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Dahlia Hawthorne Escaps From Pirson

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A/N: Hay guys, sins Profesor Layton Vs Jack The Raper is other, I neded a knew fanfic, sew I decided 2 dew a Feenicks Write fanfic. I got inspired by Ballistic Dophin's Daman Gnat Escaps Form Prism fanfic, ans deiced 2 dew 1 wif Dahlia. I no tat Dahlia is ded, butt pertend tat she isn't, or teh stroy won't mack sense.

Dahlia Hawthron was in pirson, ans was bored. She did kil otter prisoners, butt dint find it ass fun ass kiling innolent people. Teh police dint mind 2 much, ass she saved on their electic bills, sins she kiled prisoners, sew tey dint haf 2 use there electric chair. Dahlia was knot told tis, butt she was alowed 2 life, sins she was practicaly a executioner, except she wasn't payed, sew teh execution salary was put elsewere in teh budget.

Eventualy, Dahlia getted an evil paln 2 escap. She decided 2 trik a gard by acting kawaii, "Mr. Guard, cod u let me go?" ans he sad, "No, becos u are evil, ans tat i in pirson." ans she did teh fake crying, "Lock at me. Do u thin I cod hurt any1?" ans he stated, "U don't lock it, butt u were fond guilty off it." but she snaped bak, "I was flasely acused by Madam Fey. Ten tat Karma man forged tons off evidence against me." ans the gaurd tlod her, "If tat is teh case, it is unfortunate, butt deciding verdicts is knot my job. I cod cum in ans kep u company, if u wood lick tat." ans she smiled, "Tat wood bee a nice change off pace." sew teh grad went in2 teh cell. Dahlia ten went 2 teh tee set she had in her sell. The gourd assed, "2 kettles?" ans she explaned, "1 is neer empty, sew I prepared a knew 1." ans teh gard offered, "I'll tack teh neer empty 1." ans Dalia agred, "Tat's wat I was abot 2 say." sew she poored hem sum tea form it. He took it, butt he dint no tat IT WAS POSIONED WIF TEH ATROQINE MIXED WIF CYANITE!

"Stupid idiot." Dahlia eviled as she took teh keys form the corpse. "He shod no tat I hat tea anyway. He nether sees me use teh set. She opened the cell ans runned.

Dahlia hid arond a coroner, ans cheked if tehir was a carbord box, sins it works 4 Soulid Snap. Their was know box thou. She sneked past a gard, ans in2 another path. Ten suddenly...


.."EMERGENCY! CELL HAS BEEN BREACHED!" It was teh automatic alarm tat went off if a cell dore was open 4 moar ten 2 minutes. Dahlia shouted "F-CCCKKK!" under her breathe, sins she forgetted 2 clos her cell on teh way owt. Her runned arond teh maze lick prison. Ten suddnely a cop stoped her, it was...


.MICK MIKENS! He screamed in2 teh megaphone, "I wil arest u, ans sent u 2 teh Public Confinement, were u wil lern ur leson form teh supper violet criminals!" butt Deliah quipped, "I am teh most violet prisoner in tis hole place!" ass she garbed her umbrela, ans stabbed Meekins wif it, sew he screemed at teh big scar on his chest, ans runned 2 teh police doctor. Dalhia continued 2 ruin away, ans ten a blu man cam behind her. "Wat r u dong folowing me?" she assed, ans he declared, "Their is safety in numbres, ans we are escaping prison, witch is rely dangerous, sew safety is rely god idea, sew we wil teem up 2 escap." ans she nodded fantically.

Ten sudenly Ema! "Were do thin ur gong?" she screamed at tem, ten pualed up her bag of snackoos, ans entered teh infinite ammo code on it. Butt will she was dong tat, Dahlia ans Kristoph rummed arond her, yelling "Break and batter! Bred ans better! Breed amd bitter!" sins Amerikans say tat wen tey wake arond a pole 4 sum resin.

Ema chased tem 2 an intersuction. She knew teh path sins it was labeled, the left went 2 teh exit, ans teh rite 2 teh garden. Ema deduced tat it wood be 2 oblivious if tey went strate 2 teh exit, ans tey probably went 2 teh gaurdien, sins she woodn't except it. Sum police cam behind her, yelling, "Go left, tey must b gong 2 teh exit." ans Ema eclared "OBJECTION!" ans tey stoped 2 lissen, "It's 2 obvius 4 tem 2 dew tat. To trik us, tey dint take teh left road, witch is teh write road. Tey took teh Wright road, which is teh wrong road." ans teh plice where confussed, sew tey juts followed her ass she turned right... Butt Kristoph ans Dahlia actually went left, sins tey predited tat Ema wood go rite, assuming tey woodn't go left. Tey cam owt in teh Crimal Afairs Apartment, where teh detectives fond owt tat Matt Engarde had cheeted on Celeste. Juts ten, a bullet flu in, ans missed Dahlia and Kristoph. The Cheif Detective declared, "I wil get u wif tis necks 1, ans aimed his gun." but Dahlia retored, "Ur not very impotent, sew u can't kil us." ans he was lick, "Wat u men bye impotent!" ans Kristoph sad, "U dont evan haf a name. U seriously expect us mane villains wood be kiled by a nameless character?" ans teh chef screemed "NNNOOOOOO!" sins he proved wrong. Dahlia ans Kristoph runned down, ans teh chief shat at tem agan, butt everthin went slow motion, sew Kristoph garbed a computer, ans throwed it at teh bullet. It was 1 off those rely old CRT computers, sew it bolcked teh bulet wif think casing.

Tey arived in teh polic car park. Dahlia used teh stolen keys 2 activat a car, ans Kristohp took teh whel, ans tey drived away. Jack Martial screamed, "Steeling my car!? Tey shot u 4 tat in Texas, pardner!" ans he getted his special Texan gun, ans shot at teh car, butt it went threw teh middle ans flu between tem. Kristpoh drived easy, sew teh sun cast a shadow on teh winsheld, sew nobody cod see in teh car. Dahlia turned teh sirens on sew it locked lick tey where normal cops. "Thanks 4 teh protection, Kirssy." Dahlia cackled, ans he replayed, "Always a pleasure 2 help a yong madien lick urshelf." Dahlia put on evil face, ass she had paln, "Tack teh necks left, ten wait 4 teh rondabot, ans go north. I haf an idea 4 are hideout." ans Kristoph nodded, wif evil smirk, "I thin we cod mack an amazon teem." he commeted ass teh devil appered on his hand.

Soon, tey arived at the Blucrop place, witch was Dahlia's idea. Tey went in2 teh car park, ans ignored teh ticket machine, sins it wood son be their building. Tey toke teh elelator up 2 Redd Whit's orifice. Tey killed teh gards, ans compromised The Room. Dahlia took teh statue of Blucorp, ans panted it purple, sins she was red, ans Kristoph was blu, sew it now represented their evil allowance. Tey cackled wif evil, ass tey had a succesful paln... OR DID TEY!? (Spooky Scary Skeletons)

A/N: I hop u enjoyed tis 1st chapter. Wat will Dahlia ans Kristoph do? Who wil sotp tem? Find owt necks tim. Oslo, if u red tis Ballistic Dolphin, thanks 4 giving me inspire wif ur Gant fanfic, ass it's lick teh best stroy ever mad, apart form Dark Yagami.