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Embrace the gay

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France stood at the large door before him and knocked softly in a smooth rhythm. The door swung open to reveal China wearing his usual mandarin jacket, pants, and red slippers. "Oh, hello France. What are you doing here-aru?" China asked in his native accent. "How long has it been since we last hung out? I just thought we should hang out today." France purred. "England kicked you out again, didn't he-aru?"

"I don't get why Angleterre refuses to be with me!" France leaned onto China's shoulder as he led him inside and shut the door. "Wanna do a makeover?" China cooed softly. France immediately cheered up and let out a loud 'yes' while China giddily searched the hello kitty-filled room for some makeup and hair products. China set up all of his things on the floor and sat down with France. "I try and I try, but Angleterre doesn't seem to notice how much I want him back." France ranted. "I'm sure that England will get over it one day. But you can't stress over it! You'll get wrinkles!" (Haha. Yes I just did that) China warned. "You're right but..." France trailed off as China started applying makeup to his face. "Tell you what, you go call up the bad touch trio and have a good time tonight, and tomorrow at the World Conference Meeting you can dye my hair pink!" China cheered. "Okay!" France cheered. China walked him home (they ended up having to take a plane instead after a couple hours because it took them that long to remember that they lived in different countries).

France called up Prussia first, and he picked up on the first beep. "Ja? Ze awesome Prussia speaking." Prussia gasped into the phone. France internally thanked whatever god that was watching (he didn't really want to be the guy in the back of the bar drinking alone). "It's France. Do you by chance have any plans for tonight?" France asked politely. "No. Other than getting ze hell out of za house before West kills me!" France heard a loud shriek and the sound of glass breaking. "Meet me at the usual spot?" France asked. "Ja!" another yell and broken glass sounded before Prussia hung up. 

Next he called Spain, who picked up just before the phone went to voicemail. "Hola? Spain speaking." a voice said lazily from the other side. "It's France. Prussia and I are going to the bar tonight if you wanted to come?" France said. "Sì. The usual?" Spain asked. "Yes, mon ami." France answered quietly. Spain immediately understood. It was silent for a moment before Spain spoke again. "Then let's have an amazing time tonight!" Spain said enthusiastically before he hung up.