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Dean and Castiel were excited as they exited Dean’s black Impala, which he had gotten from his dad on his 21st birthday, and stepped out into the street in front of their new apartment building in a more quiet end of town.

After four years of being together and just having finished college together, they were finally getting a place of their own.

They had moved into a medium sized city, only forty minutes away from where Dean’s parents lived. It had taken them a little while to find a suitable apartment, but they had started looking for one in good time, so by the time they graduated from college they already had an apartment to move into. Hopefully they would spend many happy years together in this place.

In the building both humans, demons and angels lived in the different apartments, and the landlord of the place didn’t care much who moved in it as long as he got money every month.

Dean unlocked the door to their new apartment, which was on the 4th floor, and he and Castiel stepped into it, looking around.

Castiel looked around their new home with a big smile on his face; excited to finally have a place of his own together with Dean. They had shared a room through all their 4 years in college, but this was different – they were going to be a real family now.

The apartment had an entrance hall when you stepped inside, from which you walked into the main room which had the kitchen section on the right side, the dining section on the other side of the kitchen towards the windows, and the left side of the room was the living room. The living room was very light because it faced west and sunlight came into it during the day and in the evening. In the entrance hall there was a door on the left which let into one of the bedrooms. In the living room there were 2 doors leading into 2 different bedrooms. On the right side of the entrance hall there was a door to the bathroom, which was modern and big, and was on the other side of the kitchen wall. Behind the master bedroom was a small room which Castiel could use for working from home which he did whenever his heat was close.

The place was in good condition and was newly renovated.

Dean smiled when he saw Cas’ excited face and how his beautiful wings twitched with excitement as he looked around.

“It looks like we’re getting pretty much what we asked for Cas,” Dean said. “A nice kitchen, big living room, bathroom with a bathtub, and 4 bedrooms – big enough for the kids,” he grinned.

Castiel scowled at him. “Dean,” he muttered, blushing. They didn’t have any children yet, but sometimes Dean would bring up the topic.

Dean laughed at his mate’s embarrassment with the topic and walked over to wrap his arms around the angel from behind, careful to not hurt the sensitive, beautiful wings of his mate. Castiel relaxed in his embrace, and Dean leaned down to softly kiss his neck. Castiel purred.

“I’m just saying that it will have enough space for when that time comes,” Dean said, rubbing his hands over Cas’ flat stomach.

“I know, but we are not ready for that yet, Dean. We are only just moving in,” Castiel said, firmly.

Dean rolled his eyes. “You’re like my mom sometimes.”

“And your mother is a wise woman, Dean,” Castiel said, smirking.

“More scary than wise sometimes,” Dean muttered and stepped away from the angel. “Do you still like the place?” he asked, smiling. They hadn’t been there since just before the last renovations were complete, so now it looked newer and better.

“Yes, Dean, I like it very much,” Castiel replied with a smile.

Dean smiled back and they waited together for the delivery guys to appear with their ordered furniture.



In the next couple of weeks they settled into the apartment with their new furniture, and Castiel used his sense for design and order to place the furniture in a strategic good position and to make their home look nice and modern. Dean himself would never have been able to put the furniture in such good places as Cas did – he would have naturally just thrown them into whatever corner they fit into.

Dean’s parents and Sam had helped them move and arrange the furniture, and Mary had been very excited that they lived so close to Dean’s hometown.

Dean had quickly found a job in the town as a mechanic, which he already enjoyed a lot. His boss, Rufus (a friend of Bobby’s), was a great man who gave Dean a good amount of money for his work. He worked on cars as well as construction machines, and sometimes he even got to help repairing helicopters – something he had learned in college. Before they had moved, Dean had also taken part-time jobs as a mechanic in order to save money so they could buy a place together.

Castiel was settling into his new work as well. He had just started working for a company that delivered items used in films to Hollywood. Castiel was making paintings (originals and copies) used in films, and making sculptures from foam mostly, which was often used in films as statues or decorations on buildings, ships, etc. Each project took a long time to complete, and sometimes he could work from home, and the pay was good. When the opportunity would come, Castiel had also painted portraits for private persons who wanted family portraits, which he also made a lot of money on during his college years.

They had lived in the place for about a month now.

When Dean came home one night from a long day at work, Castiel was waiting for him on the couch, watching TV. Usually Dean would pick him up after work, but today Dean was working overtime, so Cas had taken the bus home.

“Hello, Dean,” Castiel smiled when Dean entered the living room.

“Hey, gorgeous,” Dean grinned and settled down beside Castiel on the couch. Castiel blushed at the ‘ridiculous nickname’ as he often called it, and Dean smiled at him before claiming his pink lips in a kiss. Castiel kissed him back, and they settled themselves together on the couch.

“How was your day?” Castiel asked.

“It was pretty great. We had a big monster of a construction machine today that needed repairing. And don’t worry, I showered at work and changed my clothes before I left, so I’m not dirty,” Dean said, grinning.

“Good, because I am not cleaning that dirt off the couch,” Castiel said, glaring at him. It had happened once that Dean sat down on their new couch, which got all dirty, and Castiel had to help him clean it.

Dean laughed and pulled him closer. “I told you I was sorry.”

“Mmhm,” Cas muttered as he snuggled into Dean’s side.

Dean ran his hand through Cas’ sensitive feathers and the angel shivered against him; opening his wing on instinct to allow him better access.

Dean was feeling very tired from a hard day at work, and now he was getting aroused as he sat on the couch with his mate, touching his soft feathers. He shifted his hips as his cock was getting hard and aching in his pants, and he moved his tail up Castiel’s leg and up to his crotch.

Castiel gasped when Dean’s tail touched him through his clothes, and he pushed Dean away. “No, dinner is cooking and I don’t have time for distractions,” he said, sitting up.

Dean pouted. “Dinner can wait.”

“No, not unless you want it burned,” Castiel said, smirking.

When the alarm on the oven went off, Castiel got up to take the food out, but Dean grabbed his arm and pulled him back onto the couch, kissing him. Castiel struggled against him, laughing. “Dean, let me go, or I will serve you charcoal for dinner.” He laughed and squirmed as Dean moved his hands over his chest and stomach, which tickled.

“Fine,” Dean grumbled and let go, still pouting. “But in the weekend I am so gonna wear you out.” He followed Cas up from the couch and into the kitchen to help him, and tried to will his erection away.

“Did you forget? Jo and Gabriel are visiting us in the weekend and staying for the night,” Castiel said, and pulled the hot lasagna out of the oven.

“What, was it this weekend?” Dean groaned. “I thought it was next weekend.”

“No, because then I have my… you know,” Castiel said, blushing, and putting the lasagna onto the dinner table and getting plates ready. Dean helped him.

“Right, your heat. You sure you don’t wanna try those heat suppressants? It’s really lonely when you lock yourself in a room for a whole week, Cas,” Dean said. Especially because Dean could always smell the remaining scent of his heat pheromones afterwards and it drove him insane with lust. It was torture that he was never allowed to touch Cas during his heats.

“I told you I dislike medicine that can have bad side effects,” Castiel mumbled, almost done setting the table.

“Is riding out your heat all alone better?” Dean said, smirking because he already knew the answer to that.

Castiel blushed and glared at him. “No. We can trade places if you would like to try it.”

Dean laughed. “No thanks, Cas, I don’t wanna grow a guy-uterus.”

Castiel smacked his arm and the demon laughed once more. Teasing Cas was fun, and he loved when he could make him blush or scowl at him. It was way too adorable.



After they finished eating, doing dishes and watching TV for half an hour on the couch, they both got ready to go to bed. Cas was already lying on their bed when Dean got back from brushing his teeth, and the demon settled on their large bed behind Cas; spooning up behind his mate. Castiel’s wings were a bit in the way but Dean didn’t mind, he liked them.

Castiel sighed as Dean moved his hand down his body, gently. He didn’t protest when Dean’s rough hands pulled down his pajama pants and boxer briefs and teased his already wet entrance. The angel gasped when Dean’s fingers slipped into him, and the demon kissed his neck and his wing as he gently prepared Castiel for his cock.

After a long, stressful day at work Dean needed this, and so did Castiel. They hadn’t had sex for two nights because they had been too tired from work, cooking and arranging furniture.

“Dean, please, I’m ready,” Castiel growled, impatiently, and pushed back on Dean’s fingers.

Dean chuckled at him. “Yeah, okay, bossy angel.” And then he pulled out his fingers and pushed into Cas, who immediately opened up around him. They gasped together and Dean buried his hand in the angel’s soft feathers, stimulating his wings.

They moved together; Dean thrusting into Cas from behind as they lay spooned on their sides, and Cas moving back into Dean’s hips, meeting his thrusts. When Dean found the special spot inside, Cas mewled and clawed at the bed sheets desperately. Dean loved the sounds his angel made when he pleasured him, he always sounded so desperate and needy and it turned Dean on even more. He rubbed his fingers over Cas’ very sensitive oil glands, which were already leaking small amounts of oil.

“Dean,” Castiel gasped; his entire body trembling.

“Shh, I’ll take care of you, Cas,” Dean promised, kissing his neck. His tail moved over the angel’s thighs, caressing them, and Dean moved his hand around the angel to stroke his dick in time with his sharp thrusts.

Castiel howled and came, clenching around Dean’s cock. The demon growled out his orgasm into Cas’ neck and continued to fuck him through their climax. They panted together as they came down from their high, and when Dean was done he pulled out of Cas who gasped at the emptiness.

They settled themselves on their sides, facing each other, and cuddled.

“I’m kinda not looking forward to having guests this weekend,” Dean muttered as they lay on their sides on the bed; fingers entwined, facing one another. “Just wanna have a lazy weekend in bed with you.” His tail caressed Cas’ thigh, who shivered somewhat when it tickled. Sometimes his tail got involved during the sex, but not every time.

Castiel smiled at him. “I know, but we have been pushing their visit for long enough, Dean.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Dean muttered. “Do you know if Jo’s boyfriend is gonna be here as well?”

“No, he had important work to do,” Castiel replied.

Jo had found a boyfriend at the college a year after Dean and Cas had gotten together. His name was Tom and Dean hadn’t liked him at first, but it turned out the guy was really nice. And he was human, like Jo. Jo was already expecting their first child which was due in three months. She had become pregnant some months before they finished college.

“Mmhmm,” Dean murmured, almost falling asleep. “Good. I always kinda disliked him, anyway.”

Castiel chuckled, amused, because it wasn’t true that Dean disliked the guy, even though the demon kept saying he did.

They cuddled together and fell asleep, hoping to rest enough for the workday tomorrow.



When weekend came around, Castiel was busy in the kitchen making afternoon lunch and dinner for their guests. When Dean tried to help the angel pushed him out because things only went bad when Dean tried to cook. Castiel wasn’t an experienced cook either, but he had taken a few courses and had learned it – someone had to make them dinner, after all.

When the doorbell rang, Dean hurried over to open the door. When he opened it, Gabriel and Jo were standing on the other side, smiling. They had both travelled there together because they lived nearby each other, so it was easier to travel together in Gabriel’s car.

“Dean-o,” Gabriel grinned and pulled Dean in for a tight, painful hug which made Dean struggle to breathe. When the brown-winged angel pulled back, he grinned at Dean.

“Hey, Gabriel, I see your brutal methods of greeting haven’t changed yet,” Dean said, when he was finally free again.

Gabriel laughed at him. “Oh, c’mon, a big, bad demon such as yourself can’t possibly be knocked out be that,” he teased.

Dean rolled his eyes and let Gabriel inside, and Jo stepped forward to pull him into a much kinder hug. He hugged her back but quickly squirmed away when he felt Jo try to grab his tail.

“Hey!” Dean said, pulling back and glared at her. “If you keep that up you’ll be sleeping in the corridor outside.”

“Oh c’mon, you know you like it,” Jo grinned and entered the apartment when Dean stepped aside. Dean rolled his eyes again.

Their guests looked around the apartment, amazed by its warm appearance and its looks. Castiel had put different paintings around on the walls – but not his own, only a few of them were – and the furniture was new and pretty. There were several small cupboard shelves placed around the apartment with glass, books, films, etc. in them. The apartment was full of light with the white walls and had a very welcoming feel to it.

Gabriel had already found Castiel in the kitchen, and had pulled him into a brotherly hug – just as tight as one he gave Dean. Because he hadn’t seen his brother in a while, Gabriel wouldn’t let go again.

“Gabriel, you’re squeezing me,” Castiel gasped, trying to push his brother away who kept clinging to him.

Gabriel finally pulled away and grinned at Castiel. “What? Can’t I love my baby brother?”

“You’re exaggerating your ‘love’,” Castiel said, relieved that he could finally breathe again.

“Am not, I haven’t seen you for over a month,” Gabriel pouted.

Castiel rolled his eyes at him and turned to face Jo. They hugged, and Jo carefully avoided his wings. When they pulled back, Jo placed her hands on her stomach lovingly and grinned at Castiel.

Castiel blinked at her. “Oh, you are showing more now.” He stared at her swollen stomach curiously.

“Yup,” Jo grinned. “Finally. This silly little boy didn’t want to show properly at first, but now he is. He’s not hiding anymore.”

“Oh, you know it’s a boy?” Dean asked, looking at her pregnant bump.

Jo shrugged. “I couldn’t wait. And I wanna buy stuff now; I needed to know if I should buy blue or pink.”

“I seriously can’t imagine you being a mother. I feel sorry for that kid when he grows up and has to introduce his friends to his scary lion-mother,” Dean muttered.

Jo smacked his arm, as she always did when he teased her. “I am not a scary lion-mother, you ass!”

Dean laughed. “Yeah, you are.”

“I kinda agree with Dean-o on that one,” Gabriel deadpanned.

Jo smacked him as well.

When she was done smacking them for being stupid, she turned her attention to Castiel. She looked him up and down, and the angel stared back at her with a wary expression.

“When are you two gonna have kids? It’s been 4 years since you got together, isn’t it about time that Dean knocked you up?” she asked, still looking at Castiel.

Dean starting coughing like mad and Castiel blushed, as always.

“Um, we’re only just settling in here,” Castiel said, shifting with embarrassment.

“So what? Plenty of time for baby-making.”

“God, don’t say that in front of me! My poor brain…. The horrible images,” Gabriel winced, holdings his hands around his head in a dramatic way, like he wanted to scratch his brain out.

Castiel scowled at his brother and Dean laughed.

They spent the day talking about their new lives and eating the lunch and later the dinner Castiel had prepared. Jo complimented him for his new cooking skills, and Gabriel seemed rather impressed as well.

Things were still much like they used to be at the beginning of college – Gabriel was silly as always, Jo made embarrassing comments, and everyone still got along well together.

“So, what’s the deal with that old demon lady down the hall?” Jo asked once they were done eating. “She gave us such a weird glance when we stood outside your apartment while she taking out the trash. She was kinda scary, actually.”

Dean and Castiel shared a glance and Dean explained, “Mrs. Price is rather traditional, it seems… When we moved in she kept muttering every time we walked by her that I was a blood traitor or something. She hasn’t really been very nice since we came,” he said, bitterly.

Dean was very annoyed by this neighbor. It shouldn’t be her fucking business who he mated with.

Gabriel snorted from opposite them where he sat with Jo. “Doesn’t surprise me. I think it’s very few people who would accept an angel/demon relationship just like that, it just isn’t normal. You guys are gonna meet a lot of people like that.”

“Yeah, we already did,” Dean muttered. “Cas started shopping groceries alone because people were being such noisy, racist bitches when I was with him, and Cas was afraid things would escalate.”

“You almost got hurt in the last fight you got into in that store, Dean,” Castiel pointed out, looking worried.

“Oh c’mon, that guy wasn’t a match for me anyway,” Dean protested.

Jo rolled her eyes. “Still macho, as always.”

“I’m serious,” Dean insisted, glaring at her.

“Well, anyway, I can’t believe it’s such a big problem for people when a demon and an angel mate,” Jo said, rubbing her pregnant bump absently. “I can’t believe they won’t even let you shop groceries alone, for fuck’s sake!”

Gabriel shrugged. “It’s not as big of a problem if an angel or a demon mates with a human, because it has slowly become more accepted over the past few centuries. Angels and demons have a looong history of war, violence and contempt for one another, and they are further apart in culture and even in the DNA than they are with humans, and because of this people tend to see it as something filthy and wrong when they mate with each other. They have all sort of become obsessed with keeping ‘pure blood families’ and not mix the lines between the species by having hybrid offspring together. They say it’s bad for the genes.”

“I suppose it makes sense, sort of… but I still don’t get why people act like that,” Jo muttered. She glanced at Dean and Cas who were both looking away; holding hands under the table.

“They just don’t like people who are different,” Gabriel shrugged and took a sip of his sugary coke.

“Well, I don’t give a shit what they think, I still love Cas,” Dean said, and squeezed Cas’ hand below the table. The angel turned to look at him with a happy smile; feeling the same. Dean smiled back.

Gabriel rolled his eyes and Jo grinned.

They spend the rest of the night playing card games, talking, teasing each other, and going to bed late. Jo got the bed in the small bedroom next to Dean and Castiel’s bedroom, and Gabriel slept in Cas’ working room.

The weekend had been fun and social, and both Dean and Castiel enjoyed spending time with Gabriel and Jo whom they hadn’t seen in a while – even if it meant that Dean had to refrain from having sex with his mate, because Castiel was paranoid that their guests would hear them or walk in on them. Dean was rather amused with his modesty and embarrassment at being caught or heard. Dean himself didn’t care much if their guests heard them or not, but he respected his mate’s wishes and refrained from touching him too much during the night.

Dean also secretly hoped that the arrival of Jo’s baby in three months would encourage Cas to finally agree on them having their own baby soon.