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Blood and Bronze

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Claudia stared at the picture she’d printed, then the words she’d penned beneath it. She repeated the process, back and forth, until she finally let out a long sigh. Countering it with a deep breath of resolve, she folded the picture in thirds and stuck it in the envelope she’d brought with her to the alternate B&B, sealing it before she could change her mind. With a slightly shaky hand, she wrote on the front, HG Wells.

“Now, how to send it…” she mused aloud.

“I can deliver it for you, Ms. Donovan,” said a familiar voice behind her. Claudia didn’t even flinch.

“Why am I not surprised anymore?” she asked dryly, glad Mrs. Frederic couldn’t see her roll her eyes (though for all she knew the woman could sense it) as she handed the Caretaker the envelope. “Thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome, Ms. Donovan.”

Claudia silently counted to five before turning around; she was the only one in the duplicate B&B, as she knew she would be. She sighed again before opening her laptop and going back to her research. “When all this is over, I could write a frakkin’ dissertation on this thing,” she muttered. “And depending how things turn out, I just might.”

* * *

Helena was expecting a letter from Myka, but not from Claudia, and the presence of such made her curious but wary. Despite her role in assisting Myka with whatever mission she was on, Helena knew that Claudia’s help was for the agent’s sake and wasn’t entirely sure what the girl thought of her at the moment. Not having a clue as to what she might find, Helena opened the envelope and unfolded the paper inside.

The dark-haired woman’s breath caught in her throat as a wide smile grew on her face. It was a picture of Myka – taken when she wasn’t aware, based on her expression. The agent’s lips were quirked in a wistful but joyous smile, her eyes sparkling with memories and hope. In that single, still moment, she looked content – like everything was as it should be. Helena would have wondered what was on the woman’s mind when the picture was taken, but Claudia’s handwriting beneath left no doubt.


HG – If you hurt her, I’ll kill you. – Claudia


Helena gave a fond sigh of thankfulness, letting herself be hypnotized into bliss by Myka’s image. She had no idea how long she sat there gazing at her (nor did she care) before placing the picture on her desk, propping it up against the wall so it would be the first thing she’d see when she opened her eyes every morning. She made a mental note to write Claudia a return letter and ask Mrs. Frederic permission to send it.

Beneath the envelope that contained Claudia’s letter lay the one Helena had been expecting from Myka, and it was all she could do not to tear it open for fear of damaging the contents. With patience she didn’t feel, Helena took great care in unsealing the envelope before eagerly snatching and unfolding the papers inside.

Truthfully, Helena barely read Myka’s letter at all. In fact, she was almost sure she wasn’t meant to, and that the words written on the page were trite filler: nothing more than a façade. All that mattered were the words whispered in Helena’s mind through the power of Wellcome’s Pen.


I love you, Helena Wells.


Smiling, eyes tear-filled, Helena kissed the letter, planning to put it under her pillow and listen to it over and over again. She would have, if not for the second page’s whisper catching her attention.

Frowning slightly and carefully stowing the page worth more than gold in the front pocket of her jumpsuit, Helena examined the second part of Myka’s letter. The agent’s elegant handwriting only took up a single line with, PS: Talk to you soon. The otherwise blank page bespoke more, however – literally.


Take this page to the shower with you, Helena; you’ll want to follow my instructions in private.


Helena folded the letter back up, excitement fluttering in her heart and lower. The last time she had taken a good long shower was after she and Myka had admitted their dreams to one another, that wonderful night when they finally expressed their love. Tired as she’d been, Helena had stumbled into the bathroom and indulged in fantasies she no longer felt guilty about having, gasping Myka’s name in release without shame. Now it seemed that Myka was actually prompting her to do so, and Helena had no intention of disobeying.

It took all her self-control not to sprint to the shower for fear of making the Regents suspicious, but once the bathroom door had closed, Helena eagerly unfolded the letter to hear Myka’s next instructions.

Turn on the shower just hot enough to feel like my mouth is on your skin, all over you. Her voice quivered, and Helena could almost hear the woman’s blush. Smirking to herself, Helena turned on the hot water as commanded, undressed as quickly as possible, and stepped beneath the spray, sighing as she imagined the droplets as Myka’s kisses raining down on her skin. Keeping her head dry as she lay down on the tile floor, she propped the letter up beside her and lost herself in Myka’s voice.

Close your eyes for me, Helena. Close your eyes and…p-pinch your nipples. It’s me, Helena, me touching you.

Now Helena knew Myka had to have been blushing, nervous about being so open and forward. But her words made Helena’s blood heat in her veins, and she gasped in arousal as she obeyed.

Pinch your nipples, roll them between your fingertips – I’m holding your breasts, gently kneading them as I take the stiff buds in my mouth, between my teeth.

Indeed, Helena’s nipples were so stiff they ached, and her sigh was one of relief as she tugged them and pinched them, cradling her tender breasts in her hands. Myka’s voice seemed to gain confidence as she continued, the woman most likely having become aroused herself as she penned out the contents of her heart.

Lie back, Helena – spread yourself for me. I’m kissing you all over, and the fingers sliding into you are mine.

The way she said “mine” was so lustfully possessive that it made Helena shiver with desire as she entered herself with Myka’s hand. She closed her eyes and nearly cried as Myka’s voice stroked her as surely as her fingers did, caressing her ever-higher.

I’m as deep as I can go, Helena, feeling you clench around me, so soft and warm. Thumb your clit, baby – love it hard and feel my tongue against you. God, I can’t wait to taste you for real.

Helena’s heart, already beating wildly, leapt and stumbled at Myka’s endearment, and the dark-haired woman gasped a sob as the pressure on her clit sent a bolt of pleasure ricocheting through her body. Her muscles were taut and trembling as her touch – as Myka’s voice – pushed her closer to the edge.

I’m gliding in and out of you, Helena, pressing hard and deep with each thrust, curling my fingertips to find that sweet spot within you. Find it, Helena, and rub it with my fingers inside you.

Helena obeyed, reaching as deep as she could, nearly just… She bit her lip so hard she drew blood, and it still did little to muffle her cry as her fingertips found their goal. But they were Myka’s fingers, they were, caressing her very soul with their gentle adoration. Helena was tumbling towards her peak with wild abandon, giving herself to the woman whispering in her ear from miles away. She was so close, so close. She just needed one…last…

Come for me, Helena. Come for me knowing that I love you with everything I am.

That was all it took for Helena to fly, agonizing pleasure bursting from her core, rushing through her veins and crackling along her nerves until her entire body, taut and arching with ecstasy, was caught within its glorious embrace. All the while, Myka was there, around her, within her, consuming her, and she had never felt anything more beautiful.

Oh God, if this is what it was like with only her voice beside her… Helena quivered with aftershocks and the imaginings of what awaited when she and Myka finally met in love.

It was with great regret and nearly physical pain that Helena tore up the second page of Myka’s letter and forced it in pieces down the shower drain. Secret or not, the…message…was not something she could risk the Regents getting their hands on, whether they found a way to extract it from the pen’s ink or not. She did keep one piece, however, letting it whisper to her from under her pillow as she fell into a blissful sleep.

I love you with everything I am.