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It was a blustery cold day in Washington, DC and the MCRT team had just finished wrapping up another case. McGee, Ziva and DiNozzo were currently typing up their reports in hopes that they would actually get to leave work at a decent time.

The case involved a Navy scientist, named Lucy Grey, who had developed a drug that was capable of turning grown adults into children. Grey was unable to have children of her own so she would lure men into a bar and slip the drug into their drink when they weren't paying attention. Then she would bring them home, put them to bed and in the morning the transformation would be complete. Fortunately for the men, Grey hadn't quite mastered the proper formula and the drug had dissipated from their systems within a week. One of the men who had been transformed was able to get away from her once the drug had worn off. He gave NCIS the location of where she was holding two other men and that's where the rescue had taken place earlier that day.

During her interrogation, she seemed to be enthralled with McGee. She kept saying things like "Aww he's got the cutest little baby face" and "I bet you would be such a good boy for mommy". That's when Gibbs put a stop to her little charades and ordered McGee to leave the room, though not before McGee had turned three shades of red.

Now Gibbs waltzed through the bullpen with probably his 10th cup of coffee of the day.

"Hey Boss, you mind if we leave once our reports are done?" asked DiNozzo. Gibbs just nodded and took another sip of coffee before sitting down at his desk. '

"Got a hot date, Tony?" Ziva inquired.

"No, I actually thought it would be nice if we all went and got some dinner and drinks after we leave here Ziva. It's been awhile since we've all hung out together." Tony continued, "Come on McBaby, I'm sure after the day you've had you could use a drink."

McGee sighed; it had been a long day and one that he wished he could forget altogether. Grey had sent shivers down his spine with the way she was enamored with him. He could not imagine being a baby again. Especially since all of Grey's victims had told the same story, that while they had the physical features of a baby, they still had the mind of an adult.

"Ok Tony, I guess one drink won't hurt, but only if Ziva's going too. And if I go, you have to promise me that you'll keep the movie talk to a minimum. I already get enough of that at work."

"What do you say Ziva, you ready to hit the town with two very special agents?" Tony asked with a smirk on his face.

"Well you are special, Tony, but not in the way you are thinking about. However, I could use a drink to unwind."

"It's settled then, let's meet at Chadwick's in Georgetown. It's located on K Street and has a casual atmosphere, so it will be perfect for us."

Just as Tony was finishing, two agents walked through the bullpen with Lucy Grey. Grey saw this as an opportunity to harass McGee again.

"Agent McGee!" she screamed, the bullpen suddenly went silent. "Be sure you behave yourself tonight or mommy will have to give you a spanking."

McGee did his best to ignore her but couldn't help the blush that suddenly began to spread over his face and ears. Gibbs stood from his chair and gave her the death stare that had made grown men cry.

"If you say one more word to McGee, I'll be sure that they add harassing a federal agent to your already long list of charges."

Grey just smiled and said "Is that a promise?" as the two agents quickly ushered her away.

Gibbs sat back down and looked at McGee with concern. He was currently biting on his bottom lip and in a daze.

"Don't let her get under your skin, Tim. She's just a delusional middle aged woman who is currently living in her own fantasy land."

Tim suddenly snapped out of it as his boss's words rang through his ears.

"Are you alright, McGee?" Ziva asked, with a touch of worry in her voice.

"Uh yeah" Tim said while massaging his temples. "I will be once we can get out of here and I can get a drink." Although Tim wasn't much of a drinker, he knew that tonight would be a good night to make an exception.

Each agent printed out their respective reports and handed them to Gibbs; then got packed up and ready to leave for the night.

"Hey Boss, are you sure you don't want to come with us?" Tony asked from his desk.

"Nah, I'm fine but if any of you are too drunk to drive then I expect a phone call, no matter what time of the night it is."

The three agents smiled as they remembered how much Gibbs worried about them, especially if they were going out somewhere and he wasn't around to watch their backs. With that, the three agents said their good byes and headed for the elevator.