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Destiny's Helpers

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”Londo?“ Vir entered the conference room, in which his friend and mentor along with G’Kar, Delenn, Mr. Garibaldi and President Sheridan were just finishing their meeting.
”Yes, Vir, what's the matter?“ asked Londo impatiently, since he would have liked to continue with his little squabble with G’kar, even when he had no longer any idea how it had started.
”Londo, the transporter will dock in an hour and you wanted-“
”Is it that late? Well… excuse me, dear friends, I wish you all a good evening,“ he adressed the others. ”Vir, you have to check the room again, everything has to be perfect!“ With those words the ambassador of Centauri Prime strutted out of the conference room.

Michael Garibaldi sauntered over to the young Centauri. ”A word, Vir,“ he said. ”Why has Londo rented an additional room with a passageway through the wall to his room? Is his wife going to visit?“
”NO!“ Vir looked at the Director of Covert Intelligence in shock. ”I mean, Lady Timov will not do us the honor of Babylon 5… besides, her room would be on the other end of the station.“
You could hear G’Kar chuckling in the background, he looked just as amused like the others in the room.
”Vir… Londo isn’t bringing his newest…“, Delenn was looking for an appropriate word she could use without being blunt, but Vir understood her anyway.
”No… No... the Prime Minister is awaiting his daughter… but you have to excuse me now, I have to check the room again, like ordered.“ Preoccupied as he was, Vir missed the open mouths and surprised looks from the people in the room.

Michael was the first to recover and he looked around questioningly.
”Well… who else was surprised by the fact that Londo had a daughter? Everybody raised their right hand.