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September 5th, 1931
“Louis do you know why you’re here?”

Louis slowly looks to the man behind the desk, the man who has asked this question two other times, each worded very differently. He looks around, the walls very bland and plain, the large window behind the desk covered with shades to keep the outside world from looking in. There is nothing appealing about this room, it smells of dust and rust, and the only few things in this room is the desk, file cabinets in the corner, and two chairs in front of the desk, which obviously has one occupied by Louis. The man in front of him is dressed in a white button down, tucked into black dress pants with a black tie to complete it all. His jet black hair is slicked back into a quiff, and the name tag clipped to his button down reads Dr. Zayn Malik.

Oh Louis knows. He remembers clearly what happened.

August 29th, 1931
“Thank you so much, Louis. Seriously, you’re the bestest friend I’ve ever had.” Liam smiled, looking down to the picnic Louis had set up. It was the perfect afternoon for this, the sky was completely clear of clouds, the temperature was just right- on the verge of a hot summer temperature, but not a boiling hot. It was Liam’s birthday, and Louis wanted to give him a beautiful afternoon picnic because that’s normally what they did together on lovely afternoons like these.

“C’mon! Let’s eat! I got us pastries from the bakery you love.” Louis grinned, sitting down with Liam sitting across from him. They place the picnic basket in the middle and begin taking everything out, laughing at jokes and feeding eat other like they normally do. In Louis’ mind, Liam was a saint; he cherished him and did everything he could to make him happy. He felt that today was the day, that it was the right time to tell Liam his big secret, something he had been hiding for quite the while.
As Liam took a sip of the sparkling grape juice, Louis began.

“Liam I need to tell you something.”

Liam nodded and set the glass down beside him. “Alright.”

Louis reached over to grab his best friend’s hand, looking at him with a small smile. “Liam I know this might sound crazy, but I-” He paused for a moment, nervously gulping as Liam raised an eyebrow. “But I, I think I’m in love with you.”

He watched as Liam furrowed his eyebrows, shaking his head with a laugh leaving his lips. “That’s probably the best joke you’ve cracked today, Lou.” He continued to laugh, letting go of Louis’ hand to cover his mouth with his own hand, trying to contain the laughter.

“It’s not a joke.”

And when Liam saw the look in Louis’ eyes, the seriousness they held, his face fell and the air between them grew increasingly tense.

“Louis, that’s-” Liam stopped for a moment. “That’s not right-”

“It feels right! To me it does! I wanna be more than friends, Liam! Don’t you feel it too?” Louis looked at him with pleading eyes. He for sure knew that Liam loved him like he did, he always saw that look in his eyes that read ‘god I love you.’ Why’s he pushing that away?

“No Louis, that’s so gross.” Liam spoke with a disappointed tone in his voice. He’s losing him; Louis cannot let that happen. Louis needed him in his life, he wouldn’t let him go. So without thinking, he leaned over and smashed his lips to Liam’s, reaching a hand to the back of his head to hold it in place, so he could kiss him longer. They were soft, and tasted of sweet grape from the sparkling juice and raspberry from the last pastry he ate. Liam struggled to get out of Louis’ grip, yelling incoherent words as Louis’ tongue licked over Liam’s bottom lip. He wanted more but Liam wouldn’t budge.
Louis then reached a hand down to Liam’s jeans, trying to unbutton and unzip them because he wanted more than just this kiss. He could hear Liam whimpering, mostly in fear as Louis reached his hand down through the jeans, through his boxers until the tip of Liam's cock was in Louis' view.

But before he could further touch, Louis was finally forcefully pushed away, falling onto his back as Liam quickly stood up with tears rapidly streaming down his cheeks from obvious embarrassment.

“You disgusting faggot!” Liam yelled, zipping up his jeans and shoving the button through it’s hole. He kicked over the basket as he yelled, “your parents will hear about this! That’s not right, Louis!” Louis watched as his ex best friend stormed off to the parking lot, leaving him feeling abandoned and heartbroken.

It was worse at home. By the time he got back home and disposed of everything that reminded him of that moment, his parents were already yelling at him about how fucked up he was, about how much of a disgrace he was to the family.

“This type of stuff does not go on in this family, Louis William!” His mother slapped him across the cheek. She then turned to his father, and spoke with the coldest voice he had ever heard. “Find an asylum that's farthest from here. I don’t want him here, ever again.”

“Louis?” Louis zones back in, Dr. Malik's voice a bit distant from his mind as he looks back up, slowly blinking his eyes. Emotionally, he was in pain, pain because he has lost everything ever going for him. Everything he thought felt right; that being sexually attracted to his best friend, who was a boy, was completely right. It felt normal, but in society it’s not.

"I’m fucked up for liking boys.” Louis mumbles in response.”

“That’s right Louis. And here at Bradley Bay, we’re going to fix you and make sure that you know that you’re supposed to like girls, not guys. That’s why you’re here. This is just a hiccup in your sexuality. You’ll be sexually attracted to girls in no time, and then you’ll be free. All you have to do is cooperate. Do I make myself clear?"

Everything that Dr. Zayn Malik has to say goes through Louis’ left ear, and out his right ear. He has nothing to be sorry for; he doesn’t feel bad for wanting cock when he should really want vagina. Nothing can ever fix him, and they’ll realize that sooner than later.