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You'll always have a place

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  Kazuma sat on top of a building in town. It was something he enjoyed doing. Especially when he knew Yato was going to be there. He smiled to himself. Kazuma was always so loyal to Bishamon, it felt nice to go against her rule. She didn't want any of here regalias close to the delivery god. The thing is, Yato and Kazuma had been together for some time. They didn't get to spend as much time together as they'd like, but that was price they had to pay in order for Bishamon to not find out about them.

  "I hope you weren't waiting long." Yato said. Kazuma smiled and shook his head.

  "I have a lot of patience when it comes to you." Kazuma said. So in the time they had, they found different things to talk about. What different phantoms they saw or what happened around there places. Although Yato wanted to spend more time with Kazuma, he would hate himself if Kazuma got in trouble.

  "Do you want to try something?" Yato asked.

  "Like what?"

  "Test our luck. Maybe Veena won't notice if you're gone for a little longer?"

  "What might you have in mind for us?" Kazuma asked.

  "Come spend the night at Kofuku's place with me. Of course, if you think it's to much of a risk than we won't do it."

  Kazuma thought. It was risky, but if Veena asked then he would just come up with an excuse.

  "I'm sure we'd be ok." Kazuma said. Yato stood up and held out his stand to Kazuma.

  "Then let's go." Kazuma took his hand and followed Yato to Kofuku's shrine.

  When the two arrived Hiyori was tutoring Yukine.

  "Oh, hello Kazuma!" Hiyori greeted. Kazuma waved before Yato pulled him up the stairs.

  "I wonder what he's doing here." Hiyori said.

"You could go see. They wouldn't mind, and didn't you say you had something to ask Yato?" Yukine asked.

  "Yeah. Well, you work on these next ones until I get back." Hiyori ordered and walked upstairs. When she looked down the hall the door was slightly and she could hear the floor creaking. Hiyori looked through the small space of the door and gasped.

  Kazuma's jacket was next to Yato's on the gorund, where the two were on there knees. Kazuma's face was flushed, his hair was out of place and his lips were engulfed by Yato's. Hiyori watched the scene go on until her eyes were to watery to see out of. Hiyori darted down the stairs and put the door.

  "What happened?" Kofuku asked.

  "She went job to ask Yato something. I don't know what." Yukine said.

  "Bastard." Daikoku growled.

  "Let's wait until tomorrow to ask." Kofuku suggested. Daikoku nodded.

  Hiyori stood outside Bishamon's shrine. She doubted Bishamon was ok with Kazuma being with her enemy.

  "What do you wnat?" the blonde war god asked.

  "I've come to tell you about Kazuma's where-abouts." Hiyori said.

  "I already know where Kazuma is." Bishamon said.

  "He's with Yato." Bishamon's head snapped back toward Hiyori.

  "He's what?"

  "He's with Yato at Kofuku's and there... there..." Hiyori couldn't finish her sentence. 

  "I understand. Thank you for telling me this, Hiyori. I'll take care of Kazuma when he returns." Bishamon said. Hiyori nodded and went home.

  Bishamon stomped through her shrine.

  How dare he? He'll pay this time.