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“You’ve changed,” Yoongi says to Hoseok. “Your hair is black now.”

Yoongi observes how different Hoseok looks, how his dark circles have darkened even more with time, but how calmness is vibrating from him at the same time. The last time they saw each other, both were buzzing with anger and confusion.

“Yeah, I had it dyed recently,” Hoseok’s hand goes through his raven black strands of hair. “So, how are things going?”

Yoongi hasn’t seen his ex for months and today, as Yoongi was walking out of a grocery store with a full bag, Hoseok was window shopping on the other side of the street. His anxiety left when Hoseok turned around and smiled, noticing Yoongi on the other side, and waved at him. So maybe things between them didn’t end up as nasty as Yoongi remembered to have ended.

“I’m alright, just getting some food,” Yoongi tries not to stare too much, fixating his eyes on his car parked near the shop. Trying to give an impression of a busy man, he keeps his words to a minimum, “And you?”

Hoseok smiles gently, “I was heading home but the impulse to buy something is very hard to get rid of,” he laughs, “I guess you saved me, again.”

In the past, Yoongi would always stop Hoseok from his impulsive shopping and would say “no” to all the store employees who would try to make Hoseok buy something. It seems like Hoseok still doesn’t know how to say no.

“Well, that’s good, I guess,” Yoongi thinks to himself that Hoseok seems way too comfortable in this situation. Maybe he should relax a little, too.

“Are you busy?” Hoseok asks with a secret smile in his eyes.

The question confuses Yoongi, “Not really, but I should head home now.”

“Well, then I’m going to be rude and make you drive me home,” he laughs and takes one of Yoongi’s two grocery bags, brushing his hand against Yoongi’s. “I’m afraid to walk past shops. Might get into my head again.”

Yoongi could smell Hoseok’s perfume from this distance. Blood gushing in his veins, he heads towards his car, “You will have to sit in the backseat, though. I have equipment in the front.”

Hoseok follows and opens the back door, “Of course, music always your number one,” he smirks, words pierced with tension from the past. Nights spent alone in the bed, waiting for Yoongi to come home from work.

Yoongi takes Hoseok’s bag and puts both grocery bags in the trunk. He gets in the car and looks at Hoseok through the mirror, “I had a lot of number one’s,” Yoongi says while starting the car.

Hoseok doesn’t drop the eye contact, only smirks, making Yoongi confused again. Yoongi fixates on the road and drives in the direction of Hoseok’s little apartment.

“Do you still have that dog?” Yoongi tries to break the silence.

“Yeah, but don’t call him “that dog”, he has a name,” Hoseok smiles and puts a hand on Yoongi’s seat, long fingers only centimeters away from Yoongi’s neck.

“You know, I never liked your dog. His eyes look like they’re about to pop out,” Yoongi says, very aware of the hand creeping on his seat.

The moment Hoseok’s fingers touch Yoongi’s neck, Yoongi thinks he might cause a car crash because of how distracted Hoseok makes him. Hoseok keeps tracing circles with his long fingers through the small hairs on Yoongi’s nape but no one says a word about it. Only a ten minute ride feels like ten ours to Yoongi.

“We’re here,” Yoongi stops the car and looks at Hoseok through the mirror, trying to be casual, “Your dog probably misses you, go home.”

“I think he missed you, too,” Hoseok puts his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder and leans towards him, “You should come over, I’m sure he will be happy to see you.”

He hates the dog but Hoseok’s breath tickling his neck makes him reconsider, “Only if you have beer.”

Hoseok laughs lightly, “I don’t but I saw a six pack of beer in the grocery bag. We should get that.”

“Yeah,” Yoongi gulps as he takes the keys out and his heart throbs quickly, “Okay.”

They get out of the car and head for the door of Hoseok’s building, without getting the beer. The quiet walk up to the third floor make Yoongi remember the times he used to climb these stairs to see his boyfriend, now an ex who is opening the door to his apartment. The confusion comes back and Yoongi doesn’t understand why he’s pressing Hoseok to the closed door of his apartment, why his lips are on Hoseok’s, and why he wants to taste him so much.

Hoseok drops the keys to his apartment and curls one hand around Yoongi’s neck while the other squeezes at Yoongi’s hips. Yoongi sucks on Hoseok’s bottom lip, as Hoseok melts in his hands, allowing him to deepen the kiss.

Yoongi never felt more confused and frustrated. He pulls away and looks at Hoseok. Hands holding Hoseok’s face travel south, softly touching his neck and pressing on his chest. They fucked many times before but they were together back then. Yoongi thinks how wrong this is and how much he is going to regret it before Hoseok shuts his thoughts away by taking his hand and leading them under his shirt. Hoseok shivers from the contact of Yoongi’s cold hands on Hoseok’s warm abdomen. Yoongi thinks how beautiful Hoseok looks with his eyes hooded and mouth slightly open, breathing heavy. A sight he has seen many times, but every time feeling like the first.

“Kiss me,” Hoseok whispers like it’s a secret, something he knows he shouldn’t want but he does. The grudge he’s been holding onto goes away for a moment and Yoongi’s lips are on his once again, hands tightening on his sides. Yoongi pulls away once again only to suck a bruise onto Hoseok’s neck and make the space between their hips nonexistent.

Yoongi feels Hoseok half hard through his jeans and brings a hand down on Hoseok’s crotch. A breathy moan escapes Hoseok’s lips as his hand pulls on Yoongi’s hair. Yoongi thinks of how much he missed this, of how much he wants to feel Hoseok on his body. But he is not thinking when he kneels in front of Hoseok.

Unpleasant memories vanish when arousal strikes. Yoongi unbuckles Hoseok’s jeans and drags them down. Another moan escapes Hoseok’s lips when Yoongi squeezes his cock through the boxers that are quickly dragged down, too.

“Please, Yoongi,” Hoseok moans when Yoongi wraps a hand around his cock. Yoongi licks his lips and presses them at the head of the cock, spreading spit over it. He lightly sucks on the tip and Hoseok’s hips buckle, “Come on, stop teasing.”

Yoongi hums, pleased with the response, and takes Hoseok into his mouth, tip reaching the back of his throat. Lips wrapped tight around Hoseok’s cock and wet tongue pressing into it make Hoseok pull at Yoongi’s hair. Yoongi always had a thing for hair pulling but he’s not sure if Hoseok’s head is clear enough to remember anything. Yoongi sucks harder and Hoseok’s hips buckle, making Yoongi gag a little. He pulls off to catch his breath and strokes Hoseok with his hand, pressing his other hand on his own cock through the layers of clothing. He presses his tongue on the underside of Hoseok’s cock and looks up to see Hoseok covering his mouth with his hand.

Yoongi takes him into his mouth again and hums, wanting more. The vibrations make Hoseok moan at the back of his throat. But Hoseok pulls Yoongi by the hair to stop him, “Let’s move to the bedroom.”

Hoseok pulls up his jeans and helps Yoongi stand up. He takes Yoongi’s hand and leads the way that is very well know under Yoongi’s feet.
As the bedroom door opens a small dog runs out, scaring Yoongi. “Oh God, you still have it. Get him away, he’s spoiling the mood.”
Hoseok laughs and shuts the door behind them, leaving the puppy on the other side of the door. Now that the mood has been mentioned out loud, Yoongi is highly aware of it. It’s not too late to leave, he thinks, but I already went down on him.

“Are you just going to stand there?” Hoseok takes off his shirt and sits on the edge of the bed. “Come here.”

Oh, to hell with it.

Yoongi gives in and takes his shirt off, climbing into Hoseok’s lap. He grinds down onto Hoseok’s thigh as he unzips the same pair of jeans for the second time today. Hoseok takes his cock out of his boxers and strokes himself, watching Yoongi ride his thigh.

Grinding, Yoongi traces his hands on Hoseok’s chest and abdomen, his head falling into the crook of Hoseok’s neck, sucking bruises, wanting to have all of him, closer and closer.

Moaning out in pleasure, Yoongi begs, “Hoseok, I want my clothes off, please.”

“Lay on your back,” Hoseok orders and Yoongi complies. Hoseok trails wet kisses down Yoongi’s chest, takes their pants and boxers off, and positions himself between Yoongi’s thighs.

Yoongi grabs Hoseok’s hair and pulls him by his hair to kiss him, messy and heated. Eyes closed and mouth fixed on Yoongi’s, Hoseok tries to reach for the night stand. With shaky hands Hoseok finds lube and a condom. He pulls away with a quirked eyebrow, “Should I fuck you or do you want to fuck me?”

Yoongi spreads his legs, putting himself on full display, and smirks playfully, “Just be gentle, babe.”

“You know I will,” Hoseok says with a glint of sarcasm in his voice, both of them knowing that gentle won’t be the case.

Yoongi drags his hands down Hoseok’s spine, leaving red scratches. Hoseok hisses, “You really want me to fuck you that much, don’t you?”

Yoongi takes the lube, “Well, I just might do it myself since you don’t seem to be doing it.”

Hoseok grabs the lube out of Yoongi’s hands, “Don’t get all bratty on me.” A pleasurable sting goes through Yoongi’s body when a loud slap lands on his ass. “Get on all fours.”

Right now Yoongi wants nothing more in the world but to disobey. He gets on all fours, wiggles his ass and whines in a mocking tone, “Seok-ah, please.”

Another spank leaves Yoongi’s skin red and stinging. Hoseok’s voice gets deeper, “Don’t talk to me in a tone like that unless you don’t want to cum.”

He takes Yoongi’s neck and pushes it down to bury the side of Yoongi’s head into a pillow. With his lubed up fingers, he circles Yoongi’s hole and slowly pushes one finger in. Yoongi backs into Hoseok’s hand to take the finger in deeper.

“Impatient, aren’t we?” Hoseok says and another spank echoes through the room. He pushes his finger in and out until Yoongi is asking for another one. He pushes a second one in while Yoongi mewls from how good the burning stretch feels.

Hoseok strokes in cock and starts pushing his fingers into Yoongi faster and rougher, until the slide becomes easy. Yoongi helplessly reaches for Hoseok’s hand, trying to get more. As the third finger slides into Yoongi, he’s already moaning for Hoseok’s cock, “Seok-ah, please, fuck me.”

“Do you remember your collar, hm?” Hoseok says as his hand goes faster.

Breath hitches in Yoongi’s throat as he remembers the red collar with a chain. Yoongi would never think that Hoseok still has it. Sometimes they would get too rough and marks would show up after some time, making Yoongi hide in big scarves and sweaters. He remembers how smug the marks would make Hoseok feel, how embarrassing it would be to see them in the mirror, how tingly his insides would get after remembering where they came from.

“Do you want me to get it?” Hoseok takes the fingers out of Yoongi and wipes them onto a tissue on the nightstand. He opens the drawer on the middle and takes out the collar and the shiny metal chain attached to it.

Yoongi rises on his elbows so that Hoseok could attach the collar to Yoongi’s thin neck. The arousal and excitement goes through his body, his cock leaking precum, heavy and hard. He touches the red leather with his fingertips but he’s taken by surprise as he’s being yanked with a powerful tug on the chain. His back hits Hoseok’s chest. A finger loops the collar and squeezes Yoongi’s neck. Hoseok takes Yoongi’s chin into his hand and kisses him open-mouthed as he rubs his cock onto Yoongi’s ass.

“Please, Hoseok,” Yoongi pleads breathlessly, asphyxiation making him lightheaded.     

Hoseok lets go of the collar and pushes Yoongi back into the sheets. He takes the bottle to lube himself up and grunts, circling the head of his cock.

Yoongi reaches for his own throbbing cock and muffles his moans into the pillow. He hasn’t been touched for so long, his thighs shake a little, breathing uneven. Hoseok grabs Yoongi’s hand and presses it down to the bed, “Not yet. Have patience or I won’t touch you at all.” The other hand spanks him harder two more times, making the marks redder and bigger.

Yoongi can only whine as an answer and back his ass up to Hoseok, body begging to be stimulated.

The view of Yoongi’s ass up, fully displayed and him whining for his cock makes Hoseok impatient himself. He rolls on a condom and lubes up himself, restraining his hand from squeezing. He holds Yoongi’s hips with one hand as the other aligns the tip with Yoongi’s stretched pink hole.

As Hoseok slowly starts to enter, Yoongi moans with relief. He hasn’t been touched for so long. A wave of pleasure rolls through his body, making him clench around Hoseok.

A broken moan slips out of Hoseok’s mouth and he takes the chain on Yoongi’s collar into his hand. Halfway in, Yoongi tries to adjust to the fullness inside of him. Grabbing the sheets, he pushes back into Hoseok to take him in deeper, “Move, please.”

Hoseok takes his cock all the way out before shoving it all back in, faster this time. Yoongi moves one hand on his butt cheek to spread it, “Move.”
The order earns him another spank. Hoseok bends next to Yoongi’s ear, “Manners, babe.”

Without even waiting for Yoongi to beg Hoseok starts to stroke and Yoongi’s grip on the sheets gets tighter. The grip on the chain also gets tighter. Hoseok pulls on it and Yoongi is forced onto his elbows.

“Please, be rough,” is all Yoongi can say, feeling the burning sensation of the collar cutting into his neck.

Slapping skin on skin is all Yoongi can hear. Hoseok’s hips become more erratic and deep, his moans mixing with Yoongi’s little whines.
Hoseok yanks the chain once again to make Yoongi stand on his knees. Yoongi’s hands find the collar but don’t tug on it, enjoying the tightness around his pale throat, being marked with hickeys and bites by Hoseok.

“Hoseok, I’m close,” Yoongi feels heat pooling in his stomach. “Can I touch myself?”

Hoseok wraps a hand around Yoongi’s cock and pumps it to the rhythm of his strokes. Not expecting that kind of response, Yoongi’s hips jerk up to thrust into Hoseok’s hand, “Fuck, Hoseok. Let me come.”

Hoseok wraps the other hand around Yoongi’s neck, “Cum, baby.”

Moans and whimpers grow louder and louder as Hoseok’s head falls into the crook of Yoongi’s neck, the heat unbearable. Yoongi comes and paints Hoseok’s fist white with thick cum, body shaking and clenching around Hoseok. Not being able to hold himself back any longer Hoseok comes buried deep inside Yoongi, moaning into his ear, and his grip around Yoongi’s neck tightening.

Hoseok sits on the back of his heel, Yoongi leaning against his chest, limp. He raises his cum stained hand to Yoongi’s mouth, “Be a good boy, Yoongi, will you?”

Yoongi opens his mouth to lick at Hoseok’s forefinger, humming and swallowing his cum. He takes a second finger into his mouth and sucks on them when he hears Hoseok, “Show me how you taste, baby.”

He turns his head and licks Hoseok’s lips. Hoseok kisses him open mouthed, feeling the taste of Yoongi’s cum. Yoongi feels Hoseok pull out of him and winces slightly.

“Sorry, was I too rough?” Hoseok looks at him with worried eyes.

Yoongi takes Hoseok’s hand, brings it to his lips and licks a long stripe of cum from his palm, “No, you were just right.”

“Good. I’m going to shower,” Hoseok kisses Yoongi’s cheek.

As the bathroom door shut, a pang of shame goes through Yoongi’s body. He quickly takes all of his stuff and dresses up. Yoongi opens the bedroom door and finds Hoseok’s dog resting on the floor. Praying it wouldn’t bark, Yoongi tip-toes his way of out Hoseok’s apartment, running all the way back to his car. Yoongi takes his driver’s seat and starts the car.

The shame catches up to him after he stops in front of his own apartment, wanting to go back, wanting to feel Hoseok’s hands back on his body. But the sane mind he has still left within himself reminds him of their breakup, the anger he felt after finding out Hoseok had cheated on him, blaming himself for letting that happen, not being home enough.

Yoongi remembers about the beer in his grocery bags and steps out the car, deciding to drink the guilt and shame away.