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It's my job to keep you safe

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It was no secret that Q didn't always play by the rules. In fact, the Quartermaster frequently broke the rules by going off board to help his agents, 007, particularly. However, the world would be in shambles if there were no following of rules at all, and Q held this belief close to his heart. So in day to day business, Q liked to closely follow the rules.

In MI6, new rules found their way about in the form of memos. They were paper memos, but M liked some things to be old fashioned, so there was nothing Q could do about that. Q made sure that everyone in his branch followed the rules stringently. Other branches, however, didn't always have the same kind of respect for the rules. The double-ohs, for example, usually left the memos piling up on their (very rarely touched) desks. But Q wouldn't stand for that sort of nonsense. Rules are rules for reasons, of course.

Today, three new memos had been placed on Q's desk, carefully arranged from important to least important, left to right (Q trained his people well). The first two memos were about budget changes. Q didn't pay too much attention to them, because they had nothing to do with Q branch. The third one though, regarded safety procedures.

All members of Q branch are required to wear bulletproof vests in the building.

Q frowned. That seemed a little strange, but since there had been a shooting just a couple of months ago, Q shrugged and accepted it. He would have to go dig one of the small extras out. His staff would figure their own things out; they were pretty self-sufficient. So during lunch, Q found a working prototype of a bulletproof vest, and slipped it on under his cardigan. He took a glance in the bathroom mirror. He looked a bit bulkier, but not all that bad. It seemed a bit like overkill, but it wasn't exactly a stupid idea, so Q though no more about it.