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Blood and Bronze

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When Helena next turned on her lantern, Myka was lying in bed with a smirk on her face. “Did you get my letter?” she purred.

Helena offered her a rather smoldering look in return. “I did, darling.”


“It was…” Helena got a rather distant look on her face as she tried to find the perfect description.

“The great HG Wells at a loss for words,” Myka teased.

“On the contrary; I don’t think there are any words quite able to convey…” The dark-haired woman closed her eyes and stretched in her own bed, letting out an indecent moan. The sound combined with the look of remembered pleasure made Myka shiver with lust.

“Oh, Helena, the things you do to me…”

It was the Victorian’s turn to smirk. “I can only imagine.” She looked over Myka’s shoulder, noticing that the view out her window seemed almost familiar. “Darling, where exactly are you now?”

The agent bit her lip. “I suppose it’s all right to tell you. I am in the fabled City of Lights.”

“Ah, Paris,” Helena sighed. “In that case, I have a question for you.” When Myka raised an eyebrow, she continued, “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?”

“Helena!” the brunette gasped, pretending to be scandalized.

Helena chuckled. “Not that I wouldn’t have already known the phrase, but Claudia introduced me to Moulin Rouge.”

“Remind me to thank her…or hit her.”

“But you haven’t answered my question, darling.” Helena leaned forward, a predatory look on her face. “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? After that wonderful experience your letter provided, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t reciprocate?”

Myka chuckled. “Not even a game of French Scrabble or a bottle of wine?” she teased. Helena’s responding leer made her shiver.

“Oh, I think we’re well past that.” She leaned forward, resting her chin on her hands and piercing Myka with her gaze. “Now…voulez-vous…coucher…avec moi?”

Myka blushed, her breath catching in her throat as she felt the flames of desire flicker to life within her. Yearning for the inferno, Myka bit her lip and nodded, slipping under the covers of her bed. Blushing further at what she was about to do, Myka performed the sexiest hidden striptease she could muster.

She started by lifting her arms above her head, dragging her pajama shirt with her but not revealing any skin below her collarbone. She dangled the fabric in Helena’s view, pleased by the desire smoldering in the woman’s eyes, and dropped the shirt over the edge of the bed. Then, squirming beneath the covers and leaving no doubt in Helena’s mind what came next, Myka pulled her pants from beneath the covers – followed by a pair of white lace panties that made Helena’s heartbeat go into a frenzy – and dropped them on the floor as well. Myka was naked but for the furious blush on her face, but Helena’s next words erased all nervous embarrassment.

“Won’t you at least let me look?” she asked in a plaintive whimper.

Myka smirked. “You’ll get to look when you get to touch,” she teased, but her eyes shone with hope and a promise that her words would come true.

Helena’s responding smile was so filled with love that it nearly blinded Myka with its intensity. When the glorious haze in her vision cleared, the dark-haired woman’s smile had turned lustful as she voiced her ravenous desires at last.

“Oh, Myka. What I wouldn’t give to be kissing you right now, capturing your mouth with mine, searching you with my tongue…”

Myka took a shaky breath and closed her eyes, the bliss of her arousal and Helena’s words already evident on her face. She slid two fingers into her mouth to wet them, then trailed them across her lips, imagining it was Helena’s teasing touch.

It was Helena’s turn to breathe with a shudder. “I’d trail kisses down your neck, dipping my tongue in the hollow of your throat to taste your skin – I can’t wait, Myka. I won’t be able to get enough; I’ll suck hard at your neck until I mark you as mine.”

Both women understood the significance of her use of “mine” and the emotion with which she spoke, and it made Myka whimper as she ran her fingers down her neck before pinching the skin where her neck met her shoulder. Her whimper became a gasping moan as she twisted her fingers, feeling instead Helena’s lips and teeth claiming her as her own. Helena moaned herself when she saw the mark Myka had created. “Yes, darling…all mine…” she whispered, voice husky. A beatific smile crossed the brunette’s face, her pleasure far from imagined. “I’d kiss my way down your chest, down to your beautiful breasts. Oh, how often I would stare when you weren’t looking, Myka, imagining cupping them in my hands and sucking on your nipples. Cup your breasts, Myka. Pinch your nipples and feel me.”

Myka groaned as she trailed her hand down her chest, below the covers and out of Helena’s sight. A moment later, though, she returned her fingers to her mouth, and the way she sucked on them set the dark-haired woman’s arousal flaring. Then Myka slid her hand back beneath the covers and sighed as she cupped her breast, pinching her nipple between wet fingers, feeling Helena’s mouth tugging and sucking. She slid her other hand down to cup her neglected breast, and Helena bit her lip as she watched her love writhe beneath her own touch.

“If we had time, I’d touch you all over,” Helena murmured, heart aching. “I’d worship every inch of you with my hands and mouth and show you just how deeply I love you. But now, now I’d slide my hands lower – kiss my way down your sweet body until I reached the heat between your legs.”

Myka keened as the adoration of Helena’s words swept over her, and she slid her hands down her body to rest against her dripping core. “So wet,” she gasped. “Helena, so wet for you.” Once, long ago, she never would have done something like this, but this was Helena, and she loved her, and she was far too aroused to feel any shame.

Helena shivered. “Show me,” she demanded, pleaded. “Show me how much.”

Myka didn’t think she could get any more drenched, but Helena’s words sent another flood from within, trickling down her thighs. The brunette dipped her fingers between her folds, gathering the copious fluids and showing the slick digits to Helena. The dark-haired woman quivered, and the raw desire in her eyes emboldened Myka. Her own eyes sparkling, the agent sucked her fingers clean, wondering with a new surge of arousal what Helena would taste like on her tongue. The display made the dark-haired woman give a shuddering moan, and the sound sent Myka spiraling higher.

Helena had to fight to find her voice again. “I can’t bear it anymore, Myka,” she gasped. “I cannot keep up this seduction; I need to see you come – slide your fingers deep within yourself and love your clit and come, and imagine that it’s me. God, Myka, I want to make you come undone - I want to hold you in my arms as you come undone.”

Myka cried out with longing as she reached back beneath the sheets, driving two fingers deep within herself as she rubbed and pressed furious circles against her clit. Helena was left breathless as she watched the brunette thrash in pleasure, her skin flushed as she tossed her head back and forth, eyes clenched shut in her ascent to climax. The outline of her hips bucking beneath the covers had Helena mesmerized, and Myka’s chanting of her name set the rhythm of her heartbeat, overflowing with devotion. “Yes, darling, that’s it,” Helena found herself whispering. “I’m with you, deep inside you, I’ve got you, Myka, I love you. I love you so much, darling.”

Her presence – her voice – her love – sent Myka flying over the edge. Helena’s name left her lips in a yell as ecstasy burst from her center to surge along her nerves and pulse through her veins until she shook with the power of her release. Helena sighed, the anticipatory tension leaving her body in a release of its own. “Oh, Myka,” she murmured as the brunette fought to catch her breath. “My love, you have always been beautiful, but especially so when you come.”

Myka’s smile looked sent from heaven. She reached for the globe of the lantern with fingers coated in arousal, and Helena licked her lips, craving to taste. “Then we’ll have to make it a point to do this often, when both of us can feel it,” the brunette whispered, voice husky with echoes of pleasure in the afterglow.

Helena smiled, tears of happiness and longing combined filling her eyes as she nodded. “When both of us can feel it.”

* * *

Claudia was twice as surprised to receive Helena’s letter as Helena had been to receive hers. She was also rather bemused by how mundane the message was. HG’s words were very cordial, but she seemed to speak in excess, and her sentences were sloppy. The missive was typewritten, and some of the letters were doubled – typed one on top of the other, though not in alignment, making the letter even sloppier.

Rather miffed, Claudia was about to put the letter aside when she stopped and looked at it again. A genius such as HG Wells would not put her message in plain writing, and Wells knew that Claudia was enough of a genius to realize this and decipher the true message.

Grinning like a maniac, Claudia went over the letter again, noting which letters had been doubled and which words seemed out of place. Knowing that a letter-to-letter code would be easier to crack and figuring that HG knew this, too, Claudia applied several letter-to-number sequences she knew before one finally clicked. When she looked at what she’d uncovered, she couldn’t help but be awed: not only did the doubled letters indicate numbers, but the word order of the entire letter was part of the code as well.

Marveling at HG’s skill, Claudia went back through the message and came out with a series of numbers in sets of three. Not sure what to do with those yet, Claudia went back to the first number she had uncovered: 9780575095175. Something about the first few digit was familiar, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Maybe Myka would know…

Wait. Myka. Hours in the library with Myka. Hours in the library looking at books old and new. New books had ISBNs, and 90% of them started with 978.

Suspecting she already knew exactly what she would find, Claudia typed the number into the Warehouse database she probably shouldn’t have had on her laptop. The result made her smirk and remark with satisfied sarcasm, “Well, what do you know?” The ISBN was for an edition of The Time Machine – the modern edition the Warehouse just happened to have in the HG Wells section.

If there had ever been a speed record for sprinting from the alternative B&B to the HG Wells section and back, Claudia broke it twice over. Collapsing next to her laptop long enough to catch her breath, she looked at Helena’s letter again, now understanding the sets of three numbers: page, line, word. It was a tedious process, but it didn’t take Claudia long to get through them all. When she finally looked at the complete message – the real message – her breath caught in her throat.

I love her too much to hurt her. Thank you for everything.

Claudia stared at the words for a long time, their honesty provoking more contemplation than any code ever could.