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whatever you do

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it's not like he could ever forget the first time he saw him. except he did, because the first time hyuk saw crush, or shin hyoseob, everything was so blurry and fuzzy and he was so out of his mind he couldn't think straight and all he could think was crush crush crush crush before everything went black.

he never stopped to think just how ironic his name was.

because every movement, every word, every step he took was magical to hyuk. as much as he told his eyes stop fucking looking you look like a fucking creep, he couldn't take his eyes off of him. whenever they performed together, whenever hyoseob's eyes were crinkling because he was laughing way too hard at hyuk's jokes, whenever hyoseob would lick his lips and wink when he caught him staring. everything felt unreal, like that first night he saw him.

and if you asked, he wouldn't admit he was ecstatic when haesol left amoeba culture. he wouldn't admit he was overtaken with glee when hyoseob came crying in his arms. that he was jubilous when hyoseob cursed his name into his chest. that he was overjoyed when he fucked him slow on the couch in hyuk's penthouse.

and if it took years for hyoseob to learn to love him, hyuk would be fine with that. maybe unrequited love wasn't that bad.