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Bun in the Oven

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“Knocked up?” Fusco stared blankly at Carter. “Like baby knocked up? Wonder Boy’s got like a Bun in the Oven deal going on?”

Carter nodded, “Seems like.” She pulled her coat tighter around her and watched the crowds to make sure no one was listening. Fusco, however, didn't seem to care that they were out on the street, in broad daylight, discussing the soon to be child of two gentlemen that for all intents and purposes could get them arrested or killed for even knowing.

“And here I’ve been takin' lip service from-” Fusco shook his head. “So who’s the lucky father?”

Carter raised and eyebrow and gave Fusco a significant look.

It took a second, but the pieces fell into place. “You’re kidding! Him? He's an-“

He was interrupted by a cell phone trill. Carter picked up and put it on speaker.

“As much a discussion of my sexual prowess would be fascinating to listen to, I have a job for you two.”

“So now Wonder Boy’s out of commission, we have to do all the heavy lifting?”

“Mr. Reese will continue to do his work, though some of his more dangerous proclivities will have to be scaled back.”

“I’m sure that was a fun conversation.” There was silence on the other end and both Carter and Fusco winced. “You know what, forget I asked.”

“Gladly Mr. Fusco.”