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A Bathroom Stall? Really?

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“They ditched us didn’t they?” at this point, Todoroki couldn’t even be surprised anymore.


“Mhm.” the shock value in this situation had been lost to Momo as well. Normally she would have been the more concerned out of the two but Uraraka’s unpredictability had worn her down over the years.


“Should we look for them?”


The bookish girl paused before responding to her not-so-recently declared boyfriend with a smile. “Actually, I have a better idea.”




“Don’t you think it was a little rude leaving them like that?” Izuku asked as his pants hit the floor. He shifted uncomfortably on the closed toilet seat. Of all the places that Uraraka had chosen for unexpected quickies, the women’s bathroom stall didn’t even reach Izuku’s top 10.


Straddling his waist, Uraraka kissed Izuku’s neck. “I’m sure they’re fine! They probably needed the privacy anyways.” she continued trailing kisses down to his collarbone as she playfully unbuttoned his mint green shirt.


“Then,” Izuku suppressed a light moan. “Wouldn’t they not invite us in the first place?”


The girl stopped her motions to shoot him an annoyed look. Sometimes this boy was too smart for his own good. “Well if you didn’t want me to suck your dick, you could have just said so.”


“Shutting up now.” Izuku said meekly. Uraraka’s teasing certainly had gotten better over the months since their relationship got to this point. She responded with a sly smirk and a peck on his cheek before going for his lips. She roughly kissed him, her tongue brushing along his lips for an entrance to which he generously obliged.


Uraraka’s hands traveled along his body, feeling the lean muscle that Izuku had accumulated over time. His body was damn perfect-maintaining just the right amount of bulk and still allowing him to remain his adorably handsome self.


“Wait.” Much to Izuku’s chagrin, her attack on his lips came to an abrupt pause. “Izuku?”


The boy stiffened. Had he done something wrong? Did he somehow manage to ruin the mood?


“Your hands.”




“Your hands!”


“...They’re on your waist.”


“Exactly!” Uraraka flashed him a mischievous smile. She shed her pink blouse and removed her bra, allowing her perky breasts to pop out. Placing her hands on both of his, she led them to each of her mounds. “Boop!” she chirped. “Much better.”


Her boobs had a perfect bounce to them while still being firm, her creamy white skin sensitive to his still somewhat inexperienced touch. Uraraka moaned as he kneaded them, closing her eyes and reveling in the pleasure he gave her.


“Dekuuuu…” she groaned.


Hearing her moan out his second name had aroused Izuku further. His boxers grew tighter, poking against Uraraka’s rear. “Looks like someone is ready.” she teased. Her hands soon went behind her, soft digits now running along his length. While his sex wasn’t huge, it still maintained an acceptable length, one that Uraraka had had the pleasure of enjoying before.


Nimbly, Uraraka squatted down until she was face-level with Izuku’s crotch. In minutes, his loins were completely bare. His dick throbbed as Uraraka took it in her hands, eying it hungrily.


“Are you ready?” she purred with half lidded eyes.


“Don’t choke.”


“No promises.”


Licking her lips in anticipation, Uraraka plunged her mouth onto his erection. Her tongue brushed along the underside of his length, causing Izuku’s lower body to quiver. He stifled a gasp as he watched his girlfriend go down on him. She bobbed her head ever so slowly, lapping at his penis.


“Oh God.” Izuku groaned out.


Even with her mouth full, Uraraka was able to smile in satisfaction. She reveled in knowing that only she was able to bring him to total bliss. At that point, there was little stopping her from ramming his entire length down her throat. Still she stopped herself. She wasn’t about to let the game end before it even began.


Her mouth released him with an audible pop. Uraraka placed a wet kiss on his lower abdomen, trailing up to his neck. Contently, Izuku watched her work her magic. At this point, she knew his body just as good, if not better than him. She had his weak spots memorized, able to leave him a shuddering mess in next to no time at all.


Uraraka peppered his sensitive skin with rough kisses, focusing just under the left side of his chin. Her mouth refused to release the tender skin until she knew for sure he had a hickey.


“And our plan for hiding that from Todoroki and Momo is?”


“Going to have to wait until you finish plowing me senseless.”


“...Fair enough.”


Izuku, now once again being straddled by his girlfriend, waited in anticipation. He felt Uraraka’s arousal hover over his manhood, her juices dripping onto him as she positioned herself. Her lower lips brushed the tip of his head, her moans only seemed to add to their growing libido.


Uraraka forced herself downward. Suppressing the urge to moan, she crashed her lips against Izuku’s sending whimpers down his throat. Chills flew down her spine as she hilted herself onto him. God why did he feel so good? She clamped herself around his erection so hard that she swore she could count how many veins were on it.


Izuku held Uraraka from her rear, his fingers practically glued to her cheeks. He ignored the scratch marks she was leaving on his back that he was sure was going to sting the next day. He held her in a tight embrace, resting his chin on her shoulder.


“D-do you want me to move?” he asked, tenderly kissing her neck.


Uraraka shivered as his heated breath met her skin. “Not yet.” she squeaked. They had done this many times before and still, she always needed a moment to catch herself once they connected. The fact that he still cared for her well being during sex only gave her more reason to want him.


Coming down from her high, the girl now managed to face Izuku, her expression giving him silent approval to move on. Gently, he lifted the girl from her hips. She moaned noisily as he pulled out from her and pressed back in.


Uraraka threaded her fingers around Izuku curly hair. To say that she was in heaven would have been the understatement of the century. The sound of their sweaty bodies slapping against each other filled the bathroom stall. For a moment, she wondered why they weren’t caught yet but that thought was lost amongst her rising pleasure.


“Deku…” she grasped at Izuku’s hair, her breathing becoming more and more labored. Over and over she repeated his name as though it was the only word in her vocabulary.


“Uraraka,” Izuku groaned. “I’m close.”


The ability to form coherent sentences returned to her but only for a moment. “M-me too...Inside please.”


Izuku fought back his orgasm for as long as he could, feeling the floodgates open with each thrust. The first strings of his hot semen burst, hitting Uraraka’s inner walls. He too couldn’t stop himself from moaning in absolute pleasure.


For a good few seconds, Uraraka lost feeling in her hips. The pleasure hit her harder than a truck, only allowing her to remain still as she let her boyfriend come down from his own orgasm.


The two teenagers basked in their afterglow, Izuku enjoying Uraraka’s newfound radiance and ignoring the realization that they had just had sex inside of a public bathroom.


“Keep that erection up, Champ!”


Izuku’s head immediately snapped back to reality. Before his mind registered that Uraraka didn’t reach her climax, she had already been grinding against his semi-hard penis. The poor boy did his best to keep up his length, just in time for Uraraka’s breaking point to reach. Her moans came out a few pitches higher than normal as she tightened their embrace, gripping the back of Izuku’s head for dear life.


“...Warn me next time you do that…” Izuku voice strained.


Her breathing returning to normal, she flashed him a playful smile. “You know I won’t.”


Their moment of passion now over, the two rushed to put back on their clothes, finally remembering that they could still get busted big time. Izuku wondered how they were going to apologize to Todoroki and Momo for just ditching them in the middle of their double date.


Hey guys, sorry but our teenage hormones suddenly decided that we needed to hump each other senseless.


Uraraka wonder just what they had been up to since they left.


Of course, the answer to that question found her just seconds after they had narrowly escaped the women’s bathroom unnoticed.


“Todoroki? Momo?”


The couple had found their friends escaping the men’s room adjacent to theirs. They both froze like deer in headlights. The two teenagers were just as disheveled as Izuku and Uraraka: Momo’s hair untied and slightly frizzled, Todoroki’s shirt now wrinkled and missing two of the top buttons. To top it all off, Todoroki’s neck had been littered with kiss marks and hickeys, not unlike Izuku.


The two couples stood in silence, waiting for someone to say something.


Unfortunately, Uraraka had been the first to speak. “So when are we doing this again?”