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Dueling For Love

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Enjyu sat at one of the tables in the currently empty café. He was glaring at a certain blond that was definitely standing way to close to a blue clad brunette. If looks could kill, Gray would be dust, but unfortunately for Enjyu, they can’t. The redhead growled. Goody-two-shoes Gray just had to volunteer to help Wen with the dishes. Did he just try to put his arm around Wen’s waist?! That was the last straw.


Enjyu stood up and stomped into the kitchen just as Biarce and Lienna entered the room. They both sighed. This had been going on for at least two weeks now and was starting to get ridiculous. Gray and Enjyu took every chance they came across to impress Wen and it usually ended with the two making fools of themselves.


Wen, of course, was totally oblivious to everything. Biarce sighed and started counting down on his fingers.






“Why the hell did you do that, Enjyu?!”


“Don’t pin this on me, blondie!”


“Don’t call me blondie! And why shouldn’t I blame you?! It’s your fault!”


“No, It’s not! You bumped into me!”


Both Enjyu and Gray were now completely covered in soap suds, yelling at each other over a broken plate. Wen laughed and started cleaning up the mess while they argued.


“Um…why don’t you guys go clean up? There’s not much left to do, I can handle it.” Wen dumped the broken plate remains into the garbage and started on the dishes again. Gray and Enjyu left the room, both fuming. “Now look what you did, Enjyu! I looked like a complete idiot!”


“You don’t need my help for that.”


“Why you-!”




Gray and Enjyu spun around and flushed when they realized they weren’t alone. Lienna had her arms crossed over her chest and was tapping her foot, angrily. Biarce was just watching in mild interest from one of the café’s chairs.


“Stop acting like children! If you like him, just tell him!” She stomped out of the room and slammed the door shut. Biarce started to laugh. “You guys are really pathetic, you know that?” Enjyu and Gray glared before heading upstairs to wash off.




Things were fairly peaceful by the time lunch rolled around. Enjyu and Gray were sitting on either side of Wen, glaring daggers at each other over the oblivious brunette. Li was sitting across from his brother, next to his boyfriend, Terry. Bull was sitting with Karat and Cain and Joshua were sitting next to them. The three of them were visiting from Neon City upon the insistence of one Yamato Delgado.


A small knock sounded at the door and Mie stood to answer it. On the other side of the door was a kid dressed in colorful clothing, holding a stack of flyers. He handed her one and scampered off. Mie scanned her eyes over the paper before heading back inside.


“Guess what? There’s a carnival in town.” Both Gray and Enjyu turned their attention from each other to Mie. “Does anyone want to go?” The group exchanged looks for a moment then a chorus of “yes” sounded and Mie smiled. “Okay. Finish eating and clean up and we can go.”




Gray was up in his room, brushing his hair when he heard a knock at the door. Before he could even get up to answer it, Enjyu kicked the door open and stepped in. Gray glared.


“What do you want?”


The redhead smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. “To settle this once and for all, blondie.” Gray raised an eyebrow and waited for him to continue. “This carnival is the perfect thing to decide who gets Wen. Whoever impresses him the most gets him. The other has to back off. Deal?” Enjyu extended his hand to Gray. The blonde stared at it as he thought for a moment before taking ahold of it.