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Reality Check

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"So do you wanna rehearse the scene or wing it?" Eliza asked Alycia as they sat in Eliza's trailer going through the script.
"Well we didn't really rehearse the first kiss." Alycia said grinning at Eliza from across the couch with Alycia's legs on top of Eliza's lap.

Eliza glimpsed up from the script and automatically locked eyes with Alycia as she smirked at her then looked back down at the pages. Eliza felt heat rush to her cheeks thinking about the first time her and Alycia kissed. At first, Eliza didn't know how she felt about kissing Alycia, but kept telling herself Clarke is Lexa's soulmate. She just doesn't know it yet. I have to make this convincing for the audience. Eliza would never admit it, but she was nervous about their first kiss. Eliza walked around the set and exuded confidence. She never second-guessed herself in a scene and just went with whatever her gut told her which always ended in amazing results.

Her first kiss with Alycia wasn’t passionate. It wasn’t something that screamed “Holy shit I wanna fuck the commander till her legs gives out.” No. It was nothing like that. Clarke hadn’t even known the kiss was about to happen until she stared into Lexa’s eyes. Those green eyes that were accentuated by the black war paint. When Alycia leaned in to kiss Eliza, it felt as if the world had stopped and they forgot they were even filming. Eliza let herself relax into the kiss convincing herself

this is Clarke relaxing into this kiss, not me. Clarke would at first be surprised then ease into it and feel the safety that was Alycia’s lips.

Shit. I mean Lexa’s lips. Clarke and Lexa. These were the thoughts that were running through Eliza’s mind as she let the scene consume her. It was, in Clarke’s mind, a way to forget everything that’s happened/happening even if it was just for a few seconds. It was Lexa kissing Clarke that gave Clarke an escape from reality even if it was just for a few minutes.

It was a simple, sweet. Eliza thought day dreaming about their first kiss. “It was literally sweet.” Eliza whispered to herself. Alycia put on cherry chapstick and brushed her teeth right before the scene and it hadn’t gone unnoticed by Eliza when they shared that sensual kiss.

“What?’ Alycia perked up from the couch and looked at Eliza deep in thought staring at the script.

“Huh?” Eliza’s cheeks were pinker than a monkey’s ass when she looked up from the script and saw Alycia staring at her with this confused and concerned look on her face.

“I thought you said something” is all Alycia responded looking back down at the script.

Clarke shook her head then leaned over Alycia’s legs that were still propped up on her lap to grab her water bottle. Her throat was as dry as the Sahara Desert and she was thirsty as fuck. Alycia saw what was happening and was about to take her legs off Eliza’s lap when Eliza held them down tight and looked at Alycia.

“You’re fine. I got my water bottle. You don’t have to move.” Eliza said as she took a big gulp of water and put the cap back on.

“You could’ve asked me to hand you the water bottle you know..” Alycia smirked then ran a hand through her brown locks.

“True. But you looked so comfortable and focused. I didn’t wanna interrupt whatever wheels were turning inside that head of yours” Eliza gestured to her head and let out a small chuckle.

“Well how considerate of you, Eliza. I am, indeed, very comfortable and focused.” Alycia said enthusiastically and returning a soft chuckle of her own.

Little did Eliza know, Alycia was actually thinking about the first time they kissed too and pondering about ways to make this scene the most convincing and heart wrenching sex scene of all sex scenes to exist.

Alycia felt Eliza’s thumb gently caressing her shin as she was flipping through the pages. She won’t lie, it was a little distracting, but felt content and relaxed at the feeling. She thought about the scene some more and came to the conclusion that making the scene convincing wouldn’t be an issue at all.

When Alycia kissed Eliza for the first time in that tent, she felt comfortable. It didn’t feel like she was kissing someone of the same sex or someone who wasn’t her significant other. It felt natural like their chemistry on the set was way more than just on the set. She didn’t know if Eliza was just a really good actress or if maybe Eliza too felt the same way when their lips connected. Alycia shook these thoughts from her head and tried to get back to focusing on the scene in front of her.

Alycia glanced up and saw Eliza's thumb slowly making shapes on her shin of what looked like infinity signs as she read her script. It was an adorable site to watch. And feel.

Shit now I'm thirsty. Alycia turned her head slightly to see a water bottle in her peripheral vision standing on a drawer behind the arm rest she was leaning on. She didn't wanna move positions because she seriously was comfortable. It was a little farther back under a lamp shade. Alycia didn't want to turn around and grab it from fear that Eliza would stop what she was doing seeing her contorting her body to twist and grab the bottle then drop her legs on the ground. She did what she thought was her only option. Alycia arched her back extending her arms behind her trying to grasp the water bottle. She could feel the plastic and decided to arch her back a little bit more to grab it.

Eliza, on the other hand, was reading the lines when she glanced up and saw what was happening. Alycia's red top was sliding up her torso revealing her belly button. Alycia's skin looked so smooth and it took everything in Eliza's willpower to not lean over and grab her hips .Alycia's stomach was toned and flat. Eliza stared trying not to let drool escape her mouth as the brunette arched her back to the point that Eliza's thoughts began to wander.. that's how she would look like if she c-


Eliza looked over and saw the lamp fall from the drawer as Alycia grabbed the bottle then brought it over her head and had to find out the hard way that the cap was not on all the way spilling water all over her.

'OHMYGOD THATS COLD" Alycia cried out as she straightened up and Eliza let go of her legs to take the script off of her lap so it wouldnt get wet.

"Sure save the script who cares that there's water all over me" Alycia said sarcastically wiping the waters from her eyes and face

"Calm down Leashy I'm gonna get you a towel" Eliza couldn't hold in the grin that was begging to come out thinking about how sexy she thought Alycia was one second then her thoughts were literally cleansed a second later as she saw Alycia dump water on her own head. 

"Nice one you clumsy bitch" Alycia whispered to herself as Eliza disappeared to get a towel

Eliza sat back on the couch and handed her a towel. Eliza watched her dry herself off and couldnt contain her laughter anymore.

"What the hell were you doing?" Eliza said wiping tears from her eyes trying to stop her laughter

"I was thirsty and saw a water bottle behind i tried to grab it" Alycia responded hesitantly as she was trying to dry her hair with the towel

"You could've asked me to hand you a water bottle you know?" Eliza said mockingly and with a smirk as she remembered that's what Alycia said to her when she tried to get the water bottle from the table

Alycia glared at her, but couldn't help grin a little looking at Eliza's smile flash before her eyes.

"Don't make fun of me" Alycia said as she stood up and smacked Eliza on the arm with the wet towel

"Ow! don't smack me with your wet towel" Eliza fired back and tried to grab the towel from Alycia's hand

"Don't be a baby it doesn't even hurt" Alycia said in a mocking tone trying to hit Eliza again with the towel

This time, though,  Eliza was prepared. She caught the towel in her hand and pulled it thinking Alycia would let it go. But actually, Alycia kept a tight grip on the towel and Eliza ended up pulling Alycia on top of her on the couch. Both of Alycia's legs were on the side of Eliza's hips as they laughed and stared at each other not realizing the proximity of their faces. Alycia swallowed what little moisture she had in her mouth as she looked down at Eliza watching the blonde intently.

Eliza's lips parted, but couldn't think of anything to say. Her mind was racing. Her heart was palpating. What the fuck. What the fuck. What do i do. Do i kiss her? Do i push her off. God she smells nice.

Finally, Eliza was knocked out of the daze she was in when she suddenly felt cool water on her chest.
"Your wet hair is dripping on my chest" Eliza muttered the words loud enough so that Alycia can hear them

"Sorry" Alycia said as she got up off of Eliza and sat on the arm rest trying to compose herself.

What just fucking happened.. I was straddling her. I was straddling Eliza Taylor. I'm wet. My hair. My hair is wet .

Eliza grabbed the towel and wiped the wetness off her chest and Alycia looked up at the ceiling trying not to gawk at the blonde trying to get every drop of water before it slipped down her cleavage.

God is testing my ass. I just know it. Alycia looked back down and saw that she was done.

Eliza looked up at her and smiled. "That was a nice break. Lets get back to memorizing our lines." Eliza said joyfully and patted the empty space next to her signaling Alycia to sit down and continue going over their lines together

"That was so not a break, Eliza." Alycia said taking a seat next to her and grabbing her script off the table.

The two girls smiled at each other and began flipping pages.



“So” Eliza said in a hesitant voice looking over to Alycia.

The blonde doesn't know what came over her, but she missed the weight of Alycia's legs on her lap. She ended up grabbing Alycia's legs as if it was on instinct and hovered them over her lap allowing Alycia to position herself so her back was leaning against the arm rest again. Alycia smiled and her shoulders looked way more relaxed sitting this way then they were sitting boringly next to each other.

“Are we going to rehearse this scene or wing the shit out of it and impress our fellow co-stars and producers yet again?” Eliza said with a half grin and confidence in her voice

“Let’s wing it. It’s what we do best anyway.” Alycia said slyly winking at Eliza.