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I wanna lose myself between your legs (I wanna make your body shake)

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Taehyung smiles through the inquiries with gritted teeth and feigned normalcy



He prays to all that is divine and forgiving that no one has caught wind of the ever so faint thrum resounding from somewhere below. Deep, deep below.



He has to glance down because there's a sheen of sweat breaking out across the span of his forehead and his thighs are trembling ever so slightly from the perseverating stimulation between constricted walls.



God, he's going to fucking mutilate the other when they get back. Or better yet, he's going to fucking wreck his ass and return the duress tenfold. He licks his lips in anticipation.



Taehyung glances subtly at the aggravating male sitting three chairs down (because he's pissed as hell and secretly planning his demise- or well, the demise of his asshole) and nearly pounces to wrap his hands around that pretty neck when he witnesses a smug smile plaguing cherry stained lips.



Fuck, he loves Jeongguk's lips (most especially when they're slick with saliva and wrapped around his cock) but right now he'd really like to punch that salacious smirk right off. He honest to God is going to kill him.



He sinks sharp incisors into soft flesh harshly when he shifts in his seat and unintentionally jostles the quivering device within him, pushing it further inside as it caresses his prostate unforgivingly. His breath stutters and his entire frame stiffens as fingers clench tightly around the edge of his seat.



"Are you alright, Taehyung-ssi?" He hears Ryeowook's worried inflection float over the chaos within his mind, and he presses his thighs closer together, feeling the tip of his hard cock leaking through his briefs. "You look slightly unwell."






Jeongguk's grin deepens.



I will fucking end you, Jeon.



He inhales shakily, plastering a convincing smile (he hopes) as he gazes up at the elder weakly. "I'm fine hyung, just been feeling a bit under the weather this morning. I apologize."



He swears he can hear that asshole snickering inside his head. Sloppy pile of shit.



At this, Seokjin turns to him, pressing a gentle hand against his forehead as his brows furrow minutely. He runs a hand across his neck, gauging his body temperature but Taehyung waves him off distractedly.



Every part of him feels hot, his core seized by a current of entrapped heat, but well- 



He can't exactly articulate the reasoning behind that.



He's thankful that the other seems unaware of his inner turmoil- literally. Thankful that he doesn't notice the way his fingers lightly quake at his sides.



"Oh, ok." The lithe male answers dubiously. "Would you like some water then?"



Taehyung smiles tightly, the curved tip of the toy applying just a tad too much pressure against that area inside him, making his thoughts scatter messily within his consciousness as he fishes desperately for words. "I'm fine, Ryeowook hyung. Thanks."



Jeongguk is the quintessential image of vainglory right now and Taehyung is about a millisecond away from smashing his face against the tile floor.



He barely manages to swallow his gasp in time when he feels the vibrations suddenly intensify, rubbing against his walls delectably and hammering against his prostate with a ferocity unlike any other. His stomach clenches tightly as he suppresses a whimper, gazing back down and breathing shallowly when he feels Jimin fidget uncomfortably beside him.



He peeks up at his friend, and the expression he wears is a mixture of amusement and perturbation (mainly the latter) and he knows that he knows.



His cheeks flush in shame and the desire to strangle Jeongguk magnifies.



Taehyung glances over at said spawn of the devil, and he thinks he's perhaps the only one in the room (except for maybe Jimin) to notice how those deft fingers slide inconspicuously into the pocket of his jeans where he knows the control to his excruciation lies.



A surge of heat courses through his spine and he jerks instinctively when the stimulation changes, devolving into quick pulses before tapering off into a prolonged yet intense vibration and Taehyung's nails sink into his thighs callously.



That lousy, motherfu-



His breath hitches and this time, Seokjin and Namjoon both glance at him worriedly and if there was ever an occasion where he wishes he could just dissipate into thin air, this would probably place top three.



He bites his cheek, trying to quell the tremors threatening to overtake his frame as the constant oscillation ruins him, setting his entire body aflame and his undergarments are drenched with precum by now, he can feel it. He can feel the dampness trickling down his thighs as well and he's grateful the stylist noonas decided to put him in black skinnies and an oversized sweater today.



God, he wants to come so badly.



But he can't.



Not here. Not with that tight ring around the base of his shaft which Jeongguk had slid on with his mouth early this morning, devious glint permeating his irises and wicked smile intact.



He's definitely going to make that sorry bastard pay tonight. Taehyung swears he's going to fuck the everliving shit out of him, making him limp for days.



"Tae," Namjoon whispers underneath his breath as Ryeowook directs a question at Hoseok, who rattles off buoyantly, features jovial as he gesticulates wildly in his response.



"Are you sure you're ok?"



Lord, mercy. Please don't let appa #2 find out like this.



"M'fine, hyung." He whispers breathily, fingers trembling over the coarse material of his pants. 



Hoseok's cheerful tone reverberates throughout the background but Taehyung can barely manage to hone in on that as he senses the heat pooling viciously in his belly, pulsations brushing against his prostate unceasingly. His balls tighten and he dips his head, worrying his lip painfully as his spine suddenly stiffens while he comes, dry and painful and it makes tears pool near the corners of his eyes. It takes every last tidbit of strength within him not to shake from the force of his climax, frame taut with tension as his heart pounds erratically in his chest.



Seokjin and Namjoon exchange concerned glances as they take in the state of the younger, skin positively flushed and lightly covered in sweat as he sits, visibly tense, in his seat.



"Ryeowook-ssi," Namjoon's steady cadence cuts in just before the host can pose another question. "Is it alright if we take a quick break?"



Said male glances in their direction, regarding them curiously before nodding his head quickly. "Yeah, of course. Take all the time you need."



"Go take a breather, Tae." Namjoon's voice rings gently against his ears, even amidst the frenzy in his mind. "You look like you're about to keel over."



If only you knew






He doesn't argue. To be honest, he doesn't think he really wants to because he's so hard it's nearly excruciating and every nerve ending edges on hypersensitive and if he doesn't get his release soon he might actually pass out.



He excuses himself with as much grace that he can muster (which, really, isn't much at all), positioning his hands strategically in front of his jeans where his large jumper thankfully covers his bulge before quietly inching towards the door.



The last thing he glimpses before slipping out of the room is the weight of a dark gaze piercing through external tissue and the ghost of a knowing smirk lingering upon plush flesh.










Taehyung nearly collapses against the door to the private bathroom the moment he shuts it behind him, legs quavering violently as he holds himself up with unsteady arms.



His head is pounding.



That's not the only thing pounding inside.



The walk to the bathroom was nearly as torturous as the actual fiasco inside, and let it be a testament to the higher beings that he will never, ever allow Jeongguk to shove something up his ass again.



Okay, that's not entirely true but it's the sentiment that counts.



As calculated and as slow as the trek to the bathroom was, it was nearly twice as harrowing, if the constant nudge against his prostate as a result of his heavy strides was any indication.



He could feel the tip of his cock oozing with the proof of his desire and every step sent his mind on overdrive. By the time he reached the bathroom door, he was nearly sobbing in relief.



And now he's pressed heavily against the wall, chest heaving with exertion as his thighs shake from where he's barely holding himself upright. The front of his jeans are damp and sticky and he just knows he's made a mess out of them. He treads shakily towards the sink, pressing his hands against the ledge to support himself as he inhales deeply, doing everything in his power not to focus on the titillating pressure wreaking havoc upon his consciousness. Black spots coruscate behind sealed lids and he feels like he just might pass out from the oversensitivity of it all.



He hasn't been able to enjoy a true orgasm since this morning, the fluctuating vibrations inside his ass teasing micro-climaxes from him but not fulfilling the perseverating need to come fully.



And it's all because of that bundle of shit, also known as Jeon Jeongguk.



He swears he's going to make him cry tonight.



(If he makes it out of this goddamn interview intact. He feels incredibly sorry to Ryeowook hyung all of a sudden, hoping the other doesn't take his stiffness as indifference).



The vibrator pulses deeply inside him and he lets out choked sounds with every passing moment, debating between pulling the thing out and granting himself his own release or fucking himself harder with the toy until he actually does come all over the bathroom sink.



But he knows-



Jeongguk would pick up on the discrepancy immediately and then Taehyung would be the one having to look out for the sanctity of his derrière.






Maybe he can remove the cock ring and indulge in a quick orgasm before heading back out. That'd take some of the edge away at least.



But that limp sausage is frighteningly perceptive in the most uncanny of ways and he has an inkling the younger would pick up on that just as easily.



Fucking hell.



What is his life.



He's in the midst of a sexual life crisis when he hears a soft rap against the door and he straightens up immediately, relaxing his throat so he doesn't sound too shaken but a stupidly familiar (infuriating) voice resounds from the other side and his temper flares.






The bane of his existence has made its presence known.



Taehyung should just strangle him here.



He could just say the idiot tripped and knocked himself unconscious on the toilet seat.



"Tae-hyung, lemme in."



Call me 'hyung' one more time you bumbling degenerate.



He growls heatedlymustering up the strength to stride towards the door before wrenching it open and yanking the other inside, making sure to glance around surreptitiously before pulling him in by the collar.



"You smug piece of sh-"



Jeongguk is on him before he can finish that sentence, crushing his lips forcefully against his as he slams him none-too-gently against the door, swiftly locking it in the process.



Fucking multitasking little turd.



Taehyung's skin flares at the contact and he doesn't find himself pressing closer, absolutely not. 



Jeongguk swipes his tongue lewdly against his own, nipping harshly at his bottom lip and Taehyung returns the fervor, sinking his teeth into the other's flesh with unhindered fixation, pulling a rough groan from the other's throat.



"Fuck, Tae," The younger rasps hotly, moving his mouth along the column of his throat and Taehyung's fingers find purchase within soft, raven locks, tugging fiercely when the other traces his incisors along his skin. "You were driving me crazy out there," He accompanies his words with a harsh suction along his neck and Taehyung is just about to smack some sense into him because we're not done with the interview you ingrate, but then there's slick muscle tracing his lobe and the reprimand honest to god flies out of his mind. "Wanted to bend you over right then and there."



Then why didn't you, he wants to say but just as quickly as the thought surfaces it diminishes, because duh.



He thinks he might be catching the stupid from Jeongguk.



The possibility is concerning.



"Well whose fault was that?" He grits out bitterly because maybe if Jeongguk weren't such a sadistic piece of shit, he'd have taken pity on his poor ass and not abused the hell out of it. 



He can practically feel the lecherous grin emanating from the other and he's not even looking at him.






"Don't be salty, babe. You know it secretly turns you on, the possibility of being exposed- having someone find out just how much you love taking it up your ass." 






(Okay, half-false).



"I will destroy you."



Jeongguk laughs and Taehyung does not appreciate the condescension.



"You wound me, love."



That's not the only thing I'm going to wound, you arrogant prick.



"Just shut the fuck up and make me come. We have to be back out there soon."



He can feel the device press deeper inside him as Jeongguk crowds him intimately against the wall and Jesus Christ, does it entice an intense shiver from the base of his spine.



"Fuck, Guk," He lets out a guttural sound, pressing his forehead against the other's shoulder and bunching his fingers around the material of his tight v-neck. "Do something."



"Magic word, sweetheart."



Taehyung is going to skin him alive.



"You fucker." He growls, molding his hips closely against the other, attempting to rub against him but the other grips him fiercely, stilling his movements and Taehyung wants to cry out of frustration.



Jeongguk lets out a soft tsk, biting his ear warningly and Taehyung nearly keens.



"Try again."



Mohammed Ali.



He's going to go to jail. Taehyung is actually going to go to jail for methodical, first degree murder. 



"Jeongguk, I swear to God-"



"Magic word and I promise I'll make you see the fucking Milky Way, hyung."






When you put it like that-



Ah, fuck it. He'll relinquish his pride just this once. The need to come is currently outweighing his stubbornness so fine. He'll relent.



Besides, Jeongguk's going to be the one begging and writhing against the sheets tonight. 



Take that, dipshit.



"Fine," He seethes, digging his nails into the other's biceps spitefully because hey, he can still be relatively petty. "Please."



Jeongguk grins against the dip below his ear, licking a long stripe against flushed skin before crooning sensuously. "See, wasn't so hard now was it?"



Why you little-



Jeongguk nudges him gently against the direction of the sink, guiding him by the hips as he crowds him predatorily against cool tile.






He didn't know one could dispose of skinny jeans that quickly.



But he supposes it was to be expected from overachieving little Kookie bun over here. Assmuncher.



The brisk air incites a tremor through his frame and he finds himself gripping the edge of the sink tightly as he feels the other crouch down so he's on his knees. 



He stifles a laugh. He quite likes the sight of Jeongguk on his knees, but that's a different story for a different time. 



The device continues to pulse incessantly inside him and his cock is so hard it aches. He honestly can't fathom why he allowed the other to convince him to keep the stupid thing between his tight walls but then again, the other did pose the question right after thoroughly eating him out this morning and he's more than aware that Jeongguk's tongue makes him do (say) stupid things.



"Ngh Guk, c'mon."



"Patience, baby." But Taehyung can detect the uncharacteristic roughness to his pitch and he knows the other is not nearly as unaffected as he appears.



"I've been Mother fucking Theresa patient all morning so I really need you to cut that shit out and get your fingers inside me. Or your cock, whatever. No discrimination here."



Jeongguk chuckles and there's something almost malignant woven within the sound. Taehyung is immediately on high alert.



"I'm not going to fuck you with my fingers or my cock, hyung."



Back the fuck up. Say what, Trudy?



"Jeongguk," He snarls threateningly.



"What the fuck did you think I shoved this thing up your ass for?"



"Oh, I don't know. To be a sadistic little bastard?"



A pause.



"Fair enough."



"Fuck, honestly I don't care Jeongguk. Just do something, God."



And does something, he does, if the way the other runs his tongue libidinously across the span of his trembling thighs is any evidence. Taehyung releases a sharp intake of breath, eyes falling shut at the mounting pleasure against his sweet spot coupled with the way that tongue paves insignias along his skin.



He's so enraptured by the overwhelming sensation that he doesn't register the other slyly reaching into his pockets, flicking the switch of the remote skillfully and setting it to the next highest setting. Taehyung's arms cave and he pitches forward against the concave fixture of the sink.



He muffles a whine against his fist as the toy rubs against his walls recklessly and his cock curves up along the span of his abdomen. He means to reach out and stroke himself but Jeongguk senses his intentions and slaps his hand away.



Taehyung wants to cry.



And then suffocate Jeongguk.



"Lemme take care of you, hyung." The other slurs against the curve of his ass, running his fingers tantalizingly over the protrusion of the device and pressing against it with minute pressure. It's enough to have Taehyung expelling a deep moan however, and the younger smirks complacently.



Taehyung hears the sound of a zipper unraveling behind him and a shock of lust rattles his core, anticipating the other's touch against his scorching skin.



"Fuck, Jeongguk please."



This is what he's been reduced to. 



All because the other was being a twit.



Taehyung nearly groans in relief when his ears pick up the sound of the other shuffling out of his jeans, and he feels the hard press of the other's cock against his ass. 






He wonders if he'd be able to take the toy and Jeongguk's dick simultaneously one day.



They'll have to test that theory out in the future. 



For now, he settles for the heat of the other's skin against his back and Taehyung manages to reach out behind him to grip the other's ass firmly, pulling him in closely so he continues to rub against his filled entrance.



He thinks he hears the sound of a package being ripped open but he can't vouch for that. He's a little too close to incoherent with the way the device rocks inside him, brushing his prostate flawlessly and consistently. The base of his cock throbs as he senses another impending orgasm and it sets him so completely on edge, he wants to tear his hair out.






"Not yet, baby." The other mutters strictly and Taehyung simpers, aching to be defiant but recognizing the hardness to the other's tone and he knows nothing good can be accrued from his resistance right now.



He shakes against the sink when another dry orgasm barrels into him, sending him to hell and back and his eyes prickle with unshed tears.



He glances back pitifully, only to see the other slicking up his cock headily and he was right-



Lube, it was.



When his length is sufficiently coated, he turns lustful eyes on the other, eyeing him intently and it sends a wisp of ecstasy through the elder's system.



"Do I even want to know why you had lube in your back pocket, you assuming asshole."



"Real champs are always prepared, baby."



Taehyung grunts, throughly unamused.



"Fuckboy dialect. Gross."



Jeongguk grins up at him cheekily before reassuming his grip around the muscle of his thighs. He hears the other breathe roughly below him.



"Fuck, Tae. I love your thighs."



Taehyung doesn't preen.



(But yes, they are quite glorious if he may say so himself).



"Bet they'd look so good wrapped around me while I fuck you." Taehyung swallows thickly at the other's words. "Even better if they're choking me while I suck you off."



"Fuck, Guk, shut up."



The other laughs at the desperation plaguing his tone and Taehyung is so close to beating him to a pulp but not quite-



Because he needs to come and Jeongguk's the one to ensure that happens. So. Priorities.



"Alright, alright." He hums appraisingly, pressing his chest closer against the other's back as he slides his cock right between the gap between strong, golden thighs. He emits a strangled groan at the friction against his throbbing prick, already hard from everything that's manifested earlier. "Such a testy little shit."



"I will be if you don't hurry the fuck up."



He refrains from rolling his eyes. The other can never let him have the last word.



He moves slowly, sinking his cock into the compressed space between the other's legs and reveling in the euphoric sensation wrought upon him. Fuck, he should have done this sooner.



Taehyung groans at the feel of the other's hard member caressing his skin and he's delirious with pleasure, uncertain whether to focus on the vibrations against his ass or against the rough strokes against his thighs. It's almost too much, but not enough all at once.



He clenches his thighs around the younger's cock, squeezing firm muscle together and eliminating the extra space between and it draws a coarse growl from behind. 



"Feels so good, Tae." The other sings into his ear as he tangles their fingers together from where they're resting upon cool marble. Taehyung loathes to admit that it fills his chest with a different sensation altogether. "Wanna make a mess of you, come all over your pretty thighs."



Taehyung suppresses a shiver, fingers clenching around the other's as he picks up his pace and fucks his thighs with slightly more vigor. His breath catches when he feels the other rut his hips harshly, snapping them with intensity as he continues to slide his cock in and out of the space below his ass. He feels the other's cock brush lightly against his own and it wracks shivers through his frame.



"Mmm, Gukkie."



Coherent Taehyung would be so disappointed in you, he thinks distantly.



But he's not.



Coherent, that is. So no fucks given.



"Like it, baby?" The other murmurs wantonly against his neck and Taehyung finds himself nodding absentmindedly, arching his back and thighs clamping down hard around the other, causing him to falter in his rhythm as he swears gruffly. "Shit, wanna stay between your thighs all night."



Taehyung would not be completely opposed to the idea.



"Jeongguk, close." He whimpers breathlessly, tossing his head back to rest against the other's shoulder and he feels that tongue return to his neck, sucking bruises he's sure. "Shit, lemme come, please."



He didn't even realize the other had gotten hold of the switch once more, flicking it to the highest setting and Taehyung freezes, utterly overwrought with gratification and he's so close to coming, God-



"Fuck, please Jeongguk," He cries loudly and he forgets he was supposed to censor himself at least to some degree, knowing just anyone could walk past but his inhibitions and voice of reason have abandoned him completely.



Jeongguk moves his dick fervently between the elder's thighs, gripping his waist with brushing force as he presses his forehead against the nape of the other's neck. His breathing stutters as he thrusts particularly hard, jostling the both of them and sending them closer against the sink.



Fuck, he could do this forever.



Jeongguk decides to take pity on the elder because he's been so, so good for him and quite honestly, he knows he can't hold out for much longer either. He leans in close, muttering filth into the elder's ears just as he peels the cock ring off, relishing the soft cry of gratification (relief) yanked from the other's throat as he runs his slick hand along that stiff length slowly, fingers soaked in precum immediately.



"Fuck, baby," He groans hoarsely, voice strained with the revelation of just how wet the other is for him. "You're dripping all over my fingers, so fucking wet for me."



Taehyung squirms in the other's hold, writhing against the edge of the sink helplessly as he senses his oncoming release while Jeongguk continues to stroke him unforgivingly.



Jesus fuck.



"Come for me, baby boy." He whispers licentiously against his lobe and that's all it takes for Taehyung to relinquish the iron grip around the chains of his self-control. "You've been so good for me, want you to come all over my fingers."



Taehyung emits a strangled cry as he comes, vision blacking out as he feels the heat assault him from all sides. He constricts tightly around the pulsating toy still inside him and the added pressure merely serves to heighten his climax, body stiffening as he grasps the sides of the sink painfully.



"Ungh, oh god Guk."



He trembles violently against the other, allowing him to support him through the persisting waves of his high. He feels a soft hand eclipse his own and he embraces the warmth within his dopamine-addled mind. 



Jeongguk groans when he sees his fingers dripping with the other's seed, and he's awfully tempted to cram them into the elder's hot mouth, watching as he laps it all up greedily, but he has other plans in mind. He rubs his sullied fingers across the span of the other back instead, earning a displeased grunt and coating smooth flesh with cum as he enjoys every second of it.



He returns his attention towards the elder, one hand grasping the other's firmly as he resumes his jagged pace between supple flesh. He breathes in sharply at the incredible sensation around his cock and he can sense his orgasm somewhere along the horizon. 



Taehyung inadvertently clenches around him, still shivering from the aftermath of his release, and Jeongguk moans quietly in response. He slides his cock inside the small space between the other's thighs quickly, losing himself to the onslaught of pleasure but intent on finishing as swiftly as he can.



He supposes the others may be starting to get suspicious by now.



Honestly, he can't bring himself to care too much at the moment. All he can focus on is the delectable sensation around his cock.



"Shit," He murmurs deliriously, increasing his pace so they're both pushed forward with each motion and he's close, he can sense it.



He has a half a mind to come all over the other's thighs, painting them with his cum-



It'd be such a fucking pretty sight.



But then his initial plans spring to mind and he willfully resists.



He swears gutturally once more before forcibly pulling himself out between that delicious constriction and stroking his length furiously, pointing his cock against the other's already tainted back.



"Oh, fuck."



His eyes nearly roll backwards as he feels his climax pummel into him forcefully, shooting his load all over the other's heated flesh as he quivers from the intensity of his release.



"Fuck." He repeats, bending down to trail wet kisses along the other's neck as he feels the older shift below him.



They groan in unison as Jeongguk traces his dripping length across the surface of the other's back, spreading traces of their release all over flushed skin. It unleashes something primal within him.



"That's fucking grody as hell." Taehyung's voice shatters the silence and it evokes an amused snort from within. "It's going to be such a bitch to clean up too, what the fuck Jeongguk." He complains exhaustedly, and Jeongguk doesn't know how the other can just about come his brains out and still find something to pick at.



"Stop bitching," He chides gently, lips pulling up into a grin when the other shoots a heated look over his shoulder.



"Whatever. You're the one cleaning everything up."



Jeongguk huffs, reaching for the abandoned control and switching it off, amused by the muffled noise of protest originating from the other as the device ceases it's functions.



He always knew Taehyung secretly loved an overload of stimulation.



Taehyung tenses when he suddenly feels the other's hot tongue against his back, laving deliciously at perspired flesh and languidly lapping up all remnants of their release and it shouldn't rattle him as much it does, but fucking hell, does it. He tries his best not to tremble in the other's hold as wet muscle treks along his skin with intent. His legs shake and it's only the support of the sink that prevents him from entirely collapsing.



"God, Guk." He murmurs hoarsely, head lolling to the side as the other traces an elongated line across his spine. 



He feels fingers slither into his drenched locks before there's a sharp tug against his scalp and he moans breathlessly. Before he can fully comprehend the situation, the other is slotting their mouths harshly together, slipping his tongue inside and surrounding Taehyung's own with cum.



The elder groans at this, startled and slightly turned off by the muskiness filling his senses but Jeongguk's tongue curls around his persistently as he pushes the proof of their lust into his mouth.



Taehyung whimpers softly as the other's fingers tighten in his hair, pulling fiercely as he transfers the lingering traces of their release into his mouth. He grimaces at the taste but opens up for him nonetheless, tongues lightly caressing as he swallows what he can. 



When they pull apart, it's with a trail of saliva between them and Jeongguk groans against his lips, pressing his forehead intimately against his temple. Taehyung exhales softly into heated air, feeling the last waves of his high taper off.



"Not gonna lie, that was pretty foul."



And of course, Taehyung's sharp mouth just had to ruin the moment.



But Jeongguk honestly can't be bothered to feel too aggravated, not when the other is pliant and warm in his hands. He presses a lingering kiss against the elder's temple, before trailing his nose gently against his neck and he feels Taehyung melt unwittingly into his touch despite his coarse words.



"Can you get this atrocity out of my ass now? Please and thank you."



Jeongguk can't hold back his laughter, muffling his merriment against the heat of the other's skin. 



"I don't know, I think it looks pretty nice inside you."



Taehyung huffs shortly, pushing his face away as he lathers kisses along his skin. 



"Yeah? Well, you can bend over and I'll shove it up your ass then." He dead pans. "We'll see how nice you think it is then."



Jeongguk flashes him a smug grin and Taehyung rolls his eyes, straightening himself out and waiting expectantly for the other to get the damn thing out of him but the younger smirks deviously and oh no-



Taehyung does not like that look.



It's the face of Lucifer, is what it is. 



(He's pretty sure that when Jeongguk popped out of his mother's womb, the devil took one glance at him and said "Challenge Accepted").



Jeongguk merely pulls his pants back up, tucking him carefully back inside and disregarding the look of incredulity painting his features as well as the manifesting glimmer of murderous intent in his eyes because motherfucker, he dares-



"You'll be fine, hyung." The younger answers almost cutely, grin widening and Taehyung catches a glimpse of those stupid front teeth and Dear Jesus, what have I done in my past life to deserve this unjust treatment? "We're almost done with the interview anyways."



You conniving pile of fecal matter.



"You lousy juvenile del-"



Jeongguk cuts him off with a quick peck to his lips and Taehyung.



His brain possibly short circuits. But only because the action is so disgustingly sappy and overdone that it's taking his mind a few moments to process the scenario.



That's all.



"It's ok, hyung." Jeongguk answers complacently, eyeing him with a mischievous sparkle in those ebony orbs and Taehyung is not affected. 



No. No, no.



Like, Meghan Trainor no.



(My name is no, my sign is no, my number is n-)



"I know you still like me anyways."



Blushing, what blush? What a foreign concept.



He scoffs, because really. This brat is really getting more insolent every day. Maybe it's time that Taehyung teaches him a lesson- a very deep, thorough lesson that involves him being inches deep within the other's decadent ass.



Yeah, that sounds pretty good.






Taehyung grouches, turning his head to the side and straightening his sweater out from where it was bunched up so he doesn't have to meet the other's heated stare.



Only because Jeongguk made it fucking awkward, ok.



But the other merely grins at him knowingly as he entwines their fingers carefully, pressing a soft kiss against the crown of his hair and Taehyung thinks the other picks up on what he doesn't say (what he doesn't need to say).



Yeah, you little shit. Yeah, I do.