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It wasn't easy climbing the corporate ladder at Hyperion. Good work ethic and productivity only got you so high. Then it became who you knew, not what you knew, and moreover, what you'd be willing to do.

For alphas, it was all corporate murder and intimidation. Betas tended a more subtle route of sabotage and blackmail. And for omegas, the quickest way to climb the ranks was on your back.

Rhys didn't think it was anything to be ashamed of. Barely anyone he knew were sinless in their thirst for power and promotions. Maybe some were better at hiding it, but no one got to where he was without working for it, and boy how he did.

Not that Rhys would call getting bent over and pounded into work. Shit, he reveled in the fact that alphas or betas and sometimes the odd omega were biting at the chomp for a piece of him. It made his climbing the corporate ladder more like a pleasant lift ride up. Maybe they all weren't exactly his ideal type of lay, but it got the work done.

Vaughn sometimes envied how easy it seemed for the omega. They helped one another climb the ranks, as best bros were wont to do. But where Vaughn might get stuck trying to find material on someone to gently suggest he be promoted over someone else, Rhys just had to turn on the charm, pout his lips, and play to the alpha’s weakness and either blow them or let them fuck him. It was usually always easiest with alphas.

Frankly, Vaughn thought Rhys got the better end of the deal.

“Yeah, but you don't have to deal with the bullshit of heats or people discounting you for your endotype and have to watch your back all the time for opportunists on top of it all,” Rhys was telling the beta as they ate lunch in the food court.

“I have to deal with your heats.” Rhys snorted into his soda while Vaughn looked annoyed. “And I do gotta watch my back. For a knife.”

“Okay okay yeah,” the omega conceded.

“And betas are always getting passed over for alphas,” he grumbled, poking at his chicken salad. “At least you don't have to blackmail anyone. I wish I didn’t know half of what I did. You'd be surprised what some of the executives on this floor are into.” Vaughn made a face as he thought to himself, still moving his salad around with his fork.

“No I wouldn't,” Rhys told him with a sour look.

Vaughn put the fork down and pushed the salad away from himself. “Ew bro.”

“It's not all fun and orgasms,” the omega told him with an eye roll. “And they're not all Mr. Vargas.”

Vaughn flushed at the name. Rhys had gotten them quite the rise in rank when they'd just barely started at Hyperion, catching the eye of one of his supervisors’ boss. He'd spent the better part of a night with the attractive executive who had also been very giving, and not just with the consequent promotion. The things the alpha had done to him and he'd done back still gave him good jerk-off material. He had frankly been disappointed when nothing else had come of it, but satisfied with their promotion. He'd relayed everything in detail to Vaughn when he’d informed him that they wouldn't be interning with the dregs anymore. It was the kind of story that stuck with you in the best of ways.

Rhys had ridden that man as high as possible until now he was a fond but distant memory. The other executives he'd had to take to his knees or back for weren't nearly as attractive, giving, or hell, interested in the omega even getting off. It wasn't as simple or as fast once they were in the big leagues. Even if Vaughn thought it was a bit easier.

“How's that account you've been working on?” Rhys asked the beta, stealing a piece of chicken from his salad.

“Vettermin and Clyde are trying to steal it out from under me,” Vaughn groused. “I've got dirt on Clyde if he doesn't back off, but man I don't know… My numbers are good but I'm a little concerned.”

“Wish I could help.”

“No you don't. Vettermin’s hideous.”

Rhys laughed hard at the grimace on Vaughn’s face, thinking he was probably right. Besides, he was working on his own boss to try to get the new assistant position he'd been coveting. There were several qualified candidates, but among them was Vasquez, a beta he considered his arch-nemesis. Vasquez was as good with sabotage and blackmail as Rhys was with his mouth, and it had the omega rather on edge.

Rhys had been worried he’d be passed over despite his best efforts as Vasquez had been the pick lately to do Mr. Henderson’s errands. They were competing, trying to prove who would be the better pick to serve him. The position might not be filled yet, but there was a meeting scheduled with the upper levels and Henderson was absolutely going to need a temporary assistant with him to take notes. And Vasquez was using every dirty trick in the book to beat Rhys to the chase.

But Rhys had seen that coming, and had created an opportunity to run into Henderson’s boss, sweet-talking and flirting with the alpha, mentioning his current endeavors and the securities issues he’d personally handled that had saved his department’s ass, and how he wished he could put his skills to work for the alphas on their floor. A pat on the ass and a broom-closet blowjob later and it was Rhys temporarily assigned to the meeting with Henderson, not Vasquez.

That was how Rhys found himself in a room full of stuffy alphas arguing over percentages and productivity and generally who had the bigger knot. It was boring and unsatisfying except that Handsome Jack himself was there, growling at the executives to shut up and asking how they might increase their efficiency if he airlocked half of them. Rhys was extremely excited to be there, stealing looks at the man he not-so-secretly idolized, listening to his voice as he threatened and growled at the others in the room.

It was probably a little pathetic on his part, but Rhys was sure this was one of the best days of his life, being this close to the CEO. He wasn’t sure which scent in the room might belong to Handsome Jack-- far too many people to tell- but every now and again he’d catch a whiff of something he liked, and it made things tend to fly by.

It was exciting as far as a budgetary meeting could be-- CEO notwithstanding- and Rhys had to remind himself that he actually wanted this position and that if he got it, it would be more of the same. Well, if he got to peek at the top alpha on the station sometimes and gloat to Vasquez about it, then Rhys considered it all worthwhile. Especially when him and Henderson had returned from the meeting, and the rival beta was glaring at him with undisguised hate.

Vasquez sneered and growled, and Rhys bared his teeth back in superior smile. And he gloated, oh how he gloated.

Was Vasquez aware that Handsome Jack himself was at that meeting they’d just come from? And that Rhys had served him coffee (technically he'd set it out but it still counted)? Did Vasquez want to know what the most powerful alpha alive smelled like? As if he’d ever get a chance to know himself. He just laughed as Vasquez visibly seethed, and the omega followed his boss back to his office with the meeting notes and all paperwork he'd brought with.

Within the office, stressed from the meeting, Henderson made it very clear to Rhys that the assistant position was his if he wanted it. If he wanted it, that is.

An unsatisfying fuck later when the man had even tried to knot him-- but his knot wasn't even big enough to stay in the younger man- Rhys left with a semi-hard on and maybe a little less dignity, but he was more than smug over the matter of being promoted over the beta.

Just the look on Vasquez’ face was worth it.


Rhys spent his time fetching coffee, making copies, and writing notes with general boredom as he continually reminded himself that he'd gone great lengths to get where he was right now.

He didn't think he'd be seeing Mr. Henderson's boss again. Or for the alpha to mention that Henderson was getting on in years and his position might be coming open. That was shocking in of itself for the implication, and it gave the omega a lot to think about as the alpha openly eyed him before they’d parted ways.

More shocking was the next meeting he accompanied Henderson to a few weeks later. Rhys took notes and did his duty, but he realized eyes were on him the entire time. Not just Henderson’s boss, who had implied that the omega could be seeing a promotion in the near future, but Handsome Jack himself.

The CEO was boring holes into him as he sat there getting slightly flustered and concerned to be the subject of such a powerful alpha’s gaze, the expression on the man’s face contemplative and thinking.

It was as exciting as it was worrying. He wasn't sure why the older man kept staring at him throughout the meeting, and quickly went through his mind of what he'd done lately to possibly incur the man's wrath. Nothing immediately came to mind (blackmail wasn’t necessarily his thing, and he certainly hadn’t killed anyone), so he tried to focus on note-taking and assisting his boss, and not looking at the most powerful alpha on the entire station.

When the meeting was over, everyone getting up to leave and cheap comments launched at each other, Handsome Jack told him to stay. Rhys stuttered where he stood, eyes flicking to his boss before settling on the CEO. Henderson looked worried but had no problem abandoning him to the CEO. No big surprise there.

“I haven't seen you around before,” the older man told him, right up in his personal space as Rhys stood there dumbly, and God, the alpha’s musky smell was delicious and overpowering. This was what he’d gotten little teasing scents of before. He smelled like leather and cool water and radiated power, and Rhys realized with embarrassment that he could feel himself slickening just from being in his presence. He suppressed a pleased shiver as the alpha looked him over with a smile.

“I-I'm Henderson’s assistant. Only recently, Handsome Jack, sir,” Rhys stuttered, hoping the blush on his face wasn't too bad. He was deeply inhaling the older man's scent without shame and oooh this was everything an alpha should smell like. What did he want? What did he want from him? Rhys was so overcome he almost missed Jack's question.

“What’s your name?”

“Ah, Rhys, sir.”

Rhys, huh? And drop the ‘sir’ shit. Call me Jack, kiddo.”

The alpha was studiously eyeing his face, nostrils flaring. Rhys thought he might lose it as he realized the alpha was getting a scent on him.

“Let’s hear it. How’s my name sound on your lips? Come on then.”

“J-Jack,” the omega stuttered, his brain being scrambled by the situation he was in. When the alpha chuckled at his voice, Rhys was afraid he was going to lose it at the sound. He’d never heard Handsome Jack laugh like that, and he obsessively listened to every one of the announcements the older man had ever made.

“And legs for days,” the CEO commented as he looked him up and down before locking mismatched eyes with him. “I've heard good things about you,” the alpha told him, the tone of his voice low and driving shivers up the omega's back. Jack took his chin in his hand, brushing his thumb just under his bottom lip, and Rhys made a whine in the back of his throat which made the alpha smirk. “Mainly about how good you are with your mouth.”

Rhys didn't think twice before dropping to his knees before the alpha, and Jack barked out a laugh of surprise with wide eyes and brows high on his masked face looking down at the omega looking up at him; waiting for instruction.

He always did appreciate enthusiasm.

“Shit, eager too. I'm liking you already, kiddo,” the older man told him, brushing fingers through Rhys’ hair and ruining the style. The omega didn't even care. “How'd you like to sample the premium goods, hm?”

Rhys was nodding enthusiastically, feeling at a dumb loss for words. This was beyond anything he'd expected. He never thought he'd be on his knees for Handsome Jack. Maybe several fantasies about this, sure. But actually doing it? This was a level he never dreamed of achieving.

“Words, cupcake.” Jack gave a gentle tug on his hair to make him look up, the alpha’s gaze on him dirty and excited. “I know my hotness brings everyone to their knees but are you actually into it?

Rhys was rather dumbfounded as he sat on his heels, looking up at the CEO who just smelled so fucking good and his pants slightly tented against his zipper and he couldn't think straight with everything the powerful alpha before him represented. Was he asking his consent? This was uncharted territory for the omega. He didn't understand why he wasn’t already blowing him, and it took a minute to process.

Jack was removing his hand from his hair and Rhys quickly snatched it back. Jack's skin was warm and not overly soft and he smelled so damn good it was distracting. The alpha gave him an impatient look.

“Look kiddo, I ain't interested if you're not into it. Even if it is weird, I mean, it's me we're talking about, but can't expect everyone to have good taste.”

“No, no,” Rhys quickly spoke up, finding his voice and scared the alpha would go away. Rhys massaged entreatingly at the hand he still held between his own as Jack allowed him to hold on. “I want to-- Please. It's just… No one's ever really asked before.”

The older man gave him a grimace. “What kinds of shitheads are you hanging around, princess?”

Rhys cocked his head a moment before he looked up at the alpha like it was obvious. “Executives.”

The CEO laughed and brought his hands back into Rhys’ hair, drawing strands through his fingers a lot more gently than the omega would have ever expected. “Dime a dozen knotheads. Well cupcake, let's get one thing straight,” Jack gave his hair another gentle tug to make sure he absolutely had the younger man's attention. “Handsome Jack doesn't do things half-assed. It’s all or nothing. Are you into it?”

Rhys nodded obediently as he muttered a litany of ‘yes yes please yes’, and the alpha smirked and let up on the pressure on his hair. Rhys’ hands were shaky in excitement as he ran them up the alpha's powerful thighs, squeezing and trying to sear the feeling into his fingertips. Jack chuckled as Rhys coyly went for his zipper and looked up at the alpha for tacit consent. The older man pet his hand through his hair and gave the omega a grin.

“Have at it, sweetheart.”

He wasted no time in freeing the man's half-hard cock from its confines, nostrils flaring in pleasure at the lack of any underwear. He secretly wondered if it was Christmas. Christmas and his birthday and Mercenary Day and all the sock shopping sprees and promotions in the world all rolled up into one.

Rhys used every trick in the book that he’d honed through working his way up the corporate ladder. Varying suction, licks, flicks of the tongue, care with his fingers. A shit blowjob wouldn’t get anyone promoted; Rhys considered himself a humble expert in the professional art of sleeping his way to the top. His skills didn’t only get him to where he was, but Vaughn as well. That’s how good he was with his body. But he had no idea where or how Handsome Jack had gotten wind of him. Though, knowing the way Hyperion was always watching, the alpha probably knew a lot more than Rhys wanted to know.

That didn’t seem to matter to the older man though. The way he groaned and encouraged the omega with increasingly harsh breaths, tugging on his head but letting Rhys work his magic… It seemed to be just the ticket for the alpha. Rhys’ cock throbbed in his pants and his hole clenched around empty slickness, wanting, but he was entirely focused on the experience before him, thrice nearly activating his echoeye to imprint it for all time in his memory. Cautious fear alone kept him from doing it.

Jack came down his throat and Rhys hummed in pleasure as he did, the man’s fingers tangled in his hair as his cock lurched in the omega’s mouth.

He'd gotten Handsome Jack off. Him. He'd had the top alpha’s cock in his mouth and pleasured the man to quite some heights if those groans were anything to go by. He was on his knees and his pride was through the damn roof as he swallowed everything the older man gave him until Jack eventually pulled him off with a satisfied chuckle.

“Is that for me, princess?” the alpha asked as he looked down at the omega with satisfaction.

Rhys’ lips were puffy, red from his exertions, and eyes dilated with lust. Rhys was tenting his pants something terrible, and there was a small wet spot leaked through to the front. He was also leaking slick and was sure there would be a wet spot at the back as well. He was turned on like crazy just from blowing the older man, and the alpha seemed pleased with the prospect.

Jack was stroking fingers through Rhys’ hair as he looked down at him with a smirk. “Want me to take care of that for you, sweetheart?” Jack laughed at the whimper Rhys gave in response, and he pulled him up on unsteady legs. “Shit you're pretty,” Jack commented again as the omega whined pleas at him, thunderstruck that the older man wanted to do something about the state of his cock when everyone else just tended to send the omega away. The alpha trailed a hand down the front of his slacks, and Rhys pressed himself into his palm as the older man smirked. “Turn around, sugar.”

Rhys eagerly did as he was told, listening to the alpha’s voice and doing everything he told him with impatient eagerness. He thought he was going to topple over the table in front of him as the alpha pressed against his back, engulfing him further in his scent and catering to everything inside the omega that his instincts wanted. As he pressed his ass back towards the older man subconsciously, Jack chuckled and snaked arms around his front as he stuck his face into Rhys’ neck.

“You smell pretty damn good, buttercup. You know that?” he spoke as his hands undid Rhys’ belt and zip. “I’ve smelled some pretty nice omegas but you smell good enough to eat.” Rhys whimpered, not knowing whether he wanted to press back into the alpha or into the hand currently freeing his cock from it’s confines.

The alpha scented up his neck with his nose as he took the omega’s cock up in his hand, copious precome making the firm slide absolutely euphoric as the alpha started stroking him. On the one hand, Rhys was worried, because he knew he was going to come entirely too soon from all his senses overstimulated and wanted to drag out the experience as long as humanly possible. On the other hand, he was desperate to come, cock throbbing for release and balls close against his body.

“Cute little cock for an omega, too,” the older man said gruffly in his ear as he still scented about his neck. “Anyone taking care of you at home, sweetheart?”

“ no. Pleeeease,” Rhys whined as he thrust into the alpha’s fist desperately, feeling his orgasm build. So close. So very very close.

Jack chuckled in his ear as his thumb brushed over the sensitive glans and he gently bit the younger man’s earlobe. “Don’t you worry, Rhysie. I’ll take care of it all right now, hm?” Rhys made a strangled noise in his throat at the way the older man said his name, and he was coming as Jack was whispering to him to do just that, his tone somehow filthy and wonderful and commanding all at once.

Rhys’ hips were jerking into Jack’s strong, warm hand as he gripped the table before him with loud and dirty noises. Jack continued stroking him through his orgasm, milking every last drop of release from him to splatter the conference room carpet. Frankly it was an improvement to the space that reeked of alpha testosterone and egotistic pissing matches. Now the room smelled like a happy omega that had been fucked within an inch of his life. And the alpha had only given him a simple handjob.

Fuck, that's good sweetheart,” Jack breathed into the omega's neck in appreciation as Rhys made whined gasps, the tremors slowly dying down. “Real good.” Jack nibbled at the side of his neck, still gently stroking his oversensitive shaft with his thumb as he spoke to the omega. “Don't fuck anyone else, princess,” the alpha growled. “Handsome Jack doesn't share.”

Rhys just whined in agreement as he arched his head to the side so Jack could nibble at more flesh there. The CEO chuckled as he eventually let go of the omega's softening cock, muttered how fucking good he smelled, like fresh baked cookies and honey, and that he'd definitely be seeing him again soon.


Rhys lay in bed that night nearly jerking himself into a coma as he worked an omega aid in and out of himself over the memory. Handsome Jack wanted a repeat. Moreover, he'd told him he didn't share. The territorial statement made Rhys groan on a baser, instinctual level at the thought of being Handsome Jack's personal plaything.

It didn’t occur to him, however, that though he'd decided to put a stopper in his rank climbing activities since Handsome Jack was the top of the ladder, that the other alphas around him weren't necessarily aware of the development.

Rhys’ willing reputation for favor trading was about to seriously blow up in his face.