even more at the picture perfect scene.

"You've been asleep for about ten days because…"


"Apprentice calm yourself, you haven't missed anything I promise you that," Oracle commands as another bucket of sand hovers over him. "Remember, I said this is a special dimension. The laws of this realm are different from that of in the real world. Mainly, time passes by faster here; in the real world only ten minutes have passed. Now, with all that out of the way, we will begin your true training."

Oracle gets up and walks to shore; Manic follows him still glancing at his limiter, "Oracle, my hidden is it magic?"

"Yes, you should know that have inherited a great power from your family, but you must learn to control it in order to wield it. Now, we have wasted enough time talking; we must use every remaining second to train you to use magic," Oracle orders.

"Alright let's do it!" Manic states clinching his fist in front of his face.

The last remaining day quickly goes by and everyone is gather on the outskirts of Robotropolis. Over ten million warriors, soldiers, and freedom fighters stand surrounding the city ready to attack. Only on a lonely hill overlooking the mechanized capital, Sonic, Sonia, Silver, Shadow, and Midna look at the enemy headquarters. Sonic smirks looking at the city and turns to his siblings, "Where's Manic?"

Suddenly, a massive holographic image of Robotnik appears over Robotropolis looking directly at the royal hedgehogs. He starts laughing as the sky fills with SWAT BOTS, fighter planes, and other ships.

"Well, this is going to be fun!" Sonic smirks.

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Episode 8:
The Final Battle Begins

Chapter Text

Episode SevenFinal Battle Pt.4

Music of War

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Robotnik's holo-image hovers over Robotropolis while his forces begin circling around the perimeter of the city. He continues laughing as more and more of his forces take to the air and streets. "Well, it looks like I have a pest problem to handle. Do you think your puny little forces can stop me from conquering this world?! I will have all of you as my robot slaves by the end of the day. As for your hedgehog leaders, I will personally enjoy watching them suffer then die. Muah ha ha ha ha ha!"

Sonic looks at his troops and sees fear worming its way from one to another after hearing Robotnik's threat. ~Sonic! We have to do something quick! Before our forces lose their nerves and shit themselves, ~ Nico says looking at the troops around them.

Sonia walks over to Sonic looking at the increase number of robots surrounding the city then at Robotnik's giant smug smile. She states in a worried tone, "This is bad Sonic! From the looks of things Robotnik has five times more troops. Even with all of us fighting this is not going to be easy."

Sonic looks at his sister with an equal worried expression, "No one ever said this was going to be easy, but we have a bigger issue now! The troops are getting scared; we have to figure out a way to help reinsure them!"

"Then, I have the perfect solution," Cyrus says walking up with Midna and Silver. "Sonic use Cortana. She will able…" he stops in the middle of his sentence seeing the confuse look on Sonic's face. "Sonic didn't you do what I told you before you left with Shadow?" Sonic gives an innocent 'I forget look on his face'. Cryus hits head with his hand, "Ah Sonic! Active the system on the watch I gave you and hurry! Oh fair warning, she's going to be piss that you forget to activate her."

Sonic still has a puzzled look, but he activates the system on his watch. The watch on his wrist begins glow a bright blue and white light then sparking streams of light comes flowing out the device. Everyone backs away as the streams of blue-white become more intense. Some cover their eyes to shield from the bright light. The starlight streams start to converge

of Sonic. Some guys look at her nude body with shock and lust in their eyes. She looks at the blue hedgehog together forming the shape of a 5' 3'' woman with cyan blue skin, dark blue patches, and circuit board patterns print along her body with electricity running through the circuit path.

The intense light dies down and everyone sees a teenage maturing woman standing in front with an angry glare in her eyes; suddenly her body color turns burning fire red. "What the hell took you so long SONIC!" Cortana yells while grabbing his t-shirt and shaking him back and forth. "Cyrus told you to activate me in five hours not three days! And don't give me that lame excuse that Shadow was killing you ass over and over again! You need to learn to man the fuck up! As for you Shadow!" she turns shooting him a deadly stare. "You need to learn to treat your brother better, and not abuse him the way you have!" Everyone continues to stare as she violently shakes Sonic while yelling and cursing at him. Cyrus walks up and tries to calm her down, but everyone is shocked when she yells, "STAY THE HELL OUT OF THIS! I'll GET YOUR ASS NEXT FOR LETTING THAT FAT-ASS CRACK INTO MY OPERATING NETWORK!"

Cortana's assault last for another five minutes until Sonia walks up, "Uh excuse me! Who are you?"

Cortana keeps shaking Sonic; then she suddenly stops dropping the rattled hedgehog to the ground. Her body turns back to white-blue paying attention to Sonia with an embarrassed expression, "Oh, please forgive me. Where are my manners? My name is Cortana Data, and it's a pleasure to meet you all."

Midna and Silver come up next looking at the new girl. "So, Cortana what are you, if you don't mine me asking?" Silver questions.

"Not at all, I'm a fully realize artificial intelligence program, but I can fully interact with the world just like you," she explains.

Shadow calls out, "Cyrus! You said this hologram can do something about our troops."

Cortana's body turns back red hearing Shadow's statement. She looks at him and with an angry tone she rebuts, "I am not a hologram or robot! I'm a living person!"

Midna hits him on the back of the head, "Stop being an ass! Cyrus said there is a way that you can help us with that." She points to the giant hologram of Robotnik laughing. "That eyesore is rattling our forces, so we need to show everyone that we will win this fight."

Cortana looks at the hologram and starts to laugh, "That will be a snap to undo all I need is an uplink to the city."

Sonia smirks pulling out a consul system with a satellite dish, "How about this. It's a game system my brothers played until Buttnik tried to seal their minds in the game."

"Yeah, I remember that," Cyrus comments. "Robotnik had the link plugged straight into his headquarters."

"That's perfect! Just give me a second," Cortana smirks. She puts her hand on the machine; then her body breaks down into the star sparkling energy stream. She quickly reappears on the center of the consul but only 9 inches tall; then she turns the dish towards the city. "That egg-belly is going to pay for infecting my system with that virus! Now, it's my move!" She waves her hand, and Robotnik's hologram fizzles out. "Ok, I have control of his holo-matrix, and I can cast anyone's image. Who's it going to be?"

Everyone looks around; then they see Sonic finally get up off the ground. Shadow commands, "Sonic get your ass over here. We need your help."

Sonic brushes himself off before walking over to them, "What's going on?"

"We need you to tell everyone that everything is going to be okay and get ready to fight," Silver states.

"What?! Why don't you do it? You're our older siblings, isn't that your job," Sonic retorts.

"No, we haven't been seen or known long enough in order to gain the trust of the people here," Midna claims. "They need to see a familiar face; someone they can trust. Plus, we can't wait for mom to show up."

Sonia jumps in before her brother could reply, "We took a vote, and you won. So it's up to you, tell everyone to get ready to rock!"

Sonic nods and looks a Cortana, but she crosses her arms with an angry look on her face, "Look, I'm sorry I forgot to activate you, but please…"

"Alright, I forgive you this one time, but don't you dare do it again. Got it!" she exclaims.

"Got it! Now what do I have to do?" Sonic smirks.

"Just stand there and look royal if you can. Leave the rest to me. Perfect, phase one complete," Cortana smirks.

Robotnik grabs one of the robots scrambling around the control room; he growls out squeezing the robot, "What is going on? Why have we lost the holo-matrix?!"

"A foreign program has entered the system and is rewriting command protocols," the robot replies.

"Then activate the anti-virus program! NOW!" he shouts.

"We have, Doctor, and the program seems to be unaffected by our efforts."

Robotnik's grip on the robot increases as the anger in his eyes grows until a screaming beep comes from the machine. A small explosion erupts from the crushed robot. Another robot calls out, "Sir, we're receiving two incoming signals. One is coming from the foreign program, and the other is from the creator."

~Dammit of all times for him to call. If I don't do something quick I'll…~ Robotnik's train of thought is interrupted when he hears.

"Sir, the foreign program is transmitting its signal along the same carrier wave back to the creator," the robot reports.

"WHAT?! CUT THE SIGNAL FEED, NOW!" Robotnik shouts with fear in his voice.

"Unable to comply, command protocols have been rewritten," the machine reports.

The main view screen in the command center shows Sonic's face as he prepares to say something. "Shit things couldn't get any worse!"

"Sir! Sources show that it is being broadcasted on a global scale," the machine states.

"WHAT!"Robotnik yells.

Sonic turns to see himself on the massive holographic stage standing over Robotropolis. In addition, his image is posted on all TVs, monitor screens, and other viewing devices all over the planet. Cortana smirks at Sonic and says, "We're on the air, Sonic. Let's see what you got!"

He takes a deep breath and looks at everyone around him with a smirk, "People of Robotropolis! No people of Mobius! I am Prince Sonic Hedgehog son of Queen Aleena Hedgehog." The soldiers around Robotropolis stare at Sonic's holo-image with wonder as the young prince continues, "Our greatest battle is about to begin; Robotnik has done everything within his power to hurt, harm, and even destroy the morale and strength of the people of our world. I say enough is enough!" Some soldiers start shouting hearing his speech. "It is time that we stand together and put an end in Robotnik's reign! For too long, we have stood by and let Robotnik do whatever he pleased, and he claims destroying our families, killing our planet, and worst of all enslaving anyone who opposes him under the false intent that he is doing this in order to protect our world and bring order!" Sonic exclaims making more soldiers shout in agreement.

Sonic looks toward the west and lifts his fist throwing it down after his first sentence, "This cannot be allowed anymore; Robotnik must be stopped here and now! People of Mobius gathered together, stand as one, and we will bring Robotnik's empire crashing down all around him!" Sonic's words echo all over the world. As people everywhere from Sanctuary 2 to Moboian Dune watch with a growing flame of courage to fight, "We have been through the fires of destruction! We had lived with the pains of loss! We had faced the fears of death! We have let this tyrant run our lives far too long!" More cheering erupts across the lands and within Robotropolis. "Robotnik has told us to go home, or we will lose our lives. Well, if we do that; then we are already the walking dead!" Sonic exclaims as the soldiers on the eastern side of the city breakout in cheers and hollers.

"Robotnik came to power because a select group of nobles. In their selfish pursuit of greed and power, they condemned the masses to suffer along with the force abdication of my family as the ruling body of our nation. All in the effort to satisfy, their own twisted ambitions!" The people in Port Mobius yell and curse the nobles responsible for their suffering. Tears begin to form in Sonic's eyes as he opens his heart to the pain he and his siblings suffered, "Robotnik tore our family apart just days after we were born. Mom was forced to separate my siblings and I from each other. Then three years later, he ordered the deaths… no the MURDER of my foster parents." Nico's aura begin to creep of Sonic's body feeling the sad heartbreaking moments of his brother's past, "If that wasn't enough, seven years later on the day Sonia, Manic, and I reunited with each other; Robotnik took our uncle, Sonia, and Manic's foster families, the people who cared and loved us while we were growing up; and he turned them into his robotic slaves!"

Tears begin to spill down Sonia, Midna, and Silver's faces hearing the loss of such close love ones. At the same time people in the Moboian Outback cry remembering the high death tolls during the construction of the Robotnik's flying fortress.

The next lines cause the soldiers in the southern area of the city to shout and scream, "And now I have found out that our three older siblings were forced to leave our planet because of a plan to use my sisters to allow the Scar-Lyon family to gain royal status or even the crown!" The blue hedgehog holds his head for a minute pushing down the welling sadness in his heart. Then, Sonic lifts his head with a fierce look in his eyes, and he calls out holding out his hands, "NOW! I ASK YOU, DO YOU WISH TO STAY UNDER THE REIGN OF ROBOTNIK'S TORMENT? OR SOLDIERS WILL YOU STAND WITH US!"

Every soldier surrounding the city say in a thundering shout, "SIR! YES SIR! WE ARE WITH YOU! YOUR MAJESTY!"


People in the city look up, at Sonic's holoimage, and shout out loud, "WE ARE WITH YOU!"


Everyone watching Sonic's speech launch to their feet and shout out with a volume that anyone, even in space, can hear in multiple languages, "YES YOUR HIGHNESS WE WILL STAND WITH YOU!"

Sonic hears the voices of millions possibly billions yelling than they will stand with them against Robotnik; he goes into his famous hero's pose with a giant smile giving an awesome thumbs up, "SINCE YOUR ANSWER IS YES, STAND WITH ME! STAND WITH US! STAND TOGETHER AND LET'S END ROBOTNIK FOR GOOD!" Giant waves of cheers flow through the air hearing his statement. Sonic looks at the command officers, and they snap to attention before saluting him. Sonic returns the salute with a serious look then orders, "Everyone prepare for battle!" He quickly glances back at the rising sun then softly says, "Mom, if you're out there and I know you are; we are ready to go!" Sonic puts back on a giant smile, "As for you Robotnik, this party's just getting started, and you got a front row seat, so don't go anywhere because we are coming right for you, Robotnik! Our future has Endless Possibilities!"

Sonic holo-image fades out from over the city while monitors still show images of Robotropolis. Cortana looks up at Sonic, "Nice speech! Now it's my turn, while Robotnik and his dumbots were enjoying your opening message; I hacked into thunder thighs command process protocol, and had my way with his secondary SWAT Bots forces. Once he activates them, he'll be in for the surprise of a lifetime."

"Awesome job Cortana! Alright, we need to form our attack plan. Who's got the map?" Sonic asks.

Cortana rolls her eyes, "Why do you need a paper map when you got me?" She holds out her hand; then a blue hologram of Robotropolis appears in front of Sonic.

Shadow, Sonia, Midna, Kenna, Kell, Kana, and Mizu gather around the holo-map. Sonic looks around, "Where in the world is Manic?"

"If he's not here, then we don't need to waste time for him. Sonic what's our plan of attack," Shadow commands.

Midna rolls her eyes, "I hate to say it, but I agree with Shadow. We can't afford to waste any time."

The others nod in agreement and Nico appears next to Sonic in spirit form also agreeing with Shadow's suggestion. "Alright here's what we will do. We're going to hit the city from five different points: North, South, East, West, and from the Sky. We'll pair off into teams of two and lead our forces into battle," Sonic starts with everyone nodding. "Sonia and Midna will lead the attack on the western front." He points to the western area of the holo-map, "You two are going to have one hell of a time, but your main objective is to destroy this power plant. It powers all the robotizers in the city. With that out of commission, anyone captured can't be changed and force to fight against us."

"Sonia and I will rip that plant into pieces with our bare hands!" Midna smirks.

"Kenna and General Adair will attack from the south. About 10km from the staging ground is a power relay center, your mission is to take over the station and start cutting power to certain parts of the city when given the word. Expect a heavy amount of resistance between you and the plant," Sonic lays out. They nod in agreement receiving their orders, but Kell and Kana eyes widen in worry thinking about the conditions their sister would be fighting in.

Sonic continues explaining what Mizu and Kenna should be expecting, but he is interrupted by Kell, "Prince Sonic with all due respect, Kana and I want Kenna to have a different assignment; one where she will not be in any fighting."

Everyone gives a confused look while Kenna looks at her older brothers with anger flaring in her eyes. Sonic asks, "And what assignment do you feel would be best for her?"

"Sonic!" Kenna screams in frustration.

He holds up his hand, "Let's hear them out."

Kana steps forwards, "She can stay here with Cortana at the command center and help coordinate operations."

Sonic bring his hand to chin thinking about Kana's proposal. When Kenna yells, "What the hell are you trying to do?!"

"Kenna, you would be safer at the command center with Cortana," Kell rebuts.

"Is that your main reason why you want me to pull her from this assignment?" Sonic questions; they nod yes; then an irritated expression sweeps over the cobalt prince's face. "Are you out of your damn mind?! I'm ordering millions of people including my own sisters and brothers in to battle, and you have the nerves to ask me to pull Kenna from this assignment because you don't want her to get hurt! The answer is NO!" Kana and Kell open their mouths to object, but Sonic yells, "DON'T YOU THINK I WISH ONLY NICO AND I HAD TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE, SO I DON'T HAVE TO ORDER OTHERS INTO HARMS WAY! EVERYONE HERE HAS A JOB TO DO AND ORDERS TO FOLLOW! I WILL NOT CHANGE MY MINE NOR MY ORDERS BECAUSE YOU TWO ARE SCARED THAT SHE MIGHT GET A BROKE NAIL!"

Kana softly voices, "but sir we…"


"YES YOUR MAJESTY!" Kana and Kell say in unison.

"Good," he responds.

~I have to give it to the little brat. He got this command thing down pretty well. This will make things, so much easier for me, ~ Shadow thinks while slightly smirking at the situation.

"Kana and Kell will lead our air forces. Your goal is to provide air support. After you gain air superiority, do everything possible to protect our ground forces. All our ground forces understand?!" Sonic orders with a fading irritated look.

"Yes your highness," they respond and walk off towards the airfield with a stone face expression.

Sonic looks back at everyone around the holo-map and exhales, "Kenna, I want you to talk to them once this briefing is over. Make sure they got their heads in the game."

"Yes your highness. There are some other things we need to discuss," she states with an angry tone.

"Silver and Manic will…" Sonic stops in mid-sentence as a bright green light erupts from thin air.

Everyone looks as the flash quickly grows then disappears revealing Manic and Oracle. Manic is still wearing his purple with white square kimono, but when he walks up to his siblings they notice that is he is about 2 to 3 inches taller than the older hedgehog trio and his quills are about 3 inches longer. "Sorry we're late; see there was this old woman who needed help and…"

"Oh save it Manic! You remind me of a ninja from a series I read back on Earth. He was never on time for anything," Shadow comments.

"Since you are here now, we'll ask what happen to you later, but as I was saying Silver and Manic will take the East front. Your goal to shut down the water plant, so Robotnik headquarters will be forced to go down to minimum power usage, or he will run the risk of overheating his base," Sonic orders. They nod in response agreeing with the plan. He then turns to Oracle.

"I will fight as will. This is my home as well, and Robotnik must meet the justice that is waiting for him," Oracle states.

"Awesome Orc! Kenna, General; Orc will go with you," Sonic states giving a thumbs up. "Shadow, Nico, and I will lead our forces in the North Front. Shadow our mission is straight forward. We have to rise a much hell as possible and fuck shit up!" Sonic laughs.

Shadow laughs hearing their mission, "Sonic, you are getting better at reading the things like to do. Mainly, I love fucking shit up!"

"Sounds like you two are going out to have fun while the rest of us do work," Midna claims.

Sonic smirks with a bit of Nico's aura oozing out, "We're forcing Robotnik to concentrate the bulk of his forces on us." The others only shake their head knowing Sonic or Nico just want an excuse to fight like crazy. "Alright, if there are no more questions, we have twenty minutes before we start this party. Everyone get to your positions."

"Right!" they say in unison.

*Kenna walks over to the airfield where millions of aircraft are waiting to for the signal to takeoff toward Robotropolis. She walks into a giant tent with all the pilots listening to her brothers giving the mission briefing. "Once Prince Sonic gives the signal, squadrons one through thirty will go enter Robotropolis airspace," Kana states.

Kell points to a map posted on the wall behind him, "You're mission is to converge on point alpha once destruction of key military facilities has been confirmed. Squadrons thirty-one through forty will provide air cover for ground forces."

"Finally squadrons forty-one through seventy, you are our strike forces. You are to engage with Robotnik's air defense forces. You must do all you can to destroy the enemy. The key to the winning this battle quickly is controlling the sky," Kana finishes. He looks towards the back of the room and sees Kenna standing with arms crossed at rear of the room. "Alright, everyone report to your stations. Squad controllers, my brother and I will meet you in five minutes prior to launch. Dismissed!"

"Yes sir!" the pilots salute.

The pilots exit the tent and in a quick motion leaving the three siblings alone. Kenna walks up closer to her brothers with the same irritated look from earlier. She flops down into one of the chairs on the front row with her hair covering her eyes. "You two have some nerves trying to control me," she growls out with her tail flicking in anger back and forth.

Kana shakes his head, "Kenna, we were thinking of your best interest and…"

"SHUT UP!" She yells out as her eyes still shielded by her hair, "WHAT'S WORST YOU HAD THE NERVE TO DO IT IN FRONT OF THE ROYAL FAMILY!"


"SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! SAME GOES FOR YOU KANA!" She interrupts her brother shooting up out of her chair with lightning sparks in her eyes. "Look, I know you don't want me to get hurt, but you failed to remember three things. First, did you even think of how the royal family will react hearing two members of the royal guard requesting the only female member be reassigned because they are worried that she will be hurt? Second, did you think about pride of our order? Plus, others heard that little exchange between Sonic and you. Third, did you even consider how I would feel about your suggestion? Papa would be ashamed at the way you acted."

Kana and Kell hold their heads down in shame thinking about Kenna words. She walks up then wraps her arms around her brother's necks while shedding tears, "You two are idiots, but thanks for caring about me. You have to know that I can take care of myself." She finishes hugging her brothers before backing away with a smile on her face. "Besides, I got a letter from Papa. Uncle Mizu gave it to me," she states pulling a letter from her pocket then handing it to her brothers.

They read the letter, and their eyes bug out as they yell in unison, "WHAT THE HELL!"

Dear Kenna, Kana, and Kell:

I'm writing this letter to tell you why I left Mobius. First let me say I'm sorry for leaving you, but I know you are strong enough to watch out for each other.

The reason I'm leaving is to aid King Sora in finding a greater evil that is flowing through the universe. The king believes that Robotnik is hiding his true motives for why he wants to make an alliance with our empire. He believes that we will be able to find some answers and find out what this war was really about. First, we must go to the king's home world to help with a situation arising there.

Once we have resolved that issue, we will head out to search for clues about Robotnik and the Eggman Empire. While I'm gone, Mizu will be in command of the Royal Guard. However when Kenna turns fifteen, she will take command, so Kana, Kell, you are to follow her orders no ifs, ands, or buts sons.

Kenna there is a letter enclosed for the young princes and princesses from King Sora. Please deliver it to them after you have taken command.

I know there is the chance that you all must hate me, but please understand that I'm doing this for the safety of our people.

Stay strong and fight well.



"He's got to be kidding! Why would father put you in charge of the royal guards?" Kell questions.

"He just did, so you two have to follow my orders," Kenna states. Kana sits down rubbing his temples with a pained expression on his face. She looks at her older brother, "Kana, don't tell me that you're gonna give me grief about this as well?"

He shakes his head, "Nah Kenna, I wouldn't do that. I am happy father put you in command, but what he said in his letter worries me. If you really think about it, we have no clue about why Robotnik wants Mobius. I mean, what could he possibly want from us?"

"Those are all very good questions, and you have to right to be curious," a voice states. The three look at the entry of the tent and see Mizu. He crosses his arms and sports a serious look on his face, "But this is not the time to worry about those matters. We have a massive battle ahead of us, and you need to keep your minds on your jobs. Kenna congratulations on your promotion to captain of the Royal Guards. We will have to save the celebrations for later; Kenna we need to get going." She nods and walks over to her uncle. He turns to face the exit and says to the brothers, "Good luck and kick some ass!" They nod giving a thumbs up.

After they walk out, Mizu stops Kenna holding a remote trigger in his hand. "Kenna this for you, Princess Midna told me to give it and to activate it at sunrise." She takes the trigger examining it nearly pressing the button. "NOO! DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON!" Mizu screams flipping out, "Just don't press it yet ok."

Kenna smiles putting the trigger into her pocket.

Midna, Shadow, and Silver walk up the cliff side facing Robotropolis while Sonic, Sonia, and Manic oversee the deployment of troops at their staging area.

Just out of sight a man wrapped in cloak gives his report to them, "Your Majesty, our mission was a success everything has been planted. The areas Kell and you have pointed out, and here's the trigger." The agent holds out a remote trigger switch.

Shadow quickly grabs it, "I'll hold on to this and light when I'm ready." Midna and Silver look at each and exhales thinking about their possible unhinged brother carrying the weapon. Seconds later, they look back at Shadow and nod their approval, "Good, now Sonic and I have shit to go fuck up! Later!"

Sonic and Sonia examine their green spine brother with puzzled looks on their faces. Sonia reaches out and pulls Manic's long quills. With a deeper tone of voice he yells, "OUCH! What the hell Sonia! Why you do that?"

She jumps back with eyes wide opened, "That's for real! Manic what happen to you and how… how…"

Manic rolls his eyes, "The best way to explain is to ask Orc. He's the best one to answer your questions."

"Well, I guess we'll have to pick his brain later, and…" Sonic is cut off when a group of soldiers come marching up to with an odd dress man.

"Your highnesses, this man wanted to speak to you. He says he has an important message you must hear," the soldier reports.

Sonic walks up to the 7 foot tall German Shepard canine with long green hair wearing a loose fitting dark blue jacket with an open collar yellow shirt and a black loosen tie around his collar. "You have a message for me," Sonic demands.

"Damn straight to the point; dammit Sleet warned me about you," the man stated.

Hearing Sleet's name the soldiers rise their blasters at him, the man remains calm with several guns pointed at him. "What's the message you have for me?" Sonic asks.

The man reaches behind him and pulls out a pad, "This should explain everything."

Sonic takes the pad and starts the playback. Sleet's face appears on the pad as the message plays.

"Well isn't this a funny turn of events. Here I spend three years chasing and hunting down you worthless troublesome hedgehogs and look what I get for my efforts nothing, but the end of my life. Heh! No use in crying over spilled blood," Sleet laughs. "Listen if you hedgehogs are seeing this message then Robotnik has killed me or worst he has turned me into one of his mindless drones. I figured with Dingo being killed by that monstrous brother of yours and losing the fleet; I know Robotnik will end my employment with him soon. My final order was to gather the best bounty hunters around and send them after the leaders of the people you are recruiting for your army."

Sonic pauses the playback, "You were sent to assassinate the other leaders around Mobius? So did you fulfill your mission?"

"Finish the message first, then I'll answer your questions," the bounty hunters states.

Sonic glares at the bounty hunter and restarts the message. "Since you are seeing this message, I decided to give one last good kick in the balls to that fat-ass egg belly. Spike and his friends know if Robotnik kills me; then they should junk any mission from Robotnik and come join the freedom fighters. So you're stuck with them now good luck and kill that over inflated rotten egg."

The message ends, and the trio looks at the bounty hunter. Sonic exhales and says, "Ok you're guys are in, and I'm placing a bounty on Robotnik to be captured, ALIVE!"

Everyone looks at the cobalt quill prince in shock that he would put a bounty on someone even if is it an enemy. Spike smiles hearing the news, "How much of a bounty are we talking?"

Sonic remains silence for a second when Shadow, Midna, and Silver walk back to the others. "One billion dollars will be the bounty," Sonic states with everyone gasping after hearing the amount, "but I don't want your people taking any unnecessary risk; plus he must be alive. Are those instructions clear?"

Spike smiles, "Shit! For a billion dollars, I'll tattoo them to my chest."

Sonic holds out his hand, "Good luck, Spike." Spike shakes his hand and smiles. "By the way, Dingo is alive. My brother may have beaten him harshly, but he is very much alive if that matters at all to you."

"Nah, but thanks for the heads up," Spike states then walks off to be with the other bounty hunters.

"I hope you have the money to pay that bounty Sonic," Midna states.

"I do, but it's not time to talk about that; the sun is about to rise," Sonic looks at his sibling and gives his famous hero pose. "Alright Sonic Underground its show time!"

They all nod their heads and in unison then call out, "Chaos Control!" They all disappear in a beautiful display of colors.

Sonic and Shadow stand at the edge of the northern front; they activate their medallions making their instruments appear. "So, you ready to kick this party into gear bro?" Sonic asks.

"Not just yet, I got a little pre-party surprise for everyone," Shadow smirks and pulls out a remote. He pushes the trigger and a massive series of explosions rip through the city. One after another, the blast destroy different buildings in the city. Pillars of smoke fill the dawning day while the in wind blows to the northeast making their quills sway in wind. "Now, we have the proper setting. Let's do this bro!"

"Right on Shadow! You ready Nico?!" Sonic asks. Nico appears in his spirit form giving a claw thumbs up.

Sonic starts to play his electric guitar as the other siblings join in; while the music fills the air throughout the city. Sonic yells out, "ALL FORCES CHARGE!"

This is my escape
running through this world
And I'm not looking back

Everyone charges into city firing their guns and blasters at the robots defenders; at the same time the SWAT Bots open fire on the defending army.

'Cause I know I can go
Where no one's ever gone
And I'm not looking back

At the head of the army, Sonic and Shadow fire several blast from their guitars at the defending robot destroying them. "Sonic! Let's bring the pain!" Shadow shouts.

"You got it Shadow!" Sonic replies.

But how will I know when I get there?  (Sonia)
And how will I know when to leave? 

Sonia and Midna stare down seven thousand SWAT Bots ahead of them; they smirk at each other and charge at the metal menaces. In perfect synced, they ball their fists, jump in to the air, then come down slamming their fist into ground shouting, "Fire Reaver!" The ground around the machines shatters ejecting massive shard-jagged rocks with fire pillars erupting that engulf the robots.

"Game time Sonia! I bet I can smash more bots than you!" Midna calls out.

"You're on sis!" Sonia replies.

We've all gotta start from somewhere  (Silver)
And it's right there for me 

Silver and Manic see an enemy squadron flying towards their battle line. Manic plays his drums ripping out boulders then launches them the bots. Silver hovers above the ground and cries out, "Psychic Rhapsody!" His violin plays faster coating several rocks with a lime green light. With a quick spin then extension of his arm, the boulders flies out smashing the robot attackers swiftly destroying them.

"Show me your new powers brother!" Silver demands.

"In time bro, but we have a party to play!" Manic replies playing the drums laughing.

The possibilities are never ending!  (Nico)

I see it, I see it

(Sonic & Shadow)
And now it's all within my reach  (Sonia & Midna)
Endless possibility... 
(Silver & Manic)

Kana, Kell, and the allied air forces take to the skies and begin their fierce battle with the sky bots. The dawning sky is filled with the fireworks from the shots fired. Within seconds, ships from both sides fall from the sky in a blazing shower.

I see it, I see it now  (Shadow & Silver)
It's always been inside of me  (Sonic & Nico)
And now I feel so free 
(Midna, Sonia, & Manic)

The southern forces charge into the city destroying everything in their path. Kenna spins with beauty and elegance slicing into the metal soldiers. She calls while holding one of her blades to the sky then points the blade at the charging platoons of SWAT bots, "Lightning Strike!" A bolt of lightning rockets down from the skies then is redirected out of her blade striking the robots; electrifying them to the point they explode into pieces.

Endless possibility!  (All)

And so we'll carry on
My time to shine has come
I feel it

As fast as I can go
Straight to the top I know
You'll see it!
(You'll see it!)

The girls switch their instruments into its weapon form. Midna's stunning light blue Star Sword slices through the metal warriors right and left of her like butter while she calls out, "3578… 3579… 3580." She pauses for a second and calls over to Sonia. "Sonia! I'm at 3580!"

Sonia smirks aiming her new twin silver blasters with piano keys trimming the top of the blaster lighting up in different colors with each shot. "HA! You're slow Midna; I'm at 3591!"

Midna smirks back and shouting while jumping in the middle of twenty enemies, "I won't be out scored by my little sister!" She does a lighting fast sweep among the robots. She stands in the center motionless holding two fingers in front of her face as if she is meditating. All the bots fall to the ground in pieces and she smiles saying, "3602."

"Dammit! The game is only getting started sis!" Sonia shouts.

So please wake me up when I get there
It feels like I'm lost  in a dream

Silver fires another wave of psychic attacks, but when he turns to look at some troops he sees them taking heavy fire from the right flank. "Hey metal heads, it's no use take this, Psychic Flash!" He gathers energy into his hand and fires a silver color beam into to the enemy coating them in a silver blanket; then the robots' mass begins to shrink until they become small little silver balls and disappear in a quick flash. "That was too easy!" However his victory is short lived feeling a small wave of exhaustion rush through his body with another wave of SWAT bots rushing at their position, Silver calls out, "Manic, we need help!"


I know in my heart that it's my time
And I already see
The possibilities are never ending!

Manic nods and jumps from behind his drum set while the drums continue to play behind him. Manic smiles, "Alright let's do this!" His voice begins echoing through the sky with the *HC* symbol glowing on his hand. He holds his hands up to the sky and says:

Sonitus Tonitruum

(Thunder of Sound)

Fulgur Luminis

(Lightning of Light)

Pluet Et Facibus

(Rain down your fiery)

Sic enemues Fortitudo Nostra

(So our enemies know our might)

Bolts of lightning come sparking out of the sky. The attack hits the charging machines destroying them in a constant chain reaction until all the SWAT bots are destroyed. "How was that bro?" Silver can only smile at his brother seeing his growth and new powers.

I see it, I see it

(Manic & Midna)
And now it's all within my reach  (Sonia & Shadow)
Endless possibility...  (Silver)

I see it, I see it now  (Silver & Shadow)
It's always been inside of me  (Sonia & Midna)
And now I feel so free 

Kana transforms into his giant red dragon form; then he blows large fireballs at an incoming wing of enemy fighters. The machines either melt or blow up after being hit by the burning orbs. The red dragon laughs seeing the destruction he brings to the skies above the mechanical city.

"Razor Winds!" Kell yells. Now transformed into a giant bald eagle, he flaps his wings fiery sending blade of wind into enemy ships slicing them in half. They fall from the sky like a metal rain storm. Kell releases a loud victorious shriek.

Endless possibility!  (All)

Sonic and Shadow get separated by enemy fire. Sonic runs down an alley, but he finds out that he it is a dead end. He turns around to run out, but several SWAT bot block the way out and they swarm the area around the alley. Nico appears next to Sonic in spirit form, ~ Sonic, let me have some fun! I'll trash these bots! ~ Sonic nods, and his body starts to grow bulkier, his fangs begin to show, his quills turn from cobalt to midnight blue, and green slit eyes.

Drop n' stop, 'cause you're beaten again!  (Nico)
No, this is where our journey begins! 

Nico looks towards the robots hovering above his left side; then he wills aura to wrap around his arm with a purple glow up to his fist. He punches the bots with a super charged energy fist knocking them all over back with incredible force.

You're losing speed, you're losing your flow  (Sonic)
But inside is a 
power  you'll never know!  (Nico)

He turns around looking at the robots hovering above the right side of the alley. "Get lost, Moonlight Cannon!"Nico growls at them; a white hot beam fires from his mouth destroying the machines.

And let it out - it's inside you!  (Sonic)
Better all  step  back, 'cause I'm coming through!  (Nico)

Nico crouches down and launches himself at another wave of enemies swinging his larger size claws at his opponents slicing them into in half.


The freedom forces seize their targets while the leaders of the fronts and a backup platoon make their way closer to the center of the city where their overall goal lays Robotnik's headquarters.

I see it, I see it

And now it's all within my reach...  (Shadow)
I see it, I see it now  (Midna)
It's always been inside of me... 
(Silver, Shadow, & Midna)

Nico switches back with Sonic, and they meet up with Shadow running down the main road to Robotnik's tower. "What took you so long?" Shadow questions.

"Nico and I had to take a little detour," Sonic smirks as several 20 foot tall metallic overlords land in front of them. They come to a screeching stop looking at their new opponents.

Sonic and Shadow glance nodding at each other; they jump into the air while spinning around each other back to back holding out their hands as they shout, "Sonic! Shadow! Together! Blue Black Atomic Blaster!" They fire a beam of blue and black energy swirl together blasting through the machines.

I see it, I see it

And now it's all within my reach  (Manic)
Endless possibility...  (Nico)

I see it, I see it now  (Sonic)
It's always been inside of me  (Sonia)
And now I feel so free  (Manic)
Endless possibility! 
(Sonic, Nico, Sonia, & Manic)

(Endless possibility...)

(Silver, Shadow, & Midna)
Endless possibility!  (Nico, Sonia, & Manic)
(Endless possibility...)  (Silver, Shadow, Midna, Nico, Sonia, & Manic)
Endless possibility! 

Everyone stands looking up at Robotnik's headquarters. Sonic calls over the comlink, "Alright everyone time for the Final Rush!"

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Episode 9:
The Final Rush

Chapter Text

Episode EightFinal Battle Pt.5

The Final Rush

Disclaimer: My quest to own Sega is still ongoing, so I still don't own Sonic Hedgehog

A/N: Sorry for the delay, but thanks to school and Robotnik sending his robots to build writer's block slow us down. Nevertheless here we go. Also I will re-edit this episode soon.

BTW I don't own the song: I Believe by Fantasia

The morning sky is filled with pillars of smoke, and the heat of the raging fires warming the air all around. The sounds of gunfire and explosions echo throughout the city, and the brave soldiers shout and holler as they continue their grand battle against Robotnik's forces. Sonic and Shadow look up to the sky and see Manic and Silver flying over to them.

"Hey! Silver, Manic, we're over here!" Sonic shouts out while waving his hands to get their attention.

They look down, and see the cobalt hedgehog acting in a strange and funny manner. They glance at each other then nod before making their dissent. They quickly land and make their way over to their hyperactive and sadistic brothers. "Looks, like you two made a big mess around here," Silver laughs looking at Shadow sitting on top of the wreckage from a SWAT Bot.

Shadow replies in his normal semi-irritated tone of voice, "Go ahead and laugh it up spike head, but at least I can say without a doubt that I destroyed more shit than you did. Besides, your little light show didn't really do much damage."

Manic gets a crossed look on his face and replies, "Check it bro, if you want to see some power and damage then allow me to familiarize you with what my magic can do." He begins chanting a spell as a fireball forms in his hands.

Shadow stands up with a smirk on his face and holds out his hand with electricity crackling over his fingertips. "I'm up for a little halftime brawl while we are waiting on the others."

"We can't leave you two alone for a second before you're already at each other's throats," Midna states walking up with her sister. She crosses her arms then gives Shadow an annoyed expression, "If you guys want to duke it out, we can do it after we put Robotnik six feet under."

Sonia walks over to Sonic and glances at him with a suspicious eye, ~I must be seeing things. First, Manic is taller than Sonic and myself, but now Sonic looks as if he has grown 4 to 5 inches taller and little more bulky. It has to be Nico, but how? And did I just see that! ~ She steps a couple of inches closer to her brother all the while their attention is drawn to his other siblings. She continues her examination and her eyes widen when she sees it happen again.

Silver steps in between Manic and Shadow, "Midna is right! We have to wait and save our energy."

Shadow lowers his hand allowing the energy to fade away and says in an arrogant tone, "I have better things to do than fight with you."

The fireball in Manic's hands reduces to nothing, and he lowers his hands. He continues to stare down his brother, "Shadow, you've got some nerves, but I respect that bro."

Sonic steps in, "Ok. Now that, we are all friends again; we have a show to put on."

Kana, Kell, Kenna, Oracle, and Mizu meet up with the royal hedgehogs. "Sonic," Kell calls out. Sonic turns to look at him and he continues, "Our position is weak here. We are stretching our lines too thin, and…" he is interrupted by the sounds of several large explosions to the north.

Everyone's comlink activates with a voice relaying, "Emergency! Emergency! We are losing sector ten! Requesting help! We are falling back!"

~Shit! Kell is right! We need to hurry this up, or fat-ass will get it in his head that he can turn this around, ~ Nico states appearing in spirit form next to Sonic, but he disappears for now reason.

Sonic gives a questioning look, but his mind is redirected hearing more calls for help over the comlink. He takes a deep breath and turns to everyone, "Alright, everyone change of plans. Kenna, Kell, Kana, and General Adair will go reinforce our troops, and if it comes to it cover their retreat. Meantime, we'll push on and rock Buttnik's headquarters." Then Sonic turns to the green red coated sorcerer, "Oracle, where is mom?"

"It doesn't matter! By the time she gets here, I'll have fat-ass's head in my hand," Shadow smirks.

Everyone rolls their eyes hearing Shadow's boasting. "Do not worry young master, her highness will reappear at the decisive time of the battle," Oracle replies. "In the meantime, continue fighting with the great power of youth that is in you. Show all of Mobius the combined power. I will assist our ailing forces." He smirks disappearing in a green light.

Everyone only have sweat drops appear down their heads, hearing Oracle's strange words. "Alright, everyone time to get going. We have a show to put on!" Sonic exclaims putting his hand in the center; everyone follows suit except for Shadow, "Let's Go Sonic Under…. AAHHHH!" Sonic screams as electricity courses through his body from the golden ring limiter around his neck. The limiter fires off bolts of power in all directions. Sonic continues to scream while grabbing the limiter around his neck with his hands. Everyone jumps back dodging the bolts of energy. The pain filled hedgehog falls to his knees as his eyes goes blank, and his lifeless body falls to ground.

"SONIC!" everyone shouts rushing towards his body.

Sonic wakes up lying on a giant grassy plain with a soft refreshing breeze sweeping across the plain and rolls over the grass. The wind blows over Sonic's face pushing his quills. He glances back and forth looking for anything familiar. He gets up feeling no pain or electricity flowing through him, "What the hell just happen to me? One second I'm… wait where is everyone? Sonia, Manic, Midna, anyone say something!" Sonic shouts in the endless blue sky.

"Something," a deep voice says.

Sonic whips around and sees his werehog brother, "Nico, what's going on? Where are we? What happen to me? Wait! How are you here? Did Robotnik do something to us? NO that's not possible, our limiter…"

Nico covers Sonic's mouth, "Damn bro, if can you stop for one second? I can only answer one question at a time. Ok, I'm going to move my claw. If you do that million question spree shit again, I'll knock you out." Sonic nods in responses

Nico moves his claw, and Sonic wipes his mouth, "Jeez bro, I hope you have clean your claws lately."

"You're so funny now tell me, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!" Nico shouts.


"No, I meant if you what some answers, you should ask one question at a time."

"Ok! Ok! Let's retrace our steps. The last thing I remember was our limiter overloading, and I was in great pain," Sonic explains then he looks at his brother. "And then… Nico, your limiter it's completely different from the last time!"

"What are you talking about? Our limiters are exactly the same," he responds.

"No! Dammit! If I only had a mirror," Sonic wishes. Suddenly, an orb of light appears in front of him then it bursts dropping a circular hand mirror. "I think I know where we are," Sonic claims while picking up the mirror.

"Yeah, I am getting the same feeling. It's the dreamscape, but I don't remember see in this area before," Nico replies.

"Here look," Sonic orders holding up the mirror up towards his limiter.

Nico looks in the mirror and sees his limiter has changed from gold to black with red and grey-blue orbs. The sky blue crystal gem has transformed to a wolf's head charm matching Nico's fur color with edges of white colored fur. The eyes of the charm match the werehog's green colored eyes. He does five more quick inspections of the transformed charm and limiter, "Well, I'll say it's a big improvement, but why did it change?"

"Well, I guess you are as lost as me," Sonic smirks. "Last time, we were here…" Suddenly, the sky turns black and fills with stars and a giant ice blue nebula with diamond shimmering stars running throughout the dusk cloud, yet the grassy plains remains drenched in sunlight. Sonic and Nico look up at the starry night sky in disbelief wondering how this rapid change in the scenery could occur. "Nico, are you responsible for this?"

The werehog looks at his brotherly counterpart, "No hedgehog, I have no fucking idea what's going on. Maybe if you use that head of yours we should be able to figure this shit out."

Sonic looks at Nico with an annoyed but concerned look. He thinks for a minute and realizes, "Bro, he could be behind this?"

As Nico is about to answer, their attention is drawn to a massive glowing white orb rising over the horizon. They look closely and sees, what appears to be, someone standing on top of the rising moon. The person wears a long brown hooded cloak that hides her face in shadow. Nico is able to see the outline of what looks to be the developing body of a young woman wearing a very skimpy but form fitting outfit under the cloak. She looks down at the brothers and smirks before jumping from the glowing orb. She sails through the starry night sky; then she lands with pure elegance grace. All the while, she keeps her face hidden from the two. When she goes to stand up, Sonic notices that she bears some similar traits to a hedgehog. He opens his mouth to speak, but she starts to giggle making Sonic and Nico wonder what is so funny. She brings her white gloved hand to her mouth covering it still giggling at the two, and reveals more of her body from behind the cloak. They can fully see her wearing a pair of black short-shorts pants hugging her long well-toned pink fur legs. The boys could only stare at her legs as their eyes travel down to her pair of ankle high red stripe boots.

Sonic and Nico start to feel the bodies' heat up with anticipation wondering who this young girl could be. With her lower body partially exposed from behind her brown cloak, their eyes begin to trail back up her finely formed legs to her black short-shorts and after a minute they realize that they are looking at a short red miniskirt. The boys can feel the cheeks on their face redden knowing that the black short shorts she is wearing a really her underwear. The miniskirt is held up by a black belt just above her hips but below her uncovered belly button. She has a tan flat toned stomach with a loosely fitting pink shirt matching the tone of her fur. Sadly for the two, her brown cloak hides the rest of her body.

"Don't you think you two are a little too young for that right now?!" She giggles pointing at the boys. They give her a confused glance before looking down. They see their manhood growing beneath their pants, and their faces glow bright red with embarrassment while covering their privates. With little to no hope, they try to prevent any further growth, but when they look back at her, their eyes focus back on to the revealed parts of her. The boys quickly learn that they are losing control of their body. She graciously walks over to the boys sultrily swinging her hips with each step she makes. When she stands within arms linked of them she says in a soft and kind voice, "You boys are nothing but trouble sometimes." She wraps her arms around the hunched over brothers bringing them closer to her, "Yet, I guess it's all for the best. However, I will have to punish you two for being so reckless."

Sonic and Nico feel their hearts begin to race after hearing the sweet sound from the mysterious young woman. Nico goes to wrap his claw around her as if in a trance while asking, "Who are you? And why don't I… I… I never want to let you go."

Sonic follows suit wrapping his arm around her and says, "He's right. The moment I have you in my arms; my heart commands me to protect you with all my strength and power. Why is my heart telling me this?"

The boys complete their embrace of the mysterious youth and bring her closer, so she can lay her hands on their chest just below their charms from the limiters. A small whimper comes from the young woman as she says, "I wish to never be parted from you two either." She moves her hands over to their hearts, and she can feel the soft hypnotic rhythm of their heartbeats, "Hearing and feeling your heartbeats brings me such great comfort and peace; because, you two are right where you belong. By my side."

Nico looks down at the hooded pink hedgehog and goes to remove her hood, but she stops him by shaking her head. "If you won't let me see your face then at least tell me your name, and why do you make us feel this way? So calm, happy, and at peace."

She goes to answer but another figure appears in a black hooded cloak and says, "Don't you dare tell them your name. Now is not the time for you to reveal that secret to them."

Sonic and Nico look at the cloaked man; they quickly recognize the voice and say in unison, "Not this piece of shit again!" The boys strengthen their grip around the mysterious girl.

Sonic continues, "What the hell do you want now father! Hold on a second," Sonic steps away from the girl leaving her in the care of his brother. He moves closer to their father then takes a defensive stance, "If you're here; then, that means, you must know what's going on. What the hell did you do to our limiters?! Is this some scheme to break Nico and I apart again?!"

"No, I had nothing to do with the malfunction of your limiters. The ones to blame for this are yourselves," he retorts and a calm control voice.

Nico growls bearing his fangs, "What the fuck are you talking about you son-of-a-bitch! What do you mean that we are the ones responsible for our limiters fuck up?!"

"You didn't follow the instructions Oracle gave you about transforming," he states. The boys look at each other remembering Oracle's warning. He starts back, "Ah! I see you remember! Now your limiters are on the brink of overloading and there is only one way to fix this. I must break the bond and…"

"FUCK OFF!" Sonic and Nico yell in unison.

He looks up at his sons and sees the angry glare in their eyes. Nico walks in front of the hooded young girl, "First, you seal me away without even telling Sonic that I exist, then you tried to do it again! Now you're going for a third round! What the fuck is the matter with you?! Do you have some kind of vendetta against me or something?"

Sonic quickly follow suit by saying, "Nico's right! Twice when something crazy happens, we ended up here, and you go on the same spill about Nico needing to be sealed away. Enough is enough!"

Nico cracks his knuckles and loosens up his neck getting into a fighting stance, "Sonic, I got a better idea," the werehog smiles showing his white fangs, "Why don't we beat the hell out of him; then, maybe, we can get a better answer!"

"Sounds like a kick ass answer to me. Let's go!" Sonic says launching an attack. Nico is right behind him winding up his fist; then fires it towards his target.

Sora rubs his temple watching his sons attack, yet he shows neither fear nor concern. He exhales then says, "Would you be so kind to control them."

The young female hedgehog nods and says loudly, "NICO, SIT! SONIC, DOWN BOY!" After her words echo through the air, Sonic and Nico see their limiters glow bright; then they feel their body gain a massive amount of weight from the limiters. Without pause, they go crashing down face first into the ground. They scream in pain hitting the soft grass with their bodies creating a perfect silhouetted crater. The young woman giggles walking over to the crash point of the young princes, "King Sora is right, you two need two learn to control that temper of yours."

After another second or two, they are able to push themselves up head first out of the crater. Sonic states, "Damn, did she just have an attitude change?"

Nico follows up with, "You have got that right! Who's side are you on anyway?"

She places a hand on each of them while smiling, "I'm on your side, but I will train you to obey me when the time comes. Plus, I will stop you from doing completely stupid things."

They get back up to their feet; Sonic brushes off the dirt on his clothes and looks at his father with the same angry glare, "What did she do to us, and why did our limiters react that way?"

"It's quite simple son, it's a spell that Aleena and I placed on your limiters long ago…"

Sora starts off, but Nico jumps in and cutting him off, "Hold up! Are you telling me, everyone has a spell or is it just us?!"

"If you must know, son it's only Sonic and you that have this spell on your limiter. The 'Word of Subjugation' is quite an interesting spell whenever she," he points at the hooded pink hedgehog, "says the word that binds your spirit. You basically take a header to the ground, and you should know she can use it multiple times slamming you harder and deeper into the ground."

She starts to laugh as Sonic and Nico learn about the power she has over them. They stare at her for a minute then Nico turns to look at his father hearing him snicker just a little. He growls then charges again at him, but the young heroine uses the word of subjugation once more and sends him crashing into the ground. "Dad! I'll make you pay for this!" Sonic yells blasting off at full speed.

He gets within inches of his cloaked parent, but she once again loudly commands, "DOWN BOY!" Sonic's limiter powers up; then he crashes right in front of Sora's feet. "Nico. Sonic. You two will learn your place and when it is right for you to attack or not attack. If we must go through this lesson over and over, I'm happy to do so," she claims walking over Sonic.

Sonic gets up then turns his back to his father walking over to where Nico landed. He helps the werehog up while Sonic secretly whispers something into Nico's ear. Nico nods slightly making sure that they cannot see his gesture. Sonic glances back at their father and leaves Nico to stand on his own feet. Sonic quietly whispers, "You ready Nico on three. One… Two… Three! Go!" Nico slams his fist into the ground shattering everything around them sending a massive dust storm to cover their tracks. Sora and the pink hedgehog are caught off guard by the brothers' plan. Sonic moves at blinding speed rushing towards Sora while Nico jumps up above the cloud yelling out his signature attack move. As Sonic gets closer to his father through the blinding dust, he readies his guitar.

"Teach them again," Sora orders the pink hedgehog.

She nods and calls out at the top of her lungs, "DOWN BOY! SIT!" Sonic and Nico feel the pull from their glowing limiters, but they try to fight off the effect to no avail, and their attacks are deflected firing into the ground where they land.

"SHIT!" They yell in unison.

"Sonic! Nico! Enough of this foolishness," Sora states walking over towards them. His hands light up with a silver glow, "Let's get this over with, I'm sorry Nico but this is the only way."

Nico begins to feel fear run through him knowing what he is planning. He tries to get up and run away, but the effect of the word of subjugation still binds him to the ground completely immobilizing him. Sora stands over the werehog with his hands glowing brighter and brighter. Nico shakes his head softly saying no, but the pink hedgehog steps between Nico and Sora stopping him in his tracks. Sonic is finally able to get up then rushes over to his frightened brother. He helps Nico to his feet, but Sonic can clearly see is brother visibly shaken. The young heroine then states, "Your majesty, I will not let this happen. Sonic and Nico belonged to me; their hearts are mine and mine alone. Also, my heart belongs to them, so I won't let you break the bond that makes them who they are!"

"Oh you won't allow, so what do you propose I do? Their limiters are overloading, and I have to the correct the imbalance. The only way to do that is to break the bond between Sonic and Nico; Nico is somewhat the more powerful of the two. If I break the bond and seal him away, Sonic's limiter will go back to normal, and they both will be safe," Sora explains.

"But Nico will be sealed away, and he belongs to me. I have another way to protect them," she says. She turns around and looks at the brothers holding each other up. She walks over to them with arms open; then she embraces the two wary warriors. "I have a way that will fix your limiters and protect both of you, but there is a price that you and I will pay." Before the brothers can say anything, she moves her hands over the charms of their limiters then forces energy into it. The limiters begin to transform slightly; Sonic's sky blue crystal charm forms a small crimson red eye surrounded by a blood red rose in the center. The center cobalt blue orb turns pink to match the pink hedgehog's fur color. On Nico's limiter, the eyes of the wolf head charm turns from green to crimson red with a hot pink streak going across his black choker. Once the heroin completes her power transfer, she collapses into their arms.

"No! Please you can't! Open your eyes! Open your eyes!" Sonic screams holding on to the pink coated hedgehog.

"What the fuck! You can't leave us! Please don't go! We need you!" Nico yells as tears fall from his eyes.

She looks up at her future mates and the hood covering her face falls down revealing her pink quills. Her crimson red eyes change to an emerald green color that matches Sonic and Nico's eyes. "I'm sorry, but I am doing this to protect you. Know this there will be a price that you must pay for me doing this. You will not know true peace or rest until you find and become one with me once again. However, I will not remember you when you find me. Your heart will yearn and your spirits will cry out until you are beside me once more. I will see you again. Until then, know I love you, Sonic, Nico," she states before her color fades leaving only a crystal shell; then the crystal shatters into billions of small triangle pieces that fly into the air of the dreamscape.

They fall to their knees shaking their hands with tears falling from their eyes. They look as if their spirit is broken while trying to hold on to the broken fragments of the pink hedgehog. They turn to look at Sora then say in unison, "Please bring her back. We're begging you; please dad bring her back."

"I'm sorry boys, but that's not possible. She used her power to strengthen your limiters." Sora explains. "If you want to save her, then you must do it with your own strength."

"Fine, then tell us what to do!" Sonic yells.

"Oh, now you ask for my help. Well, I'm not telling you anything." Sora turns around and begins to walk away. Sonic and Nico stand up with pure anger and hate painted on their face while growling at the hedgehog. Sora stops walking then turns around to face them and says, "Find the answer for yourself; besides don't you think that you have spent enough time here. Our people need your help. Defeat Robotnik and you will be one step closer to finding her."

"WAIT!" Sonic yells out as Sora turns around to walk away again, "Once we finish off Robotnik and save her, Nico and I…"

Nico jumps in finishing Sonic's sentence "are going to find you in the real world. Then, we are going to beat the living shit out of you."

Sora can only smile hearing his sons' plan. "Right on bro, we have a world to save. After all, we are the heroes of this show, so let's get going," Sonic states as they both go running off.

Sora lowers his black hood letting his long brown quills fall out. He smiles then softly says looking up at the starry night sky, "Rest easy young queen knowing my sons will reawaken you. For soon you will have your birth by sleep."

"We need to get him to the medical tent," someone says.

"We're wasting time waiting for him. Just get him off the battleground!" another voice states.

"Oh my head!" Sonic says sitting up, ~Nico are you ok? ~

He appears next to Sonic in spirit form, ~I'm fine Sonic! We don't have time to waste. ~

"Right!" Sonic states then looks at his sister, "Sonia how long was I asleep?"

"What! Sonic what are you talking about?" She looks closely at his limiter and notices that crimson red eye with the blood red rose in the center of the sky blue crystal, "And what happened to your limiter? Look everyone the crystal it's transformed somehow." Everyone looks at Sonic's sky blue crystal limiter charm.

"What happened to your limiter Sonic? Did the same happen to Nico?" Silver questions giving his younger brother an odd mysterious look.

Sonic shakes his head getting to his feet looking at everyone; he exhales and looks towards Robotnik's headquarters, "We don't have time for this! We have to put an end to Robotnik right here right now! We will make him pay for what he did to her!" He steps forward from the encirclement of his siblings and does a couple quick stretches before turning back towards the others then says with the tone of both Sonic and Nico, "NOW SONIC UNDERGROUND LETS GO!" He smirks then dashes off towards the base with his siblings following right behind him.

(A/N for this battle segment I suggest play in the background 'For Truth Story' from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle)

Sonic takes the lead running at full speed with Shadow close behind. Silver and Manic take to the air following closely behind the speedy hedgehog brothers. Silver aids his sister's by cloaking them in a psychic aura allowing the girls to fly right behind them. They charge Robotnik's headquarters at full speed while explosions ring out around them trying to bar their way. One blast explodes right in front of everyone slowing down Sonic and Shadow for a microsecond. Sonic gets an angry expression on his face; then he commands, "PICK UP THE PACE EVERYONE! WE ARE GOING TO PUNCH RIGHT THROUGH!" Everyone nods and speeds up blazing down the main street towards Robotnik's headquarters.

Robotnik anxiously watches the hedgehogs on his main screen. He squeezes the armrests on his chair creating a small robotic sound as he watches the enemy begin to advance on all fronts. He turns to one of the robot in his command center and yells out, "WHERE THE HELL ARE MY BOUNTY HUNTERS!"

"Sir, reports indicate that they are helping the freedom fighters. They have destroyed three of our facilities and are advancing into the city. In addition, our forces have been destroyed at several key locations; our emergency power will be exhausted in 35 minutes. Doctor, the freedom fighters have gained control of nearly 79% of the city, and reports from around the planet show that multiple riots have begun. Our forces are being overwhelmed. Since you consolidated nearly 88% of our forces here in the city, the freedom fighters' initial attack wiped out nearly 60% of our embedded forces. Add to that, the rogue virus has caused emergency reinforcements to be rendered inoperable. Sir, it is recommended that the best course of action would be immediate evacuation." The robot reports.

Robotnik takes out his gun and shoots the robot's head off. Its remaining body falls to the ground; then he says with his eyes glowing red, "I didn't ask for an analysis. I will not abandon this planet, and I don't give a damn about my losses. I want you to redouble our forces. Call up any and all robots that is needed to take back my city!" He watches the screen as Sonic and his siblings get closer, "I want those blasted hedgehogs destroyed! Release my personal guards!"

Another robot comes to replace the last one in replies, "As you wish Sir. Attention all guards. Report to the main gate and destroy all intruders. This is a priority one hedgehog attack."

As Sonic and his siblings approach their target point, hundreds of thousands of SWAT bots come flying out of the red egg shaped tower then position themselves in the pathway of the hedgehogs. At the same time, the remaining aerial robots land on some of the surrounding buildings above. Sonic looks around then Nico appears right next to him, ~Looks like they're pulling out their final hand. Old fat ass is on his last leg. Time to put the final nail in his coffin! ~ Nico smirks looking at Sonic.

Sonic and Shadow slow down enough to allow Silver and Manic to get ahead. The enemy machines open fire sending lasers in every direction towards the young hedgehogs. They dodge or deflect the incoming shots; Sonic and Shadow summon their instruments then blast several robots from the sky, along the roof tops, and the side streets. The black hedgehog states, "They're just trying to slow us down. Robotnik is trying to buy some time to get reinforcements."

Sonic fires off several blue shots from his guitar easily hitting the target. Instantaneously, the machines explode into flaming parts. "You're right Shadow; we have to put a stop to this now or run the risk of getting bogged down! Silver! Manic! GET RID OF THESE GUYS NOW!" Sonic orders.

The two brothers nod before flying ahead. They form up together to attack the metallic warriors' front line. They split the charging line of robots into two. The machines' only backup posted in the surrounding buildings are rendered completely useless. Silver and his violin appear with elegant, grace, and wonderment in front of the attacking line. He calls out 'Psychic Rhapsody' making a lime-green light outline aura coat the SWAT bots and freezes them in place. The robots struggle to escape the order shield is futile; then they began to float up into the air up to the level with the telekinetic hedgehog. He smiles as the violin's tempo speeds up sending out waves of lime-green energy at the helpless machines in all directions. The captured machines explode in a bright series of blasts. Manic directs his board into a barrel roll then dives towards the other half of the SWAT bots; he holds his hands apart while chanting the words for his spell. A small sphere of red-orange fire begins to form. At the critical moment, he calls out 'Nova Force' holding the sphere over his head allowing it to grow 1000 times bigger; then he thrusts it at the enemy. The giant fireball engulfs the robots in the air then comes crashing down on the machines on the roof exploding into a mushroom cloud wiping out the remainder of the metallic soldiers.

"Good job! Now keep moving!" Sonic orders speeding up.

"Come in Sonic," Cortana calls over his com-link.

"What's up we're a little busy here," Sonic replies firing another shot from his guitar.

"Well, take a break and listen; Robotnik is up to something. He is transferring a lot of power to something called Project MEGA," she reports.

Sonic dodges five more lasers shots and takes cover in an alley way, "What can you tell us about this Project MEGA?"

"I don't know! The POS is sending out viral blockers and setting up new firewalls left and right!" She states with a malice tone.

"Come on Cortana, you can't give up! I thought you were more intelligent than that!" Sonic states ducking another laser shot aimed at his head.

"Look smart ass! If you think you can bust through multiple levels of encryption codes and firewalls, be my guest! Until then shut you fucking mouth, and let me do my damn job!" She yells over the COM link.

Sonic springs up while giving cover fire for Shadow as he moves toward the blue hedgehog. "Sonic, what are you doing? If you're going to have to piss wait till later, we need to keep moving!" Shadow exclaims while firing off a few more of his own lasers. He easily brings down several more metal soldiers rushing out of the surrounding buildings.

"Ha ha, very funny Shadow you should be a comedian; after all you're nothing but a walking joke," Sonic fires back with a smirk shooting two more lasers at another squad of SWAT bots. Shadow flicks off Sonic giving a smirk of his own. "On the real, Cortana discovered that the mustache oil head is diverting large sums of power to something called Project MEGA. To make matters worse, she can't find out what the hell the thing is," Sonic reports.

"Hold on to your quills sports fans, I got even more joyful news to give you! Looks like egg belly has just activated the damn thing and is heading your way!" Cortana yells out.

"SONIA! SILVER! MANIC! MIDNA! GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE NOW! SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN!" Sonic yells to his siblings as the ground begins to shake violently. The other hedgehogs dive down. Just in time as several giant walls erect a 250 meter high dome around Robotnik's headquarters.

"Damn that asshole!" Silver states pounding his fist into his hand.

"Cortana, give us the 411 on this dome!" Sonic says into his COM link.

"Looks like old thunder thighs is prepared for almost anything. The dome is 250 m high and about 50 m away from Robotnik's headquarters. Plus according to my analysis, that wall is made up of pure moboanium the hardest metal on the planet," Cortana replies as the hedgehogs walk up to the wall and closely examine the green colored metal.

Sonia and Midna begin laughing after hearing Cortana's analysis. The brothers look at their laughing sisters with a confuse look. "Hey sibs mind letting us in on the joke," Manic states.

"Cortana, you said the wall is made up of moboanium?" Sonia smirks knocking the back of her hand on the wall making a *tink* tink* sound on the metal. Cortana confirms her statement. "Shit this is going to be fun!"

"I don't have time for this! Chaos…" Shadow starts off

Midna stops him by putting a hand on his shoulder, "Don't waste your energy; we can't teleport through that metal. We are going to have to do this the old fashion way. You boys better stand back or you might get hurt!" Midna smirks cracking her knuckles. "Sonia you ready?"

"Hell yeah!" she replies smirking cracking her knuckles as well.

Shadow and boys stand back watching their sisters take a fighting stance. The boys see Sonia and Midna's aura colors surrounding their fists then the brown hedgehog princess orders, "Ok, Sonia give it all you got and then some!"

"Same goes for you Midna," Sonia replies. Midna nods and Sonia positions herself on the left while Midna stands ready on the right, "On my mark sis," Sonia commands. Midna gives the thumbs up staying focus on the right side of the shell. "Alright! Ready! Set! Bring the fucker down!" she yells as they charge full speed at the dome.

The girls force all the energy into their right fist; then come to a sliding stop at the dome while yelling in unison, "SAKURA TSUYO!" Their fists hit the dome sending a powerful ring throughout the protective dome. A series of cracks starts racing through the metal. Seconds later, pieces come collapsing down on as the shell breaks apart.

Robotnik's holo-image reappears over his headquarters, "Damn you hedgehogs you force me to use my ultimate weapon. Project MEGA activate!" The ground begins to again shake as if a 2.0 earthquake just started on his command. Robotnik laughs as a 75 m wide sinkhole appears on to the right of his headquarters; the hole grows deeper and deeper until the tip of a massive robot erupts from the sinkhole sending debris flying in all directions along with a powerful air shockwave ripping through the city. The royal hedgehogs are knocked off their feet while weak buildings come falling down on itself. The colossal rust colored robot stands 100 m high and 50 m wide. It sports two giant black arms with a gold sun symbols with two huge red circles below the symbol. At the bottom of its arms, three large rocket engine exhaust vents spits out waves of fire. At the center of its chest, a golden dome with rotating lights stands out as the only unique color. On each side, a giant black disk sits on top of its body. MEGA's stomach area is divided into four sections with white lines dividing each area. The waist of the giant machine looks like the base of the pyramid turned diagonally with the rear parts extending a tad bit longer getting it a mechanical tail. The legs of the mechanized monster start off as small cylinders. At the knee caps, the cylinder shaped legs double in size up to the top of the giant jester styled shoes. On the back of the super mech, it has what looks like two giant black beetles. The robot's purple eyes light up and flash brightly when Robotnik orders out, "Now, MEGA destroyed the hedgehogs!"

The robot says with a booming mechanical voice, "Yes Dr. Robotnik, as you command!" The two beetles on its back pop out with a solid rigid black cable connected to bottom of the beetle. Everyone watches as the black machine rises above MEGA's head. The front part of the beetle has three white lines running vertically on it. It points to where the hedgehogs landed; then fires two green laser beams towards the area. The area erupts into a green fire leveling everything in the blast range.

The Royal hedgehogs reappear in the center of the street looking up at the colossal giant machine. "Damn that was a close one!" Silver states then he looks at his siblings, "I hope someone has a plan B because Robotnik just played a game changer!"

Then Robotnik's holographic image smiles looking towards the outskirts of the city, "Forget the hedgehogs, power up the main laser cannons, and target their command center and medical center. Destroy them all!" Robotnik orders. The black beetles retract back into MEGA's back; then the sides of machine split apart revealing two massive laser blasters on each side. Energy starts to gather within the nozzle of the lasers causing the air around the machine to swirl and heat up while warping the space around the tips. The red laser energy starts to form into two orbs then quickly reaches it critical mass. "NOW MEGA! FIRE OMEGA LASER!" The two massive red laser energy orbs fires from guns tearing through the sky warping everything around it.

The hedgehogs watch in horror as the beams collide with its target and explodes with a massive blast forming a giant mushroom cloud ten thousand times bigger than Manic's Nova attack. "NOOOOO! CORTANA! CORTANA! COME IN! CORTANA! ANYONE! PLEASE RESPONSE! NOOOOO!" Sonic screams into his comlink with tears draining down his face.

"Hey everyone Sonic here!" he smiles. "I hope you're enjoying the show, so do you hear that rumble…"

"Sonic, who are you talking to?" Nico questions.

"Why our viewers of course," he starts. "If you're feeling hungry and you need a bite to eat. Sink your teeth into a giant Moboian Chilidog. They are way past cool!" Giving a thumbs up.


"Hey, these aren't your just so plain old chilidogs. They're Moboian Chilidogs! That's right…"


"Sorry about that everyone, my brother is an idiot. Now back to the show!" Nico smirks.

They all watch in horror as the area with the command and medical center are engulf in flames. Sonia starts running back yelling, "Come on we have to help them! We have to find the survivors!"

"Sonia! Watch out!" Midna yells as another green laser beam heads her way. She uses Chaos Control to avoid the attack just before it makes contact with the ground and unleashes another giant explosion.

"Damn that thing! It's got a solid lock on us!" Shadow shouts.

~We have to do something! Nico, do you have any bright ideas?! ~ Sonic thinks looking at his spirit brother, but Sonic sees an 'ah stuck' expression on Nico's face. ~Nico are you ok? Come on bro say something! ~

Nico's mouth is wide open and his eyes trembling at the sight of the mech's destructive power, This can't be possible! There's no way I can stop that power! What can I do?!

~Damn it! He's scared shitless! ~ Sonic turns to look at Shadow and says, "Shadow, we…" He stops when sees Shadow's hands shaking nervously; then Sonic hears Robotnik laughing seeing him and his siblings visibly shaken.

"Now MEGA! Wipe out those worthless hedgehogs! Ready the OMEGA Laser and…. What! That's impossible!" Robotnik shouts looking towards the outskirts. Everyone looks, and as the dust clears a shining purple shield surrounds the area leaving it completely intact.

A wave of relief washes over the embattled hedgehogs; then a calming voice fills the air, "I will not allow you to bring harm to my people!"

"I know that voice," Sonia smiles shaking off her fears.

"She made it! I know she wouldn't abandoned us," Midna states while tearing up.

"Looks like it's our move now," Silver proclaims feeling his second wind kicking in.

"Now, we can show her what we have learned," Manic smirks tightening his fist as the *HC* glows brightly through his glove.

"Thank goodness, it's about time she got here," Shadow mutters out gripping his shaking hands regaining control of his fear.

Now, let's show her what we can really do, Nico states with great confidence in his voice.

"All right our game changer is on the field! Now, Sonic Underground let's do it to it!" Sonic exclaims looking back at the robot.

The officers from the command center make a pathway for Queen Aleena as she heads over to Cortana and gives her the kind smile, "Would you be so kind as to put me on the holo-matrix."

Cortana bows and states, "I'm sorry your majesty, I have lost control of the holo-imaging system."

Aleena smiles waving her hand for Cortana to stand back upright, "It's not a problem, I'll just make one of my own." She holds her hand up and the *HC*symbol starts to glow. A moment later, a giant image of Aleena appears in the sky. Her long flowing purple quill hair is braided down in the back into one long strand while the rest of the hair on the top of her head lies lose with her golden crown place securely on top of her head. She wears golden armored shoulder pads with the Hedgehog Crest engraved onto each side of the lower section. Her arms are covered with arm length gloves with the same symbol woven into the top of the brown band area, but allowing her fingers to be left free and open. Her chest is covered with a black single button armored sports bra. She proudly displays her pierced navel and her chiseled abs stomach. Her waist is covered with a mini white skirt with a long-running train in the back and knee high white heeled boots. She sports a giant smile on her face, "This battle will end today with your fall, Robotnik. Now my children unite and bring him down!"

"Right," Sonic smirks activating his comlink, "Attention all forces, listen up, the situation has turn extreme…" he pauses when he sees MEGA fire another green laser toward the eastern part of the city destroying the water cooling plant. "Ah fuck! Come in east team! Respond damn it! MOTHERFUCKER! ALL FORCES PROCEED WITH OPERATION BROKEN ARROW; THEN GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CITY!" Sonic orders looking at the giant killing machine; he eyes flash crimson red, and his fangs grow slightly for a second as he says in a soft angry growl, "We are going to tear that fucking thing apart piece by piece."

"Your highnesses!" Kenna calls out as she jumps out of Kell's arms with her brother quickly landing behind her. "What the hell is that thing?"

Kell states with bugged out eyes, "Unreal that thing just wiped out the eastern battalion with one shot!"

"What are you doing here?! You should be leading the troop evacuation!" Sonic states.

Kenna holds out the trigger remote Mizu gave her, and then she shows it to Sonic, "Uncle Mizu is coordinating the evacuation. He told us to get here and help you, and he said this will…"

She is interrupted when they see the OMEGA laser powering up again. "Shit! Shadow follow my lead! QUICK!" Sonic shouts summoning his guitar as the black hedgehog follows suit. "NOW, SHADOW!"

"BLUE BLACK ATOMIC BLASTER!" they yell in unison. The entangle beam rips through the air and collides with one of the massive red beams and marginally knocks it off course and sends it flying off into the distance while the other hits directly on Aleena's shield.

"Son of a bitch! How is mom able to withstand that amount of power? It nearly took everything we had to just throw it off course by an inch," Sonic states kneeing over trying to recover his breath. He turns to look at Kenna and her brothers, "What is that thing?"

"This should help Sonic. Uncle Mizu gave it to me and said that he was the final act of the Shadow Core," Kenna states pointing the trigger remote at MEGA. She pulls the trigger and a red target laser shoots out painting the death machine. The trigger says in a mechanic voice, "Target confirmed firing missiles 1 thru 10; contact in 45 seconds." They look up to see ten missiles rocketing towards MEGA. Seconds later, the missiles make contact and explodes. As the dust clears, MEGA sports ten black blast marks. Kenna targets the machine again and fires another ten missiles. The missiles hit the robot, but when the dust clears MEGA is unaffected. The machine is surrounded by a white energy dome.

"Sonic! Sonic! Come in!" Cortana calls out over his comlink. Sonic acknowledges Cortana's call. "I got more info on that walking disaster maker. It has shields…"

"We know that already, tell us something new," Shadow interrupts.

"Well, no shit Sherlock!" Cortana retorts.

"Keep digging Watson!" Shadow fires back.

"Listen smartass! MEGA's shield prevents him from firing that OMEGA Laser, but he still can fire his Fau Laser," Cortana explains.

"Ok, here's the game plan! Kell and Kana get up there and do what you can to distract that thing. Silver and Sonia, go after the left turret. Manic and Midna, the attack the right one. Shadow, Kenna, and I will keep attacking directly. If we can bring it down, then we can attack it with our combine strength!" Sonic orders; everyone nods in response, "Alright move out!"

They run from their hiding spot and charge towards the mech. Kell and Kana take to the skies unleashing fire and wind attacks at the machine, but it has little effect on the robot's shield. MEGA responses by firing its eye beams at the nibble flyers. They look down seeing Sonic, Shadow, and Kenna in position while the Midna, Silver, Sonia, and Manic sneak round to their staging points. "Kell! We have to distract it more! We have to use that attack!" Kana explains.

"Ok, but watch where your flames are going!" Kell replies.

Kana transforms into his huge red dragon form, and Kell transforms into his equally half size dire bald eagle form. They yell out in unison, "DRAGON TEMPEST!" Two giant orbs of wind form on Kell's wings; then he fires it at MEGA creating a wind column. Kana inhales then spits out a column of fire. The two columns combine together engulfing MEGA in a spiral of super-heated fire. The flames emitted waves of extreme heat in all directions causing metal and stone near the spiral to melt.

"They're putting out some powerful heat and flames! They might provide a worthy fight after all," Shadow smirks watching Kenna's brothers.

"Shadow get ready! Kenna focus your electrical power on its shields. If we're lucky you can overload it while Shadow, Kell, Kana, and I continue distracting MEGA, so don't hold anything back," Sonic orders as the speedy hedgehogs get ready to run. Kenna transforms into her white dire wolf form, and she runs towards MEGA.


"I know Shadow, about your upcoming battle with the royal guards, but it will have to wait. We don't have time to waste on petty grievances. You can settle the score later," Sonic replies.

Shadow shakes his head, "That not what I'm talking about. Sonic just make sure they survive. I don't want to win the match just because they got killed," Shadow smirks speeding off.

Nico appears next to Sonic, He's got a one track mind, but I can tell he cares,

Sonic smirks running behind his battle driven brother, "You may be right, but he will never admit it!" They laugh rushing at full speed towards the machine.

Kenna jumps on up on the roof of a five story building surveying area. Electricity courses through her body making her fur stand on end. Then she shouts out, "Lightening Strike!" The bolts shot out her body and hits MEGA's shield; soon it wraps around the spiral of fire that is still engulfing the giant robot. Sonic and Shadow speed around the robot firing their guitar lasers into MEGA's shield.

"You fools! Your attacks mean nothing to MEGA!" Robotnik laughs, "MEGA show these fools your power! Fire the Fau Lasers!" MEGA acknowledges Robotnik's orders, dispatching the beetle like shape lasers from its back. The two turrets come through the shield then opens fire on the attackers.

"Sweet, they did it! Time to take out those lasers!" Silver smiles flying up with Sonia in tow. "You ready Sonia?"

"Just get me up there, and I'll show how ready I am," Sonia replies with a smirk while cracking her knuckles.

"Yo sis, it's time to go and crush that oversize flashlight!" Manic smiles riding his board around Midna.

She hops on the board and laughs taking a heroic pose, "Let's go and fuck that thing up!" Manic laughs and flies toward the embattled robot.

The fire well dies down, and MEGA fires its eyes lasers at Kana and Kell. They try to dodge, but the robot adds more pressure by firing another volley hitting the protective brothers. They roar in pain as the laser's energy courses through their vain. The sensory overloading power attack causes them to go into a deadly nose dive towards the ground; they slam hard into the ground sending up to pillars of dust. Their giant lifeless bodies lay in the crater grave. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kenna screams in terror seeing her brothers' deadly crash. Her eyes tears up while her face turns from sour to hateful as she growls focusing all her power causing more lightning to build up around her, and she roars out "I WILL AVENGE MY BROTHERS! KNOW MY WRATH AND FEAR MY POWER! WOLF'S LIGHTNING RAIN!" Clouds gather around Kenna then the lightning strikes the white dire wolf over and over. A couple of minutes, she opens her mouth creating a growing sphere of bright burning white light. She anchors her feet into the ground and thrusts forward making the sphere shot out thick bolts of lightning at MEGA's shield. The beam rips into the shield, but it holds strong against her efforts. MEGA turns and looks at the vengeful dire wolf then charges up its eye lasers.

"KENNA WATCH OUT!" Sonic yells, but it's too late just as the enraged dire wolf looks up at the lasers shot and explode the ground around her. She screams as the blast engulfs the building; then sends her backwards through the air into a nine story building causing it to collapse on her. She pushes herself out the rubble trying to do another attack, but she falls down passing out. "Shit this is not going the way I plan. Shadow, we have to increase our attacks!"

Midna and Manic land on the right laser turret while successfully not being spotted. They look the left turret, and see Sonia and Silver landing. "Good they made it. Now time to get to work in this thing!" Midna says rubbing the surface of the turret. "More moboanium, I bet this whole damn thing is build out of the shit!" She cracks her knuckles while smirking at her target spot; then she turns to her brother ordering, "Manic, get your Nova Force ready. The moment I tear this thing a new; we are going to have one piss off metal head off!" Manic nods and starts reciting the enchantment. She looks back down grinning even more, "Now don't worry MEGA, this won't hurt me one bit. Sakura Tsuyo!" Midna slams her fist into the metal skin piercing through it. She pulls her fist out; afterwards, she grips the sides of the hole pulling it apart with great ease. Manic holds the small yet growing fire ball in front of him while watching his sister. After the super strong female hedgehog finishes pulling away the metal skin to make the hole wider, she steps back letting Manic place the mini-star into the turret.

Manic stands back up while watching the glowing red-orange sphere slowly eating and melting the inner mechanical guts. "Time to make like a banana and split. This thing is going to blow at any second, and it's gonna be big," Manic explains as he readies his air board.

Meanwhile on the other turret, Silver spots the other siblings working then states as he turns to the look at his sister, "Sonia, the spot light is on you."

Sonia copies Midna while commenting, "For calling himself a genius, Robotnik lacks any type of imagination." Sonia stands back up then looks at her brother, "Just leave this to me, but once this thing goes please make sure not to wrinkle my outfit." A sweat drop appears on Silver's head, but he nods in confirmation. "Right here we go!" Sonia shouts jumping high into air while gathering power in her left hand. Her fist starts to glow light violet. She pushes herself into a power dive. "Fire Reaver!" she shouts smashing her fist deeper into the metallic guts. Suddenly, a blast of fire explodes out the underside of the turret. "That was too easy," Sonia smirks as a chain of explosions starts inside the laser turret tearing through the sides. It begins to fall down and she looks up at her hovering older brother giving a thumbs up; he wraps her in the lime-green aura allowing her to float in the air with him.

Silver and Sonia look down at the falling turret then another blast erupts from the other Fau laser turret. They turn in time to watch a red-orange sphere grow to the size of the laser turret then explodes with strong shockwave ripping through the air. "Looks like Manic and Midna completed their job, now…" Silver stops hearing Sonic.

"GET DOWN HERE QUICK ROBOTNIK IS PLANNING SOMETHING!" he shouts out loudly. "Shadow hurry and get Kenna, Kell, and Kana!" Shadow hesitates for a minute, then Sonic yells with Nico's growl-like tone, "Dumbass if you don't get them now they'll die, and you'll never get your chance to find out who is the best!" Shadow turns up his nose then disappears using Chaos Control.

Nico appears in the spirit from looking up at MEGA as it turrets fall from its back, Sonic switch out with me! If what Cortana said is true then this is a job for me!

Sonic nods then says, "Werehog transformation!" His body transforms into his brother's bulker werehog form. Nico opens his eyes just as Silver and the others land in front of the seven foot werehog. He looks down at his shorter siblings with a fanged grim, "Good job! Now stand behind me! Unless you want to be spattered everywhere!"

Shadow reappears holding the unconscious royal guards in their normal forms, then throws them to the ground making Kenna moan in pain as she slightly regains consciousness. She sits up holding her head, "What happened? Last thing I remember is…"

"You were getting your ass handed to you because you let your guard down! You do that doing our match, I will make sure you pay for it dearly," Shadow states coldly.

Kenna shakes her head looking at her brothers, then at the black hedgehog preparing to reply to his comment, but Robotnik commands, "MEGA initiate ANNIHILATION!" The giant confirms the command, and all the solid plating over its body retracts up revealing over 1300 missiles tubes and laser turrets.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Manic states.

"GET BEHIND ME AND HIT THE DECK!" Nico shouts spreading out his arms to the side. "WEREHOG SHIELD!" he exclaims as a light blue aura sphere shield surrounds everyone.

MEGA extends its arms to the side and Robotnik calls out, "Get load of this! MEGA ANNIHILATION!" Missiles and laser shots rain out of the robot in every directions lighting up every part of the city with a series of massive explosions.

One of the command center robots states, "Doctor, MEGA's ammunition cells are down to 40% and our shields are down to 80%. MEGA's attack has destroyed over 70% of the city. It is recommended, you save the rest of its ammunition to…"

"NO! Increase the fire rate and continue the annihilation. Destroy it all!" Robotnik commands giving a slight smile seeing the massive amount of destruction raining over the remainder of the destroyed city.

"But doctor…" the robot rebuts.

Robotnik pulls his gun then aims at the robot, "Continue annihilation or I will annihilate you!"

"Understood doctor, increasing the fire rate," the robot replies.

"Yes, destroy it all! Leave nothing standing, I will rebuild everything with my hands, using my strength of will, in my image!" Robotnik smiles watching the monitor as the massive series of explosions rip through the city leveling all the buildings, streets, and any structure hit by the missiles or lasers. The barrage last for another five minutes; dust and debris fill the air without pause. He sports a look of satisfaction and happiness seeing the destroyed remains to the city. "Muh…muh…muh…haaa…haaa…haa!" he laughs at the top of his lungs seeing the sight on the screen. "I win! I win! I destroyed the hedge…."

"Doctor, I am reading life signs in the rubble," one of the command robots call out.

His eyes bug out and sweeping over the monitor. He spots a blueish sphere, and smashes his fist into the armrest breaking it while cursing, "THIS CAN'T BE FUCKING HAPPENING! TARGET THE OMEGA LASER ON THEM! FINISH THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

"Doctor, this will require lowering the shields. MEGA has taken massive damage… *BANG*" the robot head explodes from a gunshot.

Robotnik holds the gun still aimed at his target. "I SAID POWER UP THE OMEGA LASER NOW! KILL THOSE FUCKING HEDGEHOGS!"

"Understood, power up will take seven minutes," another command bot states.

Nico lowers his shield looking back at everyone. "Shadow did you shit your pants?! Because you smell pretty shitty!" the werehog smiles.

"Fuck off werehog!" Shadow replies. He smirks continuing, "Remember bro payback is a motherfucker!"

"Hey save your shit talk for later!" Cortana calls out over the comlink. "MEGA is about to fire that OMEGA laser again, and he has been ordered to aim right at you. So to make a long story short, you have less than seven minutes to stop it. You better think of something quick, or we are all dead."

Nico rubs is his chin looking up at the colossal robot, Sonic appears in spirit form, What are you thinking Nico?

He snaps his claws as an idea pops into his head. "Manic can you drum up a rock ramp for Sonic and I to use?"

"Uh? Well that shouldn't be any trouble, but why?" Manic questions with a confused expression looking at his werehog brother.

"Good. Now listen closely," he turns around and puts his arm around his brother. "I want you to make it tall enough, so we can rocket our way toward that multicolor dome. You get where I'm going with this?"

Manic looks at Nico's target then it clicks, "Ok, I got you bro!"

Nico looks at everyone else and sees Kenna working her way to her feet, "In the meantime, the rest of you run interference for Manic and us!" They nod and start running towards MEGA. Nico grabs Kenna's arm as she starts to limp towards the battleground, "It is better that you stay here guard and your brothers along with Manic. We don't want to see you get hurt anymore, ok?"

She begins to blush, but she shakes her head refocusing her thoughts. She smiles giving a half-hearted salute while saying, "Yes my prince, no enemy will reach them."

"Good. Alright Sonic lets go, Chaos Control!" he calls out and disappears.

Nico reappears at the edge of the destroyed city, ~Right, here's the plan, you run towards Manic's ramp at full speed and launch us at the thing, and then I'll handle the rest, ~ Nico states, "Hedgehog Transformation!"

Nico transforms back into Sonic's 4'9" tall tone body; he stares down the path with a questioning look, ~Nico, what do you plan on doing? ~

~Look, we don't have time to play twenty questions, just do what you do best Sonic. Run fast, and I'll kick ass! NOW GET GOING! ~

"Fine! I hope you know what you're doing! UP, OVER, AND GONE!" Sonic calls out blasting off at full speed ripping through the city leaving a dust trail behind him.

"Sonic, pick up the pace the laser is at 70% recharge," Cortana states making Sonic activate his blue field in front. Allowing him to go even faster, the world around him starts to look like a blur. MEGA fires lasers at Midna and her siblings in an effort to protect itself from their punches other attacks.

Manic sees Sonic rushing in he gives the thumbs up as he rockets by creating a Sonic boom in his wake, "HERE WE GO AFTERBURNERS!" Sonic shouts speeding up the ramp in a blue blur. He launches himself off the ramp mimicking a blue rocket. "Werehog Transformation!"

Nico takes Sonic's place and shouts out, "GET TASTE OF MY NEW ATTACK! WEREHOG DRILL!" His shield appears around him. Next, he starts to twist with his powerful claws in front warping his sphere shape shield into a cone with air strips wrapping around the cone.

"HERE IT COMES!" Cortana shouts.

"MEGA FIRE THE OMEGA LASER!" Robotnik shouts.

Just as the lasers get ready to fire, Nico rips into the gold dome, rockets through the inner parts of the machine, and finally bursts out of its back. He breaks out of the spinning attack floating in the air; he turns himself around feeling the wind flow past his quills, "Now to finish this! MOONLIGHT CANNON!" He fires the white hot energy blast out of his mouth hitting on the energy conduits. The right OMEGA Lasers explodes in deadly blast taking half the robot with it. The remaining part falls to the ground in a thunderous boom violently shaking the earth. "HELL YEAH!" Nico shouts changing back into Sonic falling to down to Earth. Luckily, he is caught by Silver in his lime-green flying aura.

"Way to go Nico!" Silver exclaims giving a thumbs up. Shouts and cheers fill the air as they see the massive robot come crashing down.

"The show isn't over yet! We have one song to do," Sonic states just as they land near the others.

"Yeah lets…" Sonia is cut off as the sounds of rocket engine igniting rumbles through the air.

They turn around to see Robotnik's headquarter taking off into the sky. "Motherfucker! He trying to get away. I'll make him regret that! Now witnesses the ultimate power of Chaos…" Shadow starts.

"No Shadow! It won't work! Knowing fat ass, I'm willing to bet that his headquarters are made of moboanium!" Midna growls out squeezing her fist.

"Damn it, we just can't let him get away!" Silver shouts.

"We can fly after him," Manic suggests.

"You guys can't fly fast enough! Damn it, we need to do something!" Sonia yells.

"WE WON'T GIVE UP!" Sonic and Nico shout in unison.

Suddenly soft piano music starts to fill the air. The Royal Hedgehog children turn around to see their mother with a microphone in hand. "My children listen to my words and know your true power!"


Have you ever reached a rainbow's end?
And did you find your pot of gold?
Ever catch a shooting star
And tell me how high did you soar?

A strange energy starts to weld up inside the hedgehogs. "What's this power?! I fill something building up inside me," Sonia states holding her hands out as a powerful glow surrounds her body along with her brothers and sister.

"This power is amazing!" Silver comments.

Suddenly, everyone covers their eyes as the energy from Sonic is so blinding that they think they are seeing two energy fields. Something starts to take shape, and Sonic looks at other energy field as a familiar werehog stands beside him, "You ready for this?"

"Hell Yeah!" Nico smirks.


Ever felt like you were dreaming
Just to find that you're awake
And the magic that surrounds you
Can lift you up and guide you on your way

Sonic looks at everyone "Alright Sonic Underground! We are the children of Queen Aleena Hedgehog! Protectors of Mobius, we are going to bring that fat ass motherfucker back here die or alive!"

They all hold their fist up in the air, and they start to float off the ground. With a mighty united shout, a massive wave of power is unleashed causing their fur and eye colors to change. Sonic and Nico's fur transforms in into golden color with bright crimson red eyes. Shadow becomes a bright platinum color with bright red-orange eyes. Sonia's hair stands up as her fur turns silver-grey with bright violet color eyes. Midna's brown fur turns ice white with bright silver eyes. Manic's green quills transforms into a radiant orange color with a golden eye color. Lastly, Silver's quills are transform into a bright silver and dull gold color.

They all look at each other nodding then look up at the fleeing Robotnik. "LETS GO!" they yell in unison taking off at super speed.


I can see it in the stars across the sky
Dreamt a hundred thousand dreams before now I finally realize
You see I've waited all my life for this moment to arrive
And finally I believe

~Damn those meddling hedgehogs, I must come up with a counter attack, ~ Robotnik thinks sitting in his command chair.

"Doctor, the radar is picking up seven incoming high speed projectiles!" the robot reports.

"WHAT!" he screams looking at the monitor to see Aleena's children racing toward him. "DAMN THOSE HEDGEHOGS! SHIELDS UP! OPEN FIRE!"


When you look out in the distance
You see it never was that far, oh no
Heaven knows your existence
And wants you to be everything you are

Missiles come spraying out from Robotnik's base in all directions; the royal children fly off in multiple directions with the missiles hot on their tail. They pull a series of aerobatic maneuvers with the missiles in tow. Then they go into a collision course with each other; they pull up at the last second and the missiles slam into each other exploding on contact.

They regroup and fire off energy blasts at the base, but the attacks are deflected by its shields. Then the base increase its acceleration pulling away from the pursuing hedgehogs. "He's getting away!" Sonic calls out.

"Fuck that shit! Push it!" Nico commands taking off ahead of his siblings. They nod their heads and take off right behind him.


Oh there's a time for every soul to fly
It's in the eyes of every child
It's the heart that love and save the world
And, oh, we should never let it go

They keep firing energy blasts at the base, but the shields hold up against the attacks. "Damn it! This isn't working! And he's getting away!" Sonia states.

"My children combine your powers and use the power of life," Aleena's voice echoes through the air.

"Mom's right! Together!" Midna calls out rallying her brothers and sister into a circle with Sonic and Nico in the center.

(People of Mobius)

I can see it in the stars across the sky

(Aleena and People of Mobius)

Dreamt a hundred thousand dreams before

Now [we] finally realize

Silver gathers energy into his hand, "Only as one can we stop this mad man!"

Manic smirks following his older brother's moves, "I'm with you bro let's do it!"


You see, [we]'ve waited all [our] life for this moment to arrive
And finally, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I believe in the impossible

Sonia balls her fist, "Robotnik, you will pay for what you did to Lady Windumier! You're not going to get away, and my Fire Reaver will sure of that!" as fire begins wrap around her fist.

"Sis, I'm right with you! Robotnik will know the power of my Star Storm!" Midna states summoning her instrument and changes into her star sword.

(Aleena and People of Mobius)

If I reach deep within my heart, yeah

Shadow grins summoning a yellow spear in his hand, "Now, know my power!"


Overcome any obstacle
Won't let this dream just fall apart

You see I strive to be the very best

Nico and Sonic nod at each other and say in unison, "Sonic Underground! Time for the final encore!"


Shine my light for all to see
'Cause anything is possible
When you believe

"Fire Reaver!" Sonia shouts.

"Nova Force!" Manic yells.

"Star Strom!" Midna yells.

"Psychic Flash!" Silver calls out.

"Chaos Spear!" Shadow proclaims.

"Moonlight Cannon!" Nico growls.

"Starlight Blaster!" Sonic shouts.

Their attacks merge together to form a giant white orb, and they all shout in unison, "CLEANSING LIGHT!" A supersize beam of light shots out emitting radiant white light.

(Aleena and People of Mobius)

[We] can see it in the stars across the sky
Dreamt a hundred thousand dreams before Now [we] finally realize
You see, [we]'ve waited all my life for this moment to arrive
And finally [we] believe,


oh yeah, I believe, oh yeah

Love keeps liftin' [us] higher (People of Mobius)

I believe in love (Aleena)
Love keeps liftin' [us] higher(People of Mobius)

Higher, higher, higher (Aleena)

"Doctor, the master demands that you contact him at once, and…" the robot is interrupted by the collision alarms ringing.

"Now what!" Robotnik yells.

"Incoming laser beam according to readings it will break the shields upon impact."

"Engage the warp gate system!" he orders.

"Impact in 30 secs!"

"I hate them all! I will get my revenge on them and the master! I…."


A massive explosion fills the sky with an expanding disk of multiple color lights coming from the core. Waves of cheers and shouts come from the people as the heroes of Mobius give high fives to each other.

Love keeps liftin' [us] (People of Mobius)

Yeaah, yeah (Aleena)

Love keeps liftin' [us] higher(People of Mobius)

Love keeps lifting [us] higher (Aleena)

Sonic and his siblings land at the command center, and everyone except for Shadow and Nico run over to hug their long missing mother. She holds her arms with tears of joy flowing from her eyes as she hugs her children, "You have done it! We are free and together again!"

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Coming out: December 17, 2013

Episode 10: World Party

Chapter Text

Episode Nine:

World Party

Disclaimer: I still don't own Sonic Hedgehog or Cortana sad to say

A/N: Hope everyone enjoying the show, I wanted answer some questions about Sonic and his siblings. First, Sonic and his sibling can go into go into their super forms without the Chaos Emeralds, but they can't transform at will right now because they lack the training to do so. Second, they may seem a little over powered, but they do have their limits that they will find out very soon. Third, Sonic and Nico chokers and limiter charms are different. Sonic is a Sky Blue circle crystal with a crimson red eye in the center, and Nico is a wolf head with red eyes.

In this Episode there will be a lot of songs played, so I will post music artists names at end of the episode.

Ok enough of me blabbing on with the show and before I forget New Year.

In the east Moboian Mountains, the night sky is filled with clouds that light up one after another after each lightning strike. Tucked away on one of the lower base of a mountain lush two story mansion, the house is lite and front court yards is full of vehicles from different parts of the planet. Inside wealthy decorated mansion line with golden statues of the nobles, multiple yelling voices fill the halls of well lite manor. Voices echo from the giant conference room; the other voices stops when one of the nobles stands up in from the table and states in booming voice, "EVERYONE BE SILENT THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO ARGUMENT! WE MUST REMAIN CALM!"


A female noble then states, "He is right with Robotnik died and Scar-Lyon gone, Queen Aleena will hold us responsible for our past actions."

"We have deemed traitors and will undoubtedly be killed unless we find a card to play," another noble claims.

"This is true we must come up with a plan to either force the Queen to spare our lives or gain enough leverage to control the Queen and her brats," another female noble claims.

Outside the rain begins to fall even harder making visibility never zero and less than a mile away, an odd two floor van sits on the side of the road leading to the road leading to mansion. Sly and Cortana operate the computer console when General Mizu states, "I hope this storm doesn't hinder the operation. Last thing I want to deal with a loss of communications. Sly will you bugs be able to send a clear message through this storm?"

Over the speaker they hear a noble state, "Sir Lynn you're the one who called this meeting, so I figure you must have some idea about what are next action should be."

"Does that answer your question general," Sly replies with a smile; he only holds up his and hands smirks at the tech expert's response.

"Mom how much longer do we have stay in this rain? My new clothes are getting soak in weather," a girls voice states over the speaker near Cortana.

"See Sonia, I told you that shouldn't have worn that outfit," Midna's voice follows behind Sonia.

"Sonia this is great weather just look at the lightning. It so awesome," Kenna then states.

Mizu gets close to the console and pushes a button stating, "Team Two stow the chatter, and keep your eyes on the mansion."

"Easy for you to say! You're not the one soaking wet. That's it, after this I need MMM time!" Sonia replies.

Mizu gives a questioning look towards Aleena; she smiles and says, "Manicure, Moisturizer, and Massage".

"Heads up SPP alert!" Manic and Silver chuckle over the COM-link.

"And what does that mean? Do you see something Team Three?" Mizu questions trying to think of what SPP means.

"Relax general it means Spoiled Pricy Princess. We say that when Sonia starts acting this," Sonic laughs.

"Mom how much longer do we have sit here and listen to these noble fuckers?" Shadow states.

"Not much longer, we just have to wait for our inside person to give us the signal," Aleena response then in a cold darkening growl she continues, "and Shadow watch your language!"

"Quiet everyone listen to this!" Sly states.

Another noble dressed in green full length suit with gold trimming stands up addressing the nervous and bricking nobles, "My fellow nobles the answer is simple; we must remain united in order to stop and regain control of the peasants."

"That all sounds well in good Lynn, but unless you have some type of the control rod Queen Aleena and her bastard children will not do one damn thing we tell them, and without Scar-Lyon's or Robotnik's robots we have no protection," a female noble replies to the male rabbit noble.

Lynn gives an evil eye to his fellow noble, "You are wrong my dear, we do have a control over the Queen the people and her children. I was able to retain over a million of Scar-Lyon's private army, and her majesty will be wary about putting her people into grave danger, so I have taken the precaution of targeting a Post Mobius. As for her children, my spies on Earth have given me something interesting data regarding the older children's activities."

Another noble chimes in, "Take Shadow for example, he has become quite fond of a girl named Rouge Jewel Bat, and with one word I have her taken hostage along with the others friends and adopted family."

"Well played after we have captured them, we can eliminate Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Manic. I feel we should make look like tragic accident and we come in as the great hero to protect them, but we only save the princesses. That way we will not have to deal with the bastard Sora Speed male heirs, and as for Sonia and Midna we will marry time off of one our noble houses; Queen Aleena will be so dishearten by the loss of her sons," another noble smirks thinking that will tries to snap up one of the young princesses for himself.

Then another noble says, "Lynn have your spies found anything about the Rose family?"

Lynn smirks, "That is no concern yours. I have got the Rose situation under control, and they will be handled when the time arrives."

The rain continues to pour down outside and behind some trees to the east of the mansion; a dark reddish aura burns in the air. Shadow eyes burn with angry and hate heading the nobles' plan for him, his siblings, and the people on Earth. ~I will kill those fucking bastards if they even think about harming Rouge! ~ he thinks tighten his fist with energy cracking from around it.

Sonic eyes go blank, and he finds himself the dreamscape with Nico looking on like he is on the brink of pure rage. "Nico what's wrong with you!" Sonic shouts.

"Damn it Sonic didn't hear what those fuckers said!" Nico growls with aura growing more powerful by the second.

"Yeah and I will be first to tell you that I want to do nothing more than tear them apart piece by piece, but remember what mom told us. We have to keep our cool and stick to plan, but…" Sonic states feeling the anger growing within him.


"THE SAME GOES FOR ME! THE SECOND THAT GUTLESS WORM SAID THE NAME ROSE I WANTED TO EXPLODE! WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO DO?! GO CHARING INTO THE MANSION!" Sonic shouts, and second later he finds himself in his spirit form floating next to Nico and Shadow. NICO WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!

~Just shut up and watch Sonic! ~ Nico replies.

Kell feels the growing aura at looks at the Shadow and Nico. They start walking towards the mansion, but he stand in their path, "What are you doing? We don't have orders to leave our position."

"Out of the way Kell," Shadow orders with grim tone with aura growing bigger.

Kell holds his ground as the rain runs down his face, "What are planning to do?"

"Last chance Kell, you move or I will make you move," Nico growls balling his fist.

"No we don't have promise." Kell reaches for his communicator and says, "Come in comm….." He falls to ground unconscious holding his stomach.

Nico standing over his body, "We don't have time for this shit." He then glances at Shadow seeing his burning rage. "Shadow lets go kick their asses," he states coldly walking toward the mansion.

"I like the way you're thinking Nico. Let go get these fuckers!" Shadow replies following his werehog brother.

Back at the command van, Sly and Cortana continue to monitor the meeting inside the mansion until a call comes through. "Team two to command, we have two unknown personal approaching the mansion." Sly pulls up of the monitoring camera and see two figures walking pass the vehicles in the courtyard and up the front well lit front door, but the rain makes the images hard to the figure out the two people walking up the door. "Confirmed team two, we have to the unknown persons on vid, but our image is blurry because of the rain. Can you give us better description of the unknowns?" Sly inquires. A few moments pass and the unknowns are knocking are seen knocking on the door, the speaker come back alive, "Negative. Request orders uncle."

Mizu crosses his arms and looks at Aleena, "What do you think your highness? Our spy hasn't gather enough intel for us to use, and last we checked we most of the nobles in question are present."

Aleena looks closely at the monitor and shakes her head, "I defer to your judgment General."

"Understood," he looks back at the monitor, "do we have any other eyes inside besides our spy?"

"No General," Cortana replies, "and I checked for any cameras inside for me to hack, but there are only perimeter cameras."

"Damn! Ok listen up all teams hold your position we have blind inside. In the meantime strike team and infiltration team get into position and standby for the signal," Mizu orders looking the monitor seeing the two cloaked figures walk inside.

Inside the mansion, the cloak soaked brothers are greeted by four men with their guns drawn and pointed at them. Then a fifth guard dressed in a fancy uniform stands in the center and walks up to Nico and Shadow, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

The brothers keep their faces covered under the green and brown camouflage cloaks. Nico states in control tone, "Who we are isn't important, and the reason that we are here…"

Shadow removes his arm from under the cloak showing his matching camouflage clothes with him holding a hand size remote. Then he finishes Nico sentence, "… is not your business, so move."

The fifth guard hops back towards the other guards and yells out to another guard, "GET THE NOBLES OUT OF HERE! WE HAVE POSSIBLE BOMB THREAT!"

Shadow smirks and states, "Who said this is a possible bomb?" He pushes the button on the remote causing the mansion lights to the go out. "Now lets play hide and destroy," Shadow laughs.

"Team two to command, what the hell is going on? We the whole mansion just went black," Kenna states looking through his sniper scope.

Sonia then says in her com-link, "Command did the strike team blow their position?"

"Negative sis, I can see both teams. Someone else blew it," Silver replies.

"Attention all teams, hold your position! We are trying to get some eyes inside and come up with a plan of attack," Cortana replies over the com-link.

Midna continues to looking through her scope; a second later the sound of shattering glass fills the air, and she sees a body go flying out landing on the rain soaked ground. "Tell them to think quickly because it seems that the party is just getting started. My guess one of the party guess is playing rough; Silver, can Manic, Kana, or you make out what's going on from your end? " she states.

"Nah sib, we're blind on this end as well," Manic replies watching from one of the tree branches.

"All teams listen up," Mizu orders over the com-link, "We are going have to go to our nuclear option. Listen up for your assignments! Team three, you are the flank the manor and tabs on anyone who comes out; you are cleared to use non-lethal methods."

Silver, Manic, and Kana say in unison, "Roger!" They break up taking up their new position areas. Silver stands ten feet away from the west wall, Manic holds the south end of the manor, and Kana takes the east front waiting for anyone to come outside.

"Now! Strike and infiltration team begin your prep work to enter the manor," Mizu then orders.

"Sir yes sir!" the team leaders reply and order their teams to begin rigging there house to with low power explosives, breach charges, and other items.

"Team Two take sniper positions to cover the whole front of the manor. You are cleared to use non-lethal ammo and no head shots," Mizu commands.

"Understood General Mizu!" the girls replay splitting up and going in different directions to cover the angles of the mansion.

"Team one prepare to capture anyone that comes from the front of the manor, and clean up anyone who team two takes out," Mizu commands. He waits for a reply, but line remains silent. He calls out again, "Come in team one do you understand your orders? Over!"

Mizu still waits for a reply, but the line remains silent, "Cortana are they receiving me?"

"Yeah I don't see any problems with com-link. They should be receiving you loud and clear," Cortana replies looking over streaming data on her console.

"Damn it what could be happen to them, Cyrus what the status…"

Mizu is interrupted when team one's line comes back alive, "*Cough*…*Cough*… *Cough*"

"Team one! Shadow, Sonic, Nico, Kell! Someone respond!" Mizu calls out.

"*Cough*… Command this it is Kell," he states while still coughing.

"Kell what the hell is going on? Why it take you so long to reply, and where are Sonic and Shadow?" Mizu questions.

A second passes and Kell says, "Sorry sir I tried to the stop them!"

"Stop them? What are you talking about, where did they go?" Mizu growls clinching his fist.

"They stormed the manor sir," Kell reports.


"I tried too, but Nico knocked me out before I warn you about their activities. General with permission I'll go in and stop them, and…."

"NO!" Mizu shouts cutting Kell off, "Listen closely these are you're new orders!"

Lightning strikes once again lightening up the rain night sky, and filling the darken mansion with a flash of quick white light bright enough to show everyone inside. Once the light dams once again, only the emergency low emitting lights fill the room with a red light. The sound of the rain can be heard within the foyer through the broken window. The four remaining guards nervously hold their guns pointed towards the Royal hedgehog and werehog. One guard yells out, "GET THE NOBLES TO SAFETY!"

Suddenly for the guard can make another statement, Shadow rushes over grabbing the regard by the collar and lifting him up off the ground making him drop his gun and clinch Shadow's arm wow trying to keep his airway clear. The other guards aimed the gun towards the black hedgehog, but they quickly fall to the ground when Nico comes up from behind and swiftly knocks each of the guards out with a powerful yet silent. Shadow acknowledges Nico's move; then turned back to the guard and says, "Where are the Nobles hiding?"

The guard struggles to speak and he is finally able to say, "Go fuck yourself."

"I have to admire your spirit. Be glad that I can't kill people today," Shadow states with a smile on his face then in a split second move the guard falls silent as he drops the guards that body down to the ground. He turns around and walks over to Nico, "all right how should we handle this?"

Nico removes his cloak and toss it to the floor; then cracks his knuckles, "That should be a simple answer we tear the place apart until we find the bastards and make them beg for mercy." Just as Nico finishes his statement more guards file into the room with their guns drawn and ready to fire. They take up positions along the main stairwell and side entrances of the stairs. "Well looks like things are just about to get interesting," Nico smirks eyeing the guards.

Another bolt of lightning strikes lighting up the room once again, the light fades Nico and Shadow's faces are shrouded in darkness while Nico's eyes green and Shadow's red eyes glow in the darkness. A few of the guards lose their nerve seeing the brothers stand in the center looking as another guard softly said, "who are these demons?" Then another guard dressed in the same fancy clothes slowly makes his way down the stairwell clapping his hands after each step in sequence as he make his way down. When he reaches his forces he says in an elegant and snobbery voice, "Men don't be afraid of this rodent. You know your duty you are to guard and protect us all costs that is your only priority. Now stand firm and prepared to fire!"

A voice comes from the guard commander's walkie-talkie; he grabs the device and brings it up to his ear nodding hearing what the voice says. A smile comes to his face and he replies, "Excellent bring the system online." Suddenly all the lights come back on revealing the monstrous werehog and the still cloaked hedgehog both wearing jungle green camouflage uniforms. The commander starts to laugh seeing the two brothers surrounded by his men. "Well well well if it isn't crown princes Shadow and Nico. I have to admit your highnesses; you don't look as frightening in the light. Now I'll give you one option surrender and we will make sure not to harm you much. There is nowhere for you to go you're surrounded and my men will fire on my command."

In one swift move, Shadow removes his cloak tossing it to the ground. "Since you're the leader, I will give you one option. Tell us where the Nobles are and we won't turn this place into a hellhole," Shadow counters eyeing the well-dressed commander.

"Well I guess you don't value your lives. No matter the Noble Council has decided to go ahead and execute you." He raises his left arm and makes a sleeping motion, "OPEN FIRE!" Shots begin the rain down on the two Royal brothers some from semi auto and from fully auto laser guns. The men continue firing shot after shot causing a wall of dust to begin forming where the two brothers are standing. The shots continue ringing out until the battery packs are empty and the shots cease from all the weapons. The commander smirks witnessing the massive onslaught that has been brought down on the brothers. The dust still lingers in the air he turns around and starts walking back upstairs while ordering, "clean up the trash and get rid of the rubbish."

"I guess that means you're talking about yourself," Nico growls out loud making everyone look at the center of the dust cloud. As the cloud dissipates it reveals a bluish light shield with Nico and Shadow within protected coated sphere. "Now it's our turn," Nico growls out once again lowering his shield; he gets on all fours allowing his claws to dig into the ground as he releases a massive ear shattering roar making some of the men drop their weapons and become staggered while the others fight to keep the their aim lock on the two brothers.

"My turn, now witnessed the power of Chaos Control!" Shadow shouts disappearing in the flash of blacklight and reappearing behind the guards on the left side of the stairwell. He performs a whirlwind kick knocking one guard to the ground disappears again delivers a double hammer fists attack to a another of guard's head; and disappears once more bringing a crashing heel drop to the head of the last guard. The three guards fall almost simultaneously as the other guards on the left side of the stairwell quickly turn around dropping the battery bags to the floor and inserting a new magazine into the weapon. "Three down," Shadow states holding out three fingers towards Nico.

Nico gives a growling smile and takes off at full speed like a rampaging bull towards the guards on the right side of the stairwell. Some of the men are able to recover themselves from his initial disorienting attack and change the magazines in their weapons pairing to unleash another volley of laser fire on the charging werehog. No less than 6 feet away the guards aimed the weapons at Nico butter surprised when he leads from the ground and like a helicopter blade spins his body with his arms extended around and around. The tip of his claws ripped through their weapons leaving them in pieces; he lands behind them and with lightning fast punches hits each of the guards in the back sending them flying into the fourth wall knocking them unconscious on contact. The go turns towards his older brother holding up both hands with all his fingers extended in a grin showing his fangs, "Ten down!"

Shadow quickly defeat another five guards one his side when the men on the stairs begin opening fire. He easily dodges the shots while the two remaining guards on his side plea to regroup with the other men. While some guards fire on the black hedgehog, the majority rain down shots on Nico, but to their shock his shield comes back up the deflecting the incoming shots. Someone then yells out, "Fall back to the second floor defense line!"

Back inside the command van, everyone looks at the monitors to see the lights come back on inside the mansion. Mizu quickly runs through options in his to figure out what will be the best move for his soldiers. The com-link comes alive with voice of the leader from the strike, "Command all charges and breach bricks ready; request permission to enter."

"Negative we have friendlies inside. I repeat don't breach." Mizu orders them an idea pops into his head, "Team leaders take your men to the front yard and great ready to fire smoke and tear gas into the second floor windows, but leave two at the rear of house. Their orders are to blow the charges if anyone tries to escape out the rear entry." The squad leaders confirm the orders and appoint to members to stay behind while the remaining eight members rush to the front yard. Mizu then sends out the command, "Team three listen up I want you move the front yard with the rest of forces; take command prepare to raid the house." They acknowledge the orders Manic and Silver use Chaos Control to teleport to the front yard with the others. Kana rushes along the side of the house and meets up with the gathering forces.

The rain begins to slack up but thunder and lightning still strikes through the cloudy night sky. "Sonia to command, your highness what's going on down there? First thing we hear is that team one is not responding then the general's repositioning everybody, and now from the sounds of things it seems that there's someone fighting inside. It is not too much trouble can we get some clarification about what is going on around here? Also there's a little side note I should give for my position I can see a bunch of nobles huddled on the east wing of the second floor in the manor."

Midna stares to her scope and moves her sites to look at the East wing, "From the looks of things those nobles are scared of whatever is coming their way, and…" She stops to midsentence looking up from her scope loving eyes with her free hand and then looks back to the scope saying, "Kenna look at the stairwell area and tell me you see."

The snow-white wolf looks at the recommended area and eyes grow wide seeing the fight scene between the Royal brothers and the guards, "Ah fuck, what the hell are those two thinking?! Wait a minute where is Kell?"

Mizu replies back over the com-link, "it's a long story something that one of the Noble said got their blood pressures running high and their brains got switched over to stupid. Now they're tear assing through the house. As for your brother, I gave him a special task to take care of."

Kenna's marks looking away from her sniper scope, "Well that does sound like Shadow and Nico if I ever heard, but what mission did you give…"

"Hold that thought guys and took a close look to your scope once again," Midna interrupts. "Looks like those nobles are about to get a rude visitor. They broke through the remaining guards and now they're banging at the doors. Nico is one step away from tearing those nobles to pieces and with Shadow beside him who knows what those two can do."

The bodies of the unconscious guards litters the hallway with Shadow and Nico standing in the center of the guards that once surrounded did them. Nico points his claw in the direction he last saw the guard's commander run off to; Shadow nods and they make their way down the hallway taking note of the number of guards moaning and groaning in pain after they easily defeated them. Nico sniffs the air getting the scent of the scared command; he points to a door on his left acknowledging that the coward is hiding behind the door. He smirks making his brother put a smile on his face. Nico uses the back of his fan and softly knocks on the door," Knock knock anyone home?" They hear a little whimper from behind the door and fight the urge not to laugh. "Would you like to do the honors my caring brother?" Nico smiles holding his hand open in an inviting manner.

Shadow steps up to the door cracking his knuckles, "I will be glad to; Commander if you're in there you have two seconds to come out or I'm coming in, and I won't be gentle." Shadow extends his hand back bowling it up until into a fist readying to punch the door; the door flings open with the commander on his knees begging for mercy. "Stop your begging and whining! Tell me where the nobles are and my brother here won't turn your face into a natural disaster zone," the black hedgehog points his thumb back towards Nico who gives a giant smile showing his razor sharp fangs and sinister stare.

"Please Your Highness is show me some mercy; I'll tell you where the hiding all I ask is please let me go," the commander continues his self-serve pleading while still on his knees before Shadow and Nico. The brothers faces turn from a happy like grin to an annoyed facial expression; noticing the fast change of expression on their faces the commander holds his hand up in front of him and a surrender fashion and says, "They're in the east wing, but by this time they must have activate the safe room protocols. That whole area is going to be locked down with reinforced steel doors, motion guided lasers, some SWAT bots that were reprogram to obey their commands, and the remaining of my guards."

The brothers look at each other showing no fear or concern about what was just told to them, and Nico then comments, "Looks like we get to have some more fun before we have our little chat with those aristocratic ass holes." Nico takes a step closer to the injury way of the door next to shadow and the commander who still kneels on the floor, "Shadow I think we should just in them quickly one combo attack from the both of us and we will be knocking at the door in less than a second." Shadow crosses his arms taking a second thinking about Nico's proposal. After a minute, Shadow nods agreeing with Nico's idea; then the werehog turns his attention back to the guard commander and ask, "What should we do with him? I am not the type of werehog that is offended by fruitless babble, but the way this do was talking to us earlier I wouldn't be opposed to having taken accidental header out the window but that's just me."

"You're right Nico, and neither am I but he has to be punished in some form or fashion. The idea of a header out the second-story window is very tempting," the devious black hedgehog states taking a step closer towards the now shivering commander with a growing sinister smile on his face.

Nico watches Shadow get closer and closer to the commander when he snaps his fingers and states, "Ah dammit! Hold up Shadow remember her Majesty's orders we aren't allowed to kill anyone. Although that's a whole another matter when it comes to those silver spoon jackasses, when it comes to this guy we can't kill him, so let's not do anything else that will piss her off more than she is going to be with us for blowing this mission." Nico states with his arms crossed over his muscular covered chest.

Shadow stops moving towards the commander, "Consider yourself lucky because next time you might not get that chance. Enjoy dream." He karate chops to commander on the neck causing him to pass out face down on the ground, "Ready to turn those aristocrats into balling ass wipes!" Nico nods in agreement and they make their way to the safe room.

Back outside the mansion the rain has come to complete stop, Silver, Manic, and Kana meet with the strike force team and prepare to the breach. Abruptly all the windows in the mansion grow bright with an intense white and black light. "Yo sibs what with the…" *BOOOOMMMM* A massive black and white beam erupts through the east wall blasting into the cliff side leaving a giant blast mark in the rock face. At the same time, all the windows blow out at the same time releasing powerful shockwaves to rocket out the manor. Everyone in the front yard is sent flying backwards as three more waves come rocketing out to the broken estate; they clash into the trees knocking the member so the strike team members unconscious, but Silver, Manic, and Kana are able rebound off the trees and land their feet.

"Motherfucker, what are those idiots trying killing to us!?" Kana growls while charging full speed inside the wrecked house, "Fuck tactics I'll go kick all their asses myself!"

Silver and Manic are in close pursuit of the angry dragon; while running Manic ask, "Who's ass do you think he going after?"

Silver laughs as they come to siding stop inside the devastated foyer, "If I venture a guess, he's going after everyone in his path. Dammit he's just as wild our iron-headed brothers." Silver hear grunt sounds and looks down to the see the bodies of the defeated guard slammed against the walls with some sitting in a pool of their own blood and others with blood streaming down their heads and soaking into their cloths. Silver rushes over to check the on the wounded man, "Manic we have are going have to worry them later; these people need medical attention." He activates his com-link, "Command we have injured prisoners and our back up was knock out from the blast we are bring them in for medical treatment."

He hears back over the headset, "Affirmative Silver you are cleared to use Chaos Control, but the rest of the your team have been pick up by team two and are being be treated. Do you have eyes on members of the team one?"

"Negative they must be upstairs, but I don't hear anything; they must be still recovering from that last attack they pulled off," Silver explains. He listens to more instructions given to him over the link nodding once and twice. He turns to Manic to see him dragging other bodies closer to his older brother. "Roger that command. Manic get these people to the come treatment area; I'm going to help Shadow and Nico get control of this situation." Before the green hedgehog can argue, Silver hovers off the ground and goes flying off following the path of destruction.

"Man I hate it when they do that! Chaos Control!" Manic shouts as bright green light engulfs everyone in the room.

Shadow and Nico look down the seared blacken hallway seeing small like fires burning, the melted hulls of the robots and laser turrets, and the charred bodied of the final line of guards. At the end of destroyed hallway, a giant gaping hole to the outside. Sonic appears in spirit form with his mouth wide open and eyes bugged out, NICO ARE YOU AND SHADOW OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS! YOU TWO OVER DID IT AGAIN! EVEN WORST LOOK AT THOSE GUARDS THEY'RE FUCKED! MOM IS GOING TO KILL US!Sonic panic flinging his arms all over the place while shouting. They turn their heads looking after hearing a multiple grunts of pain echo down the hall. Nico smirks looking back at Sonic, ~No harm done and no lives loss, so just sit back and relax. Shadow and I have got control of this! ~

They hear footstep coming up behind them, and before they are able to fully able to turn around. Shadow is tackled by Kana, but the black hedgehog rolls forwards throwing the red dragon off him. Kana quickly catches his footing and charges again punching and kicking at Shadow. The black hedgehog with the skill of martial arts master defects all the attacks with ease; Kana does three back flips putting distance between the two. Shadow gives an angry at Kana, "You must want to die today!"

"Not like you did just didn't try just a few minutes ago you ASSHOLE!" Kana shouts while rushing at him once again unleashing series of the punches, kicks, and combo attacks. With perfect focus and ease, Shadow defenses himself, but he doesn't launch any counter attacks. Kana continues his attacks increasing the intensely and speed, yet the black hedgehog master is unphased by the increase tempo. The dragon breaks away breathing heavy staring down the prince; then he glances at Nico seeing his arms crosses and leaning against the charred wall with a smirk on his face appearing to be completely off his guard.

Kana takes another couple breaths still glancing at the werehog shifting his body slightly towards his direction; until Nico says, "I would think carefully before you do something that could end your life. As you clearly see I haven't enter this fight out of respect, but if you want some come and get it. If not hurry up we have other shit to handle than just stand here watch you make an ass out yourself."

"You all need to stop and focus on this mission!" Silver yells landing next to Shadow. "You lovebirds can play later; we have work to do. First Kana get the bodies and take them downstairs and no argument this a direct order from her highness." Kana growls walking down the hallway picking up the bodies while mumbling to himself and mean mugging the brothers. "Alright Shadow Nico, I have message from Queen Aleena; she wants you two not to take such aggressive actions for the rest of the mission especially when dealing with the Nobles. Also…," he looks up and sees Shadow and Nico walking away. "Hey wait where are you going!"

"Silver you can stand there yakking, or we can finish this mission and go home," Nico states waving his hand while walking away. Silver rolls his eyes a runs to catch up with his brothers. They come to end of hallway and walks through the burnt doorway to the burnt and destroyed conference room. When they enter the office, the conference table and chairs are broken into multiple pieces, burnt, and scattered all over the room. The pictures frames remain intact with scorch marks, but the pictures and painting themselves are burnt to ashes.

Beside those items the three brothers find no one in the room. "From the looks of things and the amount of ash on the floor, I would guess that they were burnt to a crisp," Silver states kicking a pile of ash hurling it into the air. "Man bros, you guys really over did this time. You roasted them to till there nothing left."

Shadow kicks another pile of ash while looking closely looking at ground, "They aren't that luck. Beside how could they have been cooked to ash if the other guards that were in our attack wave survive the blast? No those leeches survive somehow; I just bet that they wormed their way under some rock in here. Their safe room, of course that were their hiding I know it, but where the hell is the damn door." Shadow then sees Nico sniffing air like any K9 on the trail of something. He almost burst out laughing when he sees Nico on fours sniffing the ground; he says with humor in his voice, "Find anything Nico?"

Nico sniffs near the area of one of burnt chair then he stands back up, "I'm picking up a faint scent of someone's cheap fragrance." He continues tracking the scent as it becomes stronger with each step in the right direction. The scent leads him to an odd looking painting that seems to be completely unaffected by heat and fire from Nico and Shadow's combo attack. "The scent is strongest here! Man it is one ugly ass painting. Why do Nobles like fucked up shit like this?"

"Only someone with no class with say about art, that is a priceless masterpiece," a female voice states. The three brothers swing around to see Sonia, Midna, Manic, Kana, and Kenna filing into to the room.

"No asked you smart ass," Nico replays while stretching his arm as Sonia rolls her eyes at her twin brother, "Alright now that the art lessons is done; stand back watch my display my artistic skills!"

*Ha* Ha*Ha*Sonia breaks out laughing, "You have an artistic skill?! What style are you trained in?"

Nico laughs while cracking his knuckles, "Well I like to call it 'Fuck Shit Up Style'. Now allow me demonstrate my artistic skill in motion!" The powerful werehog walks up the wall size painting examining it closely and taking one more sniff double checking that the scent is coming from behind the mural. With a satisfied look on his face, he flexes his powerful fingers letting his nails be fully exposed then he shouts out while performing several quick slashes with a trailing purple aura after each thrust, "Werehog Iron Reaper Soul Cleaver!"

Before everyone eyes in a matter of seconds, the expensive looking painting is quickly reduced to shreds left on the floor. Nico expresses a happy satisfied look as the tattered remains fall to the ground to reveal the large steel door. "Looks like we found the rats nest. Maybe I should not to see if their home?" He steps up to the door and with his monster strength he powers of the door sending massive reverberations through it while saying, "knock knock anyone home? Can you come up to play?!" As if made of paper, the steel wall comes crashing down as the sounds of yells and screams come streaming out. The frightened nobles scramble bodies in of the safe room trying to stay away from the figure standing at the front of their breached safe room.

Penned up to the back of the wall, the terrified elites stare at the shadow covered face with piercing green eyes looking directly at the as is he is there to steal their souls. Some of them fall to their knees begging and pleading for their lives while others simply gaze upon their possible executioner. One noble nearly wets himself when another shadow figure stepped up beside the terrifying werehog. Then he loses control of his bowels when he hears the roar from Nico saying, "WHO THE FUCK IS LYNN?!" He shouts out his question once again making the frightened aristocrats worry more about what will happen in the next couple of seconds. The werehog becomes more irritated when he does hear response to his request, and with a louder tone of voice he shouts, "WHERE IS LYNN?!"

Shadow and Nico step into the room and watch in amusement as the nobles tried to utility clean against the wall just stay away from the two approaching brothers. The shouts from the female aristocrats become deafening until Shadow shouts, "SHUT THE FUCK UP OF I WILL KILL YOU ALL! NOW BE SILENT!" His voice echoes so loud the room fall silent except for the sniffing and weeping of the crying elites.

Sonia and the others walk into the room behind her overaggressive brothers and look at the people staring deathly into their eyes. "Can you to scare them anymore?" Nico gives a sinister grin and prepares us a something, but Sonia stops him saying, "don't that was a joke you don't have to scare them anymore I think they've have enough right now!"

"Sonia's right, I mean smell the air somebody lost it in here," Silver states with a smirk on his face. "Alright her Majesty ordered that we get them to the command center and prepare for interrogation."

The siblings all acknowledged the request except for Shadow and Nico. "Before we do that Silver," Nico turns back to look at the nobles, "Lynn you have two seconds to come out or I will obliterate you all. Everybody's faces except for the black hedgehog and werehog expressed a look of dread and fear after hearing Nico's threat. Still no one spoke up revealing Lynn's identity; Nico huffs out, "Fine I guess you all have to sign your death warrants." He flexes his claws stepping ever closer to his future victims when Kenna, Midna, Manic, Sonia, and Kana step in front of the monstrous werehog with the determined book to prevent him from carrying out his threat. "Move or I will take you out along with them!"

"Nico what's the matter with you?" Sonia questions.

"Yeah bro! We all know Shadow and you like to take things to the extreme but this is a little too much even for you to," Manic states with a growing concern in his voice.

Midna then steps up face-to-face with her younger brother taking a fighting stance, "I have no problem beating you down to stop you Nico! The same goes for you Shadow! What is it about this mission that's got you two so gun hot?"

Kenna and Kana stand beside Midna taking up a fighting stance as well while Kenna ask, "Midna's right! You two are out-of-control, and you attack my brother! What the hell's the matter?!"

Shadow steps forward next to Nico with the motionless face, "We will explain later on but for now," he turns to the nobles with energy crackling in his hand, "Lynn are you that much of a coward that you would let everyone die for you! Because we have no problem making your wish come true; because you can see that will go through our own siblings to get to you!" Lynn's identity still remains a mystery to the royal hedgehogs. "Playtime is over now witnessed my ultimate power of chaos…"

Lynn shoots up yelling, "Stop I am the one who you're looking! There is no need to harm the rest of them!"

"You made a very wise choice," Shadow comments. "Now make another wise decision and tell us everything you know about our relations on earth!"

Then Nico shouts, "Who is Rose and what are you planning for them?!"

Before Lynn can answer, Kell appears behind him snatching his arms behind his back as if cuffing him then Kell with his other hand holds a silver ball and those at the floor causing a white smoke power substance to fill the air. Everyone starts coughing and Nico's nose is so overwhelmed by the scent embedded in the smoke that he is forced to switch places with Sonic. In spirit form, the werehog keeps coughing and sneezing trying to clear the smell out of his nostrils. "What was that?!" Sonia calls out. It takes another minute or so, for the smoke to dissipate enough for everyone to see each other, but no one is able to find Lynn or Kell in the room.

"Dammit I should've known that something like this could happen," Shadow says softly to himself, "I've let my defenses down!"

Once all the smoke is gone and the coughing has subsided it is almost as on cue cards in the same military fatigues as the hedgehogs come rushing into the room guns drawn aiming at the disoriented elites. From over the COM link everyone can hear, "Mission complete I repeat mission is complete!"

Everyone except Kell are back in the command van and the nobles are placed in a holding vehicle as they make their way back home. The convoy arrives at an airstrip where for ships standby to take everyone back to Mobotropolis; the vehicles are loaded into the planes and take to the dawning bright orange-red blue sky. Sonic lies back in his chair with his eyes closed, and quickly finds himself in the dreamscape with his still sneezing and coughing werehog brother. "Are you doing any better Nico?"

Nico gives his cobalt brother an irritated glance before saying, "*cough*cough*What do you think? When I see Kell next time I'm going to turn his face into my personal punching bag! Where the hell is he anyway? Not only did he steal Lynn before he could answer our questions but he had the nerve to go that pepper smoke grenade to cover his escape!"

Sonic smirks while shaking his head left and right, "You have give him this, he knew exactly how to attack you so you wouldn't be able to follow him."

Nico coughs several more time before he replays, "I know next time to let my guard down around him."

"Don't get to mad Nico besides we know Kell had to take him to Mobotropolis, so we get our questions answered there," Sonic explains watching blow his nose while laughing.

Suddenly Sonic is return to the real world when feels some softly shaking, he looks up and sees Cortana standing next to him. "Let me guess the dreamscape. Is Nico doing any better?"

"No he is still recovering from Kell's attack. Any what's up Cortana; are we at home yet?" Sonic questions sitting up to look outside to see the bright blue sky and green forest below.

"No we go another five hours before get there, so that will give more than enough time to for you to start your journal log," Cortana states handing Sonic a black electronic tablet with Nico and Sonic's head outline on the back. "It's real easy all you have to do is talk into then it will transfer the data to the royal archive. Besides you want to know a little fun fact, I have been tracking the amount of data being received and guess who got the highest amount data logged in as of now." Sonic gives a questioning look then Cortana smirks, "Prince Shadow Hedgehog has logged over 500 megabytes of information."

Sonic laughs thinking about what his ebony brother has recorded. "Ok Cortana you convince me. Nico and I do it, but knowing Nico there is going to be a good amount of cursing in that log." They both laugh for a second, then the young cobalt prince facial expression turns serious, "Cortana what happen to Kell and Lynn? We didn't see them at the airstrip, and add to that mom or General Mizu were missing as well. Did they take another ship or use Chaos Control?"

Cortana crosses her arms slightly lowers her head thinking about Sonic's questions. After a minute, she looks back at Sonic, "You know the truth is, I don't know. If the queen and general to a different mean of travel, they must have kept it secret from everyone. Sonic start on your log, and I will see what data I can pull up."

Sonic nods in agreement, "Plus see what you can pull up on this Lynn guy. Something about him just doesn't seem fit. I wouldn't figure him as someone that would put his life in danger to protect others."

"I'm one it Sonic," Cortana replies walking away.

Sonic looks at the tablet screen and sees the outline of Nico and his face rotating on the screen and a square to with the words 'Place finger here'. Sonic follows the instruction and a small green light moves up and down in the square. Then the screen changes to have five icons on the main page. He scans the page to see small locks on all the icons expect for the icon labeled 'Royal Journal'. Sonic rolls his eyes wondering about what information is locked behind the other icons. He for goes his curiosity, and he opens the journal icon. The screen chances to look like the cover of a book with the Hedgehog Royal Crest imprinted in gold on the purple cover. Sonic and Nico names are painted at the bottom of the cover. Sonic sweeps his finger to the left opening the digital book. The first page shows a blank page with a set of instructions:

Welcome Prince Sonic and Prince Nico this is your personal journal for you record anything and everything that you wish to be stored for the future generations to read. You can make your entries by placing your finger on reader pad to in the lower left corner. From there you can choice to speak or type your journal entry. Once you have completed your entry for the day; it will be sent to the main library to be stored. In order to provide a relevant timeline of event, it is suggested that you make an account of the past events since the time of Robotnik's defeat.

Sonic closes the instruction page and looks a blank page thinking about what he should write. He takes a deep breath allowing his mind to wonder back to the day after they defeated Robotnik. Sonic puts his finger on the reader pad making two options appear on the screen. He choices vocal option, and small microphone appears on the screen ready to record his entry.

[A/N: the journal entries the going to be written like spirit text but this is still Sonic talking in to the tablet]

Well I guess the best place I can start is the day that we defeated Robotnik… No no everyone already knows about that, so I guess it's best that I start it's been happening in the past couple of months. It's been four months since my siblings and I kicked Robotnik's round ass out of our world, but if you are one of the people that believe Robotnik is still alive and he somehow escaped well that's your own thoughts. Anyway I'm getting off topic, I am supposed to tell what I forced I say we have been up to since taking back our home. Like I said it's been four months and things have kind of change for the better.

First of all, Mobotropolis is in the middle of being rebuilt. After our final battle Robotnik's forces, the city was left devastated was funny some of the architects said that it was a good thing that Robotnik's massive robot destroyed so much it made it easier for us to rebuild everything. At the center of the city, the royal palace was rebuilt amazingly only to book about month and half; thanks to all in part to a certain great, blue, and superfast hedgehog. I'm not one to gloat, but I was able to help speed up the reconstruction by at least 4 to 5 weeks. Once the palace was done, I gave my undivided attention to rebuilding the rest of the city. As of now, over 70% of the city has been completely rebuilt. Add to that, ART, Cortana, and Cyrus were able to come up with machines and devices to help clean up the air and help the environment returned to its natural beautiful state. I personally have to give it up to ART; the guy is an unbelievable genius. He found out that our ancestors had a secret vault with all types of plant species that could be transplanted to any part of the planet.

Also during that time, the people had begun to rebuild their lives, yet there was a feeling that true justice had not been fully dealt out. We have to look at who was the one that was responsible for the terrible events that unfolded. We told mom about the secret dealings between the aristocrats and Robotnik in their plot to overthrow our family. When we showed mom the meeting recorded between Midna and Bartleby, it was decided that we would bring all the nobles responsible for the hardship and torture of the people to justice. Since then we have been running all over the planet hunting down the nobles, we have arrest over eighty members that supported Bartleby.

A voice over the speaker, "Attention prepare for landing."

Sonic look up from his tablet then he looks out the window to sees giant circle city with multiple buildings with trees and water canals place throughout the city. At the center of the city stands the royal palace with several large water fountains feeding the city water canals, the palace is twenty story rectangle building. The base of the palace is about two miles wide and a mile and half long. From the ground up, the palace starts off wide then becomes narrower the higher up with a flat top; the palace has several long balconies extending out from certain floors of the palace.

Ten minutes later, the ship lands at the airfield allow the passages to disembark. The sun stands high in the summer blue sky. Near the landing strip, five limo-like vehicles with one big black van with hundreds of royal guards standing at the ready near the vehicles. As the prisoners begin to come out, shout and yells come from crowds standing behind another line of security officers and police. After all the prisoners are removed from the ships, Sonic and Shadow are the next to disembark. They are greeted two men dress in form tight blue suits of armor with gold capes. The guards statue then the guard on the left says, "Prince Sonic and Shadow Hedgehog, we have been instructed by Queen Aleena Hedgehog to escort you directly to the palace."

Nico appears next Sonic with his arms crossed looking at guards and along with Shadow; they give suspicious expression towards the guards in standing in front of them. Sonic keeps a smirk on his face until they walk closer while motioning them to come with them. Sonic calls out behind, "Last I checked Kenna is the Captain of the Royal, and she hasn't told me that she issued these orders. Why would mom just order escorts for only Shadow and myself? Until you tell us what you want go fuck yourself."

The guards remain firm on their platform; the guard on the left states, "Prince Sonic, we have our orders to escort you in by any means necessary!"

Kenna and Kana come down the ramp dressed in black suits with black ties with holding their bags to see Sonic and Shadow talking with guards. The guard on the right sees them walking up, and he says, "Sir you are going have to tell your maid and personal guard to stay back."

Kana and Kenna give the guards a questioning look, and the brothers glance at each other then back at the guards. "Do you know she is?" Sonic questions pointing at Kenna a crazy look on his face. The guards remain silent and nonreactive to Sonic's question; he starts to laugh and looks at Shadow, "Hey bro lets have some fun; the game is simple first one to the palace wins."

The guards draws their blasters pointing it at them and say in unison, "Sirs we should inform you that we are authorize to use any means necessary to complete our mission even if we have to use force to do it."


The guard on the right hold fast with his blaster still trained on them while his partner calls over his radio in his cuff, "We are going need back up here!" Several men dressed in black suit come rush towards everyone.

Sonic pushes Kenna out of the way and kicks the fake guard upside the head while Shadow punches the other one the gut knocking the men out. The fake guards' backup gets closer when Kana yells out, "Sonic there are too many people here to start a fight with these guys; someone is bound to get hurt! Since it they are after you and Shadow have to get out here and get to the palace!"

The hedgehogs nods and Shadow gives a winning smirk, "Sonic game on! Get ready to eat more dirt slow poke!" The black hedgehog speeds off with yellow aura streak behind with the echoes of the his laughing behind him.

"That's not happening this time bro! This time we are going to show you the true meaning of speed!" Sonic laughs while taking off at supersonic speed. ~Sonic who the fuck were those guys?~ Nico questions while floating next to the rocketing brother. ~I don't know Nico, but maybe just maybe mom has some answers. Until then, we have a race to win~

At the palace, Aleena's office has executive chair behind white color a crescent moon shape in front of the of a wall size tented window with a glass sliding door to right of her desk. The walls are decorated with pictures of her children, the people who help in the rebuilding process, vacation spots, and other pictures of the events that the royal family has attended in past couple of months. In front of her desk, there are two fashionable chairs, to wide black couches, and a holomap sitting between the couches. The purple long soft quill hair hedgehog queen sits in her chair along with Mizu and Oracle listening to a debriefing for their agent. "Of all those that were captured your highness, only two of the five high profile targets were successfully captured and…"

Aleena swiftly replies to the message, "Millie will you please info the Elder Leader that I'm busy right now with my current meeting to come back later on. Then I will glad to meet him."

The intercom remains silent long enough for the agent to start speaking again, but the just as starts his sentence the intercom come back on, "Elder Prowler please don't… Your highness his is…" In the background everyone can hear the elder yelling loudly, "YOU LISTEN YOUNG LADY! I HAVE AN URGENT MESSAGE FROM THE COUNCIL OF ELDER FOR THE QUEEN! AND YOU…"

Aleena rolls her eyes then replies while motioning Mizu to hide the agent in her personal bathroom, "Millie send him in please." The young woman acknowledges Aleena's order.

An elder orange-yellow two tail vixen wearing a bright red dress suit with matching shoes walks into Aleena's office with a frown on her face and angry look in her eyes. Aleena and Ling eyes meet, and Ling straightens up then bows while saying, "You majesty Queen Aleena Hedgehog thank you for seeing me on such short notice."

Mizu whispers under his breath, "Yeah you would say that after making an ass out yourself."

Still bowing, Ling's head sharply turns as she stares directly at Mizu, "Remember you to whom you're addressing General Mizu or…"

"Elder Prowler," Aleena jumps in, "You said that you have an important message from the Council of Elders."

Ling stands back upright looking at the queen, "Your highness, I have got word that your children have just return from the latest mission." Aleena nods confirming her statement. "The others elder and I would like to have a private meeting with Prince Sonic and Shadow to discuss the mission with them."

"Why do you want a private meeting? You and others can attend the debriefing like everyone else," Aleena counters with questioning expression on her face.

"Well your majesty some of the elders want to…"

Ling is interrupted when Millie comes rushing into office holding his military COM-link while shouting, "GENERAL MIZU YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY CALL FROM CAPTAIN KENNA! SHE SAYS IT IS A CODE RED ALERT!"

Mizu rushes over to her grabbing his COM-link, "Kenna what going on... what are you serious… how many… what did they want… WHAT… and they dress as royal guards." Mizu continue the conversation with his niece while very one else listens carefully to get any possible details about the situation. Three more minutes pass without Mizu saying a word until he orders, "Ok Kenna have everyone come to the palace and bring those fake guards with you and hurry because I think there is someone here that would like to meet them." He ends the call and looks at everyone in the room then addresses the queen, "Your Highness we have a situation that is unfolding at the airport."

Aleena shots to her feet knocking her chair into the window as she shouts, "What happened was anyone hurt?"

"No ma`am, it seems that two fake royal guards tried to convince Prince Sonic and Shadow to go with them to the palace," Mizu reports taking a seat on the couch.

Aleena sees the Mizu's calm demeanor and pulls back up her chair. "Mizu tell us everything that happened."

"As I stated earlier, two men dress in royal guard uniforms tried to convince Prince Sonic and Shadow to go with them. According to Kenna, the men said they were given their orders directly from you. When they refuse to go, the fake guards pulled their weapons while calling for back up. The boys attack the fake guards and escape their reinforcements. Once they escape, Kenna and the others were able to the capture them without any resistance," the brown eagle General reports.

"Where are my sons at right now?" Aleena questions.

Oracle looks into his glowing green hands laughs, "Master Shadow and Sonic have split up and heading this direction. Sonic is dashing through alley ways while Shadow is taking a more direct route along the water canal. At the rate, they are traveling they should arrive in next five minutes."

"Very well," the worried mother states then turns her attention back to Mizu, "General was Kenna about find information about who the men are working for?"

Mizu stares directly at Ling with a serious look on his face, "Yes Sonia was able to convince one of prisoners to tell her who they all work for, or you like to the explain Elder Prowler?"

Aleena and Orcale turn their attention to elder twin tail vixen as she straightens her tie and blushes the wrinkles out of her suit jacket. She coughs clearing her throat while keeping a stern expression, "You are correct in your assumption; I order members of my security detail to bring the young princes before us."

Aleena's eyes fill with anger as she squeezes her fist then she says in calm tone of voice, "Why didn't you come to me first to ask my permission for you to question my sons?"

"We felt that you have too many duties to attend to be bothered with such a meaningless request, and…"

Aleena smashes her fist through her desk causing elder to jump slightly backwards in fright. Ling looks at the queen and sees the strong purple aura streaming from body. "When it come to my children, no request is meaningless. You have better remember that the next time you think you about going behind my back and try to get one of my children to go with you!"

Mizu gets another message over his COM-link then says, "Your highness Kenna and the other are down stairs waiting for us."

Aleena take her fist out of her desk while still staring Ling down, "Go tell the Council of Elders that I will meet with them personally after I handle a couple of things. Now GET OUT!" Ling bows once more and leaves the room. Once the door is shut, Aleena flops in her chair laughing and giggling causing Mizu to warrant an odd expression. "Damn that felt good, thank you boys I owe you one."

Mizu continues to look at Aleena with an odd look on his face, "What felt good?"

Aleena leans her head to the right, so that she can see eye to eye him. She still shows the giant grin on her face, "Ever since Ling became leader of the Council of Elders, she has been the biggest pain in the ass. Finally, I get to put that bitch in her place, and it's all thanks to my lovable boneheaded sons. Oh before I forget," Aleena states now looking at her bathroom door. "It's ok now, please come out."

There is flush then running watch; thirty seconds later the door opens with the agent showing an embarrass expression, "I'm sorry, but I just couldn't hold it any longer. I just had to go."

Sweat drop appear on everyone's head; Aleena gets up and walks over the agent, "Well at least you're honest in explaining your actions." She pats on the back walking pass him towards the door, "We will continue your debriefing once I have finish cleaning up this situation."

Outside the palace main entrance, Aleena walks out of the elevator and see through the glass front door Sonica holding one of the captured guards by the collar of her dress shirt yelling into her face. Queen mother sees some of her daughter's lite violet quills on her head scorch with from what can only associated with blaster fire. Manic and Silver try to face their sister trying to calm her down, but their efforts are useless as Aleena sees Sonia pull her fist back getting ready to attack the female security. Aleena steps outside hearing all the shouting, cursing, and pleas for calm. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything?" she questions walking up everyone quickly gaining their attention.

They look at Aleena with her arms crossed looking at Sonia and the security guard. "Sonia are we in the practice attacking those who can't defend themselves? Especially over something very trivial as your burnt hair," Aleena questions looking down at Sonia; she looks as she is about to object, but the hedgehog queen quickly cuts her off saying, "The answer you are looking for is no! Now help that loyal young lady up and apologize." She helps the woman the woman to her feet and says sorry to the woman. Aleena smiles, "Very well done Sonia," then look at the guards preparing to address them when she hears a rush in the wind. She looks down giant fountain flower garden to see a blue and yellow auras speeding directly at them as super speed. "Right on time," Aleena states looking at her speeding sons.

"Here they come alright! They are racing again, and for the looks of it they don't seem to be slowing down at all!" Kenna exclaims looking down concrete pathway. "Your highness I think we should move, because they are going to need to need a lot of the stopping room. They aren't famous for the perfect stopping ability."

Aleena giggles still looking at her racing sons, "No we don't have to move, Manic follow me please." She makes her way pass everyone else followed by his magically gifted son. Two of them walk ten feet way from everyone as they look on with growing curiosity; Aleena then to look at him, "Manic I want your stop your brothers using your magic. Oracle has told me that you been greatly improving in controlling your powers."

"Mom I don't know; I am still a little shaky on some of my basic spells," he replies glancing back down the way of his oncoming brothers.

"Don't worry that's why I'm here, so I want you use an elemental spell to stop your brothers. Use your water control spell," Aleena commands.

Manic takes a deep breath and stands front of his mother facing him crazy fast brothers. He holds out his hands as the Hedgehog crest symbol glows bright on his hands and his green aura beings to glow brightly while he loudly recites the spells.

Aqueous Aquaqus Aqueous

Water Hear My Voice and Obey My Will

Water Flow with Energy Drawn from Deep

Pools of Shallow, Pools of Deep

Flow Around Me as My Nature's Shield

Water from the fountains and canals begin to glow lite blue and shoots up from its resting place in massive columns of glowing liquid. It floats around in the air for about a second or two then begins to surround Manic and Aleena; the water forms a 12 foot high giant cylinder around them while Manic moves his hands to join all the water together.

"Very good Manic," Aleena praises watching her son moves gracefully bending the water. "Now all you have to do is get your brothers to stop."

The green hedgehog glances at his mom thinking and about how to fulfill her request then an idea pops into his head, and he sees through the water is oncoming brothers and extends both of his hands out in their direction sending the water shooting directly towards them in a huge column.

Sonic and Shadow see the oncoming water and tried to dodge but it's too late they are swept away in the huge oncoming tidal wave and knocked into one of the high standing walls behind them. The water continues the crash on them with intense and unrelenting pressure making it hard for them to breathe or move; they struggle to hold what little air they have left, but the feeling of drowning begins to overwhelm them. Manic can see his brother struggling to breathe and tries to redirect the water, yet he is unsuccessful to stop or change the flow direction. He moves his hands around in different positions hoping to disperse the water and is slated direction, and he gives his mom a panic look saying, "Mom I can't stop it Sonic and Shadow are going to drown help!"

Aleena nods acknowledging her son's plea that holds out her left hand allowing her crest to glow as she shouts, "STOP!" Suddenly the water stops flowing and falls to the ground in one massive puddle spread out over the whole front area of the courtyard. She lowers her hand while saying, "You are getting better at this, but you might want to learn to control how much of an element you want to control."

Sonic and Shadow split out water while coughing grateful that they can once again can breathe. The two brothers get up on the wall and stagger over to everyone else looking at them with blood shot eyes and say in unison, "What the hell?! Are you trying to kill us!"

"Sorry bros I kind of messed up on the spell I was doing. I was only trying to stop you guys racing," Manic apologizes while receiving death glares from the blue and black hedgehogs.

Shadow coughs again before saying, "What gave you the idea of drowning us will stop us from racing?"

Manic shrugs his shoulders while saying, "Well I wanted to cool you guys down from your heated race."

From the background, Silver shouts out, "What you complaining about you two need a bath anyway. Manic was kind enough to go ahead and bring the bath to you, so stop complaining and just get over it!"

Shadow and Sonic shoot evil glares at their silver quilled brother. Aleena then says, "Enough from all of you! Now Sonic, Shadow I am proud that you two handled yourselves so well back at the airstrip, and the rest of you did excellent work and containing the situation. You were supposed to have your debriefing today, but in light of the certain situations I'll push it to tomorrow." Aleena then looks at the captured security guards, "you are all free to go and return to your duties, but in the future if you were given orders that you know to be either wrong or against your moral conscience I highly recommend that you discuss it with your superiors. You two," Aleena points towards the guards dressed in the royal guard armor, "try to pass yourself off as members of the royal guard and under false pretenses get my two boneheaded sons," from behind Aleena hears them complaining while everyone else laughs, "to come with you while saying you had direct orders from me." Then Aleena dresses all the guards, "Then you all were under orders to use force to get them to come with you. Now I have talked with Elder Prowler about this and I will be addressing the Council of Elders very soon. For now I'm going to forget that this incident ever happened and you all will be allowed to return to your stations, but if this ever happens again I will not take any leniency on any of you, nor will I expect my children to do the same. With that said you are all free to go."

Kenna looks at Queen Aleena with a unapprovingly expression, "With all due respect your Majesty you have to be kidding, these people just not only threaten the royal family that the attacked us at the same time. Ma'am as the captain of the royal guard, I have to fully object to you letting go in this manner; two them impersonated members of my guard while the others attacked us. Ma'am on the law they had just committed high treason I have to…"

Aleena raises her hand stopping Kenna, "I understand your concerns, but they were only following orders misguided orders but orders still. I'm not going to punish them for the people who gave them the orders. I have given them fair warning that if this happens again they won't be so lucky. Now let's go that is an order."

The white wolf gives three sweeps with her purple pink striped tail wanting to say more, but she exhales then releases the restraints on them motioning for them to go on their way. She turns back to look at the Queen and asks, "Your highness where is my brother right now? Kell disappeared after he incapacitated us with the smoke bomb."

"He's back at home right now waiting for the rest of you, so take the rest of the afternoon and enjoy yourselves," Aleena replies with a smile on her face making her way back inside, but before she closed the door behind her she says, "Sonia I made an appointment for you at the beauty salon for your MMM treatment there waiting for you, Kenna, and Midna. Enjoy girls it's on me." Closing the glass door and heading back to the elevator and up to her office.

Everybody except for Sonic head out to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Kana sees him walking the other way and calls out," Hey Sonic where you going?"

He turns around replies, "I just have to handle some things were quickly here see guys later." He waves off heading inside the palace.

Aleena reenters here office as Mizu, Oracle and the agent spring to their feet. She waves her hand for them to take their seats. She walks back behind her desk and sits down, "Please continue your report."

"Yes ma`am. Before everyone was sent to safe room, three of the nobles escape using an emergency slide that went to an underground tunnel. What is really messed up, the three of them sabotage the door after they went toward forcing the rest them into the safe room," the agent reports.

Mizu sits back in his chair crossing his arms, "Damn I now some of the nobles were cut throat, but I would never guess that would leave their friends behind while the place is being stormed is pretty cold."

"Those who only care for themselves will only learn loneliness in the end," Oracle states.

"Can you give us any more information about what was discussed in the meeting?" Aleena asks folding her hands in front of her.

Outside of Aleena's office, Millie's desk lies vacant as discovered by the approaching young hedgehog. "I guess she's out to lunch?"

Nico appearing next to Sonic in seat position with his arms behind his head, ~Hey Sonic what are you doing? We have the rest day off, so why are we hanging around here? ~

~I want to know who mom, Mizu, and Kell got here so fast,~ Sonic replies looking around.

~Come on Sonic that easy for figure out. Mom used Chaos Control to teleport themselves here genius,~ Nico replies stretching his arms while yawning, ~And what you looking at? ~

Sonic keeps looking back and forth, ~Where is everyone? The place is normally full of people, but it is completely empty. What could mom be up? ~

Nico gives wide yawn, ~Look it doesn't matter Sonic, mom might…~

~Shhhhh!~ Sonic tells Nico hearing voices come from his mother's office as leans next to door listening in, but he can only make out little words and phrase, ~Nico give me your super hearing want here what going in there.~ Nico rolls his eyes about to object when Sonic's eyes pick up Aleena's voice, "Can…more information…was discussed…meeting?"

~What did she say? What meeting is she talking about? ~Nico questions.

~Loan me your ears and we can find out, ~ Sonic states; Nico nods, and Sonic hearing becomes 10 times stronger as they hear.

The agent explains, "As you heard the meeting was focused on how force your highness to either surrender powers to them or force you to forgive them of their crimes."

Mizu laughs while saying, "They have a fat chance in hell to think that the queen will give in to their demands. Plus from I recall for that meeting they wanted to gain control over the people just to satisfy their on need to feel like they are above everyone else because they have money and so called proper manners!"

"That is not an important matter that we need to be concerned about as this time; the young masters are more than capable of defending themselves," Oracle chimes in sitting comfortably in the chair front of Aleena right side. He stares into the eyes of the agent, "What really matters is that we discuss what our enemies know about Earth."

The eagle general gives an odd look remembering the nobles were discussing about the relationships between the older royal siblings and some other people. "Earth was King Sora home world and where Prince Shadow, Silver, and Princess Midna were sent into hiding; other than that, I don't understand what other possible interests the planet might hold for them to send spies."

Aleena exhales, "How much do they know about people on Earth?"

"They found out where your children were hidden on Earth along with their guardians. In addition, they have eyes on their friends and their families. The nobles believe that they could that intel gathered to hostages to use against them," the agent explains while taking a seat on the couch.

Aleena turns around in her chair then gets up to look outside at clear sunny day, "Someone in the meeting said something about Shadow knowing a girl. Do you know any more about that?"

"Her is name is Rouge Jewel Bat. She is the same age as Prince Shadow and they are in the same grade at school. Umm…," he taps his chin trying to recall more information he has gathered. "Oh yes, her father is officer in US Air Force and a member of GUN, and her mother is an elected official."

"Shadow has chosen a very honorable young woman," the purple hedgehog comments turning around looking at everyone in room. She nods up with her chin towards the green brown robe man then says, "What do they know?"

"The nobles were able to gather information about the Guardians of Chaos and their identities. Add to that, they found out about the Echidna Clans moving to Earth, so we can assume that know about the Master Emerald," the man pause for second lowing his head into his cupped hands. He takes deep breathe and swings his back looking at ceiling, "They have been conspiring with people to get agents inside our forces stationed there." The man stands to his feet looking directly at the queen and proclaims, "Your majesty, I cannot stress the great amount of danger that this will bring on the people of Earth, Mobius, and the royal family if they are able to get sleeper agents in key location and position. In addition, the danger is even greater since three of the five high profile targets were able to escape."

Mizu twists his chair around looking at their secret agent with a questioning look, "Have you been able to ID the three that got away? And are they stay able to pull off a major attack or operation against the empire?"

The agent crosses his arms and lowers his head being silent for a minute while gathering his thoughts. He exhales then looks back up, "Yes they are still a credible threat. As for names, Duke Harris Cone is proving enormous amounts money for the group."

"That can be easily be fix, we freeze his accounts, and once runs out of the hard cash then we just wait for him to crawl to use," the general comments while smirking.

"Well sir that would work all well and good, but he transformed his whole wealth into hard capital," he replies.

"Well shit that blows my ideas hell," the eagle commander replies while throwing his hand up in the air and flop back down on the arms of the chair.

Aleena sits back into her chair and addresses her General, "We will figure out how to stop the money flow." She then looks at the agent, "Who else escape?"

"Duchess Sylvia Pepper is…,"

"Duchess Pepper is apart to this?! Are you sure?" Mizu interrupts while jumping from his chair with his eyes bugged up filled with shock. The agent nods confirming the General's outburst.

"General is there is something that you need inform us about?" Oracle states calmly looking at the general.

"Yes sir! Your highness I got a report a couple weeks after we retook the planet about Scar-Lyon's assets and dealing with people around the world. The letters D.P. kept popping up over and over again in his log," Mizu states sitting back in his chair combing his fingers through his hair.

"How does that have any bearing about why this woman was put as a high priority target?" Aleena questions once again folding her hands.

"I believe I can answer that your highness," the agent states, "D.P. means Duchess Pepper and she was Bartleby's mistress. She hated that she had to take the backseat to Princess Sonia and not get everything she wants from him; she has made that quite well know over time that when she finally meets Princess Sonia that she will beat royal face into the ground."

"Master Sonia will have a funny challenger on her hands if and when Duchess Pepper decides to carry out her threat," Oracle explains while sounds of laughing float around the room.

Aleena is the first stop laugh and ask, "What level of danger does Duchess Pepper bring to the table?"

After a few more rounds of laughing the room falls silent, the agent sits back down on the couch looking at the three officials, "She was able gain unfettered access to the reservoirs of Bartleby's hidden assets, but she is whether you believe or not the true muscle in the group. Duchess Pepper took control of the Scar-Lyon military forces, and I can tell you that she has enough robots to cause trouble for us."

The Queen looks at her General, "Mizu what is your take on our military capabilities."

"Your highness, as of right now, we don't enough conventional forces to fight and win a major engagement," Mizu states with emotionless tone of voice.

"Understood," she replies then looks back to spy, "Who is the final person?"

"Your highness, I… I mean we…," the man pauses while shaking his head then stands up snapping to attention and bows at waist, "I cannot tell you ma`am because I failed acquire his name!"

Everyone in the room even Sonic outside say in unison, "WHAT!?"

"Wait! Wait! How could not get the guy's name? He was at meeting with everyone else, so you had to seen his face!" Mizu states with the shock expression on his face.

The spy goes back to standing straight, "No sir when he came to meeting he wore a mask and made everyone to refer to him as The Master. He is the one I'm most worried about because we have no information on or what type of influences he might hold."

The purple quilled queen rocks back and forth in her chair then says, "We will have to make do with what information we have for now and form a strategy to combat the force against us. If there is not else then…"

"I'm sorry Queen Aleena, but there is one thing I would like a little more information about," Mizu states look at her. "What does the Rose family have to do with this situation? I mean who is Rose and what connection do they have to royal family?"

Aleena eyes shots straight to agent then to Oracle nodding to both of them. Oracle then says, "Yes General we can give you that information, but you must not leak it to anyone especially the children." Mizu nods acknowledging Oracle's conditions. Oracle then looks at the queen, "Good, but first we must make sure that no wondering ears are listening in. If you be so kind Queen Aleena," Oracle motions to her.

"My pleasure, I think he has been nosey enough!" Aleena smirks snapping her fingers.

Outside the office, Sonic hears his mom snap and the door glows purple and without warning a powerful shock hits the blue prince sending him flying backwards into the wall behind him. Sonic falls to the ground while saying, "AHHHH! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!" Sonic lays on the floor for five minutes then works his way back up. ~Nico are you ok? ~

Nico appear in spirit form holding his head while his eyes are doing 360s in head; he shakes his head refocusing himself and stopping the spinning. ~What the fuck just happen!? ~ Sonic shrugs his shoulders while rubbing his left arm.

Suddenly they are hear footsteps heading their way, but before they can escape a familiar voice says, "Sonic?" He turns around to see Kenna in royal guard uniform walking up to him, "Hey what are you going here?"

"Umm well… what are you doing here?" Sonic quickly ask making a sweat drop appear on Nico's head.

"Well I was here to see Queen Aleena and Uncle Mizu to give them my report. Now why are you here?" the wolf questions folding her arms and stepping closer to him with a suspicious look in her eyes.

"I was here to see Mom too, but she's not in. From the looks of things she must have gave everyone the day off," Sonic laughs rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

Kenna walks pass the nervously- giggling hedgehog towards the door while saying, "Well I'll just check."

Sonic turn around then says, "Like I said she's not in she probably went home after we met up earlier."

"Still I want to…," Kenna is about to knock when Sonic quickly grabs her hand.

"Look why don't we have lunch! Come on," Sonic says picking Kenna up, "The chili dogs are on me! Hang on because we are out of here!" the blue hedgehog says them take out in blue blur with wolf in his arms.

Twenty miles away from the capital palace, Kenna sits at an outside side patio table overlooking the lower segments of the forested city interconnecting water canals. She feels a soft breeze sweep across her face carrying the scent of different foods from the food court behind her. While waiting on Sonic, she looks around the patio area and listens to the people around talk and chat about their lives; until sees a couple sitting across from each at another table holding hands as the man tells his girlfriend how he can't wait to tell his parents about her. Kenna's sharp hearing keeps listening as she hears the boyfriend tells her that he loves her and all the things that are wonderful about her. The wolf's mind begins to wander thinking about the past events and her interaction with the blue hedgehog prince. She leans back in her chair looks out back out over the landscape thinking, ~That couple is so lucky; I hope I get to find someone like that for me soon.~ She giggles to herself, ~ My mate will have be strong, brave, fearless, and handsome. Just like one of the heroes from my kid's books. He would be a great noble brave prince that will come in just at the right time to save the beautiful princess from anyone that would try and bring harm to her. He would have the strength and power of a god, but the heart and love of a cuddly animal. ~ Her mind wonders over the traits of her prefect then shakes her head then says softly, "Come on Kenna get a grip on yourself the only man with all those traits that I know of is…"

"We're back!"

Kenna says in shock looking at blue hedgehog carrying their lunch, "SONIC!" He gives her an odd look wondering why she called his name the way she did. She quickly feels her face begin to grow warm knowing that is it was going beat red; she jumps grabbing a plate while saying, "Your highness please let me help you with that!"

"Um ok, but Kenna," Sonic says looking at the wolf with a puzzled look. She sits down about to start eating when looks back at the young prince, "You have my lunch order."

Kenna looks back at her food to see that she had grab a plate of ten chili dogs with melted cheese and peppers. "Oh sorry sir my mistake," she laughs siding the plate to the other side of the table and taking the plate from Sonic.

The blue prince sits down he grabs one of hot chilidogs quickly devouring it and without pause he inhales the next three dogs. Kenna glance back and forth at her grill bourbon chicken with fired rice. ~Kenna what are you thinking…. he is a member of the royal family and…,~ she pauses her thoughts looking back Sonic downing the fifth chili dog; then she catches herself staring at him with smile growing on her face. ~I have to admit it was fun being pick up and carried away by him, and he did without any trouble. It makes me think how strong Nico is and…"

"Kenna, Kenna!" Sonic calls out waving his hand in front of her face.

She snaps out of her thoughts and says with a panic tone of voice, "Yes your highness!"

Sonic rolls his eyes picking up the eight chilidog spinning it in his hand, "What is with you using the royal titles all of sudden?"

"Well sir, we are in public and the proper respect must be shown for a member of the royal family. As captain of the Royal Guard, I must set an example for my subordinates," she counters using her fork to get a mouthful of rice and chicken.

"But when we are on missions you call us by our names and not just than fifteen minutes ago, you did the same," Sonic retorts downing the ninth chilidog.

Kenna wipes her mouth then says, "When we are on missions, the only people we are required to acknowledge is Queen Aleena, General Mizu, and other superior officers. In public, we must use titles and follow the orders that we are given."

"You said that you have to follow all the orders that we and our siblings give," the blue hedgehog says taking another bit out of his chilidog.

Kenna wipes her mouth again after swallowing another more of her food then says, "Yes your highness any order you give us within reason must be followed."

Sonic finishes the ninth chilidog licking his ungloved hand, "Alright then, we order you and all guards not to use our royal titles in public except of times we deem it necessary."

As Kenna put more food into her mouth, she listens to his order then spits out rice and chicken bits doing her best not choke while standing up saying a somewhat loud tone, "Your highness what are saying?! You can't be serious?!" She looks at Sonic in shock, and sees him wiping off his cloths and arms then checks his last chilidog for any extra food. She looks around and spots other people looking at her; the ashamed wolf sits back down in her chair keeping her head down, "I'm sorry your highness I…"

"Will you loosen up and just relax?! Plus you have rice on your face!" Sonic interjects with a smile on his face.

Kenna shakes her head while wiping off the food off her face; then says in a more calm voice, "Prince Sonic, you can't be serious about that order. You want me to tell everyone not to address you by your title."

"You know you're the only one making a fuss about this. Look around us, you don't see anyone freaking out or doing other crazy shit because a member of the royal family is seating with them," Sonic retorts biting into last chilidog.

"No sir, but…"

Sonic quickly cuts her off, "No buts! You said that you have to follow our reasonable orders, and this order doesn't seem to be outrageous. Right?" she thinks about it for a minute then nods. "Good, so just relax and let enjoy our meal. By the way, you keep looking like something is on your mind," she nods again as her face begins to blush red and holds hands between her legs and arms fidgets close to her chest. "That is third time you had that look on your face. First, it was one way here. Then, after we came back with the food and now you have that same looks. What's on your mind?"

Kenna face begins glow redder think about to say, ~Ok Kenna this is it just tell him the truth. Sonic and Nico are level headed guys. I know if I tell them, they won't hold it against me or anything.~ She takes a breath to calm herself then says, "Your highness… I mean Sonic, what do you and Nico think about me?"

Sonic finishes his last chilidog releases a loud burp then states, "Well you are a great friend with a keen eye and mean left hook."

The she-wolf shakes her head in protest, "No! I mean what do you think about me?" Sonic gives a puzzled look trying to figure out what is that talking about. She holds her hand to her chest and her eyes flutter in wanting fashion, "How do you see me as girl!"

Sonic pounds his fist into his hand and gives an anime like smile, "Oh we get it now! You want to know how you are rated in sex appeal!" Kenna nearly falls out of her chair hearing his answer.

Then she hears the blue hedgehog laughing. She face starts to turn sour when Sonic says, "Kenna, we're kidding! Please don't give us the angry face; look you want to know how you appeal to us right?" She gives a serious quick nod to him with the sour look on her face. "Alright, for one thing you're a very smart and powerful young woman, and these are Nico's words you have fine pair of assets both up and down stairs growing out. Your sexy feature to us is your tail hands down." Kenna's sour face is quickly replaced by blushing red cheeks and a growing smile. Her heart nearly skips a beat when Sonic stands up and holds her hand while looking into her ice blue eyes he says, "The guy you choice to be with you would be luckiest son of bitch in the galaxy." Kenna mouth goes dry as she feels her body temperature going up as if Sonic is pouring heat into her body from his hand. Her heart begins to race beating faster and faster as Sonic raise her hand to his lips, "Well m'lady, we would like to thank you for an exquisite lunch and chat, but we must be on our way to complete our last duties for today; one being that we getting out of these clothes and get our stinky ass into the shower. With that I wish you good evening and sweet dreams." He kisses her palm then steps back giving a wink then calls out, "CHAOS CONTROL!"

Kenna's heart beats wildly still filling the young prince's warm moist lips on her hand. She draws the hand close to here cradling it as she watches Sonic give her a wink then disappears in a blue light. The she-wolf's mind races at unbelievable speeds trying her back to remain calm. ~What do I do now? ~ she questions still staring at the spot Sonic once stood.

Night quickly fall over Mobotropolis and time smoothly goods by until the clock reaches 3 am. Sonic is fast asleep in his king size bed until he starts stirring under his covers rolling back and forth. He opens his sleepy eyes to see Nico with arms folded and head slightly lowered pacing back and forth; the hedgehog tries go back to sleep and ignore his pacing werehog brother. Sonic twists over and over until gets feed up; then sits up turning on the light revealing his messy bed head. He looks at the clock then back at the werehog and says, "You know, I just learn something! It seems even if you or I are spirit form, the other one can hear his footsteps."

Nico stops pacing and looks at Sonic's sleepy face, ~Sorry bro, but I can't sleep! ~

Sonic gets out bed walking over the mini bar to get a glass of water. "Well I can clearly hear that! What the matter Nico?" he asks then drinks his water.

~It's all this business with the nobles, the talk of spies and threats towards these people on Earth, and this Rose thing! ~ Nico states looking at Sonic getting another glass of water.

The cobalt hedgehog takes a couple of sips of water then replies, "Ok, this gets under your skin how?"

~Come on Sonic use your brain! ~ Nico retorts.

"This coming for a guy who ninety-eight percent of time goes charging in head first into a situations without thinking or using his brain! Sorry, but three in the morning brain doesn't work that well!" Sonic fires backs pointing at Nico.

~Fine your right I do go charging in without thinking, but have you really sat down and thought about why we hunting these aristocratic assholes?~ Nico poses walking over the window looking outside at the starry night sky.

"Jeez Nico even you know that! We are hunting them because I think... no no I know they are trying kill us and take over the empire!" Sonic exclaims putting his glass down and crossing his arms and leaning against the mini bar.

The restless werehog turns away from the window and walks over to his smaller brother, ~Sonic that's not the main point! There are too many unanswered questions running around here and to many secrets for us not be questioned; we have doing something to get the bottom of this! ~

Sonic exhales lowing his head softly shaking, "If I was to give control of our body, you would keep me up for the rest the night taking about this!" The werehog looks directly at Sonic giving him a hell not look, "Fine Nico what do you suggest we do to solve this mystery and is possible that it can be done in the morning!?"

~No bro we have to strike right now, so we can get a handle on this! ~ Nico states full of emotion. Sonic rocks head back still listening to his brother, ~The solution is simple; we have Cortana establish link with royal archive then we have her search for all data related your current questions. ~

Sonic rolls his eyes and leans off the minibar, "okay Nico will do it your way, but I guarantee you know this girl is going to be a mess the moment when we wake her up." Nico folds his arms unaffected or intimidated by Sonic's warning. He walks over to his office desk and activates the silver wrist watch causing a shower of stars and bright lights to come up from the face of the watch allowing Cortana to appear in her miniature form lying in a digital like bed asleep. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Sonic asks his werehog sibling; Nico nods his head in approval making the blue hedgehog exhale then say, "Cortana," she remains asleep and unaware of the young prince's call. "Cortana wake up! Come on girl time to get up! Come on Cortana I know you can hear me!"

From her bed, the sparkling blue digital woman with her head turned away from them says in a growing thing annoyed tone, "Do you know what time it is? I just got to bed no more than two hours ago and now you're waking me up; you have better have a damn good reason for disturbing my sleep." The two brothers remain silent still staring down at the digital woman lying in her bed. Another minute passes by and Cortana turns her head to look at the hedgehog then says, "It's bad enough that you will be up but can't you at least have the decency to put some pants on the last thing I want to see he's your naked ass." Sonic looks down and freaks out for a second scrambling over to dresser to grab a pair of comfortable boxers. Once he has the garment on, he walks back over to see the digital beauty sitting on the edge of her digital bed. She stands up walks and inch away from her bed and it disappeared in a digital flash big questions, "there are two reasons why right now I'm not strangling the hell out of you, but save those explanations for another time. So why in the world you have me up at this time in the hour?"

The hedgehog's eyes go from their natural green emerald shape to emerald green splits eyes and in a deeper voice he says, "we need your help this something we needed to find and it can't wait!"

"Nico if it's something this dire why couldn't you wait your mom or wake someone else; why did you have to wake me up?" She retorts folding her arms and staring face to face with the partially transform hedgehog.

"I'll be straight with you; we need you to find important information," Sonic says in Nico's tone of voice. Cortana exhales while rocking her head left and right then holds her hand out in the fashion of wanting Nico to continue his explanation, "we need you to find information related to the Guardians of Chaos, our father King Sora Speed Hedgehog, the Echidna Clan, Mobius relation to Earth, and any information pertaining to the Rose Family. Everything we need should be located within the Royal Archives."

"Fine I'll do it for you two owe me after this," she holds hands out in front of her creating three monitors and a keyboard in front of her. She starts typing making the keyboard light up every single keystroke. "Okay I'm in, I'm establishing a search program to find any cross-references between things that you gave. I'm assuming that's what your name look right?" They both nod as Cortana continues scanning over any data that appears up. Suddenly all three screens flash red with the same message *Access Denied*, "What the hell," the digital woman exclaims, "this can't happen we should have full unfettered access to the system. Hang on let me try something." Her fingers race across-the-board typing at a furious pace, but her efforts are met with only all three screens once again showing the message*Access Denied*.

Cortana, Sonic, and Nico's faces are filled with shock seeing the message he itself over and over again. Sonic's eyes change back to normal and in his normal tone of voice he says, "This can't be right we have unlimited access of the archives. Could it be a data error maybe the data is not there or it's heavily corrupted?"

The AI scans over the archive data cachet and ports, "No it's here the data is all intact were just being blocked. It must be something that were searching for that's causing our whole inquiry to be shielded."

"Okay then break up the search limits, will go through piece by piece to see if we can find where it's giving us the block," Sonic suggests. Nico and Cortana give their approval; Sonic looks back at his digital aid then orders, "Okay let's start off with the Guardians of Chaos."

Cortana types in the words then hits enter allowing the computer to begin it search. A couple seconds later, the results pop up on screen; Cortana reads out the findings, "The Guardians of Chaos are seven noble persons selected to protect objects of power, and…," she scrolls down giving a confuse to pissed off look, "and… the fuck that's it!"

Sonic and Nico give sour faces hearing her words then say, "Let move on Cortana look up information about our father."

The AI inputs the request and reads off the results, "Sora Speed who becomes King Sora Hedgehog was born on Earth is the youngest of the four sons in the Speed Family. At the age of fifteen, he became a member of Guardians of Earth. They were charged with the duty of protecting Earth from any enemies that would seek to invade the planet. In last than a year, Sora became one of the top leaders of the guardians and was permitted to come to Mobius from for the princess's unveiling ball." She scans over more of the profile, "Sonic the rest of it is stuff you already know about the man. The file ends after his disappearance, but that in itself is a lie."

"Why do you say that?" Nico says taking over Sonic's body.

"Because the size of data file shows that it should be three times the size," Cortana replies folding her arms.

Nico releases a low growl then says, "Look up information about the Echidna Clans." She does as requested, but the monitor shows the message with a red background and in white letters *CLASSIFIED*. Nico growls again then orders, "Find data about the forces being station on Earth." The monitor once again displays *CLASSIFIED*. "DAMMIT! What can you find about the Rose Family?!" Nico questions now fully transform from Sonic's body. Cortana shakes her head as the words *Access Denied* appear in the red letters. "AHHHHHH! THE WHAT THE FUCK!" the angry werehog screams loudly.

Morning arrive fairy quickly as the dawn colors breaks into the night's hold on the sky. About 9 am, the briefing room in the palace is occupied by several people. Kenna, Kana, dressed in their Royal Guard armor. Elder Prowler sports form fitting purple business suit with a green blouse. Oracle wears his red hooded cloak. Sonia wears white business skirt with a red business jacket, and Minda models as red business skirt with a white business jacket. Shadow wears an all-black business suit with a bright red tie. Manic wears magic training kimono without his gloves. Silver models a white long sleeve dress shirt with a black short sleeve over shirt and black dress pants. Ling sits in her assigned seat at the conference table quietly meditating while the other stand near the rear of the room talking softly to each other every once and while glancing at the meditating twin tail fox. "So that's the bitch that ordered that failed attempt to kidnap Sonic and I," Shadow states while staring her down.

"Yeah, but Uncle Mizu warned us not to go after her yet," Kana comments. "I for one would love to have a couple words with her!"

Kenna puts her hand on his shoulder shaking him, "I wouldn't be so hastily to go one on one her. According to some intel I dug up, she may be an elder, but she is far from it. Elder Prowler will able to give you a run for your money."

"That doesn't matter, she tried to kidnap Shadow and Sonic. I think it's only fair we teach her why that was a big mistake," Manic suggests squeezing his hand into a fist.

A minute later, Nico comes walking comes into the room wearing a long black trench coat with the sleeves entirely ripped from the shoulder down exposing his muscular arms, a white muscle shirt, jet black jeans, and black spiked running shoes. On the back of his coat, Nico has an outline of the face sown in. "Nice outfit Nico; are planning on going to a fight club or something?" Silver questions with a smirk.

"Nah," the werehog smiles, "but if you want we can start a fight club right here!"

Nico and Silver takes up a fighting stances inside the room getting ready to spar when they hear Elder Prowler comment, "Do you not have any respect for the room that you are now in?" Everyone turn to looks at the leader of the Council of Elder as she continues the belittlement of the hedgehog children, "What message does it send when people see a member of the royal family comes into the government ruling portion of the palace dress in such an audacious fashion? Then suggest that you par-take in fighting while here; what example are you trying to set?"

Manic gets ready to reply to the orange-yellow vixen when General Mizu walks into the room wearing a blue uniform with five gold stars on each shoulder clip, gold buttons, and eight by four set of ribbons on over his left breast pocket. He holds a tablet in his right hand reading the daily morning status report, and without losing a beat he states, "Well Madam Elder it would be the same example that you set when you ordered members of your security detail to dress up like Royal Guards, have them go meet Prince Sonic and Shadow to tell them that under Queen Aleena's orders, which were fake let us not forget, to go with them," he pauses for a second to change the page on the screen then continues his recap, "and they are authorize to use force against. Now you tell us what type of example that ma`am?"

Ling remains still after Mizu completes his recap; Nico, Shadow, Silver, and Manic bust out laughing while Kell and Kana nod in agreement with their uncle. ~The telling her Uncle Mizu,~ Kenna thinks then slightly glances over at the ~ Kenna thinks then slightly glances over at the laughing werehog and feels her face heating up, ~I don't care what that old fart Ling thinks! Nico looks so sexy in that outfit I… I…Ah! Get of hold yourself girl I have remain focus!~

The entry doors both open as one guard announces, "HER ROYAL HIGHNESS QUEEN ALEENA HEDGEHOG!" Aleena walks into the room wearing white power suit with a purple tie with matching white high heel shoes, and her long free flowing quill is braided in one long four platted braid. Everyone snaps in the room to attention when she enters the room followed by four other people. She makes her way to front of the table and says, "Ok everyone please be seated, we are going have make this meeting short. First let me introduce Senators Bench, Rican, and Hare from the Senate Defense Committee and General Conan she is the newly elected Joint Chief from the Moboian Senate." They each wave their hands after the purple hedgehog introduces them. "Now for debriefing after talking with General Mizu and the commanders that were in the field, I have decided to deem the mission to be a halfway successful because we only able to capture two of five have profile targets. Shadow and Nico," she pauses looking at those sons named, "Your actions during the mission were very questionable. You enter the target area without permission, and launch a unilateral attack on the enemies in the target area. Those actions are bad enough, but Nico you attacked a teammate! I know you two have a record for going orders to do what you want. At times, your actions have had positive results and I have been able over look those incidents, but I not tolerate the attacking of teammate in form or fashion when in an active mission. Is that understood?!"

"Yes ma`am!" They say in unison while facing their angry face mother.

"Good; now for your next mission the nine of you are in charge of coming up with a way reward the people of planet for all their hard work and uplift their spirits," Aleena orders then stands up making everyone else stand up as well then says, "I will leave this matter to you. Generals, Senators, Oracle, Elder Prowler please come with me. Good luck kids I look forward to hearing your plan to handling this mission."

Aleena and the others walk out the room leaving them in briefing room. Sonia sits back her chair looking at everyone else and spouts out, "I blame you Nico and Shadow! This is all your fault!"

Nico whips around looking at the lite violet color hedgehog, "How is this my fault?"

"Because you two couldn't wait for Mom to give us order to go in. Now we're stuck with this mission, so does anyone have any ideas about we handle this?"

The werehog rolls his eyes then growls, "I have one idea. How about Kell and I have full out fight; I owe him for that smoke bomb that he used to fuck with my nose!"

The room falls silent until Manic jumps out of his chair drawing everyone's attention. He smile with a glimmer in his eyes, "Nico is right!" Everyone even Nico gives the green hedgehog magic caster confused and what the fuck look. "We need a way that will make the people forget their troubles for a while giving them something to cheer for, so we use a fight between us to accomplish that goal."

Kenna brings her right hand to her chin and comments, "You want to market a fight the seven of you to draw people in. I don't think her majesty will go for it."

"No… no not a fight a fight, but a royal battle and we fight using music. I call it a Royal Battle of the Bands!" Manic explains a grin on his face.

Everyone talks about it softly until Nico exclaims in a loud booming voice, "WE LIKE IT!" Everyone looks at the sitting werehog with amazed look on their face. "We will able to finally be able to settle on big debated question. Who are the better singers?"

Shadow give laughing huff then says, "Ok Nico Sonic you're on! Midna, Silver, and I's band will be called Shadow Colossus!"

Nico stands up face his ebony and red brother with a smirk on his face, "Fine its settled Sonic Underground verses Shadow Colossus in Royal Battle of the Bands!"

Sonic's Log… No I got Prince Sonic Personal Log… That just plain stupid… Sonic try this Nico Report… That even worst Nico. Ah fuck this thing has been recording us from the beginning. Fuck it Sonic just go live! Ok Nico; its been four weeks since we decided to have a World Party to cheer up the people. The plan is set up a week's worth of the multiple events around the world, and member of the royal will be the guess at each event. One the last day we host the main event is going to be a battle of bands, and Cortana to us last night that this battle is going be broadcasted worldwide live. Setting up for everything has been a blast; we just finished building a new concert stage, so everyone in Mobotropolis and some of the surrounding towns and cities can come see the battle in person.

I'm stepping in for Sonic for this part. Sonic makes this sound all fun and all, but the truth it's a major pain in the ass! We have been logging some much traveling time I don't think I will every need Priceline. Add that to band practice and digging more in to the archives, I feel some days that I completely forget what is going on and where we are.

Besides Nico's whining, he does bring up an important point. Our search through the archives has proven that someone is working very hard to keep the truth hidden. I have suggested to Nico a couple times we go confront mom about it, but he thinks that is too soon for us go to her. He wants to wait until we have enough evidence so that she has no choice but tell us what she is hiding.

Damn straight Sonic, now end this log, so we get to sleep we have battle to win tomorrow night!

The next night, the new opened air concert theatre is filled over ten thousand people yelling, cheering, and screaming with joy seeing the laser lights dance across starry night sky as the moon shines down. Around the stage, three huge holo-screens are showing an image on the stage; then music start blasting from the speakers making the crowd erupt with more cheers and shouts. Kenna and Kell come flying onto stage riding hoverboards at high speed. Kenna wears silver armor sports bra, matching pants, and long white sleeveless open trench coat showing her flat. Her tail is has three silver rings equally spaced downed her tail. Kell sports red muscle shirt and black jeans with a black chocker.

Kenna goes flying over the right side of the audience and says while Kell flies over the left, "Hey hey everyone this is your favorite she-wolf and leader of the Royal Guard Kenna Adair!"

"And I'm the best bird brain in Mobotropolis and head of the Stealth Squad Kell Adair!" he shouts in the microphone.

The crowd shouts and cheers then Kenna says, "Are you ready?" she holds her hand to her ear listening the cheers. "Yeah that is good to hear Mobotropolis!"

Kell points to the cameras then says, "Hey you at home are you ready?" Faint shouts could be heard from the outskirts of the city.

"Alright everyone before we get this party start we have a special message from her royal majesty Queen Aleena Hedgehog," the she-wolf states points to a roped off area in the middle of the crowd.

The cameras turn to area and the purple hedgehog. Her image is seen on the all three holo-screens wearing full length red robe as cheers from every angle greet her. Aleena holds up hand in and the air goes silent in seconds. "My people it is good to stand here, and finally say without doubt we are free. *cheers* The evil Robotnik is finally gone and Mobius is ours once more. I want to thank everyone for making this last week the best ever. Before we begin the battle my children have one song they want to sing together for all of Mobius to cheer for." The cheers ramp up again and the cameras turn to the stage to show the six hedgehog wearing robes matching their quill color.

They smile at crowd making cheer even louder; they summon their instruments with bright light and the hedgehog children in unison.

(Sonic and Shadow)

There's something missing

Something's not quite right

And I can feel it calling

To me every night

(Sonia and Midna)

A little voice inside

Tells me someone is out there

And I must never give up

Searching everywhere!

Someday (Everyone)


We are gonna be together

Life will be so much better

Someday (Everyone)


We will build a bond no one can break

No more dark clouds above

Someday (Everyone)


United in the light of love

The story can only end one way

We'll be together someday


We were separated by the dark

Broken by time a part


Hidden away from all that seek

Pain was our only relief


Until the light shine within our hearts

Dawning by love from all


And united by the call

We came together for all

Someday (Everyone)

(Silver and Shadow)

We are gonna be together

Life will be so much better

Someday (Everyone)

(Sonia and Nico)

We will build a bond no one can break

No more dark clouds above

Someday (Everyone)

(Midna and Manic)

United in the light of love

The story can only end one way

We'll be together someday



We are together today

The crowd goes wild with cheers and applause; some viewers are in tears thinking about how their lives were all in grave danger no less than five months ago. Even the great white she-wolf is tearful knowing the plague her friends and family have gone through not too long ago as well. She looks at her brother and sees him silently balling using all his strength not to make cry out loud. Aleena wipes away some tears from her face takes a deep breath and says drawing the attention of the cameras while looking at her children standing by each other on the stand, "Well done my children. Thanks to you our world is free and our people live. We are all in your debt." The sound of clapping echoes from around the planet; then the purple hedgehog smiles and shouts, "NOW LETS SEE WHO CAN ROCK HARDER SONIC UNDERGROUND OR SHADOW COLOSSUS!" She rips off her robe revealing pair of tight blue jeans with a hole in the back for her tail and loose t-shirt with outlines of the children's faces, and the words 'Royal Battle of the Bands Sonic Underground v. Shadow Colossus'. She holds her left arm in the air with the back of her palm facing out and the index pointing straight up and thumb to the side; Aleena shouts, "ROCK ON!"

The crowd cheers as the six tear their robes off reveals t-shirt with their individual face outline expect for Sonic how has both Nico and his on his shirt. Kenna finishes wiping her face and flies her hoverboard over the stage then says, "Alright everyone let get this started; the rules are simple. Your cheers will determine the winners; judging the contest is my hotheaded no brain brother. Some of you might know him as the lead trainer of the Royal Guard or the Fire King or dragon breath Kana Adair!" The camera pans over to him waving while his face covered by his other hand from the judge's table with four other judge sitting below.

"Shadow Colossus won the toss up and will start the battle, so show what you go Shadow Colossus!" Kell exclaims motioning over the stage where Shadow with his back turn to the audience, Silver, and Midna are at center with the background burning city behind them. The crowd cheers as they older sibling begins to play.

(Midna and Silver)

All hail Shadow
Heroes rise again
Obliterating everything
That's not your friend
Nothing can stop you now
No ghost to bring you down
When there's nothing left to lose
You win

Bow your heads low
All hail Shadow


Bow your heads low
All hail Shadow

Shadow turns around playing his guitar while singing:
Suffer long and it will set you free
Only through trial do we
Find the strength we need
It's never over, just another day
All hope and tragedies
And everything that comes our way

Determination of the strong
Found the meaning that I
Searched for so long

(Midna and Silver)
All hail Shadow
Heroes rise again
Obliterating everything
That's not your friend
Nothing can stop you now
No ghost to bring you down
When there's nothing left to lose
You win

(Silver sings as he and crowd bows to the black hedgehog)
Bow your heads low
All hail Shadow

(Midna sings as she and crowd continue bowing to him)

Bow your heads low
All hail Shadow

(Shadow sings while jumping on his hoverboard and flying over the crowd)
Somewhere in chaos
We all find ourselves
This destruction is the
Only tale we tell
White is black and black is white
Right is wrong and wrong is right
Nothing ever fills this
Hole inside my heart

Determination of the strong
Found the meaning that you
Searched for so long

(Silver and the crowd)
All hail Shadow
Heroes rise again
Obliterating everything
That's not your friend
Nothing can stop you now
No ghost to bring you down
When there's nothing left to lose
You win

(Midna and the crowd)
All hail Shadow
Heroes rise again
Obliterating everything
That's not your friend
Nothing can stop you now
No ghost to bring you down
When there's nothing left to lose
You win

(Silver, Minda and the crowd sing while bowing to Shadow)
Bow your heads low
All hail Shadow

(Everyone sings as they continue bowing)

Bow your heads low
All hail Shadow

Shadow lands back on the stage, and everyone cheers loudly as the three bow and make their way off the stage. "Hell yeah now that is what I call an opening act. From the sounds of things, Sonic Underground has got to bring it if they want to stay in this thing," Kenna comments.

Backstage, Shadow walks past Sonic on his way to the dressing room and says, "Game on bro!" The three older hedgehogs laugh as the stage finishes changing room a burning city to image of the planet rotating in space. Sonic laughs as they hear them being introduce.

"Alright Sonic Underground you got work to do lets hear what you got!" Kell states hovering stage. Sonic, Sonia, and Silver starts to play while the fans cheer.

C'mon and light the fuse, he's a rocket and he's ready to go
'Cause now the coutdown has started and he's ready to blow
He's got the dope sounds pumpin in a stereo (-eo!)
Kick'n ass fast... puttin' on a show


Go on and get yourself together, there's no time to rest
And if you put the time in he'll put you to the test
He's like the runnin' man, in his world more is less
And if you wanna test him best bring your best
Don't make me spell it out, bring your best!

In my world


His world! (Sonia and Midna)

Where life is strong (Sonic)

In my world (Sonic)

His world! (Sonia and Midna)

Life's an open book (Sonic)

In my world (Sonic)

His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Where compromise does not exist (Sonic)

In his world of worlds, every step meets the rest! (Sonia and Manic)

In my world (Sonic)

His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Where one is all (Sonic)

In my world (Sonic)

His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Never fear the fall! (Sonic)

In my world (Sonic)

His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Where compromise does not exist! (Sonic)

In his world of worlds, every step meets the rest! (Sonia and Manic)(Manic sings as Sonic which with Nico)
Runnin' it back again, well what'dja expect?
Comin' at ya with ten out of ten, got a real rough neck
Spikes up his memories, straps on his shoes
'Cause he's the best there ever was, haven't you heard the news?
Intergalactic continental champ, running things
Hyperactive instrumental with pulling strings
See he's the one who'll understands when the tides will swing
So he's breaking down doors, never following


C'mon and psyche yourself up, 'cause it's time to play
Bouncin' the beats and the rhymes 'cause they're here to stay
The one and only miracle now ripping the day
Movin' up, commin' fast, and he'll blow you away
Because the pressures of this world make you take their toll
And it's time to get away when we take ahold
The only way to break free is to break the mold
You can't stop now, lock and load
Don't stop now, c'mon, rock n' roll!

In my world


His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Where life is strong (Nico)

In my world (Nico)

His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Life's an open book (Nico)

In my world (Nico)

His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Where compromise does not exist (Nico)

In his world of worlds, every step meets the rest! (Sonia and Manic)

In my world (Nico)

His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Where one is all (Nico)

In my world (Nico)

His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Never fear the fall! (Nico)

In my world (Nico)

His world! (Sonia and Manic)

Where compromise does not exist! (Nico sings then fires a moonlight cannon beam into the air making the sky light up)

In his world of worlds, every step meets the rest! (Sonia and Manic)


Nico turns back into Sonic, and all the hedgehogs fly into the air on the hoverboards flying over the fans. They cheer loud as Sonic, Sonia, and Manic down aero-acrobatics and giving fives to hands in the air.


Light the fuse on his rocket and he's ready to go
'Cause now the countdown has started and he's ready to blow (to blow... to blow...)


In my world...! where one is all!


Intergalactic continental champ, running things
Hyperactive instrumental with pulling strings


In my world...! Never fear the fall!

(Sonic, Sonia, Manic, and the fans)
(In his world...!) The only way to break free is to break the mold
You can't stop now, rock and roll
(His world...!) I said you can't stop now, lock and load
(His world...!) Don't stop now, c'mon and rock and roll!

Just as they finish playing, the three hedgehog's aura round them and fires up into the sky. The blue, lite-violet, and green light beams shot high into the air then explode raining down same strings of energy onto the crowd. The fans erupt into explosive cheers and applauses as Sonic, Sonia, and Manic land back on the stage bowing then walk. "OH DAMN! THE WAY CROWD IS SOUNDING; SONIC UNDERGROUND JUST TOLD SHADOW COLOSSUS TO BRING IT!" Kenna shouts doing a low flyby.

"WELL NOW IT'S SHADOW COLOSSUS CHANCE TO BRING IT BACK!" Kell shouts in to microphone pointing at the stage. The background is the sun setting over the wide open ocean. Shadow and Silver wear black suits, shirts, and white ties. Midna wears tight form fitting green silk dress with strap on eagle wings. Shadow plays the keyboard, Silver plays his violin, and Midna holds a microphone. The male hedgehogs start to play a soft melody while Midna takes to the air on her board. The crowd falls silent listening to her hypnotizing song.


I know this will not remain forever
However it's beautiful
Your eyes, hands and your warm smile
They're my treasure
It's hard to forget

I wish there was a solution
Don't spend your time in confusion
I will turn back now and spread

She circles over the crowd keeping their attention looked on her; as her wings flap in the wind passing around her. Minda opens her hand and glittering sparkles rain down to the crowd.

My broken wings
Still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the wind
Higher and higher in the light
My broken wings
Still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the wind
Across the sky, just keep on flying

The fans remain memorized by singing and sparkles coming from her hand. After another two minutes pass, the elegant female hedgehog flies up towards Kell. The eagle is frozen in place when she comes up to him and embraces his larger figure and whispers into his ear with enough volume for the microphone to pick up.

The pain that cannot be measured, the flow of time that cannot be measured
Even if that may fill up everything
I can still feel
What falls from the sky is not rain...

She moves back still embracing him, and she looks at his blushing red face. Midna gives a small soft smile. She slowly backs away from him relieving a small tear running down her face. She turns her back to the male eagle while singing.

Did I ever chain you down to my heart
'Cause I was afraid of you?
No, I couldn't hold any longer
Love is not a toy
Let go of me now
The time we spent is perpetual
Our future is not real
So I'll leap into the air

Kell tries to follow her, but a voice inside him tells him to wait and watch as she sings.

My broken wings
Still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the wind
Higher and higher in the light
My broken wings
Still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the wind
Across the sky, just keep on flying

Minda turns back to face Kell; she reveals more tears in her eyes, and she opens her arms as she falls backwards off the hoverboard. Kell's eyes bugs seeing her fall off her board; he jumps from his board spreading his powerful wings from his back. He sweeps in catching the brown hedgehog in his arms.

She sings softly while hugging him tightly.
What falls from the sky is not the rain

I'm staring out into the night,
Trying to hide the pain.
I'm going to the place where love
And feeling good don't ever cost a thing.
And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain.

They land on the stage, and Midna gives him a soft kiss on his right cheek. The fans burst once against in cheers and howls. Midna leaves Kell off the stage by the hand. Once they are off stage, Midna whispers to him, "When this is over I want to see you again." Kell gulps while his heart beats rapidly and nods in silent as watches Midna sway away.

The people cheer uncontrollably as the stage background changes to bus stop at night with a blinking streetlight. Kenna looks around and does a flyby over the stage, but she doesn't see her brother. "Well folks I thinks my co-announcer must be getting his wings fixed after Midna broke them!" she laughs along with other fans. "So let's keep this party going! Sonic Underground has got work to do so let's hear it!" Manic walks on stage with wearing a shirt with rusted-blue jean jacket and pants and black boots. Sonic wears a white t-shirt with torn black jeans and black shoes. Sonia wears a brown turtle neck and blue jeans brown shoes. Sonic plays his guitar, and Sonia plays the drums. Manic sits down on the bench as the music starts.


I'm staring out into the night,
Trying to hide the pain.
I'm going to the place where love
And feeling good don't ever cost a thing.
And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain.

(Manic, Sonia, and Sonic)
Well I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old,
So I'm going home.
Well I'm going home.

The crowd sways to with the flow of the music while waving their arms in the air.

The miles are getting longer, it seems,
The closer I get to you.
I've not always been the best son for you.
But our love remains true.
And I don't know why.
You always seem to give me another try.

(Sonic, Manic, Sonia, and some fans)
So I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old,

Manic stands up and walks over the edge of the stage pointing to crowd directing the way the fans are rocking from left to right.

Be careful what you wish for,
'Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all,
And then some you don't want.
Be careful what you wish for,
'Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all, yeah.


Manic grabs the hand of a girl from the audience and help her up onto stage singing to her while having her face towards the palace lite up brightly in heart of the city.

Oh, well I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old.
I said these places and these faces are getting old,
So I'm going home.
I'm going home.

The songs comes to an end, and Manic gives a quick peck on the cheek of the girl on stage with him; then helps her back into the audience. Her friends encircle her cheering and giggling as the rest of the fans cheer and hoar from more from both bands. "ALRIGHT EVERYONE WE HAVE TO TAKE A QUICK TEN MINUTE BREAK; THEN WE WRAP UP THIS KICK ASS BATTLE!" Kenna exclaims loudly into the microphone.

The purple hedgehog claps with everyone else in the VIP area. A guard walks up taps on the queen's shoulder getting attention and says into her ear, "You majesty we have got conformation that a large mass of aerial signals heading this direction. Ma`am I have informed General Mizu and Conan, and they agree that we should evacuate the VIPs and you from the area."

Aleena shakes her head no and replies, "Sargent if we do that people are going to notice and question what is happening. When they see whatever is coming, the people are going to panic and things will get real bad real fast. Here I want you to take these and put them around the perimeter of the area." Aleena hands the guard a several slips of paper with symbols painted on them. "Once they are set leave the rest to us. Go have Mizu and Conan secure the city.

"Yes your highness," the Major bows and walks away.

Kell returns with a big smile on his face, and Kenna smirks looking at her eagle brother, "I guess somebody got some good news. Well we will have story time later on time to get this party started again." Kenna takes back off into the air with Kell close behind. She points her extended arm and finger into the air shouting into the microphone, "ARE YOUR READY TO GET THIS PARTY BACK IN GEAR AND SEE WHO WILL WIN THIS ROYAL BATTLE?!"

The stage's background is transformed into the night club DJ stage with a mix turn table in the center. Light beams of different colors rotating around the over the stage, and three disco ball with other club light hover the audience. Midna walks out wearing a black sports bra with a black miniskirt and shining black knee high heels with white laces. She makes her way to DJ mix table and starts the music. Some of the fans start dancing the beat of music when Shadow and Silver walk onto the stage wearing making black sweat suits with one long silver bar down the left side.

(Silver and Shadow)

Shadow Colossus
Lolli lolli lolli lolli, let me see you pop that body
Lolli lolli lolli lolli, let me see you pop that body
Chocolate lolli, cherry lolli
'Nilla lolli, pink lolli
Red hot, red hot
Red hot hot
Let that lolli pop - oooooooh; let that lolli pop - oooooooh
Let that lolli pop - oooooooh; let that lolli pop - oooooooh

Now lawdy lawdy lawdy (lawdy) please Lord have some mercy (mercy)
This girl is throwin Judy (Judy) I think she 'bout to hurt me (hurt me)
See she went front to back (back) then she went side to side (side)
I'm throwing blanky jankies (jankies) I think I need a ride (ride)


One pocket full of pills (pills) and a little bag of that cola (cola)
The other one full of weed (weed) and a semi auto pistol-a (tol-a)
See I ain't no dancin dude (dude) but I can lean like a cholo (cholo)
See ma you go with me cause I can't beat not goin home solo (solo)
Ya dig?

(Silver, Shadow, and Midna)
Lolli lolli lolli lolli, let me see you pop that body
Lolli lolli lolli lolli, let me see you pop that body
Chocolate lolli, cherry lolli
'Nilla lolli, pink lolli
Red hot, red hot
Red hot hot
Let that lolli pop - oooooooh; let that lolli pop - oooooooh
Let that lolli pop - oooooooh; let that lolli pop - oooooooh

Silver flies into the air next the disco ball shooting lime green light beams at mirror ball. The ball lights up reflexing the light in every direction.

They call me the Juice when I'm at strip club
I put down a hundred or a du-uh-uh-uhhhb
It don't matter to a player I'm a stu-uh-uh-uhhhd
Cause when I leave the club I'ma fu-uh-uh-uhhhck
You can ride with the mayne if he givin up the brain
Little scared to ride wit'cha I don't even know your name
There's a whole lotta room in the front of the Range
Like Queen Aleena said yeah it's time for a change


Pull over on the roll on the back seat (back seat)
Pop that body now you got me (got me)
You a fine chick kinda classy (classy)
Said her name was Ten now I'm grabbin (grabbin)
Cuz she got grip on the whip
With her big round booty with the silicone tits
Shit she bouncin on my lap and she tryin to own six
I whispered in her ear "Yeah (It's Hard For a Pimp)"

(Shadow holds a microphone towards the crowd as they both sing)
Lolli lolli lolli lolli, let me see you pop that body
Lolli lolli lolli lolli, let me see you pop that body
Chocolate lolli, cherry lolli
'Nilla lolli, pink lolli
Red hot, red hot
Red hot hot
Let that lolli pop - oooooooh; let that lolli pop - oooooooh
Let that lolli pop - oooooooh; let that lolli pop - oooooooh

All my ladies with a body, put yo' hands in the URR
Youse a good lookin hottie, put yo' hands in the URR
Project Pat, lookin for a model, poppin that booty, I'ma pop bottles
Your girl's a cutie, know she gargles, don't get me wrong, I keep them hollows
Shorty hot, watch her rock, let me see that lolli pop
Body rock, don't you stop, I love the way that booty drop
Sideways, front back, up and down I like that
Cherry lolli, chocolate lolli, I wanna see you pop that lolli

(Silver, Shadow, Midna, and fans)
Lolli lolli lolli lolli, let me see you pop that body
Lolli lolli lolli lolli, let me see you pop that body
Chocolate lolli, cherry lolli
'Nilla lolli, pink lolli
Red hot, red hot
Red hot hot
Let that lolli pop - oooooooh; let that lolli pop - oooooooh
Let that lolli pop - oooooooh; let that lolli pop - oooooooh

The fans send out thunderous clapping with while are still dancing. "DAMN SHADOW COLOSSUS JUST TURNED THIS BATTLE OUT AND MADE THIS PLACE A DANCE CLUB!" Kell exclaims dancing with the fans.

The background transforms to show a giant palace similar the Moboian Palace at night with the windows lite up. "SONIC UNDERGROUND THIS IS YOU LAST CHANCE TO SHOW THE PEOPLE WHY YOU ARE THE BEST!" Kenna exclaims making fans howl and shout. Sonia, Manic, and Nico walk out on the stage wearing their normal outfits. Nico and Sonia play the guitars as Manic plays the drums. The three start playing the music making the fans jumps and blob their heads.

(Nico and Manic)

Must I float away?

Will I ever wake?


As far as I know

Nothing is for sure right now

For all I have know

Unpowered in the light of now

(Sonia and Manic)

Must I float away?

Will I ever wake?


The fault is mine

For it is I who gave this heart

Much has dawned

In this place that has no sun

(Sonia and some of the fans)

Must I float away?

Will I ever wake?

Must I float away?

Will I ever wake?

Manic does a drum solo with Nico softly playing in background

Nico fires more moonlight cannon shoots into the air. The beams smash into others and explode into bright silver-white fireworks in the sky and ran down with sparkles down on the joyful fans.

(Manic, Sonia, and whole crowd)

Must I float away?

Will I ever wake?

Must I float away?

Will I ever wake?

(Nico and crowd)

Must I float away?

Will I ever wake?

Must I float away?

Will I ever wake?

Just as the music ends and the crowds go even wilder with shouts, screams, applauses, and howls for more. Shadow, Silver, and Midna come to back the stage for final bows with Sonia and the others; the whole planet echoes with cheers for the royal children. "COME ON MOBIUS SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR SONIC UNDERGROUND AND SHADOW COLOSSUS!" Kenna shouts into her microphone.

The people reply with even more cheers, but suddenly several massive explosions rock the ground while the sky fills with flying robots similar to Robotnik's SWAT Bots surround the area. Then giant ship comes into view with as woman's voice comes booming over the loud speakers. "HA YOU FOOLS THIS IS HOW YOU PEASENTS CELEBRATE WITHOUT MY PROMISSION! FOR THAT I WILL PUNISH YOU ALL! BUT FIRST I WILL I'M GOING GET RID OF THE BITCH WHO DARE AND TRIED TO STEAL MY BELOVED'S HEART! SONIA HEDGEHOG I'M GOING TO BLOW YOU INTO THE FUCKING DUST!"

Aleena jumps up to stage with her children; she gives a smirk on her face, "Just according to plan, our guest of honor has just arrived. Well kids looks like the bonus round is about to begin!" Everyone takes up fighting stances staring at the large number of the robots.

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List of music:

Someday from Sonic Underground

All Hail Shadow by Crush 40

His World by Zebrahead

Broken Wings from Trinity Blood

Home by Daughterly

Lolli Lolli by Three 6 Mafia

Unawaken Float from Sonic and Secret of the Rings

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Episode 10: WHO'S IN CHARGE?!

Chapter Text

Episode Ten


Disclaimer: I still don't own Sonic Hedgehog

Aleena jumps up on stage with her children; she gives a smirk and exclaims, "Just according to plan, our guest of honor has arrived. Well kids looks like the bonus round is about to begin!" Everyone takes up fighting stances staring at the large number of the robots.

"Mom who the hell is that?!" Silver screams.

"Who gives a fuck! She's a party crasher, and we should be fucking crashing her!" Nico growls cracking his knuckles and getting ready to charge the attacking robots.

Aleena holds out her hand stopping her growling son. Then she gives her children a big grin and gives a happily bold statement, "Hold on kids remember you are still in battle to find out who is the best band, so looks like we are going into the grand finale." Aleena turns around facing the numerous of enemies then says in a booming voice, "NOW MY CHILDREN SHOW US THE HIDDEN POWER WITHIN ONCE AGAIN!"

Aleena holds her hands to the sky and starts to glow with a magic purple aura, once again the royal children feel a strange power welling inside them. The kids' bodies start glowing brightly and in one united roar they transform into their super forms, but Nico roars even louder as another energy field appears next to him. A second later, Sonic appears also in his super form. They give each other a bright smile; then Nico points at the enemy's capital ship, "Time for the grand finale guys! What do you say?!"

"LETS DO IT!" the hedgehogs say in unison and take off into the air.

Aleena twirls then strikes pose, "Alright now let the music play!"

(A/N: Play I Believe by Fantasia in background)

The seven kids race towards the city as it glows burning red-orange with fire from the blasts of the robots. The attacking machines end their firing on the buildings and homes, and they turn their attention at the seven super powered siblings rocketing towards them. The siblings fly off in different directions causing the robots to break into seven big waves.

Manic charges head-on towards the attacking robots. Shots sail past him as he maneuvers left and right, up and down, and spinning over and in the air as he swiftly dodges the harmful beams of energy. He gets closer to the enemy and fires several fireballs instantly destroying the robots.

Silver grabs several robots with his enhance psychokinetic powers forcing them into a wall of metal shielding him from the attacks of the other robots. Then he uses the captured robots like missiles by flinging at his enemies.

Shadow lets the robots closely follow him through the air as he weaves past burning buildings while taunting the robots to closely follow him, but catches a view of Sonia being chase as well. Shadow swiftly changes course and charges towards his fleeing sister.

Sonia sees him heading her direction and quickly realizes what he is planning. She glances back at the chasing robots and calls out while pushing up to full speed, "Come on boys follow the leader!"

The two super powered hedgehogs race towards each at freighting speeds. The robots continue their assault by unleashing a hail of laser fire, but the royal children evade the shots by swiftly moving left and right as if they can see the shots coming from behind them. The siblings hold their course towards until very last second they cry out in unison, "CHOAS CONTROL!" A nanosecond before they clash into each other, Sonia and Shadow disappear in a flash leaving their unwilling chasers to clash into each other in a series of multiple explosions as they shot, clash, and explode into one another. Robot parts and small burning fires rain down from the cloud of the collision zone.

Shadow and Sonia hover off the side watching everything unfold. They give each a satisfying nod then flight off the join the rejoin the melee.

Sonic uses his Starlight Blaster to shot down bots in any direction. A couple minutes later, ten SWAT Bots riding hovercrafts come charging at golden hedgehog. He smirks and flies off with the bots in hot pursuit; Sonic does a series of aerial acrobatic tricks from a double barrel straight to 1080 cork screw. Like before, the robots maintain a deadly lock-on the hedgehog. They open fire missing most of their shots except one that hits it mark. When the shot hits the super form hedgehog, Sonic stops in midflight without warning. He turns around to face the bots with a stern look on his face; then he says in a cold tone of voice, "Playtime is over."

In a flash, Sonic appears in the middle of the robot formation. He takes a fighting stance then unleashes series of punches and kicks. Sonic punches through the chest plates of four bots pulling out the power core leaving the power depleted machine motionless. Almost at the same time, the hedgehog swings his legs at lightning speed. A second later, the robots fall to pieces starting with their arms then the rest of their body. The two bots at the rear of the pack prepare to fight, but Sonic appears in between them hold his arms out to toward them. Sonic says with energy forming in his hands, "Game over! You lose! STARLIGHT BLASTER!" Two light blue with dark blue star shaped sparkles shorts fire out of his hands destroying the robots in a powerful blast.

Silver flies up next to his brother with is his arms folded with a puzzled look on his face. "Sonic what with the mucho look?" he questions.

Sonic gives a goofy smile replying, "Well I just wanted to sound like a hard ass. Ha ha ha!"

Silver shakes his head with his hand on his forehand. After a couple of seconds, Silver couldn't help but laugh thing about Sonic's tough guy act. The boys are suddenly shelled with laser fire from above by another wave of robots on hovercrafts. Their aura shield protects them from that attacks; Silver looks up at the attacking metal men. He holds out his hand as silver energy form in the center of his palm; the energy glows brighter until Silver closes his hand round the orb forming a silver sword. He swings silver energy sword while saying, "Dimensional Beam," the blade cuts across the enemies' torso leaving a silver line. The blade quickly disappears as Silver turns his back to the enemy with a confident smirk on his face. "Be gone you lowlife," Silver states; the silver line sucks in the robots and their hovercraft leaving in the blink of an eye. Silver glances at Sonic saying, "That how a hard ass does it!"

"Show off," Sonic retorts before flying off to fight more enemies.

Nico stands in the center of a four way intersection with his arms crossed while the buildings around him burn brightly. His eyes are close listening the marching of the metal men coming from each direction. The four line road is filled with the laser bearing robots getting ever closer to the lone werehog. Once they reach the outer edge of the intersection, they double time march to create circle perimeter around Nico. The SWAT BOTS leave a nine foot diameter gap around him while taking up firing positions. The metal men paint Nico with multiple red lasers waiting for prefect moment to open fire.

Nico softly growls out, "What took you so long! I'm about to pass out waiting on you!" He opens his eyes looking at all the robots surrounding him and growls out loud, "You got one chance! After that, I'm sending all of you to junk pile!" The SWAT BOTS open fire with endless shots. From the outside the twenty foot tall dome, Midna flies over, and through the gaps in the dome, she sees a bright light show of lasers coming from bots centering on a single point.

Moments later, the rain of lasers ends with a cloud of smoke and dust in the air centered on the area Nico was standing. As the cloud vanishes, it reveals Nico at the center of his Werehog Shield. "Bang your dead," Nico calmly states. Suddenly, his shield disperses with a strong enough force to shatter the robot dome. Nico then flies through the air so fast the robots, to him, seem to be moving in slow motion. The super charged werehog hacks and slashes one bot after another after until the last one that was at the top of the dome. Nico flies above it to look down at the falling pieces of robot parts. A bright glowing white lights shines through the outline of Nico's fangs until his whole mouth is burning bright with the glowing energy. Nico opens his mouth growling out just as the blinding white light rockets out, "MOONLIGHT CANNON!" The beam of energy dissolves the final whole robot along with the remaining robot parts and completely destroying the four way intersection. As a result, a bright column of light bounces back and shoots up in the sky. Once the column of light fades, Nico land back in in the center of what was the four way intersection. He smirks while saying, "That was fun! I want more!"

"HEY NICO!" Minda calls out drawing the smiling werehog attention, "WE NEED TO SAVE THE CITY NOT FUCKING DESTORY IT!" Nico stays silent, but he points behind Midna nodding for her to turn around. She looks over her shoulder to see a wave of thirty SWAT BOTS flying right at her. "Damnit! We don't have time of shit!" She summons her medallion instrument in its weapon form; then she turns to face the advancing enemies. "Get a taste of my STAR STORM!" Midna swings the blade horizontally unleashing a stream of countless stars at the bots instantly destroying them, but the excess stars hit the buildings in the background causing them to collapse.

Midna's jaw drops seeing the extra damage, but her faces turns sour when she hears Nico bust out laughing. "HAHAHA! WELL AIN'T THIS SOME FUNNY SHIT! I ONLY DESTORYED AN INTERSECTION, BUT YOU, BIG SISTER, DESTORYED FOUR BUILDINGS! YOU ME BEAT! HAHAHAHAH!" Nico laughs out.

Minda starts to grind her teeth before see yells out, "FUCK YOU NICO!"

"MIDNA! NICO!" Sonia yells out landing her siblings, "COME ON! WE'RE GOING TO PUT A BOOT IN THE ASS OF THIS PARTY CLASHER!" Midna and Nico nod in agreement, and Sonia takes off follow by her two siblings. They are soon joined by the other four making a direct run towards the enemy capital ship. The seven siblings take a V-shape formation with Sonia in the lead.

From the enemy ship, Duchess Sylvia Pepper shouts out over the PA system, "You worthless peasants! Do you really think that defeat my all powerful ship! Know the true power I wield!" The bow of the ship opens up revealing the massive power laser cannon.

"This asshole needs to be put her place! Let's do this!" Sonia exclaims motioning for everyone to fly around her. Once they are in position Sonia calls out, "ALRIGHT LET GIVE HER A TASTE OF OUR TRUE POWER!"








Sylvia watches as seven attacks merge together on the viewing screen. The color in her face begins to drain leaving her pale, and a wave of fear clashes through her watching the attacks form a supersized white orb being controlled by Sonia. In a sudden panic, she yells out, "FIRE THE LASER!" The laser cannon glows a bright yellow with orbs of the same color being drawn in from the air around. The hum of generators powering the weapon can be heard echoing throughout the ship and the surrounding area. After a couple of seconds, an orb of equal size to Sonia's attack is formed. A sense of relief washes over Sylvia seeing the massive orb of power form in front of her ship. She soon starts to laugh seeing her orb grows bigger by every passing second. Sylvia yells out over the PA system, "NOW ALL OF MOBIUS WILL SEE THAT YOU ARE NOTHING! YOU AND WORTHLESS SIBLINGS WILL PAY FOR THE HORRIBLE THINGS YOU DID TO MY WONDERFUL BARTLEBY! NOW DIE SONIA HEDGEHOG!"

Sonia controls their combined attack, and she yells back, "NO YOU'RE ONE WHO WILL PAY FOR ATTACKING OUR PEOPLE! GO CLEASNING LIGHT!"

The yellow laser and the white light beam fire at the same time to come clashing together in the center of the sky. The beams collide pushing back and forth on each other while sending out powerful shockwaves in every direction. Sylvia feels the ship trembling as the main cannon continues to pump out power into the attack beam. Her face is ah stuck watching the fierce push war happen in front of her; then she starts to laugh uncontrollably just before she activates the PA system again to gloat. Sylvia's laughter echoes through the air over the sound of the powerful burst waves of the colliding energy beams, "HA! HA! THIS PROVES IT! THE POWER I WIELD IS FAR GREATER THAN ALL THE SEVEN CHILDREN OF ALEENA COMBINE! FACE IT! YOU HAVE LOST THIS BATTLE! AFTER I DESTORY YOU, I WILL USE MY BOUNDLESS POWER TO BECOME THE TRUE QUEEN OF THE MOBOIAN EMPIRE! HA! HA!"

"FORGET IT! I WON'T LET YOU DO ANYTHING TO MY FAMILY OR THE PEOPLE AS LONG AS I LIVE!" Sonia shouts back using all her might to keep in the fight.

Sylvia's laughing halts hearing Sonia's defiant retort. She squeezes her hands tightly while gritting her teeth with an overly irritated expression on her face; after couple of seconds later in a sinister tone of voice, she says, "You dare defy your true queen. So be it, I hear by find you all guilty of treason. I SENTENCE YOU TO DEATH! NOW BEHOLD MY POWER!" She orders the laser cannon to full power.

The ship's laser cannon beam increases its power output causing the hedgehogs' energy beam to be push backwards. The beam starts to get closer to the royal children as Sonia struggles to fight back. "No this can be happening!"

"DIE YOU PEASANTS!" Sylvia shouts out over the PA system.




The seven siblings look around, still struggling to keep in the fight, to see people cheering, shouting, and dancing to the music. The people keep shouting out words of encouragement; Shadow shuts his eyes and starts to laughs drawing his siblings' attention. They give him an odd look until he says, "What the hell is the matter with us?! Sonia! Silver! Manic! Sonic! Nico! Midna! This is our party! So why the hell, are we letting this bitch take control of our show?! The asshole needs to be put in her place! LETS PUT AN END TO THIS!"

"YEAH!" the others shout in unison.

Sonia looks back in direction of Sylvia's ship with a renewed smile on her face and shouts out, "YOU HERE THAT YOU FAKE QUEEN! YOUR ROLE IN THIS SHOW IS OVER! NOW BEAT IT YOU WASTE OF SPACE!" Sonia and the others pour all their power into their attack. Their energy beam glows even brighter and quickly overpowers the opposing beam, and both beams rocket toward the ship. A second later, a massive *BOOM* echoes through the air as Sylvia's capital ship erupts into fire. The main laser cannon explodes one after another starting an ugly chain reaction throughout the ship.

From the outside, everyone sees the multiple explosions breach the hull of the ship. After another wave of explosions, the ship begins tilt and sway to port while losing altitude. The massive ship falls towards the outskirts of the city, and the crowds cheer even louder seeing Sylvia's ship hit the ground within overwhelming resonating boom.

Aleena just finishes singing while music and chorus lines continues to play in the background

The seven heroes hover in the sky looking down at the fire engulfed city. Sonic looks over to Manic and says, "Hey bro, want to give that water spell yours a second go?"

Manic smiles while nodding; then he looks up at the starry night lifting up his hands. His voice echoes throughout the air:

I ask the Spirits of the West,
Please aid me in this wish.
Rain, rain, come this way,
Fill the sky, sooth the land!

Suddenly, clouds quickly form out of the nowhere and blanket the sky in all directions. A moment later, water pours down extinguishing the fires below sending up puffs of stream and smoke.

"None bad Manic, but can will be able to control it this time?" Shadow questions watching the cooling water put out the last visible flames.

Manic does a quick overview of the city, and upon meeting his expectations, he holds up his right hand towards the clouds. With a single *SNAP* of his fingers, the rain stops as the clouds evaporate instantaneously leaving the bright starry night in its place.

The people erupt into cheers and applauses witnessing the powers of their planet's next royal leaders. The seven heroes fly back down to the stage, but not before they fight over the crowd giving sweeping high fives to the passing fans. A minute later, they finish showing off by flying off, in their respectable, band, and high enough to create a heart shape with their energy tails. Afterwards, they land on the stage still working the crowds. Aleena walks up to them and says at the music fades out, "Well done! Well done! Tell me everyone, did you enjoy the grand finale?" As echoed from all around the world, cheers, applauds, shouts, hollers, whistles, and other forms of praising comes from every direction. Cheers are so intense that purple hedgehog can feel the sound waves sweep around her. "Alright! Alright! Alllrrriigghtttt! Before our judges announce the winner," Aleena softy says a spell while holding her hand out towards her children.

Silver and the others feel their superpowers fading away quickly until in a quick flash they are back to normal. Other siblings hear a little grunting coming Sonic and Nico. A second later, they slam into each creating a blue flash of light. The light rapidly fades revealing Sonic on the ground with eyes rolling around his head in a dizzying motion. The blue hedgehog shakes his head knocking out the dizzy motion; he gets back to his feet and says, "Jeez mom! Give us some warning next time!"

Aleena smiles at her son then turns back to crowd, "Ok ladies and gentlemen, let bring back our MCs Kenna and Kell Adair!" The she-wolf and eagle come on stage with the others as they received a round of applause for their part in the concert. They wave at fans in response; then Aleena continues, "Now welcome our judge Kana Adair!" Kana walks out on stage carrying an envelope. He hands it to Queen Aleena and goes to stand next to his siblings. "Thank Kana! Now the moment you all have been waiting for the winner of the first Royal Battle of the Bands is…" Aleena opens the envelope and takes out the card, "SHADOW COLOSSUS!"

The fans erupts with cheers while chanting *Shadow Colossus* over and over again. Shadow, Silver, and Midna reply by waving their hands and giving thumbs up to the crowd. Sonic walks up to his left sides and taps his brother's shoulder drawing the black hedgehog's attention. Shadow faces his younger brother a smug look on his face. The blue hedgehog extends out his hand with a friendly smile on his face; Shadow does the same and shakes his younger brother's hand. In doing so, the fans cry out both of the band's names. The other sibling follow suit shaking their counterparts' hand in good sport. Aleena and the Adair siblings also clap in praise of the hedgehog siblings. A moment later, Aleena steps forward says into the microphone, "Well done my children, but lets not forget this festive event was for you! The citizens of the Mobius who kept hope alive during out darkest times. We thank you!" Aleena bow before the people quickly follows by everyone on stage. The fans then bow back to them as they lean back up and walk off stage.

Backstage, the work crews offer applauses and cheers as the royal family and guards wave back walk towards the dressing room. Silver, Shadow, Sonia, Manic, Aleena, Kenna, Kana, and Sonic walk into the living room size dressing area with three bathrooms and dressing closets. The room contains eight vanity mirrors with chairs and three full size couches and several silver trays of catered food. Once inside, Shadow states, "An ultimate victory, I expected nothing less! We are the ultimate band!"

"Yeah yeah! Shadow! You won the first one, but don't get to cozy with that title because Sonic Underground will take it next time!" Sonic retorts while sitting down on the couch and grabbing a chilidog from the plate in front of him.

"Don't be jealous Sonic, after all, it can't be helped that we are just better than you!" Silver comments with a smug look on his face.

"Hey!" Manic comments, "Now you're just being a sore winner!" He busts out laughing. Shadow and Silver laugh out loud as well while sitting on another couch on the other side of the room.

Sonia sits in front of the vanity mirror taking off her make up with she asks, "I wonder what song put your band over the top? It couldn't have been the finale, because mother sang that one by herself."

"My guess it had to be Broken Wings," Sonic replies while picking up another chilidog. "Thanks to that one song there was hardly a dry eye in the house. Plus add to the fact, Midna literally had Kell in her palm of her hand. We have to give it to you, Shadow; we would have never thought of doing that! That was an awesome plan bro."

"Thanks but we didn't plan any of that! Midna did it all on her own at the spur of the moment," Shadow replies.

Silver pours a cup of tea before asking, "Speaking of which, where is Midna?"

Manic flops on the couch with Sonic earning an annoyed look on from the blue hedgehog then he says, "Maybe she in the bathroom."

"I don't think so," Sonia replies *flush*. They turn to look at bathroom door open and sees Aleena comes walking out. She looks at everyone, and Sonia says, "I hoped you sprayed in there." Aleena laughs along with the others; Sonia then continues, "Just before we got in here, I saw her run off somewhere."

"Come to think of it Kell disappeared after we left the stage," Kenna states. Everyone looks at the royal guard with questioning eyes when quickly says, "Uh! Uh! Don't get me wrong! He might have just gone home or went out for a drink."

Midna stands in the middle of a clearing in the forest about ten miles away from the concert dome. She looks up at stars feeling the soft breeze blow across her face; she smells scent of the forest trees all around. After a couple of minutes, she finally sits on the ground allowing the comfortable wind to wash over her. Midna closes her eyes allowing her scents to extend in every direction; she smirks and says out loud with her eyes closed, "I'm glad you came."

Kell walks into the clearing with nervous expression on his face. He slowly makes his way closer to the brown hedgehog as his mouth runs dry and breaks out in heavy sweating. He licks his leaps then takes a deep breath before saying, "Its good that you're safe, and you did great in the contest."

Midna opens her eyes and looks at the anxious guard with a smirk on her face. "Kell come sit next to me," Midna commands while patting the soft glassy ground. Kell takes a loud *gulp* as he walks over like a stiff robot. After taking a couple of more robotic steps, he flops on the ground. Midna sees his body shaking like leaf and she lets loose a giggle looking at the scared eagle; then she says, "Kell relax I don't bite, hard."

Kell quickly turns his head to come face to face with the young brown hedgehog princess. Their eyes connect, and he sees the soft loving ocean blue eyes staring right through him into his very core. He feels a wave of panic rush through his body; Kell emotions are so overwhelm that he turns away from breathing heavily as he says, "Uh your highness, shouldn't we head back with others; I don't think is safe you to be out here by yourself."

Midna smirks looking up at the sky and says, "What makes you think that I am by myself." Kell twists around then looks at the smiling hedgehog. She glances over to see the serious expression on his face; she sticks out her tongue with a silly look on her face.

He scans over 360 degrees while saying, "Princess if you're not alone then we…"

"Kell…," Midna jumps in with an annoyed tone. He looks at with a confused look on his face, "I was talking about you." Hearing her response, Kell lowers his head in shame feeling that he walked right into a thought wall. "Relax you don't have to be so serious."

"Your highness..."

She holds up her and cutting him off again by saying, "Just call me Minda, ok Kell."

"But your highness that would be...," Kell pauses seeing an annoyed look on Midna's face. "Midna, I don't know if is appropriate for me address in this manner and…"

"Oh Kell will you please drop the protocol procedures, I didn't call you out here just to hear you tell me about should and should not be done."

"But princess… I… I mean Midna why did you want to come out here with you?"

"If its not clear, Kell I like you and well I want to get to know you better on a personal level," Midna states, but she once again sees the worried look on his face. "Oh don't worry; I'm not planning on taking advantage of you. Besides if that were to happen, my brothers would hunt you down. Come to think of it, you're already on bad terms with Shadow and, after that little smoke bomb you used against us at the noble's mansion, you got on Nico's bad side as well. I have to admit that was funny as hell to see Nico sneezing his ass off." They both laugh remembering the big werehog sneezing over and over, "On top of that, Sonic told *giggle* us that he was *giggle* still sneezing a week afterwards."

"What you're kidding me, that's explain why Prince Nico was missing for a week. Normally him and Prince Sonic switch out daily, but when Prince Nico didn't show; we all started questioning what happened. Who would have guess, that I was the cause of it. Ha Ha! I have to say that was one of my best tactical stealth moves as of late," Kell laughs.

"Yeah that was a good one, but let me get to the point, Kell I want things between us to go forward," Midna commands.

Kell quickly replies, "Move forward? How… I mean in what way… where do we start… I… I… "

Midna puts her finger on Kell's lips stopping him from talking, "We start with a date. That's how we start."

"Ok I can do that," Kell replies; then he grabs hold of her hand, "but Midna how are we going to explain to Queen Aleena that we are dating? Add to that, your brothers, no offense, they are going flip their shit the second they find out, and…,"

The brown hedgehog gives a soft smile, "Kell leave that problem to me, and you worry about how you are going convince me to be your mate someday. Deal?"

"Deal, but Midna there is something I have you to tell you." Midna get as troubled look on her face as her ears peck up to listen to his concerns. "Midna during your battle with Duchess Pepper, I was worried that you would be hurt by her robots. I don't know what it was, but when you took off to the sky, the only thing that I keep seeing you falling like you did during your song. My heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going beat right out of my chest."

"I see, but Kell you know good in well that I wasn't in any real danger," Midna replies.

"Yeah know, but that was thanks to Queen Aleena because she unlocked your super forms. What happens if you go into battle one day and you are not able to transform? I just don't want anything terrible to happen to you because you see when we were younger; just after Robotnik started his campaign to take over the world, Kenna, Kana, and I were revealed by Robotnik's supports to be the children of the royal guard. They took us to Robotnik in order to gain his favoritism. That same evening, that bastard ordered we be robotized at once; they took Kenna first. I was powerless to stop them; they were going to destroy my four year old sister. I can still hear her crying and screaming for me to help her." Kell eyes begin to tear up while squeezing Midna's hand tighter recalling the event, "They… they were going to turn her into some fucking robot, and all I could do was scream and cry for them to stop. I just don't want to every feel that powerless again, and not be able to protect the ones I care for.

Midna moves her hand from his grip and wipes the tears from his face; then she puts her hands around his telling him, "Kell, I understand that you want to protect your loves one, but you must accept that you are not powerless either am I, Kenna, or the others. We all have to power to protect ourselves, so don't go thinking take I'm some helpless girl that needs saving all the time. I can protect myself and you just as well as you can. If any comfort, I won't need protecting till I'm pregnant; then afterwards, if you're the father you will be the one who needs protecting from me when I try to kill you for what you did to me." Midna giggles causing Kell's sadden mood to be lighten up to the point that he starts to laugh as well. "Moreover, lets cross those bridges when we come to them. Deal?"

"Deal! As long as, you are willing to say that you will let me help when I think its too much for you to handle on your own. Deal?" the eagle counters.

Midna rolls her eyes, "Somehow I know I'm going to regret this, but deal!"

Back in the dressing room the royal hedgehogs along with the two members of the royal guards continue talking among themselves about Kell and Midna's disappearance. Sonic walks out of the bathroom just as Sonia says, "Mother don't you think that we should send someone to make sure that they are safe? And… and… *sniff* *sniff* OH MY GOODNESS! SONIC FOR THE LOVE SANITARY! ONCE YOU'RE FINISH SPRAY IN THERE! IT SMELLS LIKE SOMETHING DIED!"

Everyone covers their noses, but still get a small whiff of the foul odor. Shadow leaps from his seat and grabs Sonic by the collar of his shirt while snarling out, "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US THAT STINK! WHAT DO YOU HAVE SAY FOR YOURSELF?!"

Sonic gets a big grin on his face and replies, "Ah! I feel ten pounds lighter!"

Shadow gives an even more pissed out express; then moves his hand from over his mouth and nose quickly balling it up into a fist. He gets ready to strike his blue brother, but Queen Aleena jumps in by commanding, "THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH FROM THE BOTH OF YOU!" Shadow freezes in his tracks, and they starts to feel a darkening coming from their calm face looking mother. "Shadow let go of him right now! The seven of you, not just, thirty minutes ago worked together to stop an attack on the city. Now here you fighting because of a silly act, I will not sit here and let you do this. Do you understand me?!" The hedgehog brothers both nod as Shadow releases Sonic's shirt collar. "Sonic go back into that bathroom and spray, and just for that stunt you are not allowed to each chili dogs for a week."

Kenna quickly chimes in while still holding her nose and mouth, "A week! For that smell you should make it a month!" Aleena turns to face the she-wolf with criticizing eyes, and Kenna quickly interjects, "Oh please forget me your highness; its not my place to…"

Aleena holds her hand making the wolf end her sentence as she says, "No Kenna you're right, make it a month. Plus Sonic, you will have another punishment later on waiting for you." Sonic tries to object, but Aleena shuts him down by ordering, "I don't want to hear any complaints, that department is closed, get going!"

Sonic lowers is head in a defeated manner and replies, "Yes ma`am."

As Sonic walks back into the bathroom, the red violet hedgehog princess continues with, "Anyway as I was saying, maybe we should…"

Sonia is cut off with a knock on the door. General Adair with two other guards walk into the room. "Forgive the interruption, I hope I'm not disturbing anything important."

"Of course not Mizu, how may we help you?" Aleena replies.

"First of all, let me say on behalf of the military and royal guards, we are all proud of you; and congratulations on your latest victory," Mizu praises the young hedgehog royals. They thank him for his kind words; then he readdresses Queen Aleena, "Your highness, we have confirmation that the target has been captured and is in route to medical headquarters."

Aleena gets up walks over Mizu saying, "Excellent, then lets proceed." She turns back to others and states, "You all have done well for tonight, but I will handle it from here." Her statement causes everyone to give questioning looks towards her. The mother hedgehog gives a soft smile and orders, "As for the rest of you, I want you to go to bed, and that goes for you as well, Kana and Kenna."

The two royal guards are shocked by the odd order, and Kana retorts with, "Your highness with all due respect, you have got to kidding. Besides we have to focus on finding Kell and Princess Midna."

Aleena's soft smile is quickly replaced with annoyed look as she states, "I'm not kidding Kana, and as for Midna and Kell, that situation will resolve itself without your intervention. Now you have your orders, if you are not able to follow them; then I will discharge you from the royal guard. Is that understood?!"

The red dragon snaps to attention, "Ma`am! Yes Ma`am!"

"Good," Aleena's soft warming smile returns and she continues, "Well now that this is settled, good night everyone. General please come with me." Mizu nods in response as the four of them leave the room. After the guard closes door behind him, Aleena tone of voice turns serious as she addresses the wolf general without breaking her line of sight, "Mizu is everything prepared?"

"Yes your highness, we can be ready to launch the moment you give the word."

"Did the target give any information when our forces reached her?"

"No, but we were able to download the data from the on board computer. The technicians are decrypting the data as we speak."

Aleena smiles as they walk outside to a waiting airship and the lights of several other ships fly overhead in circular motion. "Well done Mizu! The moment you have the data converted; I want it sent to my private study. Let hope the data leads us a step closer to that bastard pulling the strings of the rebelling nobles."

The four of them board the ship, and the pilot calls out, "Where to ma`am?"

"Medical headquarters on the double!" Aleena commands.

"Roger that ma`am! ETA thirty minutes!"

Mizu softly questions, "Your highness did I hear that Princess Midna and Kell are missing?" Aleena nods confirming his question as the airship lift up off the ground. "Do you want me to organize a search party?"

Aleena leans back in her seat with a smirk on her face, "That won't necessary; they are both perfectly safe. In fact, they are closer than most would even think."

Mizu thinks for a minute then gasp figuring out what the queen hedgehog is talking about, "My queen, please forgive Kell of his actions. I will speak with him about his actions the second I see him."

Aleena laughs while replying, "Chill out Mizu, you don't have to do that. I figured it out the second Midna sang Broken Wings; she wanted to make an impression on Kell. I can only figure that she was successful. After all, Mizu remember Sora was a guardian from Earth, and he was able to claim me, so there is no need to panic or get involved."

Mizu shakes his head while giggling, "I have to give it you. Your intelligent gathering skills can rival our best spies."

"Thank you Mizu."

Outside the royal living quarters, the clock strikes 1am. Kell flies down while carrying Midna in his arms, and they land in the courtyard just outside of the view of the guard post. They quickly make their way up the side of the house while giggling avoiding the guards that are walking around the estate. Once they make it up to the wall of the house, they silent move along the building until they reach a certain window. Kell whispers, "Midna don't you think it would have been easier if you just use your teleporting ability instead of sneaking in."

Midna smirks as she fiddles with bottom seal of the window, "Don't be such a worry wart, I have done this hundreds of times back on Earth, and I haven't be caught yet. Besides, it more fun this way. Got it!" She pushes open the window; then looks back smiling eagle.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Midna you're a bad influence. And I can't wait to see what other things you can teach me."

She grabs him by the collar of his shirt and gives a quick kiss on the lips, "You will just have wait and see. I had a good time tonight; now get going before the guards make their way back over this area."

"Ok good night Midna," Kell replies then takes to the skies.

Midna watches him fly off for another minute or two; then see jumps through the window to inside the mansion. She quickly but silently closes the window, and once she secures the window, Midna rushes over to a closet near the staircase and changes into her night clothes. She makes her way upstairs still being as silent as possible. She reaches her bedroom door breathing a sigh of relax.


The brown hedgehog freezes in her tracks yelling in her head that she is busted. She turns to look down the hallway to the see her mother still wearing her concert outfit with several pads in her right hand. "Hi mom, I didn't know that you were still up."

"Oh no, I just got in," Aleena replies. "Why are still you up? Its pass 1am."

~Ok! Ok! Don't fuck this up Midna or your ass is grass,~ she tells herself, "Well I got up to get a glass of water, and I was just heading back to bed. Well goodnight…"

"Hold on Midna! Tell me where did you go after the concert? Everyone reported that you disappeared. Where did you go?"

~Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shiitttt! I'm fucked what do I do?! Should I tell her that I was with Kell or…,~

"Midna why are sweating some much are you not feeling well?"

"Yeah that its! I felt sick and came home to rest. I was feeling a bit better, but I feel it coming back. I better get to bed; I should feel better in the morning."

"Ok get some rest, you're going to need it," Aleena smirks giving her daughter a kiss on the forehead; then watches Midna walk in and shut the door. Aleena walks to her room while saying, "Midna you got to learn to lie better. After all, I pulled the same excuse with my mom."

In the morning, Nico is in the gym fighting the punching dummy; he makes a series of quick attacks at the target. After each attack, the dummy launches an attack; he dodges and evades then counterattacks. He quickly repositions himself then unleashes another wave of fierce attacks ending with three powerful slash attacks. The dummy is torn into two from the final attack. Nico smirks seeing the destroyed dummy; he exhales with smile still on his face. Nico presses a couple of buttons on control panel near the fighting area. Another dummy appears in front of him, and the werehog locks on his new target and gives an evil smirk. "Game on!" Nico exclaims rushing towards the dummy, but this time the dummy moves responses to Nico's attack evading his opening volley.

From the other side of the door, Kenna hears the sounds of Nico grunts and attack growls. The snow white she-wolf covertly opens the door to see his ripping muscles covered in sweat as he moves swiftly around the fighting ring. She becomes in trance by his figure and strength of his scent. ~Nico you are so powerful! You attack with the strength of a titan, the speed of a pack leader, and the wisdom of elder! I just…, ~

Nico finishes off the practice dummy with one overpowering punch. He holds his stance while giggling for a couple seconds. He exhales and grabs the towel next to the control panel; he wraps it around the towel around him neck and says, "How long do you plan on standing there and watching me Kenna?"

Her face turns beat red hearing him call her out, "Oh no I wasn't… Wait a minute Nico, how did you know that it was me?"

Nico turns around with a smile on his face, "That's an easy one, it your scent Kenna. It's very unique and we can easily pick it up. After all, you have a unique smell."

Kenna face grows sour hearing his response, "Hey what does that mean? Does that mean you're saying that I stink?" Nico holds up his hands with a smirk on his face while slightly giggling. She starts to get anger and say in her defense, "I'll have you know, I've just finished a five mile run, so it's not my fault that I am sweating. Besides you stink as well and…" The werehog busts out laughing at Kenna's statement as she continues, "Nico you are so mean and… and… you're messing with me aren't you."

"Ah ah Ha Ha Ha!" Nico laughs out loud. "I just wanted to see how long before you notice."

"You know girls are going to learn to hate you if you keep that up big meanie," Kenna laughs playfully punching him.

Nico smirks wiping more sweat from his forehead. He waves her over to the fighting area. She makes her way over to the werehog prince and he says, "Hey, I need a fighting partner. Are you up for it?"

The she-wolf quickly hops into the fight area, "What level are we fight at?" Nico doesn't answer, but looks up and down at the white wolf in her form fitting red running outfit. His eyes run down her still developing B size breast down her shaping hour glass figure to her tail sticking out of her tight short hip pants. "Nico did you hear me? What level are we fighting on?"

Nico quickly shakes his head clearing out any ideas as he quickly responses, "Oh how 'bout we do level eight?"

"I guess I can come down a couple of levels," Kenna comments with a smirk on her face.

Nico finishes putting in the instructions into the computer; then he snaps back, "I was going to on easy on you, but let's kick it up to level 24!" Kenna gulps hearing Nico's statement. The young werehog hears her reaction and exhales as he walks up beside her, "Relax I'm joking!" He gets into a fighting stance, "I set the level to 13. This will be a cake walk to the two of us." Ten dummies appear around them in a fighting stance. "Let goo!" Nico shouts charging full speed towards the dummies.

Kenna also jumps into action attacking the one of defending opponents. Her attacks are parried by the dummy, but she is able to get in enough hits to the destroy it. Nico, on the other hand, had taken down seven of the dummies. The royal guard wolf rushes towards the next opponent, yet the two remain dummies gang up on her. One dummy grabs hold of her arms and kicks out of her knees. The second dummy dashes towards kneeing wolf readying its attack. "Oh NO!" she yells out.

She struggles to get free, but her efforts to escape failed. Just before the dummy lands the hit, Nico sweeps in destroying the opponents with one powerful slash taking off the dummies' heads. The werehog smirks at the royal guard member still kneeing on the floor ending the simulated battle; he extends his hand to help up his fighting partner. "Looks like someone has been negating their training," Nico states helping Kenna to her feet.

Kenna faces sours as she replies, "I have not been negating my training. I told you, I've just got finished running five miles. When I came here, I planned to sit in the hot tub to rest."

Nico goes back near the control panel grabbing his towel to wipe off more sweat, "Yeah Yea, I get it your tried." He sees her expression become more annoyed, and he giggles looking at her face then walks over placing his hand on her shoulder, "Don't have such a mean face Kenna; its hides your true beauty." The she wolf's expression quickly changes as her face reddens feeling Nico rub her soft cheek with the back of his hand.

She lets herself only focus on his soft touch and slow motion. Until her eyes spring open hearing someone hasty enter the room. She quickly moves away from him to see a guard in the gym with them. The guard then states, "Your highness Prince Nico, Queen Aleena orders that you report to her office as soon as possible to discuss a matter of great importance." The guard's view shifts to right just enough to see Kenna standing there, "Ah Captain Adair your presence is ordered as well by Her Majesty and General Adair."

"Thank you, tell our mom that we will be there after we get cleaned up," Nico replies walking off towards the showers.

"Same goes for me. Please info uncle, I will be there soon," Kenna quickly replies.

The guard salutes and say, "Yes ma`am!" Then he runs out the gym to deliver the replies.

Sonic appears next to Nico in spirit form and says, ~Any idea what mom might want bro?~

~Nah your guess is as good as mine at the point,~ Nico replies entering the men's locker room.

~Well it must be something important for mom to send a guard to come and get us,~ Sonic floats by watching Nico get into the shower.

~Hey maybe if we're lucky it is a new mission to hunt down some more of those fucking noble bastards! I could go for tearing my claws into some more of their weak ass guardsmen.~

~I wouldn't get your hopes to high bro. After that last mission, even though she didn't show it, mom was pissed at Shadow and you for breaking formation and going in the manor by ourselves.~

Nico starts to wash to himself off while saying, ~Ah you're putting too much thought into it. If mom wanted to punish us, she would have done it by now. ~

Sonic shakes his head then puts his arms behind his head then asks, ~By the way Nico, what was with you rubbing Kenna's cheek? Plus why were you looking at her hard earlier? Do you like her or something? ~

Nico gets annoyed look on his face and growls out, ~Why don't you worry about other things like improving your fighting and singing skills, so when we face Shadow again we can properly put him in his place.~

~Fine Fine!

Meanwhile in the women's shower room, Kenna holds her hand to the cheek Nico gently rubbed as she begins to brush red again still feeling his soft touch. "Oh Great Father, what's happening to me? Why do I feel this way about Nico and Sonic?"

An hour later, everyone is gathered in the Aleena's office waiting to hear the hedgehog queen's reason for calling them together; while everyone takes note at her unusual outfit. Instead of wearing her normal signature white dress, she is suited in a dark red full body pants forming fitting jump suit with her loose hair tied up in a braided ponytail. She addresses everyone by saying, "Thanks for coming on such short notice. We are in a bit of a time crunch, so I will have to make this quick."

The door to her opens as Mizu walks in saying, "Your highness, everything is ready, and we are ready for takeoff at your command."

Shadow comments with a smirk on his face, "So we are going on a mission. Awesome! Where are heading and who's the target?"

Before Aleena can reply, Nico jumps in slamming his left fist into his right palm, "Yeah, I with Shadow on this one, I have been itching to get back in the field and get my claws into some enemies!"

Sonia rolls her eyes hearing what her brothers statement, "Mother, what intel do you have on the target?"

Aleena tries to speak, but she is once again cutoff this time by Midna, "Mom does it have anything do with that nutcase that attack the concert?"

"Well…," Aleena starts, but she is once again cutoff by another one her children.

"Of course it does!" Silver comments, "General last I heard, you and Cortana were going over the data from the ship's main computer, so you must have pulled up some interesting data. Mother is that what our mission is based on?"


Manic then quickly interjects with, "It's got to be bro. Hey mom, can we switch up the team make up? Don't get me wrong, I like working with Silver and Kana, but I want to see what's it like to kick it with my other sibs. I think Midna, Kell, and I would be one interesting team."

"Agree with Manic," Midna comments while putting her hand on his shoulder, "it would neat to work with my little brother, and I think that I have epic combo we can try. Now we have to…"

"ENOUGH!" Aleena shouts spring up from her chair while slamming her hand on the desk shocking her children and royal guards in the room. After getting everyone's attention, she sits back in her chair regaining her composer. "Now as I have been trying to say, yes, your assumption about the person who attack the concert and relation to the current mission are correct." Shadow prepares to speak, but Aleena is the one to cut him off this time, "However you're not going on this mission, General Mizu and I will be the one handling this one."

"WHAT!" They all shout in unison; then go about asking question after question.

"QUIET!" Aleena commands then grabs a pad off her desk, "You all have different assignments to complete." She hands the pad to Nico, "If you would please read that Nico."

The werehog quickly glances at the orders displayed on the pad, "Mom you have to be kidding."

"I'm not Nico Werehog!"

"What does it say Nico?" Manic questions with a confused look on his face.

"Ok, these are your orders. Sonia and Silver are to go Port Mobius to meet with Capt. Squeeze and Cryus to oversee the restoration of the Moboian Space Program."

Sonia jumps in, "I can see Cryus, but what does Capt. Squeeze know about starships?"

Nico glances back at the pad and says, "As a matter of fact, he has doctoral in Aerospace Engineering." The others give a surprise look on their faces as Nico keeps reading, "Manic, you need to go to Mobodoon to meet with Mayor Winnie. She going give you access to the written records of all the royal family members that were magic users. According to the information, each member wrote about how they developed and mastered their powers along with spells that they created during their time. In addition, the mayor is going to give you record of all the noble families since the founding of the empire. The records also contain information about the past rulers of the empire."

"Sounds more like a treasure hunt than picking up in old documents," Manic comments.

"Well make sure that you have dust mask handy. Midna will attend a medical conference; you have to meet with the three leading medical doctors to get a report about the medical status of the planet. Mainly, your focus needs to be on the possible medical dangers that could appear in the next five years."

"You're kidding me," Midna complains, "I will die from boredom in forty minutes flat listening to those medical nerds."

Nico swiftly replies sensing Aleena's increasing irritations, "Well you better takes some coffee because you need to have that report ready by next week." The werehog sense his mother tension lowering; he looks at the set of orders for Shadow, and Nico decides to skips his and goes to the next. He looks up at the royal guard siblings, "Kenna you are ordered to take up the full duties as Captain of the Royal Guard including seating in on the Joint Chiefs Committee."

"Nico back up," Silver calls out, "What do you mean, Kenna is take up the full duties? We were all under the impression that she was already the Captain."

Nico gets ready to say something, but Mizu stops the werehog and explains, "Let me clear this up, by technically, Kenna is the captain but only in name and rank. All her other duties, I have been doing per request of her majesty orders. Since it has been over three months, Queen Aleena and I believe that she is ready to take up her full duties. Please continue Prince Nico."

Nico rolls his eyes and keeps reading, "Kell is ordered to do a complete and full review of all security protocols when it comes to high secure and critical areas in Mobotropolis. Kana is ordered to meet up with ART and the R&D team members to do a review of the new weapon prototypes."

"A full review of the protocols, that's going to take weeks! But I understand my orders," Kell says with a sad expression.

"Ha I got the fun job, I will have a full report ready in the mid part of next week," the red dragon smiles whole heartily.

Nico then says, "Kenna you will need a report on the readiness of the guards before the meeting today." The she-wolf nods, and Nico talk a deep breath and says, "Shadow will meet with directors of Sanctuary to discuss and prepare a plan for dealing with war orphans from around the world. You will need to visit all site locations and give a speech to each group about the upcoming plans." Shadow's face sours hearing the mission assigned to him and get ready to complain, but quickly feels the threatening presence of the his mother. He remains silent listening to Nico finish up. "Well that's everyone," Nico states then hands the pad back to Queen Aleena.

"Hold on! You're forgetting someone or should I say some ones. What 'bout you and Sonic, what duties did you get?" Shadow questions.

Aleena quickly jumps in saying, "Oh I didn't forgot about them, while the General and I are away. They will be running the empire."

"WHAT?!" everyone shouts hearing her statement.

Aleena gets up and walks from behind her desk. She stands next to the confused looking werehog. "You all heard me correctly; Nico and Sonic will be in charge of running the empire while I'm gone." Aleena sees Sonic and Nico eyes fill with fear and uncertainly. She puts her hand on his shoulder and says, "Don't worry boys, Oracle and Elder Prower will stay here to council while you're command."

Nico prepares to comment, but Mizu jumps in saying, "Your highness we must get going if we want to meet our set rendezvous point deadline."

"Right on Mizu," Aleena replies walking towards the door.

"Mom wait!" Sonic and Nico call out in unison.

She replies while still walking, "You'll do fine, and don't worry. I am only one chaos control away." The worried brothers try to stop their fleeing mother, but she puts her hand on Mizu on shoulder and calls out, "I love you kids! CHAOS CONTROL!" Aleena and Mizu teleport in a bright purple light.

"AHH DAMNIT!" Nico and Sonic shout in unison.

A second later, Aleena's female cat secretary Millie walks into the office with a smile on her face and carrying seven pads, "Oh her majesty just leave?" Everyone nods in unison with an annoyed look on their faces; she gives short giggle then says, "Oh well, I have instructions from Queen Aleena for everyone." She hands out pads to everyone then states, "Captain Kenna you must be ready for JCC meaning at 1400hrs, and Prince Nico, I will go over your scheduled meetings in just a couple of minutes, so please excuse me."

Millie walks out the office leaving the ten distressing people to their growing panic, complaining, and chatter with each other. Five minutes pass, and Nico finally exclaims, "Enough! Listen, mom is gone, and we have our jobs to handle so lets get to it." One by one, the werehog's sibling nod in agreement and use Chaos Control to go to their set destination; Kenna, Kana, and Kell head out using the office door. Only leaving Shadow and Nico in the room. The werehog looks at his older brother and asks, "Something wrong Shadow?"

The black hedgehog crosses his arms and says, "Nico, we all know these assignments are bullshit!"

Nico sits down on the couch then looks at his rebelling brother, "Of course I know these assignments suck ass, but if we don't follow mom's orders, I don't even want to guess what will happen when she finds out."

"Then it's settled, I won't do this bullshit," Shadow states while tossing the pad onto the other couch.

Sonic watches everything unfold then signals Nico to switch places with him. A second later, the powerful muscular werehog is replaced with the super speedy hedgehog. Sonic give a carefully crafted counter to Shadow's statement, "Shadow think, I mean really think, about what you're doing. We all know that you're a hard ass, but look at what you're doing to these innocent children. Shadow Colossus are the winners of the first Royal Battle of the Bands, and no less than 24 hours ago, they were singing, screaming, and for cheering you. Now they hear that you're coming to the visit their homes to help find a way to make things better for them in the future. Now Shadow could you ready be that heartless to break all their faith in you as their hero?"

Shadow glares at Sonic with an insulted look and says, "Yes I can that heartless, but seeing how they don't desire that I guess have no choice but to do the right thing." Sonic smiles hearing his answer. Shadow turns his back to the Sonic looking outside the clear blue sunny day, "However Sonic my cooperation comes at a price, will you agree to terms as payment?"

Sonic exhales leaning his head backwards looking up at the ceiling while replying, "Fine bro, what are your terms?"

"When you are doing request fulfillment, I want you to grant my request without any questioning," the black hedgehog retorts turning back around to see his cobalt brother glaring at him with intense eyes. Shadow quickly unravels what's going their head and comments, "Don't worry Sonic, I'm not going to ask for thing that will harm our family, the people, or the empire. I simply want to fight someone, but I have to finish reading up how to the do it."

"You better not be planning to kill who every you're fighting," Sonic fires back.

"Of course not Sonic, I will promise you that," Shadow states. Sonic nods his approval, and Shadow smiles then says, "Alright we have a deal. Well I better be on my way, I can't have my fans waiting on me. Later Sonic!" The older brother holds his hand and announces, "Now witness the ultimate power of…"

"Shadow just get going," Sonic orders.

*Huff* "Chaos Control!" Shadow shouts and disappears in a flash.

"Sometimes I wonder who he is trying to impress," Sonic states looking back up at the ceiling.

*Knock* *Knock* Millie opens the door then walks in while saying, "Prince Nico, I heard… Oh Prince Sonic it you, so you switched out?"

"Yeah, Nico said he's had enough fun for now, so Millie what do I have today?" Sonic questions inviting her in.

The female Maine Coon cat walks in putting on her glasses then looks at her pad. She reads the following to the young prince, "Well sire, you have a meeting with the Council of Elders in ten minutes, so I recommend that we start making our over to them. I will read the rest on our way there." She directs Sonic to follow her as they walk out the office and like their walk down the sunlight filled hallways. Millie continues reading, "After your meeting with the Elders, your next meeting will be with the Congressional leaders of the Imperial Senate and the House of Representatives. Afterwards, you will have a two lunch meeting with the economic advisors and business leaders. At 1400hrs, you will receive your daily briefing from the Joint Chief Committee; normally you would relieve your briefing first thing in the morning, but since things were running behind schedule, I pushed the meeting back. Once your briefing is finished, we have to the rush over to the palace fountain garden to the meet with…."

Sonic stops in his tracks holding his hands out while moving them in a frenzy manner shouting out, "HOLD ON! WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH ALL THESE MEETINGS! I GET ONE OR TWO MEETINGS, BUT JUST IN THE LAST TWO MINUTES YOU TOLD ME HAVE FIVE FUCKING MEETINGS BACK TO BACK! WHAT THE FUCK ARE ALL THESE MEETINGS FOR?" Sonic sees the annoyed look in Millie's eyes knowing what he did wrong and follows up with, "Sorry Ms. Millie, I should have raised my voice like that. Nico and I are just scared; we are just getting a lot thrown at us so fast."

Millie gives a comforting smiles and retorts, "It ok your Majesty, I know this must be hard on you, but you have to remember that you are, for now, the ruling body of the Moboain Empire. You now see the great burden that you carry and see all things that are expected from you. As for the meetings, each one has unique purpose and task. The first couple of meetings are framed up so that you can introduce yourself, and find out what current projects or events that are underway. Each meeting after that, I will give you a quick overview about what the meeting is about. Don't worry you highness, I won't leave you high dry. I will be in every meeting with you and help out anyway possible, but you must remember that you are the one that must make the final decision on everything. Queen Aleena told me that you're a pretty bright kid, so trust in yourself and know that you can do this. Shall we continue; the Elders are waiting."

Sonic nods and start back walking with Millie. He hears her continuing on with his schedule, but he blocks out everything she is saying. Instead, the young hedgehog's mind races at blinding speeds trying to think of a way to get through this.

The smell of the sea salt ocean air fills Silver and Sonia's noses after materializing in the town center next the salute of their mother and them at Port Mobius. The sun shines through the partly cloudy sky down on to the busy city. The air is also filled with sounds of multiple ship horns and people talking, laughing, and chatting about today's events. The two siblings walks over to an outdoor café where they are greeted by the waitress, "Welcome to the Emerald Coast Café, would you like to the sit inside or front outside or seaside dining area today your highnesses?"

"Seaside please," Sonia replies.

"Yes Princess Sonia, and I will be an honor to be your server today," the waitress states directing them to their table.

Once they sit down, Silver says, "Ma`am we will be expecting two gentlemen to join us. Please direct them to us when they get here."

The waitress bows before leaving, "As you wish Prince Silver."

Sonia closes her eyes and turns to face the soft blowing wind, "Ah this is great, I love feeling of the wind blowing on my face." Then she looks at her brother drinking a glass of water, "Hey Silver, how do you think things are going back at home?"

Silver looks out to the open water while putting his glass back on the table, "Well sis, if things went bad, we would know. Besides Sonic and Nico are good leaders, they shouldn't have any problem running the empire for a couple of days."

"WHAT! SONIC AND NICO ARE RUNNING THE EMPIRE?!" Cyrus shouts full of shock drawing the other diners' attention.

The hedgehogs look at the worrying loin, and Sonia says, "Cryus, Capt. Squeeze please sit and join us." The men do as requested sitting on the side ends of the table then she continues, "Now don't panic. Yes Sonic and Nico are ruling the empire, but they are being watch by Oracle and Elder Prower."

Silver then comments, "I am positive that Oracle will keep them from doing anything stupid. I hope."

Sonic and Millie arrive at the Council of Elders' chamber on the far side of government complex; they walk up to the guard wearing white armor with green trims on duty, and introduce themselves. The guard bows and says, "Welcome Prince Sonic, I am Guardian Walter Root please wait here while I inform elders of your arrival." The guardian straighten back up and walks into the chamber.

Once he walks inside, he enters the dim lite room and hears the council members debating some issue among themselves. The spoon shaped room echoes their words throughout the room. Walter looks up from the bottom of the nine foot high wall at the elders with thirteen beams of lights shining down. Twelve of the thirteen elders sits behind their desk wearing a black robe with a three foot wooden board with numbers posted on the front. The boards are placed in front of each their seats blocking anyone seeing their faces from below. At the tip part of the spoon shape, the only elder without a wooden board in front of her is Elder Prower. She wears a red robe with a black hat; she commands the other elders to be quiet then looks down at Walter and says, "Guardian Root is there something we can help you with?"

He goes down to one knee with his right arm over his chest, "Grand Elder, Prince Sonic and his assistant have arrive for their meeting with the council."

Before Ling can response, the elder behind panel eleven yells out, "What?! This is ridiculous! Grand Elder, I encourage you to acknowledge that this child has not business or right to be running the empire!"

"What are you talking about? His majesty, Prince Sonic, has the right to be rule in the absent of Queen Aleena!" The elder behind panel seven fires back.

"Don't be a fool seven!" eleven retorts.

Ling then says, "I call for calm my fellow elders. Prince Sonic is here…"

"And he can wait!" Elder eleven interjects, "Guardian!"

Walter looks over the wooden board with the number 11 written on it, "Yes my lord."

"Tell that child that he can wait until we call him in. Is that understood?!"

"My lord, I overheard his assistant say that his majesty has several more meeting afterwards and…"


Walter stands back up and bows his heads, "Yes elder." He leans back up then walks out the room. He leaves the room hearing the elders once again start debating over the same topic. Walter walks outside council chamber to meet up with Sonic and Millie. The guardian stands before they and explains, "Your highness, the Council of Elders have ordered that you wait until they call you in."

"What?! Don't they know that Prince Sonic has a full schedule for today?" Millie replies.

"Yes ma`am, I informed the elders about that, but they order that he wait until they are ready to see him."

"This is ridiculous! The council has no right to tell the ruling sovereign to wait."

"I'm sorry, but their order stands," Walter finishes.

Nico appears next to Sonic with his arms crossed looking at the guardian with a curious look. The werehog then looks back at his brother with the same questioning expression then conveys, ~Sonic, you can't be buying this bullshit.~ The cobalt hedgehog glances at his brother, but he remains silent. Sonic then looks back Walter and says, "Walter did the whole council agree to give this order?"

Walter struggles for a second to answer then states, "No sire, I was given the order by only one of the elders."

"I see," Sonic replies while crossing his arms; he looks back over to Nico, "Tell me Walter, what would happen if someone was to force their way pass the guardian on duty?"

"Guardians are duty bond to stop any and all intruders by any means necessary your highness," Walter explains.

"Let me guess this also includes anyone from royal family as well right?"

"Yes sire," Walter replies. Sonic and Nico turn back to look at Walter as he continues, "I can only imagine what you might think about their orders, but I have no choice but to carry them out."

"Walter what is the punishment from for guardian who fails in their duty?" Sonic questions.

"It depends, if a guardian decides to willfully disobey their duties, they are arrested and executed on the spot. On the other hand, if a guardian fights against an opponent and loses but survives, they are arrested and trialed. If they are found guilty of failure, the guardian is stripped of their title and imprisoned for ten to twenty years."

Sonic turns to Millie asks, "Millie since I am in command, do I have the power to grant pardons for any crimes committed?"

"Yes your majesty, plus you have right to command all military forces including the Guardian Core. However there is one exception, once a guardian is given orders not even a member of the royal family override it."

Sonic motions for Millie to step back as he conveys, "I understand. Millie I want you to record this for the official record." She activates her PDA and starts the record feature. Sonic glances back at her to see a confirming nod; he continues on, "For the record, I, Prince Sonic Hedgehog, grant a full pardon for all crimes and charges committed by Walter Root during and after this event. Millie is that good enough?"

"Yes your highness," Millie replies ending the recording feature.

"One last thing Millie, I expect you react without any questions understood," Sonic orders while walking up Walter with a smirk on his face. The blue hedgehog comes face to face with the 6' 2'' tall guardian, "Guardian I order you to move."

"I will not move!"

"Very well," Sonic replies. He starts to walk around Walter, but the guardian steps in front of hedgehog blocking his path. "You don't want to test me," Sonic warns as he tries to go round of the guardian once more, but Walter blocks his path. Sonic pushes pass the guardian; Walter draws out a retractable silver staff and strikes the young prince on right side of his face. The attack pushes the blue hedgehog back a foot or two; Sonic glances over to Millie waiting for her to react.

She catches Sonic's glance and nods. Millie starts to scream out while running towards the courtyard, "Guards! Guards! Help Prince Sonic is under attack! Guards!"

Sonic smirks seeing Millie's performance; he looks back at Walter with a happy look on his face. "Damn Walter, I'm surprise that actually strings a bit." Sonic squares off with the guardian and gets into a fighting position. "And here I taught today was going to be boring, Nico and I have to thank you for living things up for us."

"Please forgive me your highness, but I have follow my orders. Other than that, I'm glad that I can offer some entertain for today," the guardian replies twirling his staff around at a high rate of speed and finishes by point directly at Sonic.

"Let go!" Sonic exclaims charging at Walter.

A moment later, Millie returns with ten royal guards and five others guardians following her. They see the fight, and one of the guardians calls out, "Walter what are you doing? He a member of the royal family!"

One of the royal guards comments, "He must have lost his mind! Everyone prepare to attack on my command!"

"NO! DON'T INTERFERE THATS AN ORDER!" Sonic commands after doing a backflip to dodge an attack.

Walter lounges at the Sonic while doing another wide swing with his staff, but he once again misses the fast moving hedgehog. "I'm sorry, but I'm under orders to not let Prince Sonic inside." He unleashes another mighty swing this time he connects with his target.

Sonic is sent flying back into some arrangement of potted plant. The vases shatter on impact with the cobalt hedgehog's body. Sonic easily stands up brushing dirt off his cloths with no sign of injury on him. Sonic dashes towards Walter and gets ready to kick him, but guardian is able to swiftly block Sonic's attack and deflect him back. Sonic quickly recovers and attacks again. Everyone intensely watches the duel unfold, but Millie notices something odd and says to herself, ~This doesn't look right. How is this guardian not only able to keep up but even block and counterattack the prince's moves? According to her majesty and others, her children are supposed to be super strong and fast especially Sonic, but from the look of things Sonic is moving slow and Walter is winning. What's going here? ~ Millie looks even closer at Sonic's actions and sees the hedgehog youth launch a quick upper cut, but at the last second, he pulls back just enough for Walter to see it coming and counter it. She says softly, "What is he doing?" One of the guards looks at her with a questioning look on his face as if he heard what she said. Millie quickly shrugs him off; suddenly a light bulb goes off in her head, ~I get it now, the prince is intentionally letting Walter hit him, so he can make him look good.~

Sonic dashes to right of Walter getting a quick look at the people present. Nico looks over at the people and says, ~Sonic, I think we let this go on long enough. Let finish this so we can find out what those old fossils are up to. ~ Sonic acknowledges Nico requests and watches as Walter runs after them.

The blue hedgehog swiftly changes direction to head straight for the guardian. Just as Walter swings his staff from the left to the right, the guardian is shocked to see his staff go right through the prince. Walter feels that his staff has suddenly gotten heavier; he looks to his right to see Sonic standing on the end of his staff with his arms crossed. Walter goes to throw a punch at him, but Sonic speedily backflips off the staff out of Walter's reach. Not be phase by Sonic's acrobatic skills, Walter charges at Sonic once more before he can land. Walter swings up to hit the midair hedgehog, but once again the guardian's staff goes through Sonic's image. Walter's eyes bug out trying to keep his growing instinct to flee from the battle in check. From behind him, he hears Sonic say, "Come on you're going have to be a lot quicker than that to hit me now."

Without a second thought, Walter swings his staff once again towards Sonic, but his efforts are only met with disappointment as he fails to hit this target. Sonic launches a hastily counterattack by using his blinding speed to get behind Walter. Once in position, Sonic does a spin kick knocking the guardian off his feet into the air. Walter yells in pain feeling a sharp ache flow through his left side; his hears the sound of his armor crackling from the pressure of the kick. Walter tries to recover in midair, but Sonic appears above him and without any warning; Sonic smashes the back of Walter's armor with another powerful kick. Walter feels like giant sledge hammer hit him, and the guardian unleashes another horrifying scream of pain while being sent down face first to the ground. In the blink of an eye, before Walter smashes into the ground, Sonic appears under him with his hand up catching the guardian, without piercing through his armor.

The overall pain and shock cause the guardian to pass out, and Sonic tosses Walter's body to the other guards and says, "Take him into custody and make sure that he gets the proper medical care. As for you guardians, I am correct in knowing that you have not received any orders yet?" The five guardians nod yes; Sonic carries on, "Good here are your orders, I want you to make sure no elder or messenger leave is complex until I return to relieve you of your duties. Is that clear?"

The five guardians snap to attention giving Sonic the guardian salute, "Yes your highness, we will honor your orders until your relieve us."

"Awesome, Millie I want you with me," Sonic orders leading her to the main door. "Let's see why the elders didn't want me inside."

The elder behind the number one panel calls out, "Eleven, you have no right to prevent Prince Sonic from coming to the see this council."

"You are wrong one. I am with in my authority to order such actions, but Prince Sonic has no business running the empire. Sonic and Shadow have shown that they have no respect for this council when they fought against the guardians sent to escort them here," eleven fires back.


Elder number four chimes in with a calm tone of voice, "If Grand Elder Prower had not intervened, the guardians assigned to that foolish mission would have been executed for failing to complete their task."

"It's irrelevant," elder five comments, "Sonic is too irrational and immature to be given such responsibilities. Queen Aleena should have consulted with us before leaving him in charged, and less we forget, the monster inside Sonic is free to do as he wishes. We must take the proper action to correct this error."

Elder ten quickly interjects, "That so called monster has a name!"

Elder six retorts, "His name can be mud for all I care. He is a beast plain and simple; look how he and that wild brother of his treated the nobles they were sent capture in their last mission. Queen Aleena has no control over them. That beast has no right to be allowed to walk around let alone exist. King Sora assured us that the creature he help create would never see the light of day."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing. Have you all forgotten, if it wasn't for Prince Nico and Sonic along with the rest of their siblings; we still under Robotnik's reign!" Elder ten states.


"WHAT!" other members of the council cry out in response.



"Elders! Calm yourselves there is no need for yelling in this chamber," Ling orders. The mood in the room calms down then Ling says, "Very good now lets us continue."

"As I was saying, we must remove Prince Sonic from power at once," Elder eleven conveys. "Plus we have all the reasons needed to do so right in front of us. My fellow elders, all we need is a simple majority from this council and a three-fourth majority in the Imperial Congress."

"Listen to yourself, you are talking about usurping the rightful ruler from the throne that he is temporary holding," Elder seven comments.

"Once again an irrelevant point," Elder five comments, "Queen Aleena was mistaken in her choice to put Prince Sonic in command during her absent. Her childish decisions, once again, will put this empire in danger."

"Agreed, if she had done what she was told to do from the beginning, we would not have to clean up after her. No instead, she decides to marry that worthless colony trash," Elder eleven express.

Hearing eleven's last statement, seven rockets to his feet while slamming his hands on his desk making the board in front of him shift back and forth. "I WILL SLIGHTLY TOLERATE YOU PLAIN DISRESPECT OF THE ROYAL CHILDREN, BUT YOU HAVE CROSSED THE FUCKING LINE WITH YOUR SHOW OF INSOLENCE TOWARDS THE KING AND QUEEN!"


"WHY YOU POINTED EARED!" seven retorts.

Seven prepares to jump out of behind the number board to attack eleven, but Ling yells out in a booming voice that echoes throughout the council chamber room, "ENOUGH! REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT WE RESPRESENT!" The two elders still look like they are ready to attack each other, but Ling continues one in her calm voice, "We are the elders of the Mobian Empire, and we are task with the duty to help the youth from making the mistakes of the past generations."

Elder eleven sits back down in his seat and adds, "You are right Grand Elder Prower. We are here to prevent the youth from making the same mistakes, and that is what we are doing by removing that failure Sonic and the monster. In fact, I also recommend that…"


"NO LET HIM CONTINUE, I WANT TO HEAR WHAT HE GOING TO SAY ABOUT MY BROTHER!" Everyone freezes hearing the familiar voice from down below echo through the chamber. They look down to see the blue hedgehog prince standing in the center of the spoon shaped figure with his arms cross and sour look on his face. The room remains silent as Sonic waits for the elder to continue his remarks. "WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?! I TOLD YOU CONTINUE WITH WHAT YOU WERE SAYING OR ARE YOU SCARED?!"

"What is he doing in here? Where is the guardian that I ordered to keep him out?" eleven states. The other elders don't say anything, and he becomes annoyed not hearing any response from the associates. The elder activates his console and say to the person on the other end, "Guardian, why is this child…"

Sonic interrupts, "ITS RUDE TO TALK ABOUT SOMEONE WHO IS FUCKING STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT YOU!" The elder pays no mind to Sonic's words and continues the conversion with the guardian on the other end of call. Nico appears next to his blue brother, and simultaneously they tighten their hands into fists while growling. Seven sees the growing anger in the young prince's eyes from being ignored; he see Sonic's hand slowly move close this his chest to his hanging medallion. He sits back in his seat with a smirk knowing Sonic's next move. Sonic says in a low growl tone of voice with Nico's tone of voice conjoining with his, "Game on asshole."

A quick flash appears in front of Sonic revealing his twin neck magic guitar. He holds instrument pointing the front tip at number eleven panel. He gives an evil grin, "YO! Stick up ass elder, you're out of tune, so we'll you give you a quick music lesson!" Sonic strums his right hand over the face of the guitar playing every note on the instrument. Several blue orbs appear at the pointed tip of the guitar, and they join together to form one sphere. "Here's a downbeat for you! Blue Laser!" Sonic exclaims making the blue sphere shot out a single beam of blue energy at eleven's seat. The blue beam strikes in a split second blowing up the targeted area in amazing fashion. Only eleven's area is destroyed without any harm to the others. The elder is in shock seeing everything in front of his burnt and destroyed.

Sonic reverts his guitar back into its medallion form and turns around to walk out, but before he is out of sight, he turns around and says out loud, "Grand Elder Prower looks like we owe you an apology for messing your place up along the other things we said about you. We know that mom ordered you to watch over us and make sure that we don't make any overly crazy or stupid acts, but I think its best that you stay here and get control of members on this council." Sonic turns around to walk, but before he moves to far out of the room, Sonic calls out with his back turned to the elders, "Just so you know, we don't care what you say about Nico and I, but if any of you do anything that harms our mother, we will promise you two things. First, everything said here today has been recorded by Millie, and we turn it over so everyone on the planet hears it. That way, we have all the reason in the world to dissolve the Council of Elders. My siblings, the brave warriors, and I didn't fight Robotnik just so that you elders can tell us what we can and cannot do. The safety and wellbeing of our people comes first, and we will fight to protect them from anything that would harm them, including members of this government. Second, keep fucking with us, and you won't have just one monster to deal with but seven not including mom. Later!"

After his statement, the elders remain silent as they watch the blue prince signals the female cat assistant to follow him out of the chamber.

A green flash goes off then quickly fade revealing Manic at the city limits of Mobodoon. The green hedgehog prince look are newly modernize city with people going about their daily lives. He sees aircrafts flying above then shields his from the shining sun "Wow check out those high-rises! Man ART and Cryus weren't joking when they said that they were updating the buildings."

Suddenly his ears perk up when hear someone shouting, "STOP THIEF!" Manic freezes up for second then feeling his thief instincts kick in as he looks around for a place to hide. He hears the voice call out again for the thief to stop. Manic turns to sees two uniformed police officers chasing after a man. The male leopard sees Manic and make a quick dash for him.

Once close enough, the thief grabs hold of Manic twisting right arm behind his back and putting a knife to his throat. "Stop right there or this guy is dead!"

The officers come to screeching halt ten feet from the two. "Shit he's got Prince Manic!" one of the officers yells out.

"Dumbass rookie, why you says that?!" The other officers says. He activates his com-watch and says into it, "Officer Hook to HQ, Foot chase with suspect has escalated to a hostage standoff! HQ take notice the hostage is Prince Manic Hedgehog!"

The thief takes a closer look at his hostage and is surprised to see that what the officer said is true. He begins to laugh while saying, "Well! Well! Well! Look at what we got here! It looks like my luck hasn't run out just yet!" The leopard turns to look at the police officers, "Alright you peanut brains listen up! I want ten million dollars, an aircraft, and safe passage. You got one hour!" The thief forcefully pulls Manic to side of a building ordering the bystanders to get away.

The green hedgehog calls out behind him to the thief, "Hey man, think about what you're doing. I am a thief myself, but nothing you stole is worth putting someone's life in danger."

"Oh! No! No! No! It is because of you and your family; I am forced to steal in order to survive."

Manic gives a questioning look, "What are you taking about?"

The man growls in growing frustration then slightly pushes the tip of knife into Manic's neck causing some blood to flow down the blade, "You clueless bastard, I was one of Robotnik's loyal supporters. He gave me an entire sector to manage for him, and I had it all money, power, women, and the fear of the people. Then you and your siblings destroyed him; I was force run and go into hiding or spend the rest of my left in prison. I lost everything; now I am going to be paid in full for time I have spent living this awful life."

The green hedgehog flinches at the stinging pain coming from the knife point, but he is able to overcome it to reply, "Look man, I sorry for what you had to go through, but you were supporting a madman that was torturing, destroying, and killing our people for his sick twisted means. Plus think about it sooner or later he would do the same to you. How would you feel living the rest of your life as one of his robots?"

"Ha it would better than what I have been through, besides I heard that being a robot has a good number of benefits. Ha ha ha!" Manic tightens his fist hearing the last comments from the thief then his mind flashes the image of Faroah after being robotized.

In the meantime, a dozen or more police surround the area and set up a command post around the block out see of hostage taker. The police chief and Mayor Winnie stand in the command center watching the video feed of the thief and Manic talking with each other about his past. Mayor Winnie says, "This is an absolute nightmare. Chief, how do you plan to handle this?"

The police chief remains silent for a minute closely examining the layout of the area. "Well mayor our chance is to set up sniper along building rooftops and…"

"There's no need to do that chief," Kana interrupts walking into the command post with ART.

"Lt. Kana, sir what are you doing here?"

"That's not important right now," Kana replies looking at the monitor to see what position of the prince and thief is in. Kana calls over the AI robot and points at the screen. "Hey ART what do think? Can we use the new weapon to hit this dude without harming Prince Manic?"

ART quickly studies the screen image on the screen and replies, "Affirmative. The particle pulse rifle set on high stun will have a 98% effective rate. Final adjustments to the targeting sensors and power levels will take two hours twenty-five minutes to complete."

The police chief informs, "The suspect only gave us one hour to fulfil his demands, and we only have 39 minutes left."

Kana crosses his arms lowering his head, "Damn! That's no good!"

"Come in command post! Urgent! Urgent!"

The chief opens the channel, "Report!"

"Sir the suspect is starting to push the knife into Prince Manic's neck, and he is drawing blood!"

"WHAT!" Kana rushes back over the video monitor and zooms in to see the officer's report confirmed. "SHIT! ART we don't have time for adjustments! We need to take this guy out now!"

"I must warn you with the power fluxing as they are; there is an 85% chance that target will not survive the shock to their system."

"Well that will be his problem. Chief, I am taking command of this rescue operation," Kana orders activating the com-unit. "Attention all officers, this is Lt. Kana of the Royal Guard. I am taking command of this operation; I want everyone to fall back at least seventy feet away from the suspect. Medical teams stand by and wait for my signal to come in. Remember the safety and wellbeing of the prince takes priority." Kana closes the line after receiving acknowledgment from all everyone. "ART, you're with me."

Manic and the thief see the cops backing away from the area. The leopard tightens his grips around Manic and says, "What's going on? HEY YOU BETTER NOT BE PLANNING SOMETHING! IF YOU BASTARDS TRY ANYTHING, THAT BITCH, ALEENA IS GOING TO LOSE ONE OF HER BRATS!" The officers play no attention to his new threat and finish evacuating the area only leaving him and Manic. "What are they planning?"

"Well there are two possible answers man. They just figure that I can take you out by myself, or they are preparing to the give you want."

"For your sake, they better be going with the second option." The thief then twists Manic's arm to point of making him flinch in pain while once again slightly pushing the tip of the knife into his neck drawing more blood, "And the same goes for you. If you think about trying something; I'll kill you before you can do anything."

Down the street on the left side of the thief, Kana and ART are set up close the ground about fifty feet away from them, just outside, of their field of view. Kana lays down on the ground in the prone position with new particle weapon. He looks through the scope to check of all the data being recording, but he sees two malfunctioning reading on the HUD. The power level keeps ranging from .1 to 18, and the holographic cross hairs start to flicker on and off. The red dragon curses under his breath and says from his prone position, "ART, the power level is fluctuating, and I keep losing my crosshairs."

"Ok, you're going have to plug me in," ART replies.

Kana looks up from his position at the AI robot to see him plugging a wire into the side of his head. "What are talking ART?"

"Like I said, you're going have plug me in. I'll interface with the gun's onboard computer, but with all the glitches in the system my own functions will have to shut down to repair its self-afterwards." ART hands Kana the core, but he see the red dragon has a suspicious look on his face. "Look this is the only way I can fix the thing, or we can run the risk of vaporizing the suspect along with Manic. Don't worry, I'll be fine; my matrix will be fully repaired in twenty minutes flat." Kana still hesitates for a second, but their attention is grabbed by the hostage taker when yells out that he going to kill Manic in five minutes unless his demands are met. "Kana, we have to do this now or Manic is die."

Kana nods his head and jams the plug into the port of the gun. "Interface with on-board at 50%... 78%... 98%... Interface with on-board computer complete. Ok Kana get ready. I'm completing all system bypasses. Lock on target and fire when ready." Kana nods getting back into position. He activates the zoom feature gets a clear picture of Manic and the thief. He slowly exhales putting his finger on the trigger getting ready to fire. "Kana adjust your elevation up by 1.257 degrees."

The red dragon rolls his eyes and makes the correction. Once done, Kana exhales once more while placing his finger on the trigger. He squeezes the trigger just as he see the hostage taker points the knife in front of him yelling that he wants to talk with someone. Kana sees his opening and squeezes the trigger the rest of the way making the gun fire.

The orange-red ball flies through the air at laser light speed and hits its target. The thief is stun by the shoot, but he remains standing. Kana fires two more shots stunning the man farther. When the fourth shot hit the thief, he collapses to the ground.

Manic sees his capturer fall down, and he quickly moves his hand over the area cut to stop the oozing blood. He turns around to look at the thief laying on the ground under heavy stun effects.

Kana, EMS, the police chief, and Mayor Winnie come rushing onto the scene. Kana reaches Manic first calling out, "Prince Manic! Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine," Manic replies looking up at the panting red dragon. The police chief, paramedics, and Winnie soon reach the green hedgehog. "Kana what are doing here?"

"Weapons testing with ART, and from the look of things, I can say that was a successful test," Kana smirks putting his arms behind his head.

"I hope you didn't plan to use me as your test subject man," Manic retorts with a smile.

"Nah, we would never dream of doing that to you. Nico and Shadow one the other hand… anyway, lets get you patched up," Kana states while signaling one of the medical workers.

While the medics are working on the two men, Kana and others look at the passed out leopard, and the Winnie asks, "What do we do with him?"

"That's simple, we throw this guy in the deepest, darkest, and coldest cell we can find. Then we let him rot," the police chief comments.

"Ill-advisable performing that action will prevent any possibility of gaining vital information about why he committed this crime," ART expresses in a robotic tone of voice.

Manic walks over sporting white bandage tape wrapped around his neck. "YO ART, what's up with your voice?"

"Unfortunately, my matrix system is only operating at 39%. Only primary systems are operational, but other systems are being repaired," ART replies.

Manic giggles while shaking his head, "I hope you recover soon." The green hedgehog turns to everyone else and says, "Anyway, ART is right. When that dude was holding me, he told me that he blames us for his run of hard luck. Plus he told me that was one of Robotnik's sector commanders, and before he pasted out from the gun shots, he said, 'I am not alone.'"

Mayor Winnie comments, "Then, what do we do with him?"

"Send him to the medical unit, and when I head back in Mobotropolis, I'll take him with me," Manic orders. Kana and the police chief nod and walk over to the medics and inform them about Manic's orders.

"Well now that is settled," Winnie says putting her hand on Manic's shoulder, "You came here to learn about your family history. I don't see why we should delay that any farther." Manic nods in agreement with the polar bear mayor. The two leave the area and head to the center of the city.

Manic looks around at the multiple new buildings and increased number of people walking and driving. After walking for a few more minutes, the green hedgehog catches sight of the 30 foot high gold spire and at top settled in between four gold polls is the glowing multiple color power stone. The spire is place in the center of a roundabout. Manic glances over to Winnie as they pass by the bass plated placard for the circle. The placard displays Power Stone Hill; the young hedgehog asks, "YO Mayor Winnie, what did that dude try and steal? I remember the last time I was here I tried to take an apple, but you didn't send the police after me. You took the apple and gave me another one telling me 'that is one is fresher'. Don't get me wrong I know stealing is a bad thing, but what was that guy trying to steal that made him want to take me hostage?" Winnie stops and points back to the spire with the power stone. "You're kidding why would he try something so dangerous?"

They start back walking and Winnie replies, "I don't know myself, but he was taking a grave risk. One wrong move and he would have destroyed himself."

"Plus Mobodoon's ability to leave our dimension would have been impaired," Manic adds.

Ten minutes later, the pair arrives at a massive building with old gothic and modern theme design put together with a sign reading *Mobodoon Archives* posted on the four floor of the building. Manic and Winnie enter the large building to find the inside decorated with stain glass windows with multiple painting and pictures. Manic glances at hundreds of people reading and working on multiple computers. They keep walking through the massive library until they reach a door with the Hedgehog family crest embedded on it. Once they enter, the equally large room is decorated with different symbols from the Hedgehog Royal Symbol to the silhouettes of different members for the royal family. The archive is filled with books, data rods, and other forms of information storage. Manic wears a face full of amazement at all the massive collection of information in the single building. Winnie calls to Manic to keep up with her; the young prince nodes and runs over to catch up.

"Here we are," Winnie states stopping in front of a stone column with the crest of the royal family engrave into the stone. Winnie points to the symbol and says, "Manic place you hand here." The green hedgehog nods and places his hand over the symbol. The Hedgehog crest starts to glow on Manic's hand along with the symbol on the column. A second later, the symbol splits down the middle forming a doorway; inside there is a purple glowing portal. Winnie motions for him to follow her; she walks through the portal and vanishes. He tries to figure out what happened to her, but Manic shakes his head and walks through. He appears in another giant room, but this one is a medieval style with one huge circle stain glass window with the Hedgehog crest. "Wow, this place is awesome!"

Winnie smiles seeing Manic's reaction, "Yes it is, it has been some time since I last stood in this room. This room was built by the first queen and magic user of the Mobian Empire. She is still known to be the most powerful magic user today. After her, a new female magic is born generation after generation; the power of magic is passed to the daughter. Manic, you are the first male ever in your family to inherit this gift. You have received one of the greatest legacies in the empire. Through you, you will carry the…," Winnie pauses hearing sobbing. She looks to her left and sees Manic fighting back tears; she places her hand on his shoulder then asks, "What's the matter? Is your neck hurting?"

Manic wipes away the tears while sniffling he replies, "I just can't believe that this is happening to me." He steps forward holding out his hand making the crest mark glow, "I can finally say that I'm a true member of the family." Manic turns around to see Winnie with a confused look on her face. Manic slowly walks forward and explains, "See ever since Sonic, Sonia, and I started training, I always had the feeling that I was subpar compare to them because of their other abilities hell at times I was jealous. Over time, I began to realize that we all equaled each other out; then our older siblings hit the scene and start training us how to use Chaos Control. At first, I taught we were all still on an equal level, yet Shadow, Silver, and Midna talk about showing us how to awaken our hidden powers. Shadow helped Sonic unlocked the next level of super speed. Thanks to Midna, Sonia now has super monster strength along with Nico; those three must be strongest ones in the family."

Winnie's eyebrow rises just a bit when she hears Nico's name, but she remains silent letting Manic continue on uninterrupted. "Then it came to me, Silver was going to train me how to do telekinesis, but for some reason I couldn't do it." Manic wraps his arms around himself as more tears stream down his face. "I just couldn't believe it. Once again, I felt everyone would see me as the weak link in the family."

"Oh Manic that's not true. No one would ever see you like that. It was just not the right time for your powers to awaken," Winnie contradicts. She walks around to come face to face with the green hedgehog prince, "Manic, I want to you listen to me very carefully. You have been given a rare gift than only you have. Within you, you carry the greatest legacy of the royal family and as the first male magic user who knows what amazing destiny awaits you." She sees Manic's expression become cheerful and says, "AH! Listen to me go on and on, why don't you go sit over at the work table and I will bring you some of the documents from your grandmother to help you start." Manic nods and makes his way over to the banquet size table. Winnie then says out loud, "It surprises me that Aleena didn't come with you. After all, I thought she would want you start with her book first, so she can go over it with you."

Manic sits down at the work table and replies, "Mom is on a mission right now, so she gave us or should I say Nico gave us task to complete while she was gone."

"Oh I see," she replies just as she brings a stack of books to the table. She sets them down next Manic then leans up against the table, "Well, I guess that means that the Council of Elders are running things for the time begin."

While Manic takes one of the books and starts to glance through the writing as he replies, "Nah, mom decided to do something even crazier. She left Sonic and Nico in charge. They nearly had a heart attack when mom told them." Manic laughs out loud, but when he looks over at the polar bear mayor he sees that she isn't laughing. "YO, Winnie what's up? Did I say something wrong?"

Winnie crosses her arms with a stern look on her face, "Who is Nico?"

"He's my brother," Manic retorts.

"Where did he come from?" Winnie questions. Manic gives a confuse look and she repeats, "Where did Nico come from?"

Manic thinks about her question for a second then replies, "I don't know, he just appeared one day."

"Explain," Winnie orders. Manic tells the whole story about Nico's first appearance then all other events that have happen since he was released. Winnie is shocked hearing about the past actions of the werehog sibling. Once Manic finishes the recap; she is on the brink on the laughing thinking about the actions of the wild werehog-hedgehog combo. Winnie leans up off the table and says, "Amazing! Just purely amazing!" Manic gives an odd look hearing the change in Winnie's tone of voice. "Well, if you please excuse me, there is something I must look into. I'll be back in a few," Winnie states while walking away.

A few hours later, Sonic and Millie are making their way down the hallways of the government building. "How can they that a lunch? They we did more talking then eating; plus they didn't have the courtesy to serve chilidogs. My stomach is crying out for food," Sonic whines out loud. He turns to Millie and asks, "Hey Millie, can't we take a break and go get some real food. I know this great chilidog stand that's only a quick run away."

Millie giggles then replies, "I don't think so your highness. Your meeting with the Joint Staff is in five minutes, and I was told by Queen Aleena that you were banned from eating chilidogs for a month."

A drop of sweat appears on the Sonic's head, and he exhales heavily while throwing his hands behind his head, "Ah come on! Mom told you that! Great, I'm going to starve! This is pure torture!" Nico appears next to Sonic with his arms crosses and a smile while swaying his head left to right. Sonic looks at his bulker brother and gives an annoyed look towards him. ~Why don't you take over, so I don't have to listen to our stomach. ~ Nico shakes his head no then busts out laughing seeing the reaction on his brother's face. Sonic says under his breath, "Why you selfish son of a hedgehog."

"Excuse me highness?" Millie questions looking at Sonic with his head turned to the right.

Sonic turns back forward with an annoyed expression, "Its Nico! He is being a pain in the ass!" Millie laughs understanding the fight with his brother. "Not you to Millie! Ah no fair you guys are ganging up on me!" Sonic hears the two of them laugh louder at his discomfort until he interrupts their merriment by asking, "Millie, what is this next meeting about?"

Millie wipes a tear from her eye while recomposing herself. She gives a quick cough and says, "The Joint Staff is going to advice and update you on the current events and situations in Mobius. Plus they will give a report on the status of the current standing for their department."

Just as they arrive at the situation briefing room, Sonic replies, "I hope it's better than the last meeting."

"No promises your highness," Millie replies opening the door.

Sonic rolls his eyes entering in the room after her. Inside the room there is a brown oak table with thirteen chairs. Six chairs on each side of the table and one at the head of the table. On the opposite side of the room, there are six regular size monitors with a giant size monitor in the center. Once they walk in, everyone stands up looking at Sonic. The blue hedgehog stops midway through the door with a confused look on his face. He looks at Millie, and she waves for him to come in. Sonic slowly walks in still seeing that everyone in the room is watching him. He walks over to Millie and whispers to her, "Why are they staring at me?"

She whispers back, "It's a show of respect."

"Ok, then what?"

"They are waiting for you to acknowledge them and allow them to sit," she explains.

Sonic exhales and faces the group, "Thank you everyone and please be seated." Everyone nods and sits down at the same time. Millie nudges him to sit in the chair at the head of the table as she seats in the first chair to the left. Sonic sits down looking at everyone at the table. A woman wearing a military uniform similar to Mizu addresses Sonic, "Welcome your majesty; it is a pleasure to finally meet you. I am Lieutenant General Tigress Panda second-in-command for the Army Core. Normally General Adair is the one that leads the Joint Staff, but since he is with Queen Aleena, he has left it me in charge for the time being. I am in sure that Millie has informed you about the purpose of the staff, so I'll save your time. Let's jump right to introductions." Tigress stands up and points to her left at another person in uniform, "Let me start off with Admiral Aqua Ray. She is the head of the Navy and Oceanic Rescue. Next, General Sam Eagle is the commanding officer of the Air Force. Then, I believe you know Captain Kenna Adair CO of the Royal Guards. Next to her is, Director Blake Gil head of Mobian Internal Security and Policing. Lastly on this side, normally Director Devine Shimauma from the Mobian Intelligence would be here, but he is also aiding her highness with her mission. In his place, we have Sub-Director Harry Kubeba who is also the operations manager for MI." Tigress then points to the other side of the table to person sitting next to Millie, "From the Imperial Senate, we have Senators Mon Kye and Terra Loin. Then from the House of Representatives, Senior Representatives Jenna Inu and Gina Wolf. Lastly, Secretary Eugene Krabbe is from the Council of Elders." The tiger Lt. General sits back down then turns to look at the blue prince, "Prince Sonic, now that everyone has been introduced; we'll jump right into our briefing reports and operational status." Before Sonic can make any replies, the Lt. General continues, "Sir the Army Core is conducting several training operations throughout the regions along with naval and air forces. Our operational status is 48% not including our current standing forces, and with that, I will pass it on to Admiral Ray."

The man dress in black suit with four gold stars on his the shoulders of his coat. The walrus man states, "Sir, as General Panda stated we are working alongside the Army Core in the training mission, but our operational status is only at 18%. General Eagle please go ahead."

Once again Sonic tries to voice a couple of questions, but the next military leader starts without giving the blue prince a change to speak, "Sir, the air fleet is helping the Army Core with their training and feature movements. Our operational status stands at 92%. We are in the process of finishing the up the graduation for the latest class of trained pilots. I'll let Captain Adair give her report now."

Sonic is able to stop the flow of information and say, "Hold on a second, what training operation are you guys running, and why are the Navy and Army operational numbers so low?"

Tigress quickly answers, "After the victory over Robotnik, most of Mobius' resources have been focused on rebuilding and stabling areas for repopulation. As a result, we have only been able to work with limited recruitment, and that has led to our low operational status." She looks back down the table at Kenna and says, "Captain Adair please give your report." Sonic rounds his eyes as he and everyone else at the table look at the white she-wolf. Kenna can feel everyone's stare when she hears Tigress's voice say once aging, "Captain Adair, we are waiting for you to give us your report." Kenna feels herself freezing up as the Lt. General continues to the call out her name. After waiting another minute, the impatience tiger says, "Since Captain Adair seems to be taking so long, Director Gil if you would please."

Sonic glances at the sad looking Kenna before turning his attention to the purple lizard like man in a black police uniform nods then says, "Thank you General, your highness first let me say it is an honor to meet you. Now on to more pressing matters, currently the MISP has become fully operational in all major cities along with several major rural areas. Just yesterday, central command turned over full operational control to 120 out of 250 major cities around the planet. In addition, we are training another 1.5 million new officers, and they will be ready to go to work in three months' time."

Sonic nods hearing the news then looks at the brown bear man wearing a black suit with a yellow tie sitting next in line. He is fully absorb in reading the document in the computer screen in front of him. Tigress coughs loud enough to draw his attention. He looks up to see everybody but one staring at him. "Please forgive your highness, but I have just received an emergency report from one our agents in Mobodoon." His statement draws everyone even the bewildered Kenna's attention to him. "Sire, it seems that Prince Manic was involved in a hostage taking, and he was the hostage."

Sonic springs up out his chair while smashing his hands on the table, "WHAT!? IS HE SAFE?!"

The Sub-Director fans his hand at the shocked prince and says, "Yes sire, the hostage taker only gave him a couple scratches on his neck. Lt. Adair and ART used a prototype weapon to heavily stun the suspect, and he was taken into custody to get medical treatment. Prince Manic said that he will escort the suspect back here once he finished his work with Mayor Winnie." Sonic flops back into his seat with a relieved expression on his face. "As for everything else, Director Shimauma is also with her majesty on her mission. I'll pass it on Senator Kye."

"Thank you Harry," the senator states then looks Sonic, "Prince Sonic, I am aware that you met with the Congressional leaders, so me take a second to tell you our function is to convey information to our respected chambers. Other than that, we only come to these meetings if the person in charge requests our presents."

Tigress sees that the senator has completed his part and she states, "Prince Sonic this completes our meeting for today, but you will receive a briefing every morning. Lastly… oh I almost forget." The tiger general looks back at Kenna, "Captain would you like try and give your report again?"

Kenna can easily hear the superior tone in the general's voice, but she fights her instinct to yell back. Instead Kenna forces anger to cancel out her fears then reports in the same sharp superior tone of voice, "Your Highness, the Royal Guards are operating at 89%, and we are currently engaging on a vigorous recruitment drive."

Sonic quickly catches sight of Tigress souring expression in reaction to Kenna's response. Nico starts to snicker, ~Hey Sonic if I didn't know better, there something funny going on between these two.~ Sonic nods in response then says, "Thank you all for the reports, we will see you in the morning." As everyone begins filing out the room Sonic calls out, "Captain Adair would you hang back for a second." Everyone stops in their tracks hearing the request.

Millie glances at Sonic then she says, "You heard him, you all are dismissed."

Once everyone else is out, Sonic says, "Millie will you please give us the room for a minute." The cat secretary quickly bows and walks out closing the door behind her. "Kenna is there something going on between you and Tigress?"

"It's just a little rivalry between the Army and Royal Guards. She mad about the actions Uncle Mizu took when he was commanding the both branches. Funny enough to say, he was also part of the reason why Army status is so low, so she is taking her anger out on me," Kenna explains.

Sonic smirks thinking about the tug of war match between to the women leaders, "That's good to know, and here we were about to get jealous that she was flirting with my favorite wolf." Sonic walks over closer to the she-wolf, and he sees her hands shaking. Sonic grabs hold of her hands and feels them still shaking; he looks up but sees her eyes slightly tearing up, "Hey! Hey! What's this? Is the Captain of the Royal Guard about to cry?"

Kenna makes full eye to eye contact with the hedgehog prince; she feels her face redden looking at the handsome prince. The snow white wolf quickly moves her hands from Sonic's and cups her heating face. "No! No! I was just nervous that I made a fool of myself during the meeting."

Just as Sonic is about to answer, Millie opens to the door and yells, "Sorry for butting in Prince Sonic, we must hurry if you don't want to be late for your next meeting."

"Yeah! Yeah," Sonic calls behind him. He swiftly gets closer to Kenna and gives her a peck on the cheek before heading out the door while saying, "You did great Kenna, and you can only get better. See Ya!"

Kenna stands frozen in place with her hand over the spot Sonic kissed; she softly says to herself, "Thanks Sonic you're the best."

After Winnie leaves the royal selection of the library, she walks to an office labeled *Authorized Personal Only*. The mayor enters a security code and a small green flashes with the sound of the door unlocking. She walks inside and closes the door hearing the lock reactivate. Inside the small office space room is a simple work desk with computer terminal. She walks over to the left wall and places her hand on the plain looking wall. A second later, the wall lights up with an outline of her hand; then th panel opens up. The Winnie reaches inside and pulls out a small red container with the outline of a brown hedgehog with several quills poking up.

Winnie sits down at the desk then opens the small box. Inside, there are three brown-silver data rods. Winnie picks up the rod with *Play me first* written on it. She pulls out the rod then inserts it in to the computer console. The monitor lights up showing a brown hedgehog male hedgehog. The man's quills are a mix of Silver's four upward pointing quills, Sonic's back quills, and a few of Manic's forward flopping quills. Sora looks to be in his early twenties with bright golden eyes and a serious expression on his face.

Winnie starts the video, and Sora says, "Hey Winnie, I hope that you are doing well, and things in Mobodoon are running smoothly. Oh before I forget, Talon wanted me to pass on that he loves his children and hope they are doing well. Plus, he wants Mizu to give them his letter. Well, I'll right get to business, Winnie I'm sending the data package because it looks like my mission is running a bit longer than I expected. I hate to say it, but since you are playing this video log, I haven't returned. Winnie there are a couple things I need you to know. The true purpose of the data package is to inform Sonic and Nico about what they will be facing soon. Before you freak out, yes I know you saw me seal Nico away on the day of their birth in accordance with the Council of Elders orders, but I never told them that I would seal him away forever. Nico is part of our family, and he deserves to be happy and know he is loved. Aleena and I decided that the seal binding him would be broken on his fifteenth birthday, or earlier if the needs arises which ever came first. With all that out of the way, Winnie if you are playing this before he turns fifteen then know that they will experience the Werehog Moon before their thirteenth birthday. At that time, the information contained on the other data rods will be essential to them. Please it give to them it ASAP. Well that's it, tell everyone I miss and love them. Thanks Winnie. Oh P.S." Sora gives an evil grim then sticks up his middle finger, "give this little love note to some of the elders. Ha, ha!"

The video ends, and Winnie pulls out the data rod thinking about the unique situation Sonic and Nico will go through fairly soon. She slightly giggles about how Sora fooled the elders; she holds the data rod in front of her laughing out louder, "Sora, you really know how to play the game. I see why Aleena loves you so much and don't worry I'll make sure that they get your message."

The clock strikes 7pm with the sounds of bells echoing throughout the library. Manic looks up from the books and stenches his arms. "Wow it seven o'clock already, man the time sure flies by, but who can blame it after reading about my grandmother's magic abilities. She was unbelievably powerful."

"You got that right Manic," Winnie states walking into the royal library. Manic turns around and sees her carrying a gray box with a strap on over her left shoulder and three smaller boxes in her right hand. She sets the items on the work table then says, "Queen Mary Hedgehog was known to be the third most powerful magic user in the royal family, but that's not including Aleena or yourself. Who knows you might be top the charts as the most powerful magic user only time will tell."

Manic smirks slightly shaking his head, "I don't know about that; grandma was able whip out super powered spells and who knows what mom can do when she gets started." They both laugh out loud; a second later Manic stops laughing and gets a serious expression on his face, "Hey Winnie there something I wanted to asked about."

"Sure what's on your mind," she replies.

"Grandma said something about the Chaos Emerald, but she wrote down that she was able to use the seven emeralds one time to protect the empire from some dude named Lyric. I thought there was only one chaos emerald," Manic expresses with a confused look on his face.

"Well that is something that your mother should explain, but the emerald that you came in contact with was only a leftover shard from an experiment about thirty years ago," Winnie explains. "Now, how about we go and get something to eat. I know this great dinner a couple miles from here, and dinner is on me."

Manic nods and starts to follow Winnie, but he glances back at the items the polar bear mayor left on the table. "Hey Winnie what's in the gray box?"

They continue making their way out the library, and Winnie replies, "Oh those are the data pads your mother requested on the noble families."

"Ok, but are in the smaller boxes?"

"Oh those are data rods for Sonic and Nico from your father."

Manic stops in his tracks hearing Winnie's answer. Winnie hears the pause in his action and turns around to look at the green hedgehog prince. She sees his eyes shrouded in darkness; then she hears him asks, "Winnie what was our dad like?"

Winnie walks back over Manic and places her hand on his shoulder, "King Sora was a kind hearted man who was famous for being a strong loyal friend. He was a powerful warrior only match by Aleena's skills, but he was a most times a grade A goof ball. Yup at times, he had the common scene of a three year older, the intelligence level of a genius, and the maturely of a ten year old child at times. Come to think about it, Sonic is a lot like Sora in the way he acts." She pauses for a minute as Manic and her laugh thinking about the comparison between the two hedgehogs. "All kidding aside, Sora was a loving man and cared deeply for each one of you. If he was here today, Sora would be proud of all things you kids have done to protect Mobius. Now come on, I'm starved, and I can hear those tacos calling my name." Manic looks up at Winnie with a smile on his face, and they make their way out of the library.

The clock strikes nine, and Sonic sits behind Aleena's desk with his head facedown on the desk. Millie walks into the office to see the blue hedgehog still as can be; she brings her right hand up in front of her mouth and coughs aloud enough to draw Sonic's attention. He replies with his head still down on the desk, "Please tell me, I don't have another meeting."

She giggles softly and says, "No your highness, you are all done for today. You're free to head to the resident if you wish, or you can sleep here. It's your choice." Sonic lifts his head up with a happy expression. He hops out of the chair and makes a dash towards the door, but she holds out her arm stopping him before he reaches the door. "Your highness before you leave let give you a quick rundown about what is on the docket for tomorrow."

"Ah come on Millie can't you just tell us in the morning," Sonic whines.

She shakes her head no and replies, "You are going have to be in the office at 0830 hrs for your morning briefing; then for the rest of the day, you will have to complete paperwork and sign bills for the imperial Congress."

"Paperwork?! What paperwork are out talking about?"

Millie walks over to a console on left side of the room. She activates the station and suddenly hundreds of small gray data pads start appearing on Aleena's desk. The pads keep multiplying until the whole right side space is filled with the data pads. "Here's today and tomorrow's paperwork."

Nico appears next to Sonic, and in the unison their jaws drop looking at the mountain of work. "Millie please tell me that this is a joke." She only signals with a smile on her face. Sonic and Nico both babble for a minute while slowly making their way to the door. Before they walk out, Sonic turns around to look back at Millie and says, "Millie please make sure that guardian we met today information is brought here in the morning."

"Will do Prince Sonic," Millie replies.

"Oh and just call me Sonic," he says with thumbs up.

Nico opens his eyes and finds himself standing on a sidewalk with boys dressed in green suit jackets with a white dress shirt, green tie, tan pants, and brown shoes. The girls are wearing a white button up dress shirt with a red tie, a bright pink-white overall dress skirt, thigh-high white socks, and black shoes. The young werehog watches the people make their way passed him until he sees a young pink hedgehog girl walking with two other girls next to her. The three of them talk and laugh while walking, but Nico can't hear a word they are saying. The pink hedgehog passes right through Nico and stops mere seconds afterwards. She turns around looking in Nico's direction with a puzzled look on her face. White bat girl notices her friend's odd behavior and calls out, "Hey gurl something wrong?"

The pink hedgehog turns back around and catches with her friends, "Nah! I guess just got an odd feeling."

Nico floats behind the pink hedgehog while closely explaining her. The long eared rabbit giggles and says in a soft sweet tone of voice, "I bet you're just nervous about today's test."

The bat girl smirks and quickly replies, "Her nervous, yeah right!" The taller batgirl get closer to the pink hedgehog and ruffles around her quills while saying, "Little miss brainy here has always gets the highest score in the class." The two girls burst out laughing, but the pink hedgehog remains silent with an unsure look on her face. They notice that she still has the unsure expression. The three girls stop walking and the bat girls says, "Hey girl what's the matter with you one second you're fine. Now you look like you lost your best friend."

The pink hedgehog looks at her friend with a now sad expression with her eyes slightly watering up. "I can't explain it, but it feels like my heart is breaking. I just don't understand it. I can't help but feel that I lost something important to me," she states feeling the tears in her eyes pool up more. "I know it sounds crazy but…"

The batgirl shakes her head and says, "No, it just means that someone close to your heart is calling out to you." The hedgehog schoolgirl wipes her eyes and continues listening to her friend, "Look at me, my boyfriend out of the blue tells me that he was leaving to go help his family and that was about four months ago. From what my parents told me, the person that you love wants to be closer to you, but they can't right now."'

"My mom said the same thing, and she said that when the crying hearts meet nothing will be able to break them apart," the rabbit class mate adds.

A smile returns to the pink hedgehog's face as turns back to look in the direction where Nico is floating. "Thanks girls," she replies. Suddenly they hear the chimes of the school bell echo over the intercoms. The three yip in shock, and the pink hedgehog yells, "Move it ladies we got a bell to beat!" The girls nod in agreement and race towards the buildings.

Nico tries to fly after them, but the area him begins to the fade into black. "THAT WAS HER! WAIT PLEASE DON'T GO! SONIC WHERE ARE YOU; I FOUND HER! DAMNIT THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! NOOOOOO!" Nico screams into the inky abyss.

Nico springs out of bed yelling out loud, "NOOOO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE! PLEASE!"

Cortana materialize in her smaller form wearing her version of digital pajamas. The AI looks at the yelling werehog and screams out loud enough to break him out of the crazed state of shock, "HEY DUMBASS STOP FUCKING YELLING! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!"

Nico's eyes spring open as his yells fall silent. He looks around to find himself in his bedroom, and he hears the sound of rain splashing against the balcony door glass panels. Nico breathes heavily as if short of breath from a hard work out. His face is covered in cold calmly sweat; his eyes quick scan the area. After another couple of seconds, Nico is unable to find what he is looking for and feels wave of sadness wash over him. Cortana yells at him once one, and Nico slows turns to face the blue AI woman with a depress look on his face. Cortana quickly falls silent seeing the expression of the werehog. "What time is it?" Nico says in a somber tone.

Cortana hastily replies with a confused tone of voice, "It's three twenty-seven AM. Nico, you look like you have seen a ghost or something." The werehog remains silent and gets up out of bed while running his over his sweaty face. He walks to bathroom and flips on the light; he turns on the water and washes his face. Cortana go to her full size form and walks over the bathroom to see Nico splashing water over and over on his face. "Nico what's up with you," she asks again.

Nico stops splashing his face and looks into the mirror while saying, "I feel terrible."

"Your looks say the same. What happened one minute you were sound asleep then you're up screaming and shouting," the AI states.

"I had a strange dream."

"All this is because you had a strange dream. Don't you think your overreacting Nico?" Cortana states crossing her arms over her chest. Nico remains silent and walks towards the door into the bedroom. Cortana steps out of the way and watches as he grabs black muscle shirt, a pair of the black jeans, his shoes, and a blue long over shirt. "Hello Mobius to Nico! I'm talking to you!" Her words fall on deaf ears as he makes his way out of the room closing the door behind him.

Nico walks through the empty hallway of the palace resident area. He walks outside to see the dark night sky with rain falling at steady pace. Nico pays no mind and walks into the downpour. He goes the Aleena's flower garden and sits on the small hill letting the rain wash over him; he looks up at the sky without blinking. After a couple minutes, Sonic appears with an annoyed look on his face, ~Nico, why the hell are we outside in this weather?!~

Nico looks over to Sonic and replies ~I was hot, and I wanted to cool off.~ Sonic gives a him an odd look, and Nico finally tells, ~Sonic I had a dream about her!~

Sonic eyes widen hearing the news, ~What?! You're kidding what happen?!~

~I don't really know. She was wearing some strange looking outfit along with other girls, but they mention something about class. Anyway, I was floating then she walks through me; she stopped look back at me. She has a sad look on her face.~

~Then what happened!~

~That's it after that everyone faded into black. Next thing you know, I'm up shouting and clawing the air like a mad man. Plus feeling like me body is on fire. Hence is the reason why, I am sitting out in the rain.~ Nico explains looking at the transparent hedgehog.

Sonic folds his legs Indian style with a smirk on his face, ~Damn this is really a pain! Plus you're not the only one who is feeling something strange changing within you. Even in my spirit, I can feel this odd heating sensation as if our body and spirits are calling out.~

Nico looks back up into night sky letting the rain wash down his soaked face and body, ~Well what do we do now? Thanks to this feeling there's no way in the world I'm going to be able to get back to sleep.~

Sonic look up in the sky as well and replies, ~Since we can't back to sleep, we have a shit ton of paperwork in mom's office let's get started on it.~

Nico gives Sonic crossed eyed look and states, ~Are you fucking serious?~ Sonic gives the werehog a stern look in response, and Nico jumps up off the small mount and makes his way to the government quarters.

The clock hits 6:45am, and Millie enters office area. She looks out the window still seeing the rain falling outside. "Man this rain is just not letting up," Millie states and strokes her fingers through her hair ringing out the excess water in her hair. She then moves to her tail and on the third stroke; Millie glances towards Aleena's office door and sees the light on. She stop ringing out her tail and walks into the queen's office. Millie is surprise to find Nico working on paperwork.

The young werehog prince is two third of the way done with all the work. "Prince Nico, I didn't expect to find you here this early, and almost all your work completed."

Nico sets down the pad he is working and states, "Actually, I just finished all my work. It was a lot easier than Sonic and I thought it would be." She gives a distrusting look and checks a couple of the pads to find that werehog telling the truth. She gives him amazed look just as he finishes drinking is cup of hot tea. "We have been here since three," Nico explains while setting the cup back on the desk. "Millie I have two favors I would like to ask you. One, can you push up out meeting with Joint Staff to seven thirty? Second, the guardian Sonic fought with yesterday, will you find out his status along with getting his entire military record?"

"Yes your highness, and I will get this paperwork sent off ASAP," Millie replies then walks out the room.

"And the same goes for me, just call me Nico," the werehog states before she walks out.

Around 10:30am, the meeting finishes up and the Joint Staff members start walking out of Aleena's office. Nico stops Kenna from leaving by saying, "Hey Kenna hold back for a sec." The white she-wolf turns around to look at rough looking werehog. Once the room is clear, Nico sits on the left couch while Kenna takes the right one.

"Looks like you're getting the hang of this ruling thing if it only being your second day," Kenna smirks.

"I can say the same for you Captain. From what I saw you weren't taking any shit from Tigress today looks like you grew a pair," Nico laughs while leaning back into the couch.

"Ha ha! Very funny Nico, so what's on your mind?"

Nico smirks and grabs two pads sitting next to him. He tosses them on the table and says, "Meet Walter Root Guardian of the Council of Elders." Kenna picks up the pads and glances over the information. Nico continues by saying, "Kenna, I want you to check this dude out, and see if you think that he will make a good Royal Guard."

"Sure, but he is a member of the Guardian Core. Why would you want me do this?"

"To make a long story short, Sonic fought the dude because he following orders, so he promises that he would look out him," Nico explains.

"Ok, l will do my best," Kenna replies with a smirk. She sets the pads down the couch, and she takes a deep breath then looks at Nico. Kenna feels herself blushing as she keep looking at the werehog prince. "Nico," she starts off but feels her voice cracking slightly, "I just wanted to ask…"

Her sentence is interrupted when a flash of black light sparks and Shadow appears wearing a long black coat with a white shirt button up shirt and red tie. The ebony hedgehog looks at the two and says, "Nico, I want a word with you, so tell her to beat it."

"And why should I? Last I checked mom left Sonic and I in charge, or do you want fight it out because I'm just itching to use my claws against an opponent," Nico replies with a low growl in his voice.

Before Shadow can answer, Kenna quickly states while standing up and grabbing the pads, "Please Nico, I have to go anyway. I need to finish some paperwork and go over Guardian Root's service records." The white wolf swiftly makes her way out the office leaving the siblings alone.

Nico walks back over Aleena's desk and pours another cup of hot tea. Shadow gives the werehog an annoyed look. Nico sits back down in the desk chair and says, "Shadow what the fuck are you doing back here? Don't you have other locations to visits?"

Shadow smirks and tosses a data pad to Nico, "I finished them all!"

"WHAT?! HOW?! It's should have taken you about a week to finish."

Shadow snickers a bit and sits down in one of the chairs in the front of the desk. "I convince the operators of each Sanctuary to schedule me for the same day that way I could finish everything quick," Shadow claims. Nico looks over Shadow's report and finds everything in order and signs off on it. The black hedgehog then states, "Alright now that this is done I want you grant my request."

Nico quickly replies, "Fine a deal is a deal, so what's your request Shadow?"

Shadow smiles, "I want to fight."

Nico gives another look, "You want to fight. I would be more than glad to whoop your ass, but Sonic and I are kinda of busy."

Shadow shakes his head no and replies, "Don't get ahead of yourself, I'll be pleased to show you who the most powerful hedgehog is, but I have someone else in mind."

"Ok, so why do you need my permission?"

"Because they are members of the Royal Guard," Shadow finishes with a sinister grim on his face.

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Episode 11:  Three v. One

Chapter Text

Episode Twelve

Three v. One

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A/N: Sonic has a message he wants to tell you after at the episode.

Lightning strikes nearby sending a powerful boom echoing through the palace. In Aleena's office, the bright flash coats the room with white light then quickly fades, but Nico stands in shock hearing Shadow's request. The werehog ruler finally says, "Shadow, you have to be kidding us or we didn't hear you right. You want to fight the entire Royal Guard Core? Do you know what type of havoc that will cause?"

The black hedgehog folds his arms with a mad look on his face, "No Nico, do I stupid to you?"

"Do you want me to answer to answer that question?"

Shadow ignores Nico's retort and walks over to the window looking outside at the pouring rain. "You and Sonic made me a promise that if I did that bullshit mission, then I would be granted my request without any argument."

"And I am a werehog of my word, but you want to fight the entire Royal Guard," Nico replies folding his arms with a stern expression. "As powerful as you Shadow, we don't believe you can challenge the whole guard and win."

Shadow snickers in response, "Maybe I should be a little clearer; I only want to fight three select members."

Nico walks back over to Aleena's desk and sits down still looking at his ebony brother. "Who are these three guards?"

"Damn Nico, I thought you of all people you would know," Shadow gloats with a growing smirk on his face. He takes a seat in the chair in the front of the desk. "I want to fight the Adair siblings."

Nico shoots up from his chair while smashing his crawls on the desk, "SHADOW YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING!"

Shadow shuts his eyes still sporting the smile on his face, "You said that you would agree to any demand, and I want to fight that sappy weak wolf and her piss ant brothers."

Nico flops back down in the chair thinking about Shadow's request; then the powerful werehog starts, "I'm sorry Shadow, but we can't fulfill your request. We can't order someone to fight."

Shadow's smirk grows evil, "Lucky for them, they don't have choice in the matter. Thanks to a law that our great-great grandfather passed." Nico gives a questioning look toward Shadow in response. The black hedgehog opens his eyes and sees the werehog's expression. He reaches into the inside of his jacket and pulls out a data pad. Shadow tosses it Nico, and the werehog easily catches the item. "I'll make this easy for you to understand. If a member of the royal family or nobility has a problem with someone in the Royal Guards, they have to the right ask the ruling sovereign to challenge the member to combat. If the ruler says yes, then guard must choice to either to fight for their honor or resign from the royal guard, and the winner gets to choice what happens to the loser."

Nico's eyes narrow then says, "You're making this up."

Before Shadow can response, a green aura appears in the room with the black outline of a hooded figure. A second later the aura fades away to reveal Oracle with a prideful smile on his face, "Prince Shadow is telling the truth your majesty."

"Thank you Oracle for backing me up on this," Shadow replies then turns back to face Nico, "and since you gave me your word, you have no choice Nico." Nico gives a soft growl hearing the smug tone in his voice. "Well, I have some training to do."

"Shadow, you at least have to give us some time to read this, two weeks at most," Nico replies holding the data pad.

The black hedgehog stands up, "I want this fight to within one week, so you better start cracking bro."

At the end of his statement, Shadow uses Chaos Control to disappear in a flash of black light. Nico quickly looks at Oracle and growls out, "What the hell Oracle?! How could you let this happen and where the fuck have you been?" Oracle only smiles while sitting down in the seat that Shadow was using. Nico leans forward giving an even harder look at the green wizard, "Do you realizes the shit storm Sonic and I have been through since mom left! Add to that Shadow…" Nico bits the tip of his claw thinking about what his older brother told him.

"But your majesty its only been one day," Oracle counters with a smile.


A sweat drop appears on Oracle's head while he gives the same smile, "Your highness, I don't think it something you should get over worked up about. After all, I have it on good authority that Prince Shadow was planning to ask Queen Aleena before she left on her mission."

Nico crosses his arms and turns his chair to sides leaning back and states, "Well that answers one thing, but where the hell have you been? Sonic and I could have used some counselling yesterday!"

"Yes, Elder Prowler informed me about your visit to the Council to Elders. I'm glad you and Sonic showed resistant. As for my absent, I have been dealing with some issues that Queen Aleena tasked me with." Nico cocks his head looking at Oracle with a careless expression on his face. Oracle stands up giving a respectable bow while saying, "For now, I'll leave you to look over the information Prince Shadow as left you, and need not fear I will be with you on your next trip to the Elders." The green wizard quickly disappears with the same green light.

Nico picks up the pad and sees Sonic sitting on the desk with a smile on his face. ~And what are you smiling about? Don't forget Shadow tricked you as well.~

~I know, but we have to give to him. He's smarter than we originally we believed,~ Sonic replies then his smile turns into an evil grin as he continues, ~Nico let me take over and read the rules.~ Nico give a queer look at his twin brother and shrugs while letting Sonic take control. Sonic picks up the pad and reads out loud, "Page one: Requirements for Challenge."

On the other side of the government annex, stands a giant oval shaped five story building with the sign Department of Defense. On the second floor in the executive office, Kenna pours over the data pad that Nico give her earlier. Just when she finishes reading the record on the ex-guardian, her intercom activates, "Capt. Adair, the person you requested just arrived. Do you want me to have him wait in the conference room?"

Kenna presses the button, "No send him in." The intercom goes silent and her door opens up revealing the bandaged ex-guardian Root walking in. Kenna stands up and motions for him to sit in the chair at the front of the desk. "Thank you for coming Walter," Kenna starts off. Once he sits down, Kenna also sits and continues, "I hope you have been treated well."

"Yes ma`am," Walter replies adjusting his casted arm in his lap, "my former comrades made sure that I was safe after fighting the prince."

Kenna giggles, "I wouldn't lie from what I've hear about that fight; Prince Sonic took easy on you, but he known to the spread gossip about his talents just to make himself sound cooler. Anyway you're not here to listen to me boost Sonic's ego or rep, would you like something to drink?" Walter shakes his head no and Kenna gets up and walks over to her personal café and makes a cup of Swiss hazelnut coffee with some chocolate chip cookies. "Walter, I going to be frank with you when Nico told me that he wants me take you into the Royal Guards; I was ready to him to that was him to go fuck off. I don't trust the Guardian Core especially after the shit they tried to pull back at the airfield by disguising themselves as guard members. In my opinion, the Guardian Core should be disbanded." Kenna turns around to look at Walter, and she sees a sour expression on his face. She takes her coffee and cookies back to her desk and sits down while drink and sets the cookies on the desk. Once she has enough to drink, she sets the half-full cup down, "That is what I first thought, but after reading your record and the Code of the Guardian, I somewhat changed my mind. The Guardians aren't there just to take orders from those old fossils; they have something even more." Kenna interlaces her fingers and leans forward in her chair then says, "However, I also have to face some hard truths, the Royal Guards are nothing short of a joke. Besides my brothers and me, the royal family can easily protect themselves without our help. This leads me back to the situation that happened on the airfield, the uniforms that the guardians got were from members of the guard. I learned that they were overpowered and easily neutralized."

Walter keeps his stern expression but curiosity fills his eyes, "Capt. Adair, I fail to understand what you are getting at."

Kenna gives a devilish smirk, "Simple, I want to make a deal with you."

"Go on, I'm listening," Walter replies staring into her eyes.

"I allow you to join the guard as my second in command, and you train our people in the skills, techniques, and tactics the Guardian Core uses along with refining our methods."

Before Kenna can continue Walter starts to laugh hearing what has been said so far then says, "I have to give it to you, one second you are insulting my former comrades then in the same breath you are asking for my help."

Kenna chuckles, "Oh please don't get it twisted, I still don't trust the Guardian Core nor you, but I am willing to make a deal that will benefits us both." Walter replies with a nod allowing her to continue, "As I said, I will make you my beta, and you will train my people. In turn, I will help you get revenge on the elder that sent you to fight against Sonic, and as a bonus I will help you get the Code of the Guardian rewritten." Kenna stands up and extends her hand towards him, "Do we have a deal?"

Walter works his way to his feet and shakes her hand, "Deal!"

"Just one last thing," Kenna states while tightening her grip around his hand, "Don't ever try to cross me, because if you do, I will show no mercy."

The clock gets close to four, Mille makes her way back to her desk with all the recent documents from the record department. After she gets close to Aleena's office, the cat woman hears Sonic's voice boom, "AH HA HA HA! I GOT HIS ASS NOW! YEAH BOYYYY!"

Mille opens the door to see Sonic standing behind Aleena's desk laughing out loud with his head tilted up to the sky. "Sonic, what is so funny?"

The blue hedgehog looks that at his mother's aid then grabs the data pad off the desk while leaping over it, and he makes a quick dash to her. Sonic hold the pad up to her and explains, "Mille, we found a way to the outsmart Shadow." She gives a questioning look and he continues, "Look as part of the rules and regulations, Shadow had to submit the paperwork that define where the fight would be located at and date that it would take place. Since he sprang this on us at the last moment, we can claim that he will have to wait till mom gets back in order for everything to be approved, and I can bet a million chilidogs that she will not approve of him fighting them. See we win, he loses, and we don't have to go back on our word. AH HA HAHAHHAHAHAAHAH!"

Mille gives nervous smile while starching the left side of her head, "Well, Sonic that sounds all well and good, but I have some bad news that might bring you down."

Sonic is doing a little weird looking cancan dance with Nico beside him in spirit form, and without breaking away from his dance, Sonic replies, "HA! There's no news that can bring me down right now, because Nico and I were able to outsmart Shadow!"

Mille took a deep breath and said in a quick blur of words, "Shadow had the paperwork he needed file over three weeks ago, and it was all approved by her majesty."

In the midst of a high right kick in the dance, Sonic over stretched his leg hearing the news and lost balance falling backwards on his back, and in a flash, the blue prince was back on his feet and with puffs of stream coming from the sides of high head, "What do you mean he had the paperwork filed! That's not possible, and…" Sonic pauses in the midsentence calming down then says in calmer somber voice, "Did you say three weeks ago?"

Mille holds up the pad with Shadow's request; Sonic quickly reads over the request and at the end he reads out loud, "Approved by Queen Aleena Hedgehog, Ruler of the Moboian Empire." Sonic lowers his head after reading the pad. Mille gets a step closer to the depressed hedgehog, but her cat instincts maker her jump backwards when Sonic surprises the whole world when he swiftly throws his head back while screaming at the top of his lungs while throwing the pad into the air, "TO HELL WITH IT!" Afterwards, he falls silence and says in a soft tone of voice, "Mille will you please have Kana, Kell, and Kenna come in."

"Yes sir," Mille replies while watching the even bluer hedgehog mope over to the desk.

The intercom system in the Kenna's office goes off with the private's voice, "Captain Adair, General Panda and Lieutenant Adair are here for to speak with you."

Kenna looks up from her the objects on her desk and replies, "What do they want? Tell them I'm busy and…"

Before she can finish her statement Kana opens the door making his way into her office. The snow white panics and tries to do her best to clear her desk of the objects which happen to the pictures of Nico and Sonic. The human form red dragon and tiger watch as she shoves the pictures into the desk, but one of the photos flies off the desk, and Kana picks it up. He looks at the picture of Nico striking a muscular pose, Tigress rises a single eyebrow looking at the picture of the prince. "Kenna, do I even want to know, and how did you get this?"

She aggressively stands up from her desk with a redden face then snatches the photo from her brother. "That's none of your business, beside don't you know its rude to barge into to someone's office when they are busy working."

"Yeah right! Busy my ass! You were busy drooling over those pictures!" Kana counters with a smirk on his face.

Kenna puts the picture into her desk and slams it shut while saying, "For your information, I was doing an overview of the surveillance system."

Tigress then chimes in while folding her arms, "And that happen to be of the prince in the gym."

Kenna's redden face grows even redder thinking about her last encounter with Nico in the gym. She recalls the scent from his body, the chiseled bulging soft fur covered muscles, his fierce raw power but soft warm smile. She feels her face heating up even more. The teenage wolf stands next to her desk silence lost in her thoughts.

"KENNA! KENNA! SNAP OUT OF IT!" Kana shouts.

The words pierce her daydream and make her shake her head. She looks back at her visitors then questions, "What are doing back here anyway Kana? Aren't you suppose to with ART working on weapon testing? And Tigress if you're here to argue with me, I don't have the time."

"If you must know captain, Lt. Adair and I were meeting to discuss how the weapon testing is going, but he wanted you to join us," Tigress stated with an annoyed tone.

"Plus, I got word that someone from the Guardian Core was joining our ranks and that he would be your second in command. Call me crazy, but I know good and well that you didn't agree to that," Kana adds.

Kenna leads back in her chair and folds her hands behind her head, "Well sorry to burst your bubble, but I did accept him into our ranks."

Kana faces heats up hearing the news and nearly starts to split out fire while shouting, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME! KENNA HAVE YOU GONE SOFT IN THE HEAD, OR HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHAT THOSE ASSHOLES DID TO THE GUARDS AT THE AIRSTRIP?!"

"Yeah, I remember quite well."

"Then why would run the risk of allowing one of them into your ranks? It's a well-known fact that you don't trust the Guardian Core, so why in the world would you make an ex-guardian your second in command?" Tigress questions with a puzzled expression.

"Sonic made the request," Kenna replies.


Kenna faces grows sours and says in a low growl, "Kana remember who you are talking about and to whom you are talking to, so calm your ass down or I will do it for you!"

Kana scents the seriousness in Kenna's tone, and he begins to the calm down. He takes a deep cooling breath and states, "So Sonic told you to make this ex-guardian your second in command."

The snow white wolf shakes her head no, "His highness wanted me to consider him for the guards everything else was my decision."

"But Kenna, why? We don't…"

The wolf sibling cuts off her brother, "Yes we do…" She glances at Tigress then says, "General please gives us the room; we can have the meeting over the weapons later." The tiger Army General gives a quick growl, but she nods in the respect and leaves the room. Kenna gets up and makes her way over to the window. She stares at her reflection and the rain in glass. "Kana, after what happened at the airstrip, then the attack at the concert, which by the way we lost over fifty guards, lastly the incident with Prince Manic being taken hostage is also a black mark on own record."

"Hold on, I get that we had to bad marks in the past, but how does the incident with Prince Manic play into this negative appeal because last I checked, I was the one who saved him."

"And that goes to farther my point."

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Kana exclaims.

"Kana, the Royal Guards are a Royal Joke. If not for the three of us, there would no reason for the Royal Guard to exist."

"Kenna, I'm still confess about what you are getting at and how does this ex-guardian play into this mess?" Kenna explains the deal that she made with Walter and when he will start. The red dragon walks over his sister and places his hand on her shoulder, "Look sis, I don't have like what you did, but I respect your decision. Just don't expect me to respect our new commander."

He removes his hand and starts to make his way over to the door. Kenna reaches out for him, "Kana…"

"Sorry to disturb you ma`am," the private's voice rings out over the intercom.

Kana opens the door and Kenna yells out, "Come in private." The husky muscular walrus blocks the door preventing Kana from leaving. "What can I do for you?"

"Captain, I just received a call from the queen's aid. She says that Prince Sonic wants to see you and Lieutenant Adair in his office ASAP. Lt. Kell Adair will be waiting for in his majesty's office."

"Thank you private," Kana replies then tell him to return his desk. Kana turns around, "What do you think he wants?"

"Lets go and find out."

The classroom is loud with the students talking among each other about one thing or another. The clock gets close to 8am. Two students walk in carrying a black spiral notebook; they move to the center at the front of the room. The young man in dressed in his school uniform stands behind the podium. He clears his throat and says, "Ok everyone would you please… um… excuse me… may have your attention please. Um everyone lets quiet it down… um… please take your seats… everyone…."

"HEY SHUT YOUR PIEHOLES AND SIT DOWN!" the young woman standing to him orders out make everyone fall silence and quickly take their seats. Once everyone is seated the foot shorter schoolgirl gives a big smile and turns to her classmate, "Ok go on with what you were saying."

The male student gives a nervous smile with his eyes close looking at the young woman. He turns back to the face the class and clears his throat once more, and says, "Thank you. Now let get down to business, first on the list does anyone have any old business that needs to be brought up?" The room remains silent, so the young man continues, "Alright as for new business the Student Government as requested that ideas for the spring junior high festival be submitted, and this year the Student Body President has stated that the class that is voted the best will get an extra day stay on our school trip to Hawaii, and the club brings in the most revenue will be rewarded to with a larger budget."

The room starts to fill with chat and laugher about the announcement from the male class rep. A minute later, the female class rep. says, "I know this sounds great and all, but you have to remember this means that every class and club will be pulling out all the stops to win. If we want out class to receive that extra day in Hawaii, we need a kickass idea that will blow the socks off the judges. SO COME ON EVERYONE THINK WE NEED A REWARD WINNING IDEA RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! GET THOSE BRIANS WORKING GIVE US SOMETHING THAT WE CAN USE TO BET THE OTHER CLASSES INTO THE GROUND!"

"Geez class rep. turn it down and give us a minute to brainstorm," one of the male students calls out.

"TURN DOWN FOR WHAT! I WANT TO WIN THAT EXTRA DAY AND PUT THAT PENELOPE ZOLOW IN HER PLACE! NOW THINK EVERYONE THINK!" the female representative shouts make everyone releases a collective exhale.

The students start talking with each other about possible ideas while the male class rep is writing on the digital board *Ideas: Votes:*. The female rep. is stomping back and forth throughout the room telling her classmates to write down what ideas they have. Thirty minutes past, the male student walks back up to the podium, and tries to call everyone back into order. Sadly, his efforts are wasted and the female rep shouts out, "SHUT YOUR PIEHOLES YOU WASTE OF SPACE!"

The room goes quiet and they look at the young man, "Alright what do you guys have?"

Sonic stands in the back of the room watching everything unfold, but he finds that no one is aware of his present. ~Where am I? Nico… Nico… can you hear me? Hum… no answer, so I'm not in the dreamscape, but how did I get here? And…~ Sonic stops in midsentence when he spots a girl with pink quills rise her hand. Sonic moves closer to the girl and recognizes her face. ~It's her! But where are we?~

The male class rep calls on the girl and she stands up then says, "How about doing a storybook theme?"

The preteen rubs the soft growing chin hair and states, "Hum that sounds interesting, do tell me more."

Another student in the class quickly jumps in, "A storybook theme! Why not just gag me with a spoon! Doing some fairy princess theme base activity will make it look like we are back in the first grade."

Sonic and the pink hedgehog glance over at the preteen human, and she quickly retorts, "If you let me finish before you open your big mouth, I was going suggest that we should use an author famous and well-known for his mystery stories."

"Oh who would that be, the writer for Blue's Clues?" the young man mocks.

"No I wasn't going to suggest your favorite author, but mine Sir Conan Arthur Doyle, and his most famous novel character Sherlock Holmes," the young woman states getting some approving nodes and words of agreement.

The white bat then stands up stating, "Yeah we can turn it into a murder mystery game base off one of Sherlock's adventure."

The soft spoken rabbit then adds, "Our guest would be the ones to solve the mystery."

Ideas from the other students in the class start to flow out making each student want to add their ideas to the pile. The class reps nod to each other knowing that they have selected their class event. Sonic smiles watching how the students are energized by her idea. Once everyone suggestions are written down, the class reps thank everyone for their help and encourage them to do their best for the event. Sonic walks you next to her desk located next to the window. The class starts talking about another issue, but the young pink hedgehog hardly pays attention as looks outside at the rest of the world. Sonic moves to come face to face with her with a smile on his face. Suddenly her eyes light up as if she sees the blue hedgehog standing right in front of her. She reaches out to touch him while Sonic does the same thing, but before the can touch other booming female voice start ringing in his ears, "SONIC! SONIC! SONIC! CAN YOU HEAR ME?! WAKE UP! YOU TO WAKE UP SONIC! SONIC!"

Sonic shakes his head while covering his left ear from the piercing loud call as he continues to reach to her. ~If I can only! Please give me your hand!~ Sonic thinks trying to reach for her, but the sound is too much and makes him cover his other ear. He sees her extended hand start to fade; he let go of his ears and stretches for her hand, but finds himself flowing backwards away for her. He struggles to reach her, yet his efforts are in vain.

Millie shakes the sleeping hedgehog until he opens his eyes and sits up yawning. Sonic looks up at Mille with sleepy eyes then he leans back in his chair while rubbing his eyes. "What time is it?"

"1845," Mille replies.

Sonic turns around to look outside to see the rain clouds breaking up with the rays of setting sun shining through the cracks in the clouds. The blue prince rubs his hand over his forehand to work out the sore spot. "Mille how long were we out?"

"I can't really say, one moment you were reading the next you were out cold."

"Well I guess that will teach us not to pull all-nighters," Sonic smirks getting up from the chair and stretching out his stiff muscles.

"FYI, I came in to tell you that Kenna and her brothers have just arrived and…" Milles pauses when she sees Sonic searching something. "Um Sonic, did you lose something?"

The blue hedgehog shakes his head no and, "I didn't lost something but someone." Sonic climbs down from the desk then shouts out, "NICO WHERE YOU?! CAN YOU HEAR ME? NICO!"

A second later, the fluffy werehog appeals next to his blue brother, ~Sonic, what the hell happened to you? One second you're up here and the next you vanished, and I am sent flying into the dreamscape. Mine telling me what the hell happened. ~

Sonic folds his arms shakes his head, ~I really can't say bro, but all I can say is that when I regained consciousness I found myself in classroom. Here's what will take the cake, I saw her again the pink hedgehog.~

Nico's face hardens hearing the news, and when he getting ready to response, Millie calls out drawing the siblings' attention. Sonic looks the cat woman as she continues, "Sonic are you ok?" Sonic gives a blank expression for a minute before he nods yes. "Sonic if you're not up for this meeting, I handle it for you."

"No… no we can handle it. Nico and I were just talking about somethings, and…," Sonic pauses seeing Nico appear next to him in spirit form. "Please send them in." Mille nods and walks out of the room. A second later, the three senior leaders of the Royal Guards walk in. Sonic motions for them to have a seat on the couches. He takes a deep breath then turns around one of the chairs to face the trio. After sitting down, Sonic says, "Thanks for coming guys, I know it was short notice to call you like this, but we don't have much time." The cobalt hedgehog looks at the she-wolf, "Kenna, I heard that you made Walter your second in command." She nods in response, and Sonic continues with, "Ok, then this will make what I have to do a lot easier." He takes a deep inhale, and then exhales he shots a serious expression towards them, "Kenna, Kana, Kell as of right now I'm relieving you of your duties until further notice. In the meantime, Commander Root will be in charge."

The news hits the three like a ton of bricks sending Kenna and Kell into shock leaving them speechless. Kana, on the other hand, stood marches over to Sonic and gets within inches of the prince's face. "SONIC HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND! FIRST, YOU SUGGEST THAT KENNA TAKE THAT UNTRUSTWORTHY PIECE OF SHIT; NOW NOT EVEN A DAY AFTER SHE MAKES HIM A COMMANDER, YOU RELIEVE THE THREE OF US FROM DUTY! YOU BETTER HAVE A FUCKING GOOD REASON, OR SO HELP ME, I'LL…"

"KANA!" Kell shouts out, "Remember who you are talking to!"

The burning red dragon glances back at his brother with fire still burning in his eyes. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath letting a calming wave wash over him. The dragon lieutenant takes a step back from the calm hedgehog, and bows while saying, "Please forgive me your majesty, I meant no disrespect with my words."

Sonic shakes his head, "No need for apologies Kana, we understand that you would be mad."

Kenna finally snaps out of her shock and questions, "Sonic, I know that my guards haven't been at top of their game, but is it really necessary that you remove us from our positions? I only just took command a day ago."

Sonic stands up and goes to his mom's café and pours a cup of warm blueberry tea. The three intensely watch as he take s sip then hear him say, "Your command abilities are not the reason I'm relieving you." Sonic pauses taking another sip of tea, "The three of you have been challenged."

"CHALLENGED!" they say in unison standing up looking at Sonic.

Sonic nods yes, and Kana blurts out, "What the hell, do you mean challenged? What's a challenge?"

Sonic rises a sight eyebrow looking at the clueless dragon, "Kana, I thought you would know."

"No! Mine filling me in!" Kana retorts.

Kenna and Kell roll their eyes; then Kenna says, "Kana don't you remember doing our training what told us about a challenge?"

Kana folds his arms and looks away from his siblings with a puffy face, "I think I was sick that day!"

Everyone hits the floor hearing his response. After a couple of seconds, Kell pops back up shouting in his brother's face, "AH YOUR HOPELESS YOU KNOW LAVA FOR BRAINS!"

"HEY BIRD BRAIN NO ONE ASKED YOU FOR YOUR OPTION!" Kana replies with puffs of smoke coming out of his mouth.

"Ahhhh," Kell grunts turning his back to the red dragon. "Alright I'll keep it simple for you nova mouth, we have to fight someone."

"What do you mean fight someone buzzard beck?" Kana retorts.

Kell turns around and hits the dragon, and in the blink of eye, Kana fires back with a strong uppercut to the gut. Within seconds, the boys are exchanging blow after blow with each other. Nico glances over at Sonic as he watches the two battling siblings. The werehog nudges his brother; Sonic rolls his eyes and lets Nico take control. Nico watches the punch exchange between them while Kenna tries to control her brothers, but the she-wolf is unable to calm them down. A powerful growl works its way up and releases a powerful roar yelling out, "KNOCK THIS FUCKING SHIT OFF!" Nico's outburst is so strong enough to the shake the glass in the windows and scares the battling siblings. They all look at him to see a stern look on his face. "Now sit down," Nico orders. They quickly obey and he walks over to them, "For fuck sake, you three are facing an issue that might get your asses booted from the guard, and here you two dumbasses are fighting each other. Now listen and l will explain everything." Nico lays out all the details of the challenge and what will happen if they win or lose. "Now is that clear enough for you Kana?"

"Yes sir," the dragon replies.

"Now you can tell that this has got me in a foul mood," Nico states sitting back at his desk.

"Your majesty," Kell calls out walking up to the desk, "all you have to do is decline their request. According to the rules, the ruling sovereign has the right to decline the challenge."

"Would if we could, but we gave our word that we would not turn down his request," Nico replies. Kell and Kenna talk with each then fire off ideas at the werehog hoping to find a loophole. After the fifth idea, Nico expresses, "Give it up guys, Sonic and I have gone over the rules from top to bottom and there are no loopholes. The challenger has covered every single base."

Kana finally jumps back into the conversation with, "Look I have to perfect solution."

Kenna rolls her eyes and replies, "I know I'm going to regret this, but what is your answer Kana?"

The red dragon gives a smile from ear to ear, "We go head to head with the person who challenged us and make them sorry by whooping that ass!"

Kell start laughing hearing his brother's plan. Kana's anger starts to well up when the dire eagle says, "You know his idea is so stupid it might work."

"Are you sure about this?" Kenna questions.

Kana quickly retorts with, "We really don't have much of a choice sis. Besides I'm just itching for a fight. Weapon testing is fun and all, but I hate doing all the paperwork after each test. Think about it, this is our chance to cut lose and go wild."

"When you put that way, I have gotten tired to sitting in my office. I want to be a field agent again and go out on missions," Kenna admits to everyone.

Kell smiles holding his hands up in submission, "Well I'm clearly out voted, so Nico who will our opponent be?"

Nico sit in his chair with hands behind his head with a smirk on his face, "I let you guys figure that out on your own."

Three look at Nico with a questioning look. Kenna then asks, "Nico, why can't you just tell us?"

"Because it wouldn't be any fun," the werehog replies with a growing smile. "Besides it shouldn't be that hard to figure out."

Kell sits back on the couch with his hand under his chin thinking out loud, "Well lets see, a challenge can only be issued by a member of the royal family or someone from the nobility, and with the current state of the nobility is in, I doubt that they have the means to pull together a group to fight us."

Kana quickly counters with, "Don't be so sure about that, we can't count anyone out."

"But Kana…"

"NO! He's right Kenna, you can't count anyone out even us!" Nico explains while leaning forward onto the desk and interlacing his fingers.

"Alright, say you're right that would leave to many people for us to try and figure out," Kenna adds.

Nico's smile grows then looks to his right to see Sonic standing with his arms crossed with a stern look on his face. Nico rolls his eyes then looks back the trio. "Look, I'll give you this much, the nobility are not the ones who challenged you."

"Seriously!" Kenna exclaims, "That leaves the members of the royal family."

"Yup," Nico confirms.

"Nico, were you the one who issued the challenge?" Kenna ask with a worried tone in her voice.

"Come on Kenna, if I was the one, do you think I would be sitting here trying to stop this hell train before it gets started," Nico counters.

Kell laughs in response seeing the relieved look on her face; then he hears Kana suggest Midna's name. "NEVER! SHE WOULD NEVER..." everyone gives him a curious look. His face reddens; then he clears his throat, "Um I mean she hasn't been in the city since she left for the medical conference."

~No how in the world does he know that?~ Sonic questions. Nico shrugs his shoulders in response.

"What about Prince Silver or Princess Sonia?" Kenna suggests.

"No, they're still at Port Mobius, and I can guarantee you they don't have time pull something like this off." Nico sees Kana about to say something, but Nico quickly adds, "Sonic is also off the list."

Kell folder his arms, "Well… that only leaves…"

Kenna eyes bug out knowing where his is going, "NO! Not him, why…!"

Kana quickly catches on, "You've got to be shitting me! We have to face…."

"Prince Shadow Hedgehog," a deep voice rings out from the back. The trio twists around to see the black hedgehog standing the doorway. "Hello, losers were you just thinking about me?"

"Prince Shadow," Kenna calls out looking that the smiling the hedgehog with a confused look on her face, "Why? What have we done that you would consider dishonorable?"

"Oh no! You haven't done anything dishonorable unless you consider being weak hearted a dishonorable act? Or should I say a traitorous act!" Shadow replies in a harsh tone.

Kana steps forward toward the ebony-red hedgehog, but he starts to hear his core instincts tell him to backway. The growling dragon then ask, "What the fuck are you are getting at your highness?"

Shadow's face start to grow sour seeing Kana's actions, "Perhaps you recall the events back at the Scar-Lyon estate." The trio look at him with knowing eyes, "Good, so you remember what you did?"

"What are you talking about Shadow?" Nico questions.

"Nico what do think happened to Bartley?" Shadow questions with a sinter gleam in his eye.

The werehog prince gives a suspicious glare that the trio while saying, "From what Kenna told us, Midna and them found out about his partnership with Robotnik and that he feed info about our attack on Robotripolis, but when they tried to confront him about his dealings, the workers at the house told them the he had ran away."

"Well, Nico that is half the true. The rest is a bit more telling, see the three stooges and Midna did make contact with the rat Bartley. Our dear sister decided to relieve one of Bartley's hands from as an opening gesture, but after hearing how Bartley's family wanted to use mom and our sister as means to get the throne. Believe it or not, Midna has a very short fuse when it comes to some things especially when it comes to someone else running her life. In short, she was getting ready to make Bartley into a corpse, but Kenna butted in and stopped her from doing it."

Nico's faces starts to turn angry while his blue-purple aura starts to turn darker thinking how they let a dangerous traitor go free. Kenna quickly jumps saying, "Nico please understand, I didn't want Midna to dishonor herself by killing an unarmed man! Please you have to understand that we…"

"ENOUGH! BE SILENT!" Nico roars out while still slight growling. The werehog folds hands in to fist and closes his eyes to talk with Sonic. They all look at him as three minutes past. A few more minutes pass and the bells outside ring loudly signaling that it is seven o'clock. Nico finally opens his eyes and says in a low deep voice, "Shadow your request has been granted; you will face the Adair siblings in battle Saturday morning, but it will not be a battle to the death nor will the loser be subject to death. As for you three," Nico states looking at the Royal Guard members. "Sonic and I are not happy that you would lie to us, but we understand that what you did was in order to protect our sister's honor. That being said, you three have a match to get ready for, so if I were you, I would get to training ASAP!" They each nod in response, and Nico finishes with, "Alright, you all are free to go because, Sonic and I are about to go crazy sitting in this office." The three guards snap to attention and salute. Shadow smirks and uses chaos control to disappear. "Mille! I'm heading home!"

"Have a nice evening Nico see you in the morning," she replies.

Just before Nico can use chaos control, Kenna calls out, "Nico can you wait up a minute?"

The werehog shakes his head no, "Sorry there is some place we have to be."

"May I come with you?"

Nico shakes his head no, "Not this! We have something personal to take care of. Later! Chaos Control!"

The white wolf stands there wondering what the werehog would have to do. "Kenna," Kell calls out making her turn to look at him. "Let go we have a lot of work to do!"

"Right," she replies following behind her brothers.

Nico reappears in front of a flower shop in downtown. After laughing and exchanging some witty banter with the shop owner, the werehog takes his fresh flowers walks out of the store before using chaos control again.

Ten minutes later, Nico reappears and enters a building. After signing in, the werehog heads to five floor and walking into the room. "Sorry for being late, I had somethings late things to take care of. How are you feeling today? Well I hope you have a lot of energy, because we plan on being for a long time tonight." Nico sets the flowers on the table; then gets closer to the person he is talking to, "So where shall we begin? Since we started last time, how about we change things up and you start this time. We know you can do it. Just take it slow and easy. Good that's it just like we taught you."

Three days past since the Adair siblings started their intense training sections. The three guards spend most of the day at the military training base that is twenty miles away from the Mobotropolis. The base encompasses a twenty miles radius with buildings of multiple sizes and stories. Three guards work tirelessly in the training dome perfecting their attack moves, evasions, and becoming even stronger. Kenna was fighting against several fast moving holograms while her brothers watch. Kenna does several backflips and fires powerful lightning bolts destroying the holograms. Once she lands, a giant green *CLEAR* sign appears in midair. She takes several deep breaths after seeing the level complete notice.

"Not bad Kenna, you beat your old time by ten seconds and at level twenty," Kana comments from the viewing box.

"Thanks Kana," Kenna replies with a smile on her face while wiping off her sweat. She looks to Kell to see a somber look on his face, "Kell what's the matter?"

"Hum?" the dire eagle says in sounds out. "Sorry, I just have a lot on my mind."

"About what?" Kana questions while walking out of the booth with his brother.

"The fight with Prince Shadow," Kell replies.

"Are you on that again Kell," Kana comments. "You just need to relax about that."

"I'm being serious Kana," Kell states with a harsh tone, "Do you really think a week of training will be enough for us to go one-on-one with Prince Shadow? Remember, I have been on team missions with him and Sonic, and let me tell you, we are not on the same level as him."

Kenna meets her brothers halfway, "I hate to admit it, but you're right."

"That's what I said," a voice calls out.

The three turn around to see Sonic walking up to them. Kenna runs to blue blur and says, "Sonic, about what happened with Bartley, I…"

Sonic holds up his hand with smile on his face, "What's done is done Kenna. We will have just have to deal with Bartley another time, but what Kell said is true. We talked with Shadow and convince him to push the match back a week in order to give more time to train."

Kell feels a small wave hope as he states, "This is perfect, Queen Aleena should be back from her mission by then, and she will stop this fight."

Sonic shakes his head no and says, "I going have to bust your bubble, but mom signed off on all the paperwork before she left. My guess is she knew Shadow was planning this, and she left everything to play out under my watch. In short, you guys aren't getting out this fight."

"Damn," Kell replies lowering head in defeat.

"Anyway, I came to give you some good news and bad news," the blue hedgehog states while taking a seat on one of the benches. "The good news, I was able to buy you an extra week to train."

"That is good to hear, but what about the bad news," Kenna comments.

Sonic leans back looking up at the metal roof and says in concern voice, "The day Nico confirmed the conditions for the fight; my dear brother goofed and forget to include one important thing that Shadow could not ask for as the winner."

Kenna puts her hand on Sonic's shoulder and asks with fear filling her eyes, "What can he ask for?"

Sonic looks at the worried wolf with the same sad eyes, "Exiled!"

"WHAT!" Kell and Kana shout in unison.

Sonic turns to look at the brothers with a stern look, "You heard me right, Shadow will be allowed to ask that you three be exiled if he wins!"

"Sonic you can't!" Kenna pleas, "You must go tell Prince Shadow that he can't request for us to be exiled!"

Sonic moves her hand from his shoulder then stands up and walk away from her. With his back to the trio, Sonic says in a low deep voice, "I'm sorry Kenna, but I can't do that. If I were to do something like that, Shadow would complain that I'm being unfair to him in what choices his is and is not allowed to be made for this challenge. Also," Sonic turns around to look at the Royal Guards with cold stone face, "If Shadow makes that request as the winner, Nico and I are bound by royal law do what must be done, and I promise you, we will do it without question."

Kenna and Kell's faces turn grim thinking about the possibly of being exiled while smokes starts to come from Kana's mouth and he squeezes his hands to the point that a small amount of blood starts to ooze out of palms. He lowers his hand admitting, "Damnit all! We are just basically fucked! That's what you're telling us right Sonic?!"

Kenna looks up at the hedgehog prince, "Sonic is there anything that you can do to help us?"

Sonic folds his arms, "Well I would suggest you use the remaining to…"


"Actually, I was going to say that you use the time to come up with a unified super attack that would be enough to overwhelm Shadow, but if you want with the first opition," Sonic answers.

"How? We are fighting him one-on-one," Kenna comments.

Sonic bops his forehead, "Ah man that completely slipped my mine." Sonic smiles putting his hands behind his head. "This won't be a one-on-one fight but three-on-one, so you three will have a number advantage." The faces of the Adair siblings lighten up hearing how the fight conditions have changed to possibly favor them. Sonic starts to chuckle while saying, "I have to the give it to Shadow; he's making the betting pool so much better and we…."

"Say what Sonic?" Kell calls out.

Sonic freezes up hearing his voice, "Ummmmm….."

"What do you mean by betting pool?" Kenna questions further questions.


"Well nothing," Kana jumps in, "spit it out Sonic!"

Sonic starts twirl his index finger around each other while saying, "Well you see, a certain hedgehog let it slip that he had made a bet with a friend on who would win the fight, but then things just started to grow from there."

"Alright, then tell us, what is the running odds as of right now?" Kell inquires.

"In truth, the odds were 57 to 43 in Shadow's favor, but after word got out that you have an extra week along with it being a three-on-one fight, the odds have gone 60-40 within your favorite of winning. Some believe that Shadow is biting off more than he chew by agreeing to fight all you at the same time," Sonic explains looking at the others.

Kenna folds her arms with a growing smile on her face; then she says with a sly tone, "And who did this certain hedgehog place his bet on?"

"Oh! Look at the time! I have to be at meeting in ten seconds," Sonic says in harshly tone of voice while looking at his com-watch and moving away from the trio, "If I going to make it in time I'm going to have juice it! Before I do, let us give you one piece of advice team work is your greatest strength."

"Sonic wait! Tell me who you bet on!" Kenna exclaims loudly running after him.

Her efforts are in vain as Sonic speeds off while saying, "Check you later guys! SONIC SPEED!"

"SONIC!" Kenna yells as she watches the blue steak fade away.

A couple minutes later, Sonic comes to a stretching stop outside the city limits. Nico appears to Sonic's right laughing out loud. ~What's so funny Nico? ~

~How you booked out of there just so that you wouldn't have to answer her question. I would have never guess that you would coward out of answering a question, ~Nico replies while floating next to Sonic as he walks through the busy market place filled with hundreds of people shopping. ~Sonic wait! ~

Sonic moves out to the side of the path of the traveling people, ~What up Nico?~ The werehog points at a jewelry vender and tells him to take a close look at the vender's products. Sonic makes his way over then spots a red jeweled and diamond flower.

The vender sees the young prince and greets Sonic with, "Your majesty, it is an honor that you would grace my humble shop with your present. Please if there is anything that draws your eye I will gladly show it to you." The shop owners notices Sonic attention on the jeweled flower; then he says with a smile on his face, "Ahh his highness has a wonderful taste." He opens the locked case and pull out the necklace then hands it to Sonic. Both, Sonic and Nico, stare at the necklace as if in a trance. Sonic goes say something, but the jeweler jumps in first, "Its called The Lost Roses."

"The Lost Roses?" Sonic questions while holding the charm in his hand. "There only…," before Sonic can finish his statement, the jeweler pulls out a smaller rose charm.

"I bet you are wondering why its called the Lost Roses," the owner states while handing over the other charm. Sonic's eyes grow wide wondering how knew what they were thinking. "You see your majesty, these two roses used to be a part of a bigger set, but after Robotnik's conquest, the other three pieces went missing. The person I acquired these two roses from told me that it used to belong to an old noble family that disappeared."

Sonic and Nico continue to look at the roses when a loud voice shouts out breaking his trance, "YO BRO! WHAT HAPPENING WITH YOU!"

Sonic and Nico shake their head then look up to see Manic riding his skyboard over to them. Sonic waves back has brother; then turns back to shop owner. "How much do you want for theses?"

"For you Prince Sonic, the small price of ten thousand dollars," the owner states.

"Ten Thousands Dollars!" Manic explains landing next to Sonic, "Yo sib, you ain't…"

"I'll take," Sonic states pulling out his wallet and gives the man his debit card.


Sonic pays no attention to his green brother and lets the owner run his card to pay for the items. "Thank your majesty and I hope you enjoy your purchase."

Sonic nods and walks off with Manic trialing behind him with a shocked look on his face. Asking several back to back questions, "Sonic what were you thinking? Where in the world did you get that kind of cash? Why did you buy that?" Sonic continues walking without paying any attention to Manic while putting the second charm on the chain. Manic follows next to him for a few more minutes in silence until he jumps in front of the blue hedgehog grabbing hold his brother's shoulders, "Sonic will you just stop and answer one damn question please."

Sonic looks to Manic with confused filled eyes and replies, "Manic if we had any answers to give, we would give them, but we just don't know."

Manic lets go of Sonic's shoulders and moves his hands to his hips shaking his head, "Ok fair enough, but how are going to explain to mom that you just dropped 10k on a necklace?"

Sonic looks at the silver necklace with the two rose charms; then he starts to chuckle while putting it into his pocket. He looks at the green wild quilled hedgehog while walking forward, "I just tell her that you suckered me into buying it."

Manic stands there in shock hearing Sonic's response then quickly catches up with him while saying, "Don't even think about Sonic Hedgehog! You're not dragging me into this mess!"

They both burst out laughing, and then Sonic requests, "Hey Manic do you mind if we run and talk at the same time? I need to chance to stretch my legs."

Manic hops on to his board hovering next to Sonic, "Lead the way bro!"

After watching Sonic and Manic fade into the crowd of other shoppers, the jewelry store owner smiles and begins to pack up his shop. Once he finishes, he moves down the crowded walkway until he is out of the shopping center. A voice call out drawing the owner's attention, "How was business today?"

The owner smiles recognizing the voice and turns to face person, "It was quite profitable for me. I must thank you for the item and the history behind it. Prince Sonic did just as you predicted and paid a handsome sum for the necklace."

"Excellent, now I ask that you fulfil the second part of our agreement," the person responses.

"Of course, but before I forget, I will require the second part of my payment. I believe you still own me one million dollars," the shop owner replies.

"You have no need to ask, the funds were transferred to your account the moment his majesty brought the necklace."

"Many thanks, but I would like know why you couldn't give the Lost Roses to Prince Sonic yourself, and what is the importance of the necklace? After all you are…"

The person cuts the jeweler off, "Those matters need not concern you! You have been paid and you are not to talk to anyone about this is, or I will see that you are locked up and bankrupted! Is that understood?!"

The shop owner bows and replies, "Yes, I will obey the conditions of our contact."

After clearing pass the people, Sonic and Manic kick up the pace. Sonic starts dashing over the glassy green plain while Manic flies next to his speedy brother enjoying the flesh air sweeping over his face. Sonic turns to look at Manic and asks, "Anyway Manic what were you doing when you spotted us?"

Manic does a quick over corkscrew getting closer to Sonic, "Well I just had finished dropping off the dude that was holding me hostage in Mobodoon, and I went to go see you. Mille told me that you ran off to talk with Kenna and them about something at the base. She said that you were cursing like crazy and calling out Nico for being and I quote, 'a fucking idiot'"

Sonic smiles then looks ahead to see a river in his path. The cobalt speeder speeds up more getting ahead of Manic as races past the docks over the water. Sonic creates a mild wake from running on the water. Manic gets higher in the sky and watches Sonic zigzag on the open surface of the Bloom River. Manic's face fills with fear seeing Sonic get extremely close to several of the river barges and boats. After Sonic passes the river traffic, he gets a burst of the speed and hits the side of the riverbank so fast that it looks like a bomb hits the sand covered shore sending up a cloud of sand and dust. Manic shakes his head waiting to see where Sonic will come out at. He doesn't have to wait long to see a line of sand and dust leaving the cloud.

The green hedgehog dives down to get back up next to his sibling. "Hey Sonic was all that really necessary?" Sonic shrug his shoulders while still powering forward. "Anyway, why were you cursing out Nico?"

"To put it simply, he forget something important that would affect Kana and his siblings," Sonic looks back forward to see a high mountain up ahead. "Meet us at the side peck of that mountain." Manic looks up to see the mountain and nods yes. "Alright see you there. AFTERBURNERS!" Sonic calls out while once again speeding off.

~Something must be still getting at them. Winnie, I hope you and dad knew what you were thinking. Just relax Manic, everything should go as plan hopefully mom will be back soon before I have to give Sonic and Nico the letters and package from dad,~ Manic thinks to himself while flying higher into the air.

Sonic swiftly moves through the trees at the base of the mountain then starts running up the side jumping to the left then right and backflips when needed up the rock face. About 200 feet up, Sonic hits some loose gravel and loses his footing. He is able regain his balance, but the situation turns grim when the entire rock face he is on gives way starting deadly rock slide. The prince smiles at the oncoming danger then jumps from falling rock to falling rock in turn continuing his ascension up the mountain. When Sonic sees several large boulders falling toward him, Nico convinces them to switch out. The powerful werehog goes into his second stage form and tightens his enlarge fist. With a smile on his face, he focuses energy into the fist, and when he reaches the point he wants he launches his fist upward at the boulders. The second his rubber band like arm hits the overhaul falling boulders, all the boulders are destroyed in powerful boom. Nico stretches out other arm uses his diamond sharp claws gasp ahold of a solid part to the mountain and pulls himself up in a launching like fashion. The rocketing upward werehog starts to slow down, and he does the same move again extending his arm, grabbing a part of the mountain reaccelerating himself.

Manic hover high above the area watching his brother's performance until Nico spin-flips on to the ledge Sonic told him about. Manic flies over to meet with them and says, "Have fun sib?"

Sonic takes back over and brushes the rock dust off is clothes and says, "You know it bro."

"Sonic why did we come all the way out here?" Manic questions landing on twenty by twelve wide ledge. Sonic points off into the distance, and the green hedgehog turns around to see the beautiful sun bathed and small cloud shaded landscape. Not too far away, Manic is able to see the large majestic capital of the Mobian Empire. The city surround with green plains to the west along forest near the mountain, the north has grassy plains and hills with unique looking windmills as far as the eye can see, the south starts off with grass then turns into a heavy wooded forest, and the east his the port to the Great Mobius Sea. At the center of circle like shape city, the government offices and buildings are arranged in a ring circle, and the very center is the royal estate. Manic is amazed at the sight layout in front of him. He turns to Sonic, "Bro, when did you find this hide away?"

"Not too long after we took back control of the planet," Sonic replies while flopping down and leading his back against the rock face. "So Manic what all do you find out on your 'treasure hunt' in the library?"

Manic turns back to look at the view and says, "My whole report is on mom's desk can't you read there?"

Sonic folds his hands behind his head looking up at the bright sunny blue sky with fluffy white clouds. "Come on bro, have some mercy on us. We have been reading report after report. If tell us what you found out, we can just sign off on it and not have to slave through it."

Manic rolls his eyes then walks over to where Sonic is sitting and flops down next to his blue brother. Manic starts to chuckle while saying, "You are so lazy bro!"

Sonic starts to laugh right along with him and replies, "If you saw the amount of work we have to go through, then you see why we want to be lazy, so go on spill what you found out."

The laughing soon fades and Manic says, "Well first off, our grandmothers were scarily powerful, and that's not including the fact what mom will bring to the party. I also found out that I'm in the first male in a thousand years to able to use magic. According the records, the females in our family are normally the ones able to use this ability." Manic lowers his head then pulls up his right sleeve to see the golden chain tattoo running up and down his arm. "I'm just glad that I have something that can unique contribute to our family."

Sonic looks over at his brother with a queer look in his eye, "What is that supposed to mean?"

Manic slightly shakes his head while giving off a soft chuckle, "Nothing bro, I was just thinking of something out loud. Hey," Manic holds up his chained tattooed arm for Sonic to see, "You and I have something unique about us. Orc told that this chain is design to limit my magical powers, and you have those seven golden rings. Wait, where are your limiters at?"

Sonic leans back folds on leg over the other while saying, "You will have to ask mom about that one. She used some spell and other rings vanished. She said that the rings are still there, but just are invisible expect for my chocker. Anyway lets get back to you and what you found out."

Manic nods leads back up against the rock face while rolling back down his sleeve he says, "Like I said, I'm the first male magic user in thousand years, so Winnie help me gain access to what she calls the 'Magic Study Hall'. You have to see this place bro is literary out of this world, and the books there will make your head spin. Plus Winnie let bring back the book our magic wielding ancestors used to record everything they learned and developed with magic. The name of book is kind of misleading; they call it the Book of Shadows."

Sonic chuckles hearing the name, "Yeah, you're right on that account; plus it might lead one of siblings to think that it is about him."

"You have no room to talk Sonic," Manic retorts with laugh, "Shadow, Nico, and you all have big headed egos."

"Yeah! Yeah! Keep telling yourself that Manic," Sonic fires back with a smirk. "So what's in this Book of Shadows?"

"Everything the next generation of magic wielders would need to prefect their skills; along with information about incomplete spells that the next wielder might be able to complete. Also there is space so that I can pass down what I have learned, but mom has to write her entries down first. Bro the new spells in the book are going to be wicked cool!"

"Well, I hope they are better than your earlier spells!" Sonic retorts with a frown on his face.

"Why would you say that?" Manic fires back.

"Every time you learn new spell somehow it misfires or backfires, and Nico, me, and someone else are in the line of fire."

"When has that ever happened?" Manic questions.

"Oh lets see, the water spell that hit Shadow and I, the lightning spell that misfired and hit Nico and Sonia. By the way, that was an awesome job you did on her quills. Then lets not forget the fire spell that roasted my chilidog and Silver's book along with Silver, and several more we could name. Wait a second, Manic when you put all those events to get together; they..."

Sonic looks at Manic to see him looking up at bright blue sky and says with smile, "You know our mom is kinda lazy."

"WHAT! YOU GOT TO BE JOKING ME! MANIC DID PAY ANY ATTENTION TO ANYTHING I SAID?!"Manic keeps looking up at the sky, and Sonic's face puffs up and he leans back saying, "How in the world did you come up with idea?"

"Traditionally, the next wielder would put down information about when they first came to learn about their powers, and how old she was when it first happened. Also, say in my case and few others, how their awakening happened."

''Awakening?" Sonic questions.

"Oh," Manic responses, "The awakening is when the next magic wielder's powers come to light. For me, I keep hearing this voice inside my head. The funny thing is that voice was my own, and keep saying the same thing over and over and over again. After I said the lines the voice keep saying, my powers erupted and nearly destroyed everything in the area. After that, Orc appeared a slapped this chain tattoo on my arm," Manic explains while slapping his left have over his right arm. "Next thing I know, I'm at some beach resort with Orc. He told that he would trained me in the use of my magic until mom could properly train me."

"Beach resort?" Sonic inquires then he sits up with annoyed look on his face, "Wait a fucking second, this happened before we started the final battle with Robotnik. Are you telling me that you and Orc were at a beach resort?"

Manic looks at Sonic to see a sour look on the blue hedgehog's face. The green hedgehog holds up his hand, "Hold on before you get your boxers in knot sib, it's wasn't that type of resort."

"Alright what kind of resort is it?" Sonic fires back.

Manic taps his chin, "In truth I really don't know myself. According to Orc, we spend about three and half years in there." Sonic spring to his feet with his mouth wide open along with Nico standing next to him. Manic gives a calm demeanor look then says, "What?"


"Sonic calm down! Before you cause a landslide" Manic orders grabbing hold of his pacing brother. "Look Sonic I don't know how to explain it, but Orc used some type of spell to slow down my again ok."

Sonic takes a deep breath and moves out of Manic's grip, "Alright we get it, but just so you know you are now the oldest sibling."

"Whatever bro, say what you want, but I'm still twelve years by real world standards," Manic retorts flopping back down in his spot.

Sonic sits back down next to his brother, "So what else did you find out?"

"Oh this is something that will make your head spin. Do you remember the Chaos Emerald Robotdudnik used?" Manic asks with serious expression on his face.

Sonic taps his head and recalls, "Yeah I remember. We had to work with Knuckles in order to stop it from destroying the planet."

"Oh that reminds me," Manic states, "What happened to Knuckles? I thought him of all people would be at the final fight. Plus, I want ask him what more does he know about the Chaos Emerald."

"That is one mystery, I haven't been able to solve. The only clue I was able to get was from mom when she told me that the Echidnas along with the floating island returned to their ancient home. Why do you ask and what does that to does that have to do with the Chaos Emerald?" Sonic retorts.

"While I was going through the family history, I came across an entry that had to deal with our grandmother Mary Leona Hedgehog. In it, she record that she used the Chaos Emeralds to defeat Lyric." Sonic gives the same look that Manic gave Winnie when she first told him, and the blue hedgehog is about ask a question, but Manic states, "Hold that question Sonic because there's more. Winnie told me that emerald we encountered her was a leftover from a failed lab experiment."

"A lab experiment?"

"Yeah, she also told me that Knuckles' people had something to do with, but she said that it would better if mom is the one to explain it us."

"Damn another secret!" Sonic fusses while biting on the tip of his thumb nail.

"What do you mean another secret?" Manic questions the blue hedgehog.

This time he pays no attention to Manic and he activates his watch making Cortana appeal in her mini form from a shower of digital stars. The digital woman looks up at Sonic, and then he says, "Cortana, any luck gaining access to the classified files?"

"None, I have tried every possible combination and tactic to hack into data files, but the firewall and security setting are just too much for me to crack," Cortana states while crossing her arms then stepping off of Sonic's watch and going full size. Her eyes are closed as she continues, "If you every want to get to get to those files, I'll need help in cracking the security system."

Sonic replies with, "That easy, we'll ask ART to help us break through the firewall."

Cortana shakes her head no, "That won't work because ART is the one who updated the archive system. Plus, I would die of shame if word got around that, I, Cortana Data, the woman who hacked into Robotnik's mainframe and crashed through the nearly impossible firewall needs help getting into our own system."

Sonic and Manic glance at each other and exhale at the same time. "But Cortana maybe if you…" Manic starts off.

Cortana cuts off the green hedgehog a second into his sentence, "NO! I won't ask help from ART!"

Sonic waves his hand while saying, "Fine, fine, you win Cortana. Just keep trying to find a way to hack into the system. One another note, what is the standing for the betting pools for the fight?"

Manic looks at Sonic then Cortana as she swipes down her right index and middle finger to make a touch screen monitor appeal. She then reports, "Nothing much has changed in the last twelve hours since you leaked that Shadow is fighting a three on one match."

"Pffh! That's what I expected," Sonic replies while the green hedgehog looks back at his blue brother getting ready to ask a question. "What about ticket sales?"

Manic's sight switches back to the Cortana as she says, "We sold out an hour after going on sale, and pay-to view is over ten million."

"Awesome! This event is going to bigger than the World Party," Sonic states.

Manic gets fed up and calls out, "Sonic what that in the world are you planning and how is Shadow a part of it?"

"Oh that's right, you have been the library since this happened. Well to make a long story short, Shadow challenged the Adair siblings to a fight, and its going to be broadcasted to the world," Sonic explains.

"And where does the betting come into play?" Manic inquiries with his arms folded over his chest.

"That was Nico's fault," Sonic quickly replies with smile on his face.

Manic rolls his eyes and continues with, "Of course and may I ask who you placed you bet one? Let me guess Kenna right?"

"Manic, I'm ashamed at you! To think that Nico and I would bet on something like this," Sonic replies while hold his hands over his chest in a dramatized fashion as if his pride is wounded.

Manic gives the *whatever* expression, "Really Sonic drop the drama."

Sonic bursts out laughing and says, "Ok you got me bro. Nico and I placed our bets on Shadow."

"How much sib?"

"About three million dollars," Sonic states with smile on his face.

Manic's lower jaw nearly hits the floor hearing the amount; then a second later Manic is moving his arms round in every direction at once while shouting anything and everything at Sonic. After a couple more seconds, Manic calms down and says the first understandable words, "Sonic where did you get that kind of cash?"

"I saved it up," Sonic replies with an amine smile and his eyes closed. *Flop* Sonic opens his eyes to see Manic face planted on the ground.

The remaining amount of time passes without much chaos. The news about the match spreads around drawing more and more people to the city. Many businesses started to set up tents and outdoor events to help promote the match and increase their sells, and so many people flood into city that Sonic is forced the tell businesses that they must move their outdoor events to the outskirts of the Mobotropolis. The night before the match, a huge festival takes place outside the stadium that Shadow and the Adair siblings would be fighting in. The night festival is full of lighted multicolor tents with different games, food venders, and other things that would be seen at a festival.

Nico stands on the balcony outside his bedroom looking down at the street full of happy and laughing people. The street and people are painted in the bright multiple colors from the street lights making the city radiate in a rainbow of colors. The night air is cool and fresh revealing a sky full of stars and the bright full moon shining it pale light on everything below. The werehog breaths in the fresh air while letting the moonlight wash over him.


Nico turns his head and calls out, "Come in!"

The door opens to reveal Kenna dress in a form fitting grass camo military training uniform with dirt brown shoes. She walks into Nico's room to see him dressed in black jeans and running shoes with a black over shirt that goes down to the back of his knees. When he turns around to face her, she sees him in a pure white t-shirt. "Your majesty," she says bowing before him.

"Hey! Hey! What's with all the formally Kenna?" Nico questions while folding his arms over his arms over his chest.

She come up from her bow and says, "Prince Nico, I formally request that you end the festival in Mobotropolis."

Nico rolls his eyes and replies, "Why in the world would I give that type of order? Or better yet, what reason would I give that order?"

"Prince Nico…"

The werehog cuts her off by saying, "Will you drop the damn titles, we hear it enough during the day at work!"

"Fine," Kenna huffs out, "Nico it isn't right that the businesses here be allowed to make money off something come mean the end of our lives here in Mobotropolis."

Nico shakes his head then says, "Sorry, Kenna no can do. Business owners from all the over city came here asking if they could run this event, and they sweeten the deal by agreeing to donate half of all their profits to the war orphan fund."

Kenna tightens her fists lets out a soft growl making Nico's ears perk up as she says in angry tone, "What the fuck are you thinking Nico. Do you think that this is some kind of game?" Nico remains silent with a sour look on his face. Kenna slightly bears her fangs at the young prince while saying, "Fine! If that is the case then at least tell me a weakness that…"

"If I was you, I would not in finish that sentence," Nico interrupts bearing his sharp fangs as well while his aura begins to flare up.


"NO!" Nico growls out. He remains silent for a minute looking away from the Captain of the Royal Guards. He gives a quick shake of the head then says in a calm tone of voice, "Kenna, we are not about to do this. I would never think betraying Shadow by telling someone what his weakness is. Kenna just by looking at you, I can sense that you are more powerful than you were since the last time we saw you, and you will have your brothers by your side during the fight. Plus if its helps at all," Nico looks back her with smile showing all his teeth, "we have complete confidence that you will be able meet this challenge head on and overcome it." She gives smile back at the young werehog. Nico walks over to her and gives a quick kiss on the cheek. "For luck Kenna, now if will excuse me, I have festival to get to," Nico states then runs towards the balcony; he jumps on the arm rest; then with a powerful thrust the werehog goes soaring into the air.

Kenna rubs hand over the spot Nico kissed and feels a heating sensation on her face. She turns around and walks out his room meeting her two brothers in the hallway waiting to hear from their younger sister, but they are shocked to see her walk out with blushing powder red face. Kana is the first to break the silence, "What did he say?"

"Huh?" the she-wolf replies still holding her hand over the spot.

"Kenna!" Kell calls out making the off guard wolf jump a bit in her boots. "Come on snap out of it, what did he say?"

"Oh right! He said no to your request about shutting down festival," Kenna answers.

"Damn!" Kell exclaims while punching is right fist into his left palm; then continues with, "oh well where is Nico at?"

"He went to festival," Kenna replies.

"Did he use Chaos Control?" Kana questions; Kenna shakes her head no and Kana asks, "How did he get out because he surely didn't come past us?"

"Nico jumped off the balcony," Kenna answers with small smirk on her face.

"That an odd way to leave for an event," Kell comments.

"True, but everything Nico and Sonic do is odd," Kenna retorts.

"Good point!" Kana and Kell reply in unison with a monotone of voice.

Nico smiles while walking among the people enjoying the festival. The werehog prince hears kids and adults laughing, chatting, and other positive sounds while he watches them do different things and play fun street side games. Several young kids about the ages of five to seven call out to the werehog to join them. Nico feels his inner child laugh out seeing the game that he gets so happy that he joins in the next ring toss game.

Kell and his siblings make their way towards the door of the Aleena's mansion. When they reach the front door, Kana goes to open it, and they are surprised to see Midna about to open the door sporting a lab coat over a red mini skirt with a white button up polo shirt and red tennis shoes. The three of them snap to attention and salute while saying in unison, "Welcome home Princess Midna!"

"Thank you everyone its good to see you again," Midna replies.

"Please excuse us your majesty and enjoy your evening," Kenna states walking pass her followed by her brothers.

Midna turns around and calls out, "Kell would you please hold on for a minute. I would like to discuss somethings concerning the stealth squad."

Kana starts to reply with, "About that you highness we have been…"

Kell quickly jumps in with, "Kana, you and Kenna can head back, I was waiting on the princess to return from the medical conference because she went to a meeting that would help improve the field medical treatment."

"Ok Kell don't take too long because you know what we have to do tomorrow," Kenna states walking out the door.

"Yeah, yeah," Kell replies shutting the door behind Kana. Once the door is shut, Midna jumps into Kell's arms and gives him a head spinning kiss. They keep kissing each other for two more minutes; then Kell pulls away from her as they both work to catch their breath.

Midna smiles at her boyfriend and pulls him over to the couch while asking, "So what was Kana talking about and what's going on tomorrow?"

"What? You don't know," Kell says in shock as they sit on the couch.

"No, I just got back in town, and I wouldn't be asking if I knew," Midna replies sitting in his lap. Kell explains everything about the upcoming match between them and Shadow along with what possible faith will follow if they lose.


"Midna please calm down, and listen we tried to convince Sonic not to do it," Kell replies.

"That's not good enough; I won't just stand here and watch my boyfriend gets exiled!" Midna replies. She paces back and forth thinking about the information that she was given. She taps her chin then says, "Mom," Kell looks at the hedgehog princess, "if we wait for mom to get back and…"

Kell shakes his head, "We tried that already, according to Sonic, Queen Aleena approved the primary requests for Shadow's challenge, and she just waited for the chance to get Sonic and Nico to handle it."

Midna gives Kell a hard look, "Where are my brothers?"

"If you mean Nico and Sonic, they went to the street festival," Kell reports.

"Ok," she walks up to him and makes him stand up while holding on to his hands, "in the meantime, you wait in my bedroom, we have about two weeks of things to catch up on."

"Midna what are you planning to do?" Kell questions.

"You don't need to worry about that now get going I'll be back soon, Chaos Control!" Midna calls out and disappears in a brown flash of light.

Nico walks down the main street of the festival while eating some steaming BBQ meat from a stick and carrying a bag of prizes from the different gaming tents. "Man this Honey BBQ beef strip is out of this world bro. I bet if you tried this you would give up on chilidogs."

Sonic appears next to Nico, ~Not on your life Nico, I would never give up my love for chilidogs. Anyway, are you sure about overseeing the match tomorrow?~

~Of Sonic,~ Nico replies while taking another bit of the sweet tangy smoky meat. ~Besides I think it will be a blast. I haven't had the chance to run the show yet, so this will be good practice.~ Nico is about take another of the BBQ when he catches the scene of his sister rushing toward him. He lowers the food from his mouth and gets several more sniffs making a curious look show up on his face. ~Midna is on her way, but there's something off with her scent.~

~What are you talking about Nico? How can there be something off about her scent?~

Nico turns to face the direction that Midna is coming from and gets another sniff of her approaching scent. ~I don't know! All I can tell is that her scent is mixed with another scent that I have smelled before.~

Sonic hovers up to see his brown older sister getting closer to them. ~Well, we will have to solve that mystery later because here she comes, and she looks pissed off!~

A second later, Midna moves pass several people in front of her to see Nico standing as if waiting on her to catch up. "Nico," she calls out with an angry tone of voice. She gives closer to him as works to regain her breath.

"Hey Midna, are you enjoying the festival so far? Look," he says with smile painted on his face holding up the bag of prizes he won, "I got gifts for everyone."

"Nico, I am not here for that! What the hell were you and Sonic thinking?" Midna inquires with a sour look on her face.

"I don't know," Nico says in a kid voice, "Sonic and I think about a lot of things."


Nico waves them off and says in a low growling voice, "Calm the fuck down Midna! We are in public, and if you are referring to the fight, mom is the one who started this mess and left it to us to clean it up." Midna continues to complain while the werehog prince gets five more good smells of the brown hedgehog's scent. "Midna why does it matter it to you?"

"Why doesn't it matter to you?! How can you just stand there and let our friends possibly get exile tomorrow!" Midna exclaims.

While Nico is listening to his sister, a lightbulb goes off in his head and he asks, "Midna what's going on with your scent?"

Midna give him queer expression, "Nico what are you talking about? Look don't try get away by changing the subject."

"I'm serious Midna why is…"

Nico is interrupted when a man call out towards, "Your majesty Prince Nico, Princess Midna a moment if you please!" The siblings turn to see a tiger running up to them with a video crew following him. The man holds the microphone toward himself and says, "Your highness, Tony Knight with MNN if you have you have minute would you both be willing to do an interview?"


Nico starts, but Tony says, "Great! Thank you!" He turns to face the camera, "This is Tony Knight with MNN, here with two special guests; the acting ruler, his majesty Prince Nico Hedgehog and her highness Princess Midna Hedgehog." Tony turns around to look at Nico and asks, "Your highness, what was your motive for letting Prince Shadow fight the Adair siblings?"

Nico glances over to Midna then looks back into the camera, "Shadow wanted to test the strength of the three highest members of the Royal Guard, and mother had given her pre-approval before putting me in charge. In truth, I just rubber stamped the final documents."

"What are your thoughts on the match Princess Midna?" Tony questions while moving the mic in front of brown hedgehog.

"I think it is a bad idea, and Nico should have never approved it," Midna replies.

"Hold on sis, Sonic and I also victims in this as well; we had no choice in this matter. Mom and Shadow are the real masterminds behind this," Nico counters with a frown on his face.

"I can see that there is some major different of opinion on this topic. Prince Nico, some want to know what lead you to approve this nighttime festival."

"Business leaders from all over wanted to keep asking to throw these events, so Sonic and I made a deal with them. Half of all the profits from tonight festival and the all ticket sell profits will go to benefit the war orphans at Sanctuary."

"But your highness, rumors have been going around about a betting pool was started by you and now has spread worldwide," Tony questions with sinister gleam in his eye.

~Damn how did he find out about that?~ Nico mentally questions glancing over at Sonic.

~It had to be Manic, he's the only one that would spill the beans about the betting pool. Oh well what's done is done, Nico tell the truth and let's hope that we can still getting something from the betting pool,~ Sonic replies, but he sees a small smile on the werehog's face.

Before Sonic can say anything, Nico tells the world, "Yes, Sonic and I did set up a betting pool on the match, and we did make an open access for everyone to join in and place a wager." Nico rises his right arm with his wrist com-link; then he says, "Cortana would you please come out here." A bright shower of digital stars comes floating out of his com-watch to form the blue digital body of sexy bright AI. "Cortana has been keeping track of all bets in the pool, and Sonic has willing agreed to donate all of his winnings to charity." Nico turn look at the woman AI and asks, "Cortana will you please tell us the current bet stats percentage and when the betting will close."

Cortana gives Nico a confuse look in wondering why he would tell the public about the betting pool, but she inhales and says, "As of right now the percent stands at, 76.2% for the Adairs and 23.8% for Prince Shadow Hedgehog. The betting station will remain open till 2:30pm tomorrow."

"Wow!" Tony exclaims, "the percentage had really swung in favor of Capt. Adair and her two top lieutenants. Princess Midna, since it seems that you will not able to stop the fight, are you going to place a bet?"

Midna gives a slight sideways smile then looks at Cortana with a fierce look in her eyes, "Yes I will! Cortana I'm going to bet five hundred thousand dollars," Cortana gives shocked look as Midna turns to look at Nico with the same fire filled eyes, "on our loyal, brave, and strong Royal Guard leaders to win!"

"Very will your highness, your bet has been placed," Cortana states, but before can do anything else the blue AI is surprised by the change in the percentage for the betting pool. "Oh my, the percentage numbers have changed. As of right now, the Royal Guard leaders are in favor of winning by 81.4%."

"Wow, that's what I call a jump in the numbers," Nico retorts.

"Well you heard here folks, Prince Nico and Princess Midna are going opposite teams and the betting for the match is only sixteen hours away from closing. Who will win the power pact match? We will know tomorrow evening at seven; I'm Tony Knight with MNN back to you in the studio." The camera crew head signals that the feed is cut; Tony turns and bows before the two siblings, "Thank you so much your highnesses. Please excuse me, I have another story I have to get ready for." He lens back up then shakes their hands before running off to another part of the festival area.

"Alright Nico, I hope you are ready to lose," Midna boosts.

"Yeah, tell me sis why are you so bent out of shape about Kenna and her brothers facing Shadow?" Nico questions with a sour look on his face and his arms folded over his chest.

"I'm not, I just feel our brother and friends fight just puts a bad taste in my mouth."

"Uh huh right, so tell me why Kell's scent is all over you?!" Nico growls out with his fangs showing.

Midna is stunned by her brother's statement, and rebuts with, "Kell's scent! I have no clue what you are talking about!"

"My nose is telling me that you are covered in Kell's scent, and I want know why. Maybe you being covered in his scent has something to with why you are so adamant about them fighting against Shadow, and I think…"

"Oh shut up Nico!" Midna calls out. "I think that you and your nose are barking up the wrong tree! Besides, I have my reasons why I don't want to this stupid match to take place and it none of your damn business. I'm done, I have had a long ass day and the last thing I want to do is argue with by boneheaded brother, so good night I love you bro, and I'm out! Chaos Control!"

In a flash, Midna is gone leaving Nico to say to himself, "Don't think for a second that I believe that bullshit of a story sis; I know that you are up to something, and Kell is somehow involved." Nico turns his head to see Cortana talking with the owner of a fishing booth. He makes his way over gets her attention. They make their way to from the main crowd and Nico says, "Cortana there's one more thing I need you to do, and then you are free to do as you will."

"Ok, what's up?" Cortana questions.

"I need you to take four million dollars out my account and bet on Shadow," the werehog states with an evil grin.

"Why Nico? Sonic…"

"Sonic agreed to give his winnings away, I plan on keeping every single dollar."

"Why on Shadow Nico? The odd are in favor of Kenna and her brothers."

"Let just say, I have it on good authority that Shadow is the way to go!" Nico chuckles while watching Cortana making the bet arrangements, "Good and thank you, and now if you will excuse me I want to go back to that BBQ meat stand. Later Cortana!"

"Yeah! Yeah!" Cortana waves her hand watching Nico take off. She looks at the betting screen, "On good authority huh. Whatever!" She closes window and goes back over to the fishing booth.

Midna reappears in her room with a frown on her face. Kell stands up from the couch looking at his girlfriend's annoyed expression. She looks to her right to see the TV turn into MNN. "I'm guessing that you watch our little on the spot interview?" she questions taking off her lab coat and tosses it on the couch.

"Yeah, and I will say you look good on TV," Kell comments.

Midna moves over to her bed flops down on the end, "Please don't try and flatter me Kell; you're no good at."

He walks over to her and sits on the bed, "It's not flattery when it's the truth, but now that I think about it, you look a whole lot better in person."

Kell tries to give her a kiss, but she moves away from him while saying, "Kell, we have to focus! I wasn't able to convince Nico from changing his mind, and now I find out that mom was also involved we are totally fucked! What do we do now?!"

Kell exhales then gets up pulling Midna into his embrace, "Our only option to is for Kana, Kenna, and me to face Shadow."

Midna hugs him back listening to soft beat of his heart, "Alright, you better win tomorrow because you still own me a second date."

"I do, and I plan on not standing you up," Kell replies kissing the top her head.

"Good, I think its about time that Shadow's ego be brought down a peg or two, so I'm giving you one simple order. KICK SHADOW'S ASS IN THE MATCH TOMORROW!" Midna commands.

"Yes your majesty!" Kell replies with a smile on his face.

"One last thing," Midna says looking up at humanoid dire eagle.


"When's the last time you bathed?"

Kell gives a confused look, "Why, do I smell bad or something?"

"No, but for some odd reason, Nico said that he could smell you all over me," Midna answers.

"Damn! That can't be good!"

"No, so come with me," Midna orders pulling him in tow behind her.

"Where we are going?" Kell questions while following her.

"To the bathroom, we need to get clean before Nico starts to get suspicious."

"Huh! What! Midna wait!"

The sun starts to rise in the distance bathing the whole horizon with bright warm sun rays. Cortana materializes in her mini form stretching arms and sides. "Ah! What lovely morning, I can't wait to get the day started, but first let's see 0723 perfect." The blue AI looks over at snoring werehog in bed; then folds her hands together and holding them up to the right side of her head. She says in sweet innocent voice, "He looks so peaceful and relaxed. Is there anyone evil enough to end his wonderful slumber?" An evil smile and gleam should up on her face as she snaps her fingers making several large stereo speakers appeal around Nico's bed with an electric guitar and microphone headset on Cortana's head. She shouts out, "ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! GOOD MORRNNING NIIIICCCCOOOO!"

Cortana runs her pick over the guitar strings. The speakers blast out powerful waves of music and sound shocking Nico to the maximum extreme making the werehog shot straight up into the air yelling at the top of his lungs. He makes contact with ceiling sinking his claws into to drywall. "WHAT THE FUCK CORTANA! ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A FUCKING HEART ATTACK YOU CRAZY BITCH! WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?! DAMN IT DON'T TELL ME!"

Cortana couldn't help but laugh when she sees a stream of liquid coming from Nico, "AHH! HAAA! THAT WAKE UP CALL SCARED THE PISS OUT OF YOU!"

Nico growls then jumps down missing the puddle that form on the bed. He walks over to where Cortana is and growls out, "What fuck were you thinking?"

"It's called payback werehog for waking me up last time and ignoring me. Now get clean up, you have to get ready for the match," Cortana fires back with smug look on her face.

Nico look out the window at the rising sun, "Cortana the fight isn't until seven-thirty, so what was the point of waking me up at the crack of dawn?"

A data appeals on Nico's dresser, "I was able to dig this data up last night, and I think the information will peak your interest."

The nude werehog walks over and grabs the data pad and reads the title out loud, "The Royal Journal of King Sora Hedgehog."

Kell walks into his family quarters releasing a wide yawn while walking pass the well decorated living room into the kitchen. The male eagle gives another wide yawn as he grabs some juice. "Where have you been all night?" Kenna questions as she walks into the kitchen wearing her red pajamas. She sees that he is still in his military camo outfit. "Kell are you kidding me with this shit?!"

Before he is response, Kana walks in wearing only a part of gray boxers. "Oh look at this shit! Kell decided to come back home hours before we have to face the possible chance of getting our ass kicked out of this motherfucker!"


The she-wolf cuts him off, "Kell where the hell have you been?! No… no… don't you dare tell me that you went to that fucking festival and… ! DAMNIT KELL WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!"

"Kenna if you let me explain…"

"Explain what Kell?" Kana fusses out, "What the hell is there to explain?! Are you trying to fuck us because from where I'm standing; I see you trying to fuck us!"

"No, Kana I just need to take care of a few things and…"

"And apparently these things were so important that it keep you out all night! Kell if this is supposed to be funny, because its not! Are you any condition to fight?" Kenna continues to the protest looking her older brother.

Kana gets her attention by saying, "No don't bother Kenna! Kell you have done some fucked up shit in the past, but this shit is beyond fucked up! Did you even think about how this will affect Kenna and I if you can't pull your weight?!" Kell folds his arms leans up against the kitchen counter with an annoyed expression. He remains silent while his siblings look at him. A minute or two pass, and Kana says, "Well, are you going to say something or just stand there like a fucking deaf mute motherfucker!"

"Oh is it my turn to talk," Kell saying in smug tone of voice.

"Don't be smartass Kell," Kenna comments with low growl in her voice, "just tell us what the fuck you were thinking!"

"Fine if you must know, after talking with Midna, I went flying around to get some fresh air and clear my head. Yes, I did go to the festival just for a few minutes. Afterwards, what I did is none of your business, so I will thank you to stay out of it," he replies then makes his way to the door.

Kana jumps in front of him, "Hold up, where do you think you're going?"

Kell rolls his eyes, "Well if its not clear, I'm going to bed to get a little extra rest. We have to report to the stadium at six o'clock. That gives us a little on under ten hour to rest and relax, and if was you bro," Kell states while patting him on his bare shoulder, "I would grab a snack and go back to sleep."

Kana takes a swift step back with angry in his eyes, "Don't fucking touch me you piece of shit!"

Kell glares at his brother for a second then looks at his sister, "Kenna?" She turns away then walks out of the kitchen without saying a word.

Kana says with small puffs of smoke coming out his mouth, "Listen bird brain! If we lose and get exile, I'm going to roast your ass to a golden brown!" After his threat, the red dragon walks out as well.

~Well Midna, I'm sure not making friends back at home,~ Kell thinks then says in soft low voice, "Next time we spend the night together lets choice a night that is not so critical."

Time seems to fly by and before anyone knows it, the clock is hitting six. The streets are jammed packed with people either at places that are showing the fight or those who are continuing the festival from last night. The air is filled with cheers for either the ebony hedgehog prince or the Royal guard trio. The stadium is massive open air oval shaped building with crowd seating on both sides of long a part of the stadium. The curved ends of the open building are closed in clubhouse area on one side, and a jumbo TV on the other side.

Nico paces back and forth wearing a navy blue button shirt with gold trims, black dress pants, his black spiked dress shoes, and a body length black over shirt with a gold buckle at the center. On top of his head, he sports a circular gold crown with blue diamond in the center and the Hedgehog family crest craved around it. Nico holds the pad reading the information with great passion and fury.


"Yeah! Come in!" Nico calls still pacing the length of the room while muttering things to him.

Millie opens the door and sees the pacing and reading werehog. "Nico what are reading?

"Huh?" Nico replies not looking away from the data pad.

Millie sits down and asks again, "What are you reading?"

Nico stops and looks at her, "Oh I'm reading…" Sonic suddenly appeals next to him holding his arms in an 'X' position over his chest while shaking his head no. Nico picks up on the signal then tells Millie, "It's the rules for combat. I wanted to see if there was a way to help Kenna and them, but still no luck." Nico sets the pad down on the desk then walks back over to the feline secretary. "So what's up Millie?"

"Well I through I should let you that Sonia and Silver just back into town with Cyrus. They wanted to talk to about what space program is going to need to get up off the ground, but I told them that they will have to wait to launch their idea off till tomorrow," Millie states with smile on her face.

Nico shakes his head with a smirk on his face, "Other than that, how are things progressing?"

"Right on schedule, we should be ready to go in thirty minutes, but I'm worried about Kenna and her brothers. I went to go check in with them, and they aren't talking with each other even worst I think that they are fighting with each other."

Nico gives a concerned look and gets up from the couch and heads to the door. Before he walks out, Nico calls back to Millie, "I know this is going to be a pain, but will you please make sure that the elders and congressional members are settled in their club seating." Millie nods yes and Nico heads out the door.

Kenna, Kell, and Kana are sitting on the steel benches in the locker room wearing their one piece jet black form fitting under armor. The three siblings have their heads lowered not saying a word to the other. Kell looks up at his locker with his white and gold lined armor with the badge for the Royal Guard and two gold bars for rank insignia on the right side and symbol for the Adair family on the left side. He stands up and calls out to Kenna and Kana while putting on his right bucker, "We better get ready. Kenna are we still going to the keep to the plan that you start things off and…"

"Why does it matter to you?" Kana interrupts.

"What is that supposes to mean?" Kell retorts with a worried look on his face. Kana gets up and walks over to their sister and whispers something into her ear. Kenna gets up and starts to put on her battle armor while Kell looks back and forth them as they talk to each other in a low tone of voice. Kell turns to faces his locker and grabs some more parts of his armor. He puts on the pieces, but is able to over hear is name over and over then until he shouts, "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT ME!"

Kana looks over his shoulder at his brother and says in a mocking tone, "None of your business, so we will thank you to stay out of it!"

Kell's face goes beat red, and he walks over to Kana shoving the dragon in the shoulder. Kana look as at him as if is ready to punch him, and Kell exclaims, "YOU GOT SOMETHING ON YOUR CHEST THAT YOU WANT TO GET OFF BRO?!"





Kenna eyes bug out hearing her brother's statement. Kana growls out, "YOU GOT SOME FUCKING NERVE TO BLAME KENNA FOR YOUR ACTIONS!"

"Kell how could you blame me for this?" Kenna questions with her fists clenched. "Besides its because of you that we have to change our plan of attack!"

"WHAT!" Kell yells out.




Kell stops shouting and tighten his fist to the point that his palms are burning red, "You think I would betray my own family; just go behind your back to save my own ass?!" Kana nods yes making Kell's eyes become covered in a vail of darkness. "You dumb son of A BITTCHHH!" He shouts out throwing a powerful right hook at Kana face sending the dragon flying across the floor.

However, Kana is able to do a swift backflip and quick rebound letting him head back at his brother with a strong left punch. Kell is able to hold his ground and start swinging punches along with Kana. Kenna shouts for them to stop, but the brothers continue to throw punch after punch after each other. They continue boxing with each out making contact either in the face, chest, or sides. They knock each other back about two feet away. The boys look at each other breathing heavy; after a couple more deep breaths, they charge once more at each other. Just before they make contact, powerful boom goes off with a row of lockers come flying towards them. The steel lockers smash into the brothers then slam into the concrete wall. "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT?! ARE YOU ASKING ME TO FUCKING TO KICK YOUR ASS YOU DUMB SON OF BITCHES?!"

Kenna looks behind her to see Nico walking into the room growling in his more muscular and furrier form with his white fangs showing. She can sense the over powering rage coming from the werehog prince. The power of his aura is so overwhelming as he gets closer she feels her instincts screaming at her to run away. Nico's whole body glows with purple-blue aura and his large hands are balled into fist; then he growls out, "KANA! KELL! YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO GET YOUR ASSES FROM UNDER THAT LOCKER BEFORE I BLAST YOU INTO FUCKING ASH!"

The brothers quickly make their way from under the rubble and come quickly stand at attention in front of the angry prince. They are have a few starches and bruises over there body, but just as they get ready to statue Nico punches both of them in the face smashing them back into the rubble. "WHAT THE HELL! HAVE YOU FUCKING LOST YOUR DAMN MINDS! YOU GOT A FIGHT AGAISNT SHADOW IN LESS THAN AN HOUR, AND YOU TWO CHOSE NOW OF ALL TIMES TO FUCKING TRY AND KICK EACH OTHERS ASSES!" Kana and Kell try to work their way back to their feet coughing. Kell tries to the say something, but Nico shouts, "KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS SHUT! LOOK AT THE YOUR SISTER ASSHOLES! SHE CRYING HER FUCKING EYES OUT WORRIED ABOUT YOUR DUMB ASSES AND HER FUTURE! NOW LISTEN YOU DIPSHITS! YOU HAVE ONE CHOICE! EITHER PUT WHATEVER GOT YOUR PANTIES IN A KNOT BEHIND YOU OR I WILL CANCEL YOUR MATCH AND FUCKING EXILE YOU RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! NOW MAKE A FUCKING CHOICE! AND FOR YOUR SAKE YOU BETTER CHOICE WISELY!" Nico walks out of the locker room without blinking an eye.

Nico walks down the plain colored hallway cooling down but remains in his more bulker form. The werehog breaths deeply walking at steady pace with his eyes closed. After walking a little further down the hall, Nico stops and looks up with smile on his face, "Is there something I can help you with Shadow?"

The black hedgehog walks up down the hallway with a smile on his face, "No I'm good, but what going on with my opponents?"

"Just a bit of sibling rivalry," Nico replies.

"Oh good, I hope they settle their dispute before we get this party started." Shadow walks up next to his werehog brother and puts his fist on Nico's shoulder, "Hey bro, no matter what I want to fight them."

"You will Shadow, I know that they will pull their shit together and give you want you want. However, I would suggest that you be on your toes. They are stronger than they look." Nico replies.

Shadow gives a chuckle then starts to head towards locker area. "Yeah that's what I'm looking forward to."

"Oh by way bro," Nico calls out before he starts back walking. "Don't beat them to fast, we have a lot of people who paid good money to see you guys fight. Plus, I have four million dollars on you to win. If you did the right thing, a quarter of those winnings will be yours. I hope you get my drift bro."

The crowds cheer and shout as they wait eagerly for the fight to start. The sky is bathed in soft orange-red glow with a couple of stars appearing in the sky. Nico walks up into the royal viewing box and comes into view of everyone present. The prince holds his hand up making everyone fall silent, and he smiles looking out on the audience. "Welcome everyone, it is pleasure and honor to be standing here front of you today. We have all come here to be a witness four warriors battle against each other in order to prove who the more powerful and greater warrior is." Nico points down to the grassy center of the stadium. An octagon shape opens up in the center of field and as platform rises up with Shadow standing in the center a wearing a white button up shirt with black jeans with gold trims woven into the shape of flames. His long black trench coat has the same flame pattern and color with matching gold buttons. "Please welcome Prince Shadow Hedgehog," Nico introduces making the people cheer loudly and chant his name over and over. Shadow smiles and waves at everyone while walking off the platform letting it go back under ground. The black hedgehog continues to wave for a couple more minutes until Nico holds up his hand calling for silent. The audience obeys his signal; then holds out his hand once more and says, "Please welcome Captain of the Royal Guards Kenna Adair and her two brothers, Lieutenant Kell and Kana Adair." The platform appears once more with Kenna and her brothers dressed in their unique battle armor. Kenna displays her normal armor plated sports bra with white plated pants and her two swords in sheathed on her back. Kana sports his red dragon scaled armor with his long black scaled dragon spear. Kell wears the white and gold armor with his wings coming out the back slots and folded behind him; his bow striped over his right shoulder.

The people once again erupt with cheers and shouts for the competitors. Nico motions for them to look at him as his asks, "Prince Shadow, why have you come here today?"

Shadow grins looking the Adair siblings then points while saying, "I have come here to see if these three are really worthy of beings a part of the group assigned to protect us." Shadow lowers his hand then looks back at up a Nico, "Your majesty I want to test their strength and see if they are even worth me wasting my time."

Nico keeps his eyes trained down on both of them and says, "Captain Adair, as the ranking officer, you may speak on behalf of your brothers. What is your answer?"

Kenna steps forward and starts with, "Thank you, your highness. On behalf of my brothers and I,…"

Kell walks forward and calls out, "Your majesty, please forgive me, but I want to say that I cannot have my sister speak on my behalf. I have no problem fighting along my brother and sister, but this match is too important to us for just one of us to speak. With your permission sire, I will speak on my own behalf."

Nico smiles then says, "Well said Lieutenant Adair, I will approved your request and if your brother wishes to do the same, I will approved that as well." Kana eyes Kell with an untrusting eye and nods his agreement. "Very well, then I will ask again what is your answer to Shadow's challenge?"

Kell, Kana, and Kenna side by side glancing at each other for second and give a reinsuring smile to each other then look at Nico and say in unison, "Yes your majesty!"

"Excellent! Now let us all witness to your power! At this time, the time of Twilight where the light of day and the darkness of the night fights for dominant of the sky the same will happen with you. Now take your places!" Kana and his siblings walk to the far right side of the fighting arena and stand in a purple square box as Shadow moves to far left side and stands in the center of a black square. Nico look at them then commands in a booming voice, "BEGIN THE BATTLE!"

Kell looks has brother and sister giving them a smile. "I know you two don't trust me right now, but trust me I wouldn't do anything to would jeopardize our chance to the win. Remember Shadow is the enemy if we want to win we need to work together. Besides," Kell turns around to look in at Shadow, and points at the smiling black hedgehog, "he's the one who thinks that he is better than us. Together, we can put that smug hedgehog prince in his place." He looks back Kenna and Kana, "But I can't do it alone. So what do you guys say?" They remain motionless for a second then they nod in unison.

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They turn to look at Shadow with their warrior's face. Kell then says, "Speed."

"Power," Kana says second.

"Light," Kenna adds lastly.

They say in unison while charging full speed at the motionless hedgehog while drawing their weapons they yell out, "WE UNITE TO END THIS FIGHT!"

Kana pulls ahead of the others thrusting his spears at binding speeds at the hedgehog. Shadow is able to dodge his attacks by moving swiftly left and right with a smile on his face his arms still folded over his chest. Kana growls seeing his constant attacks easily dodged. The red dragon is able to add flames to his spear making the air grow hotter with each thrust of his weapon. Kell and Kenna move to the left and right flank of the battling warriors. Kell pulls out his bow and takes up his position to the right. The dire eagle smiles taking aim at Shadow. Kenna comes siding to the left and watches her brother's swift attacks.

"Oh my," Shadow comments doing a backflip to get out Kana range of attack. The searing heat makes the black hedgehog rip off his trench coat. Under the coat, Shadow has two swords strapped to his sides. He whirls smoking garment over his head with a smile on his face. "Well, I can see that you won't disappoint me," Shadow comment.

From the right, three white white arrows come soaring through the air. Shadow spots the incoming attack and uses his smoking coat to stop the first arrow then jumps to avoid the second and third, but his escape path is barred when another two arrow come rushing towards him from the same direction. The black hedgehog twists his body to the left in a whirling motion. His is able to force himself from the path of the arrows and lands on the ground with a thud. Before he is able stand up, Kenna comes in from the left with sweeping slash attack with her golden sword. Shadow is only able to defend himself by drawing his left black steel one handed sword. The blades meet with resonate ringing cling; however, the white she-wolf swings her other golden steel sword. Upon contact, Shadow is surprised by the great strength that the captain of the guard has when he is sent flying back a couple of feet backwards in order to hold on to his sword.

Shadow grunts in the annoyance at being sent backwards. The crowds erupt in cheers seeing trio's fierce opening ballets. Shadow stands up brushing off the loose grass on his pants and shirt, but the smile never leaves his face. Instead he draws his other sword and spins them around in his hands.

Up in the royal viewing box, Nico and Sonic watch the fight intensely while standing up with his arms folded over his chest. "Don't tell me that fight is over already," Manic comments walking up next his werehog brother. Nico remains silent still watching the fight; Manic looks down in the arena is surprised to the see Shadow dual wielding swords. Shadow dashes towards Kenna, but his dash attack is quickly stopped when ten arrows comes flying from Kell's bow. Shadow is forced to stop and use his swords to deflect the arrows, but more arrows come flying in forcing Shadow to stay put and hold his ground. Manic is left shocked by the swift movements of his other older brother.

Nico softly says, "I think Sonic likes it as well because he has the same look on his face Manic."

They watch as Shadow continues to deflect the arrows; suddenly from behind Kana comes rushing up thrusting his spear forward at Shadow. The black hedgehog ducks to the right, but Kana stabs his spear in Shadow's path making the hedgehog lean to the right to parry Kana's thrust attacks then to the left the defect the incoming arrows. The crowd goes wild seeing what can only be described as two Shadows moving at a fast pace to defend himself. Kenna smiles seeing her chance and infuses her sword with electricity.

"Looks like Shadow is in trouble," Manic comments.

Nico nods and replies, "Yeah he's getting it from two sides and from the look in Kenna's eyes she ready to pounce on her prey."

"Shadow can't handle that many enemies at once. If Kenna jumps in now…"

Manic's statement is cut off when they hear Silver's voice say, "Don't count on it bro." They turn around to see Silver and Sonia enter the room.

"Silver is right; I don't believe that Shadow would let himself get into a position that he couldn't defend," Nico adds.

Shadow tirelessly works on defecting Kell's arrows and parrying Kana's spear thrust. The hedgehog glances in front of him to see Kenna charging at him. He grunts speeding up counters; he is able duck for quick second in the middle of Kana's attack to kick him in the gut knocking him are couple of feet back. Shadow knocks away another arrow and thrusts forward at Kenna. The she-wolf's swords are at the ready. Once they are in arm's length, she swings hard from the right with both swords. Shadow leans to his left to bring both of his swords in front of him. Her swing makes contact with Shadow's swords, but the black hedgehog is surprise when he feels himself being pushed back and an odd increasing stinging feeling rolls through his hands down his arms and throughout his body. He grits his teeth feeling the shock from the electric attack combined with Kenna's increased strength. The energy wells up to the point that the cracking sound of the electricity is loud enough for everyone to hear. Bolts of lightning come flashing out from the contact point until he is overwhelmed and sent flying backwards towards the other end of the arena. Shadow fights to get back control, yet he hears Kenna shout out, "NOW KANA!"

He forces himself to look up as Kana replies, "With pleasure Kenna!" The red dragon opens his mouth allowing a red-orange orb to form "LAVA BLAST!" then sends it rocketing toward the helpless hedgehog. Shadow's eyes widen watching the attack come flying towards him.

In the box, Nico comments, "This is going to hurt." A second later the sphere hits the fighting hedgehog. *BOOOM* goes echoing in all directions. Nico's eye twitches witnessing the attack.

Sonic feels the uneasy feeling from his linked brother, ~Is there something wrong Nico?

~I don't know yet, but Shadow did something odd there for a second,~ Nico replies keeping his eyes trained on the battlefield.

A cloud of smoke rises from where Shadow's body clash lands, and the crowd falls silent waiting for the smoke and dust to dissolve. After a couple of seconds, everything settles to reveal Shadow standing in the center of cloud and burn area unharmed. Once the crowds see the black hedgehog, they explode with cheers and shouts. The shouts and cheers turn into the varying chant.








Shadow brushes off the loose grass and dirt on his pants and shirt while saying, "Well now that was a fun warm up, but…" the prince pauses drawing his swords and spinning them in his hand, "lets gets down to business, and give these people the fight they paid to see!" With his words sent echoing throughout the stadium making the fans cheer in agreement.

"That's Shadow for you," Silver comment sitting on the one of the couches in the private box while eating some chicken wings from his plate. "He knows how to work a crowd."

Nico walks over the food buffet and gets plate full of bit size honey BBQ chicken wings, and walks back over to the open view port, "You got that right Silver, but knowing our dear brother he got something heavy in still store for them."

Kenna and her brothers rejoin together. She says to them in a soft voice, "Same pattern as before, but watch your ass Kell no doubt that he going to go for you first and that will be our chance to trap him again, and you heard his majesty lets to kick it up to the next level."

"LETS GOOO!" Shadow shouts while dashing right at them. Kell takes the lead while firing a spread of arrows at the charging hedgehog. Shadow easily deflects the shots while still moving in.

Kell runs another five feet then takes a knee shooting back to back arrows. Once the prince is halfway to him he calls out, "Get going!" Kana is already on the move taking a wide curve approach from the left while shooting out several fire blasts at his target. Shadow is able to dodge the fireballs by jumping and doing mid-air flips while still fending off Kell's wave of arrows. Once Shadow lands, he picks up his speed getting closer and closer to Kell. "Damnit!" the dire eagle shouts being force stand up and back pedal away from the approaching attacker. "Kana hurry up!"

"Don't wet your pants!" Kana shouts sliding front of the Shadow cutting off his attack path. "AAAAHHHHHH!" Kana shouts while thrust in the dragon spear at blinding speed making Shadow dodge with the same amount of speed. With every attack, a wave of fire oozes out of the spear heating the air around them. "Come on your majesty! You won't beat me if you just stand there and dodge my attacks!" Kana only sees Shadow grin at his statement; he feels a wave of annoyance course through him making some and fire rise out his mouth. "I'll wipe that grin off your face! Kell hurry up!"

Shadow glances behind to see Kell at his back and another volley of arrows heading right at him. ~Shit!~ He quickly looks back forward and punches the spear away from him. In the blink of an eye, Shadow back flips away from Kana, and uses his swords to knock away the arrows. Shadow's attention is drawn back to Kana when he hears him roar while coming at him with his spear in attacking position. Once aging for split second, everyone can see two Shadows fending off the brothers' attacks.

"Damn I have to give to Shadow; he's really moving!" Manic comments then takes a bit of the pizza.

"Ha," Silver adds as he walks up the green hedgehog and pats him on the back, "our dear brother is still playing with them."

"He's not the only one. Kenna and her brothers are also playing with him. If I was Shadow, I wouldn't under estimate them," Nico states with a serious tone while watching Shadow move swiftly from opponent to opponent.

Sonia walks over to look down hearing the fans going wild at the fight. "Nico, I thought Sonic and you bet on Shadow?"

"I did, but doesn't mean I won't support or cheer for them," Nico replies with a smirk on his face.

"Hey what is Kenna doing?" Silver comments pointing at the she-wolf.

Shadow twists back and forth countering all the incoming attacks. Kana smiles at every hit that his and Shadow's weapons clash. The dragon's eyes watch the heat from his spear would transfer to Shadow's sword, but when Shadow goes to the deflect Kell's arrows, the heat in the sword is rapidly cooled. Kana gives a soft chuckle seeing the side effects of their attacks.

Kenna gets into a running stance as she focuses her lightning powers into the swords. She watches the battling males waiting for the signal from Kell. She slightly digs her armored foot into the ground while silently counting down till the signal is given. She sees Shadow's black blades glow a dull red in the mid area of the blade. "That's where I need to the strike; then I will able to hit him directly," she softly states to herself; she glances over at Kell. Her eyes grow wide when she sees Kell motion his hand to go in for the attack. She gives a loud howl and goes in. She pushes herself up to full speed while her swords are at the ready.

The moment she gets close enough, Kell's arrow hit Shadow's left sword cooling the metal. Shadow swings around to parry another attack from Kana, but finds the dragon lieutenant has retreated back as Kenna take his place. Shadow swings his left sword down to strike, but Kenna aims for the mid part of the sword with her left blade. Once the blades connect, the black blade shatters into two. Shadow is not phrased by the destruction of his blade. Instead, he comes in with other sword, but Kenna is faster than him. She thrust her right sword straight the black hedgehog slashing his left side. Shadow ignores his injury and tries to give Kenna her own cut; however, the power stored in the golden blade releases into Shadow's body. He screams in pain feeling his body freeze up and go numb allowing Kenna to the jump backwards to clear the area. "KANA DO IT NOW!" She shouts.

"LAVA BLAST!" Kana shouts spitting out another fire ball hitting the wounded hedgehog.


Kell rushes over to his siblings asking as he looks at the dust cloud, "Do you think that did it?"

"I wouldn't count on it!"

They turn around to see Shadow behind them slowing walking up to them with both his swords in his hands.

"Damn how did he…"

Kenna jumps in cutting off Kana's statement, "Chaos control!" She squeezes the hilt of her swords and grits her teeth, "Fuck! I didn't think he would use that ability during our battle!"

"No time whine about it now! Get ready, we have to stay on the offensive! On my mark…"

Kell falls silent when they see Shadow stop walking. He lifts up his left sword and inspects the broken blade. "Hum… I have to give it up to you three. I wasn't expecting that you would coordinate your attacks in suck a way that would clause my blade to be broken." He looks at the other blade, "Since I was using both swords to deflect the attacks, the same will have happen with this sword." Shadow teleports into the standsmaking the fans in the area scream and cheer when the black hedgehog prince gives the swords to young boy and girl. He rubs them on the head then teleports back into the fighting arena. "Now I need a new weapon," he smiles as he holds his right hand. "Chaos sword," an orb of black-red energy forms in his hand. He squeezes the orb making the energy extend out until it takes the shape of a great sword. Shadow swings it over his back with a big smile on his face. "You guys are pretty good with combining your powers with your weapons. Now! Time to even up the playing field!"

The hedgehog prince goes rushing in, and the guard trio splits up with Kana going to the left, Kenna to the right, and Kell down the center. Shadow makes a beeline at Kenna. She sees him heading right for her turn on ball of her foot while back peddling with her swords at the ready.

"KENNAAA!"Kana and Kell shout in unison.

"You're first!" Shadow shouts putting his other hand on the energy sword hilt getting ready to swing.

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY SISTER!" Kana shouts charging at Shadow, "GET AT TASTE OF THIS!" Kana slides to a stop tossing up his spear. As the spear comes down, Kana focuses his power into his fist making it glow red and fire come rising from it. Once spear is in range, he strikes the butt end of the spear making the fire pour through it. The dragon scale spear burn red with fire coming out the sides of the front and the back erupt into cone of fire. "TAKE THIS! DRAGON SPEAR ROCKET!"

The flaming red spear goes flying at Shadow leaving large smoke trail behind it. The black hedgehog chuckles and does a quick twist around as he swings the black-red energy sword intercepting the incoming spear. The sharp edge to energy blade comes in the contact with the tip of the spear. For a split second the weapons are lock in a brief struggle making the fire from the spear crawl down Shadow's sword, but the flames are quickly extinguished and with one powerful push. The black dragon scaled spear with a diamond tipped steel peak is split in half by the chaos sword and lands at the sides of the hedgehog warrior. Not wasting a second, Shadow twists around catching Kenna off guard. He does five quick slashes each hitting the blades of the swords. Kenna gasps seeing the golden blades fall apart. "Two down," Shadow states then turns to the look at Kell.

Kenna shouts, "Kell he's going for the weapons watch out!" Her warning comes too late as Shadow appears in front of the dire eagle. "No!" She shouts watching Shadow swing his sword and cut Kell's bow in half.

Shadow uses Chaos Control again to disappear just as the trio reunites. "Now that things are evened up, we can get third round started!" Shadow exclaims letting his energy sword dissolve.

Kell and Kana look at their sister, and Kana states, "Well now what?"

Kenna smirks as she punches her right fist into her left. "We go hand to hand. You two are going have to back me up." She watches at Shadow stretch his arms and gets into a fighting stance. "Believe it or not boys, I'm beginning a fun. MOVE IT!" She orders dashing at Shadow.

Shadow chuckles at Kenna charging at him. He does his own charge at her; he brings his fists up to the sides of his face. He sees her fists start to glow white with electric energy. In response, Shadow fists start to glow a familiar color of purplish-blue.

Nico's eyes flash with anger seeing the color of Shadow's fists. "Shadow you son of a bitch!" Nico growls out.

Silver looks over at his brother asking, "What did you say Nico?"

Nico stays focused on the match, "Nothing!"

Silver narrows his eyes looking at Nico, but his attention is drawn to the door when it opens. Midna walks into the viewing box and walks up to stand next to the silver hedgehog. "I didn't think, we would see you here after interview you gave last night."

Midna huffs then says, "You think, I would miss the chance to see that arrogant brother ours be brought down a peg or two.

"If that's true, then why are you so late Midna?" Sonia questions.

Midna fumbles for an answer, but Nico quickly states, "We can worry about that later, things are about to heat up again."

Kenna yells as she charges at Shadow; as he does the same in a mirror fashion. When the two meet, Kenna attacks with a left hook, but Shadow is able to defect the attack with a right hook. Both of their fists make contact and release small shockwave. In the blink of eye, they attack using their opposite fists releasing another shockwave. Shadow and Kenna's attacks start to go faster and faster until their fists start to become a blur. The wave of punches leaves a powerful wake of shockwaves emitting from attacks. The energy waves echo from them causing the surrounding air start kicking up into forceful gale of wind.

The fans cover their eyes while still trying to watch the two warriors exchange furiously fast blows with each other. The wind, dust, and dirt starts move faster and faster the longer Shadow and Kenna continue. Kana shields his face with his left, "Damn! Kenna's hand to hand combat is more powerful than I thought!"

"Kana focus! We got be to ready!" Kell orders running to left of the fight. Kana nodes then dashes to the right.

Shadow and Kenna start to breathe heavily while keeping up their blinding attacks. "I have to admit…*huff* you're not too bad at hand to hand combat. *Huff* I think I may have *huff* underestimated you," Shadow acknowledges.

"Thanks *huff* your highness, but I *huff* you are haven't *huff* seen nothing yet! *Huff* you can thank Nico for this!" Kenna huffs out then her punches start to speed up. Suddenly the deadlock battle starts to turn in Kenna's favor as she is able to break through Shadow's counters and strike his body. The hedgehog suffers blow after blow from the she-wolf, and Shadow's torment increases when he feels the electric strings of her punches. Shadow grunts after every hit and tries to keep his defend up, yet she is able to power through. After another twenty punches, Shadow fails to block one of her punches. She lands a strike on his solar plexus stunning the hedgehog for half a second. Kenna unleashes a blinding wave of punches in the same spot. After the fiftieth punch, she lands a powerful deep punch making Shadow crumble over, but she keeps up the relentless attack delivering mighty upper cut to his chin sending him flying into the air. "NOW!" She orders.

"Lava Blast!" Kana shouts.

"Gale Strike!" Kell yells.

As just Shadow comes falling down, a red-orange fireball and a bright white crescent slash clash into the stun hedgehog with deafening boom in a blinding explosion. Kana and Kell come rushing up to Kenna's side seeing the she wolf breathing heavily. "Way a go Kenna! We pull put that big mouth prince in his place," Kana praises while watching the smoke raise from the ground.

Kell does his best to trying peer through the smoke, "Do you think we over did it?"

"I don't think so, but I know that we did some serious damage," Kenna conveys.

The smoke clears to reveal Shadow standing in the center. His clothes are burn and torn from the powerful attacks. The black hedgehog blushes some dust and ash off is shoulder; then says with a frightening smile, "That actually hurt a little," in the blink of an eye Shadow disappears and reappears in front of the trio. Before Kenna, Kell, or Kana can react, Shadow punches Kenna in the face, kicks Kell in the gut making him crumble forward, lastly he grabs Kana's arm and swings him into his siblings like a baseball bat. The impact is so powerful the two are sent flying backwards. Shadow then throws Kana at his siblings. His body slams into the other with a bone cracking sound. "Enough toying around, these people came to see a good show! So stop holding back and lets get to it! I want to see your true power of your ancient forms!"

The three look at Shadow with emotionless eyes only seeing the hedgehog prince smiling, they each get up off the ground limping over to each other holding the wounded parts of their bodies. Kenna face grows sour thinking, ~Nico was right, we have to go all out if we want to beat him, but…~ she shakes her head then looks at Kana holding his arm over his ribs; then Kell with a hand on his right shoulder. Lastly she looks back the grinning hedgehog, she exhales as she lowers her head and says, "Boys we got no choice, as we are now we no hope of beating him." Her head rockets up with a fierce look on her face looking that the cross armed hedgehog, "NO MORE KIDDIE GAMES! IF HE WANTS TO THE PUSH TO THE LIMIT THEN WE WILL GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS! TRANSFORM!"

Kell nods as Kana gives a giant smile ear to ear. The three siblings step away from each other to give space in between. The air around each of them begins to swirl as their bodies glow to brightly overshadowing their figures. Their auras form orb like domes growing bigger and bigger by the second while sending out powerful waves of energy and wind in all directions. When the orbs look as they can't get any bigger, they explode covering the growing night with red, white, and yellow. The fans are stun to see the snow white dire wolf with three lightening shaped fur rods on her back and electricity cracking around her, the majestic dire bald eagle with a slow spinning white spell wheel behind him, and a giant red dragon while fire glows around his body with flames rising out of his mouth.

Nico calls for one of the security guards to come to the viewing box.

"How may I be of service your majesty?" the guard asks.

"Have the staff rise the protection shield, things are about to get ugly!"

The guard nods and rushes out of the viewing box. As Nico turns back to look at powerful transformed Royal Guards. "Well this alt to be good."

"Don't you think Shadow is a little over his head with this? The energy coming off them is… wow!" Sonia comments.

"I don't know, only the next attack will tell," Nico replies.

In the beast tone of voice Kenna says, "Time to end this! Kana! Kell! Time for the Mega Flare!"

Kana nodes and growls out loudly, "HELLFIRE!" The gigantic red dragon opens his mouth creating a growing massive red-orange fireball.

As the ball grows bigger, Kenna calls out, "HOWLING LIGHTENING!" the dire wolf gives a loud howl to sky making thunder clouds appear out of thin air. Several bolts of lightning crackle in sky; then strike down hitting her body. The lightning rods on her back redirect the energy at the now hundred foot diameter fireball. The lightning wraps around the flaming sphere and rotating bans.

Lastly, Kell opens his wings then gives several powerful flaps lifting him into the air. The spell wheel behind him starts to spin at a rapid speed. Kell shouts, "MAJESTIC ARROWS!" The dire eagle spreads his wings fully open making billions of arrows come raining out of the wheel. The arrows swirl around the lightning empowered fireball in the shape of rotating blades.

"Well I have to give it you. That is…"

Shadow is cut off when the three shout in unison, "FINAL FORM!" Shadow is shock to see their aura energy feed into the powerful attack. The swirling red, white, and yellow energy turn the sphere into a swirling color of energy. Before Shadow can react, the combine attack goes rocketing towards him. The black hedgehog is to slow to dodge or counter. Through the waves of cascading energy and pain, Shadow hears the trio shout again, "MEGA FLARE!" Kenna, Kell, and Kana fire out beams of their aura at the enveloped hedgehog. Once the beams hit the sphere, all the energy closes in to one central point around Shadow in a blinding light; then *BBBBBOOOOOMMMMM!*.

Massive shockwaves erupt from around the towering explosion with the echoing shout of Shadow's cries of pain. The shield protecting the audience struggles to hold up against the resonating energy. After about thirty more seconds, the blast fades away leaving the once battered glassy fighting ring a barren dusty wasteland.

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Everyone gaps in horror at the powerful attack results. Some start to question if Shadow is still alive after the blast. Everyone watch intensely looking for any sign of life from the blast zone. Some start to shout Shadow's name.

Everyone in royal view box is stun by the funding scene. Nico, Silver, and Midna are the only ones with smiles on their face while Sonia and Manic look over the field for any sign of Shadow's body.

"What do you think Nico?" Silver questions glancing over at the werehog.

"Its all over Shadow," Midna jumps in walking up to the window and taps Sonia and Manic on the shoulder, "Don't worry guys, Shadow is still alive he just bit off more than he could chew." She then turns to Nico and orders, "Nico call the match. Kell and them beat him, and…"

"Not just yet sis," Nico replies with smirk.

"Come on Nico you got to kidding me," she retorts.

"Nico is right, Midna the match isn't over yet," Silver states.

"Silver you're joking, even if he releases his limiter that much energy will would have overwhelm him. Nico call the match," Midna contests.

Nico gives a curious look, "Shadow has limiters?"

"We all do," Midna states, "Mom just haven't given Sonia hers yet, but that doesn't matter. Shadow lost!"

"WOOH!" Manic shouts looking at the field with the sounds of people shouting and cheering in the background.

Midna spins around and shocked to see Shadow standing up in middle of the rumble. "What the fuck!"

Shadow stands strong looking at Kana and his sibling with a smile on his face. The black hedgehog's cloths are burn and torn in multiple place with his shirt nearly completely torn off with only one strap lapping over his body. His pants have shredded holes up and down the leggings. Parts of his short black red strip fur are covered with burnt marks and small blood patches. His face is covered with bruises and burn fur with a blood dripping down from the left side of his mouth.

Shadow spits out a glob of blood to the right then smiles while looking at his opponents. As he pats himself down blushing off the excess dust and dirt, he says, "Well, I have to get to you guys. You proved me wrong; I thought this would be an easy and quick fight, but you have given me a run for my money. I think its only fair that I give you a taste of my true power." Shadow holds out his arms to the sides; then says, "Rings of light reveal!"

(A/N play Nightcore-Smack my Bitch Up)

A golden ring appears around each wrist. The hedgehog prince closes his eyes then mouths something softly, so no one else can hear; then he shouts out, "Ring one release!" The ring around his right wrist glows bright then falls to the ground with a ding.

Suddenly, his yellow aura explodes up around him making the air flow in all directions. He opens his eyes with an evil grin on his face, and says, "Don't blink."

In flash he disappears and reappears under the chin of the huge dragon, Shadow gives Kana a power upper kick. The attack is so strong Kana is lifted off the ground and sent flying backwards. Before Kana's body his able to hit to ground, Shadow reappears over him, "Not done yet!" then punches his gut sending him clashing into the ground.

Kenna gallops over to charging a lightning attack, but just as she gets ready to launch the attack. Shadow appears on her left side and punches her in the jaw with what could only be described as a jaw cracking hit. The snow white wolf is sent flying twisting end over end towards the side wall. Before makes contact with the solid surface, the hedgehog prince shows up once more in her flight path. "You're going the wrong direction." Time seems to slow down and Shadow cold cots the flying wolf sending her torpedoing in to the ground.

Kell soars down firing two waves of arrow at Shadow. Shadow seems to be hit by the attack, but to his surprise Shadow shows up square in his face with his open palm. Kell feels like he hits a wall stopping him in midair. The dire eagle grunts in pain then he hears from behind him, "Next stop: Down!" The eagle unleashes horrifying scream as he receives a backbreaking punch. Kell comes clashing down on Kenna in a sickening boom.

The black hedgehog isn't finish yet, he appears next to where Kana landed. Before the red dragon even has second to recover, Shadow grabs his tail with an incredible show of strength lifts the two ton dragon into the area. Like a flyswatter, Shadow swings Kana down over his siblings while saying, "Get a load of this!"


Kana's flatten on top of his brother and sister with dust and dirt flying up and around them from the impact. Shadow easily lands outside the dust area looking in their direction. The fans go wild seeing the dizzy fifteen second turn around.

"Come on out of there and face me like a man!" Shadow calls out to the three in the dust cloud. As the dust cloud begins to settle, Shadow smiles to see Kenna, Kana, and Kell reverted back to her their humanoid form with their armor broken and shattered while holding their hands over their most wounded area and blood dripping from the cuts and bruises. "Cool! Cool! Now lets keep this his party going!"

Kenna works her jaw to the point of that it cracks then breaks, and in muffed tone of voice, "MOVE IT!" The three of them split up going different directions to get around Shadow.

Kana dashes to the left, but is soon join by Shadow running by his side. "LAVA BLAST!" he shouts while splitting out a fireball at his opponent.

Shadow is able to dodge the attack, but Kana fires several more shots. Each missing the target until Shadow appears in front of him. He fires more shots; however, Shadow is able to catch the last fireball. Kana tries come to a sliding stop to avoid the now charging hedgehog. Once Shadow is close enough with the fireball in hand, he says with a smile, "Here you lost this." Shadow pushes the fireball into Kana's face with a deadly explosion.

Kenna stops hearing the blast and shouts her brother's name. Shadow appears in front of her with the same bone chilling smile. He holds his fists up in a boxer's stance, "Round Two! Ding-Ding Bitch!" In flash Kenna and Shadow are exchanging blow after blow. The blinding speed of their fists makes it appear as only black and white blurs. "You're good no wonder Nico likes you, but lets pick up the pace." Shadow's punches start to come fast along with Kenna's, but the she-wolf quickly notes that she is not able to deflect all the shoots and every time their fists met. She feels the bones in her hands crack. In a blink, she winches in pain, and Shadow says, "Bad move girl!" She is then overwhelmed with millions of punches hitting every part of her body; then a painful upper cut to her broken jaw. She cries out filling the pain in her hands and jaw with blood splitting out her mouth.

Kell sees the attack and is able bring out his wings and white wheel charging at Shadow while yelling, "SON OF A BITCH!"

"Humm… watch what you say about my mother," Shadow replies.

The wheel on Kana's back starts to spin as he shouts, "Enchant Arrows!" Thousands of arrows comes flying from the wheel at Shadow.

Shadow only laughs as he folds his arms and uses Chaos Control to teleport. He dodges each arrow with ease and laughing as he says, "What's this? A new attack, ha why didn't you use this trick earlier?"

"I don't have to justify anything to you jackass!" Kell shouts.

Shadow keeps flashing all around Kell's attacks, "Now that just not nice because after all…" Shadow teleports again disappearing from Kell's sight; the humanoid eagle tries to get his sights back on the black hedgehog, but his whole body goes cold when he hears from behind him, "I am a member of the royal family. Hum I wonder, if I do this will your wheel break." Shadow punches Kell square in the back making him scream out in agony with drops of blood being splat out at the same time. The white wheel breaks in half as Shadow's punch send him towards the ground. Before impact, Shadow reappears below him just when Kell comes into range he says, "Get over there with your family." Shadow kicks the left side of the battered eagle making him torpedo at his siblings with a mighty boom.

(A/N stop background music)

Midna watches in horror seeing Kell clash land into the others. "NICO!" she yells, "YOU HAVE TO END THIS! TELL SHADOW THAT ENOUGH!"

"I can't the match isn't over and…"

"YOU DUMBASS!" she interjects. Tears begin to flow down her face and she runs out of the room saying Kell's name low enough for no one to hear.

Sonic watches as Midna goes running out. ~Nico don't you think this is getting a little out of hand?~ Sonic asks just they hear Kenna and Kana scream after getting back on their feet to launch a counterattack. ~Nico, if Shadow keeps this up, he might kill them.~

Nico shakes his head no, ~I don't think Shadow will go that far. Besides, we gave our word that we would see this thing out to the end.~

Sonic nods and replies, ~I just hope we haven't made a big mistake.~

"Me too," Nico says out loud.

Silver looks over at Nico, "What's the matter?"

"Sonic was just worried that Shadow will overdo it," Nico says as a tear jerking cry echoes throughout stadium.

Just as Silver is about to response, everyone attention is turned back onto Shadow as he says…

Shadow grabs hold each of bloody battered Royal Guard members by the collar, "The night has come, time to put you three to sleep for good!" He tosses them into the air, "ALRIGHT PLAYTIME IS OVER! LETS GO CHOAS CONTROL!"

Everyone gasp seeing the three limp bodies go soaring into moon filled starry night sky. Shadow appears above them with his body coated in his yellow aura; then he charges straight down into them. He rockets pass the three with his aura. Once his passes by them uses Chaos Control to do it again but from left to right, then from the top left to the bottom right, then the top right to the bottom left. Shadow moves so fast that the aura trail grows brighter with each pass. To everyone on the ground, Shadow's attack looks like the three exhausted warriors are surrounded by six orbiting rows of light.

The attacks grow in intensely and speed with every passing second. After thirty seconds, Kenna peaks through her blood covered face to see what looks like six bright yellow Shadows outlines circled around them. In the blink of an eye, each of them are hit with uppercuts by two Shadows while they call out.



From above they see what has to be the real Shadow with a giant yellow power ball over his head in his hands.


The black hedgehog shouts throwing the ball down at them. Kenna can only her eyes as the ball of energy absorbs her and her brothers. Once again times seems to the slow down as everyone watches the power ball clash down into the ground releasing a crazy amount of energy in the form of a yellow pillar of fire. The explosion's shockwaves destroy the protection shield in front of the audience sending waves of dust and heat in all directions.

Everything settles down a minute later leaving the viewing audience with only the sight of a massive crater in the center of the battlefield. Midna reaches the ground level entrance and covers her mouth with tearful gasp seeing the destruction. Tears run down the sides of her face; then she shouts at the top of her lungs, "KKKKEEEEEELLLLLLL!"

Manic turns to the Nico to see a stone expression on the werehog's face. "DAMMIT NICO! YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN OUR DUMBASS BROTHER WOULD GO OVERBROAD! NOW LOOKED WHAT HAPPENED!" Nico shakes his head and points back at the battlefield as the sounds of shocked ah turn into cheers and applauses. The green hedgehog turns back to sees Shadow holding on to the three beaten but alive warriors.

Shadow uses the jets on his shoes to float down to the ground, "Consider yourself lucky. In your condition, if I let that attack hit you, you three would be dead. Knowing my siblings they would have never have forgiven me." Once they are close enough to the ground, Shadow tosses their battered bodies down resulting in small painful coughs and blood coming out.

Nico comes into view for everyone to see making the cheers fall silent. "The battle is over! All our warriors fought well with great strength and unquestionable honor. However only one was able to claim victory. The winner is," Nico takes a deep breath and shouts at the top of his lungs, "PRINCE SHADOW HEDGEHOG!" The people erupt with ear shattering cheers. Shadow waves his hands and smiles as he turns around looking at all the cheering fans. Nico holds his hand up signaling the fans to fall silent as he continues with, "Well done Shadow, as the winner, you must now decide. What will the fate of the three before you?"

Shadow crosses his arms and closes his eyes reminding silent as he thinks to himself. Kenna, Kell, and Kana work together to get to their feet to face the thinking black hedgehog. The young prince opens his eyes to look at his opponents and says, "They are…."

"What will be the fate of the beaten Royal Guards? Will Shadow exile Kenna and her brothers? Will Midna be forced to watch her boyfriend be sent to parts unknown? Or does the cold hearted hedgehog have another fate in mind? All these questions and more will be answered in the next..."

"Sonic what are doing?!"

"Midna you're ruining my dramatic closing!"

"Closing? Sonic our viewer have been waiting all this time to find out what happen, and you choose now to try and end the episode!"

"Come on sis, haven't you seen DBZ before and…"

"Sonic these isn't DBZ and our viewers deserve to know what going to happen!"

"Oh yeah or do you just want to get Kell in…"




"Sorry everyone Sonic is going to take a little nap now! Let end this episode right."

"They are to be…" Shadow pauses looking at the distress expression on their faces. He huff out air turning his head away from them, "allowed to stay and keep their jobs."

The people erupt with cheers and praise for Shadow's decision. Nico says with a smile, "Very well it is decided, Kenna, Kana, and Kell will remain here!"

The three of them collapse in relief of Shadow's choice. Midna rushes in and grabs hold of Kell at the same time Nico grabs hold of Kenna and Kana. Kenna mouths thank you to Shadow along with her brothers. "Yeah yeah! Just know I expect more from you next time," Shadow states walking away with his back to them.

Nico and Sonic smile at look over their shoulder; then Nico looks ahead and says, "Thank you all for coming! Please get home safely! Now if you excuse us, we need to get these three to a doctor! LATER!" Nico and Midna use Chaos Control to teleport away.

Shadow slowly walks down the lighted tunnel giving off soft grunts with every step. "There's no one watching, so you can drop the tough guy cover Shadow," Silver states appealing from behind him."

"Ha! Speak for yourself, I feel perfectly…*grunt* fineee," Shadow gets out grabbing hold of his left side.

Silver exhales then walks closer to his brother, "Well your blood tells another story." Silver points to the wounded side as blood pools around what left of his shirt.

"Its just a scratch uhhh…" the black hedgehog states as he starts to crumple over.

Silver quickly gets under him to hold his wounded brother up, "Just a scratch hum. Well, I ask the doctor to give a pretty bandage ok?"

Shadow feels waves of pain rush through every part of his body and every ounce of strength in him fade. Just before he passes out, the sour brother grunts out, "Fuck you Silver."

Silver can help but laugh as his brother falls unconscious, "Sorry bro, but I don't swing that way. Chaos Control." They disappear in bright silver light.

Everyone goes backs to the royal living quarters, so the doctors can attend to each of their patients. Kenna and Kell are given the guess bedrooms, Shadow is put in his room, and Kell is put in Midna's room. Nico was about to question why Midna put Kell in her bed, but Sonic cries and begs the werehog not to ask.

Once everyone is settled, the doctors converse with each other; then Shadow's doctor walks up to Nico and everyone in the sitting room. "Well the good news, there weren't any deadly or life risking wounds, but they are going to need some much needed rest and recovery time. My colleagues and I will go over our examine notes and give you a full run down in the morning," the doctor reports.

"Thank you doctor," Nico replies. The doctor nods and heads out to the room just as Millie come in carrying a brown package box. Nico looks at the box and huffs out, "Millie please tell me that this is a bomb or some training weights."

The cat assistant smiles handing the box over to the werehog prince, "It was sent to the office labeled urgent for you."

"So it is a bomb," Nico smiles.

"Sorry Nico no luck, I'll see you in the morning," Millie states as she walks out of the sitting room.

"Damn more work," Nico complains looking at the box. The werehog gives a devilish grin then says, "Its all your Sonic!"

In the blink of an eye, the werehog is replaced with the cobalt hedgehog. "Nico you dirty rat get out here," Sonic cries at the spirit form of his brother. Nico plugs his ears not paying any attention to him. Sonic exhales then looks at everyone else. "Well looks like I have more work to do, so I'll see you guys in the morning," Sonic says waving to everyone as he walks out the room.

Sonic walks into his bedroom getting ready to open the box when Cortana appears in her full size saying, "Sonic, I have the results from the betting pool, and I have reported amount on Nico's winning." The blue AI looks at Sonic to see him with a puzzled look on his face as he reads a letter that was in the box. "Sonic, what are you reading?" Sonic mouths the words on the paper as he reads it over and over. Cortana calls out the blue hedgehog's name again while putting her hand on his shoulder. "Sonic what does the letter say?"

Sonic looks at Cortana then says, "I really don't know? Its more of a riddle than a letter."

"Let hear it," Cortana commands.

Sonic shrugs his shoulders and starts to read:

Dear Prince Sonic and Nico,

I know that you have acquired the Lost Roses. Now here is a question I pose to you, what it the true meaning behind the Lost Roses? I have taken the liberty of adding a clue to help finding out the answers about the fate of your father. See if you can figure it out, and I will be nice and give you a hint.


Look at the coin and read what you see, and maybe it will help solve this mystery.

Yours truly,

A friend

Cortana reaches into the box and grabs the coin. She examines it, and reads out loud, "United States of America Quarter Dollar."

Sonic holds out his hand and Cortana drops the coin into his hand, "So what is it?"

"It says quarter dollar, so it has to be money," Cortana replies.

"Fair enough, but what is the United States of America?" Sonic adds. Cortana shrugs her shoulders. The blue hedgehog looks at the clock to see it showing 10:28pm; he tosses the coin back into the box while yawning out, "It been a long day we'll figure it out in the morning."

Sonic and Nico open their eyes to find their selves in a floating over what looks an empty city. To their left, they see a tall skyscraper, on the right, they see an inland with a building on it, and in front of the them, they see a large red bridge. They look at each other and exhale at the same time. "You know this shit is getting old," Nico states.

"Yup, what city is that?" Sonic questions while pointing down.

Before Nico can answer, the ground comes rushing up to them, and they end up in a fancy decorated wooden room with lighted fire place. At first, they see four hedgehogs playing the room together. Nico looks up over the fire place to the see a portrait of the family. Sonic walks close the young girl playing with her father, but in a flash scene swiftly changes. The pink young hedgehog is older holding her darker pink brother's hand. The girl is at eye level with him, but her burning emerald eyes stare right through him. The big oak door opens and several men walk into the room. One holds his hand to boy hedgehog, but he buries his face into his sister crying out for their parents. The man looks at the girl, and with tears rolling her face she says, "Where are my parents?"

The man can't help but say, "We lost track of them when their plane went down."

Sonic walks over to touch her shoulder seeing that is she fighting with all her strength not to cry out loud. When Nico walks up and places his hand on her other shoulder, the two are blown away by unknown power.

"AH!" Sonic screams as he wakes up in his bedroom looking around for sign of the girl. "Damnit," he cries out feeling tears drain down his face. "Another dream about her," Sonic shakes his head and says, "no that was a nightmare."

~Tell me about! This beginning to get to me!~ Nico comments.

Sonic gets out of bed and walks onto the balcony. Both, Sonic and Nico, look up into the night sky at the full moon and stars. They take a deep breath, and Sonic summons his guitar. He strums his fingers over the strings while they continue to look up at the moon.

I can't win, I can't reign. (Sonic)
I will never win this game without you, without you. (Nico)
I am lost, I am vain. (Sonic)

I will never be the same without you, without you. (Nico)

Sonic uses Chaos Control to teleport into the center of the night sky. His body is bathed in the pale light from the moon.

I won't run, I won't fly. (Sonic)

I will never make it by without you, without you. (Sonic)
I can't rest, I can't fight. All I need is you, & I without you. (Nico)

Sonic hovers in the air for couple of seconds as the moonlight makes the image of the pink hedgehog from the dreamscape appear running towards him with a smile on her face. He reaches to touch her, and she vanishes in the moonlight making him turn away and dive head first down. As they free fall the sing out,

Without you, Oh oh oh, you, you, you, without you. (Nico and Sonic)

The hedgehog does a several aerial twist in the wind as limp body falls through the icy cold air.

You, you, you (Sonic)
without you. (Nico)

Sonic falls into a cloud, and when they come out, Nico is in control; he turns back upright. The werehog finds himself in an empty classroom and sees the pink hedgehog in her school uniform sitting at her desk.

Can't erase, so I'll take blame. (Nico)
But I can't accept that we're estranged, without you, (Sonic)

Once he is close enough, she gets and glances at the werehog. She pays him no mind and goes to her pack her stuff, but he rushes over to wrap the young girl in his embrace.

Without you (Sonic)
I can't quit now, this can't be right. (Sonic)
I can't take one more sleepless night, without you, (Sonic)

Nico draws her closer into his embrace with a smile his face. She stops what she is doing and turns around. What looks like to be the sweet smile of the pink hedgehog with the rest of her face shrouded into shadow.

Without you. (Nico)
I won't soar, I won't climb. (Nico)
If you're not here, I'm paralyzed. (Sonic)

A shroud shielding face disappears along with the classroom to relieve the moon light of the open sky. Nico feels this heart strings to begin to tighten and tears pool in his eyes. He quickly does a back flip into a power dive.

Without you, (Nico)

Without you. (Sonic and Nico)
I can't look, (Nico)

I'm so blind. (Sonic)
Lost my heart, (Sonic)

As the ground gets closer, Sonic and Nico appear to be freefalling side by side. The air around them creates air streaks as they make their way down.

Lost my mind without you, (Nico)

Sonic uses all his might to go full speed down causing a sonic boom to echo through the night air.

Without you. (Nico and Sonic)
Oh oh oh, you, you, you. Without you, you, you.
Without you.

I am lost, (Sonic)

I am vain. (Nico)

Mere seconds before Sonic come clashing into the balcony, he uses chaos control to teleport and lands softly on the balcony.

[We] will never be the same without you, without you. Without you. (Sonic and Nico)

They look up into the night sky seeing tears marks shaped clouds from shaded by the moon light.


"Sonic!" Midna calls out from behind. Sonic turns around to see all his siblings in his bedroom looking at their teary eyed brother.

Sonic wipes his face, "Sorry if we woke you, Nico and I were…"

Manic puts his hand on Sonic's shoulder, "Sonic, you and Nico don't have to hide it. We could all tell that was a song of sadness. Please bro tell us what's on your mind." Sonic lowers his head and exhales; then breaks down explaining everything about the dream they had and the recurring visions about the girl and her family. Manic looks at the others to see that his story has hits some chords with them as some try to choke back tears hearing the cries of their blue brother. "Sonic, don't know if this is the right time to tell you this, but while I was in Mobodoon; Mayor Winnie gave me some letters from dad when he was on Earth and…"

Sonic looks up at Manic then says "Did you say Earth?"

"Yeah, dad has sent letters to mom and us from Earth," Manic restates.

"That's it! Earth it makes sense! Cortana do a check on Earth," Sonic commands.

The AI runs a check and says, "Sonic there is a nation state called the United States of America."

"AWESOME! THIS IS GREAT! WE HAVE A LEAD!" Sonic calls running pass his siblings towards the door, "Cortana get ready to transfer all the data you have to the office, and Manic send all the letters as well and…"

"Well… well you all seem to very active for this time of night," everyone turns towards to the door and see Aleena leaning up next to the frame in a black jumpsuit.

"MOM!" they all say in unison.

Sonic finishes getting dress, "Mom, we're glad you're back, but we have to see this through, we got a lead and…"

"It is pass your bedtime and it can wait until in the morning."

"But mom!"

"No buts from any of you! Especially you Shadow! Get to bed NOW!" Aleena orders pointing her finger in a demanding fashion. They all look at the fierce expression on her face to see that she is not kidding. They each nod and make their way to bed. Aleena goes by each of their rooms and kisses them good night. Once done, she goes to sitting room and flops down on the couch exhausted.

A green light appears then forms into the figure of Oracle, "How did you mission go your majesty?"

Aleena pours herself a drink then says, "He got away!"

"Do you know where to?"

"Not a clue! The asshole used the close by town to help in his escape," Aleena replies.

"That is very is troubling, so what does he plan to do?" Oracle questions.

"He is going to after my children that are the only way can get the throne."

"I would never have believed that Xavier would behind so many evil deeds," Oracle conveys.

"I know, I would never expect something like that; especially, from my own brother."


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"Humm… I was wondering what mom was up to?"

"Well you will have to you will have to wait and see Sonic hahaha!"

"Come on mom spill it!"

"Spoilers sweetheart!"

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Sonic turns around getting ready to dash off. He turns back around to say, "Oh before I forget, I stole a little something something from Ean and mom to wet your appetite, and please keep those comments coming in. Later! Sonic Speed!"

Previously on Neo Sonic Underground! Sonic and Nico were ordered to run the empire while Queen Aleena was on a top secret mission. In the mist of their rule, Shadow demanded that he be allowed to fight the Adair siblings in three on one fight. Shadow was able to win the battle, and decided not to exile them after their lost with thanks from a brave and wise pair of siblings. After the fight, everyone returned home for rest and recovery. The doctor's reported that the four of them had pushed their bodies to the max and will take time for everyone to recover.

In the meantime, Millie returned to the office to find a mysterious package addressed to Sonic and Nico. Sonic opened the package and found a letter with coin. The writer claims that it will help in solving the mystery behind the Lost Roses. That night, the two brothers had another dream about the unknown pink hedgehog. The dream was so powerful that they started crying out into the night. Once they land back on their balcony, Manic tells them, 'Sonic, don't know if this is the right time to tell you this, but while I was in Mobodoon; Mayor Winnie gave me some letters from dad when he was on Earth and…' This gave the two a lead to fellow, Sonic was getting ready to head out when Queen Aleena returns from her mission. She ordered everyone to bed saying they could follow their lead in the morning. The question on everyone's mind is what happened on Aleena's mission, and what was Xavier's plan?

Find out today on Neo Sonic Underground!

The sun shines down as a new morning breaks over the capital of the Moboain Empire. The skies are clear and blue with the fresh morning wind blowing over the land. Aleena stands on top of the highest flag pole in the government quarters with her arms folded and overlooking city as the people start their day. Aleena wears a pair black dress pants, a white dress shirt with a purple tie, black high heel dress shoes, and a sleeveless black trench coat. As the wind blows, Aleena's long trench flaps in the wind behind her. Her eyes become fixed on the horizon as she says, "Xavier what are you planning?"

Chapter Text

Episode Thirteen

Covert Affairs

Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic Hedgehog, but one day! One Day!

Previously on Neo Sonic Underground! Sonic and Nico were ordered to run the empire while Queen Aleena was on a top secret mission. In the mist of their rule, Shadow demand that he be allowed to fight the Adair siblings in three on one fight. Shadow was able to win the battle, and decided not to exile them after their lost with thanks from a brave and wise pair of siblings. After the fight, everyone returned home for some rest and recovery. The doctor's reported that the four of them had pushed their bodies to the max and will take time for everyone to recover.

In the meantime, Millie returned to the office to find a mysterious package addressed to the brave heroes. Sonic opened the package and found a letter with coin. The writer claims that it will help in solving the mystery behind the Lost Roses. That night, the two brothers had another dream about the unknown pink hedgehog. The dream was so powerful that they started crying out into the night. Once they land back on their balcony, Manic tells them, 'Sonic, don't know if this is the right time to tell you this, but while I was in Mobodoon; Mayor Winnie gave me some letters from dad when he was on Earth and…' This gave the two a lead to fellow, Sonic was getting ready to head out when Queen Aleena returns from her mission. She ordered everyone to bed saying they could follow their lead in the morning. The question on everyone's mind is what happened on Aleena's mission, and what was Xavier's plan?

Find out today on Neo Sonic Underground!

The sun shines down as a new morning breaks over the capital of the Moboain Empire. The skies are clear and blue with the fresh morning wind blowing over the land. Aleena stands on top of the highest flag pole in the government quarters with her arms folded and overlooking city as the people start their day. Aleena wears a pair black dress pants, a white dress shirt with a purple tie, black high heel dress shoes, and a sleeveless black trench coat. As the wind blows, Aleena's long trench flaps in the wind behind her. Her eyes become fixed on the horizon as she says, "Xavier what are you planning?"

In the kitchen of royal living area, Sonia walks in were a long purple night robe with a purple poke-a-dot sleepers. When she walks in she see Sonic, Silver, and Manic in their pajamas sitting at the table eating breakfast. The violet purple hedgehog looks at the brown, white, and black marble top kitchen island to see scramble eggs, bacon, biscuits, sausage, cut fruits, toast, grits, and a stack of waffles. Sonia goes to the silver two door fridge and pulls out the orange juice. While pouring a glass she calls out to the others, "Morning everyone." They each response to Sonia's greeting; then she puts the juice back and fixes her plate. "Who made breakfast?" Sonic rises his hand while reading a data pad. Sonia jokes, "Is it safe to eat?"

Sonic looks up from his pad with a smirk on his face watching as Sonia makes her way to table, "Ha ha sis, you got jokes this morning. You never complained about our cooking in past, and as you can see Manic and Silver aren't critiquing our cooking."

Silver finishes swallowing and replies, "Who has time to complain, besides, I'm never one complain when someone makes food for me." Sonic snickers and goes back to reading his pad. "Sonic what are you reading anyway? You've had your nose stuck in that thing since Manic and I came in the kitchen."

Sonic lowers the pad again with a big smile on face. "Well bro, we just going over the results of the betting pool from Shadow's match."

Sonia replies while pouring syrup on her waffles, "Oh yeah, I heard about on the news. What were the results?"

"The final odd percentages were 23% for Shadow to win, 70% for Kenna's team, and 7% for a double KO or tie. In total, over 2.5 trillion dollars was in the betting pool," Sonic explains

"Damn!" Manic exclaims. "That's one piece of nice change."

"You that right. Just from the totals of all the retail and ticket sells over 2 billion dollars was raised for Sanctuary. If we factor in the winnings that I donated from my winning, they are going to receive 22 billion dollars," Sonic states.

Nico appears next to Sonic with a giant smile on his face, "But that doesn't include the 270 billion I got off my bet! Ha ha ha ha!"

Sonic rolls his eyes hearing Nico's crazy laugher. Sonia calls out, "Sonic what's the matter?"

"Oh its nothing, Nico is just gloating about the amount of money he won," Sonic states then takes a slip of water.

"How much did he win?" Silver questions as he gets up to put his dish in the sink.

Sonic exhales, "Roughly 385 billion dollars." Everyone stops and gasp in shock hearing the amount. Sonic then quickly continues with, "However from that, he had to donate 100 billion to Sanctuary and 15 billion to Shadow."

Another voice calls, "What did you give Shadow that money for?"

Without paying attention to whom the voice belong to, Sonic replies, "So that he wouldn't exile Kenna and her brothers. Nico and I had a bad feeling that if Shadow won, he would do something fucked up, so we brought a little insurance."

"I can't believe you," the voice comments.

Sonic in the direction of voice while saying, "Come on Silver you of all people know…"

Sonic pauses in the mid-sentence to see Midna standing in her brown-white pajamas with her green rob. Tears are in her eyes as walks closer to her cobalt brother; when she is in arms reach of her brother. Midna wraps her shocked brother in a warming embrace with tears streaming down her face, "Thank you, thank you so much Sonic! You and Nico are the best brothers I could ever ask for."

Sonic gently pulls away from Midna with a smile on his face and replies with, "It was not problem sis. We know that you have deep feelings for Kell. By the way, how long has you to been a thing?"

Midna walks back in to the kitchen while saying, "Well if you really think about it, I would say a little over three and half months."

"Figures," Sonic comments. He turns to look at Manic eating his waffles and asks, "Hey Manic, by any chance did you take the letter and coin we got last night?"

Manic chews takes a bite of the waffle while saying, "What makes you think I have it?"

"We were trying to find it after we got up, but we had no luck. We thought you might have taken it with you last night look it over after mom told us to go to bed. After all, you're the one who has dad's letters," Sonic replies.

Manic shakes his no then says, "No way bro, first off I'm not crazy enough to disobey mom. Second, when I got this morning, I went looking for the letter myself, but they were gone." Sonic gives a puzzled look as Manic continues with, "That's the same face I had this morning. When I think back, the only person in my room before I went to sleep was mom, so…"

"Mom must have the letters," Sonic concludes. "But what would she want with them?"

Midna answers with, "Well, its no mystery, just go ask mom why she took the letters."

Sonic nods in agreement then watches as his sister picks up to two full plates of food. As the brown hedgehog heads out of the room, Sonic comments, "Damn sis, you are really going to eat all that food?"

Midna glances back at her younger brother and says, "I'm taking food for two."

"WHAT!" Sonic, Nico, Silver, Manic, and Sonia all say in unison with shock painted all over their faces.

Midna stops in her tracks looking at the others, "What's wrong?"

Silver slow walks over to his sister and says with a shakily voice, "Midna does mom know that you're…."

A blood vessel appears on her forehead and flames appear in her eyes as she yells out, "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS!? WHAT FUCK ARE YOU GUYS THINKING?! IF YOU REMEMBER, KELL IS STAYING IN MY ROOM DUMB ASSES OR HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT LITTLE DETAIL!" The five of them give a nervous laugh in response to Midna's correction. The brown hedgehog huffs out a puff of air calming herself down then says, "Geez do you guys really think that I am that stupid to get pregnant right now. Besides what makes you think that he is any condition to have sex?"

Before anyone can reply, Midna walks out of the kitchen with her two plates. Sonic busts of laughing drawing everyone's attention. "Well that enough drama and information for us this morning. I'm going to go see mom. Silver is it your turn to do the dishes today. Later!" Sonic exclaims grabbing his pad and running out the kitchen.

"Hey wait Sonic!" Silver calls out, but his effort is not good. He looks that the sink and see a huge pile of dishes and plates. "Manic, Sonia, do you mind giving me a hand with this?" Silver turns around to find himself alone. "YOU JERKS!"

Mille makes her way up the stairs and quickly glances at her watch. "9:30," she says to herself. At the top of the stairs she opens the door to the roof. She looks up at the flag pole and sees the purple hedgehog queen still standing there. "Your highness! Are you planning on coming down anytime soon? You have people waiting in your office!"

Aleena bends her knees then springs herself up in the air. She twists around in the air then curls up in the ball and land perfectly in front of Millie with a smile on her face. "Sorry Millie, I didn't mean to let time get away with me like that." The women make their way down the stairs into the main upper floor hallway. The hallway is full of people talking about government operations and quickly moving all over the place. Once they see Aleena and Mille heading down the hall, everyone quickly clears a path for the women. Aleena smiles and waves at everyone as she walks pass.

It takes about five more minutes before they reach Aleena's office. Millie grabs a pad off her desk and hands it to Aleena. As they enter her office, Millie hands the pad to Aleena while saying, "Your highness this is the final report from doctors who examined Shadow and the Adair siblings."

Mizu, Oracle, and Lisa stand up when Aleena walks into the room; they all bow and greet Aleena. "Good morning everyone," Aleena replies back. She sits at her desk looking over the report, "Hum… this isn't as bad as I thought it would be."

Oracle asks while everyone takes their seats, "How much damage was done?"

Lisa quickly chimes in with, "Oracle you saw that fight. It was like the battle for Mobius all over again, but I would have never imagined that Kenna and her brothers would have such great power. Then there is Shadow," the grand elder looks at Aleena and continues to a look of shock in her eyes, "Your highness, were you aware that your son had such power?"

Aleena sets the pad on her desk leans back in her chair with her arms folded and says with an unconcerned look, "I had an idea at what his power level was at, but he going to have to pay a price for using his power like that." Everyone gives a questioning look, and Aleena explains, "Believe it or not, my children all possess great power, but they don't how to control it. Since Shadow removed his limiter, his body is going have to work overtime to repair the excess stress and strain. In short, all that power he showed at the fight is gone."

"So does the doctor report say your highness?" Oracle questions again.

Aleena leans forward and picks up the report and says, "Well for the worst to the best. Kell is the one who took the worst hit. Since Shadow kicked him the back with the force of five semi-trucks, they are most concerned about spinal damage. Luckily, he showing no signs of paralysis, but they want to him moving were for the time being."

Mizu chimes in with, "So he going to be stuck in Midna's room until they say otherwise."

Lisa springs from her seat with voice full of shock, "Your Majesty, you are letting that young man stay in Princess Midna's bedroom with her unsupervised! Think about the scandal and gossip that will spread it this gets out!"

"Relax Lisa; you don't have worry about him trying anything. Besides, I have known those two have been seeing each other for some time now. I can trust in Midna's judgement to do what she feels it right," Aleena replies with smirk on her face.

Lisa sits back down in her chair and says, "That all well and good, but what will you tell the other elders?"

Aleena gives a big smiles and says, "I leave that all in your capable hands Lisa. I know you will keep the elders in line. If you can't handle them, I can always send Sonic and Nico to pound them into shape."

Lisa shakes her head while softly giggling, "You know that might not be a bad idea. It would save me a lot of pain and headache. What does the rest of the report say?"

Aleena looks back at the report, "Kana is next on the list. He received three broken and five fractured ribs, his right is broken it two spots, and the muscles in his leg calf are torn."

"Damn, that dragon took a beating," Mizu comments.

"Yup, and Kenna's report reads about the same, but instead of a broken arm and torn muscles, her jaw bone is broken. The doctors are going to have wire it. Plus, she has several serve burn spots over her body," Aleena reports. She smiles as she says, "Last but not least my dear son Shadow. He looking at a five broken and eight fractured ribs, a minor concussion, his left leg and right hand are broken, a puncture wound through and through, and to top it all off a serve exhaustion." Everyone's mouth are open hearing the damage to Shadow and joyful tone of his mother. Aleena blinks her eyes with a confused look on her face, "What? Is something wrong?"

Mizu recomposes himself while clear his throat, "Your highness, you said that report was from worst to best. No disrespect ma`am, but how can Shadow be the best case out of all of that?"

Aleena giggles then says, "Because Shadow is going to be force to learn an important lesson."

Lisa quickly follows up with, "And that would be what Queen Aleena?"

"He knows that he can't just depend on his sole power to fight against an enemy. Plus, this will teach him that fighting when out-number, especially when you under estimate your opponent, is a foolish thing to do," Aleena replies.

Oracle smiles hearing Aleena's answer, and he says with an upbeat tone, "Your mother would so proud about how wise you have become during your time as Queen." Aleena starts to blush hearing the pleasing remark from her close friend and advisor. "How long before their wounds are healed?"

Aleena leans back in her chair again and tilts her head to the ceiling for a second then she looks back at everyone, "Well, according to the doctors, Kenna and her brothers have a two to three month recovery period. Shadow, on the other hand, should back up within two weeks."

Mizu moves hand to under his chin and lowers his head while thinking out loud, "Two to three months, hum… I guess, I am going to have to cover for Kenna's duties, and delegate Kell and Kana's duties to others in my command. I'll have Tigress… "

"That won't be necessary Mizu," Aleena quickly interjects. He looks back at Aleena as she says in the serious tone, "I will not stand to have the Captain and her two top officers out commission for that long."

Lisa quickly says, "Your highness you can't expect them to be ready for duty by tomorrow. Even with my limited medical knowledge, I could tell you that they are going to need some time to heal."

"And they will Lisa, two weeks is all the time they are going to need to back in fighting shape," Aleena boosts with a smirk on her face.

Mizu shakes his head trying to figure out Aleena's logic, but his efforts produce nothing, so his is forced to ask, "Queen Aleena with all due respect, but I don't see how you plan to make sure that they will be up and ready by then." He sees the confident look in Aleena's eyes and goes back to thinking of a possible way for his niece and nephews to be fully healed within such a short time. He glances to his right at Lisa; seeing that she is also trying to figure out Aleena's plan. He then looks to his left to see a smile on Oracle's face. Suddenly, the idea pops in his head. "The training resort," he blabs out pointing his finger at the purple queen. "That's who you plan to do it. Since time in the training resort passes faster than time outside, they will get the full amount…"

"Wrong!" Aleena jams in with a smile in her face. "Training resort wouldn't be ideal place to them to heal and recover."

Mizu goes slumped into this chair then says, "Then how do you plan on healing them?"

Aleena shows him, her open palm facing hands, "Magic my friend, magic." Lisa and Mizu give her a confused expression as she continues while lowering her hands, "I know a spell that be can be used to repair and heal anything that it is casted on. Once I heal Kenna, Kana, and Kell, they will be up and fully running within my stated time frame."

Lisa and Mizu still have confused expression on their faces when Oracle chines in with, "The spell her majesty is referring to is called Cure."

"Cure?" Lisa and Mizu say in unison.

"Yes it's a high level spell that will allow me to heal the major of Kenna and her brothers' wounds," Aleena states with one eye closed a big grin on her face.

"What about Prince Shadow your highness?" Millie questions as she puts a pot of coffee and the breakfast snacks on the desk.

Aleena folds her arms looking to right with a serious expression while she says, "He can heal himself." Lisa, Mizu, and Millie gasp out loud in shock hearing Aleena's response. She can only hold the look for couple of seconds until Oracle and her bust out laughing. Everyone looks at them with confused look until Aleena turns to them and explains, "Don't worry, my child and I are fast healers. If the damage isn't too extensive, we can recover within a day or so with undisturbed rest. In Shadow's case, I would figure that he will be back to normal by the end of next week." Everyone breathes a sigh of relief hearing Aleena's explanation. The purple queen pours a cup of coffee and the grabs a Cheese Danish; while she dunks the end of the pastry into her double cream with four sugars coffee, she says, "Alright with all that out of the way what's next on the bill for today Millie?"

Millie finishes drinking some coffee and says, "Well, your highness after this current meeting and your daily briefing; you will be done for today."

*Cough* Aleena goes into her coffee. She suggests to regain her voice as she asks in a raspy tone, "say what Millie?"

"You will be done for today after these meeting," Millie repeats.

Aleena sets the coffee down and quickly scrambles to the IN and OUT file spot to find three pads. She holds up the pads and says, "This can't be it! I when I left there was about three months of backlog work and an additional two months of work left here." Lisa, Mizu, and Oracle give the panicking Queen a low eyed glare. Aleena feels the glare of the three throws her right hand behind as she stands straight giving a nervous laugh. She coughs into fist quickly recomposing herself and walks back over to her desk with three pads in hand. She sets the pads down and says, "Millie, what happened to all that paperwork?"

"Sonic and Nico happened to it. After all, you did leave them in charge while you were gone," Millie replies.

Aleena flops into her chair with a confused look on her face, "Millie are your tell me that my two most hyperactive and single minded sons completed all my work. Did you check to make sure that they just didn't rubber stamp everything?"

Millie seats in her chair with biggest grin on her face, "Yes ma`am. I double check everything. They even made a couple of suggestions to make some bills better before signing them. Over all, they approved three thousand projects, passed two hundred and eighty laws, declined three hundred and sixty-two bills, and signed off on the budget for the next eight years."

Everyone's face is full of shock hearing the results of the pair's two week reign. Aleena's face shows the greatest shock with her slack jaw mouth. It takes a minute for her process everything until she quickly shakes her head and asks, "Is there anything else I should be awake of?"

Millie takes her chin with her finger while her tail happy sways back and forth, "Oh yes, Sonic and Nico also completed the addition months of paperwork that come from the Congress and Council."

"Addition work?" Lisa questions.

"Yes Grand Elder, the boys were able to gather all the work that Congress waiting to send and cleared it out," Millie replies.

Mizu finally asks, "What does that mean for Queen Aleena and the government?"

"Well because of their work, all the other departments are behind by nine months, and Queen Aleena is free from all non-emergency work for until after the congressional elections," Millie states.

Aleena rubbers her temples while asking, "And how long will that be?"

"Mid part for next year, so that would be nine or ten months, and that's if Congress doesn't get blogged down in politics," Millie responses.

"Amazing, simple amazing. To think that the Prince Sonic and Nico would be capable of completing some much in a short time," Oracle comments then then takes a slip of his coffee.

"Thanks Oracle for making fill like I have any importance," Aleena states as she slams forehand on the desk. *Knock* *Knock* With her face still on the desk she says, "Come in."

The door doesn't open, so Millie gets up and answers the door. "Oh good morning Sonic," Millie greet letting the blue hedgehog in.

"Good morning," Sonic greets as he walks in. Sonic stops in his tracks seeing Aleena's hand on her desk. "Um mom, why are you seating that?"

"Because, this is only thing I can do for the next nine months," Aleena retorts.

Nico appears next to Sonic on the verge of busting out laughing. Sonic and Millie walk back towards the desk. "Um we're lose here," Sonic states in a confused tone of voice.

Millie smiles and says, "I was just catching the queen up on all the work that Nico and you completed." The cat secretary giggles while she continues, "they are all amazed at the amount of work you have done with such little time."

"You're not helping Millie," Aleena states with her head still down.

"Don't feel bad," Sonic says while patting on her back. "It's not like you left all that work for us because you wanted to scare us."

Aleena turns her head to face Sonic, "Ha that's what you think." She finally sits up and says, "Anyway, what can I do you for Sonic?"

"Mom did you take the letter and coin we got last night and the letters from dad? Because Manic nor we can them anywhere," Sonic explains walking back in front of her desk.

"Yes," Aleena states.

"May we have them back?" Sonic requests.



"I said no Sonic. You may not have them at this moment," Aleena states.

"But mom, that is our first real hard clue to finding out, who the girl is in our dream. Plus it might give us a lead to where dad is. Why won't let us have them," Sonic complains as he slams his hand on her desk.

Aleena's face turns hard while rising one eyebrow, "Sonic this might have been your office yesterday, but today its mine and if you hit my desk again like that. I will be the one hitting your tail do you understand me." Sonic and Nico back away from Aleena's desk with the look of fear in their eyes. They lower their heads about to cry feeling defeat course through them as they think about how close they are to solving this mystery. Aleena stands up and says, "Boys don't look that way, I promise to give you back everything after dinner tonight."

Sonic and Nico rise their heads and ask, "Why after dinner mom?"

Aleena walks to the window looking outside at the bright sunny day, "I going to tell everyone about the mission I was on, and how it might relate to your next journey. Once that is done, I give you everything and more access to the classified material." She turns around with a smile on her face, "Is that fair?" Sonic and Nico look at each other then back at their mother. They both nod yes and Aleena says, "Good, now go and play you have deserve it, and as reward for your hard work Sonic you can have chilidog again."

Sonic's eyes light and sparkle with joy while Nico's head drops hearing Aleena's last sentence. "Really? Thank you so much mommy! Thank you!"

"Just don't overdo it ok," but Aleena's words fail to meet her son's ears as they zip out of her office. "Millie, what have I done?"

"Unleashed a chilidog monster. They better hide their buns and their chili because they come after them," Millie jokes.

Aleena shakes her head then says, "Mizu, I want Kenna and her brothers there along with all of you ok." They all nod yes and Aleena finishes with, "Good, now since I don't have nothing else pressing to do, I am going shopping." Everyone gives her another odd look, "What? Where do you think Sonia got her taste of fashion and shopping from? It sure wasn't Sora."

The clock reads eight thirty, and everyone is gathered in the large dining room at the royal living area. The huge round dining room table is decorated with a white sheet cover with matching bone china dishes. Placed within arm's reach, is the edge of rotating food table. The table is stocked with all types of different foods ranging from pasta and fish to salads and steaks. Anytime someone wanted a certain food item, they could easily spin table until the item lay in front of them. The fourteen dining partners eat, talk, and listen to each other as the main course is picked out by each different person. Everyone is dressed in casual outfit expect for Sonia who decided a ballroom dress. Kenna and her brothers sport minor medical recovery gear after Aleena used her Cure spell on them. On the other hand, Shadow is the most underdress wearing a green hospital grown with two big white medical cast on his arm and leg, and white bandages wrapped around his head and other hand.

The black hedgehog sits next to his mother complaining as she helps feed him. "This isn't fair mom. Why could use your healing spell on me as well."

Aleena smiles as she feeds him some soup, "Well, I never really got the chance to feed you as baby, so I'm making up for lost time. But all kidding aside, I chose not to heal you in order to teach you a valuable lesson."

Shadow shallows the soup and asks, "What lesson would that be mom?"

Sonic chimes in before Aleena saying, "Not to use someone else's technique without checking with them to make that you are doing it right."

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean smartass?" Shadow fires back.

Aleena gives a displease glare at her son for his word choice, but her glace quickly shifts to Sonic and Nico as she hears, "Well dumbass, Nico saw that you were using wacked up version of his Werehog Shield." Shadow's eyes narrow in reaction to their comment, and Sonic follows up with, "Yeah you think you got away with it, but Nico saw it the moment you first used it during the fight. That's why you weren't as the much damage as you should have during the fight, but your Shadow Shield was messed up."

"Oh is that right," Shadow taunts. The other conversions at table taper down as three brothers hatch it out with each other. Shadow slightly rises his voice while saying, "Ok chilidog for brains, since you it seems that you know everything, why don't you go ahead a spoil what you saw wrong with my Shadow Shield."

"Boys," Aleena calls out.

Her call goes unheeded as Sonic pulls down his pasta and replies at the same rise voice, "We don't know where to start. How about this first, the amount of energy was way too much for the shield. Every time you took a hit; the over spilling energy rebounded and hit you and that's just the tip of freaking iceberg."

"Now Sonic…"

"That a lot coming from the hedgehog who ended up eating dirt thinking that he was fastest thing alive. By the way, I never really asked how did that sand taste?" Shadow fires back.


Nico switches out with Sonic and fires back, "Well at else Sonic was able to master that skill unlike you." Shadow's face grows sour hearing Nico say, "Look Shadow, there's no shame in asking for help to prefect your new technique."


"Thanks, but no thanks! If I wanted help I would ask someone has a brain in their skull," Shadow fires back.

"Why you egocentric piece of…."

Aleena barks out, "THAT'S ENOUGH FROM BOTH OF YOU!" Nico, Shadow, and everyone else looks at the queen. "For crying out loud, you three are like day and night. One minute you're the best of friend working on my nerves or someone else's; then, in the blink of an eye, you're at each other's throats. What's with you three?"

Nico and Shadow look at each other and smile; then they look at their mother and say in unison, "Sibling rivalry mom."

Aleena and everyone else burst out laughing. The purple hedgehog stands up addressing everyone, "I hope you all enjoyed dinner and the got enough to eat."

Everyone nods yes, and Manic responses with, "You bet mom! You sure know how to throw down some cooking. I bet you could Sonic and Nico a run for their money."

"We'll take that bet bro. Mom whenever you're ready to throw down, we will be waiting," Nico states giving a thumbs up.

Aleena laughs along with everyone else, but in her heart she knows that she must ready herself to tell everyone what happened less than twenty-four hours ago.

Everyone finishes eating twenty minutes later, and they all go into the large sitting room as they wait for Aleena to join them. The purple queen stands in the kitchen squeezing her fists tight doing what she can to steady her nerves. A minute passes, and is still trying to calm her nerves. Just right when she is about to speak to herself Mizu comes into the kitchen and says, "Your Majesty?" Aleena turns around to face her general with a few tears running down her face. Mizu walks over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder while saying, "Your highness if you're up for this I can…"

Aleena shakes her head no then says, "I'll be fine Mizu. I just needed a moment to steady myself. Besides, it is my responsible to tell them the truth about happened. I will not pass this burden on to anyone else." She walks over the kitchen inland slicing up pieces of cake, pie, cookies then tells Mizu, "Grab the tea, coffee, and water take to everyone. I'll be in a couple of seconds." Mizu nods in approval and grabs the beverages. Once he is out of the room Aleena says softly to herself, "Alright girl, you have to hold yourself together. You can't afford to lose in front of everyone. Remember you can do this." As she finishes her little pep talk, she puts the last of the deserts on the serving tray.

Aleena walks into the sitting room just a Nico coming walking with Cyrus. "Welcome Cyrus. Were you able to fix her?"

"Yes ma`am she's as good as new, but she might be a little cranky," Cyrus jokes reaching into his white lab coat and pulls out a silver looking watch.

Aleena gives a wide smile setting the tray down then getting the device from the technology engineer. Nico looks closely that watch then says while pointing, "Hey mom that looks the same mobile platform Cortana has. Wait, did you get an AI as well?"

Aleena puts on the watch; then look at her son, "Don't worry Nico, I'm about explain everything, so please go to the fridge a warm up the plate for Cyrus." The young werehog does as requested and heads into the kitchen. "Cyrus, I can't thank you enough for saving her."

The young loin smiles and says, "It was no problem, in fact the damage wasn't as bad as you thought. All I ask is to go easy on her for a complete of days. Her program is still recompiling, and you might feel a little pinch on your wrist." Aleena gives him a questioning look, and he continues with, "she going to need an organic sample at the end recompiling, so her AI protocols fully take whole. Plus she might want take on a new look."

Aleena smiles hearing the engineer's state. They talk for another minute; then Nico comes back with Cyrus's heated food. "I took the liberty of asking your wife for your favorite dish, and prepared it for you. Please come and join the others in the sitting room." Everyone sits on either in chairs or couches, yet Shadow gets a couch for himself propping up his broken leg. Aleena moves a single wide arm chair into the front of the semicircle area looking out at everyone. They fall silent as she starts off with, "First off, let me say that every one of you did a great job running things while I was gone, and I know I would be remorse if I didn't say that Sonic and Nico did an outstanding job ruling the empire." Nico gives a big smile along with Sonic hovering next to his brother. Aleena takes her seat allowing her free flowing quills to shade her eye. "Now, as promise I will tell what happened on my latest mission and why it was so important that you kids not attend. I have to warn you, what I'm about to tell you is gruesome, violent, and somewhat disturbing. You will have to know that you hear about side of me that you will never expect. Does everyone understand?"

Everyone nods yes in response. Aleena takes a deep breath then looks up at everyone. "Ok here's what happened..."

Aleena, her children, Millie, and Mizu are gathered in her office listening as Nico finishes reading the orders given by Aleena.

"Hold on! You're forgetting someone or should I say some ones. What 'bout you and Sonic, what duties did you get?" Shadow questions.

Aleena quickly jumps in saying, "Oh I didn't forgot about them, while the General and I are away. They will be running the empire."

"WHAT?!" everyone shouts hearing her statement.

Aleena gets up and walks from behind her desk. She stands next to the confused looking werehog. "You all heard me correctly; Nico and Sonic will be in charge of running the empire while I'm gone." Aleena sees Sonic and Nico eyes fill with fear and uncertainly. She puts her hand on his shoulder and says, "Don't worry boys, Oracle and Elder Prower will stay here to council while you're command."

Nico prepares to comment, but Mizu jumps in saying, "Your highness we must get going if we want to meet our set rendezvous point deadline."

"Right on Mizu," Aleena replies walking towards the door.

"Mom wait!" Sonic and Nico call out in unison.

She replies while still walking, "You'll do fine, and don't worry. I am only one chaos control away." The worried brothers try to stop their fleeing mother, but she puts her hand on Mizu on shoulder and calls out, "I love you kids! CHAOS CONTROL!" Aleena and Mizu teleport in a bright purple light.

Aleena and Mizu travel at the military airfield about thirty miles away from the city. The base is very active with planes taking off and landing at difference of parts of the airstrip. The air is filled with the sounds of engines roaring as the engines power up and power down. There is also sounds of military chants from soldiers PTing in the area. The Queen and General arrive in purple flash of light outside the main hanger area of Aleena's ship. When the pair appear a soldier walking way spots them and shouts at the top of his lungs, "ATTENTION ON DECK!" Everyone within hearing distant look at the soldier calling out the order to see Aleena and Mizu. They snap to attention and within seconds the whole hanger is frozen with everyone standing at attention.

Mizu calmly says, "Carry on." They all give a quick salute then go back to work. Mizu calls out to private who announced their presents to everyone, "Private hold on a minute." The twenty year old brown bear turns back around to look at the pair; then Mizu asks, "Do you know where Colonel Panda is?"

"Yes sir, he's onboard the ship. He doing the final systems and cargo check," the private replies.

"Thank you, carry on," Mizu replies. "Your highness this way."

Aleena follows behind Mizu, but the young soldier calls over drawing their attention, "Your highness, its an honor to service with you on this mission. I have served with Prince Silver on three missions, and I'm excited that I get the chance to go on a mission with you."

"Alright that enough private, we…"

Aleena cuts off Mizu by walking over the private and extending her hand. The soldier is shocked to see such a kind and gentle smile from the female sovereign. He shakes her hand and says, "You have it wrong private, it is an honor to serve with you because every day you and your other brothers and sisters in arms stand ready to help defend our empire. I hope I can live up the expectations that you have for me." Once they finish shaking hands Aleena follows Mizu to the ship.

The white colored streamline shuttle shaped ship stands ready for ferry its passengers and cargo to their destination. The two walk to the end of the ship to the lowered ramp. Aleena and Mizu walk up the ramp and are greeted by mid-age man with a black face and white hands. He is dressed in a green jumpsuit with style patches over each breast pocket and one on each shoulder. His collars sport a silver oak leaf on each side. When they are in talking distance of each other, the colonel statues the pair. Mizu and Aleena return the statue, and Mizu says, "Queen Aleena allow me to introduce Colonel Ken Panda. He will be our lead operator during the mission."

Aleena reaches out to shake his hand while saying, "It a pleasure to meet you Colonel. By any chance are you related to Tigress Panda?"

"Yes ma`am, she my sister-in-law. You might know my brother as well Congressman Po Panda," the colonel replies back.

Aleena nods at his answer; then Mizu asks, "What's our status colonel?"

As Ken lets go of Aleena's hand, he states, "We are ready to go the moment you give the order."

"Was my children's van loaded?" Aleena questions

"Yes ma`am," he points to a giant wooden box, "and per your orders ma`am; we made sure no unauthorized persons saw it. One moment ma`am." He hears a voice come over his wireless earpiece. "Right send him in," Ken replies to the voice on the other end of the line. He turns to Aleena and says, "Your highness, Cyrus is here to see you. He says that he has something for you."

Aleena smiles hearing the news and says while turning around getting ready walk out, "Excellent! Ken, I want us pulling on to the runway the moment I finish talking with Cyrus." The colonel statues as Aleena walks away; then he runs to towards the bridge. Aleena jumps off the high end of the loading ramp as two truck drive up with boxes in the bed. The purple hedgehog runs up entrance of the hanger just sound of the three deck ship's engines start up and echo within the confined area. The ships start to move being towed by the tug cart. As Aleena reaches Cyrus, the ship's nose passes through doors into the sunlight drench area. Cyrus gives a quick bow to the queen, and Aleena replies with, "Its good to see you Cyrus. So it finished?"

He gives a big toothed grin, "I have to say that she turn better than I even image. I bet money she could give Cortana a run for her money." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out silver looking watch with black screen in center. Aleena takes the device and puts it on her arm, and Cyrus continues while putting is hands into his pockets, "She has been brought up to speed on everything including the data Cortana was able to extract from Duchess Pepper's flag ship. All that is left if you to let her know what mission you are heading out on."

Aleena finishes putting on the watch, but feels a quick pinch on her wrist. "Ouch!" she quickly yelps out. She looks at her waist and adjusts the mobile platform back and forth to ease the tiny soreness; then asks Cyrus, "What was that?"

"She needed a little organic sample to complete the last AI formatting steps. Don't worry, Sonic had to go through the same thing, but I took a whole syringe of his blood. Ha Ha! Man was he ever mad when I took him I just needed a drop," Cyrus laughs.

Aleena is able to work out the soreness in her wrist then looks at Cyrus to ask, "What's her name?"

"In truth I don't know," Cyrus replies. "Just like Cortana, she won't choice her name until she, in a word, born."

The ship's tail fin start to pass the hanger down. Mizu is stands on the cargo ramp calling out, "Your highness we must leave at once. Word about your disappearance is spreading faster than we excepted. We need to the get into the air before the media get here."

Aleena turns around to look at the general and shouts back, "Alright! Get us cleared for takeoff!" She looks back at Cyrus and tells him, "Cyrus, I know you heading out to meet with Sonia and Silver. Please keep the knowledge that you meet me a secret."

Cyrus gives a puzzled look expression while asking, "Why your highness? Wouldn't Sonia and the others feel better knowing that you're safe?"

She shakes her head no then looks in the direction her ship is being towed. Her ship is moved into the center of a large red circle near the center of some of hangers. The air around the ship spins up faster and faster while the engines power up. "Cyrus, I can't run the risk that they will try and come after me. The mission I'm going on is extremely dangerous, and I won't risk the chance that they will not be able to do what is required of them to complete the mission." Aleena turns back to Cyrus with a hard and serious look on her face; then she says in a serious tone of voice, "Cyrus, I telling you this not as a request but an order. You are not to tell any of my children about what I'm up to. Besides Sonic and Nico are going to have enough to worry about running the empire." Cyrus face is full of shock and Aleena quickly follows up with, "You need to do the same thing when Sonia or Silver tells you. Alright I need to get going, but I have just last thing to ask," she holds up the device on her wrist, "what's her name?"

Cyrus is able to recompose him then says with a smile, "Oh it slipped my mind, her name is Motoko. Well your majesty, I wish you good luck on your mission and safe return. Please don't consider as show of lack of trust in your judgement, but…" Aleena gives curious expression, and Cyrus says, "Knowing that Sonic and Nico are running the government, makes me a little uneasy. Knowing Sonic, he might declare that every food shop must sale Chilidogs."

They both burst out laughing so hard that tears starts forming in their eyes. After a couple of seconds, they come down and Aleena says, "You don't have worry; I know they will keep things under control. Remember, they worked their asses of save our world; I don't think would send it spiraling into chaos with me being away for a little bit. On the other hand, if they did, they won't be able to sit for months." With those last words, Aleena runs towards her ship. Cyrus watches as the ship's engines roar to full power and rise up into the air.

On board the ship, Aleena feels the ship stops it vertical rise then moves forward. In the cargo hold, she opens the box with Sonic's van. The two floor vehicle has the onboard computer is on the idle screen with Sonic's double head guitar. Aleena touches the 'Enter' key and a password box appears up on the screen. "Oh have to be kidding me. They put a password on the computer," Aleena states then folds her arms while thinking. After a minute, she says to herself, "Let's see the last one using this system was Sonic, so…" She looks up at the screen and sees the flashing word curser. She smirks to herself and types while saying, "Chilidogs." When she hits enter the computer powers up allowing with all the other systems and instruments in the van. Aleena gives her head slight shake, "Sonic if you are password protect things you need to come up a better password. Hum… that does bring up the interesting question, why would he put a password on the computer?" Aleena does a quick check through Sonic's files. She is nearly finished look through when a finds a file marked 'Shadow'. She opens the file to see a number of small icons. She clicks on of the icons, and Aleena face turns beat red as a video clip runs. The sounds of woman moaning as she plays with herself. Aleena freaks out wailing her arms around as she quickly trying to shut off the voice.

A couple of seconds pass and she able to cut off the video. She breathes a heavy sigh of relief, and she hears from behind her, "Your highness, what were you watching?"

Aleena's pats here hands to her face trying to get face back to normal. "I wasn't watching anything Mizu. I was wondering why Sonic put a password on the computer, so I started looking around and find porn in one of files."

Mizu folds his arms, "So what are going to do with it?"

Aleena takes a deep breath then exhales while closing the file, "They are growing boys, so I think the only option is talk with them about it." Aleena folds her arms looking at screen then says, "After I had Shadow, Silver, and Midna, I always resided myself to the fact that Sora would teach the boys about women, and I would Midna about men. I have to face reality; it up to me to teach them." Aleena shakes her head then looks at the device on her wrist. "Well, let you out of there."

Mizu looks at watch then says, "That looks like the same watch Sonic and Nico have. Is that what you got from Cyrus back at the base?"

"Yup," she replies pushing the button on the face of screen.

A shower of stars of purple springs up from the screen. From the center screen, the figure of blue woman forms with the flow circuit energy running up and down her body. The new formed AI is in the stance of a ballerina with arms folded together in a point up her head tilted back. Her short purple hair flows behind her head as if wet from the shower of stars. She tilts her head back up while her arms. After a second, she opens her eyes to reveal a pair of light lavender colored irises. She turns to face Aleena; then kneels before head bowed, "Your highness Queen Aleena, it is an honor to finally to meet you."

"It good to meet you too Motoko. Please stand up," Aleena replies with a smile.

Motoko does as ordered then, "Your highness…"

Aleena holds up her hand with a smile on face; then moves her hand over her chest while saying, "Please call me Aleena. Only when we are in field on mission do have to call me that. Right now I'm a new person who wants to become your friend Motoko."

The purple AI smirks after hearing the statement turns around to walk as if is she stepping off the screen. The moment her foot passes the perimeter of the screen platform, and she takes her first step. Motoko's body transforms into a horizontal flowing shower of stars. The stars expand out into a full size 5'8'' outline; Motoko's body quickly reforms into life size version of herself. Aleena lowers her arms as her and Mizu watch the AI creates a white one piece swimsuit with the top part stopping just past her size C cup cleavage. She forms loose fitting black jeans with a black belt and black combat boots. Lastly, she creates as long sleeve short mini jacket. Motoko turns to face Aleena with a smile on her face holding out her hand, "Thank you for being a friend Aleena." The purple queen happily shakes her hand. After another minute or two introductions, Motoko says, "Aleena, Cyrus and ART loaded up everything they had on Mr. X along with the data from big sister Cortana. Other than that, what's plan for taking this guy out?"

Aleena turns to Mizu, and he quickly states, "We have set up mobile strategic room on the top deck ma`am."

Aleena nods in approval, and turns to look at Motoko, "Can you set an interface with this computer and the strategic room upstairs. When we come up a plan I want all the data and map synced ready to go." They both nod yes then Aleena makes her way out of the van. Before exiting the van, Aleena turns around with a smile on her face, "Oh before I forget, Motoko please make sure to secure that the file marked 'Shadow'."

Aleena walks out the van leaving the two behind. Motoko looks at Mizu then asks, "Why does she want that file secured? Does it contain secret documents?"

Mizu shakes his head no then says with a smirk on his face, "No its nothing important to her majesty, but it is important for Queen Aleena's sons." Motoko shrugs her shoulders then holds out her hand remotely controlling the computer's functions. It only takes a couple of seconds for Motoko to complete the task. Once done, the two make their way out of the van walking through the tightly packed cargo bay. Motoko notes all the equipment from mini hover tanks to portable large size energy seize weapons. They reach the stairway and climb to second floor. The second floor is set up like a regular passenger plane with seven chairs in a row on each side with ten rows going back and five rows going forward. All the seats are filled with soldiers either chatting with each other, watching TV on mini screens, or doing other activities to stay entertain during the flight.

Motoko and Mizu greet a couple of soldiers before heading to the top floor. The top floor is divided into eight different sized offices with glass walls and wooden doors. Each door is labeled different label with furniture that match the label. The last room at the rear of hallway with the only fully wooded wall with the labeled 'Private'. The full size hallway is busy with officers walking around talking each other or reading reports about area they are heading to. The pair the other officers then spot Ken in the Situation Room; they walk into see him and three other officers staring at 3D holomap of a giant snowcapped mountain. Ken takes a deep breath then looks up at Mizu and Motoko with a stone hard face. As if reading their minds Ken explains, "Her majesty gave us the location for the operation to take place, and I have to say, Mr. X picked a pretty location for his stronghold. However, we have a couple of problems to deal with, so we can keep the fatality count down." Ken points to map directing Mizu and Motoko's attention to a nearby city. "Here's problem number one. The people are perfect targets for the enemy to use against us. Problem number two, the data we got from the prisoner's ship was corrupted, so we don't have any solid good intel to work off on nor let alone plan an attack strategy. In short, we are flying blind sir."

Mizu folds his arms looking down at the map, "I understand Ken. We were lucky get the location of their base before the computer core self-destructed. Now…"

Mizu is interrupted by Aleena joining the meeting. She sports an all-black outfit with a long, white, short sleeve over shirt, and sitting on her chest is a circle crystal medallion with the colors of each of her children. The combined colors create the outline if piano keyboard. She completes Mizu sentence, "Now, we do what do best. Stop the bad guy, protect the people, and save the day."

Ken walks over to wall mounted computer and downloads some files related to the area. "Your highness, that sounds all well, but we won't be able to do that unless we a proper battle plan."

"Ken was Ms. Pepper brought onboard?" Aleena questions. Ken nods yes then Aleena continues with, "Good I'll go and ask her what she knows about Mr. X's base. How long before we reach Yuchi Heights?"

Motoko quickly replies with, "Approximately twenty-eight hours, thirty-two minutes, fifty-eight seconds."

"Good that will give more than enough time to have a one on one meeting with the former duchess. In the meantime, see if you can get some eyes in that area," Aleena states heading out the door.

Ken quickly calls out, "Um Queen Aleena about the prisoner…"She turns around to look at Ken with a questioning glance. "She… she was… umm how do I put this? She was…"

"Ken spit it out! She was what?"

Ken stands at attention then says, "Myself nor anyone under my command are responsible for what happened to the prisoner, and we have done everything we can help her."

Aleena's eyes narrow as she asks, "What happened to her?"

Ken gives a nervous swallow then says, "When you see her it will become self-evident."

Aleena shakes her head, and says in commanding voice, "No, when we find Colonel. You and Mizu are coming with me right now!" Turns to walk out the door while saying, "Colonel! General! That was an order not a request get your asses in gear!" Three of them quickly make their way back down to the second floor, and without pause the soldiers on the deck snap to attention. Aleena's purple aura slightly starts to flare up as they make their way to the rear. They make it pass the final row of seats, and Aleena powers through the door. Inside are four separate rooms with doorways but light bars around the door frame. The two guards sitting at the desk in center of the room snap to attention and statue the queen. "Where is the prisoner?" One guard points only cell with the force field up. Aleena walks to the door, and see Sylvia Pepper laying down on the bed with her back to door. "Lower the field," Aleena orders. The field quickly comes down, and the purple hedgehog walks into the room. She walks up the woman wearing an orange prison outfit, yet as she gets closer, Aleena hears what can only be sobbing and crying. "Sylvia?" Aleena calls out. Once she is in closes enough to see her face, Aleena's eyes fully widen and in a heartbeat she twists around dashes to the door. Before anyone can stop her, Aleena grabs Ken by his collar and easily lifts him off the ground. The shock panda drops everything in his hands and grabs Aleena's arms begging her to put him down with pure anger in her voice she says, "HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPENED TO HER! GREAT FATHER AND GREAT MOTHER HELP IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!"

"YOUR HIGHNESS!" Mizu shouts. Aleena looks at him with rage in her eyes. "Put him down! I can ensure you that he had nothing to do with what happened to the prisoner."

Aleena takes a deep breath while closing her eyes. She lowers the shocked colonel to his feet and lets go of his collar; Ken falls down to the ground then Aleena says in calm controlled voice, "I'm sorry Ken. I didn't mean to lose my cool like that, but when I…" Aleena covers mouth and turns around to look in the cell. "What was the purpose of that? Mizu please tell me the truth, did that happened when she was interrogation?"

"No," Mizu replies. He gives a huff then says, "according to the investigation, this was planned and ordered by Mr. X himself. Add to that, myself and others believe that she was not supposed to survive."

Aleena looks back at the eagle general, "Tell me everything." Mizu tells the whole story behind Sylvia's attack. Aleena, Ken, Motoko, and the two guards in the area are shocked and amazed by the brutality of Mr. X's plan to deal with Sylvia. Once Mizu is done telling the backstory and everyone has a minute to absorb all the details, Aleena looks back into the cell see Sylvia still lying motionless on bed; then she says in a softly calm voice, "Alright, I need to talk with her. I want everyone out of here." Ken gets ready to object along with two guards, but Aleena continues with, "Motoko, shut down all the monitoring devices in the area and seal the room."

"Your Highness," Ken comments with a worried look on his face. "We just can't leave you alone in here by yourself with the prisoner. She could…"

Aleena points to Sylvia's motionless body, "That is no prisoner, she is victim just like anyone else who is a target of Mr. X's insane plans. Besides, you'll seen firsthand what I can do, and given the state that she is in I don't have anything to worry about."

"Queen Aleena I have to protest. It would be too dangerous, and if you order the room sealed, we will not be able to aid you if something was to happen," Ken counters.

"I understand your worry for my safely. If anything was to happen, I can use chaos control to escape. Moreover, I think after she learns the truth; she will be more than happy to tell us anything we need to know," Aleena says with a tone of confidence. "Mizu do you have picture of the guards?" he nods yes and hands her a data pad with pictures already pulled up on the screen. "Good, not I'll handle everything from here on, so I'm going to say this as kindly as possible. GET OUT!"

Mizu and Motoko ushers the three men out of the room. Once they are on the other side of the door, the sound of a magnetic click goes near the door lock. Ken look back at the brown eagle, "General, we have to go back in there. We just can't…"

Mizu rises his hand up stopping the colonel in midsentence, "Ken, you won't get any argument from me about this, but you have to remember, the queen has been through just as much hell and shit went through while Robotnik was in power. I can honestly tell you that she handle hold her own when push comes to shove so just relax and have faith." Mizu locks his hands together giving slight twist back and forth with a big grin on his face, "Since we got some free time, lets test out that new cook. I heard she can make a mean pot of gumbo. Why don't we go have a taste?" Mizu grabs hold of Ken's hand and heads to the mess hall at the front of the ship.

Aleena scans over the data closely looking at the mugshots of the couple that set Sylvia up for her underhanded execution. The beautiful long hair brunette lynx, with her soft black and softy touched dirty white patches short hair face, and her ember colored eyes is replaced with an unrecognizable mangled woman. Sylvia's face is swollen in multiple spots; her left is covered with the over swollen skin from her eyebrow. The other eye is flooded with blood in the white area. Her nose is broken and misaligned with the left nasal has a little dried blood under the breathing port. The other nasal area is torn open upward about 0.2 inches. Down her face the left and right side are badly swollen from, but the right side swollen even more because of her shattered jaw and destroyed teeth. On the same side, Sylvia mouth is drooped down with a little saliva coming out. Aleena goes to sit down to start their talk, and she see spots on Sylvia's head with blood spots from ripped out hair. Sylvia's left leg is supported with multiple metal rings and rods.

The Moboain queen sits down and says, "Sylvia we need to talk." She remains quiet with her back turned to the Aleena. Aleena says once again, "Sylvia, we need to talk about your involvement in the Mr. X's organization." The battered woman keep quiet not moving an inch as if ignoring the queen's words. Aleena exhales crossing her legs and folding her arms while holding the pad in the left hand. "Sylvia, we don't have much time before we reach Yuki Heights, and we are going to need your help."

Sylvia gives a muffled and slurred response, "Why should I help you? After you doing this to me."

"Sylvia, I had nothing to do with you being attacked," Aleena replies.

"Ha," Sylvia mocks.

"Sylvia, I'm telling you the truth. The person behind the attack was Mr. X," Aleena states in calm voice.

Sylvia quickly turns over yelling at her, "YOU LYING BITCH!"

Aleena remains calm and says, "Sylvia think about, what would I have to gain from ordering guards to take you out of the secure housing unit, and throwing you into an area with wild and dangerous inmates?"

"Isn't it obvious, you're scared and jealous of me. You think if the right people learn that you and your brats are nothing more than tyrants, the people will…"

Aleena cuts Sylvia off by showing her the pictures on the data and saying, "Do you recognize these men?"

"Of course I do, they are your would-be murders," Sylvia fires back.

Aleena shakes her head no then says, "These men are not under my service or any service of the government. They are agents and spies for Mr. X." The purple queen can see the distrusting look in her eyes. Aleena scrolls to another picture and says, "Sylvia that a close look at this picture and tell me if you see anyone familiar."

Sylvia glances at the picture then says, "Of course that is nobleman Faryree, a great man who attacked a couple months ago."

"I don't mean him; look at his two men guarding him," Aleena states zooming in closer.

Sylvia turns over then grabs the pad from Aleena with tears and shock painted all over her deformed face. She starts to mumble out, "That can't be…. this… this has to be a fake."

"I can ensure you that this is no fake nor did we edit this photo," Aleena counters.

Sylvia has quick flashbacks to the salvage beating and rape of her body as waves of shock and fear course through her vines. "No you have to be lying. Please tell me that you lying!"

"I'm afraid not." Aleena continues to some soft compassion in her voice as she tells her, "The photo you are looking at was taken during that raid on Faryree's mansion. Our forces has just broken through his defenses and made their way to the center of the estate. We were about gain footage of his escape from the security perimeter cameras. You should know there rest of the details of his escape."

As if in psychic trance, Sylvia fills in the rest of the narrative, "Faryree had warned us that you were planning attack on his estate. I question him on where he got this information from, and he told us that he had spies on the inside that feed his the information. Just in case, Faryree never told anyone who his spies were or what they look like."

"Faryree was captured in latest raid, and the two men became servants of Mr. X," Aleena concludes. "Now think Sylvia, why would Mr. X allow you launch an attack against my children and I without overwhelming force?"

Sylvia near drops the pad when the memory of her and Mr. X talking about how she wanted vengeance again the royal family for killing Bartleby. Mr. X continuously told her no until one day. She was secretly amassing forces for an attack when Mr. X told her that he would support an attack, and that she should carry it out during the world celebration. He told her that Aleena and her children would be too tired and weak after all the endless parties to defend themselves. "He… he… he knew."

"Is it beginning to sink in? Mr. X allowed you to go on that attack no hoping that you would succeed, but that you would be destroyed in the battle and killed by my children," Aleena enlightens. Sylvia drops the pad as the pain of her defeat turns out to be the original objective by her leader. Aleena deliveries another pain blow when she tell her, "However, Mr. X's plan didn't go as he intended. You survived the battle and now were in our custody, so he decided that you need to be handled be you were integrated and given the true motives behind Mr. X's plan."

Sylvia's hands shake, blood begins to leaks from her torn nose, and tears drain from her eyes as she says, "So… so…"

"Yes Sylvia, Mr. X ordered that these men dispose of you."

"The prisoners?" Sylvia cried.

"A far as we know, Mr. X's men convince them that they would get some form of payment for attacking you," Aleena replies. Tears mixed with blood drain down Sylvia's hearing the news. Aleena stands up and turns towards the cell's doorway. She takes a couple of steps; then stops her hands are balled up into fist as her aura gives slight flare ups while thinking about the horrible things Sylvia was pull through just so that she would not able to testify to any of Mr. X's actions. Three minutes pass, and Sylvia is still crying out in pain and sorrow. Aleena turns around with a serious frown on her face, "Sylvia you now know the truth, but you suffering more than ever." Aleena rises her left hand with flames in her eyes. The HC symbols begins to glow on her hand, and she says, "Sylvia, I'm sorry that all this happened to you. I know you are in great pain, but I will end your suffering this very second. I promise you, there will be on pain and it will be quick, so hold still and close your eyes." Sylvia holds her arm open while closing her good eye awaiting for whatever is going to happen. "Alright here it goes."

Aleena walks out with a smile on her face. She gives a quick bow then says, "Hello everyone, my name is Aleena Hedgehog. Well actually I think you know that already. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the show, but I wanted to come out here to let you, our viewers, know the remaining part of show will contain gruesome and bloody scenes. All you will see a different side of me, so if you want to skip it just scroll down to…"

"WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Mom, you can't tell them to skip to a certain part of the show, or they will get lost on how you ended up that point," Sonic states. "Besides, I know out viewers can handle anything gruesome that Ean and you can throw at them. Look what happened with the fight between Nico and Dingo. As far as, I know no one complained or commented about it. Plus, I got word that Ean trying something new; I just can't wait. Come on lets get back to the show, Nico and I are dying to know what you do to that crazy duchess."

Aleena exhales and walks over to pull her and hand Sonic's shoulder; she says with a smile, "Alright lets get going." Aleena swiftly moves her hand up to pinch Sonic's ear. Sonic cries and pleas for his mother to let go. "I don't think so; I saw that Episode Notice that posted. You think Ean and I wouldn't notice. Well you're wrong; now Nico, you, and I are going to have conversion about your actions young man."

"Mommy please let go, OUCH! Mommy, we just wanted to let everyone know what Ean was up to. Please let go! We're sorry!" Sonic whines and pleas.

"Please excuse me, I need to discipline my sons. Please enjoy the rest of the show," Aleena gives a quick bow then walks off tugging Sonic by the ear.

"Mom please! Help someone please! Call the ambulance! Helppppppp!" Sonic voice echoes.

The magical emblem on Aleena hand glows brighter with a small amount of wind whirl around her. Each word Aleena says echo as she chants the spell:

I call upon the powers of

Air, Water, Earth, and Light

To heal this woman's plight

Reverse the pain

Let what's was once broken

Be mended and whole again

Sparkles of glowing white, blue, green, and shining white form around Sylvia's body. The sparking lights swirl and twits around her. They go faster and faster until the lynx is wrapped in a cocoon of orbiting lights. A couple of seconds later, the shadowy outline of her body glows brighter and the cocoon bursts revealing the fully healed lynx. Sylvia looks at her hands then touches her face; her eyes are filled with amazement feeling how everything was healed and back to normal. Aleena starts to walk out of the room saying, "Once this mission is completed, I will make sure that you are taken to secure location until your trail."

"Every fifteen minutes the guards will be do a patrol around the mountain base."

Aleena stops walking and looks back at the prisoner, "I see will you be willing to answer a few more questions? If so I will make sure the prosecutor for you case knows about your cooperation."

Sylvia shakes her head no, "I don't care what you tell the prosecutor. I don't give a damn about any deals you make. I just want that motherfucking bastard to pay for doubling crossing me and trying to killing me. Most over, I want him to pay for the pain he made me endure." Aleena sits down picking up the pad on the floor getting ready to record Sylvia's debriefing. Sylvia quickly adds in, "Don't think that this changes anything, I will never forgive you or your children for killing the love of my life."

Aleena sits back in the chair and replies, "Bartleby isn't died."

"That's not possible, Mr. X told me that Midna killed him before burning down his mansion," Sylvia responses.

The purple queen shakes her head no while explaining, "Mr. X lied to you again. Midna sent Bartleby into exile after she found out his plans, his association with Dr. Robotnik, and betraying the freedom fighters. I don't know where his is, but I know he left alive."

"Damn you Mr. X! Ask your questions!" Sylvia orders. Aleena nods and see starts to ask a series of questions.

After three hours, Aleena walks back into the command room with Ken, Mizu, Motoko, and two other officers. They stand around the holomap with Aleena at the head of the table. Aleena explains, "According to the Sylvia's information, security around the base is tight. They perform patrols every fifteen minutes with an off cycle patrol, and if we go in, there is high chance that we will run into a patrol."

Ken questions, "Your highness, this has been the biggest sticking point the whole operation. What do we do about the city? No doubt when things get hot, they are going to throw everything they have the people there. If we start evacuating, agents placed in the city will make things very hard of us."

"I'm afraid the city is a loss cause from the start," Aleena replies looking down at the image the urban area. Everyone gasps hearing Aleena's response; then she goes on by saying, "Sylvia informed me that Mr. X's agents are placed all-round the city and suburban areas. In reality, he people there are under Mr. X's rule and don't even know it. He cleverly got his agents placed and elected to key positions. In short, his controls everything from the mayor's office to the stress sweeper. Add to that, the entire police force is made up of people how had sworn loyalty to him."

Mizu then asks with caution in his voice, "What about the military base near the city outskirts?"

Aleena exhales, "Mr. X's has the base under close observation along with spies that are able to move quietly around."

Ken slams his hand on the table making the image jump use for a second, "Damn it! What can we do now?! We can't land nor deploy troops without gaining the wrong attention. The second word got out, we be under fire in all directions."

Aleena holds her hand under her chin; then Mizu asks, "What did Sylvia say about the enemy stronghold?"

"It was once a Robotnik hidden launch base," Aleena replies.

"That is going things a lot more complex," Mizu follows up.

Aleena then adds, "You're right; we going to need a new attack plan." Everyone looks at Aleena as she toggles the map to where her ship is currently at moving towards its target. "Of best chance for success is coming up with modified version of the sheath approach plan."

"What do you mean by modified?" Motoko chimes in.

Aleena scrolls the map up till the indicter reads thirty miles. She points to the nearby lake, "Ken you will run operations up here. I, Mizu, Motoko, and two other operators will use the van to travel the blind side of the mountain base. From there, I will handle the rest of operation."

"Queen Aleena, we won't be able to land anywhere in that area to unload the van," Ken states. "Unless you planning…"

"Yup," Aleena states with a smirk, "We'll do an air drop the night that we arrive."

"We are still going have get pretty low," Ken counters.

"No, we are doing this at max attitude."

Mizu jumps in with, "A halo jump in a van, Queen Aleena are you sure about this?"

"Yup, we are going to have no choice if we want to keep the element of surprise," Aleena comments smirking with arms folded looking down at the map.

Ken tightens his fist thinking about the situation and area Aleena is going into, "Your majesty at least allow me to deploy some of minor back up forces. We can have some of our covert soldiers do a halo drop ten miles away from the suburban area."

Aleena nods then says, "Alright in the meantime, I need prep my equipment. Mizu, you and Motoko go over the information I got from Sylvia, and see if you can find anything else that will help is on our mission. Also Ken, once you're forty miles away off load everyone and all the equipment." Ken nods then walks out of the command room.

Aleena walks into her quarters with Motoko behind her. The AI sits on the bed watching Aleena open the wardrobe cabinet. Inside she sees rows of ninja tools, weapons, and other weapons. "Aleena wardrobes are meant for cloths, dresses, and shoe not for weapon caches," Motoko jokes with a smile on her face.

"Ha ha, you got a real sense of humor," Aleena laughs back. "Anyway, Motoko are ready for this?"

"Yup, I should be able hack into Mr. X's computer network, but I don't know what I will able to do once inside," Motoko replies watching Aleena strip down to her brown bra and lacy panties. She then pulls up her mobile holo computer station.

Aleena folds her arms under her C cup bra and says, "The most important thing we need to worry about is the security cameras and communication lines. If you can knocks those out, we won half the battle." Aleena opens a drawer and pulls out flexible black skin suit; she on the outfit then asks Motoko to zip up the back. Suddenly, the black suit glows a low purple color then turns purple. "Thanks Motoko," Aleena states.

"Do you think disrupting those two systems will give us the advance?" Motoko inquires back down on the bed.

"Lets hope so, if not," Aleena grabs one of her kunai blades and smirks, "This will come in very handle along with all my other little toys."

Twenty-six hours pass by and Aleena's ship flies at an altitude 28,100 feet in the icy full moon night sky. Below the airship, the clouds create a soft white blanket lite up by the bright moonlight over the ground. Mizu and the two selected operators enter two deck RV van flowed by Motoko. Aleena and Ken walk through the cargo bay area together. The purple queen wears a leaf green camouflage, v-cut, short sleeve vest, with matching pants, forearm covers, and black special made running shoes. Around her waist, tights, and left bicep are her kunai holders. Lastly, she has a round like brown bag on her lower left side back.

Once they reach the van, Aleena hand Ken a seal envelope then explains, "Ken, if this operation turns bad to the point that there is no hope, I'm ordering you to cut and run. Don't try to launch any type of rescue mission nor send in other troops. You are to return to Mobotropolis, and give my children that envelope. In there are my last will and testament; Sonic and Nico are to continue ruling with Grand Elder Prowler and Oracle as their top advisors. Do you understand?"

Ken holds the letter tightly in his hand then nods his head, but as Aleena walks into the van; Ken calls out, "Queen Aleena with all respect, I will not this letter." Aleena turns around with a stern look on her face. Ken continues with, "I won't need to the deliver it because, you're coming back and you can consider that an order from me to you."

Aleena's expression softens into a smile and she says, "Yes sir." She shakes his hand then gets into the van. She stands in the driver's seat and buckles up. Aleena checks with everyone that their belts are secure.

Ken calls over his headset into the van, "Your majesty, we are over the drop zone. Our cruising speed is 175 knots at 28,152 feet. Are you and team ready?" Aleena gives him a thumbs up with smile. "Bridge opening cargo bay door." Air comes rushing into cargo hold with such speed anything not tied down is sent flying forward. Ken tightly holds onto his mounting rope then says, "You are cleared for deployment!"

Aleena nods starting the engine. "Hold on to your butts!" Aleena tells everyone as she puts the van into reverse and slams on the gas pedal. Suddenly, the van goes rocketing backwards, but to everyone inside the van, it looks as if the van sitting still and the ship is moving forward without them. A second later, they see the entrance of the cargo hold pass then; then they feel the van free-falling into the air.

As they feel the pull gravity, Mizu says, "I have a real bad feeling about this!"

"This is going to be fun!" Aleena jokes. The van goes falling down through the air with the front end pointing up. Everyone can feel the powerful reverse pull of gravity; Aleena calls out, "Motoko what's our status?"

"We are traveling at 100 mph, and we just passed the 10000 feet mark. ETA to slash down one minute eight seconds at current velocity. We need to deploy the chute in one minute if we want to remain undetected," Motoko replies.

"One minute?!" Mizu screams. "That's near a thousand feet!"

"Twelve hundred to precise and make that forty-five seconds," Motoko counters.

"This is crazy! Queen Aleena…"

Aleena jumps in with, "Just shut up and be ready Mizu. If you fuck this up, we'll be died!"

Mizu nervously nods and holds at the ready to deploy the chutes. Motoko begins to countdown a few seconds later, "Deploy in five…four… three… two… one… NOW!" Mizu hits the button to release the parachutes, but nothing seems to happen. Motoko should shouts in a panic, "MALFUNCTION! THE PARACHULTES FAILED TO DEPLOY!"

"WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?" One of the operators cries out.

Motoko then states, "We must slow out descent or in eight seconds…"

Aleena jumps out of her chair and rushes up the short ladder to the second mini deck bedroom. From there, she opens the sky hatch making air rush into the van. She climbs out onto the roof of the van then manually releases the three chutes. The black painted chutes open rapidly slowing the van, but Aleena loses her footing and falls off. Everyone sees her fall pass the view port and cry out her name in unison. Aleena turns face first towards the ground and goes into a power dive. A smile appears on her face as she soars down to the ground; then she lines her arms next to her torso and brings her legs together. Only fifty feet from the lake surface, she spreads out her arms and what looks like be black wings appear allowing her glide to the shore with great ease. Once, she lands she hears a splash; she turns around to see the van bobbing on the water. Fifteen minutes pass and they are able to get the van on dry land.

Mizu voices once they secure the black parachutes, "Lets not do that again."

"Come on we need to get moving," Aleena orders heading inside the van.

"How do you it Queen Aleena? One second we are doing a HALO jump in a van; then you are repairing the chutes. Next thing you know, you're free falling to your doom, and you save yourself. Now you're ready to continue the mission if this was all routine," Mizu questions.

Aleena smirks, "Well when you have to stay ahead of seven fast moving children with different and unique powers, everything else is real easy." A sweat drop appears on everyone's head hearing Aleena remark. "Motoko what was our time of slash down?"

Motoko looks at her watch, "Approximately, 1958 hrs."

"Alright, everyone load up, and move out. We are burning moonlight," Aleena states.

Everyone gets into the van and start driving the road. The second operator drives the van down dark road with the headlights turned off. The driver is able to clearly see the road thanks to unique glass placed in the bubble shaped windshield. With a map on the table, Aleena and the others go over the plan for getting into base. "We to keep going for another ten miles before reach their security perimeter. From there, I will be able to use trees that run the mountain to get close into the base," Aleena explains.

Mizu follows up with, "According to Sylvia's intel, there is a security entrance that will allow you to get in."

The van does a hard turn to the right off the road and down a little embankment. Everyone looks at the driver and he says, "Lights are coming down the road ma`am! I didn't want us get spotted."

They to left side of the road to see an armed truck make its way down the dark road. "Good eye," Aleena praises the drive.

"So they patrol farther down the mountain," Mizu comment as they watch see the vehicle drive by. "What do you want to do Queen Aleena?"

Aleena pulls out a black hood; she put it over her head and pulls up the face guard. Her long braid quills sticks out the back-end of the hood. Aleena holds out her left wrist with Motoko probable station, "Let go Motoko; we'll have to go from here." Motoko nods and shrinks down in sea of stars. "Once we get into position, we will call you. Until then we are on radio silent, my orders are the same for you. If things start to go bad, you are to cut and run."

"And, I will say the same thing that Ken said," Mizu replies. "Both of you better come back alive and that is an order your majesty." Aleena smirks opening the door; then gives a thumbs up heading out the door.

Aleena walks on the road watching as patrol truck continues down the road. She turns around to look back up at dark the mountain; then jumps into the tree line. Aleena swiftly moves through trees jumping from limb to limb as she pass into the base's security perimeter. She travels another five miles deeper into the security perimeter; when Aleena spots a medium size guard house. "Motoko take a look at that," Aleena says holding up her wrist.

Motoko looks at the sideways triangle shaped wooden guard house on her digital screen within the cyberspace of the mobile server. She can see a steel door with a security camera hub over the entrance of the door. The door opens silhouetting a guard holding a long gun over his shoulder. Aleena ducks down on the tree limb watching as the guard walks out of the doorway; the door closes behind him and the sound of three bots lock. The guard pulls out a stick from his left pocket, and he switches on the flashlight heading out on patrol. Aleena softly asks, "Motoko have you gained access to their systems?"

Motoko bits her nail as she looks at another screen with thousands of lines of code racing over screen, "No, Aleena it seems that they have some kind of advance damping field signal that is preventing me from gaining access." Aleena watches as the guard walks to the south; Motoko looks back at the view screen, "I can't unlock the door."

Aleena stands up on the branch with a smirk, "Well looks like we have to go with plan B."

"Plan B?" Motoko questions with a confused look on her face. Aleena takes off in the direction of the guard. "Aleena where are we going?"

"We need to get access to the base right? So we need to a key to get in," Aleena states.

Motoko folds her arms with a smile, "Well I guess that our best move."

Aleena dashes through trees looking for the guard, and after seven minutes, she tracks down her prey seeing his flashlight. She looks down at the unsuspecting guard as he leans up against a tree smoking. Just as he starts to exhale smoke, Aleena swoops in behind him with her kunai knife drawn at his throat. The shocked guard eyes bugs out while dropping his cigarette. "Don't you know that smoking is bad for you?"

"What?! Who are you?!" the guard questions trying to reach for his gun leaning next to the tree. The second he feels the barrel of the gun; the guard feels a stabbing pain in his hand. He grits his teeth looking down at his hand to see another kunai stabbing his hand. He can feel blood oozing out and the tip of the blade digging into the muscle of his hand. "You… you… you bitch!"

Another wave of pain courses through his hand as the blade digs farther into his flash until the tip of the blade is touching the bone. Aleena softly says, "I barely tolerate my children's foul language; what makes you think I'll take it from you? Now! I need your help. I want you to help me get into your base." Aleena and the guard spots two flashlights in the distance heading towards them. Aleena brings her weapon closer to his throat rubbing sharp edge against his skin. "I wouldn't think about it if I were you, or things will get real messy. Now, shall we get going?"

The guard smirks and replies with, "Ha, we all have been briefed about your tactics and moves. You are well known to never take life. You will now reach Master X with such weakness you're finished!" The guard faces in the direction of the lights and shouts out, "HEY! WE HAVE A TRESPRASSER…AHAHAHAHHHHH!" Blood sprays from his cut neck he uses his free hand to try and clamp the flowing blood.

Aleena jumps back just before more blood comes rocketing out his wound. The guard gives off a loud gargle sound just before collapsing to ground and blood pools around his body. Aleena sees the other guards running her direction, "Dammit, looks like we are going have to do this the hard way!" Aleena reaches into the round bag then slaps small rectangle 5" by 12" piece of paper with black ink on the back of the guard. She jumps back to limbs of the tree then falls back about twenty feet. Once Aleena stops, she says, "Motoko, get ready once those guards find that body, we are going to rush the base at full speed."

The two guards reach their fallen comrade, and one of guards bend downs to check out the body. He shakes the corpse while saying, "Hey…hey wake up!"

The other uses his radio to call out, "Scout patrol sector nine to command."

The radio speaks out, "Report nine, what do you see?"

"We have a man down from the looks of things he was attacked," the guard reports.

The guard holding the body sees the piece of paper on the corpse's back. "Hey what's this?" the guard questions while peeling it off. Seconds later, the black ink on the paper glows bright red-orange while giving off a hissing sound. "What the…" *BOOM!* The paper ignites then explodes; the surrounding trees are blown away by the force of the bomb, and the other surrounding trees are caught on fire.

Everyone in the area hear the explosion and rush over the center point. Over the radios, the same voice calls out, "ALL FORCES EMERGENCY! GENERAL QUARTERS!"

Aleena sees multiple lights heading her direction. "Right, time to go!" Aleena dashes off heading back to the security guardhouse.

"Aleena, what's the plan and what was that paper you attached to his back?" Motoko questions watching the forest trees flow by on her view screen.

"We are going to back to the guard post, and it was a paper bomb," Aleena explains just as they arrive at the post.

"Ok, but how you going to get in?"

Aleena gives an evil grin as she pulls out three kunai blades with paper bomb tied to the end. "We knock of course." Aleena throws the three kunai blades. Two blades hit on both sides of wooden door frame and the last one hits next to security camera. The hedgehog queen weaves the hands: dog, bird, and ram. "Knock… knock…" Aleena says then weaves the final sign dragon. The paper bombs ignite then explode destroying the door and camera. All the alarms go off as Aleena rushes pass the burnt down door and blacken hallway. Aleena stops at closed door; and she goes for the door knob. The door opens with three guard starting rush out, but they the masked ninja and stop in their tracks.

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One of the guard yells out while drawing her gun, "STOP INTRUDER!" Aleena sticks out her arms allow ten needles to come flying from her forearm covers. The needles easily find their target kill points, but one needle strikes the eye of the gun wielding woman. She falls backwards to the ground screaming in pain and shouting, "MY EYE! YOU FUCKING BITCH! YOU HIT MY EYE!" The guard woman continues to screams and curse at Aleena until grabs the woman's throat drawing another kunai and stabs in the guard into the woman heart.

In couple of seconds, the guard is dies from the blood loss and punctured heart. Aleena stands up to see a computer station; she walks to station and calls out to Motoko, "Motoko, will you be able to access their network through this terminal?"

Motoko exits the watch into her full size form. She runs her hand pass the monitor making the screen show lines of binary code. After a minute, Motoko nods her head, "Yeah, I should be able to gain full access plus I'll be able to aid you. First, they can say goodbye to their security cameras. Second, lets see how they like it when they can't talk with each other." Motoko holds out her hand sending out viruses to cripple the enemy's network. "Aleena, I'll enter cyberspace and keep in touch with through my terminal, but I think it would best for you to use the air ducts to get around."

"Right, but do everything you can to locate Mr. X and find out what their plans are," Aleena states then jumps up into the duct. Before she moves on, Aleena says, "Motoko, please stay safe. Don't do anything that will put your life in danger." Motoko gives a thumbs up; then her body transforms in stars and flies into the computer monitor. Aleena crawls through duct.

In the base command center, five tiers of operators hastily work at individual stations. In front of them, a giant screen with over a thousand twelve by twenty screens, but one after another of the screen goes black. A ten foot five muscular rhino wearing a green uniform with eight gold strips on his shoulders walks out onto the sixth tier balcony sees individual monitors go black. His eyes narrow as a growing frown shows on his face.

An operator dressed in a green uniform with a single gold strip. The man statues then says, "General Horn, we have a situation. We have confirming reports of an intruder in the base, and she has unleashed a virus program that is disrupting our com lines, camera feeds, and data housing."

"I can clearly see that you idiot! Where are the security forces?! Why haven't you deployed teams?!" Horn growls out.

"Well sir, our teams won't be able communicate with each other," the officer replies.

"You worthless fool issue the damn backup radios, and find the fucking intruder!" Horn orders. "I must inform our master about your failures." The rhino then turns around walks to a set of stairs leading to a tinted glass wall with a single door. The rhino general enters low lighted room and kneels before another set of stairs. "Sire please forgive the intrusion. I have word about the trespasser; she has cause serve damage to the base's computer network with some type of virus. We are currently deploying teams with backup radios in order the coordinate our movements."

At the top of the ten stairs, a red coated platform with a single throne chair is occupied by man wear a purple and gold suit with a red cape and a black and gold helmet with a purple 'X' painted on the front. Mr. X's voice is altered and enhances to create the voice of a fully deployed AI metal robot. "I'm already aware of the situation general. Thought, your handling of this must be a called into question. Lucky for you that the trespasser is still on the loose, or I would punish you right now." Mr. X gets out his chair and walks down the stairs pass the still kneeling rhino. "I want the trespasser caught in the next ten minutes, or this time your punishment won't be a lost eye but something more important to you like your horn or maybe your new son. Do I make myself clear general?"

General Horn swallows nervously while sweat rolls down the sides of his head. "Yes sire, I will not fail you."

"Good, now order that all system operations are be to rerouted to the back up control, and hurry if the intruder is who I think she is…," Mr. X pauses for minute rubbing the under part of his mask looking through his helmet visor and the tinted glass wall. "On second thought, I want all the nobles here to be loaded onto shuttles."

Aleena continues her track through air ducts when Motoko calls out, "Hey Aleena I have some good, bad, and strange news for you."

Aleena stops at a four way intersection in the vent path, "Hit me with it."

"Good news, I have been mining their network, and I found listings for all their finical backing, undercover agents, sleeper cells, and more. With this information, we will be able to cripple their organization beyond recovery." Motoko reports with an upbeat tone. However, her tone switches to a critical sound when she explains, "The bad news, they are switching all their operations to a backup network, and they are rebooting all their clashes system in the backup network. To make matters worse, I can't breach their new network. I recommend that you jump out the air vents and hoof it from there. Just be ready, Mr. X has deployed teams to hunt you down."

Aleena looks at an access vent down the third path. "Well, I wouldn't expect anything less," Aleena states as she makes her way to the vent. She glances through vent to see five guards standing watch in the hallway. "What's the strange news?"

"Well, for one thing, I looked at their power system, and Robotnik overdid himself. The base uses the magma chamber as the primary generator for it power, but there is no safety limiters on the system. The other thing is that, Mr. X has been experimenting with some robot tech that Robotnik left behind," Motoko explains over the com line.

Aleena readies her kunai knife four throwing stars as she gets into position to spring of the air duct. "What's he doing with those robots?"

"I'm still trying to crack the code on that, but its taking me a bit longer because of our friends are trying to retake the network," Motoko replies.

Aleena sees one of the guards walking up to the window size air vent. "Worry about that later Motoko," Aleena finishes just as the guard is three feet in front of the vent. The woman guard takes one more step, and Aleena busts through the vent sending it flying into the face of the guard. As both the guard and vent go clashing to the floor, Aleena uses her left hand with the kunai blade to punch through the metal vent and into the neck of the shocked guard. The blade sinks into the woman's neck cutting all the veins and tubes in the neck. Blood spits out onto the vent; the other guards are frozen by the scene of their colleague's instance death. Aleena flings out the throwing stars at the four remaining guards. Each star hits square in the center of their throat. By pure reaction, they rips of the star along with vital veins and muscle making blood pour out. They each grab their necks trying with all their might to stop the blood, but in reality, the blood floods their air tube making them drown in their own blood. Aleena stands up pulling out her blood covered kunai. Aleena looks to her left to see a sixth guard with a radio; she dashes toward him as he screams out into for help. The powerful queen slices through his neck making him fall with a pool of blood forming around his cut neck. "Can you find out where Mr. X is?"

"Yes ma`am, give me a couple seconds. Ok, I got him; I will lead you down the fastest route. Head left down the hallway and take the first right," Motoko states.

Back in the command center, Mr. X, General Horn and his subordinate listen over the radio to hear, "Trespasser is in sector L! Send AHHHHH….." Static replaces the voice of the guard.

The rhino general looks up at the large monitor map, "Sector L! Dammit! Lieutenant, order patrols six, four, and nineteen to converge on that sector H at once!"

Mr. X thinks to himself while watching everything unfold, ~Well Aleena, lets see who is smarter. Will General Horn win by using overwhelming forces, or will you be able to outwit him and reach me? Go on dear sister and show me want you can do. ~

Over the radio a voice calls out, "Patrol team fourteen to command, we need help the intruder tearing through sector I!"

"Perfect," General Horn smiles.

The lieutenant says, "Sir should we send reinforcements?"

"No you fool! The trespasser is heading straight for my trap! If they are not able to stop one person, then they desire to die," the general replies.

Aleena races down the hallway when Motoko calls over the comlink, "Aleena, you got more than thirty guards ahead you and with that much fire power. I don't know if you beat them."

Aleena continues running as she asks, "Do have you any suggestions?"

"Humm… from the looks of things they are setting you up, but we can turns the tides on them. Make a right here," Motoko states.

Two minutes pass and General Horn impatiently taps his finger on his left bicep waiting for news about the ambush. He gives a low growl and demands, "What the hell is taking so long? The intruder was on a direct path to sector H, but we haven't any word. Lieutenant I want a status report now!"

The subordinate calls up the ambush team, and he talks with patrol leaders then reports, "Sir, according to the patrol leaders, they reported that the intruder has not shown up. They sent two scouts to search for the trespasser, but they reported no sign or encounter." A second later an emergency call come over the radio line, the lieutenant reports, "Sir, patrol team two has been wiped out in sector Q!"

"WHAT!" Horn yells looking at the officer.

Mr. X says in a calm cold voice, "Oh my, from the looks of things our guest doubled back and went around your ambush. Horn much longer are you going to continue to fail at your duty? I'm going tired of your disappointments Horn. Do I need to find someone who can do this job?"

Horn starts to sweat hearing Mr. X comments; the worried general replies, "Please sire, I promise I will turn this around. Lieutenant, where are those damn cameras?!"

The officer talks with one of the operators; then he reports back pointing to the black monitors as they reactivate, "Security reboot in progress, and we have eyes on the trespasser. She heading back towards sector H!"

"Sire please watch as I destroy this scum," Horn gluts with an ensure smile. "She going past through sector S and that's where I'm going to end her. Have all patrols force her in the hex hub. Even with all her skills, she won't be able stop a six way attacked."

Mr. X folds his arms then says, "We shall see general."

Aleena continues to run down the hallway listening to Motoko's directions; she gets ready to the turn left and is greeted with a wave of laser fire. Aleena dodges the shots then turns back around to run down the same hallway hearing shots and guards running after her. "Alright Motoko everything is set, are the other players coming in?"

"Yup, this Horn really needs to learn how to think more tactfully. He sent all his forces to cut us off. The playground is less than fifteen seconds," Motoko explains.

Aleena smiles racing down the hallway dodging the shots; she sees the hexagon shaped room. Aleena enters the room by sliding in dodging attacks from the guards gathered inside. Once Aleena in the center of the room, guards file in from every door until they are have her within a ten foot radius circle. Aleena keeps her cool as she hears Horn say over the intercom, "You have nowhere else to run. Surrender or die!"

Aleena pulls down her blood strained face mask and lowers her hood to reveal her smiling face. "Sorry, but I have other places to be. However, I will be see you soon."

Everyone sees her pull out another kunai, and Horn screams out over the intercom, "KILL HER!" Before the guards are able to shot, Aleena throws to kunai at the left wall. Just as the blade hits the wall, Aleena jumps up into a vent overhead. When the blade strikes the wall, a rapid chain of explosions go off filling all the hallways leading the room with fire. The flames race through the confined area into the hexagon room where another powerful explosion goes off. Everyone in the command center watching everything unfold then the camera goes black. Horn's face is full of shock seeing what has unfolded; then he yells out, "GET THE CAMERA FEED UP!"

"Sorry sir, but the feed is died," the operator reports.

Another operator walks up to Mr. X and says, "Sire, you were right; we have it and door control like you ordered."

"Good, I handle it from it," he replies walking to the door.

Horn looks at Mr. X and says, "Sire please, I am in control of this situation. If you…"

"Be silence general, I heard enough of your whining, and from the looks things you are no way in control. Now, I handle this and… hum… in fact you might come in handy come along," Mr. X orders as they both leave the command center.

A couple minutes pass, and Aleena jumps down from the vent. She lands in the center of the charred room with the bodies of all the die men and women from the blast. "I think I might overdid with the paper bombs. Motoko," Aleena talks into her watch, but the AI fails to response. "Motoko can you hear me?" Five of the six doors slam shut cutting some of died in half with a sickening crunch. Aleena looks down the only opened path; she exhales folding her arms, "Everything in the world tells me that this is a trap, but Sonic would say, 'they went to all the trouble to set it up, so it's only fair that I go knock it down.' Ha listen to me, I'm beginning to sound like Sonic and Nico." Aleena races down the burnt pass all the die bodies.

Farther down the hallway, Aleena is cut off when another door slams shut, but another door to right opens up. Aleena dashes down another corridor as other doors close just before she reaches them. Aleena talks into Motoko mobile server, "Motoko, it would be nice to have some help here. Mr. X is leading me into a trap, and I'm going to need some back up." The hedgehog queen continues down her preset path until she runs into a dark room. The door slams shut behind her eclipsing in total darkness.

"Welcome Aleena, I'm glad that you decided to join us," Mr. X says; then the lights switch on one after another to illuminate the massive dome room.

Aleena starts to unshielded her eyes to see Mr. X standing on a wall mounted catwalk. Once her eyes adjusted, Aleena calls out, "Before we do this, take off your mask and show me your face."

"As you wish," Mr. X replies. He bring up his gloved hand and places his fingers on the helmet. The three folds in back rises up. He removes the mask revealing flowing red quills and emerald green eyes. He pulls down the face cover and smiles at the purple hedgehog. "Happy to see me."

"So it is you, Xavier!" Aleena shouts.

"Good to see you again little sister," Xavier replies with smirk on his face. "Now, lets get down to business. I'll make this easy for you Aleena; you have two choices: surrender control of empire to me and I'll be nice by letting you keep the title of queen, but I'll say what goes. Or, I will end you right here, right now. Do the right thing, make the smart decision." Aleena pulls out her kunai blade while getting into a fighting stance. Xavier exhales, "I really hate it when negotiations go south, but you just make things better for me." He snaps his fingers and the huge General Horn jumps out land in front of Aleena. "General this is your last chance to get back in my better graces. Kill Aleena Hedgehog!"

"As you command your majesty," Horn replies while removing and throwing away his uniform jacket. He cracks his knuckles looking down at the 5'6" queen. "As my king ordered, I, General Victor Horn, will break you then present your die body to his majesty as a token of my loyalty to King Xavier Hedgehog!"

"Like you can beat me, but if you won't walk away then I'll bring you down," Aleena states.

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The large grey skin rhino throws a punch at Aleena; she easily dodges the attack by doing a back flip out of his range. Horn moves forward and follows up with another strong straight punch. Aleena does another backflip to stay out his range. They repeat this path five more times, and after another backflip dodge, Aleena lands then thrusts herself forward. She moves so quick that Horn is thrown off guard. "Time to the end this!" Aleena shouts using her kunai to slash across Horn's throat; she makes contact then lands behind his. *Cling* "What?!" Aleena gasp hearing the sound. She looks at her blade to see the top half broken. "No way!"

She turns around to look Horn still standing without. He turns around with a grin on his face; Aleena's eyes widen when she spots the other part of her blade stuck in his neck. Horn reaches up and takes out the broke blade. Aleena sees no blood from the spot; then Horn says, "Ha! You're going to have to do better if you plan on beating me!" He turns broke tip at Aleena; the broken part sails through the air at incredible speed. It reaches Aleena in a flash; she uses her broken kunai to deflect the speeding projectile with no issue. However the hedgehog queen is shocked to see Horn in front of her. He comes in with powerful uppercut at her chest. The attack connects launching Aleena rocketing onto the air. She screams in pain filling through the air. Not yet finish, Aleena peaks through her eyes to see Horn once again in front of her. "Take this!" Horn exclaims as he slams his large left elbow into her midsection.

Aleena is sent clashing down into the ground. Her body does a short bounce off the ground, but Horn comes clashing down on her with the same elbow pining her body to the ground. Aleena forcibly exhales blood and saliva from her mouth. While the sound of bones cracking echoes throughout her body. Horn snickers hearing the sound; he gets up leaving Aleena prone out on the floor. "That was easier than I expected," Horn states while getting up and walking away.

Once Horn is able twenty feet away from her, Aleena gives a quick cough then laugh. The general stops then turn around to look at Aleena easily getting back on her feet still laughing. "Ha… I have to give it you. You move pretty fast of a guy our size. Tell me, what's your secret?" Aleena states with a smile on her face while doing some quick bends and stretches. Horn is has a shocked look on face seeing Aleena moving as if he did nothing to her. Still stretching, Aleena says, "If you don't mind sharing your secret, I know my sons Nico and Manic will be very grateful." She sees the angry look on his face, "Judging by the look on your face, I'll take that as no. Oh well, I ready for round two!"

Aleena pulls out a new kunai blade and gets into a low crouching position in flash she speeds towards Horn. The massive general does the same and races towards Aleena. She is able to hit him on the side, but once again she her kunai is broken. The purple ninja sees her opponent racing towards her again, but she dodges an attack and counters by throwing five ninja stars. The stars bounce off his body, and he comments with, "You're wasting your time with those toys! My skin is like a rock; you'll never be able to break through my defenses!" He throws another punch but misses the attack.

~He's right that skin is way too hard, and combining that with his high speed and strength. I'm at a big disadvantage. If it wasn't for that rapid healing spell I casted earlier I would have been finished.~ Aleena backflips away from Horn when he makes a straight punch at her head; then she fires three needles from her wrist launcher straight for his eyes, but the needles are ineffective and bounce off. ~Damn it! Even his eyes are shielded. It doesn't make any sense! Come on Aleena think! I need to get around or through that skin of his but how?!~ Aleena scans her opponent every chance she gets and comes up with an idea. She puts some distance between them, and reaches into her pouch grabbing what she needs for her plan. "Let's see how his skin handles this," she states dashing towards him.

Once in range, Aleena throws ninja starts. They bounce off his body; then Aleena continues to close in while throwing more shurikens. When they are with five feet of the each other, Aleena pulls out final kunai. "Ha! You're never win if you keep using those little toys on me," Horn claims while throwing a downward punch at Aleena. She swifts to left and runs her kunai against his; then escapes between his legs. He turns around to see her weapon broken, and Horn boasts by laughing, "Looks like whatever you were planning failed the hit the mark."

Aleena turns around with a smile on her face, "What makes you thinks my plan didn't work." She points to his lower abdomen and finishes weaving the last hand signs. "You need pay more attention! GO!" The paper bombs all explode at once with a power blast. "Not even your skin can with stand three point blank explosions."

"Don't get so cocky," Horn rebuts. Aleena's eyes bug out as the smokes to see Horn still standing, but most of his cloths burnt away. "HA! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW LITTLE GIRL!" Aleena points to his what remains of his boxers, and he looks down. Horn panic seeing where little remaining fires are burning, and he freaks out patting down his privates and butt.

A minute passes, and Horn is still patting down the fires on his lower regions. Aleena finally says, "As much as it seem that you are enjoying patting yourself down, we need to move this along. From the look of things, my ninja style just doesn't seem to have what it take to beat you, so I'm going to have to switch things up." She puts her hand over medallion making it light up and energy swirl around her. She cries out, "LET'S GO! SYTLE CHANGE!" The swirling energy springs up around her as her garments glow and start fly away in pieces while two orbiting balls of light make their way up her body. As the lights move up, her ninja outfit is replaced with purple gloves, a blue body tight sleeveless shirt, black boxing pants, blue and white running shoes, and a belt with a golden buckle with the symbol of the Hedgehog crest. Once the transformation is complete, the energy blasts away in all directions. Aleena comes out swinging and doing a couple of kicks then shouts, "BRAWLER SYTLE!"

Horn and Xavier are shocked by the change and he calls out, "What the hell did you just do?!"

Aleena smirks while putting her hand on her hips, "Say hello to my brawler style dress. Since my ninja style wasn't working, I decide to change up the game."

Horn yells out while charging at her, "THIS CHANGES NOTHING! YOU CAN'T DEFEAT ME!" He throws a straight punch at Aleena, and she stands still.

He punches at her, but his fist is effortlessly caught by the newly changed queen. A little rushes behind Aleena, and she gives him big toothy smile and says, "You're going to have to better!" Horn pulls back throws another punch, and once again Aleena stops the attack cold. "Come on, put more strength into your punches." Horns continues punching, and Aleena keeps stopping his attacks. She explains while blocking his attacks, "In this form, I'm just as strong more even stronger than you. Along with this…" She disappears in the middle of an attack and reappears behind in the air near his head. The purple queen kicks sending him flying towards and through the wall.

Aleena lands after her kick to finishing with, "My speed is increase by ten times." Horn springs from the hole in the wall covered in stone dust. Blood drips from his mouth and a gash on the right side of his head. Aleena bounces on the tip of her left then right toes while doing a couple of practice punches. "I would stop while you're ahead, because the next shot, I'm not holding back!" Horn charges full speed with rage in his eyes; the hedgehog queen huffs out, "Don't say it didn't warn you."

They both charge at each other with incredible speed and exchange blows every time they come in contact. The attacks are so fierce shockwaves erupt after every exchange. After five more contact brawls, they break away from each. Horn is breathing heavily hunch over while Aleena seems perfectly fine with her arms crossed. Horn taunts, "Ha! If this is you at your best; then you're done for." Aleena's narrow closely watching the general as he takes in a huge deep breath making the air move faster and faster as he continues to suck it in. He straightens up still exhaling, and Aleena sees his wounds healing and what looks like getting bigger. The rhino's body and muscles grow bigger by the second, and air start to pick up gale like speed while he keeps inhaling. After a minute the wind stops, the rhino general has grown into a twenty foot giant. The head is darken by shadow only his white eyes glowing; Horn gives a monstrous laugh then says, "You're finished with my second wind form I'm invincible!" He throws at terrorizing punch at Aleena; his hand slams into the ground and he laughs out loud with every punch destroying the concrete floor.

"Size isn't everything! You may have grown and become more powerful, but you're slow as hell and…" Aleena shouts as she springs off the ground, "You left yourself wide open to attacks!" Her left fist hits the giant's stone like abs, but her fist goes through the skin with a powerful boom to follow up. Horn's eyes bug out in pain while the air, saliva, and blood eject from his mouth. Horn staggers back a stop and starts to skink down back to normal size. He wraps his arms around his midsection desperately gasping for air. Horn makes two more steps backwards and falls to his knees then crumbles over. "You were doing well when you're at this size, but I think you need more training."

Horn looks up at the queen with hate filled eyes; then he uses all his might to turn around to look at Xavier. "Sire… please… please… help mee!"

(A/N play FFX-2 Under Bevelle)

Xavier has a frown painted on his face; he reaches behind his back pulls out a gun. Without any hesitation, he fires the laser gun. The shot sails clean through the skull leaving a splatter of blood on the ground. Horn's head flops to the floor and the rest of his body goes limp. Aleena grips her teeth and yells up at her brother, "Xavier! Why did you do that?! He couldn't even defend himself!"

"Oh shut up Aleena!" Xavier fires back putting back his gun. "You, of all people, have no right to talk with all the blood that you have on your hands. Besides, he asked me to help and I did. If I let him lived, I would punish him for once again failing me, so I would say I put him out of his future misery." He sees the angry look in on her face; then he pulls out a remote control, "Aleena don't look so mad. I know bout I allow you to meet a friend ours." Xavier pushes a button on the control.

A small steel door opens and a female 5'6" SWAT Bot walks out. Aleena is shocked when she sees that the robot look like her. "What the hell is that thing?!"

"Oh you shouldn't be so harsh. After all, you are talking about yourself after," Xavier states. "As for what it is, Robotnik was working on a new type of SWAT Bot that would be powerful enough to take you on, but thanks to you and your kids he wasn't able to finish and deploy it. However I completed and perfected this prototype; I like to call her Metal Aleena. You are going to be my test subject against it. Attack Metal Aleena!" Aleena and robot take off at each other. Once they meet up, the two rapidly exchange punches, kicks, jabs, and blocks with each other. Aleena spots an opening strikes with a full power punch sending the robot screaming backwards into the walk. Aleena is shocked hearing the painful scare from the machine and looks up at Xavier. He is giving off an evil laugh then explains, "Oh did I forget to tell you." He hit another button on the control to make replica Aleena's face show a screen with Motoko's face."

"Motoko!" Aleena cries. She looks back up at her brother, "Xavier! What did you do to her?!"

"Well," he smirks, "she was sneaking around my computer network, so I decided to give her a front row seat in this fight. Every attack you land the robot the damage is transferred to your AI, so…"

"If I destroy the bot…"

"You destroy your AI," Xavier explains. "What are you going to do?"

"!" Motoko tries to gets out. "I…be…fine…de…story…bot…please!" Aleena stands still, but the robot springs forward at her. Aleena is kick in the abdomen and sent sliding backwards; she coughs up a little blood. "A…lee…na! Please… don't… worry…I…be…fine! FIGHT!"

Tears starts to roll down her face hearing Motoko's words. "Motoko, I know we haven't known each other long, but I still see you as a good friend and I'm so sorry. Please forgive me, I promise I will make this quick. Xavier, I will pay for this!" Aleena places hand over medallion with fire in her eyes, and she yells out, "STYLE CHANGE!" Energy spins around Aleena, but this time the power explodes in and twists so fast that tornado of wind, dust, stone fragments swirl around purple lighting strikes. Aleena quills burst out into a loin like mane style, her chest is covered tattled brown chest cover, a torn uneven brown mini skirt, a brown choker, and her hands and feet are wrapped in purple energy in the shape of large claws. The energy tornado explodes in all directions to reveal Aleena's new outfit, "WEREHOG FORM!"

Aleena's eyes green eyes burn bright as she looks that her opponent. In a Nico like tone of voice, Aleena says, "I'm going to end this quick Motoko be ready!" She gets down on the all four then launches at such speed and force that the ground under her feet cracks and breaks apart. She moves at such a high speed, her body nearly turn into a shooting purple beam of light shooting across the room. The beam hits the robot's left arm sending it flying off. Aleena hits the wall and sinks in for about a second, and she launches herself once more at the robot. This time the metal doppelganger evades the attack and is able to quickly counter with a downward kick. Aleena spots the attack, and uses her claws block the kick. To her surprise, the robot's kick blasts her into the ground while launching itself out of Aleena's reach. Aleena lands on all four to brace herself against the attack.

Once the robot lands, Aleena stands up watching as the machine regenerates this lost arm. "So I just can't immobilize it, I going have to completely destroy you. Damn you Xavier!" Aleena balls her energy claws into fists and plainly says, "Time to end this!" Aleena dashes at the robot throwing a couple of punches that easily block, but she swiftly gets behind her opponent and does a powerful upper cut sending the robot into the air. In a second, Aleena turns around, and her right energy fist grows twice its size with purple energy swirling around it. "I pray this works," Aleena softy says to herself; she launches the attack while yelling out, "GO WEREHOG ROCKET!" Her right fist rockets through air stretching from her arm. The fist contacts with the robots body and cracking energy runs up the stretched arm. When energy reaches the fist, it races throughout the robot combined force from the punch the robot explodes and falls to ground in pieces. Aleena watches as the pieces fall down; then she looks at her watch to see the screen display, 'System Error'. She looks over to where Xavier is to find him gone. "Xavier! Xavier! Where are you?!"

Over the intercom Xavier's voice rings out, "Excellent job Aleena, I was able to gather some valuable data about your powers. I must say that's a good look for you."

"Thanks, its base off my mate and son's form," Aleena jokes. "Now that we got the fashion comments out the way. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!"

"Temper, temper Aleena. I saw that things were getting a little too hot for me, so I decided to leave and get ready to fly away in my shuttle. I know that you have access to map of the base, so I'll tell you that I'm in the eastern launch bay. But…" Xavier pauses as alarms start echo in all directions.

Aleena looks back and forth then yells out, "What's going on?!"

"I just activated the self-destructed system for this base," Xavier exclaims with joy in his voice. "In eight minutes, the magma powered core will overload and go into meltdown. Once that happens, the core will explode cause the lava pressure to go out of control. In short, the whole volcano erupt, and the lava will destroy everything and everyone left in the base along Yuki Heights. However there is no need to worry, if you go to core control, you can abort the self-destruct program." Aleena is able to pull up the map on Motoko's mobile server and starts move in direction of core control. "But wait Aleena, I have more, my ship won't be ready to launch for another four minutes. In that amount time, you could reach me and capture me. I'm completely defenseless and no match for your powers. Yet it makes you think, what to do? You can come after me, but that means sacrificing every innocent person in the city. On the flip side, you can rush to the core and stop the meltdown, yet I will easily get away. The choice is yours Aleena. Oh before I forget, don't even about using Chaos Control because if you do, I'll just blow the damn thing here and now. Making you lose both me, the city, and your own life."

Aleena grips her teeth while tightening her fists, "Why are you letting me chose?"

"Let's call it good sportsmanship. Now you have five minutes forty-two seconds left. If I were you, I would hurry."

Aleena looks to the left that leads to the core; then the right that leads to Xavier. Aleena curses under her breath and races off.

Xavier sits comfortable behind his desk on his spaceship watching as Aleena races against the clock to her target. A voice comes over the intercom system on his desk, "Sire, we ready to launch."

"Excellent, let's get going, I wasted enough time here. Sorry Aleena, you were to slow," Xavier states as he shut off the monitor and feels the ship blast off into the sky.

Aleena uses her powerful punch to break open the door just as a deafening sound fills the room."

"Hey this a bad time for a chilidog commercial?" Sonic questions.

"YES YOU IDIOT! GET OUT OF WAY!" Nico, Silver, Shadow, Midna, Sonia, Manic, and others say in unison.

Aleena breathes heavily watching worker running around in every direction; then rushes out the door she just knocked down. Aleena sees lava boiling up and over in different spots around the core. Aleena grabs one of the worker with her enlarged hand as asks. "How do I stop this thing form exploding?"

"You can't," man says with fear in his voice. "We tried using the abort control, but it's not working! In twenty seconds the core along with the volcano is going to explode."

Aleena drops the man and run away as fast as he can. She looks at the core smoking and cracking with energy. Aleena closes her eye and softly says, "You lied. Your plan was to everyone from the beginning. I won't allow this to happen. I just hope I have enough power to do this." Aleena quills start move up and down little as her garment changes back to her in her flowing white dress with her elbow high white gloves. Her quills move ever faster as she holds her hands out, and in a sudden burst of energy, Aleena quills turns bright purple white color. She opens her eyes to reveal a beautiful pair of purple glowing eyes. She hovers up into the air over the growing lava pool, and holds out her hand making the HC symbol appear while saying:

Ignis ut glaciem

(Fire to Ice)

Hot ut frigdum

(Hot to cold)

Glaciem tempus vernum super

(Ice rain over)

Et rursus haec lava in carbones

(And turn this lava into coal)

In a flash, large patches of ice start forming in different areas freezing everything around it in an instance. The lava tries to fight back by splashing and landing on the surface, but it is no use because the extreme cold slaps the heat out the liquid rock making it harden. Within minutes the stadium wide room is frozen solid. Aleena lands on the new icy surface just as her quills and eyes go back to normal. "I had just enough power to hold my super form to stop this thing, but he gets away for now." Aleena walks out of room double taps the watch then says, "Q1 to command. Mission complete base is secure have all forces secure the city and enemy."

Mizu replies with, "Roger Q1, don't you have target?"

"Negative, I'll explain later. Just get over here general," Aleena orders.

"Yes ma`am, we are on the way."

Two and half hours pass by and Aleena and Mizu walking command center looking at all of Aleena's person going through computer system. Ken comes walking carrying a data pad, "Your highness, I have the current status report." Aleena and Mizu nod awaiting his report. "As of now, we have complete control of Yuki Heights. All city officials, police, and other Mr. X agents are in custody. We have also disarmed twenty massive explosives around the area. Per your orders, I contacted Grand Elder Prowler and instructed to send out an elder to talk charge of the area along with reinforcement to replace the police. The base near the city has also been secure, and I read in the CO of the base to what happened."

Aleena nods then says, "Good job Ken, and you told Lisa keep this quiet right?" He nods, and she asks while making her way up to the seventh tier, "Good also of some of our men collect the broken of that robot I fought and is to Cyrus along with Motoko's mobile server."

"Right away your majesty," Ken states and relays the order to subordinate.

"How are things going with Sonic and Nico in charge?"

"Pretty good from what I have heard. Prince Sonic approved a challenge between Prince Shadow and Adair siblings," Ken reports.

"Good, I can't wait to hear the results," Aleena states as she opens the tinted glass door.

Mizu jokes by saying, "I'm placing my bets on Prince Shadow."

"That's cold General Adair," Ken states walking into room behind Mizu. Ken exclaims looking around the room, "It looks like the palace throne room."

Aleena exhales while running her hand over the arm of the copy throne, "I guess Xavier wanted to somewhere familiar to work." Suddenly a screen lowers down and one half of keyboard comes out from side of the chair. The two boards join together and the screen comes on showing the status of base along with other streaming notes. Without warning, Xavier face appears on the screen. He looks down at Ken and Mizu then back at Aleena; he gives a quick motion with his head and Aleena says, "Mizu, Ken please give me the room for a minute."

Ken is about object when Mizu puts his hand on the panda's shoulder saying, "we understand your majesty. We'll be outside when your need us. Come on Ken, we need to check up on somethings."

(A/N play FFX-2 Yuna's Ballad in the background. Trust us.)

Once the men leave the room, Aleena looks up at the screen and says, "Xavier."

"Aleena." They pause for a minute just looking at each other, and the red hedgehog finally says, "I see you stopped the eruption and saved the day. My, you have become quite the hero today, but this doesn't change anything. I will still…"

"ENOUGH XAVIER!" Aleena screams out with a show of mixed feelings in her eyes. "Why?" Xavier remains silent, and Aleena asks once more, "Tell me why Xavier?! Why are you doing this?! What have we done to you to make you do this?!" Xavier intensely looks Aleena with his eyes showing the same mixed feelings. "Please Xavier, tell me why?!"

The red hedgehog starts off softly by saying, "You want to know why. YOU KNOW WHY! ALL YOU KNOW WHY! YOU BETRAYED ME!"

Aleena is stunned by his shouting, and her eyes fill with shock and sadness as she asks, "What you talking about I never…"

"SHUT UP ALEENA! DON'T GIVE THAT BULLSHIT!" Xavier yells back. They both silent for a minute just looking at each other. Aleena goes to speak, but her brother jumps before her saying, "You, mom, and dad! All betrayed me and stole what was rightly mine. My empire, my happiness, my power, and my life were all stolen by you three."

Aleena fires back, "Xavier, how can you blame us for the actions that you took! You destroyed an entire village killing everyone there!"

"THEY WERE TERRORISTS!" Xavier shouts.

"THEY WERE INNOCENTS!" Aleena fires back. "You destroyed an entire village full of innocent women, men, and children. Just so, you could get two terrorist that were hiding there! Then you turn another telling people unite behind you. By telling them that they are enemy because they are of certain race that should be shunned because they their cultural values, religion, and from where they come. You tell people that they should be trusted because some misguided people deice to do terrible acts against others in the name of that culture. Still you don't stop there, you say they shouldn't be welcome into our society or allowed to live among us because of the actions of these selected few who want to bring everything around us down to satisfy their own morbid ideals. You told people in order for the empire to become great again; we must hate, kill, and destroy everyone of that culture."

"I was trying be a strong and great leader!" Xavier exclaims.



Aleena says in a softer voice with tear running down the sides of her face and angry in her eyes, "Mom had no choice. You killed thousands of innocent people; Oracle and the council at the time believed there was no other way to settle the people that were outrage by the actions of you and your associates. Sealing your powers and taking you out as next in for the throne."

"Why did you try and stop them?" Xavier questions.

Aleena holds head down allowing the shadow to cover her face, "I had no choice; I still remaining hearing you screaming and pleading with mom to stop. The screams were so loud; I read out of the palace into the garden. While there, I saw dad crying and saying to himself. How he failed as your father. The strong fearless man we looked up to was weeping as he saw the one of the greatest treasures in his life being taken away." Aleena wraps her arm around herself remembering day Sora left, then Shadow, Midna, and Silver were sent to Earth, lastly how she had to abandon Sonic, Nico, Sonia, and Manic. "I know than pain dad feel that day more than anything."

Xavier remains silent allowing Aleena to continue with, "Things went for bad to worse when you suddenly disappeared that night. You stole a ship fled into the darkness of space. Mom and dad told me what happened, but they were determined to bring you back home." Aleena takes a quick inhale of air, "But once more things went bad, when our parents' ship disappeared. Many believed that you were the cause of it, but after sometime I learned that the so-called loyal nobles backing your actions during the massacre were the ones really behind it. They blamed you in order gain favor with a young girl who just was forced to take the place of her mother."

Aleena look back up at her brother with dried eyes and said, "It was only after we defeated Robotnik that rumors of someone running around setting up a dark network to bring me down lead me to believe that you had returned home."

Xavier looks at Aleena then asks, "What would have me do?"

"Come home Xavier! Be the big brother I know and love. The one I played with in the backyard with. The brother who help with my homework. The big brother that scolded me when I did something wrong and that mom and dad trusted to lead me down the path of light. The big brother, I trust with my life. Will you please come home?"

Xavier feels his eyes start burn with salt from his forming tears while hearing his sister's pleas. "It's too late for me Aleena," he states grabbing his helmet and putting it over his face. Behind the tinted mask, tears run down Xavier's face remembering all the joy shared with his family along with pain followed. In a perfectly controlled voice Xavier says, "I will come home, and on that day, my loyal subjects will lay your body before as I sit in my rightful place as King of the Moboain Empire. I will make you watch as each of your brats are killed right in front of you. I will laugh as you watch them suffer along with all your friends. One by one, you will watch as they slowly died calling out for your help, but only learn that you are powerless to help. Once that is done, I will enjoy watching your destroyed spirit, mind, and body wither to nothing. On that day, I will truly come home and take what is mine."

Aleena looks at her brother and says, "I will never let that happen. My children, friends, and I will show you no mercy, give no quarter, or chance to survive. I know now without a doubt that my brother Xavier Hedgehog is died. He was murdered by Mr. X and the darkness in his heart. I promise you, you will not succeed in your goals Mr. X!"

"Very well, until we meet again Queen Aleena Hedgehog," Mr. X replies then screen goes back to normal. ~Farewell sister, I will always love you.~

Aleena falls to her knees crying and screaming with tear pouring down her face. Mizu and Ken bust into room and rush their crying queen. Mizu bends down holding on to her as she screams and cries for Sora to help her and her parents to come home.

(A/N have the music fade out)

Small tears run down her face along with the others as Aleena finishes explaining everything that happened on her mission. "Now you all know what happened on the mission. We stayed behind for a little more time to try and figure out where Mr. X is heading. From the evidence left behind, he heading possibly to Earth."

"I can't believe our uncle was responsible for this," Manic states.

"Weren't you listening, our uncle is dead. Mr. X is the one who did all this," Midna fires back.

Sonia then says, "That doesn't matter! What matters now is that we hunt down and kill this motherfucker!"

"I'm Sonia on that idea," Shadow comment with smile.

"That's all well and good, but how?" Silver questions while squeezing his fist that small beads of blood form.

Nico stands up and says, "Simple, we go to Earth and find out clues to how to stop Mr. X, and get on trial to whatever dad was chasing before he disappeared. After all," Nico punches his fist into hand, "We owe dad and that creep Mr. X some punches for making mom cry."

Sonic takes over with smile on face and says, "Nico's right. We have proved over and over, when we pull our powers together nothing stop us." The blue hedgehog turns to face his mother and says, "Mom, we promise to all our courage…"

"Power…" Shadow says.

"Wisdom…" Sonia follows up.

"Skills…" Silver jumps in.

"Knowledge…" Manic says with a smile.

"Light…" Midna says giving a thumbs up.

"And Love…" Nico says in place of Sonic's voice.

"To bring down this darkness, save the worlds, and bring our lost family members back home," Sonic smiles. He turns around to look at everyone to and says, "Our next stop is planet Earth!"

"YEAH!" they all say in unison.

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Coming out: August 7, 2016

Season finale: The Hedgehog Chronicles

Chapter Text

Season finale

The Hedgehog Chronicles

Sadly we don't own Sonic Hedgehog, but one day oh one day

A thousand spaceships comes into a low orbit over the lush forest green and blue planet of Meridian. The red, yellow, and white fish shaped ships take a uniform position around the diameter of the planet with the noses of the unknown vessels pointing at the surface of the beautiful orb; sitting behind the mysterious fleet is a super-giant dreadnought ship in the shape of a whale shark. On the back of the sea mammal shaped vessel, is what can only be described as a city with multiple circular buildings sticking up.

The tallest circular shaped building is domed shaped with two bright white circles that look like eyes and below the eyes is metal shaped mustache. Inside the command center, hundreds of robots are furiously work and move about the bridge. In the center, a human man sits in his chair with a bright light shining down on him shadowing his face and the top part of his body, but his pair of purple glasses shine brightly while sitting on the shadowed man. A small yellow robot come hovering up to the man carrying a serving tray with a filled wine glass. He reaches for the glass with his white gloved hand red sleeved arm; he moves the glass up to shaded body and swirls it a round a couple of times before drinking the red liquid. All the while, the purple glasses remain focused on the main monitor with the surrounded planet Meridian on display.

A man wearing a green jacket with silver buttons, black pants with a white line running down the crease of the pants to the matching black boots. The white male's nose is a little bigger and longer than most human noses with his head completely shaved bold. He has green colored eyes and stands tall at 4'9". The man says in high nasally voice, "Sir, we haven't received a report from number 47118 since we picked up that strange energy from Mobius."

The man takes another drink from his glass then says a calm deep voice, "Well, we must assume that 47118 has failed its mission and the Hedgehog family is back in power. That is very disappointing and I so looked forward to ruling over them and obtaining their legendarily power source. Oh well, we can't go crying over spilled motor oil can we. Ha ha! Send a spy droid out. Maybe if they think that are free; then they will lead me right to the prize I seek. In the meantime, I have to make myself feel better by adding another planet to my empire."

The man in the green coat replies with, "Very good sir…" A robot floats up to him and hands him a piece of paper. The man scans over it quickly then says, "Sir, the leaders from the planet have made connect with the fleet, and inquire to know what our intentions are."

"Do you have location from where they are signaling from?"

"Yes sir, it in the center of one of the major cities," the man in green replies.

"Good, open fire on that location and kill everyone there; then begin planet wide capture and destruction." The shade man replies.

"Yes Sir, attention all ships begin bombardment and deployment."

From the view screen a shower of red, yellow, and green lasers rain out from the surrounding ships. "So beautiful, I rise my glass to this enlightening moment. HA hahahaha!"

The lasers from the ships rain down over all from sky hammering the ground, buildings, and people below. Seedrians of all shapes and sizes run away from the bombarding lasers and do their best to avoid the massive explosions. A red laser beam rips one go the towering building in the capital of the Meridian making it erupt in a pillar of fire with glass, metal, and concrete flying in a directions. As some of the citizens attempt to escape the shelling of the city, SWAT Bots are there to capture and kill anyone that is attempting to escape. A couple is able to slip pass the robots and make their way to a small one story building. The purple male seedrian clears the debris from the door while the white lite blue hair female seedrian watches as the sky darkens with fire and smoke.

"Ok I got it clear, Earthia come on we need to go," the purple male states.

She looks down at the green haired baby in her arms, "Lucas are you sure this will work?"

He puts his hand on her shoulder, "Our team has been working on this for years. We must have faith."

They turn around and race inside doing their best to keep their balance as shockwaves shake the floor below them. They head down several flights of stairs and enter an oval shaped launch bay with waterfall near the entrance of the bay. Lucas rushes over the control panel just as a group of thirty people come rushing in. One man shouts, "Lucas! We don't have much time! The machines are heading right for us!"

"Alright! I'll bring the system online! Block the door and grab the weapons!" Lucas orders.

A blue long hair seedrian rushes over the control panel with Lucas and starts working while saying, "Sir, once we start the power up for this system, we are going attach the enemies' full attention."

Lucas continues to push buttons with sweat running down his forehead, "I know, but we don't have any choice!"


Without losing any focus Lucas continues his work then says, "Earthia, you need to get to the teleport room now!"


"Please! Earthia don't fight me on this! You and Cosmo have to get off this planet now," he rebuts. She says his name again then he turns to the woman at the panel with him and orders, "Take the president to the teleporter room now!" The woman nods yes and grabs Earthia's shoulder, but before she can object, Lucas says, "Earthia go! I'm be right there soon I promise."

Earthia face grows sour, "Don't break your promise because you're a making to me and our daughter."

Lucas gives a quick smile, "You got it!" *boom* Shoots and laser fire start to echo at the door. "GO! NOW!"

The women head down a hallway, but a few seconds later they hear shouts and screams then a powerful explosion. They stop to look for a second, but they see a wall of fire rushing straight for them. They run as fast as possible then reach the room. They rush through the door then the blue woman shuts the door just in time before the fire breaches the room. Inside, a one seated space pod sits on a round pad. The woman actives the command panel, "No! Ma`am there is not enough power to do a planet to planet teleport."

Earthia pulls her sleeping daughter into the spacecraft. "Is there enough power to for the hibernation system?"

"Yes ma`am, but the system isn't powerful enough to support two lifeforms."

Earthia types something into the autopilot, "I understand." They hear the sound of metal footsteps heading down hallway. The blue woman pulls out her weapon and stands by the door waiting for the right moment to attack. Earthia looks at her daughter with tear-filled eyes; she pulls off her red opal shaped crystal and places it next to Cosmo. "Cosmo this crystal holds all the history and knowledge of our people. When the time comes, it will explain everything to you. You will be last of our race and the voice of our people. I am sending you to a world under the protection of our ancient ancestors. Do not worry about what befalls this world, live your life, grow up big strong, and fall in love. Your father and I will miss you, but know that we love you and always will. Goodbye Cosmo." Cosmo reaches out for her mother, but Earthia presses a button on the control panel making hatch on the pod close and Cosmo falls asleep.

Earthia walks back to main control panel and presses the button making the pod disappear in a flash of light. She closes her eyes as tears drain down her face and door is blow open with a laser shot. A piece of the door flies and pierces her body sending her to ground while blood flows out of the wound. ~Cosmo please be happy and live!~ Suddenly the entire is destroyed by a single laser blast from orbit.

The small craft rematerializes a lightyear way and then blasts off on its one way journey.

"AHHHH!" Nico screams while sharply sitting up in bed with sweat rolling down his forehead. He takes deep breaths looking around in the darken room.

Sonic appears in spirit form next to his brother while rubbing his eyes, ~Nico what's the matter?

Nico get control of his breathing and replies, "It was just a nightmare, didn't you see it as well?"

Sonic shakes his head no, ~No, was the girl in your dream?~

"No," the werehog quickly replies, "it was something different. I really can't explain."

Sonic stretches his arms upward, ~Don't worry about it bro, it might be just our imagination overacting go back to sleep and forget all about it.~

Nico watches as Sonic lies back down and vanishes. Nico does the same looking up at the ceiling for a minute thinking about the images he saw in the dream. After a couple of minutes, he closes his eyes softly saying, "I hope it was just a bad a dream."

The next morning, a four year older and maturing teenage Sonia and Manic sit at the table eating breakfast while talking with each other. Nico walks into room now standing at eight and half feet tall, well build, and his quills reach down to the middle of his back. The werehog gives a loud and long yawn before sitting down at the table wearing a black t-shirt with is name written in dark blue across his chest, blue jeans, and black running shoes.

"Morning bro," Manic greets.

Nico nods his approval in response then starts to grabs food from the center of the table to put on his plate. Once his plate is full, the werehog starts eating with a stoic expression on his face. Sonia looks up at her brother, "Nico you're not in you hedgehog form."

Nico looks at his hands then he is says a very deep voice, "Damn, I let it slip again." He exhales and closes his eyes focusing his energy to morph his body into darker blue, 6'5" tall, bulkier and furrier version of Sonic. "Better?"

"Yeah," Sonia replies watching her brother go back to eating. "Nico is something bugging you? Normally you're not so… so…"

"Stoic!" Manic finishes.

Nico stops eating and looks up to see Sonic, Sonia, and Manic looking at him. He sets down his fork and says, "Sorry guys, I had a bad dream last night and its been bugging me all night."

"Nico about that girl?" Sonia asks.

"No, I was watching the destruction of a planet, and I saw a mother put her child into some type of pod before she was killed," Nico explains. His brothers and sister look at him with questioning looks before adding with a smile on his face, "I guess, I shouldn't have eaten those four pieces of pizza and watched that war movie before going to bed."

They laugh hearing Nico's statement; then Sonia looks at her watch and says, "Look at the time, we need to get going mother is going to be waiting for us."

After that her statement, the three quickly finished their food and headed for Aleena's office. They are greeted by Mille then escorted into their mother's office. Aleena sits at desk reading over a new bill from Congress. Aleena hears her kids and Mille walk in and puts down the pad; then she looks up at her kids. "Good morning everyone," Aleena greets with a smile. They all say good morning back to their mother; then Aleena dismisses Mille. "Well, looks like you all had a good night's rest."

"You could say that," Nico jokes.

Aleena looks at her growing children, "Amazing, I can't believe that the three of you are sixteen years old. Four years have come and gone."

Mille's voice comes over the intercom on Aleena's desk, "Your highness, the Adairs have arrived."

"Excellent, please send them," Aleena states. Mizu opens the door and is followed by the older teenaged and matured Kenna and her brothers. "Alright since everyone is here, we can get this meeting stated. As you know the day after tomorrow, we are going to be traveling to Earth. Now there are couple of rules that you must follow."

"Rules?" Nico questions.

"Yes Nico, rules. First, I don't want to you going into your super forms unless you are in grave danger. Second, don't get involved in troubling situations leave it to the police. Third and most important of all, leave any type of combat situation to your guardians."

"Guardians!" Aleena's children say in a unison.

Manic steps forward and continues with, "Hold up mom, what do you mean by guardians?"

"It's quite simple Manic, I will assigning Kenna and her brothers as your personal bodyguards." Aleena leans back in her chair and says, "Now the assignments will be as follows. Sonia, Kana will be with you. Manic, you and Kell are to be partners. Nico, you and Sonic will be paired with Kenna."

"No way," Nico fires back.

Aleena rises an eyebrow with displeased expression on her face, "Excuse me Nico, run that by me again."

Nico's quills stand on end as he quickly clears his throat and replies with, "I mean, Shadow, Silver, and Midna don't have guardians. I feel that it's not fair that we have to have someone looking over our shoulders when they didn't."

Aleena's expression softens as she explains, "You have it wrong Nico. Your older siblings do have guardians, but Shadow and them work as a part of the overall group that their bodyguards come from." Everyone gives Aleena a confused look, "In other words, you brothers and sister are part of an organization call Guardian Units of Nations or GUN for short. GUN keeps watch over them and in turn Shadow, Silver, and Midna work for them."

"Ok… ok… I can get that, but why partner us up this way?" Nico question makes Kenna's expression turn sad.

The hedgehog queen catches Kenna's mood change, but she remains focused on the Nico's inquiry by following up with, "What do you mean Nico."

Nico folds his arms and says, "Why pair me up with Kenna? No offense to her, both Sonic and I know that she is a powerful fighter, but don't you think is wrong for a girl to be our guardian."

Kenna's expression turns even sadder as Sonia shots a death glare at her brother, "What the hell is that supposed to mean you pig head werehog?!"

Nico looks at his sister and replies in a calm tone, "Well think about it, how will it look if a guy as big as me had to tell someone who wants to start something with me that 'Sorry, I can't whoop your ass because my mom said so, but you can fight her.' I wouldn't be able to show my face anywhere."

A blood vessels appears on Sonia forehead has yells out, "YOU BACKWARDS THINKING DUMBASS!"

"Look Sonia, maybe she should go with you. Having two guardians will stop anyone from coming at you because they will think that you are a weak and spoiled royal girl. Plus…." *BOOOOM* Sonia smashes her fist into unsuspecting werehog head sending him clashing to the floor. Nico quickly rockets back up with a big knot on his head and puffs of steam jetting out as he yells at his sister, "WHAT THE HELL SONIA! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"

She responses back by yelling, "THAT WAS CALLING ME WEAK DEFENDLESS GIRL YOU BULL HEAD NUMB SKULL!" Her voice calms down and she quickly adds, "Besides, that head of yours was filling up with some much hot air I decided to hit the release button with my fist."



Nico balls up his fist and fires back with, "I LOVE SEE YOU TRY!"

"THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH FROM THE BOTH YOU!" Aleena yells out. "Now, both of you stop this at once! Nico, I choice the pairing based on each of your fighting styles and abilities. Sonia and Kana are close combat power fighters. Manic and Kell focus on long distance attacks. Lastly, Sonic, Kenna, and you have a mix of speed and power there by being able to engage and disengage with great ease. Plus Kenna and you having the ability to transform into what you call breast mode."

"But mom, Sonic and I are going jumping all over the planet to find more clues about what happened to dad. If Kenna has to be our side the whole time, she is going to slow us down," Nico states.

Sonic then adds, ~Plus we need to find that girl if not more than anything else.~

Nico nods in agreement, and Aleena remains silent looking over at Kenna whom seems to be on the brink of tears. "Nico, everyone is very aware of you focused on finding clues on Sora and this darkness, but don't forget your words and actions can have great effects on the people around you. Case in point look behind you."

Nico turns around to look at Kenna. He is shocked to see the sadden look on her face, "Kenna, I… I… didn't mean anything bad by what I said. I was under the impression that you wouldn't want to be globe hopping after us when you could be searching for answers about your dad."

"No, I'm fine; I just didn't want you to consider me an unnecessary burden," Kenna replies back.

Nico quickly replies with, "You wouldn't be."

"None-the-less, Nico these assignments are not optional nor up for discussion. Kenna and her brothers are responsible for your brothers, Sonia, and you. Is that clear?" Aleena questions with stern tone. They all nod yes; then Aleena says, "Good, here these are for you." Aleena reaches into her desk and places three debit cards their names on the each. "These are cards have the Earth's equivalent to 50,000 dollars for you use at your pleasure. Alright for last bit of business, before we leave for Earth, I have a request from the library that you wrap up you current logs with stories from over the last four years. I made sure that your schedules are clear for you to complete your logs and rest up. Alright your free for