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Bringing Up Chrisley - Book One

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Atlanta, GA Beach

It was New Years Eve and the Chrisley family which consisted of Todd Chrisley, Todd's wife Julie Chrisley, their children Lindsie Chrisley, Kyle Chrisley, Chase Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley, the youngest Grayson Chrisley, and Todd's mother Faye Chrisley was having their annual celebration. The huge home that the Chrisley's lived in was over thirty thousand square feet and included several livingrooms, music room, kitchen, breakfast area, family room, dining room, walk-in closets, theater, wine cellar, exercise room, swimming pool and jacuzzi area.

Kyle's daughter Chloe Chrisley and Lindsie's son Jackson Campbell had come with their parents and the two toddlers were upstairs napping, it was no surprise to anyone that Lindsie's husband Will Campbell(who she had eloped with against her father's wishes) had stayed home and didn't attend.

Several guests were invited to the celebration and among them were Elaine Crocker, Elaine's nephew Jari Crocker who Elaine was babysitting for the day, and other friends and associates of Todd and Julie's. After the midnight countdown, Elaine engaged in a brief chat with Julie and Faye before collecting Jari who had been looking at videos on the internet with Chase and Savannah and the two said their goodbyes to the Chrisley's before heading home.

Days later, the Chrisley's(except Faye, Lindsie, and Kyle who had been unable to make it) had decided to go on a beach outing and invited Jari to come with them, Elaine was babysitting again and had dropped him off before going back to work.

"Dad, Grayson, and I were about to go swimming, you should come." prompted Chase as the teen walked over to where his friend was standing.

Jari apologized, he didn't want to hurt Chase's feelings but swimming was something that he would have to take a pass on. "I can't."

"Why not?"

"You know that Jari can't swim Chase." Savannah reminded as she rolled her eyes at her older brother.

Julie smiled at the boy who she considered her own. "You can stay on the shore with Savannah and I."

"Thanks Mama Julie." Jari said.

Chase then walked behind an unsuspecting Todd and signaled a snickering Savannah and Jari to bequiet, the teenager then pushed his father into the water who resurfaced hurling a slew of profanities at his son while the others just laughed, Jari knew how much his friend liked to mess with his father and wasn't surprised by this one bit.

The rest of the time at the beach was alot of fun, Savannah had gotten into the water at one point and had a water fight with her brothers and Todd, Jari helped Grayson with a sandcastle, and the Chrisley's and Jari even had a game of frisbee once everyone had gotten tired of swimming. As everyone packed up to head home, Todd and Julie informed Jari that they had talked to Elaine who agreed to let him spend the night at their house much to the delight of the Chrisley children.


The Chrisley Mansion

After arriving back at the house, it was time for dinner which was prepared by Julie with help from Savannah, Todd and Chase exchanged jibes about what happened at the beach with everyone else snickering at the two in between bites of food.

It was always a fun time at the Chrisley house, which was one of the reasons why Jari had come over so much.

"What now?" Jari asked.

Savannah washed her plate and then placed it on the rack. "We could go outside and sit on the porch for a bit."


"Daddy, we're going to be on the porch."

"I thought your dad was going to kill Chase." whispered Jari and then followed Savannah outside.

Next Chapter: Jari takes a unpassable test for school.