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A Week's Worth Detention

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It is yet another start of school year at Hogwarts. The scarlet Hogwarts Express blows out smoke as students ride and parents wave their goodbye at Platform 9 3/4. At last! The dark days are gone and everything will be back to normal.

Just recently, Harry Potter managed to defeat Lord Voldemort with the help of the Order and other students as well. Though there were a lot of casualties that can never be forgotten, like Dobby, who was very loyal to Harry until the end, Fred, Moody, Remus, Tonks, Colin, Lavender and many more, everyone learned to move on, albeit slowly. Fortunately, the remaining Death Eaters were captured and sent to Azkaban. The Malfoys, luckily, were only under house-arrest due to Harry's testimony of Narcissa and Draco's assistance to him.

Many things had changed after the war aside from those. Kingsley became the new Minister of Magic and issued immediate reconstruction of Hogwarts during the vacation. Professor McGonagall assumed the position of Headmistress and a new Transfiguration Professor, Bill Weasley, who will also be the new Gryffindor Head of House, was hired in her previous place. Professor Slughorn, however, got demoted from the Slytherin Head position, which was handed back to Professor Snape, the reinstated Defense Against The Dark Arts Instructor and Deputy Headmistress.

Yes, Professor Severina Snape. The ever stern Potions Mistress slash DADA Instructor slash Order of the Phoenix Spy slash Former Death Eater. The one behind the planned death of Albus Dumbledore and the Dark Protector of Hogwarts during her reign over it. The one who was accused of being the owner of Elder Wand and was killed by Nagini that night. Or not.

'Being a double agent does that I guess', Harry Potter thought. Who would have known that the stern professor had been carrying an antivenin inside one of her robe pockets? And that Fawkes will actually come to her aid the moment after she cried her memories out to one Harry Potter, who accepted them and went on his way? No one. That's why it had been a total shock when Harry came back to the Shack only to find his professor sleeping, breathing evenly, leaning against a pillar and actually alive!


Harry Potter went on his way to retrieve the body of Severina Snape in the Shrieking Shack. It had been a great loss that he didn't get to know the strict woman who had actually been her mother's bestfriend before his father, James Potter, and his gang bullied the said Slytherin. Of course, Severina was devastated. After all, she had been the only true friend she had.

Once at the end of the tunnel, Harry put his fixed Holly Phoenix wand inside his back pocket and went inside the shack. He searched the room and found the woman immediately. He went closer and to his utter shock, he noticed his professor breathing. She's still alive!

"Professor..." He leaned down and cupped a pale cheek with his hand.
"Professor Snape... Can you hear me?"

She groaned and with a weak hand, lightly slapped Harry's hand from her face.

"Well, I guess you're still a stubborn git." Harry chuckled and proceeded to arrange his professor on his arms and carried her back to Hogwarts, bridal style.

Once there, Poppy immediately inquired of Severina's state and he put her down on a mattress on the makeshift hospital that is the Great Hall.

Around a month later, Severina was as fit as she can be and Kingsley then informed her of her proper trial to be held later that week. During her trial, Harry presented evidences of Snape's contribution to the Light and in the end, she was declared to be innocent and that's when Minerva came in and bugged her to come back to Hogwarts as a staff.


Harry Potter sighed and along with Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville, they went inside a compartment and settled down.

"We're going back." Luna said.
"And this time, everything will be alright." Neville reassured as he put his arm around Luna's shoulder.

'Just right. Here I am. The Bloody Boy-Who-Lived-Twice, actually envious of my friends', Harry thought as he eyed Ron and Mione on one side and Luna and Neville on the other. How funny that despite being the hero and the excessive fan mails he got, he's the one who turned out to be single on their last year at Hogwarts. Just ironic. At least, he doesn't feel completely alone since Ginny isn't with her boyfriend, Dean Thomas.

"Well, I guess I'll move to another compartment. See you later." Ginny shyly eyed Dean who walked past their place.

'Great. Now I'm a complete loner', Harry thought.

The train ride had been peacefully quiet and once there, they rode the carriages as the first years went with Hagrid. As they reached the castle, Harry immediately encouraged them to hurry up for the welcoming feast. In the hall, they sat according to their house and Harry's eyes automatically scanned the Staff Table.

"Where's Snape?" He wondered.
"Probably messing around with her potions or Dark Arts kit or whatever she has." Ron grumbled.
"Ron! Don't talk like that! She's still a professor. And Harry, she's the new Deputy so its her job to take the First Years here." Hermione explained.

Just at that moment, the doors of the Great Hall burst open and in stride the graceful and strict Deputy along with a bunch of Firsties. Harry eyed her every move with critical eyes. She was wearing a dark set of clothes, as per usual, and black tights. The heels of her dragonhide leather boots clicked against the floor with every step she made. Her new teaching cloak, now lined with the green color of her house, billowed behind her as she walked, making her look intimidating, if the cowering students in line behind her aren't enough indication. Her slender, long fingered hands were covered with black gloves, ebony wand in hand. The black curtains of her now silky, perhaps due to the lack of too much exposure to potion fumes for the last years, straight hair framed her pale face elegantly and flowed down to her waist. She walked down the aisle confidently and when she reached the front, her turn emphasized the curves of her body hidden by the black cloth of her robes. Is it just him or Snape looked younger than ever before?

Harry was snapped out of his daydream as the Sorting Hat then sang a song about how the Light conquered the Darkness with the help of unity. His eyes refocused to reality and he shook his head. Hermione looked at him oddly and he flashed her a reassuring smile.

Severina Snape's rich silky tones called out a name and the Sorting began.

"Man, they sure are taking long. I'm hungry." Ron complained.

As the sorting finished, Harry's stare followed Snape as she walked to the Staff Table and sat down next to the Headmistress. It came as a shock when Snape looked up and stared back at him.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!" Minerva stated.

Soon, Minerva's speech was tuned out as Harry seemed to engage himself with a staring contest with Snape. After a while, Minerva sat down again and food appeared as Snape narrowed her eyes at him and looked away.

'Bloody hell. What was that?' Harry asked himself as he reached for whatever food Ronald has not yet devoured all on his own.


As they were sent back to their dorm, Harry can't help but ponder the day's events.

'So, Snape caught me staring at her earlier. God, that was embarrassing. But, she also stared back, right?' Harry questioned his mind.

He plopped down the bed and allowed sleep to sweep away the thoughts inside his head.


"Harry! Ronald! I'm telling you! If you don't wake up this instant, you'll be both sorry!"

The curtains of Harry's bed opened and he was shaken wildly by the Head Girl.

"Mione, it's still early..." Ron murmured.
"Early? Early?! We're already late for breakfast as it is!" Hermione looked scandalized.

Harry reached for his wand and cast a Tempus. He stood up, went to the bathroom and got himself ready for the day.


"So, here's your schedule, kids." Bill handed them each their timetable and ruffled their hair.
"Bloody hell! We're not kids anymore, Bill" Ron flattened his hair.
"It's Professor Weasley for you." Bill corrected and went on with handing schedules to Gryffindors.

Harry looked up the Staff Table in time as Professor Snape walked in from the door which he suspected is connected to the Teachers' Lounge.

Just like the usual, she is wearing a black frock coat and what looks like a white dress underneath. For today, her black hair was tied in a ponytail and her billowing cloak were back to the normal black ones.

"Harry, don't think I didn't notice." Hermione whispered.

He looked at her and she stared back and her eyes strayed to the Staff Table for a brief moment to emphasize her point.

"It's just that, she looks different from before." Harry stated.
"Aside from the ponytail, she still looks like the usual grumpy git to me." Ron said between forkful of food.
"Well, she looks a lot younger, I say. And her hair is a lot silkier than what I've seen last. Her skin also looks a lot healthier but still pale. I guess that's the result of the war to her. You know how she was used during the battle and now that she's finally free, she have more time to herself." Hermione assessed.
"Yeah. Anyways, what's our First Class?"
"We have Charms with Ravenclaws followed by Transfiguration and then, I have Arithmancy."
"Let's get going then."

They stood up and exited the Great Hall. The hallways were packed with students as they scrambled to get to their classes. Harry stumbled and bumped against another person.

"Still arrogant as ever, I see."

He quickly looked up and stared at the black pools of the one and only Professor Snape.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for slacking off." Snape said and went on her way.

'Is she wearing perfume? She smells nice. Something like mint, asphodel flowers and something else that makes her uniquely Snape. The smell is quite... appealing to my senses', Harry thought.

"Harry! What are you doing! Come one! We'll be late for class!"

He snapped out of his stupor and followed Hermione and Ron. God, what's wrong with him?


"As you saw few months prior, Dark Arts knows no limit. It is a fine art of sorcery that requires open mind and concentration to perform. But note that the dark arts are not necessarily evil just because it is called 'Dark' and not all White Magic is pure if you consider its intentions."

Harry's mind floated in the air as the velvety voice of his DADA Professor started their lesson with a speech. He's completely enchanted with how the said voice seemed to turn his mind into a mess.

"And keep in mind that I still won't tolerate insolence in this class of disappointing dunderheads."

Harry just stared lazily at his professor as his mind drifted off.

"Mr. Potter, pay attention."

Harry was startled when Hermione jabbed his side with an elbow. He frowned at her and Hermione only inclined her head lightly to Professor Snape's direction. Harry focused his eyes back to the said instructor and gulped.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor for your lack of attention..."
"But Professor!" Hermione interrupted.
"And another ten points for speaking out of turn, Ms. Granger." Snape sneered.
"Git." Ron grumbled under his breath.
"And a well deserved five-point deduction for Mr. Weasley's comment."

Harry just stared at Severina's back as she went back to the front of the class. Her cloak is gone, he noted and glanced at the teacher's chair where a black cloth lay. He eyed her behind and noticed that she has a nice plump one. Harry blushed a little as he reconsidered his thoughts.


The next day, the Golden Trio went to breakfast early. They sat down the Gryffindor table with Luna as they chit-chat of today's schedule. Harry's eyes searched the hall and was delighted as he saw the familiar black clad lady sitting on the Staff Area. She's wearing a long black robes with sleeves and a high collar covered slightly by a black cloak with a green interior.

'Black really suits her best', Harry thought. His eyes travelled to the said lady's pale and slender fingers gracefully holding a cup of steaming tea to her thin lips. His gaze lowered as he clutched a goblet of pumpkin juice before gulping it down and almost spitting it out as he eyed the firm-looking breasts of the professor. They were average in size, not too big and not too small. Just enough to maybe fit into his hands.

'I wonder if they're soft to the touch. Will she get me expelled if I sample them?' He absently thought. Realizing, he shook his head in an attempt to clear it.


"Turn to page 493."

Professor Snape's leather boots clicked against the floor as she entered the room. Harry stared at his close book and was startled when a black wand came into view and his book opened to the specified page.

"Pay attention to the instructions next time, Mr. Potter. You are expected to follow them. Five points from Gryffindor."

She swept up and stood next to the table in front of the class and discussed the lesson for the day as her students listened very well. Harry stared at her hands as she kept on fingering the black stick that is her wand as she explained concepts.

'Hmm... I wonder how those fingers will feel like against my... stick.' Harry felt his "stick" twitch in approval as the image was brought into his mind. He blushed and immediately covered his obvious arousal with his school robes.


Unbidden thoughts about a certain professor swarmed his mind for weeks and weeks. Even his dreams were full of it. Professor Severina Snape using her hands to stroke him. Her against the wall as he pinned her. Him fondling certain areas of his DADA Professor. Her screaming out in pleasure as he used his fingers on her.

He just can't keep focus on things and later on, there came a time when he was confronted about it by his friends.

"Harry, I'm pretty sure that Professor Snape will melt if you don't cease your staring!" Hermione scolded.
"The boy who lived twice hypnotized by the snarky git who spied." Ron teased.
"It's just... look at her."
"I don't see anything wrong or different." Neville stated unsurely.
"You want her." Luna straightly said.

Harry coughed and looked at Luna.

"What was that?"
"You want her. It's very clear. You kept on watching her every move with intense eyes." Luna blurted out.
"W-well, it's normal." Harry stuttered.
"It's not, Harry! She's your professor and you are her student. It's illicit!" Hermione bantered.
"Plus, she's really old for you. Hell, she's 20 years older than you!" Ron lowered his voice as a fourth year Ravenclaw passed their table.
"And? I don't see anything wrong." Harry glanced at Severina.
"She's 38 and you're 18. That's a big difference." Hermione stated in a as-a-matter-of-fact way.
"She doesn't look like 38." Harry answered.
"That's not the point, Harry! The point is, whatever you feel for her, make it stop. Well, at least while we are at school. After graduating then go." Hermione lectured.
"I still don't see what you see in her." Ron shoved a spoonful of pudding in his mouth.
"Okay. Okay. Let's just talk about something else."

Harry sighed. He clearly knows that but yet, he can't seem to stop the desire flowing in his veins whenever he sees his graceful professor.


Harry Potter casted Tempus and was shocked to see that it's close to curfew and he's still outside. He ran the way back to the Gryffindor Tower when suddenly, he collided with another person on a dark corridor. The impact of the collision knocked the other one on the floor and Harry fell on top.

'Hmm... Soft', he thought as he snuggled closer to the soft thing he landed upon.

A gasp came from the person underneath him and he quickly looked at the face of the stranger. Black inky pools met emerald green. It took him a while to process that the person he landed upon was his favorite professor and the soft thing he was snuggling is his professor's perky breasts.

'Shit', he thought as he felt his cock stiffen.

An undignified squeak issued from Severina's mouth as she felt a hard thing pressing against her thighs covered in black tights.

"Y-you insolent little...!"
"Ah, I-im sorry, Professor." He quickly stood up, blushing furiously.

He brushed off invisible dirt from his robes and helped her stand up. He quickly ran from the scene the next moment he got.

"Kneazle Tail!" He gasped out in front of the Fat Lady and he was immediately granted entrance.

The moment the door closed, he slid down against it and calmed his beating heart.

'Shit. It's so soft. She smells nice. Bloody hell!'

Harry Potter groaned in frustration as he realized that he's doomed. There's no wonder now. It's perfectly clear to him. He wants his stern professor and he intends to have her.


"Mr. Potter, I trust that you are here for your detention." Severina said as she closed door with a flick of her wand and warded it.
"Yes, Sevvie." Harry replied and made his way to his Professor.
"Harry..." Severina muttered as she stood up and pressed her body close to Harry.

She cupped his face with her hands and within seconds, their lips met in a scorching kiss. Her long fingers tangled in his messy hair as she opened her lips and allowed his tongue to enter her delicious mouth. She tugged at his hair in pleasure and he gripped her waist tighter in answer.

They broke the kiss for a much needed lungful of air. Her tantalizing eyes pinned his emerald ones and she curled her fingers into his school robes and slid it off of his body. She lowered her gaze to the bulge in his trousers and she bit her lip in anticipation.

"Hmm... Sevvie.." He moaned when he felt her hand caressing his arousal from the outside of his trousers.

He bucked his hips against her hand when she opened his pants, took his cock out and gripped it gently. She kneeled in front of it and she tentatively licked its tip, as if testing his reactions.

"Shit..." He closed his eyes and groaned when she licked him from base to tip before encasing the head inside her warm mouth.

"Sevvie!" He opened his eyes and was disappointed when he realized something.

Another dream. He glanced at his pajama bottoms only to see the tent in it that his arousal made from such a vivid dream. He sighed as he stood up and went to the bathroom to take care of his problem as well as to get ready for the day.


Weeks passed without any real progress and Harry just kept on fantasizing about his professor, dreaming about her at night and ogling her whenever possible. He was distracted when the doors banged open and Professor Snape came in. Her black cloak billowing behind her as she flicked her wand and the flying paper crane made by a Slytherin boy turned to ashes. Harry noticed that her hair is braided and she wasn't wearing tights today and her pale legs are in display. She reached the front of class, unclasped her cloak and flung it on her chair.

"Stand up and move aside." She ordered as she flicked her wand again and the chairs and tables gathered on the sides of the classroom.
"Pick a partner and duel. Use the necessary spells you were taught."

Ron and Hermione moved to one side while Harry flung off his school robes to his chair and walked towards Neville. But before he even reached Neville, Professor Snape's voice interrupted him.

"Mr. Longbottom, pair up with Ms. Clearwater. Potter, I will be your partner for the day." She fixed him with a glare.

Harry gulped and walked towards Severina.

"Quit dawdling, you dunderhead!"

Harry immediately approached her and pulled out his wand from his pocket. They raised their wands and got into position. In just a moment, Harry Potter was caught offguard and with a non-verbal Expelliarmus, his wand went soaring into the air.

"Pathetic, Potter. Five points from Gryffindor for not paying attention." Snape sneered and turned her back to him to berate the other duelling students.

Harry summoned his wand back and in revenge, cast a non-verbal Diffindo at Snape's frock coat. She gasped in shock when she felt her coat got severed and the class looked in shock at the scene.

Harry Potter's eyes widened when he realized what he did. Snape's coat got severed in half and her tight black skirt came into view. Her pale thighs were revealed and he felt his desire bubble on the surface. His cock stood in attention at the wonderful sight before him. But she immediately casted a Reparo and docked fifty points from both Gryffindor and Slytherin for not paying attention to their own duels. They rapidly turned and continued on as if nothing happened. Severina then turned her glare at Harry Potter.

"Twenty five points from Gryffindor for insolence, Mr. Potter." She spat out and pointed her wand at him and fired a non-verbal spell.

Harry immediately casted a shield and shot a nasty hex at her, which she deflected with ease. They continued on and later, he was thrown off against a wall with a spell.

"You just earned yourself a week's worth detention, Potter." Severina said before she dismissed the class.

'Oh, is it really wrong to find Snape sexy when she's angry?'


Harry Potter sat in his bed, holding the Marauder's Map, and watched as the small footsteps of Severina Snape paced back and forth the Defense Classroom. She has been doing that for at least half of an hour. He's wondering why the professor is still awake. He casted Tempus and the smoky numbers read 12:43 AM. He located the other professors only to find them in their own quarters. Except for her.

'What is she up to?' He thought.

He was going to bed that night after playing Exploding Snap and Wizard Chess with the other Gryffindors down the Common Room when he glanced at his wardrobe to find one of his school robes gone. He remembered the duel that afternoon and his robe in the DADA Classroom. He left it in a hurry. He decided to get it after midnight when the nightly patrols are done. He had been preparing his invisibility cloak when he noticed the floating name inside his desired destination. Severina Snape. He watched and watched her pace back and forth until he got frustrated.

'That's it.' He bit his lip and decided to see what his instructor is up to. He threw the cloak over him and held the Map on one hand, his wand on the other. He slipped past the Fat Lady and walked towards the classroom. The door was left ajar and he slipped inside when Severina disappeared into her office. He tiptoed his way to his table when she came back and paced in front of the room again. He didn't dare move in case she sense him.

She was wearing a white dress shirt and a tight black skirt, which he remembered to be the one under her frock coat earlier. Her hair was down and her wand was in her hand. She kept on pacing for another half hour before stopping in front of Harry's table. She looked around before pointing his wand at him. Sweat trickled down his neck.
She muttered something before the door behind him slammed shut and it glowed before she put down her wand. He realized that she warded the door.

Harry bit his lip as he watched her. She sat down his table and reached for his robes. Her face burned red and she tentatively sniffed it.

"Hmmm..." Severina murmured.

Harry gulped and moved closer. He studied her expression. Flushed face, closed eyes and brows a bit furrowed in concentration.


Harry was shocked. 'Did she know I'm here?!' He attempted to move back when she suddenly raised a hand and groped her breast. Harry was pinned in his place. He stared in shock as she fondled her breast with her slender fingers.

"Potter... H-harryyy.."

It felt like all his blood went down his groin as he heard his very name escape her lips. 'She moaned my name! She called me Harry!'


He leaned against the nearby table for support when her other hand travelled down her body. He heard her gasp suddenly and she stood up. She sighed and stared at his forgotten robes. She sat back down and looked at her hand as if comtemplating what to do. Then suddenly, she wore his robes, closed her eyes and...

'Fuck.' He mouthed when he saw her hand travel back down her body. She raised her tight skirt up to her waist and her white undergarments came into view. He suppressed the urge to join her and do her a favor.

Her hand went inside her white underwear and she moaned softly when her exploring fingers met the wet folds underneath the cloth. Harry gritted his teeth as he watched the scene unfold. She kept on rubbing until it looks like she slipped a finger in as she gasped.

"Mmhh.. Harry..."

It felt like he was hit with a Petrificus Totalus as he stood there under the cloak as the object of his fantasy pleasures herself in front of him, wearing his school robes. He watched as her finger slid in and out of her faster and within moments, she stiffened as white hot pleasure coursed through her body. She lowered her skirt and flattened the creases formed on it. She looked around, unwarded the door and slipped outside, still wearing his Gryffindor school robes.

Well, shit.