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A Gray Line

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Phillip wiped the cuffs of his finely pressed suit against the pencil cup, removed a pencil, and pretended to kill himself.

The act was quite menial in the cacophony that was being a CEO of a somewhat major lumber corporation, the after result of a coffee cup stain on important papers and three Advil this morning in comparison to the daily two. The lead tip dragged across his stomach to his upper chest, creating a fine line of granite only the most hard pressed would notice. The doors to his office remained firmly sealed. He felt a sort of power from the separation. Furthermore, he had come to terms with the fact that he always had.

In any case, boredom was a more powerful drug than any pain reliever he could hope to come across.

Somehow, the whimsy of the dark act reminded him of a sprig of red hair and a summer’s breeze. But these thoughts were traded in for another stack of in papers and a sigh.